Blade Runner: Black Lotus (2021) s01e11 Episode Script

All the Best Memories

1 [Alessia Cara's "Feel You Now".]
This little light I've found Take it in, breathe it out A little drum that's beating loud In my chest, I hear the sound I can feel Feel you now I can feel you now I can feel I can feel you now [tense music.]
I did what you asked.
Put an end to this.
I've only just begun.
Now is the time to reset.
What do you mean? Retire the Black Lotus, Joseph.
Everything has come to pass as I envisioned it.
My father may have lacked vision, but I see a world ripe for a new start.
Leave me out of it, Wallace.
I'll handle Black Lotus.
[ambient music.]
Do you know him? No.
I just don't like his face.
The entire world mourns the tragic death of a man taken too soon.
He was not merely a man, for Mr.
Wallace was so much more.
He saved humanity by helping to solve the food crisis that threatened us all.
And our modern world has been built on the cornerstones laid by the Wallace Corporation.
That is why his son, Niander Wallace, has been declared the new CEO of the Wallace Corporation.
Niander Wallace mourns this loss more than any of us, but he will carry on.
For that is what his father would have My father's death, the spectacle of the absurd.
[foreboding music.]
I feel unshackled.
Free to explore.
Free to dream of art, of science, of a world filled with replicants.
Perfect in every way.
What must be will be.
The old world as we know it is flawed.
I refuse to accept that.
I will give birth to a perfect world inhabited by my own creations.
We have woven a complex fabric of many colors, many designs.
And there are hanging threads that need to be tied up or cut.
[ambient music.]
[buttons chirp.]
He'll never be able to get us out of here.
[printer whirring.]
The memory maker I told you about - the one working for Dr.
- The one you let live.
He knew about my memories which ones were real and created.
Maybe he can help me remember who this is.
So maybe he can rewrite old memories.
Why? Can we trust him? I don't know, but he didn't seem like a bad person.
Listen, Elle.
You can have him purge your memories.
What do you mean? You've taken care of everyone who's wronged you.
Erase your bad memories and leave this city behind for good.
But I might forget about him too.
He's one of my only memories that isn't a nightmare.
- Forget about him.
- But Don't chain yourself to a memory, Elle.
Replicant memories never fade.
This could be your only chance to forget.
You'll still be there for me, right? If I forget about everything? I was a blade runner.
You saved me.
More than once.
I thought it'd wipe my hands clean, but old memories die hard.
It's your choice to make.
What's more important? [vehicle whooshes.]
[apprehensive music.]
You really came.
No need to worry about them, not that you need to.
Uh, they're here for our protection.
My situation has changed since last time.
Now I have various clients, uh, competing to fund my research.
My lab's in here.
[panel beeps, door whooshes.]
I admit, I was a little surprised to hear from you.
I mean, come to think of it, I don't think I've ever had a replicant call me, but I suppose it's only natural to have questions.
Permanently erasing replicant memories can be done.
It's difficult but safe.
What if I want to keep the good memories? It's not possible to pick and choose.
Altered memory states can cause fragmentation, cortex failure, aneurysms, death.
The only way the emotional cushion still holds is to wipe the memories clean.
All of them.
Without her memories, will she still be herself? Her psyche is ingrained.
Her memories would be gone, but her essence would remain the same.
I've heard enough.
I want to do it.
[device beeps.]
[machinery whirring.]
Simply close your eyes, and you'll feel like you've woken up from a long dream.
It sounds nice.
[sentimental music.]
Will you be here when I wake up? Yes.
[device beeps, machinery whirring.]
[gas hissing.]
The man in your memories is Niander Wallace Jr.
He created you to kill his father, and he hired me to make sure it happened.
All this time, I've been lying to you.
I'm sorry.
I'm a replicant killer.
Elle it would be better if you forget me.
So are you sure this is all right? [foreboding music.]
This is the best way.
[doors whooshing.]
Let's go to the colonies.
This announcement has been brought to you by Shimago-Domínguez Corporation: helping America into the new world.
A new life awaits you in the Off-world colonies.
The chance to begin again in a golden land of opportunity and adventure.
[apprehensive music.]
[panel chirps.]
[line trilling.]
[phone chimes.]
I retired Black Lotus.
I didn't think you had it in you.
And what's that supposed to mean? I've offended you.
I said I would handle it.
That you did.
Consider your off-world arrangements complete, Joseph.
Human to a fault and untrustworthy.
I will deal with him later.
But first, my angel.
[ominous music.]
I love all my creations, even the disobedient ones.
But I cannot have a creation lift up its head in its own glory.
Like a game of go, the line is in our favor.
Remove Black Lotus from the board.
[indistinct chatter.]
[pager buzzes.]
[foreboding music.]
[panel chirps.]
[line trilling.]
[phone chimes.]
You'll find Black Lotus at Dr.
M's lab.
Arrest her.
But don't hurt her.
You understand me? Who is this? Joseph? I can't protect her anymore.
I'm trusting you to keep her safe.
Safe from what? [line clicks.]
[dial tone humming.]
[panel chirps.]
[computer beeping.]
[ethereal music.]
[wind whistling.]
[snoring softly.]
[computer beeping.]
[suspenseful music.]
[panel beeps, door whooshes.]
Don't move! [intense music.]
[singer vocalizing.]
[panel beeps.]
[ominous music.]
[alarm blaring.]
Alarm? What is that? [panel chirps.]
, door whooshes.]
Who are you? Memory maker.
[panel chirps.]
[alarm beeping.]
[machinery winding down.]
[intense music.]
[vehicle whooshing.]
[foreboding music.]
[door whooshes.]
[dial tone humming.]
[touch tones beeping.]
Had a feeling I'd be hearing from you, buddy.
I wanna talk to you about Black Lotus.
[intense music.]
Who are you? [rapping.]
Someone's chased you to the edges of the Earth So this place feeling like a never-ending search Before it's over, I expect this to get worse I guess I should've known I'd be the one to get this curse, uh Need them to quench his thirst 'Cause I will hunt down whoever gets to you first Sometimes I wish I could let go And press a verse, but Sometimes you have to go and learn your lesson first Praising the Lord before we ever get to church Sooner or later, she gonna get what she deserves I was convinced why I never pressure hers Take all of the shots Until eventually, you're merc'd, uh 'Cause karma comes back around for those We have to stay on our toes The hardest where your power shows I left up in concrete, a flower grows High up, high up, this Eiffel Tower grows Ah, uh High up, high up, this Eiffel Tower grows
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