Blindspot (2015) s01e08 Episode Script

Persecute Envoys

1 Previously on "Blindspot" If that girl has information about Daylight on her body, then we are in very serious trouble.
Let's talk about Jane Doe.
Guerrero's file number is tattooed on Jane's body.
What aren't you telling me? Saul Guerrero was a confidential informant.
- I was his handler.
- Do you live here? Well, I'm not the gardener, if that's what you're asking.
Saul Guerrero, you're under arrest.
I'm the last person he wants to see right now.
It has to be you.
When you walked in there, there wasn't even a flicker of recognition from Guerrero.
You were never his handler, were you? You've never even met him before.
Why is that case on her body? Only three people in the world know what I'm about to tell you.
The truth it's called Daylight.
I was told to meet here.
Yeah, so were we.
- Bethany May - Mayfair, yes.
Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI.
I know who you are.
Tom Carter.
Deputy Executive Director, CIA, I know you too.
Sofia Varma.
Deputy White House Political Director.
Looks like somebody's collecting deputies, huh? I've seen you on TV standing behind the president when he cut our operating budget.
You should complain to the social programs that got your reappropriations.
I don't suppose you know who we're meeting with out here on a school night? Chief of Staff will see you now.
The White House Chief of Staff? Mr.
Davenport's waiting.
The NSA spent the last ten years gathering intel on American citizens.
Until Douglas Winter blew the whistle.
They collected data from everywhere calls, texts, emails.
All illegally obtained.
And all extremely valuable.
I was given an unofficial directive to find creative ways to enable us to use that information, make it actionable.
By who? You don't want to know.
Suffice to say, Saul Guerrero was my creative way.
He was a front.
A way to launder the NSA's illegal intel.
If we heard chatter about drug shipments or the identity of a murderer whatever it was, on paper it was Saul Guerrero who tipped me off.
You knew Guerrero was untouchable.
Even if we did get him, of course he'd deny being a rat.
You counted on it.
You lied again and again.
We were given a shortcut, a way to cut through red tape and put some very dangerous people behind bars.
People we could have never otherwise convicted.
Guerrero is the leader of one of the most ruthless gangs in this country, and you let him stay active to cover your own tracks? We would've brought him in if we could have.
I didn't know where he was.
His file number was tattooed on Jane's body because of you.
You're the case! So, what else do you know that you're not telling me? Nothing.
Why should I believe you? Do you understand what you have done? Believe me, right or wrong, I understand.
Weller! All right.
Let's see what you got.
Hey, you two better get in here.
Two NYPD officers were shot earlier this morning, execution style.
Officers Jake Schultz and Sam Garrigan.
I'm sure some of you remember, last fall a Brooklyn cop shot an unarmed black teenager, LaMond Green, in a supermarket parking lot.
Schultz and Garrigan were two of the five other officers that were on the scene.
That video was everywhere.
John Becker, the guy who shot Green, wasn't even indicted.
Protests almost shut Brooklyn down.
He just got away with it? There's been a lot of that going around.
Becker got fired and the Six-Five has been doing a lot to clean up house since then.
That's great, it's a shame it takes a riot.
Schultz and Garrigan were at the scene.
Guilty by association.
Maybe these are payback killings.
Before we jump to conclusions, shouldn't we consider the possibility that this is unrelated? I don't think it is.
Is this connected to one of my tattoos? LaMond Green was the last in a long line of questionable incidents from the 65th precinct.
I didn't know this until this morning, the community has a nickname for them.
The Brooklyn Butchers.
And this was spray-painted on Schultz and Garrigan's patrol car.
"Butcher the butchers.
" They're coming after the Six-Five.
Wait, that that's on me.
The butcher's knife tattoo.
Butchers of Brooklyn Six-Five.
And here's the scary part.
The 65th precinct is in the crosshairs.
How could the people who did this to me have predicted these cop killings? I don't know.
But if this is tattooed on you, then chances are these murders are just the start.
I still say that we can handle this on our own.
We've dealt with more serious cases.
Not politically.
We don't want another Ferguson or Baltimore.
And D.
feels more comfortable with me on the ground out here.
NYPD is not gonna be thrilled to hand this over to us.
- Why not? - Cops tend to want to take down cop killers on their own.
They're funny that way.
I think it would be better for everyone I'm done talking about this.
When we walk in there, we walk in united.
