Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War (2022) s01e09 Episode Script

The Drop

I'm coming in, Captain.
Excuse me
If you were in here,
you could have at least answered—
We might have to say goodbye.
Give me a break
The blue skies above are hopelessly clear
At my wit's end, I feel a growing frustration
As if to laugh at us hopeless cowards
Countless eyes stare at us
This soul of mine breaks again and again
All I can do is hold it tight
Until the day it turns to ash
I've absorbed all of this sorrow
It has shaped me, painted me
But that's how we got here, right?
One step at a time, just like breathing
These countless scars on my palm
That no longer fade
Are my badge, my story
I faced the fear and shred it to pieces
And let it walk beside me once more
- 9192
- 9192
- 9192
- 9192
- 93
- 93
- 94—
- 94
You failed, you moron!
Didn't your parents
teach you as a kid?
You're not supposed to
get out of a bath
until you've finished
counting up to 100!
What kind of parent
makes their kid count to 100
while their head's underwater?!
Quit your whining!
- Yessir!
- Come on, Bro!
Nothing personal, boy!
Damn you, boy!
It's Ichigo!
What the hell was that for?!
You're healed.
If you weren't,
that would have killed you.
Your wounds are gone.
You're right.
You finished
what you came here to do.
I'll prepare for you
to go to the next place.
The next place?
Wait up!
I'm coming with you.
Don't be silly.
You're still
You didn't send me flying.
If you can withstand my punch,
you're probably all right.
- Ready
- Go!
Aren't there any other ways of
getting around this place?!
There they go
Thanks for the hard work.
You can take those off now.
- Yes, sir!
- Yes, sir!
That was close
If it weren't for
these protective bathing robes
made of super spiritual threads,
the extreme recovery would have
caused our bodies to erode
and rupture.
Yet those boys were able to soak in
Master Tenjiro's White Bone Hell
and Blood Pond Hell naked
as if it was nothing
I saw their potential, but they
went beyond my expectations.
Especially that Ichigo kid.
When that punk took my strike,
he reflexively struck my fist
and fractured it.
My word
People used to call me
"Lightning Fast Tenjiro"
for my Hoho skills
Pretty sure I haven't
lost my touch yet
That kid is really something
I can see why the Soul King
is so into him
Two lieutenants?!
Third Seat Okikiba
knows how to manage Squad 1
while Lieutenant Ise
knows how to handle me.
while Lieutenant Ise
knows how to handle me.
They will both fulfill the duties
of assisting me.
This is unacceptable—
"The power to appoint someone
to lieutenant "
"lies with their squad captain."
Your people decided that, remember?
Now then, may I proceed with
my first task as head captain?
I intend to teach
Kenpachi Zaraki Zanjutsu.
- What?!
- What?!
Captain Kuchiki and the others
went to the Royal Palace,
but there's no guarantee
they'll return safely.
Captain Zaraki is
an important asset in battle.
We cannot leave him as he is now.
If he becomes more powerful
than he is now,
we won't be able to stop him
if he revolts!
Have you forgotten
we urged Genryusai
to stop teaching him Kendo
after only a day?!
Then what do you suggest we do?
In its current state,
the Soul Society won't be able to
withstand the next invasion.
Will any of you be able to
protect yourselves?
It seems like
I've been given permission.
Come on in.
I'd like you to handle this matter
concerning Captain Zaraki.
Captain Unohana
Or should I say
The First Kenpachi
Yachiru Unohana.
You go on the bottom!
My injuries were worse than yours!
So you go!
You're all healed up!
What are you, a wuss?
You're one to talk!
You damn—
I couldn't have been found
at a worse time!
Good grief
Crashing from that height
after my body just healed
- would have been awful.
- Hey, get back here!
It would only have been
awful for you.
I would have been able to
land safely using a breakfall.
What was that?
- I bet you can't do that, can you?
- Screw you
I'm glad you came,
Ichigo and Renji!
Welcome to my Gatonden!
I'm gonna take good care
of both of you!
Is there no one but idiots
in this place?!
Hup, hup,
hup, hup,
hup, hup, hup!
hup, hup,
hup, hup, hup!
Become tastier!
Andhere you go!
When she said she was going to
take care of us
I thought she meant it as
whipping us into shape, but
Looks like she really meant
what she said
This is amazing!
Come on, let's eat!
I was super hungry!
Wait, you idiot!
There's no way she'd serve us
this food for no reason!
I bet it's an excuse to start
some ridiculous form of training!
My, oh, my
Seems you grew up distrustful
thanks to Kisuke Urahara.
There's no need to worry!
This Gatonden is a palace of food.
My job is to ensure
your bellies are full!
And your job is to
stuff your bellies!
Now eat up!
I'm sure you must be
incredibly hungry!
- Let's dig in!
- Let's dig in!
What a healthy appetite.
I'll go make dessert!
So good!
I can't stop eating!
I can
I'm finding some weird stuff
mixed in from time to time
What the hell is this?
It looks grotesque,
but surprisingly tastes awesome!
It has an awesome texture
to it too!
And the way the awesome aroma
spreads through your mouth
is so awesome!
Hearing your horrible food critique
is ruining my meal.
Are you done already?
I can still eat more.
You idiot!
I can totally keep going!
I'm just taking a break!
Hey, Renji
Should wereally be doing this?
Everyone in the Seireitei
is training right now
to prepare for the next battle
While we're here taking baths,
eating food,
and just fooling around
Will doing this really
make us strong enough
for the next battle?
