Blindspot (2015) s03e07 Episode Script

Fix My Present Havoc

1 Please excuse me for cliché But I want you to wanna come and play I want you to wanna come and play, wanna come and play I want you to wanna come and play with me Hey, hey If you wanna push my brains, you better press play Hey, I have been working on this, uh, this tattoo, and I'm pretty sure these little lines in the molecule are a code.
You think I should loop in Patterson to work on it together? I mean, she's not a big fan of of "pretty sure," and, come to think of it, she's not really a big fan of me.
Maybe I should wait till I crack the code.
What do you think? Ohh those Those are cool, yeah I'll just keep working on it then, yeah.
Stuart! Hmm? You wanna maybe forget about your pet tattoo and focus on the satellite that just fell out of the sky? Sorry, sorry, it's just something about this one's just really rubbing me the wrong way, you know? I know the feeling.
Stuart! Are you kidding? Please tell me you're not using up bandwidth on that molecule tattoo.
[KINGA] Purchasing wireless ear buds.
[KEYBOARD CLACKING] Van Gogh? [KNOCK AT DOOR] Director Hirst! Hi, Stuart.
May I come in? Of course.
I was just having dinner at a restaurant in the neighborhood and I got your text.
It sounded pretty important, so I thought I'd just come right over.
Okay, um thank you.
Can I get you a drink or Better not.
Right, right.
Well This tattoo, it decoded to a list of names.
Every person that's ever owned this one painting.
Van Gogh's self-portrait.
Yeah, and I remembered when I ran into you on 14th Street, you were with a friend.
He said everyone called him Van Gogh because he was he was missing an ear.
Anyway, maybe the tattoo's not about him.
But I just thought in case it is I just wanted to warn you.
Now that I say it out loud, sounds kind of stupid.
No, Stuart.
It's not stupid.
I'm glad you came to me about this.
Did Santa bring that for you? [WELLER GRUNTING] - ["BABY" VOICE] Oh, my goodness - Okay, kiddo, it is way past your bedtime.
Can you say good night? Big hugs.
Thank you for bringing her for an early Christmas.
Yeah, she's gonna be really confused when this all happens again in three weeks with Conor's family.
Hey, it's the least I could do.
You guys have made the trip to Colorado a lot more often.
[JANE CHUCKLES] You think I could rewrap these presents and, um, give them to Bethany on the plane as prizes for not screaming? - [CHUCKLES] - Yeah.
Hey, what's going on with you? You've been quiet all night.
When Jane finds out the truth, it will destroy her.
This one? I'm fine.
Just tired.
Hey, it's okay to breathe.
She's back now.
You're not gonna lose her again.
What about this one? No? [SPEAKING GERMAN] Isn't she beautiful? [BABY CRYING] Jane? Jane? Jane! [PANTING] Uh, it could be a way of communicating [DOOR OPENS] Hey.
Good morning.
Have you been here the whole night, Patterson? We can't keep going like this.
Investigating Hirst at night and then keeping up the charade all day at the office so she doesn't find out.
It's exhausting.
And [WHISPERING] I think Patterson's starting to lose it.
[LAUGHING TO HERSELF] Morse code? More like horse code.
[LAUGHING] So dumb.
Okay, it's Saturday morning.
So, we've got the whole weekend to focus our attention on nailing Hirst.
Oh, um, I forgot.
This came in the mail for Bethany.
I think it's a Christmas present from your sister.
- Black - Mmhmm.
Very festive, Sarah.
What'd she get her? "Merry Christmas, Bethany.
Love, Uncle Roman.
" Oh, my God.
So, he just tried to put something into my child's hands.
Could be a toxin, a weapon.
[PATTERSON] No, I don't think so.
What kind of alphabet blocks doesn't have all the vowels? Or all of these Cs? I think Roman's trying to give us a clue.
[ZAPATA] t I had a lead on Stuart's Kinga last night, but it all fizzled out.
Any luck with Loewe? Nope, all circumstantial.
Hey I know it's been a busy couple days, and we haven't really had a chance to talk You mean about the whole "accusing me of treason" thing? Oh, or the whole "you believing Hirst over me" thing? All right, call it even.