Understood? - Excuse me, sir.
- FBI.
Schultz and Garrigan were our brothers.
We need to extend our support to their loved ones as much as we can during this difficult time.
The worst call a police captain can get is the one I got this morning.
And I hope to never get one again.
It is this sick individual's expressed intent to come and take more of us out, which is why our friends at the FBI are taking over the investigation.
Hey, hey, settle down! We all want the same thing here, and I will appreciate your cooperation in this investigation.
Assistant Director Mayfair? - We don't need the Feds.
- Yeah! We can catch the son of a bitch ourselves.
Sergeant, that's enough.
- Yo, that's our neighborhood.
- That's right.
We're here to help.
We have the resources.
You don't know the streets like we do.
And we don't have targets on our backs like you do.
I know you're upset, but one single misstep here could undo all the efforts that you've made to repair the relationships between you and this community.
Your job today is the same as it always is.
Stay safe and protect the people of Brooklyn.
Our job is to catch the killer and bring them to justice.
Now, let's all go and do our work.
All right, that's it.
Thanks for the intro.
Although "take over" isn't the phrase I'd have used today.
I didn't care about semantics, I just wanna catch this guy.
And I'd appreciate it if you keep me looped in on your investigation.
Of course.
We understand that Officer Garrigan was working alone yesterday.
We're gonna need to talk to Schultz's partner.
Tracy Dunn, fine.
I suggest you do it on your own turf.
Things are a bit on edge around here.
I can see that.
Schultz and Garrigan had nothing to do with LaMond Green's murder.
Becker shot that kid before we even had time to react.
But you were there on camera.
So, in the eyes of the community, you're guilty by association.
Then how come I'm not dead? Why'd the killer wait for me to leave? You were around the corner at the Queensdale Deli.
Is that correct? Yeah.
Do you recall anything unusual? Oh, this is a waste of time.
I already spoke to our guys about this.
Well, now, you can talk to us.
Do you want to catch the person who killed your fellow officers or do you wanna posture? Officer Dunn? I was NYPD.
Five years at the Nine-Six.
I lost a partner too.
Routine traffic stop, it was over before we even knew what was happening.
You have a long road ahead of you, but you are gonna be okay.
We can catch this guy, Tracy, but we need your help.
I didn't see anything.
By the time I got back, he was dead.
Did Schultz or Garrigan have any enemies on the street? No, they weren't those kind of cops.
Schultz was good, fair.
I always felt safe riding with him, but But what? I don't know, he just seemed distracted lately.
Said he had a hard time sleeping.
I asked about it, he just shrugged it off.
I let him down.
It's not your fault.
They won't let me go back to work.
What am I supposed to do, just sit around my apartment while Sam and Jake's killer is out there somewhere? You're wearing a bodycam.
Um, we got them after LaMond Green was killed.
It's a pilot program.
A lot of guys didn't like it at first, but we haven't had a single brutality complaint since.
So, the program's going national now.
You keep them on all shift? Yeah, video uploads to the servers back at the precinct automatically, but we've already gone over the footage of the murders.
It's okay, we're just being thorough.
I'll talk to Captain Rossi, see if we can get Schultz and Garrigan's footage.
I got it.
This is footage from Schultz and Garrigan's last shift.
Oh! I can't breathe.
I can't help! Oh, my God, Schultz! Stay with me! Officer down, officer down.
I repeat, officer down! No, let her go.
Just give her some time.
We gotta go back through Schultz and Garrigan's bodycam footage, see what else we can find.
You got it.
Just FYI, it's a lot of footage.
I'll round up as many eyes as possible to help.
With Davenport's help this Daylight program, it could really work.
This is not a program.
Where is it written down? What bill allows it? It's illegal, not to mention unconscionable.
If the public ever found out the true reach of the NSA surveillance The public wants us to win the war on terror.
This isn't about terrorism.
This is about the complete invasion of privacy for every citizen in this country.
If people aren't breaking the law, what do they care if we're listening? We would be breaking the law if we used any of this intel.
If it ever got out, we could go to prison.
Whoa! Whoa.
And who's talking about prison? We just received a directive from the White House Chief of Staff, and I for one intend to act on it.
Bethany, if any one of us says no, this all falls apart.
Davenport won't risk moving forward if there's an outsider who knows about this.
All right, there's no room for gray here.
Nobody leaves until all three of us are on board.
Can we trust you? - Here.
