Blindspot (2015) s02e22 Episode Script

Lepers Repel

1 (Patterson) Previously on "Blindspot" My memories are coming back.
The more I remember, the more I hate you.
Drop your weapons now! You're under arrest, Major General.
(gunfire) Getting the word out allowed Homeland Security to stop four other attacks, but two buildings just came down.
Secret Service, sir.
You need to come with us.
I'm not leaving my people.
It's a matter of national security, sir.
(Lawrence) It is our sworn duty to remain in this bunker until otherwise notified.
We alone become the successors to the United States government.
The attack on this country isn't over.
It's just beginning.
(Lawrence) All right, C.
, settle in.
We'll reconvene in three hours.
It's the Truman protocol.
Follow the C.
It's just something I heard Shepherd say once.
(Keaton) Weller? Weller? How did we not know about this? This is an official order.
"In the event all members in the line of succession are deceased, "the Continuity of Government Subcommittee, or C.
, "shall assume power.
" Why is everyone so damn calm? I don't know, but Shepherd knew about the subcommittee.
- She put us here.
- How could she have? Every time a tattoo exposed corruption, somebody lost their job.
I replaced Mayfair at the FBI, you replaced Carter at the CIA.
Those two are now deputy directors of the CDC and the DEA.
So, all the tattoos were leading to this? Shepherd said something about a reset.
We are that reset.
We're Shepherd's new government.
Which means that she's gonna try to wipe out the current administration, today.
We can't stay down here.
Hey, Weller, it's, uh, it's me again.
I just I was just calling to check in on you, make sure you're okay.
I'm worried about you, so call me back.
(phone beeps) Eleanor Hirst, acting director.
I'm Sam Pellington's replacement.
Oh, uh, I'm I'm Jane.
Please, I know who you are.
How are you holding up? I'm fine.
I'm so sorry.
What you all went through Have you heard from Weller? Not since Secret Service picked him up last night.
I'm sure he'll check in when he can.
Look, I've been going over your file.
Your deal with Pellington, with Nas Kamal, it essentially makes you prisoner of the FBI.
But once this Sandstorm mess gets cleaned up, you'll be freed of any further obligation, given a new identity and relocated to wherever it is you'd like to go.
I'm a part of this team.
Nobody's saying you're not.
But Jane, ever since you came out of that bag, every aspect of your life has been decided for you.
Hell, even your name.
I think you need to ask yourself, what do you want? We better get the hell outta here.
We have to tell these people what's really going on.
No, it's too risky.
What if they're with Shepherd? Let's at least loop in these soldiers.
Sandstorm's everywhere.
- Do you understand that? - Okay, but we're in an underground bunker with no weapons and no phones.
What other choice do we have? Look, if we trust the wrong person, it's over.
Not just for us.
For the whole country.
- Now, I gotta get back to my team.
- Your team, or Jane? I don't get you.
You don't trust anyone.
But after everything that's happened, you still trust her? There's gotta be a phone down here.
Let's find it.
We got the preliminary reports on yesterday's explosives.
Let me guess HMX? No.
It's actually this other type of nitroamine explosive.
- CL-20? - Yeah.
Wow, how did you know that? Please I know my nitroamine explosives.
CL-20 makes HMX look like Pop Rocks.
The good news is it's pretty exotic, so run secondary tests.
Hey, Patterson.
Is there anything I can do to I mean, look around.
It's over.
It's just these last few days and months have I get it.
It's all been Hell.
But if you could walk away, you wouldn't, right? You'd stay.
Where's this coming from? Just, uh, I just met with Director Hirst.
- Is she firing people? - No, um she was just pushing me to think about the future.
Once this is all over, she's giving me the option to relocate to wherever I want.
Well, you you deserve to do what you want.
What if I want this? How do you know if you've never done anything else? We can't all stay here forever.
Reade's talking about teaching, and Weller he's gonna be a dad in a couple months.