So, uh, Patterson told me that you're getting your girlfriend a food processor for her birthday.
- [INHALES] - Yikes.
You know what? The deal is off.
- [LAUGHS AND KNOCKS] - Always something.
[BEEP] Okay, well You guys just have a lot of stuff.
Maybe you guys should do that thing where you hold all your stuff to see what brings you joy? All right, so, you all remember this tattoo.
It's the one Stuart was working on right before his death.
Our working theory is that it was pointing to something Hirst was trying to cover up badly enough that she had Stuart killed.
Part of it I solved weeks ago.
Right, the lines, they decode the Van Gogh self-portrait.
But the molecule itself is impossible to identify.
The letter blocks Roman sent.
Not just letters elements.
Arranged in a specific pattern according to Roy G.
Biv order.
And I now know what the molecule is.
Roman solved it for us.
Why give us a tattoo that can't be solved until Roman wants it to? Maybe he was waiting for something.
Waiting for us to figure out Hirst is dirty.
I think Roman knows we're onto her.
And looking for a way to take her down.
And Roman just gave us our silver bullet.
[WELLER] This is it.
This is how we take down Hirst.
The molecule is called Simsburine.
It's a new cancer treatment currently being tested in a clinical trial.
It's at a hospital called the Kurtzman Clinic.
It's one of the best in the country.
There's only one thing that seems a little strange.
So, two people working on the clinical trials there died within the last year.
A nurse and an intern.
- Unrelated? - Yep, suicide and car accident.
Well, what's any of this have to do with Van Gogh? No idea, we looked at paintings in the hospital.
Doctors with the initials "VG.
" Patients with one ear nothing.
Okay, so we start at the hospital.
We try to find more about those dead employees.
Well, hold on, we can't just go in there waving our badge.
Anything we do as FBI could get back to Hirst.
She could figure out we're investigating her.
- So, we'll do it undercover.
No badges.
- [JANE] And no guns.
Hospitals have metal detectors.
Only law enforcement can carry.
W-We don't know what these tattoos are about yet.
It could be dangerous.
Going in without weapons is a huge risk.
[READE] Might be our only chance to stop Hirst.
I think that's a risk we have to take.
Thank you for meeting with us, Dr.
In case you're unfamiliar with the Fern Organization, we conduct audits - to ensure the well-being - I know who you are.
The hospital forces these inane meetings on me every six months.
Perk of my glamorous job.
Todd! [WELLER] Uh, so, you're the research coordinator for the clinical trials.
What exactly does that entail? Uh, in theory, I oversee the execution of the trial.
In practice, I input numbers into a computer and slog through an endless hellhole of paperwork.
Well, we're here today to ask about a specific employee who worked under you.
A nurse by the name of Emily Brown? What about her? We understand that she committed suicide.
Yes, that was unfortunate.
I didn't know her, no.
There's only 25 employees in the department.
Like I said, I didn't know her.
So, we're done here.
I'm sorry I couldn't provide more relevant information.
Thank you for your time.
[KEYPAD BEEPS] Park, we need to meet.
People are asking questions.
- She's hiding something.
- Yeah.
Let's see what Patterson can dig up on her.
[JANE] Look.
It's the same wrapping paper.
Roman's leaving us breadcrumbs.
He's telling us something's on the server.
Our cover's not gonna get us into that room.
Reade, Tasha, you're up.
[PHONE BEEPS, TRILLING] Okay, don't be mad.
I'm getting the damn food processor.
No, it's not that.
Why did you meet with that guy from the State Department, Jonathan West? I know, it doesn't have anything to do with Hirst, but then why lie to me? I met with him because I'm trying to help someone in a tight spot.
I can't really tell you any much more than that because it's not my story to tell.
Otherwise I swear I would.
I believe you.
[TRILLING, BEEPS] Security guard, security guard.
[DOOR CLOSES] [DOOR OPENS, CLOSES] Let's get out of here.
- What the hell does she want? - Hello? - I just got out of a four-hour briefing, and it's not even 10:00 a.
Listen, I was, uh, thinking, after I'm done here, maybe I could go grab some bagels and bring them over to your place.
