Blindspot (2015) s02e05 Episode Script

Condone Untidiest Thefts

1 (muffled gunshot) I could've helped you with that.
It's a little uneven in the back.
- Oh.
- Here.
- (scissors snip) - Thanks.
I just, uh I wanted a change, you know, something I chose.
I understand.
(whispering) It looks good.
Are you okay? Yeah, I just, uh I just I think I just remembered, um There was a woman a doctor.
What kind of doctor? She was she was treating me.
But it wasn't in a hospital, I was in a house.
It must've been after I survived the attack.
(explosions) The Orion attack? Did I ever mention a doctor to you? Oh She found you wandering outside the town she was stationed in.
Near death.
You wouldn't have lived another day without her help.
Where is she now? You told us she was killed shortly after you were rescued.
An enemy attack on the town? How did I survive? She had you out walking every day as part of your rehabilitation.
You were up in the mountains when the strike came.
How did I get back here? You had to hide on your own for weeks.
Eventually, you managed to stow away on a cargo ship.
I just I don't remember any of that.
What matters is you're home now.
With your family.
Focus on the future.
That's the only thing you can control.
I still don't get it.
Why were they watching me? What do I have that Sandstorm wants? I don't know, but my source at Sandstorm told me to follow the cogs, that that would lead to the answer behind everything.
So I'm a small part of Shepherd's big machine.
Look, until we figure out how and where you fit in, we keep digging, okay? Speaking of digging what's that? It's a phone that my source managed to get to our dead drop.
We don't know what's on it yet.
Can't seem to crack the encryption.
All right, so why don't you put one of your fancy NSA supercomputers on it? They are, but it's a type of encryption we've never dealt with before.
We could break it later today or 200 years from now.
You know, I've I've noticed that you're barely in these yearbooks.
I hated military school.
After Tara disappeared I was pretty sure my father was responsible, so made it kind of hard for both of us to be in the same house.
Yeah, that must've been awful.
So worried about my sister, I broke out all the time.
Snuck home, just to check on her, make sure she was okay.
Surprised they didn't expel me.
Oh, quite the opposite, it seems.
Looks like you won some scholarships in your last few years there.
Part of the lottery of being an underprivileged kid.
Outstanding marksman, huh? I was that, for sure.
See? I was voted class clown.
- Really? - Of course not.
- Yeah.
- (door opening) Uh, sorry to interrupt That's all right.
What do you got? I think I figured out how to decode the black hole photo.
From Mayfair's USB drive? How? Patterson's been stumped on that for months.
I've got a job for you, off the books.
What do you say, Shadowcat? No! We are not sharing top-secret intel with a dark web hacker.
- You already did.
- I just showed him the photo.
I didn't let him decipher it, but I think he knows how.
Laminar flow.
Actually, that might actually work.
Do you two wanna explain what laminar flow is? Basically, when you pour your milk into your coffee, it creates millions of spiraling streams, but if you could rewind, unswirl the milk, you could see what the milk looked like before it hit the coffee.
And we can do that? Yeah, with enough computing power, we can do anything.
Okay, look, I'm gonna get my team on it and loop Patterson in.
Nice work.
Thank you.
But if you ever show secret information to a convict again, without clearance I'll have your badge.
(cell phone buzzing) Damn, I'd better go.
Uh, is everything okay? Oh, yeah, just a doctor's appointment.
It's nothing.
Excuse me, sir.
You can't sleep here.
You need to move your car.
Sorry about that.
(engine starts) It's lucky you had this extra toothbrush.
The dentist always gives me an extra one.
Yeah, to use.
I like this one.
Hey, you, uh you wanna ride in together? To work? Like, at the same time? Yeah, in the together sense of together.
I mean, if you're uncomfortable with it No, no, I'm I'm not uncomfortable.
It's the opposite, I'm totally comfortable with it.
- I just feel - Great.
(chuckling) Yeah, it's great.
(faucet running) It's great.
(chuckling) I'm fine, Kurt.
I can get off the table on my own.
Talk to your boss yet? About what? Taking a step back.
Not being out in the field so much.
