Blindspot (2015) s03e09 Episode Script

Hot Burning Flames

As promised, tonight's the night.
Like I keep saying, the security here is a joke.
See that security camera? 'Cause it doesn't see us anymore.
Video scrambler.
80 bucks online.
All right.
Now here comes the crazy part.
All it takes is one person on the inside who flips, someone gets greedy and then someone gets leverage, and then someone like me gets into the restricted section.
And here we are.
The goods are behind that door.
[LAUGHS] Gonna be pretty hard for them to ignore this now.
Am I right? [RUSSIAN WOMAN] Yes.
They'll take us seriously now.
[BEEPING] Whoa, whoa, what are you doing?! You guys hear from Weller or Jane? I've been calling all morning, I'm getting nothing.
- Think something's wrong? - Not yet.
It's just not like them to be late.
What do you guys got? Well, we've been digging back into the tattoo cases we've solved and we found a common thread.
Hank Crawford.
As in "Business Capital" Hank Crawford? That's the photo you're going with? Well, it's not like he has a mug shot, but he does have some strange, tenuous connections to the tattoos.
Hydrocarbon holdings in Kazah Rus.
He moved a ton of capital through Kevin Loewe's hedge fund, and he took an insurance payout from Sacred Lynx Productions when they burned down one of his buildings.
So we've got nothing? No, Crawford is connected to Hirst, too.
He served as special advisor on the White House that appointed her to be U.
attorney, and when Hirst was considering a senate run, one of Crawford's American companies funded a Super PAC to support her.
Right before she suddenly changed course and went the FBI route.
Right before we arrested her, she said the man she worked for is powerful and doesn't like to lose.
From the looks of all of his companies and investments, the one thing Crawford isn't into is losing.
[ZAPATA] Tech, finance, airlines, food chains.
Even the cosmetics company that makes my favorite lip balm.
I'm still gonna buy it.
- [BEEPING] - Oh, it's a tattoo hit.
All right, Patterson, that'll be your priority.
I'll put forensic accountants on Crawford's finances.
Tom Jakeman.
Welcome to Marrakesh, chum.
- How was your flight? - Uh Long.
That's a great story.
Here's your return ticket.
Sorry you came all this way for nothing.
I'm sorry, who are you? I'm Victor, Crawford's VP of Operations.
Flight leaves in a couple hours.
You better get going.
Yeah, uh Crawford asked me to meet him here to help out with a job.
Come and work for me.
Change of plans.
Crawford's sitting this one out so are you.
I'm doing the buy on my own.
What are you buying? You were hired to protect Blake that's it.
I got this.
I'm not really in the mood to die today.
I ran a little background check on you, TJ.
Australian defense force, second commandos.
You led an op to steal some laptops, got all FUBAR'd on the way out.
Everyone died.
Everyone but you.
Hard pass.
[PATS SHOULDER] Our helicopter crashed on the way in.
I survived, stole the laptops, and got out on my own.
Those records were falsified to protect the mission.
- You're not coming.
- Why not? I'm good to have around when things go wrong, I see things, I improvise.
Yeah, I bet you do.
I could kill you with your own tie.
I can tell by the knot you're left-handed and there's just no way you can draw that Glock you're hiding in time to spin, aim and shoot before I choke you out.
Of course, if I really wanted to kill you, I'd just steal your wallet and make you chase me around Morocco till your heart explodes.
Those snowflakes on your upper lip tell me you're doing so much coke, you don't even notice when you miss your nose.
You must be a real hit at all Blake's fancy fundraisers, huh? Why don't you grab that bag? You can be my lookout.
Still nothing from Weller and Jane? I just called.
No answer.
Maybe they overslept.
Both of them? The day after we arrest Hirst and expose a major conspiracy? Send a team over to their house, make sure they're okay.
- In the meantime, catch me up.
- All right.
Early this morning, a high-level memo was sent from a government storage facility to the DIA when it became clear that the facility suffered a break-in.
