Blade Runner: Black Lotus (2021) s01e13 Episode Script

Time to Die

1 [Alessia Cara's "Feel You Now".]
This little light I've found Take it in, breathe it out A little drum that's beating loud In my chest, I hear the sound I can feel Feel you now I can feel you now I can feel I can feel you now [light tone.]
[exciting music.]
I never lost hope that one day you would return to my side, Black Lotus, my angel.
This is a blessing.
It's not often that one gets to talk to their creator or the creator to his creation.
Why? Why did you do this to me? Why me? You seek answers that might give you life, definition, meaning.
That search is what makes us human.
You are everything that I wanted you to be.
I created you, gave you life and beauty with unique gifts.
All of it was my vision for you.
- Call it fate, call it destiny.
- And you trying to kill me, is that part of your grand design? Everything I experienced, these memories, they're mine and only mine.
You may be my creator, but you can't take them away from me.
You were never meant to live forever.
Your journey has taken a toll.
You are tired, hurt, broken.
Soon you will be free to rest.
A creation cannot be allowed to defy its creator.
I made you to clear a path for me, to be my angel of death.
I only wish that you could stay with me.
But there's only room in my heart for one.
[fighting efforts.]
My two greatest creations together again.
[intense music.]
Ah! Rah! [grunting.]
[labored breathing.]
[struggling efforts.]
Ahh! [grunting.]
Ah! [pained breathing.]
The two of you put on quite the dance.
The old Tyrell Archives.
I've spent the last two years pouring over their files.
In the future, the present species of humans will perish.
But in the world that follows, my creations will reproduce, expand, and spread my glory across the earth.
And then the stars.
Even I cannot escape our fate.
So you wanna play God? [intense music.]
[labored breathing.]
- J? - Elle? I was wrong about you.
Black Lotus! [grunting.]
I'm right here, Black Lotus.
[screaming, whimpering.]
Ah, ah! [panting.]
My water lily.
So loyal, so pure.
Yet ultimately flawed.
Ah! [growls.]
I can teach you to be the better angel.
Rah, rahh! [grunting.]
You cannot hurt me.
You were built to stand by my side.
Come home and I can offer you what no one else can: your creator's love.
[pained groaning.]
I'll be the last thing you ever see.
[groans in pain.]
J? I'm sorry.
- Save your strength.
- I failed.
And I hurt the ones who meant the most.
I kept hurting you.
Tried to make up for it.
None of that matters to me.
All I have are good memories.
Good memories of you.
You have a soul.
You're more human than I am.
J, please.
Trigger in the case.
[both grunting.]
- [grunts.]
- Ah! J? J! Ugh! J? Don't! [clicks.]
J? J! J.
[explosion booms.]
Only you could go out on suspension, then get shot.
You make it a bigger deal than it was.
Good to have you back, Davis.
I hope you don't cause any more trouble.
I'll fall in line.
You damn well better.
But Mr.
Wallace, there are serious concerns about the direction of the corporation, from both inside and outside.
With the unfortunate passing - of your father and now your - Despite my recent health issue, I am still very much in charge.
And I expect you to remind everyone of that.
But Mr.
Wallace You should remember that as well.
I see nothing but limitless possibilities.
J? J? Elle.
[hopeful tone.]
[upbeat music.]
Come along fast a little more Don't keep pushing me further Shining in the darkness on my own But baby I'm a real quick learner Thought that you could break me But I can never break so easy Believe me, it's about to get real, real messy Just know I learned the hard way It's getting turned into another way Now I'm numb to everything The highs have changed, started to flirt Thought you had my number But the tables have turned There's ice in my veins Nothing can hurt me now I feel no pain They won't see me coming The highs have changed, started to flirt Thought you had my number But the tables have turned There's ice in my veins Nothing can hurt me now Feel no pain They won't see me coming I'm a perfect weapon
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