- Oh.
Thank you.
What's going on with you and Mayfair? Nothing.
Are we friends? Of course.
Well, you know everything there is to know about me but you hardly ever I wanna help.
I can't really talk about it.
What do you do if someone you trusted lets you down? Well, if it's forgivable, I think you forgive her.
And what if you can't? I'm not sure.
None of you have ever let me down.
Sir? Ma'am? I think I've got something over here.
Hey, guys, you might want to see this.
What do you got? This is from Schultz's bodycam last week.
According to the log, he and Dunn had split up to canvas for witnesses to a gas station robbery.
Wanna ruin my life, man, huh? Huh?! I'm gonna kill you! I'll kill you, man! I sort of feel like that could be our guy.
We got an ID on him? - That's Ricky Holt.
- You know him? That damn sure is Ricky Holt, the running back.
I didn't recognize him in his street clothes.
Yeah, I'd recognize him anywhere, he busted his knee last season and ruined his chances at the playoffs.
He spent the rest of the year partying.
Why would he be upset with Schultz? He doesn't come up in any police reports.
What kind of bad blood would be between a cop and a pro football player? And why wouldn't Schultz report it? Holt has no record but he does own a registered gun.
Same caliber as the one that killed Garrigan and Schultz.
- Where do we find this guy? - I found a location.
Some wannabe groupie just posted a picture of her and him at a party 20 minutes ago.
Reade you and Jane go around the back, through the garage, see what's in there.
We're the FBI.
Here to see Ricky Holt.
Come on in, Ricky's around here somewhere.
Ricky Holt? Stop! Ricky! Stop! Stop! Stay down! They in with Holt yet? Sweating him out a little first.
You ever thought about being a cornerback? I'm sorry about your old partner.
I didn't This must be hard for you.
When Andy got shot, there was nothing I could do about it.
I can do something about this.
Sorry for keeping you waiting, Ricky.
Let's talk about Officer Jake Schultz.
- Lawyer.
- Ricky, you're a hell of a ballplayer.
But right now, we got you on resisting arrest and assaulting a federal officer.
We can make that go away if you tell us everything you know about Officer Jake Schultz.
What's your problem with him? He's a dirty cop.
That's my problem.
He busted into this apartment I was at last month.
My music was too loud or something like that, so my idiot neighbors called in a domestic dispute.
Your music, your neighbors.
Sounds like your apartment.
No, man.
I I mean, yeah, but it's not like you know, my man Okay, so Schultz busts in, and? A week later I get this anonymous letter, these pictures of me having sex that night.
Saying I gotta pay 50-grand or they gonna send 'em to Deadspin or whatever.
Schultz was blackmailing you? I don't get it, Ricky.
You're not married.
Was it a teammate's wife or something? Last chance, Ricky.
Resisting arrest, assaulting a federal officer.
If you wanna play ball again, then you gotta It was a guy.
All right? You do realize there's out professional athletes these days, right? Yeah.
And look how their careers are going.
Come on, man, I'll lose my endorsements.
No team will want me.
I do my lap on the morning talk show circuit, then what? If you paid him off, why did you confront him? It turns out, he wanted me to deposit 50-grand every month.
I mean, the whole thing was messing me up, so I got in his face.
What did these pics look like? Weird, like like like like a picture of a picture.
The pictures must be from Schultz's bodycam.
Yo, are y'all trying to bust Schultz or something? 'Cause I'm not saying any of this in court.
Schultz was murdered.
I want my lawyer.
Schultz caught Holt on video, then took pictures from the computers back at the precinct.
These aren't the crosshairs from a rifle scope, it's a camera lens.
The people who tattooed me didn't know the policemen were gonna die.
They knew Brooklyn Six-Five's bodycams were being used for blackmail.
It's another corruption case.
They just got out of interrogation.
Schultz was blackmailing Holt.
This is a very expensive bottle of wine.
I didn't forget my own birthday, did I? Mmm.
Carter tells me you're not using Daylight.
I'm still assessing the intel, - figuring out the best way - Bethany.
It's not as simple for me.
If you and Carter find something useful, you can use it.
Me, I have to deal with the legal system judges, lawyers.
Congress almost defunded Planned Parenthood.
Did you know that? Daylight gave us the leverage we needed to fight them off.
You blackmailed - sitting Congressmen - Who do you think, that? Lobby groups do, I know buy them off, look for weaknesses.