- How about it? - Oh, um Come on, what could you possibly be doing that is more important? Well, I I was supposed to get a workout in with Zapata.
Well, invite her over.
It's about time I got to know your team as well as I know you.
- Uh I - I'll see you both at 1:00.
[BEEP] Do you think she's onto us? She could just be trying to play with my head.
- [SIGHS] - Or, yeah, she could be onto us.
Backing out of the brunch is too suspicious.
We have to go.
We've got three hours until then.
So, let's make the most of it.
What did you find on that server? Okay, so in a clinical trial, subjects are either assigned to a placebo or a drug, 50-50.
And that's done by a computer program for obvious ethical reasons.
But the data server showed that Dr.
Palmeri has been going in and manually swapping out some of the patients.
But it's not just the Simsburine.
She's done that with six other trials.
Why would she do that? We think she's being bribed.
Accepting money from patients and their families in exchange for this promising new cancer drug instead of the placebo.
That's a pretty big risk to take just for the money.
Not if you're as broke as she is.
I dug into Palmeri's background.
Uh, top of her class at Stanford Med, hotshot resident.
Went on to found her own successful pharmaceutical start-up.
[WELLER] So what happened? About five years ago, a deadly new disease was discovered in a small community in Kenya.
I realize this doesn't sound like the answer to your question but I promise you, it is.
It was known as the "KTL Virus.
" Closely related to smallpox, with an even higher mortality rate.
Palmeri was convinced that this was gonna be the next major global outbreak, killing millions of people.
She poured all of her company funds into finding a cure.
And she did.
Okay, but there's a reason why I've never heard of the KTL Virus.
Yes, there is.
It infected a grand total of 19 people.
So, Palmeri was wrong.
And she bet everything on that outbreak, and it didn't happen.
[PATTERSON] Her company went bankrupt.
She's millions of dollars in debt.
She's taking bribes to dig herself out.
Well, if these two employees found out what she did, maybe she killed them rather than go to prison.
All right, let's go see patients Palmeri put on the drug.
See if we can get them to admit to bribing her.
I was diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer.
I tried all the recommended treatments, but none of it worked.
I was given months to live.
We're so sorry.
I guess I buried the lead there.
That was two years ago.
This trial changed everything.
For the first time, I'm actually getting better instead of worse.
Oh, so, you think you might be on the Simsburine? Not the placebo? I assume so.
This is a nice hospital.
Must get expensive.
We've met some of the other patients in the trial.
They seem pretty wealthy.
Some are.
I'm just lucky my husband has great insurance.
- Well, thank you for your time.
- Mmhmm.
Ahh speak of the devil.
This is my husband.
What does a one-eared painter have to do with the murder of an FBI agent? - Aah! - Uhh! [SAW BUZZING] Make a move, I cut the other one off.
Turn around.
[HANDCUFFS CLINKING] Why did you run? How do you know who we are? Did Hirst tell you? Did you bribe Palmeri to get your husband into that clinical trial? Look, we will find out what you know, with or without your help.
You could either be helpful so that we could be helpful to you I want a lawyer.
You're FBI, but you haven't shown me a badge once.
You got me tied up in here in one of your apartments.
I'm guessing yours judging by all the Tom Clancy.
This isn't an arrest.
It's a kidnapping.
He's right If we want to take Hirst down, we need concrete evidence admissible in court, not a confession under duress in Weller and Jane's bedroom.
We have to turn him to our side.
[WELLER] Anything that we force out of him, that won't stand up in court.
But a willing witness to Hirst's crimes? That is solid.
What do we know about him? Thanks to Julian's hospital records, we know his real name was Eric Vance.
Uh, he's a former U.
But, unfortunately, the Marshals' database is one of the most secure in the country.
Good for keeping witnesses safe, not so good for us.
I can't get access without a formal request.
And it would take days to hack.
But there is one other option.
And what is it? Well this explains why you wanted to do Christmas at my Airbnb.
I'm sorry, I know it's a lot to ask.
Do you want our daughter to grow up visiting us both in prison? We we don't have anyone else we can trust.
We just need that one file, that is all.
Oh, I brought the file.
I just want you all to feel appropriately guilty for dragging me down with you.