Why would I do that? You heard what the doctor said, didn't you? No bungee-jumping.
Marshals don't bungee-jump, Kurt.
True, but it's still a very physical and dangerous job.
Yeah, and she said physical activity is good for a growing fetus.
Allie, come on.
You're about to be a mother.
We've gotta start thinking about the bigger picture.
I am not having this conversation.
I am not taking a desk job.
Kurt, I love how worried you are.
Sort of.
But it's gonna be fine.
The baby's healthy.
- And hungry.
- Hmm.
So, why don't you just buy us some breakfast? Come on.
What, no suit? You okay? Yeah, Borden cleared me to work, but I think I'm gonna take a personal day.
All right.
- Whatever you need.
- All right.
Just for today, I'll be back tomorrow.
(door closing) All right, so what - Nice haircut.
- Thanks.
- What do you got? - We waiting for Reade? No, he's taking the day off.
(Patterson) Uh, this is one of the first tattoos that I cracked.
So, the numbers around the compass correspond to the server address for Snapitz.
(Zapata) As in the app that posts photos and then deletes them after ten seconds? Yeah, exactly, and the rest of the numbers match up to five Snapitz accounts that link up to known associates to the most powerful crime family - in the tri-state area.
- The O'Malleys.
So, the Irish mob are using Snapitz to communicate? Well, it sure looks that way.
And I got an alert last night that all of these accounts went active again.
A slew of photos were posted.
Chess games? Is it some kind of code? It took my team all night to crack it.
But, using endgame tablebases of chess probabilities for the fewest moves to checkmate, we realized that the numbers correspond to letters.
So, one move here to mate equals "A," which is the first letter of the alphabet.
Two moves here equals "B," you get it.
The message translates to "Adams Park, Wednesday, Noon.
" There's a political rally for immigration reform there today.
Yeah, I heard about it on the news.
Lots of politicians and VIPs in attendance.
That could be the target for a potential attack.
It's almost noon, no time to call it off.
Patterson, send in some backup.
Let's move.
I'll stay.
Keep us informed.
(cheering and applause) (tires screeching) (cheering continues) Let's split up.
Look for anything or anyone that's out of place.
Tasha, right.
Jane, left.
Left side.
Okay, take two right.
Two left.
(man) this very important issue immigration reform.
We all know how important it is to this country and to all of us and around the world.
We need to keep our borders open, and all of you fighting in your own communities on this very important issue.
We thank you so much.
Please welcome the distinguished state senator Quinn Donahue.
(cheering and applause) (Donahue) As many of you know, immigration reform is something I hold very near to my - (gunshot) - (crowd screaming) (Weller) Get down! (gunfire continues) (Weller) Where's the shooter? Anyone got eyes on him? I can't see him! (crowd screaming) (crowd screaming) (Weller) Where's the shooter?! Wait, I think I got him! Blue plaid shirt, media box, carrying a bag, heading north through the crowd.
I don't have a shot, anyone near the stage? Negative, I'm at the south end of the park.
Got him! Got him! Move! Move! On him! (Weller) FBI! (gunshots) (Weller) Let her go! (gunshots) (distant screaming) Allie, what's wrong? Nothing, Tasha called me in on your case.
We ID'd the shooter.
Michael Herskope, a known associate of the O'Malley crime family.
Old friend of yours? Allie grew up with a bunch of these guys and still knows some of the family I thought she could help.
Al, what can you tell us? Well, as most people know, the shooter's target, Senator Quinn Donahue, is first cousins with Patrick O'Malley.
O'Malley's the head of the Irish mob.
(Allie) Now, the senator built his career with his tough-on-crime stance as a D.
He put away a lot of his own relatives using intel he got growing up in the family.
But if this is a hit by the O'Malleys, why wait until now? Patrick's little brother just died in prison.
They blame their cousin, Senator Donahue.
- So, this is payback.
- It's very possible.
Donahue's been bad for business for years.
Killing a senator is a bold move.
O'Malley's little brother just died, so I'd say he's not thinking clearly.
Hey, just got ballistics.
The serial number on the gun the shooter hid inside the camera matches one registered to Patrick O'Malley.