This is not the same thing.
One of our most vocal opponents was Dave Grantham.
Then Daylight intercepts a phone call between him and a campaign staffer.
He was paying for her abortion.
We needed his vote, he didn't want to lose the next election.
Now, millions of women won't lose their reproductive healthcare.
And criminals have been gaming the system forever, and if I don't game them back, I'm a sucker.
So, why can't I pull the trigger? Because you're good.
But lives are being ruined because you aren't using this.
Where is the good in that? So Schultz was blackmailing the football player, so do you think his partner was in on it too? Don't know.
Let's find her and ask her.
Shouldn't we give NYPD the heads up? Not until we have something concrete.
We also don't know who else is involved.
I'll call the precinct and find out her location.
We need to talk to her immediately.
Guys, Officer Dunn has been shot.
Another cop shot dead while our only suspect was in police custody.
Holt was still free when Schultz and Garrigan were killed.
This doesn't clear him from that.
It does.
Forensics just came back.
Holt's gun does not match the gun used in the original murders.
And it looks like the same gun was used here to kill Dunn.
One gun, one killer.
That rules out Holt.
Anything on that blackmail account that Holt told us about? It's a dummy account opened with a dead guy's social security number.
We're running a full check now to find a connection.
- So, who's been withdrawing? - No one.
All the funds have been transferred to an untraceable overseas account.
Of course, they have.
But get this, there's been dozens of deposits.
Some for ten, 20, even $100,000.
Holt only deposited 50K once.
So, Schultz has been extorting a number of people.
Any one of them could be the killer.
Just went over Schultz, Garrigan and Dunn's financials.
If they were blackmailing people, they must have been forensic-level accountants.
No big purchases? No connections to overseas accounts? We even checked under their mattresses.
So, maybe it wasn't these three extorting people.
Could someone else have accessed their bodycam footage? Yeah, from the precinct's archive program.
Can we trace it back to see which officer accessed what? No, because they only have two login passwords one for admin and one for patrol, and everyone knows them.
So, Holt assumed Schultz was his blackmailer because he's the one that found him.
But it could have been anyone accessing the precinct's archive.
Whoever this was, they were very careful.
And you guys were right that they were taking photos of the footage with their cell phones.
So, they didn't leave a trail by downloading it.
We need to check every phone in the precinct.
We're gonna need warrants for that.
I'm well aware of that.
Those cops just lost three of their own.
Do you really think they're gonna stand on ceremony right now? I'm just making sure that we're doing things the right way.
In my office.
I need you to stand down.
Whatever it is between us, I do not want it interfering with this investigation.
The first time I came in here, remember what you did? You showed me that letter from the Bureau threatening Martin Luther King back in the corrupt Hoover days.
A reminder not to abuse our authority.
Weller You taught me how to do this job.
Everyone here looks to me for what to do.
I used to look at you.
That's gone.
I can't trust you anymore.
Former NSA employee Douglas Winter is blowing the whistle on their surveillance program, claiming the NSA has been illegally spying on U.
citizens for years and that he has the evidence to prove it.
Winter maintains that he is prepared to release thousands of documents to the media once he has secured asylum And so it ends where it began.
New Jersey.
Should have known we were doomed.
They know about the NSA wiretapping.
It doesn't mean they know about Daylight.
Doesn't matter.
Winter just blew our information pipeline.
What does Davenport say? That he doesn't know what I'm talking about, and stop calling his office.
No, we're on our own.
We deserve whatever happens.
We should never have started this in the first place.
Hey! Why don't you just save the resignation speech, all right? We're not in front of a Senate subcommittee yet, and I don't intend to be! You think that they won't come after us? You actually think they won't figure it out? I think that you need to calm down and start being rational before you do something you'll regret.
I was looking through Schultz's email, and I found an unsent draft saying he thought somebody was using his bodycam footage.
"I don't know who or how, "but I'm scared to talk to anyone about it, even my partner.
" It was addressed to Internal Affairs.
So Schultz wasn't extorting anyone.
But he knew somebody was.
So, maybe the blackmailers found out that he was talking to I.
and decided to stop him.
And they killed Dunn because she was close to Schultz.
They couldn't risk her knowing or finding out.
All these cops were killed by another cop? This wasn't revenge.
It was a cleanup.
The graffiti made it look like retaliation for Green getting shot, and no one suspects a police cover-up for corruption.
