Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War (2022) s01e13 Episode Script

The Blade Is Me

I'm going.
Hey, Ichigo!
How do you intend
to get back there?
Right on time!
Let's go.
Looking good there.
You should be able to
do this now, Ichigo.
You're the one.
Come on up.
I'll personally reforge it for you.
The blue skies above are hopelessly clear
At my wit's end, I feel
a growing frustration
As if to laugh at us hopeless cowards
Countless eyes stare at us
This soul of mine breaks again and again
All I can do is hold it tight
Until the day it turns to ash
I've absorbed all of this sorrow
It has shaped me, painted me
But that's how we got here, right?
One step at a time, just like breathing
These countless scars on my palm
That no longer fade
Are my badge, my story
I faced the fear and shred it to pieces
And let it walk beside me once more
You won't be able to cut down
the Quincies with those swings!
- Yes, sir!
- Yes, sir!
Captain Hitsugaya!
What brings you here?
I'd like for you to train me.
My Bankai was stolen.
If I'm to fight
using only Zanjutsu,
then I must retrain myself
from the basics.
After the battle against Aizen,
I thoroughly refined my Bankai
until it could be called
a true Bankai.
However, my Bankai was stolen
I must let go of what's been lost.
There's no time to be dreaming
of getting it back.
Right now, I need to look ahead.
Why have you brought me here?
I want you to master Bankai.
My Bankai wasn't stolen this time,
but there's no guarantee
it won't happen the next time.
The more Soul Reapers
who can do Bankai, the better.
Hollowfy, Mashiro!
W-Wait, Kuna!
You better watch out.
Mashiro is strong
when she's Hollowfied.
I think mastering your Bankai
is the only way you won't die.
Captain Muguruma,
you can't expect me to just
You idiot.
I told you to watch out.
That's right!
A lieutenant shouldn't disobey
a super lieutenant!
I hope you're not thinking
she won't kill you for real.
I'm not soft like Tosen was.
Hold on, Captain Muguruma
I've always looked up to
and respected you.
But still
you have no right
to bad-mouth Captain Tosen!
Mr. Akon!
Is it okay for you
to walk around already?!
Of course not.
It still hurts.
But I'm not the type to be
lying around in bed all day.
Where's the Captain?
About that
He's been cooped up
in his office with the Lieutenant
ever since the Quincy attack.
He hasn't come out since then?
That's right.
Is something wrong?
The Captain has been cooped up
for more than 24 hours,
yet the Surveillance Bugs
remain inactive.
- That's never happened before.
- What?
Either a crisis has occurred
within the Captain's office
or he's conducting experiments that
he doesn't want anyone to see
through the Surveillance Bugs.
At any rate,
I'm going to take a look.
Mr. Akon, what is that?
It's a camera I planted
in the Captain's office.
- But that's—!
- Not now.
I'm getting a visual!
It will use its existing tissue
as a host
to give birth
to a new Ashisogijizo
What the hell is that?!
What the hell is
the Captain creating?!
"OMAEDA" Big Brother!
Where are you, Big Brother?!
Big Brother!
Big Brother!
Please play ball with me!
Don't cry, Mareyo!
I umm
Want to play kemari?
Here goes!
That's amazing, Big Brother!
- I guess the Captain
- Look at it go!
Decided not to take me with her
Who's there?
It's been a long time, Great Elder.
Sajin, huh?
You've got some nerve
coming back here.
What do you want, Sajin?
Great Elder, I have come to learn
our clan's secret technique.
Don't be ridiculous.
You shamelessly donned
a hat and armor
and pretended to be human
because you were embarrassed
by our clan's appearance.
How dare you make demands of me.
Please take a look.
I no longer wear a hat
The world has changed
in the past few decades.
I sense that the world
has reached a point
where our clan
can live out in the open.
And that very world
is currently under threat!
Shut your mouth!
You have it all wrong.
The world will never perish.
Only the bearer of it will change.
Our clan won't change.
Regardless of whoever
claims the world,
we will continue
to live in the shadows.
I'm telling you we can change that!
We must change it
for the sake of our children,
and our grandchildren.
It won't change.
Nor is there a need to.
Whoever the world belongs to,
it's none of our concern.
Great Elder!
Don't you understand, Sajin?
I'm telling you not to disrupt
the peace we have.
If you cannot do that
I shall crush you.
Bring it on!
This is why Hoohden
was built on a cliff!
This is why Hoohden
was built on a cliff!
A Bankai cannot be reforged
without all these waters.
Now brace yourself, Ichigo.
This is where you
and your Zanpakuto, Zangetsu
must say goodbye!
Come on, everybody!
Let's begin!
Welcome to my show!
- Yessir!
- Yessir
The Nimaiya Bodyguards are here!
Why are you just
standing there staring?
When I said "everybody,"
that includes you too
What is going on?!
Let's party time!
