Blade Runner: Black Lotus (2021) s01e08 Episode Script

The Davis Report

1 [Alessia Cara's "Feel You Now".]
This little light I've found Take it in, breathe it out A little drum that's beating loud In my chest, I hear the sound I can feel Feel you now I can feel you now I can feel I can feel you now [soft dramatic music.]
I don't think you understand how much trouble you're in.
Bodies are piling up and you appear to be in the middle of it.
[wind howling.]
Our conversation will be recorded and handed over to the civilian police oversight commission.
So it's in your best interest to answer my questions honestly and to the best of your ability.
I can help you.
If you'll let me.
With all due respect, sir, this is a waste of time.
Go read my case report.
Everything I know is in there.
The case report where you claimed the murders of Senator Bannister and Chief Grant were connected.
And that we should be looking for a replicant called "Black Lotus.
" The police oversight commission got copies of your replicant theory.
I sent my report to everyone up the chain.
No one wants to listen.
Investigator Alan Chen, interviewing subject Officer Alani Davis, LAPD.
Let's begin.
Officer Davis, what do you know about the one they're calling Black Lotus? I was one of the first officers on scene at the death of Senator Arthur Bannister.
[cheering and shouting.]
[dramatic music.]
[audience oohs.]
[bell rings.]
The Senator and his pals were regulars at underground replicant fights.
But this night, he was alone.
Personal bodyguard called it in.
[indistinct chatter.]
- That's when I saw her.
- How did you know it was her? She looked like she'd been in a scrap.
But more than that.
Stop! - Davis, where are you? - [yells.]
I said stop! My instincts told me something was wrong.
Her identifying mark, a Black Lotus tattoo.
Davis, acknowledge.
According to his bodyguard, the Senator had plenty of political enemies that would want him dead.
But on that night, the only thing the Senator was worried about was his missing journalist friend.
The Senator's cause of death was asphyxiation due to a crushed windpipe.
From the marks on his neck, the killer had replicant strength.
- [chuckles.]
Replicant strength? - I trust my intuition.
So what did your intuition lead to next? Not a lot of replicants left in this city.
So I put my ear to the ground.
My intel led me to a street gang in Silver Lake.
[indistinct chatter.]
- Drove, I want to talk with you.
- [groans.]
You gotta be kidding me.
What do you want, little piggy? You ain't got nothing on me.
Ow! Heard you had a run-in with a young woman.
Bad attitude.
Tattoo of a Black Lotus.
Why would I help a pretty, little piggy like you? Aah, jeez! Okay, okay.
Ow! [soft tense music.]
[dramatic music.]
Police business.
Now move along.
- To hell with this.
- [both panting.]
[soft dramatic music.]
She cut the boss up! She's nuts.
Carried a damn samurai sword.
You better give me more than that.
All right.
All right.
You win.
She had this tech.
We tried to take it from her.
We was just messing around.
Then she comes back to kill us.
She's on bad neuro-stims or something.
[tense music.]
A few days earlier, a woman with a Black Lotus tattoo and inhuman strength beat the crap out of the same gang.
[dramatic music.]
What the hell do you want? [suspenseful music.]
Go to hell.
And she killed their leader.
Consider the source.
You're trusting the testimony of a street gang.
Based on her behavior, based on what we've seen, and circumstantial evidence? I am certain that both killings were the work of a replicant.
Did you report this to Police Chief Grant? He didn't believe me.
- Davis.
What can I do for you? - Chief, um, I finished my reports from the boxing club with forensic data, along with eyewitness accounts of the female suspect.
- But - But what? - Davis? Spit it out.
- Senator Bannister's neck was already broken before he hit the ground.
This is superhuman strength.
Not the work of just any woman.
I feel certain she's a replicant.
Well, well.
You have quite the imagination.
No, not really.
Sir, it adds up.
I'll show you.
Couldn't cut it in the Blade Runner program, - could you, Davis? - [sighs.]
In this town, no one retires replicants anymore.
There just aren't any replicants left.
But I saw the suspect myself, sir.
And she has this tattoo.
It's organized crime.
- Bastards had it out for the senator.
- But sir.
My intuition, my gut tells me [scoffs.]
That's enough.
Back off on this one, kid.
Yes, sir.
You can leave that here.
You were in the Blade Runner program.
Well, nothing to be ashamed of.
Honor just to take the test.
First day failure rate - is supposed to be like 95% - 99.
- What flaw knocked you out? - Same as everyone else.
My intuition.
So you talked to Chief Grant.
Then what happened? Chief took me off the case.