And this kid is living in Colorado, so You think Kurt'll move? I mean, I would.
I'm sorry.
I know that's not what I don't know what he'll do.
I wonder if the people that are relaxing upstairs have seen this room.
I guess that's the telephone.
- Original switchboard.
- Yeah.
- You got any idea how to work that? - Maybe.
It's a direct dial out line.
Which means if we can get a dial tone, there's a chance we can make a call out.
- (dial tone) - Whoa, whoa.
(phone buzzing) Hello? Patterson, it's Weller.
How are you calling from a 000 area code? - I didn't even know those existed.
- Listen to me.
Phase two isn't over.
(gunshot) Weller? Weller! Put the phone down, Assistant Director Weller.
(siren wailing) - (monitor beeping) - (Zapata breathing heavily) (moaning) Hey, how you feeling? Did we stop them? Don't worry about that now.
I'll fill you in later, okay? Did we get Shepherd? No.
Then this isn't over.
Get down on your knees.
- Just listen to me.
- No, you listen to me! We are rebuilding this nation, do you understand that? Shepherd's scraping out the rot.
We're gonna restore this country.
Now, get down on your (Keaton coughing) - Let's get outta here.
- Yeah.
What exactly did Weller say? Just that phase two isn't over, and then the line went dead.
We have to find him.
Weller wouldn't want us to focus on him.
He would want us to focus on Sandstorm, so that's what we're gonna do.
We gotta figure out where Shepherd's going to attack next.
Yesterday, Sandstorm targeted seven buildings simultaneously.
All government facilities.
There's gotta be some other connection that we're just not seeing.
Maybe we're asking the wrong questions.
I mean, what does Shepherd want? (Reade) Besides mass terror? Today's meeting.
At the White House, the president's holding a full cabinet meeting to discuss security protocols.
Just like they always do after every major attack.
Right, but what if yesterday's attacks were a catalyst? To get all of our leaders together in the same room? So she can wipe out the government.
I'll update Hirst, we'll brief the president, order a full evacuation.
Start digging into the attack plan.
How does Shepherd plan to hit the most secured building on the planet? I don't know.
But after yesterday, we're at DEFCON-1.
Civilians can't even get within a mile of the White House.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
I know who we can talk to.
Does this look familiar to you, Mr.
Riley? - I've never seen that before.
- (chuckles) You're telling me you don't know what CL-20 is? Hm, figured someone in your line of work - would probably know.
- It's rocket fuel.
Which also doubles as one of the most potent explosives on the planet.
Which you sold to a terrorist.
That's quite the logic leap.
The CL-20 used in yesterday's attacks bears the same chemical marker as the rocket fuel your company makes.
Then my company was robbed.
(Reade) You really expect us to believe someone stole all that CL-20 and no one took notice? How is Shepherd planning to attack the White House? I don't know what you're talking about.
Kurt? Kurt! (chuckles, sighs) - I thought you were - I'm all right.
Look, Shepherd's gonna try to wipe out the government.
- We know.
- We think Zach Riley's involved.
What in the hell is he doing here? I don't expect you to like me, Jane, but we're gonna have to play nice right now.
(Patterson) Here's what we know.
Jane and Roman stole a chip from Bradley Dynamics which Sandstorm has yet to utilize.
We think it's a guidance chip, but for what, we don't know.
What about Shepherd? Any recent activity? Travel? Communications? She went to Bangkok last week.
- We don't know why or - (Keaton) I think I might.
CIA's been monitoring the gang that controls the Chao Phraya waterway.
In the last week, their leader was murdered in a deal gone bad.
(Hirst) What kind of deal? The intel we had said they were selling nuclear material.
What? The CIA should have shared that immediately.
Oh, you mean like how the FBI's been sharing all that intel on Sandstorm? I didn't even know Shepherd was in Thailand - until about two seconds ago, Kurt - Enough! Shepherd has nuclear material.
Let's move forward.