What? That makes no sense.
Why would Patrick have someone use his own gun to take Donahue out? Don't know I'll ask him when we have him brought in.
Hey, Kurt.
Let me help.
- I can talk to him.
- We got this.
Look, I know him.
It just I appreciate your help, but this is an FBI case.
(bell jingles) Jones.
Did he ever give you a lift home? Edgar.
Was I one of 'em? Edgar, what are you - Was I one of 'em? - You're not making any sense Was I one of the kids you abused? (hoarsely) Oh, no.
What are they filling your head with, Edgar, come on Look, I know what you did to those other kids.
I know it never ended.
So, just tell me, was I one of 'em? (bell jingles) - (clerk) Sir, let him go.
- He's good.
Let him go, I've already called the cops.
You're not gonna get away with this, you hear me? You'll get yours, I promise you.
I'm Agent Weller.
This is our consult Save your breath.
I'll only talk to one cop Allie Knight.
So let me get this straight.
You had Patrick arrested, you brought him in for interrogation, but so far you've got nothing 'cause he'll only talk to me? Why was he asking for you by name? When was the last time you saw him? I don't know, less than a year ago at a barbecue.
What? His sister Stephanie and I have been best friends since we were kids.
You are a U.
Yeah, and she's a teacher.
Just because her family's a bunch of criminals doesn't mean she is.
All right.
Let's go and see what your friend's got to say, shall we? Hey hey, look.
I know this will probably be hard for you, but why don't you just let me take the lead on this one? Fine.
Sorry to interrupt.
That's okay, just trying to unspool space-time.
- You - It's never mind.
What do you need? Oh, I, uh I remembered something from my past this morning.
That belonged to a doctor who saved my life after the Orion attack.
I can't explain it, but she feels important, and I need to find out who she was.
Is there a way to track this ring? Yeah, yeah.
I'll see what I can do.
Thank you.
Hey, Patrick.
You look like crap.
Yeah, cancer'll do that to you.
Last round of chemo kicked my ass.
I'm so sorry.
I had no idea.
Doc says I got six months.
But let's talk about somethin' good.
Stephie tells me you're dating Conor again.
I always liked him.
He's a good neighborhood boy.
Yeah, it's early, but it's going good.
- We'll see.
- Your cousin, Senator Donahue He was shot today, along with two civilians.
Busy day for law enforcement.
Donahue put away your brother.
He put away a lot of people.
The gunman, Michael Herskope, is a known associate of yours.
I have a lot of friends.
Is that all you got? No he also used your gun.
Registered to you.
Who is the rookie? The rookie is the Assistant Director of the New York Office of the FBI.
You practice saying that in front of the mirror? (Allie) Patrick, this is Kurt.
My Kurt.
Ohh I knew there was a reason I didn't like him.
This might be my favorite interrogation ever.
The only problem with Boy Scout's theory here is, when I got cancer, I got out of the family business too.
Just 'cause I was born an O'Malley doesn't mean I have to die an O'Malley, right? You think someone like that could have a change of heart? They're a family of killers.
I'm surprised more of them don't want out.
You get raised by wolves you tend to become a wolf.
(Nas) No, there's there's always a choice.
So, you're telling me you had nothing to do with this? Come on, Allie.
You think that I'd be dumb enough to use my own gun to kill Donahue? I wanted the son of a bitch dead for a long time, but family is family.
So, who was behind the assassination attempt? Well, think about it.
Who's the new hero of New York City? (echoing screams) Donahue? (Weller) Doesn't make any sense.
No, he's running for governor.
It's twisted, but It makes a hell of a front page.
You catch up to the bus yet? Being ambitious is one thing.
Making yourself a literal target, - a whole nother thing.
- You don't know Donahue.
What if the shooter missed? Michael is a former Marine sharpshooter.
He could hit a fly on a donkey's ass from a mile out.
That makes sense now why none of the shots were lethal.
He wasn't going for the kill.
Okay, fine.
Say it's true.
How does the senator get the mob, his sworn enemy, to carry out a fake hit? Quinn Donahue is the mob.