[ZAPATA] What we don't know, which facility, where it is, or what it stores.
It's not a good sign when the Defense Intelligence Agency is the first call.
What dinged your system? A photo was attached to the memo.
Someone spray-painted the logo for Blue Dawn inside the facility.
It's a direct action activist group.
Mostly online, minimal followers, no real footprint.
This is the Blue Dawn tattoo.
So far, I haven't been able to crack it.
Hold up.
Throw a 3-by-3 grid on top of that.
What does that look like to you? It's a slide puzzle.
I love these things.
How did I not see this? Because it's already been slid.
- So let's unslide it.
- If we do this, then we get Total nonsense.
Okay, maybe not.
These notches are all grouped together now.
And each grouping gives us a number.
It's a URL.
[READE] Some kind of message board.
Looks like a user named "andWHY21" posted a video late last night, right around the time of the break-in.
[DISTORTED VOICE] All right, everybody.
Or the exact time of the break-in.
It seems to be a live feed.
Can you fast-forward to the end, see what they stole? Yeah, sure, it's not live anymore.
Whoa, whoa, what are you doing?! [ZAPATA] Just when it was starting to get good.
Can you ID the intruders? Uh, not as quick as I can use metadata to figure out where the video was uploaded from.
Great, send the address to my phone, we're heading there now.
[INDISTINCT DISPATCH CHATTER] This day started off so well.
I was in such a good mood.
Dave Kirkpatrick, DIA.
What's the FBI doing here? We didn't send word to the more traditional agencies.
No sense in sounding off alarm bells.
Not till we know what's missing.
Our alarm bells tend to ring early.
- What is this place? - And what's missing? This is a classified regional storage facility of the DOE.
There's only one reason the Department of Energy would need a classified storage facility.
This is where they keep the nukes.
Nuclear warheads on the right, non-nuclear test warheads on the left.
Try not to rearrange anything.
Why does the Department of Energy keep nukes in padlocked containers? Okay, I'm not gonna lie, the system has its flaws.
And the DOE doesn't have the budget to update the "in plain sight" initiative, and, of course, doing any retrofits would simply draw attention to a facility that not even the FBI knew existed.
So, here we are.
This was obviously an inside job.
It's always an inside job.
My guys are checking to see who called in sick, the DOE is running scans on inventory.
No, this does not make any sense.
Count them again.
What's wrong? Uh, the inventory lines up.
All of the containers are accounted for.
One of the intruders on that video had bolt cutters.
What video? I'll send you the link.
Hey, why are these two padlocks different than the others? You scan the actual warheads, right? I mean, you didn't just scan the bar codes on the containers? Well, what are we doing here if we're not gonna look inside the damn containers? Are we gonna look inside or are we gonna stand around like it's Christmas?! [OVERLAPPING CHATTER] [LATCH SNAPS] It's empty.
[WELLER] I know you've been wrestling whether to look for your daughter or not, and I haven't been very useful in helping you make that decision.
- Look, I understand.
- No, you don't.
The truth is, Jane, I don't want you to look for her because I know you won't find her.
How would you know that? Because I I killed your daughter.
What? Wh It was a mistake.
Stop! Why Why didn't you I I want to know everything.
Everything, We met in Berlin.
Sir, she was just here.
You must have seen her.
I'll check.
We're looking for the same person.
Jane Doe? Or Alice Kruger, Remi She has a lot of names.
How do you know Jane? She's my mother.
That's impossible.
I wouldn't be here if it wasn't true in more ways than one.
That's my birth certificate.
You could have doctored this.
Why would I do that? It's true.
Take my blood, run the DNA.
I'm her daughter.
What if it wasn't? Okay, this girl could have been lying.
She wasn't.
How could you be so sure without - Did you run her DNA? - No.
[FIGHTING TEARS] But her face The way she talked the way she moved.
The fire inside of her, Jane.
She was your daughter.