There's over 200 officers that are working at that precinct.
How do we know which one's the killer? Follow the money.
All right, this dead guy with the dummy account, - who was he? - Eddie Lombardi 85, no living family, no criminal history.
His building has had nine domestic violence calls in the last year.
Who answered those DV calls? Seven of them were answered by the same two beat cops Costello and Johnson.
I-It's complicated, but they're laundering the money through a bunch of different properties all around the country.
Shell companies, phony buyers.
It's them it's Costello and Johnson.
So, where are they now? Hello, Mrs.
May we come in? Reade and Zapata should reach Costello's apartment around the same time we get to Johnson's.
They're both off-duty, but with their phones switched off.
It's not a good sign, is it? No.
I've been thinking.
I know you can't tell me what Mayfair has done to upset you, but you're pretty stubborn.
You make gut decisions, and I know they're usually right.
But I just hope that you can try to see her side of things.
Because whatever she did, she's more than just one mistake.
You have an incoming call.
Patterson, you're on.
I've been looking into Johnson and Costello's credit card purchases.
Johnson bought a burner cell phone from a gas station a few weeks before the blackmail wire transfers started.
Nice work.
You track it? One of them is at Schultz's widow's house in Astoria right now.
Call Reade.
Costello and Johnson are at the widow's house now.
And so meet us there, bring backup.
Did you talk to the FBI yet, Jenny? No, um but I gave them Jake's laptop.
If you know something, Jenny, you should you should talk to us.
Now, you understand why I wanted to tell you this away from the precinct.
I heard rumors they were skimming cash off of seizures and drug busts.
I couldn't prove anything, but I thought if I put 'em on a desk, what harm could they do? Excuse me.
- Hello? - Mrs.
Schultz, my name is Kurt Weller.
I'm an agent with the FBI.
Listen to me, this is very important.
If Officers Costello or Johnson show up to your house, do not let them in.
It's no secret what they do to cops behind bars.
Costello and Johnson are gonna do anything they have to to stay out of prison.
You go in there, be ready for war.
I'm afraid I can't right now, I have guests.
They're there already? Yes, that would be fine.
Stay on the line with me.
We're almost We Who was that? What did Jake tell you, Jenny? What do you know? I don't know.
I don't know, no A lot of people are worried about you.
Out here, you're all alone.
They're worried about what you're what you're thinking, what you might do.
I found this in your medicine cabinet.
Is something keeping you up at night? I know Jake had trouble sleeping, isn't that right? Come on, she doesn't know anything.
Why don't you just take a few of them and rest? No, I don't want to.
She doesn't know anything.
I promise, it'll help.
Jane, down! Stay there.
Go, go, go! Flashbang! Ohh! Are you okay? How are your ears? What? The paramedics said that I'm fine.
I'm all good.
Did you hear from the team? Yeah, Patterson hacked Johnson's burner phone.
Looks like that's how he and Costello communicated.
There were texts that corresponded with the time of the victims' deaths.
They were coordinating the shootings.
You scared the hell out of me.
When that door closed and I heard those shots, - I thought they - Jane.
They didn't, okay? I'm fine.
Then talk to Mayfair.
You never stop, do you? I guess I don't.
Johnson's dead.
And Costello is being transported to a hospital in Queens.
Also, we found their burner phones, and it looks like you were gonna be targeted next.
I want to talk to Costello.
You're a little close to this.
Captain, why don't you let us handle She killed three of my people.
I want to talk to her.
I wanna look her in the eye.
I'm owed that much.
All right.
I'll drive.
What's going on? Pete Nelson fell off the wagon.
He he caught a DUI.
And his wife and children, they left this morning.
I destroyed a good man's life.
He struggled with addiction in his past.
A fact that I shared with every major newspaper in the country.
I cannot do this anymore, I just We need to get out of here.
I have a cousin living in Hong Kong.
It's full of expats, the city is incredible.
You should actually see the harbor.
It's just all lit up at night - You want me to go to Hong Kong? - Yeah.
If Daylight gets out, then we can avoid extradition there.
I mean, you and I can just cross into mainland China if we have to.
I mean, it's just to give us another chance.
I don't want to start over.
My work is important to me - Do you love me? - Don't.
Well, then move with me.
Because there is no future here for us.
I mean, everything is just crumbling around us.
- Can't you see that? - That's why I have to stay.