Oh, well, that's a little mean, but okay.
Eric Vance, nicknamed "Van Gogh" due to a missing ear he lost his first year on the job.
He was a Marshal for 15 unblemished years.
Not a single complaint against him, but take a look at his last assignment.
Security detail for Eleanor Hirst.
She was a federal prosecutor at the time.
Working a high-profile case that required 24-hour protection.
Van Gogh drove Hirst to and from work every day for a year.
Well, that was two years ago, before Hirst left the DOJ to become FBI Director.
Van Gogh left the U.
Marshals then as well why? He requested a leave of absence to take care of his husband.
Hasn't been back to work since.
He's been working harder than ever these past two years.
- As a Marshal? - Yeah? Working on what, exactly? They got him on jobs that he can't talk about.
But I've never seen him so stressed out.
His hours are crazy.
And when he's home, he barely sleeps.
Tell me what's going on.
Why were they chasing him? Is he in trouble? That's what we're trying to figure out.
[WELLER] You don't have to talk this time.
Just stop me if I get anything wrong.
Now, two years ago, you left the U.
Marshals to work for Hirst as a fixer.
It's good money, but you don't like the job.
Julian tells us it's tormenting you.
[JANE] Maybe your husband should know that you've been lying to him about everything.
That you used the money that Hirst paid you to buy his way into the trial.
How do think Julian would feel, knowing that you stole a life-saving drug from some innocent person so he could have it instead? I wonder if that person's still alive, should we check? Just stop! Look I didn't bribe anyone.
Hirst got him the drug.
I thought she was just being kind.
But then she started asking me to do things.
If I didn't do them, then she'd get the drug taken away from Julian.
He would've died.
[WELLER] Asking you to do what things? No! I can't [JANE] Look at what she's done to you.
We want to take her down.
Help us.
I can't turn on her.
She has my husband's life in her hands.
Why did you believe that Hirst could take the drug away? She has leverage on a doctor.
Caught her taking bribes.
Instead of pressing charges, she blackmailed her into getting Julian the drug.
And she could blackmail them into kicking him off the trial.
[WELLER] We know who that doctor is.
Margaret Palmeri.
If we could get Dr.
Palmeri removed from that hospital, Hirst would lose her control over Julian's care.
Can you do that? [WELLER] Would you tell us everything you know about Hirst? Actually testify against her.
You have to make sure.
Get rid of the doctor and get Julian full protective detail so Hirst can't retaliate.
If you can do all that Yeah.
I'll testify against her.
We need evidence of that bribery scam.
We tip off the hospital board, Palmeri gets booted.
This whole thing hinges on her now.
I'll keep eyes on her.
Allie, keep an eye on Van Gogh.
Wait, wait, just Please, don't tell Julian.
Everything I've done, I gotta live with.
But he shouldn't have to.
It's a shame Megan couldn't join us.
I'm sure she's gonna be sorry she missed it.
Work's been taking her out of town.
So, Zapata, how did y'all meet? I love a good origin story.
Oh, well, we both started working at the New York office the same day, so I naturally assumed he was competition.
- She hated me.
- You were wearing a tie and trying to be the best at everything of course I hated you.
Like you weren't trying to be the best at everything, too.
Sounds like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
Well, after about a month or so, we worked a few cases and discovered that we're actually a pretty good team.
[CHUCKLING] Well, that's funny after all those years as a strong team, you left the New York office as soon as Reade was promoted ahead of you.
One has nothing to do with the other.
You sure about that? Maybe there's still some competition there between y'all.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] Where's Dr.
Palmeri? I need to talk to her, it's very important.
Oh, uh she's gone for the day.
I I don't know where she went.
I'm with the FBI.
We know your boss is into something seriously illegal.
If you're covering for her, that makes you an accessory.
I'm not.
I I heard her on the phone, uh She's meeting someone named Park? All right, my money is on this woman, Dr.
Andrea Park.
She worked at Palmeri's start-up.
Palmeri brought her on as the other lead researcher for the KTL Virus project.
And when it imploded no one else would touch her.
But, despite her unemployment, she's been consistently purchasing massive quantities of scientific equipment.