[GERMAN ACCENT] My bellman saw this woman talking with a man in the lobby one night.
The man's name is Max Kohler.
Max, uh Max is a German gangster.
He's into a little bit of everything.
I went to see him when there was an attempt made on my life in Switzerland.
Someone tried to collect the bounty on your head.
I made it out okay, but I lost my go-bag, and I needed new passports to get out of Europe.
You must have just missed me.
Avery, the Lebanese Mafia run Berlin.
- So? - Does Max Kohler sound Lebanese to you? And if they're letting him operate on their turf, all right, it's far too risky for you to go and ask him about Jane.
So I'll go and I'll call you when I find her.
Screw that.
I don't know you.
I have no reason to trust you.
Whoa, hey.
You approached me, remember? And if I hadn't, you wouldn't know that Max operates our of a dry cleaner's in Friedrichshain, so I'm either going with you or I'm going alone, and if you don't like it, you can go back home and I'll let you know where she is when I find her.
Why did you bring her to see Max? I didn't I kept her close to me, so I could keep an eye on her.
We found an abandoned office across the road from the dry cleaner's.
We stayed there, waited until Max showed up.
Why now? It's been 18 years.
Why start looking for Jane now? I've known I was adopted my whole life, but I loved my parents and they loved me.
Why go searching for someone who didn't? Jane loved you.
Then why'd she give me up? Anyway, my My mom died of cancer, and my dad killed himself, so guess I got curious.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Has Jane ever mentioned me? I told her you'd had your memory wiped.
D Did you tell her about Shepherd or Roman? No.
I told her about the bounty on your head, and that's why you'd run away.
To protect me.
Protect our family.
Memory-erasing drugs? A bounty on her head? What kind of a person is she? She's someone that helps people.
- Protects them.
- Abandons them.
If Jane did give you up for adoption, I'm sure she had a good reason.
But she won't remember, right? Why she gave me up.
I didn't give her up.
Shepherd stole her from me and sent her away.
I know that now.
I didn't know that then.
I I fought for her.
And now sh-she thinks I never loved her? No.
I told her you loved her.
I promise you.
By the end, she knew, Jane.
She knew.
The Jane that I know, if she knew about you, she would walk to the ends of the earth to find you.
Like you're doing for her.
Like we are doing.
[WELLER] There's Max.
- Let's go.
- No, Avery, stop.
You have to stay here.
I am not gonna fight about this.
I convinced her to stay in the office.
She said that she would.
She promised me.
[EXHALING] What happened, Kurt? I don't know.
I went in there and it was like they were expecting me.
[GRUNTING] [GUNSHOT] No, no! Avery, hey it's gonna be okay.
Avery, just stay with me.
We've got to get out of here! [GUNFIRE CONTINUES] [MAN SHOUTING IN GERMAN] You just left her there? They were closing in on me.
I tried to get her out.
I couldn't.
If I had stayed any longer, I would have died, too.
Then you should have stayed.
She wasn't supposed to be there, Jane.
It was a mistake.
If it was a mistake, then why didn't you tell me sooner? 'Cause I was trying to protect you.
You were trying to protect yourself.
Why hear about a daughter that you didn't even know that you had, only to find out that she was dead and your own husband killed her? Every chance you had to tell me, you lied.
What would it change? Us.
It would change us.
[CELL PHONE VIBRATING] They keep calling.
[KNOCKING ON DOOR] Sir, Assistant Director Reade sent us.
Is Miss Doe here, too? Are you both okay? We're fine.
We're gonna take the day off.
There's been a development.
Tell Reade to get someone else.
- We need to - No.
I need to be anywhere but here.
Hey, I just unmasked the live-streamer.
Photo's on your phone.
Adam Taylor.
He work here? Uh, yeah.
He just badged in 30 minutes ago.
If you issue a lockdown, you can Oh, okay, well, never mind, he just badged out.
We're right outside the facility.
[ZAPATA] I got him.