He is in charge.
Always has been.
What the hell are you talking about? I was the face but I was always his loyal number two.
Ever since our days back in the sandbox.
So, you're telling me that state senator Quinn Donahue is head of the Irish mob? Just wait till he's governor.
Allie Allie! He's lying.
Why don't you let me talk to him alone? No.
This whole alpha male pissing contest isn't helping, Kurt.
Absolutely not.
He's not gonna open up with you there.
What are you talking about? He just did.
(Nas) This is huge.
I mean, if he's telling the truth, we could wipe out the entire O'Malley crime syndicate and a corrupt senator in one fell swoop.
The guy's got six months to live.
Not sure we have that much leverage.
We have more than we think.
(Nas) Hmm? (door opening) You're back.
I'm Jane.
Hello, Jane.
I've been listening, and I understand, um, you want to be loyal to your family.
I struggle with that myself.
But your family tried to frame you for murder.
They know you're sick, they know how long you have, and they know you won't make bail.
But they're prepared for you to spend the rest of whatever life you have left in a cell, away from your wife and daughter.
Loyalty is a noble value, but you can't let it blind you, and when it counted, those people weren't there for you.
They used you.
(Patrick) Think I wanna spend my last days in court, testifying against my family? You walked away from them for a reason.
You said you didn't want to die an O'Malley.
You let them get away with this, that's going to be your legacy.
And your daughter will never know you took a stand.
(door opening) I have tapes.
What tapes? Hard evidence.
Everything you need to take down Donahue.
And you'll hand them over? I want a plea deal.
And I want lifetime witness protection for my wife and daughter.
(phone ringing) (beeps) Zapata.
Hey, it's Josh.
We got a complaint filed against your partner.
Guess he was harassing some guy named Mike Jones in Brooklyn Heights this morning.
Fled the scene before officers arrived.
Thought you might want to know.
Yeah, I'll I'll get into it, thanks.
You got it.
(beep) (Reade on voicemail) Hey, it's Edgar.
Leave a message.
It's me.
Where are you? Call me when you get this.
Conor? "I'm so perfect" from high school Conor? I told you he never got over you.
Well, we'll see if he sticks around once I get fat and bloated.
Look, Allie I'm not gonna lie, all right? This is weird.
Really weird.
But if you're happy, I'm happy.
Well, that's some exciting new territory for us.
(Allie) Patrick says the Donahue tapes are stored in his lawyer's office in Midtown.
If they exist.
- But there's a catch.
- Which is? They're in a safe that only opens with a retinal and fingerprint scan.
So, it's a field trip.
Come on.
I, uh, I got a personal thing I need to take care of.
What is this, National Personal Day? Fine, go.
Patrick has enough babysitters.
I'll speak to security.
Can we drop the formalities? No.
You're under arrest.
Remember that one? He's a sick, dying man.
He's not going anywhere.
Those cuffs are staying on him.
That's protocol.
I don't trust him.
Guards are letting us up to the 57th floor.
Let's go.
(bell chimes) Patrick.
I got your message.
It's okay, Mel.
Melissa Coto, Mr.
O'Malley's attorney, why Kurt Weller, Assistant Director of the FBI.
We're here to pick up some evidence from O'Malley's safe.
(Coto) Do you have a warrant? Melly it's okay, let 'em in.
Weller, the lobby.
What? (Nas) It's an ambush! They're here for Patrick.
We're under attack.
(Weller) Patterson, multiple gunmen have just walked into this building.
Send us some backup, now.
On it, but there's a U.
summit going on, so response may be delayed.
- These your guys? - I told you, I dot have guys anymore.
Must have been someone from your office tipped Donahue off.
- Impossible.
- He's got people everywhere.
(Jane) We need a plan.
Jane, I want you to take Allie and Patrick downstairs, Find somewhere safe.
Barricade yourselves, okay? Nas, you and I, we'll hold this floor.
- All right, let's go.
- We gotta get the tapes first.
No, it's too dangerous.
If we don't get those tapes, Donahue's guys will destroy them and we'll never get a conviction.
- Allie - We're getting the tapes.