Enough to outfit a very high-volume lab.
But what concerns me the most: Live cell cultures.
They're used to grow viruses.
Okay Hirst knew that Palmeri was taking bribes, right? And, like me, she probably thought that it had something to do with getting out of debt.
But what if it was about something bigger? KTL Virus.
Palmeri invented and patented a cure for a deadly epidemic.
And that was supposed to make her incredibly wealthy, not to mention carve her name in the history books.
And when it never happened, I'm pretty sure she felt cheated.
Are you suggesting I'm suggesting she's gonna start an epidemic.
PARK] If we move ahead now, the casualties will be severe.
We need six more months to do it right.
But if they find out about the nurse, we won't be able to do it at all.
Are you in or aren't you? I'm in.
Let's get going.
We release the virus today.
If we spooked Palmeri.
She could be moving up their timeline to release the KTL virus.
- We have to find them now.
- Working on it.
The equipment Park bought would require a very large lab with very specific ventilation.
Yeah, and we assume Palmeri bought one with the bribe money, but we still can't find that money anywhere.
[WELLER] I think I know where it is.
Todd told me that the nurse who died was onto Palmeri.
She knew about the bribery? Yeah, one of her patients admitted to it while he was on a morphine drip.
Said he deposited some cash into a bank account listed under "Edward Jenner.
" Inventor of the smallpox vaccine? That's a little on-the-nose.
Uh found it.
She used the account to purchase an old factory building last year.
That's perfect for a secret lab.
[WELLER] Send me the address.
Jane, meet me there.
All right? And bring our guns this time.
I'm coming, too.
You guys just lost half your tac team to brunch.
You need me.
Well, someone's still gotta watch Van Gogh.
I can multitask.
[SIREN WAILING] It's clear.
It looks like these rats were poisoned through their water.
Kurt, come look at this.
No, I'm I'm good right here.
[JANE SCOFFS] Are you scared of rats? No.
But they are dangerous.
And I hate their eyes.
The freezer's unplugged, but it's still cold.
They haven't been gone long.
Is it empty? Yeah.
Patterson said the KTL virus would be stored frozen.
If that's empty, it means Palmeri and Park took it with them.
But we don't even know for sure the virus was ever here, right? It's possible Patterson is wrong.
[WELLER] No Look.
Virus spread projections.
She wasn't wrong.
Can I help clear the plates? No, no no, don't bother.
I got it, thank you.
[PHONE BUZZING] Oh sorry to be rude.
It's Keaton.
Excuse me.
[BUZZING CONTINUES] [DOOR CLOSES] I think Zapata found her tribe when she joined the CIA.
What do you mean? They're snakes.
And I want this task force to proceed without them.
First thing tomorrow morning, you will revoke Zapata's FBI clearance, and you'll inform her that she is no longer a part of your team.
But why? I don't trust her.
And neither should you.
A history like yours illicit drug use [SCOFFS] It makes you vulnerable.
Someone like Zapata could use that against you.
Well, I've got bad news and more bad news.
That map is the projected impact of the virus if it's released in New York.
Our good doctors were using it to estimate just how much of their cure they needed to manufacture before releasing it.
But they're six months away from having enough.
So, if they release it today? Uh, we're only looking at millions dead.
Well, this says two million infected within an hour.
How do you infect that many people at once using a waterborne disease? Water treatment plants.
There are three that feed directly into Manhattan.
What? I listened to Radiolab.
[PATTERSON] Yeah, she's right.
Which one of the three is it? [COMPUTER BEEPING] Wait Dr.
Park went to the Boulder Lake Treatment Plant four times recently.
She used a navigation app to get there.
God, I love it when the criminals are amateurs.
- Let's move.
- Yeah.
What the hell is she doing? FBI! Show me your hands! [ALLIE] Hands over your head! Stop! Keep your hands where I can see them.
Palmeri? It's a wastewater pipe.
And it's flowing out of this plant.
What did you do with the virus? What did you do with the virus?! Wait, wait! Look at her gloves.
Those aren't medical.
They're for handling animals.
Come on.
The rats weren't just test subjects for the KTL Virus.
They're the delivery mechanism.
[WELLER] They're infected.