How you wanna play this? Reade, pair up with Keaton, try and retrace Shepherd's movements post-Bangkok.
And Patterson, keep looking into Riley, all right? And try and find something that we can interrogate with.
In the meanwhile, let's keep each other updated.
What's your take on Hirst? She's super smart, a bit of a maverick.
Uh, for instance, she plans to release Jane.
Jane's leaving? She's thinking about it.
Why? I might have, sort of encouraged her to.
- Excuse me? - She didn't choose this, Kurt.
So, if there's something that you wanna say to her, I wouldn't put it off.
(phone buzzing) - Zapata, you okay? - Yeah.
I mean, minus the whole bullet wound thing.
I've been watching news coverage - on yesterday's attacks and - Come on, man, you promised me you would take it easy.
Watching TV is taking it easy.
Tasha, I'm serious.
Hey, look, I gotta go.
- Wait, is something else - No, there's nothing.
We're just trying to make sense out of yesterday.
I'll call you later.
(monitor beeping) (solid electronic tone) We know the CL-20 came from you.
We know that Shepherd is planning a massive attack in D.
using nuclear material.
Nuclear material? Your sister lives right outside of Baltimore.
- Is this what you really want? - Oh, my God.
What is she planning?! Help us stop this.
Shepherd asked me to launch a satellite for her.
(Weller) A satellite for what? Disrupt emergency communications? Oh, my God.
- I wanted to topple the government.
- Move, move, move! I didn't wanna hurt civilians.
I knew there'd be casualties, but not like this.
Does the satellite control the weapon? Kinetic bombardment.
The satellite is the weapon.
Shepherd plans to bomb D.
, doesn't she? How? The satellite is designed to launch a glider at hypersonic speeds.
It is undetectable, it's unstoppable, but it was only supposed to target the White House.
But now, it's gonna hit Shepherd's nuclear material, which is probably already on the ground in Washington.
There's gotta be some way that we can stop it.
The glider has a guidance chip, but it can't be overwritten.
The chip I stole with Roman.
If Shepherd has as much nuclear material as we're thinking, evacuating the White House does nothing.
This attack will wipe out the whole Eastern seaboard.
I'm so glad you're here with me.
I wouldn't wanna be anywhere else.
I'll loop in NASA.
We could use their support and cooperation on this.
Thank you.
How are we gonna find Shepherd's nukes? Nukes? Damn it, Zapata, you shouldn't be here.
You need to go back to the hospital.
Are you two done mothering me? Now, who's gonna catch me up? I will.
Since when do we work with the CIA? Hospital or Keaton, your choice.
I'll search for Shepherd's nuclear material via drone.
See, I used to fly F-15s Yeah, yeah, I'm super impressed.
The domestic drone program - is actually - In the building.
I know, I work here.
Okay, enough.
You two, partner up.
Find her stockpile.
Jane and I will fly to D.
Be ready to follow up when I land.
Everyone, stay on comms.
Wait, before we split up, maybe we should say No, we shouldn't, all right? We shouldn't say a thing.
This is not goodbye.
(Keaton) This search technology is basically an X-ray on steroids.
It detects nuclear radiation I know what muon tomography is, Jake.
Yeah, sorry.
- How are you feeling? - Now you're gonna start with that.
Look, I just I admire you.
- I mean, you're playing hurt.
- I'm doing my job.
Coming back to work the day after you're shot is a lot more than doing your job.
You ever think about putting your natural intensity to better use? The CIA could use someone like you.
No, they couldn't.
We would have gotten intel from Roman, I'll tell you that much.
I said no.
The team's gonna meet us on the ground in D.
Patterson told me that you're thinking of leaving.
Uh maybe.
You should go somewhere fun.
You think I should go? You didn't choose this life, Jane.
This team will miss you.
It's not fair to keep you here.
I hear California's pretty nice.
Well, what about you? L.
? That would be fun, but what about Colorado? I'll visit there a lot.
You should take your own advice.
