Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War (2022) s01e07 Episode Script

Born in the Dark

The blue skies above are hopelessly clear
At my wit's end, I feel a growing frustration
As if to laugh at us hopeless cowards
Countless eyes stare at us
This soul of mine breaks again and again
All I can do is hold it tight
Until the day it turns to ash
I've absorbed all of this sorrow
It has shaped me, painted me
But that's how we got here, right?
One step at a time, just like breathing
These countless scars on my palm
That no longer fade
Are my badge, my story
I faced the fear and shred it to pieces
And let it walk beside me once more
Hey, Shunsui!
How dare you enter my room
without my permission again!
I know, I'm sorry, my bad!
What kind of apology is that?!
I mean it!
I'm sorry I snuck in,
but I was surprised
you had a painting hanging,
Old Man Yama, so
Damn old geezer
That's a monster that appeared in
the Soul Society a long time ago.
It showed up when the Soul Society
was facing a crisis
only to make things much worse.
It will never show up again.
But if it ever does
I'll probably never
be back here again.
Old Man Yama!!
You may have been
the head of the Soul Reapers
but your demise was pitiful,
Shigekuni Yamamoto.
Let's go, Haschwalth.
Yes, sir.
Trying to show that you won't
let me get away even in death?
Shigekuni Yamamoto,
you half-hearted fool.
You will never know
why I removed you
from being counted as
one of the five Special Threats.
Why didn't you restore
your left arm?
You could've done so if you'd
ordered that human girl to.
I know why.
You didn't want to exploit humans.
I know all about it.
Even during your battle with Aizen,
you were apprehensive about
getting Ichigo Kurosaki involved
because he was a human.
And even now, you stood before me
trying to carry the burden of
the Soul Society and the World
of the Living on your shoulders
and you lost.
You've grown weak,
Shigekuni Yamamoto.
You used to be different.
The original Thirteen Court Guard
Squads that you founded
were Court Guards in name only.
They were a group of
savage killers.
But because of that,
they were a fearsome bunch.
And as their leader,
Shigekuni Yamamoto,
you were truly a beast
with the sword
You used everything and anything
to slay an enemy.
The lives of the people,
including your own subordinates,
weighed only as much as ash to you.
But that all changed after
you exterminated us Quincies.
Upon gaining a peaceful world,
you people had more things
to protect and to love.
You've deteriorated into
a bunch of weaklings
who would hesitate to take action
to satisfy your pathetic
sense of justice and pride.
You died without realizing this,
so I'm going to tell you.
The Soul Society
is about to perish.
But the Thirteen Court Guard Squads
died with us a thousand years ago!
Time to finish this.
Inform every member
of the Stern Ritter.
Tell them to thoroughly
crush the Soul Society!
- Wha—?!
- What's that?!
Advance, Soldat!
Rebel army foot soldiers!
Stand your ground!
We can take them—
Th-They're too strong
M-Must get help!
It's over.
Don't disappear!
Don't disappear!
Don't disappear!
Don't disappear!
Sorry, I wanted to open it sooner
from this side, but
things never seem
to go the way we want
Who the hell are you?
I'm Stern Ritter, Shaz Domino!
The power I was given is—
Hey, hang in there!
The Spiritual Pressure
What was that just now?!
Rukia and Renji
were they still alive?
Don't worry.
They're alive.
I see
Thank goodness
I don't havemuch time left.
Though I am a captain of
the Thirteen Court Guard Squads,
I was unable to defeat
the despicable people
who trampled on the Seireitei.
I led many squad members
to their deaths
I brought sorrow
to their subordinates
and to their families
Only to lose and die in disgrace.
I am deeply ashamed of this.
You, on the other hand,
are a human.
Not only should you not be
involved in this fight
you should not even be here
in the first place.
So forgive me
for the terrible audacity
of asking you this final favor
protect the Soul Society
Ichigo Kurosaki!
This Spiritual Pressure
Yes, it must be Ichigo Kurosaki.
Shall I purge him?
No. Let's go.
I didn't get a response.
That's fine.
That's the kind of man he is.
I know his answer
even if he didn't respond.
I'm counting on you,
Ichigo Kurosaki
Your Majesty, I'll handle this
Ichigo Kurosaki
I don't know how you did it,
but I'm impressed
you broke out of Quilge's "Jail."
But do you really intend to
fight me in that ragged state?
Are you the enemy leader?
The "enemy," huh?
I am.
But you could also say
that I'm not.
Cut the crap!
I'm asking if you're the one
who wrecked the Soul Society!
I did indeed.
Your Majesty
As you can see, Haschwalth
he leaves me with no choice.
I will crush him here.
He should still be alive.
Carry him to the castle.
We'll revive him
and put him under my command.
Yes, Your Majesty.
Is that
Blut Vene?!
Your Majesty!
Should have known better
What's that?
You think you won just because
you withstood a few of my attacks?
That's not what I meant.
I was right
I wasn't imagining it.
What are you talking about?
It seems that using Quilge Opie
to keep you at bay was a mistake
I should have used an Arrancar
instead of a trueborn Quincy
Because of that, the memories
within your Spiritual Pressure
have awakened too soon.
You kept releasing
your Spiritual Pressure to the limit
while in contact with
Quilge's "Jail"
in order to destroy it.
The bits of Spiritual Pressure left
behind from this explosive release
mixed with some of
Quilge's Spiritual Pressure
as it returned to your body.
His Quincy Spiritual Pressure
slowly seeped into
the depths of your soul,
drawing out memories
within your Spiritual Pressure
from its core
Quilge's "Jail" is meant to
restrain enemies
It is unable to contain Quincies!
Whatare you talking about?
Memories within
my Spiritual Pressure?
What's this about Quincies?
I see
You don't know anything
about yourself, do you?
Not even about
your own mother.
My plan was to take you back
and slowly re-educate you
What are you—?
but I no longer have the luxury
of doing that.
What are you—?
I've decided to force you
into submission
and drag you with me!
I said, what the hell
are you talking about?!
I'll tell you at the Wandenreich.
Now then
Show me what you've got,
Ichigo Kurosaki!
I will pierce you this time!
Don't assume you can evade it
with your Blut Vene!
This is
It is time, Your Majesty.
We've reached our limit for working
outside of the Schatten Bereich.
Please return to the Wandenreich.
We should still have time to—
Of course.
Sosuke Aizen
This is one of his tricks.
During the few minutes
I was in contact with him,
he slightly altered my senses
Haschwalth, you knew
but kept quiet, didn't you?
I figured it would be pointless
to try to stop you.
Well, it doesn't matter.
Let's go.
My time's up, so I'll be going now.
I guess you can't hear me anymore
You think I'd let you go?
After what you did
to the Soul Society
there's no way I'd let you escape!
I said stop!
Farewell, Ichigo Kurosaki.
I'll come back for you again.
Heal your wounds and wait
my sonborn in the dark
Everything we had left behind
Our breaths blending as mist
without form or expression
We lie buried as we glare
into the distance
I can't hear anything
I can't seem to cut anything
It feels like I'm sinking
Falling, falling
Eyes struck wide open
Something no one has ever seen
The furthest reaches are now visible to us
It cannot be undone
and cannot be stopped
This ensuing struggle
Whisk it away beyond
the ends of the earth
Along with our breaths
Take everything
Whisk it away beyond
the ends of the earth
Along with our futures
Along with our world
Something no one has ever seen
The furthest reaches are now
visible to us
Don't you know God's demand?
Don't you know God's demand?
As we tear each other down
I look to the heavens
and chase that star.
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