Are you really that dumb?
- What?!
- We were both injured in battle.
So we took a bath
to heal our wounds.
Once our wounds healed,
we got hungry.
That's why we're eating now.
It all makes perfect sense.
We are building up our strength
to prepare for the tough training
that lies ahead.
You actually make a good point
once in a while.
Shut up!
If you agree, then eat more!
You can still keep going,
can't you?!
Of course, I can!
I'm going to eat more than you!
Dream on!
I'm going to—
Renji is right!
I guess it's only natural
for a lieutenant to figure it out!
You fully understood
what I was saying!
That's right!
What we're doing right now
is no different than getting ready
for any other training.
The only difference is,
it's being done
on a Soul King scale.
Our rituals are packed with
the Soul King's power
and the million-year history
of the Soul Society.
It's on a whole other level
from the healing and diet
that you know in the Seireitei.
Now focus on rebuilding your body.
So you don't die
in the next palace.
Now that you understand,
have some dessert!
- Who are you?!
- Who are you?!
Oh, this?
I use up all my Spiritual Pressure
when I cook.
So after I'm done cooking,
I always lose a lot of weight.
Ichigo, Renji.
Be careful out there.
Remember how I told you
our Ritual was
packed with the history
of the Soul Society?
Every one of us in Squad Zero
has created something
in the Soul Society
And those who are
recognized as being
the history of the Soul Society
itself by the Soul King
are allowed to join our squad.
What I've created
was a temporary soul
and the technology
to place it into a body.
The concept of Gikon did not exist
until I created a temporary soul.
And part of that concept was
applied to create Soul Candies.
The essence of Gikon
is to increase one's level of power
by placing a completely foreign
Spiritual Pressure
into your own body.
The food you ate
was filled with that essence.
Your bodies should now be
containing Spiritual Pressure
that is nothing like
you've felt before.
If you can sense that
even a little, then good.
That said
I still want you
to go with caution.
The one in the next palace
is totally unpredictable.
Your next stop is Hoohden,
where Oh-Etsu Nimaiya resides
He is the man
who created Zanpakuto.
This is a rather grandiose stage,
isn't it?
I'm surprised you were able to
get permission to use this place.
It was the Head Captain's orders.
As its name suggests,
Muken is completely closed off
and infinitely large
Thus, it was decided that
this was the only place
suitable for you
to freely swing your sword.
they never would have allowed us
non-criminals to enter this space.
Look who's talking.
If you and I weren't powerful,
we'd just be ordinary criminals!
Right now, you have no power.
I suggested this place
because I felt
you would fit in perfectly here.
Yeah, that's what I figured.
Fine by me.
Win as a captain,
or lose as a criminal
Doesn't matter if I live or die
fighting you.
It's still going to be
an eternal hell.
You're quite talkative today,
aren't you?
I like you better
when you're quiet.
Whenever I hear your voice,
the single scar you gave me
begins to ache.
Shut up.
Don't think you're the only one
who's got an aching scar!
Yachiru Unohana
The original
Thirteen Court Guard Squads,
said to be
the strongest in history
She served as
the captain of Squad 11
and created the basis
of what Squad 11 is today.
Before being appointed as a captain
by Old Man Yama,
she was the most notorious criminal
in the history of the Soul Society.
To show her mastery
of countless styles
and her complete proficiency
of the blade,
she gave herself the name
"Yachiru (Eight Thousand Styles)"
I'm sorry I called it
a Zanjutsu lesson
Once you and Captain Zaraki
cross blades
one of you will have to die.
I knew that
Captain Unohana
I commend you for removing
your eyepatch from the start.
But even if you remove it,
that is the extent of your power.
So weak
I can't believe someone
swinging a sword with one arm,
wouldn't make use
of their other arm
I can't imagine
you're enjoying this fight.
And what about you?
To think you'd resort to using
a cheap trick like this
to wound me.
You've changed quite a bit
from the person I admired!
How dare you admire
the enemy amid battle!
I haven't changed at all.
But when I last fought you
I simply did not have the leeway to
use such cheap tricks against you.
Are you saying
that I've gotten weaker?
I admired you
Trees, bugs, people
No matter what I cut,
it was all the same.
It was boring
It was no different from swinging
a sword while alone in the dark.
Fighting you
was the first time I felt fear.
I felt the joy of battle
for the first time.
I wanted to fight just like you.
But you're saying
I'm going to die here
without ever beating you?!
Damn it
What's the matter?
You looked like you spaced out
for a moment.
Shut up!
What just happened?
I swore I was
Screw it.
I don't have time to think.
Right now,
I need to focus on this battle!
Kenpachi Zaraki
You will not die.
Each time you're on
the verge of death,
you grow stronger.
That is the flaw
you put upon yourself.
And it is also
my sin.
Everything we had left behind
Our breaths blending as mist
without form or expression
We lie buried as we glare
into the distance
I can't hear anything
I can't seem to cut anything
It feels like I'm sinking
Falling, falling
Eyes struck wide open
Something no one has ever seen
The furthest reaches are now visible to us
It cannot be undone
and cannot be stopped
This ensuing struggle
Whisk it away beyond
the ends of the earth
Along with our breaths
Take everything
Whisk it away beyond
the ends of the earth
Along with our futures
Along with our world
Something no one has ever seen
The furthest reaches are now
visible to us
Don't you know God's demand?
Don't you know God's demand?
As we tear each other down
"Battle is everything."
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