Denver has a field office, right? You're allowed to be happy, you know.
We both are.
Riley's still claiming the satellite's un-hackable.
Yeah, 'cause his ego's the same size as the moon he's trying to colonize.
(Hirst) I brought some reinforcements.
These are the agents I was telling you about.
- Patterson and Reade.
- Thank you for coming.
Eileen Baldwin, this is Gary Lemarsh.
We're from the Goddard Institute NASA satellite office in New York.
Okay, great.
Uh I have some preliminary theories, but obviously, space is a little bit out of my wheelhouse.
So, it looks like the satellite is un-hackable from Earth, but from space it's a totally different story.
So what, we're just supposed to shoot you up there? - Not advisable.
- I wanted to.
Well, I don't need to be, um, in space.
I just need to transmit a signal from space.
- That's where you guys come in.
- What are you thinking? The "Reader's Digest" version.
This is us.
And this is the International Space Station.
- That is not to scale.
- Eileen! And this is Shepherd's satellite.
We capitalize on their proximity, ask the space station if they can launch their Soyuz capsule.
All right, now, we're officially out of "Reader's Digest" territory.
- What are you talking about? - Okay.
The Soyuz is kinda like a space taxi.
So, if we can just get them to just drive it out there to the satellite.
Yes, so the hack can come from the Soyuz.
- From that proximity, that's - Yeah, that is unorthodox.
But clever as hell.
Let me get Houston on the phone, I'll see if we can authorize a Soyuz launch.
And this isn't your wheelhouse? Color me terrified.
Shepherd's stockpile is either really well-hidden or we're looking in the wrong place.
What if she did what every two-bit dealer does? Hide their stash in something else? Like packing heroin in coffee grounds.
Right, so what are her coffee grounds? What hides nuclear material? - Lead.
- Lead.
Yeah, we should be looking for lead.
How much longer till the satellite is deactivated? Five, ten minutes.
I'm trying to corrupt its telemetry.
Houston, are you seeing this? We have irregular motion on the satellite's power subsystem.
- Is everything okay? - No.
The satellite's initiated its preliminary firing sequence.
What? No, no, no, no, no.
I'll never hack it in time.
You better do something else.
(siren whooping) (cell phone ringing) Tasha, what do you got? I think we found Shepherd's nuclear stockpile.
I'm sending Jane the GPS coordinates and aerial surveillance photos now.
- Yeah, got 'em.
- And we're looping in the Pentagon.
All right, we're heading that way now.
Kurt, Shepherd's nuclear material is in the back of what looks to be a lead-lined ambulance.
(Weller) Keep your eyes on it.
Tasha, call in backup.
(Zapata) Copy.
(siren whooping) (Shepherd) I've got two cops on our six.
You think they know? We can't afford to find out.
Take care of them? (phone pinging) (engine starting) Uh, what if what if we physically try to block the satellite with the Soyuz? - Like man-to-man defense? - Yeah, David versus Goliath.
It'll give us enough time to finish the hack.
If the satellite's programmed to fire once it hits certain celestial coordinates Then we just need to delay its arrival at those coordinates.
Houston, I need you to position the Soyuz in the path of the satellite.
No, you heard me correctly.
It's it's working! It's actually - But it'll never hold.
- Why not? Because the satellite is Shaquille O'Neal and the Soyuz is me.
I like my biblical reference better.
Gotcha, it's not a fair fight.
It's a Band-Aid on a bullet wound.
Well, by my calculations, your Band-Aid's bought us six minutes.
(sirens) Turn that truck off! Turn the truck off! Turn it off! Show us your hands! Show me your hands! Keep them where we can see them! (gunfire) (man groaning) - (Weller) Clear? - (Jane) Clear.
Tasha, send the paramedics to our location.
- You got eyes on her, Jane? - No.
(Jane) Clear.
(Weller) Clear.
(gunshot) (gunshot) (sirens) All right, team, we got Shepherd.
