Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War (2022) s01e11 Episode Script

Everything But the Rain

You also noticed it, right?
That it was going to be useless
no matter how hard he tried.
I know the whereabouts of
every Asauchi I've forged.
All Soul Reapers
are given an Asauchi.
And through continuous training,
we transform them into
our personal Zanpakuto.
This is the foundation
and essence of the relationship
between Soul Reapers and Zanpakuto.
It is an absolute truth.
It's not just squad members
and captains
but the Zanpakuto
of us Squad Zero, too.
Even a stray outlaw
like Kenpachi Zaraki
gained an Asauchi by pulling it off
the corpse of a Soul Reaper.
Every one of us.
Since the dawn of the Soul Society,
not a single Soul Reaper has
awakened their own Zanpakuto
without possessing
an Asauchi I forged.
It was obvious.
That this method
wasn't going to work for him.
You and I both knew that.
He's the only one
who doesn't understand that.
That's why he needs to know
the whereabouts of his soul.
The blue skies above are hopelessly clear
At my wit's end, I feel a growing frustration
As if to laugh at us hopeless cowards
Countless eyes stare at us
This soul of mine breaks again and again
All I can do is hold it tight
Until the day it turns to ash
I've absorbed all of this sorrow
It has shaped me, painted me
But that's how we got here, right?
One step at a time, just like breathing
These countless scars on my palm
That no longer fade
Are my badge, my story
I faced the fear and shred it to pieces
And let it walk beside me once more
I'm home
Yo, Ichigo!
Long time no see—
That punk ran away.
What the hell is wrong with you?
What the hell is wrong with you?
You show up
for the first time in a while
You show up
for the first time in a while
looking like
it's the end of the world.
What are you, some school girl
who had a fight with her parents?
I got kicked out without even
getting my Zanpakuto fixed
I don't know how to
face them right now.
Ms. Ikumi, thanks for—
Whoa, hot!
Eat it!
It'll warm you up!
I'm sorry, Ms. Ikumi
for not showing up for work
and barging in on you like this.
I'd rather you came to work than
hear your apologies, you idiot!
From the moment I hired you,
I've felt like
an older sister to you.
You can come to me at any time!
Kids should rely on adults!
Ms. Ikumi
There's no one here
It seems like it was a prank
Thanks, Ms. Ikumi.
I'm going home.
I'm fine now
Hey, wait
You forgot something!
I guess I'll deliver this
to him tomorrow
You came to pick me up
in that outfit
You know what's going on,
don't you?
I heard what happened
in the Soul Society from Urahara.
Including the fact that
your Zanpakuto was broken
and that Squad Zero came down.
They kicked you out, didn't they?
Well, I can see why.
In your current state,
there's no way you can fix
your broken Bankai.
You don't know anything
about yourself.
Remember what you said to me?
That you could wait
until I was ready to tell you.
Now's that time.
Listen carefully.
You're not a Soul Reaper.
But you're not
an ordinary human, either.
Your mother was
My name is Masaki Kurosaki.
I'm a Quincy.
Where are you?!
I found you
You broke my beautiful tailbone!
- I'll have to take the day off!
- Come on, let's head back.
I'm going to make sure
you do your job!
Captain Shiba!
I've completed the documents, sir.
Well done, Toshiro!
Our soon-to-be captain!
Hold on!
I should be next in line
for the captaincy based on rank!
Are you kidding me?
If someone like you became captain,
the Squad would be ruined.
I agree.
I've been making progress
with my Bankai training,
so I think I'll do just fine.
Hey, Toshiro!
How could you
agree with him like that?!
Take it easy, you two.
Does anyone know what happened
to the manju that I left in here?
Captain, by the way,
there's a report
that caught my attention
It's about this one
Wait. Let's talk about
my manju first.
Have you seen the manju
I hid in there?
Shut up.
Who cares about your manju
right now?!
It was delicious!
So you did eat it!
Even worse,
you tried to brush it aside!
You're a naughty boy, aren't you?!
Do you remember the report
from two months ago?
It's from a mid-sized city
called Naruki
where one of the stationed
Soul Reapers died in an accident.
Yeah, I do remember.
The one where the cause is
still under investigation, right?
Correct. We just received
last month's report
Last month, two more died.
Where are you going, Captain?
To investigate!
Take care of the rest, okay?!
Wait, you're leaving right now?
Yup! I should be back in two days,
so cover for me, will ya?
You can't be serious!
Shouldn't we report this
to the Head Captain?
We're going after him, Toshiro!
No, let's not.
What are you saying?
The Captain went alone because
he figured this investigation
would be dangerous.
I know that!
- That's exactly why—
- That's exactly why
we should wait here.
At our current level,
we would only get in his way.
Any progress?
No, none at all.
We've been successful
in equipping Hollows
with the ability
to Hollowfy their targets
but not even the souls of
Court Guard members
can withstand it.
I see
No matter.
We are close to narrowing down
the location of Shinji Hirako
and the others.
We get to conduct
Hollowfication experiments
while we smoke them out.
It's two birds with one stone.
Let's take our time.
Gin. Kaname.
Everything is in
the palm of our hands.
It's getting cloudy
I don't like this
The last guy
and the guy before that
died on a rainy day, didn't they?
Let's not talk about it
I see
It's dangerous on rainy days, huh?
That's good to know!
Captain Shiba!
What are you doing here?!
Oh, I was looking for the bathroom
and got lost
That's a terrible lie!
If it rains tonight,
you guys can go home.
I like to pee in peace.
SAME DAY, 20:36 -
How is everything at school,
Miss Masaki?
