Black Summer (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

The Tunnel

[SPEAKING KOREAN] I've just thrown it in the fucking blackout.
- [SPEAKING KOREAN] - It's old injury.
I just activated it.
You OK? - Yeah? - Yeah.
Is that who I think it is? Oh, shit.
Where's Manny? Where is he? [GUNSHOTS] [GROWLING] [GROWLING] [GROWLING] [GUNFIRE] Clear! It's OK.
It's safe to come out.
- Everybody OK? - Yes.
How many of you are there? Eight.
Armed? Yeah.
There's a safe route through the warehouses to the edge of downtown.
After that, a hard mile through the city, you're at the stadium.
We could take you there.
Lead the way.
Looks like a good spot to lock down for a few hours.
[ROSE] No, we need to keep going.
[MAN] Until the flyboys are done repaving, it won't be safe to pop our heads out.
And all of you need rest.
You should take a load off there, sunshine.
You must be tired.
Someone needs to keep an eye out.
We'll take the first shift.
If you say so.
[SOBBING SOFTLY] Army Air Corps is clearing the area for the next four hours.
We'll head out onto 2nd Street.
We should be there by morning.
First evac from stadium should be in 18 hours from now, then one every hour for 24 after that.
You have plenty of time.
Where will they take us from there? Called Mainland Evac Camps.
They've been shifting away from urban centers.
Airborne units have been told to account for enough fuel to make it to Alaska or south to Cuba.
As for the lower 48, middle of nowhere seems the safest place to be.
So is there anywhere that's safe? No simple answer to that.
Denver's the first infected.
It went black within 72 hours? Density does no one any favors when it comes to the way these things move.
Black? What does it mean? Black zone.
No living left.
Dead only.
Air Force has to contain and clear all black zones.
Keep the infected centralized.
[EXPLOSION] The whole West Coast is going black fast.
Hawaii's shooting down anyone flying in.
Hey, what about Houston? Hm? I got family there.
My sister and my daughters.
Don't know.
You keep talking about orders.
Is there anyone actually left in command? Don't believe everything you hear.
Military still has this under control.
[EXPLOSION] [HELICOPTER WHIRRING] You're lucky we found you.
What about you, sunshine? Where's your unit? Dead.
Is that right? Yeah.
Didn't stand a chance.
So how'd you make it out? By the grace of God, brother.
Sounds like a miracle.
It was a fucking miracle.
Save the batteries.
We should be able to move along in a few hours once the bombing runs stop.
You should get some rest now.
You'll be safe here.
Let Uncle Sam keep an eye out.
Thank you.
Thank you for helping us.
It's our pleasure.
And our duty.
I'm sorry.
[CLANKING] Spears! Spears! [CLANKING] Hey! Rose.
Nothing to concern yourself with, ma'am.
Where are you taking him? He's with us.
He's a danger to all of you.
We'll take him to a secured location and come back for the rest of you.
- Don't listen to him.
- Quiet! Spears, what's going on? He doesn't answer to that.
That's not even his name.
Spears is a member of our squad and he's dead now.
This man killed him.
He's killed others, too.
He's done things you wouldn't believe.
Unspeakable things.
I'm not the man they're saying I am.
I'm not.
Is your name even Spears? No.
His name is Julius James and he's a liar, a con man, and a murderer.
Some believe justice is no longer served in this world.
We're here to tell Mr.
James that it is.
Don't fucking believe them.
Rose, there is no more law.
There is no more order.
They don't work for anyone.
See, guy like James, he'll tell you anything you wanna hear.
They're looking for fucking loot.
They think I know where it is.
They are the killers.
They are.
Killing is something we are prepared to do if it means protecting our borders, protecting the innocent.
I need to make it to the stadium.
My daughter is going to be waiting for me there.
We will come back for all of you.
You're finally safe.
18 hours till evac, ma'am.
Plenty of time.
Come on! [JAMES LAUGHS] - Shut the fuck up! - They're fucking lying.
They're not gonna take you to the stadium.
This man, he's the lowest of low.
The worst of humanity.
And tonight, this will be his reckoning for everything that he's done.
Rose? They don't give a fuck about your daughter.
They don't give a fuck! We'll send a squad to come and collect you all.
Take you to the stadium Let's get the guns and the ammo.
[CLANKING] - Friendly? - Yeah.
It's us.
- What happened to the soldiers? - They didn't make it.
You guys OK? Everybody, take your weapons.
Make sure you have everything you need.
We're going outside.
What happened? Ready? Let's go.
Let's go.
[BIRDS CHIRPING] [WHISTLING] [DOG BARKING] Hey, where you going? Let's go.
It's over there.