- (beeping) - (Patterson) Oh, my God.
That's it.
It's over.
The glider just launched.
What? How long until We have 30 minutes until it strikes the Capitol.
Patterson, what happened? I couldn't hack it in time, but the glider appears to communicating with a homing beacon.
Is there some way that we can clone the beacon and send the glider to the ocean? That's what she's trying to do.
(Jane) How much time do we have? 29 minutes until the point of no return.
I bet the beacon's on her.
(Shepherd gasping) I can't feel it on her.
We have to get this truck out of the city - to reduce the casualties.
- (Zapata) Okay.
We'll direct you to the least populated area.
What if we could contain the fallout? (typing) Okay, there's a defunct railroad tunnel just outside of D.
It'll limit the fallout's range and prevent some of it from entering the atmosphere.
(Zapata) But you're gonna have to get there before impact, and you're not gonna make it back.
You stay with Shepherd.
I'm gonna take the truck.
No, I'm not letting you go alone.
Whoever takes that truck is not coming back.
So, you stay with Shepherd.
You both have to go.
Patterson, this is between me and Jane.
(Patterson) No, listen to me! I have been trying to spoof the beacon and it's not working.
The glider won't sustain contact with my decoy because the actual beacon still exists.
- So, we have to find it.
- And destroy it.
But we don't have a lot of time.
If the glider gets within five miles of D.
, there will be nothing I can do, and if it gets past this point, it is over.
You drive.
- Yeah.
- I'll look for that beacon.
What do you wanna do with her? - I'm not letting her out of my sight.
- (chuckles) You'll never make it in time.
(Shepherd screaming) All right, Patterson what's this thing supposed to look like? (Patterson) Should be a small metal device, probably about the size of a quarter.
It's a big truck, Patterson.
Zapata, I just turned down Ward.
What next? Take a left on 22nd.
(tires screeching, Weller and Shepherd grunting) (horns honking) (Shepherd groaning) (Zapata) Jane, take MacArthur Boulevard.
It's the only way you'll make it to the tunnel before impact.
(Jane) Copy.
(Patterson) Look, it might be a long shot, but I'm sending an app to your phone now, I just reprogrammed it.
It might be able to detect the beacon.
All right, I got my phone in my hand.
Okay, open it and scan the space like you're waving a metal detector.
But we have to go off comms.
- Why? - The app detects frequencies and it could interfere just trust me.
I'll switch you off on our end, but I'll check back in in 90 seconds.
Hey, Kurt good luck.
What now? Now we wait.
(Shepherd) Its admirable how dedicated you are.
See? We're not so different.
We both sacrifice for what we believe is right, Kurt.
That's why I wanted you for our new government.
You're dedicated, you're honorable.
I knew that no matter how much you'd hate me for what I'd done, you'd do the right thing for your country.
You can't be corrupted Kurt.
Stop calling me Kurt! You don't know me.
Yes, I do.
I never wanted to hurt you.
But you found out too much.
I couldn't let you stop me.
(phone pinging) Can't you see? I'm sacrificing myself so that this nation can be reborn! (pinging intensifies) You swallowed it, didn't you? (gunfire) (gasps) (Patterson) Weller? Weller, do you copy? Weller? Jane? Jane? Weller, are you okay? We were hit.
What do you mean? Hit how? - We crashed.
- Can you move? (breathing heavily) Weller? Do you copy? Can you move? Yeah, I think so.
Then you're gonna have to keep looking for that beacon.
If you don't find it within the next two minutes, that glider will pass fail-safe.
- I found it.
- What are you waiting for? - Destroy it! - Shepherd swallowed it.
I got an idea.
(Jane moans) Kurt.
Kurt! (grunting) (Shepherd grunting) No, no, no.
No, wait! Kurt, don't do this.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Don't do it, don't (grunting) Patterson, did it work? Patterson, did it work? Come on, come on, little decoy, connect, connect.