If the truth about Guerrero gets out, every person I put away will be back out on the street, and I can't let that happen.
If we leave and everything falls apart, it would have been for nothing.
You and Carter were the ones that convinced me to do this.
We were wrong, Bethany.
We were so wrong.
I should've done more that just put Johnson and Costello behind a desk.
You couldn't have known that they were gonna blackmail Ricky Holt and all those other people.
Shaking down a football player 'cause he's in the closet.
It just doesn't get lower than that.
Pretty low.
Don't touch the gun.
I didn't tell you Ricky Holt was gay.
All that footage just sitting there, I The program was about to go national.
You would've had access to every We only targeted people that could afford it.
These people, they make more in a year than we make in a decade.
And we give back to the community.
- People died.
- They weren't supposed to.
Things things just got away from us.
So turn yourself in, explain that.
Cops don't survive prison.
Just drive.
No, no, no, no! Come in.
What are you doing? Aren't they keeping you here overnight? I don't like hospitals, and I've got reports to write.
Thanks for coming.
I understand you're angry How many people did you put away using Guerrero? You don't want to know.
If I turn you in all of those convictions will be thrown out.
They will all end up back on the streets.
How could you have done this? We thought the benefits outweighed the cost.
We were wrong.
I never meant to put you in this situation.
I keep that letter to Dr.
King on my wall to remind me that I abused my power too.
I've spent the last two years trying to make up for that.
Guerrero's in custody now because of a clue on Jane's body.
The next one could have your name on it.
Whether it's me or someone else sooner or later someone's gonna find out the truth.
What happens if these people are gunning for you? I'll figure something out.
I hope it was worth it.
It has to be.
Hey, you guys wanna grab a drink with us? Nope.
I got a date tonight.
With who? None of your business.
If you don't wanna come, just say so.
You don't have to lie.
Ooh Really? The both of you now? Have a good one.
What about you? I'm tired.
Come on.
One drink? Next time.
I promise.
Hey, Jane, you coming? Okay, how was that? That is a fireball.
- That was a cherry bomb.
- No.
- Mmm! Ugh.
- That's too sweet.
We are gonna find your drink if it kills us.
Can we just stop trying to solve puzzles for one night? It is nice to drink with people for a change.
That went really dark.
It must suck being cooped up in that safe house all the time.
Can I tell you a secret? Mm-hmm.
I've sl I've slipped out a few times.
How?! Well, they're so worried about people coming in that they don't see me get out.
What do you do? I I walk around and ride the subway and pretend like I'm everybody else.
I rode all the way to Coney Island once.
I can't I can't you can't tell me this.
I would do the exact same thing.
Who's that, library boy again? Who's library boy? - Just - Oh, library boy.
With the pictures and Yeah, he we broke up.
He It's just Come on, don't be the sad girl at the bar looking at her phone.
Another round.
Tonight we're gonna find out what your favorite drink is.
Tomorrow we're gonna get you some new clothes.
What's wrong with my clothes? Oh, sorry.
Sarah's just putting Sawyer to bed.
She wasn't expecting you home yet.
I'll just say my goodbyes.
You wanna pour me one of those? Rough day at the office? Yeah Seems like they all are these days.
If you plan to stand still Would you move aside If you can be locked down God knows I have tried Hi, this is Sofia Varma.
Please leave a message.
Hi, it's me again.
I I know you don't want to talk right now, but I just wanted to know that you're okay.
I'm worried about you.
- Call me.
- Safe and dry - Yes, yeah.
- It was so fun.
I-I'll be right in.
- Okay.
- Okay.
It's nice hanging with you guys.
It almost makes me feel normal.
You're a lot of things, Jane.
Normal isn't one of them.
- Good night! - Good-bye, Tasha.
You're smart to get close to her.
Glad to see my investment is finally bringing in a return.
There's nothing left for us to talk about.
I gave you the file, everything we know about Jane Doe.
Which is basically nothing.
No, there's nothing in that file that tells me how a missing girl from Pennsylvania wound up a human weapon covered in confidential information.
- I mean, it's worthless.
- Not my problem.
I gave you the file, that was the deal.
This is over.
But, little lady.
But you already took my money.
You already sold out your friends.
If I tell the FBI what you've done you won't just get fired, you'll be indicted.
This is over when I say it's over.
You're mine now, Agent Zapata.
So you take care.