And they're already inside this plant.
[RATS SQUEAKING] All it takes is those infected rats gettin their mouths or noses in that water, and it's all contaminated.
[JANE] These open tanks are at the beginning of the water treatment process.
So, the water's decontaminated dozen of times after that.
But that pipe is connected to this tank here.
It looks like a shortcut to the last tank in the plant.
So, what does that mean? Are we too late? Park's not talking.
But I found this on her.
She texted that she's here.
Somebody responded with, "Ready inside.
" Palmeri.
Look, if there's a second piece to their plan, maybe we can still stop it.
Patterson, any way of shutting this plant down? There's an emergency detection system that shuts down automatically if there's been a contamination.
Looks like it's been deactivated.
Well, can you hack in and turn it back on? The system is ancient.
It can only be controlled from the failsafe room inside.
Palmeri must have performed a manual override.
This way.
You gotta hurry.
There's only four minutes until the infected water is out of plant, and then there's nothing we can do.
[GUNFIRE] [WELLER] Anyone got eyes on her? [GUNFIRE] Okay, I'm gonna draw her fire.
When she shoots at me, you can locate her.
Copy that.
[SHRIEKING] I think I hit her! She's running! We have two minutes to undo whatever she just did before it's too late.
All right, you two focus on that.
I'll go after Palmeri.
- Okay, do you see any labels anywhere? - No.
Hey, Patterson, you still there? Look, this thing's a nightmare.
We don't know where to start.
Yeah, I've got the employee instruction video.
Please, give me a second.
[VIDEO NARRATOR] Hello! If you're watching this, you may have encountered an error in the emergency detection system.
Not to worry.
Together, we'll have it back up and running in no time.
You gotta be kidding me.
Don't come any closer.
I want you to think very carefully about what you do next.
I've already shot you.
You're not gonna win this fight.
So, put the gun down.
Put it down.
It isn't fair.
I was so close.
[PATTERSON] So, there are three components that could tamper with the emergency detection system.
The first one is a big dial.
What is that set to? Uh, wh-which one? The red or the yellow? Well, that would be easier to answer if this video were in color.
- Left or right? - Left.
It should be pointing directly up.
- Okay, what's next? - There's a series of buttons.
- The first is labeled - I'm just gonna save you some time.
There are no labels anywhere on this wall.
There should be five of them in a column, uh, from top to bottom.
It should go: On, on, off, on, off.
[MACHINERY WHIRRING] Okay, ten seconds! The last one is a lever.
There's only one.
It should be pushed to the right.
[ALARM SOUNDING] What did I do? No, that's the emergency detection system.
It's working.
The plant is shutting down.
The virus can't get through.
Congratulations on repairing the system.
Those Ruskies don't stand a chance.
Palmeri's on her way to prison.
So that means Hirst has lost her inside man at the hospital.
[READE] And Allie made the official arrest, so there's no FBI fingerprints that can get back to Hirst.
Still, it's only a matter of time before she realizes Palmeri's gone.
Which is why a team of Marshals is headed to the hospital right now to bring Julian to you.
I just called to let him know.
Thank you.
Well, now it's your turn.
What did you do for Hirst? A few weeks after she'd gotten Julian into the trial, she came to me with an assignment.
She was Interim Director of the Bureau by then.
But there was another frontrunner to take over her position full-time.
She had me dig up dirt on him.
So that she would get the job instead.
It worked.
So, then she made me find dirt on all of the candidates for Head of the New York Office.
She wanted me to find someone with a secret she could leverage.
Someone she could manipulate.
That could've been any of us.
I became her full-time fixer after that.
She made me leave the Marshals because there was far too much for me to do for her.
A case would come across her desk, a person or a company that was supposed to be investigated, and she would task me with making it disappear.
Why? That's what I could never figure out.
There was never any common thread.
- Was it all blackmail? - At first.
Which is why it was easy to tell myself I wasn't really hurting anyone.
But she became more and more brutal.
And so did her assignments.
Soon she had me beating people up.
Threatening their families.
Their children.
And then Make it look like a home invasion.
Erase any shred of evidence that I was here.
- No? - This is too far.