Oh, me?!
Well, I go there every day,
Aunt Izumi!
Then how about your Seiren?
My Seiren is going
so-so, I guess
What do you mean "so-so"?!
Yes, I'm sorry!
Do you understand
the situation you're in?!
Your predecessors passed away
and you have no siblings,
making you the sole surviving
member of the Kurosaki family.
We've only taken you in
because you're a fellow Quincy!
Please stop.
I could hear you from outside.
I'm going back to my room.
Where's Father?
He's at Fünfte Feld.
I too would like to know
when he'll be back.
- Masaki
- Hm?
I'm sorry.
Please forgive my mother.
She's taking her loneliness
out on you.
Don't be silly, Ryu!
There's nothing to forgive.
I'm not angry at all!
Thanks for the meal!
The shrimp au gratin
was great tonight.
Yes, what is it, Young Master?
She knows the only reason
she was brought into the family
is because Mother wants to protect
the Echt Quincy blood
in the Ishida Family.
Is that what your mother told her?
You really think
she needed to be told that?
She's not that stupid.
Do you think
she would be happy marrying me?
Young Master
I see you believe that
happiness is necessary
for a marriage between Quincies.
You are so kind.
Your kindness would be more than
enough to make Miss Masaki happy.
Don't be silly
What's so kind about me?
I only want to make
Masaki happy because,
without happiness,
it is impossible
to look to the future.
I'm not referring to our future,
but that of the Quincies.
It's starting to rain hard
Either they're specifically
targeting Soul Reapers
or they're just reacting to
high Spiritual Pressure
I'll try baiting them out
with Spiritual Pressure
So this is Captain Shiba's
Spiritual Pressure!
Damn it!
The size of Spiritual Pressure
is not what they're attracted to!
A blackHollow?
I see
Its whole body is black,
and its hole appears to be
covered up
but judging from
its Spiritual Pressure,
that's definitely a Hollow!
I sense
a massive Spiritual Pressure
on the move
A Hollowand another one.!
Don't bother, Masaki.
How many times must I remind you?
We Quincies should only head out
after the Soul Reapers are dead.
And even then,
it is tradition to let Katagiri
and other Gemischts handle it.
Think of your position.
You need to take
better care of yourself.
We Echt Quincies should not
shed our blood so readily.
But, Ryu
This thing looks like a Hollow,
but it fights like a Soul Reaper
It's making it difficult to fight!
Captain Shiba!
Karakura Town is under
Squad 13's jurisdiction!
Ryu. You always think about
Aunt Izumi, Quincies,
the future, and many other things
before you act.
I really admire that about you.
To me,
"taking better care of myself"
means doing what I can, when I can.
If I followed customs
and let someone die today
when I had the chance
to prevent it,
I know my future self
will never forgive me.
Katagiri, we're heading out.
What the hell was that?
Was it a Cero?!
That thing is fighting
like a Menos
Each time it devours a Soul Reaper,
it's getting stronger and smarter!
Hey, there's no way
a monster like you
could go on a rampage without
being noticed by the Soul Society.
Who sent you?
Of course, you're not answering.
Burn, Engetsu!
That attack was done with
a Zanpakuto!
It's a Soul Reaper!
There's a traitor
pulling the strings!
He is covered in a black armor,
yet called "White"
due to the whiteness within him
How ironic.
Don't underestimate me,
you piece of shit!
You're still able to fight
after losing an arm?
I'm impressed!
Damn it!
Who the hellis that?!
A Quincy!
This is not a part of our plan.
I shall eliminate her.
Let's see what happens.
It's fast!
In that case
You idiot, what are you doing?!
I've got you now.
Are you all right?!
Thanks, you saved me
You're the one who saved me
If you hadn't protected me,
you wouldn't have been
injured so badly
Then I guess this means we're even!
I'm going to heal you.
Hold still.
But, man
To take that thing out by yourself
Who are you, anyway?
What should I tell him?
What would this Soul Reaper do
if he finds out I'm a Quincy?
My name is Masaki Kurosaki.
I'm a Quincy.
I see, you're a Quincy, huh?
I've never seen a real one before!
But, wow
I feel lucky getting to meet
a Quincy in person.
What's with this person?
Is this what Soul Reapers are like?
I wonder if all the other
Soul Reapers are like this.
I hope they are
Then I'm sure that Ryu, Aunt Izumi,
and everyone else would
Let's go, Katagiri.
Masaki is safe.
There weren't any problems.
Got it?
Yes, understood, Young Master.
The fact that
he self-destructed means
he not only surpassed
the target Hollowfication phase,
but reached the final
metastasize phase!
And he passed it onto a Quincy!
What an utter failure!
That's not true.
There are times when
straying from the initial goal
is the superior outcome.
How exciting.
A Hollow created from
a dead Soul Reaper
decided to choose a Quincy,
the polar opposite of himself.
Don't you want to see
what happens next?
Everything we had left behind
Our breaths blending as mist
without form or expression
We lie buried as we glare
into the distance
I can't hear anything
I can't seem to cut anything
It feels like I'm sinking
Falling, falling
Eyes struck wide open
Something no one has ever seen
The furthest reaches are now visible to us
It cannot be undone
and cannot be stopped
This ensuing struggle
Whisk it away beyond
the ends of the earth
Along with our breaths
Take everything
Whisk it away beyond
the ends of the earth
Along with our futures
Along with our world
Something no one has ever seen
The furthest reaches are now
visible to us
Don't you know God's demand?
Don't you know God's demand?
As we tear each other down
"Even with your sins,
you are like the sun."
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