Aah! (Weller) Patterson, did it work? No.
(grunting) Patterson! - Did it work? - No, no, no, no, no.
It's working.
The decoy just rerouted.
It's working! (cheers and applause) Weller, we did it.
The glider is is following my decoy.
It's heading to the Atlantic.
(Weller) Nice job, Patterson.
Do it.
Do it.
Do it! (groaning) Goodbye, Jane.
Stop! Hey! (grunting) Kurt! Hey! Kurt? Kurt, hey.
Say something.
Jane Don't move to California.
Stay here with me.
(whispering) I love you, Jane.
I love you.
(elevator bell dings) (cheers and applause) Looking good, Peg-Leg.
Good job.
We were very worried about you.
We weren't that worried.
(both laughing) So good to see you guys.
All of you.
- Where's Jane? - (Hirst) She's fine.
I'm just waiting for the official all-clear from medical.
Hell of a job, Assistant Director Weller.
- Thank you, ma'am.
- You did it.
We did it.
We all did it.
Every one of you in this room, you all made this possible.
Since Jane got here, you've all worked non-stop to find who did this and why.
And you've risked your lives and sacrificed so much to get the answers that we needed to stop Sandstorm and bring them to justice.
And yesterday, we didn't just take down their leader.
We saved a nation.
So, thank you and well done to all of you.
(applause) So, where is Shepherd now? Right where she belongs.
(wincing) You can do what you want to me.
I'll never break.
It's not me you have to worry about.
(door opening) Hello, Shepherd.
My name is Nas.
For your scrapbook.
How are you feeling? Probably better than you.
(chuckles) What happened with Roman? You guys took down Shepherd, so how is Roman still out there? Read the report.
Jane didn't have the shot.
It has been a long couple of days.
Yeah, it has.
- So, what now? - What do you mean? We rebuild and get ready for the next one.
(sobbing) I'm just I'm just so tired.
You guys started drinking without me? Harsh.
(drink pouring) What's wrong? (sighs) I used to love everything everything about this job.
(sniffling) And now, I just Now, what? (sighs) I know how you feel, Patterson, believe me.
This job takes everything from all of us.
But it gives back too.
It gives us a way to fight against all the garbage that's piling up in this world.
It gives us each other.
It gives us family.
And families fight.
Sometimes, they lose hope.
But what they damn sure don't do is give up.
Is that right, Quantico? (laughs) Yeah, that's right.
To family.
To family.
To family.
(glasses clinking) (music playing, chatter and laughter) (laughter continues) What are you guys laughing about? (knocking, door opens) I didn't think you were coming.
Can I talk to you for just a second? Outside.
Um (chuckles) So they said I could go anywhere.
But this is where I wanna be.
I love you too, Kurt.
(sighs) And and I just I wanna make it I wanna make it wit chu Anytime, anywhere I wanna make it Hey, uh, sorry, my boy called.
I gotta bail.
And, uh, he is my ride, so I'm just Yeah, I'm gonna go to, uh, not here.
Have fun.
I'll see you guys when I see you.
And goodbye.
I wanna make it I wanna make it wit chu Anytime, anywhere I wanna make it I wanna make it wit chu I wanna make it I wanna make it wit chu (anytime, anywhere) Ohhh Again and again and again and again and again (breathing heavily) (speaking in foreign language) I've climbed this dozens of times.
What am I doing wrong? Do not return to the mountain.
Return home.
No, I can never go back.
(woman speaking in foreign language) I can't believe I finally found you.
(sighs) I was scared.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry for everything.
I can't explain it.
You're still wearing your ring.
You need to come back.
- I - Patterson, Reade, Tasha, they're missing.
We think they've been kidnapped.
All of them? Well do you think Roman would do We don't know.
- Whoever took them, - they left this.
No one's been able to open it yet.
Somebody clearly wants your attention.
I have a theory.
(electronic chirping) What is this? It needs both of us to work.
What's happening?