The reason this man is dead, the only reason, is that he knew your name.
I killed him to protect you.
And now you're gonna protect me.
[DOOR SLAMS] uh, at your, uh, apartment.
Stuart? Hirst actually killed him herself.
That's enough for now, um We'll get you to a safe house tonight.
Tomorrow we'll find an attorney we trust, get all this on record.
[PHONE BEEPS] Safe house will be ready in an hour.
Good, thank you.
Oh, man, I don't envy those two.
Alone in protective custody for the whole trial.
That'll be at least a year.
I've seen the strongest couples fall apart in that situation.
And Van Gogh's been lying to his husband for two years.
He kept this from him to protect him.
That's not such a bad thing.
That is such a Kurt Weller response.
What's that supposed to mean? You always think you have to protect everyone.
But shielding someone from the truth isn't heroic, it's just dishonest.
People can handle more than you give them credit for.
[PATTERSON] We've got a problem.
The marshals just arrived at the hospital to secure Julian, only to find out that he checked himself out 20 minutes ago.
Van Gogh just rolled over on one of the most powerful women in the country.
We have to find Julian before Hirst does.
Tracked Julian's car, he's headed upstate.
He went through a toll a few minutes ago.
Okay, let's move.
[VAN GOGH] I'm coming with you.
[SIREN BLARES] Ohh thank God you're okay.
What did you do? Julian, I don't know what they told you.
Don't you dare lie to me again.
I was convinced that I was paranoid, but you did something horrible to get me that drug.
Look, we need to get both of you out of here.
All right? This is not safe.
He can explain in the car.
No, no, I'm not going back.
I'm pulling out of the trial.
I'm gonna stay with my sister.
No! No! Everything I did, it was for you, Julian.
It was to save your life.
That night that you came home with blood on your shirt at 4:00 a.
You said it was a rough prisoner transport, but you were shaking.
Whose blood was that? I can't keep taking that drug knowing that you sold both of our souls to get it for me.
No, wait, please, just It can't all be for nothing.
[SNIFFLES] You never have to see me again.
I did this, not you.
And you dying isn't gonna fix anything.
I'm begging you, just say in the trial.
[ALLIE] So, the other Marshals are on their way.
They'll stay with you here at the safe house around the clock.
Guess they didn't get the memo.
[WELLER] I'm sorry.
Do you regret keeping everything from him? No not one bit.
If I'd have told him about the blackmail, he'd have left the trial.
I knew that.
And I had already watched him battle cancer for two years.
He was in agony all the time.
So, I made a decision.
If lying to the person I love means sparing them horrible pain I'll lie.
Hirst hired me because I have a weakness she could exploit, same as Van Gogh.
At least his weakness was noble.
Reade, you need to stop beating yourself up about this.
No, you don't understand.
She's still manipulating me.
She wants me to remove you from the team.
None of that matters anymore.
We have Van Gogh.
You don't have to do anything for Hirst ever again.
[SIGHS] [JANE, VOICE SHAKING] Would you ever let someone take Bethany? You'd die to protect her.
I just let mine go.
[LINE RINGING] I should've killed you for that bounty when I had a chance.
You lucky Clem waved me off.
Hey, Clem, it's Jane.
Uh I know we didn't leave things on the best 18 years ago I gave up a daughter, my daughter for adoption and I I I don't know what happened to her.
I don't want to interfere with her life, but I I I'd like to know that she's okay.
That she's loved.
So, uh So, I want to find her and I thought, if anyone can track her down, it it would be you.
[SINGER VOCALIZING] Sometimes the devil has his day A cold wind blows and it's calling my name So I kneel down to pray Hey Hey! Oh, oh Hey, yeah Take my breath away, breath away Pull me down, hold me till I lose my faith Take my breath away Won't you pull me down, hold me down Hold me till I lose Take my breath away Hold me down, hold me till I lose my faith Take my breath away Won't you pull me down, pull me down Hold me till I lose my faith [PHONE VIBRATING] - Hello? - Reade, where are you? - At the office, why? - [DOOR OPENING] Van Gogh was shot by a sniper at the safe house.
He's dead.
Hirst knows everything.
Hi, Edgar.
Everything all right?