All right!
I hate this.
It's such a hassle
I can't believe I'm being dragged
into this mess again
What a horrible life
Stop complaining, Ms. Tokie!
This is our job, remember?
Here goes!
Got you!
Now then
Let's get started.
What are you thinking
as you see this, Go-Ichi?
Well, it's much brighter now,
so maybe you should have
left your sunglasses on
You fool!
If I kept my sunglasses on
I wouldn't be able to see
the color of the flames!
Have you figured it out, Go-Ichi?
The reason why
this Asauchi turned white
the moment it touched you
I bet this is what
crossed your mind
"It reminds me of
the Hollow within me."
That's right.
This guy is the Hollow within you.
That Asauchi became the catalyst
to draw this Zanpakuto out.
I'm saying that this Hollow
is your Zanpakuto, Go-Ichi!
Aizen created the Hollow
known as "White"
by layering countless
Soul Reaper souls.
Oddly enough, that is the same
method I use to create my Asauchi.
That Hollow entered your body
and melded with
your natural Soul Reaper powers
becoming your Zanpakuto.
Hold on a second
are you saying that
Old Man Zangetsu is
I told you, didn't I?
That you will be saying goodbye
to "Zangetsu."
Yes, you already know
about the man
who has been pretending to be
your Zanpakuto within your soul!
Old Man Zangetsu
Go-Ichi, you know that man.
Of course, I do
- He's Zangetsu—
- No, look closer.
You've seen that man up close
with your own eyes quite recently
as the enemy who destroyed
the Soul Society!
That man is not
your Soul Reaper powers.
He is your Quincy powers
taking the form of
Yhwach from a thousand years ago!
I've been trying
not to think about it
That day,
when I first confronted him
I felt as if I was drawn there.
I had been trying
not to ask myself why.
About why I was able to
go straight to him
without knowing anything
Or why I thought he was
the most important enemy
And finally
why the first time I saw him
he reminded me of someone I know.
What is going on, Zangetsu?
It's just as you heard.
I am not Zangetsu.
Then you really are Yhwach?
Are you really
not Zangetsu?
I am the source of the Quincy power
within you.
I am Yhwach, yet I am not.
I don't get it!
Are you my enemy
or are you my ally?!
Was everything
you said to me a lie?!
Answer me!
I'm not an enemy or an ally.
But there were no lies
in my words to you.
Except for the name I told you.
Ichigo, I know you've seen it.
Whenever I taught you
how to use your Zanpakuto,
I always had help from the Hollow
Whenever you couldn't handle
your Zanpakuto's power
When you were truly in danger
of losing your life
The one that saved your life
was not me,
but the Hollow.
I didn't want you to become
a Soul Reaper.
That is why I suppressed
your true power,
which had not fully matured
and became the center
of your power.
- Why?
- "Why"?
I wished to keep you
far from danger, and from conflict.
What is there to question?
If you became a Soul Reaper,
you would be dragged into battle
whether you wanted to or not.
You would get hurt
You would suffer
And eventually,
I would have to kill you
with my own hands.
I couldn't let you become
a Soul Reaper.
If you did,
I would have to kill you.
That's what I thought
However, you chose the path
of a Soul Reaper.
You were given an opportunity
and honed your strength
You suffered and got hurt,
yet still continued to travel down
that path of your own free will.
As I watched you, I could almost
hear my heart wavering.
Eventually, rather than try to
keep you away
from the Soul Reapers,
my heart leaned towards
supporting your decision.
And now, I stand here
feeling the joy of stepping away
from you
Ichigo you've become strong.
I've been able to see your growth
right by your side.
Nothing could make me happier.
I am satisfied.
W-Wait, Zangetsu!
I still—!
What you've been using is merely
a fragment of your power
that I couldn't suppress.
You can now fight
with your own power.
Take it.
That is your true Zanpakuto
That is Zangetsu.
You're right.
There were no lies
Not in his words
Or in your words
You used a Quincy's shadow
to help me.
You used a Quincy's blood
to stop mine.
And you lent me
the power of a Quincy
to help me win when I was weak.
I don't care who you are.
You might try to deny it, but
and him
are both Zangetsu to me.
Let's just agree to that, okay?
What are you doing?!
Your hands will
It's all good.
Right, Go-Ichi?
I was just thinking the same thing.
That it would be complete
once you poured your soul into it.
Now pull it out, Go-Ichi!
That's your Zanpakuto!
- The sea
- It evaporated!
Well, Go-Ichi?
Think you can get along?
With those Zangetsu
They were both real.
I won't ask you to lend me
your strength anymore.
I won't tell you
to stay out of my way, either.
And I won't ask you guys
to fight alongside me.
I'll fight on my own.
Thank you, Zangetsu.
You are
You've returned, Haschwalth.
And the subject?
Right here.
Uryu Ishida.
Now, let us fight together
my son.
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