Then mobilized the entire force to sweep the city to flush Black Lotus out.
Move them back there.
[dramatic music.]
Get down! Black Lotus tattoo.
Have you seen her? But there was no trace of her.
The same night Chief Grant died.
- And you were there.
- I arrived just after.
Even though you said yourself you were off the case.
- You were angry at him.
- It was my investigation.
I did the legwork.
I identified the suspect.
I did everything right.
Now I get kicked aside.
[suspenseful music.]
Everywhere Black Lotus goes, you're there.
I think you know more than you're letting on.
I think you're somehow involved with Chief Grant's murder.
Your career is off to a promising start.
But there are a thousand ways it could end.
- What do you want from me? - The truth about what you know.
And if I don't like the answers you give me - or I find out you're lying to me - You can't threaten me.
I've done nothing wrong.
Why don't you let me be the judge of that? [sighs.]
Tell me everything that happened that night.
Chief took over the Black Lotus investigation.
I thought it was suspicious.
Then I saw him leaving in a hurry when we're supposed to be hunting Black Lotus.
Hey, Chief.
Like I said.
So I followed him back to his house.
[dramatic music.]
Freeze! That's when I finally got her.
Black Lotus.
Put the sword down.
[vehicle humming.]
[dramatic music.]
Police! Drop your weapon.
Blade Runner.
My target.
Before he'd been killed, records show Chief Grant had called in a Blade Runner.
Ordinary replicant would have no chance against a Blade Runner.
[suspenseful music.]
But Black Lotus is no ordinary replicant.
[shotgun blast.]
[dramatic music.]
[gas hissing.]
I saw it with my own eyes.
[suspenseful music.]
When I told Chief she was a replicant, he re-assigned me.
- [grunts.]
- No! Then he went and brought in a Blade Runner? Grant lied to you.
Or he was hiding something.
And I can't exactly ask him about it, now, can I? Let's say you're right.
Grant knew that Black Lotus is a replicant.
- Why would he try to cover it up? - I don't know.
NEXUS 8 model replicants have learned to stay alive by keeping a low profile.
Now there's Black Lotus stirring up trouble.
Evading a Blade Runner.
She's nothing like NEXUS 8 and replicant production was banned in 2023.
But what if what if someone's making new ones? [chuckles.]
You almost had me going there.
- Let me finish.
- No.
This is entertaining, but you have no evidence.
There's more.
What Black Lotus told me.
What she told you? [sighs.]
I'm done being hunted like an animal.
You don't want to be hunted, maybe you shouldn't be killing people.
I'm not the one who started this.
What are you talking about? These weren't random killings.
She targeted them for a reason.
And from the sound of her voice, it was personal.
I went back to review the whole case from the beginning starting with the Senator's journalist friend, Hooper.
Before Hooper disappeared, he chartered a plane.
No previous record.
Trip plans had been altered.
But I found the flight record coordinates - putting him in the Nevada desert.
- Desert's off-limits.
Unless you have connections.
Chief Grant and his wife took their vacation on the same day as Hooper.
I'll bet Senator Bannister - had the same time off.
- Okay.
If you know where, then I can help you find some answers.
[wind howling.]
What the hell happened out here? [soft dramatic music.]
I called in a dig team.
They'll pull the bodies.
Try to ID them.
Wouldn't be surprised if they find Hooper out there.
This isn't about finding a killer replicant anymore.
You believe me now? [sighs.]
You've uncovered something big here, Davis.
I'll report this to my superiors.
This will change your career.
Officer Davis, based on the recommendations of the investigation, you have been diagnosed with delusional tendencies that interfere with your duties as a police officer.
As of this moment, you are on leave for no less than three months.
Go home and come to terms with your condition.
Tyrell Corporation proprietary intellectual rights rumored to be available for an undisclosed sum by the Wallace Corporation.
[soft dramatic music.]
I'd trust a silent robber More than I would trust you coming through my door [upbeat music.]
- It's all connected.
- I only listen to my intuition She's the only one who tells me the truth I'm gonna find Black Lotus.
I only listen to my intuition And she tells me that she doesn't like you No, she doesn't like you [vocalizing.]
Yeah, she tells me that she doesn't like you She doesn't like you [vocalizing.]
And she tells me that she doesn't like you If she's going down, it's all alone I won't be around to see the swoop Your words to the ground That's just the truth You're the only one laughing, oh I only listen to my intuition And she tells me that she doesn't like you No, she doesn't like you [vocalizing.]
And she tells me that she doesn't like you No, she doesn't like you [vocalizing.]
And she tells me that she doesn't like you
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