No, Allie Allie.
Jane, Jane, hang on.
Don't let them out of your sight.
You stay on comms, you keep them safe.
Okay? Keep them safe.
All right.
All right, people, gunmen have just walked into this building.
So, I want you to find an office, lock the door, stay there until it's safe.
Okay? Go.
(beeping) (whirring) (beeping) - - (buzzing) No, it didn't read your print.
Try again.
- (whirring, buzzing) - That's weird.
- If you're stalling - Let me try to reset it.
What kind of chemo meds are you on? Uh, something called Capecitabine, why? Oh, damn it.
That's why the fingerprint sensor isn't working.
One of the side-effects is a skin condition that obscures your prints.
I had a fugitive once using it to evade capture.
Look, if we can't get that open, we should evacuate.
Patterson, do you read? Is there any way to bypass a hand-scanner? Yeah, tons.
In less than a minute? Uh, oh, uh, maybe one? All right, find something to knock the tumbler off with.
(elevator chimes) (men grunting) (Weller grunting) Okay, now take that paperclip and feel for the gears.
Turn it clockwise until you hear a click.
- (click) - Wait I think that just worked.
Okay, only two more to go.
The next ones are gonna be a little bit harder.
Do you have something sharp like a knife, letter opener, something? (Nas) They bypassed our floor.
How many floors does this law firm have? - Okay - (clicking) I think that just worked.
Is this all of it, Patrick? - Yeah.
- Great, let's go.
Weller, we got the evidence, we're coming back to you now.
Donahue's men bypassed this floor.
There could be an internal stairwell - they're gonna come down - (gunfire) (automatic gunfire) They cut us off, we can't get back to you.
Don't! We're pinned down.
Find an exit! Get out of the building! Where's the emergency stairwell? Uh, it's down there, to the left.
(distant gunfire) (grunting) (automatic gunfire) Allie, you trust him? Good, uncuff him.
We're gonna need all the help we can get.
(handcuffs clicking) Ready? Move! (gunfire) Here.
Don't make me regret this.
Uhh! Okay, stay together.
(automatic gunfire) No, turn around, go back up.
(gunfire) Aah! Aah! Ohh! (Allie screaming) You're gonna be okay.
Stay with me, okay? You're gonna be okay.
We gotta get out of this stairwell.
You got it.
Give me the keycard.
- Melly.
- I can't.
You tipped off Donahue? You got out.
I work for him now.
Why didn't you just give him the tapes? Because I I needed you to get into the safe.
I'm sorry, Patrick.
(Jane) Hey, give me a hand.
- Get up.
- (handcuffs clicking) Wait what are you doing? (Allie grunting) (beeping) They're coming.
Okay, go, go.
(electricity crackling) Okay, that should hold them for a bit.
Weller, Allie's been shot.
What?! How badly? Allie! I'm gonna be okay, Kurt.
I'm coming to ya, Allie.
(gunfire) (Jane) You're okay.
We have to get out of here.
I'm pregnant.
It's Kurt's.
(stairs creaking) (knocking) (static buzzing) - I'm so sorry.
- No.
This is all on me.
No, it's not your fault.
(Weller) Patterson! We're in the east corridor.
What's the fastest way to Allie? Uh, okay, the floor they're on is under construction, so the elevators won't go there.
The quick way is down the hall, make a right, and through the stairs, but that's super dangerous.
That's by the stairwell the gunmen were using.
What's the other way? The safe way is a lot longer.
You're gonna have to double back.
Whatever, I'm going the quick and dangerous way! - Kurt! - Allie we're gonna have to try to stop the bleeding until the paramedics get here, okay? Here, you too, I'm gonna need your help.
I'm going for the stairs.
- (grunting) - No! - What what are you - Listen! You're no use to Allie or your baby if you're dead! I have an idea.
You're doing so good, Allie, okay? Stay with us.
Allie? Allie? Allie? Hey, how far along are you, huh? - 15 weeks.
- Yeah? Do you know if it's a boy or a girl yet? No, Kurt wanted to find out, but I wanted a surprise.
Hang in there one second.
Almost there, Allie.
This is going to hurt a little bit, okay, but we have to stop the bleeding, okay? Ready? (Allie screaming) Unh! Weller, concentrate.
I am! Do you have a light? What? No! I got something better.
On three, okay? (Weller) One two three! (man screams) (coughing) (thud, clatter) (Jane) They've gotten through the doors.
No, they'll kill you.
They'll kill you.
(Jane) They're gonna kill all of us.
They'll find us if we don't move.
We're gonna have to carry you, okay Patrick? Patrick? Patrick! He left the evidence.
We have to stop him.
No, look he bought us some time to get out of here.
We gotta take it, okay? Allie, this is our only chance.
We can't leave him, they'll kill him.
He made this choice for you.
Start thinking about your baby.
Okay? You're going to come with me.
We have to get to the stairs.
Get up.
(groaning) (Patrick) If you want the tapes, come and get 'em! Put the case down, step away.
Hands in the air.
(gunfire, grunting) Oh, Patrick? Hang on, Allie.
We have to keep going.
(door crashes open) Gah! (Allie groaning) What took you so long? We're fine.
I know.
The baby's fine, Kurt.
If something happened to you Something did happen, but it's gonna be okay.
Anyway, now you get your way.
This gunshot wound puts me firmly on desk duty for the time being.
(laughing) Good.
And what about you? I assume you'll be taking time out of the field now, too, right? Why would I do that? You're gonna be a father soon.
You gotta start thinking about the bigger picture.
Or does that advice only work for mothers? Well-played.
I want our child to see how much I love what I do.
That I can kick ass and be an awesome mom.
I want our kid to be proud, of both of us.
I wanted to thank you for what you did today.
For Allie.
For me.
Of course.
Is she okay? Yeah, they're both good.
And and congrats, that's, heh I always thought you'd make an amazing dad.
Thank you.
Wish I had that confidence.
How hard can it be, right? (sighing) Yeah.
Anyway, thank you, Jane.
Good night.
Good night, Kurt.
Hey! Glad I caught you.
Oh are you okay? Yeah, yeah, um did you need me? I found some information on that ring.
So, turns out it's a pretty common trinket sold in markets all around Kabul.
The one difference being the markings on the one you drew are a slight variation on the normal tribal design.
Were you able to track it? No, I'm sorry.
I think it might've been a one-off.
And I just couldn't find anything that was an exact match.
I know you were hoping for more.
Hey, thanks for trying.
Why don't we pick this up later? (line ringing) (man) You've reached Oliver Kind, please leave a message.
(beeping) Uh, hi, it's Jane.
We, um, ahem, we met at the gala right before all hell broke loose.
Um, anyway, I was I was just wondering if you wanted to grab a drink and talk about water, or other things, or I mean, we don't have to talk about water.
That was, um anyway, uh, call me back.
(beep) She's remembering things.
We already knew that.
They seem to be coming with more frequency now.
She asked about her rescue in Afghanistan.
What did she say? - Did she remember Chris? - Not yet.
But that doesn't mean she won't.
She wanted to know how she got back.
I told her she stowed away on a ship.
If she finds out that we lied to her we'll lose her trust, our whole plan! What choice did I have? Let me bring her on the mission tomorrow.
No, it's too risky.
She needs to start feeling invested in what we're doing.
If tomorrow's a success, everything we need will be in place.
After that, it won't matter what she remembers.
(door opening) Made the evening news.
- I owe you an apology.
- For what? Being right about your baby and the mother of your child? No apology necessary.
I made bad decisions out there.
You kept me in line.
Well, I I hope you'd do the same for me.
Besides, I, uh, I got to make Molotov cocktails, so everybody wins.
Sorry to interrupt, but this is big.
Not just big, this is what's bigger than Oh, whoa, okay, okay, what is it? I decoded the black hole image from Mayfair's USB drive.
What? It was a bunch of email communications, and, long story short, I know where Douglas Winter is.
The one who exposed the NSA and forced Carter to shut down Orion? Is there another one? Mayfair knew his location the whole time? It was in her files.
So, Mayfair and Winter were working together? Reade? Reade?