Why the hell would he return to the scene of the crime? It'd be more suspicious if he didn't.
- Adam Taylor! FBI! - Hands up! - Drop the phone! - No, no, no, please wait! You don't understand! They're gonna kill my kid! Went off without a hitch.
Let's get out of here.
Glad I could help.
So what did we buy? Damn, it's hot out here, huh? Let's get back to the hotel.
We got company on our six.
Yeah, over there, too.
They were with the sellers at the buy.
Without a hitch, huh? Looks like they're trying to steal the package back.
Here Take it to the estate, do whatever it takes.
I'll lose 'em.
We just put Adam in interrogation.
He's freaking out.
Says the woman in the video wants to kill his son but won't elaborate.
- Still no idea who she is? - Not even close.
Even the super unique neck piercings don't match anyone in any database.
Silver lining We opened every last container, and all of the warheads, save the two that she stole, of course, are accounted for.
Two missing nukes is not a silver lining.
- Can we track 'em? - Not unless they're armed.
- Seriously? - Well, like I said, the current system leaves a lot to be desired.
We need to crack Adam.
Weller, Jane, - take a run at him and - I'll do it on my own.
He's scared.
I have a softer approach.
I'll work with Patterson.
The rest of us will look into the mystery woman, and let's get into Adam's phone.
- Dave.
- Hey, Jake.
Look, whatever you need to find those nukes, you've got the CIA's full support.
And assuming we're all still alive tomorrow, we should discuss the game plan for taking down Hank Crawford.
There's nothing to discuss.
He just lost a major resource in Hirst.
We go after him fast and hard while he's on tilt.
Oh, man, you are such a Fed.
You have a better idea? Yeah, look.
Crawford is untouchable.
We need to play a very long game.
We tried the long game with Hirst and she almost played us.
We get him for something small, take him off the board, and we bury him quicker we arrest him, the better.
You know he's wrong, right? - I'll handle it.
- Yeah.
Please, I can't be here.
She said she was gonna kill my son.
We are going to help your son, but you need to help us.
I made that video to expose flaws in our nuclear security, to fix a broken system.
I I never wanted to steal anything.
I'm a whistleblower.
I got tricked by a psychopath.
Well, who is she? What does she want? Okay, sure, sure.
Her Her name is Lana.
I met her online in the Blue Dawn forum.
Okay, and it was her idea, so she knew that you worked at the storage facility.
I don't remember.
And I just I I got us in and it became very clear very quick that she was not an activist.
Now, please, I need to call her.
She said my son would be safe as long as I got her the codes.
The codes to arm the warheads? They change every day, - and she gave me this special phone - Wait, wait, wait.
You didn't give them to her? Adam, you didn't give her the codes? [CRYING] I had to.
I texted her right before you arrested me.
I think I know who it is.
Is this the psychopath? That That is her, that is Lana.
Lana's full name is Svetlana Stepulov, sister of Anton Stepulov, who I'm sure you all remember as the former number two of the Dabbur Zann.
Oh, you mean the Architect of Death.
This city will feel my pain.
I caught a glimpse at the back of her neck in Adam's video.
Those piercings match a recent description of Lana I acquired from a source close to the Dabbur Zann.
I thought the Dabbur Zann went dark when Anton retired.
He didn't exactly retire.
He's a guest of the CIA, but his departure created a power vacuum in the terror group.
So she's using these warheads to take control.
Adam gave Lana the codes, but they change every 24 hours, which means she is planning on using them today.
What if we get Adam to call Lana to check on his son? Yeah.
If you want to put him on the phone, that's the best way to trace an active call.
See if he can get her to arm the warheads.
Why the hell would we do that? I know it sounds bad, but Lana's got the warheads already.
Sooner as she arms them, the better our shot at recovering them before she gets a chance.
Why trace a call to somewhere they may or may not be when we can pinpoint them exactly using their active energy signature? Because tracing a call doesn't arm a nuclear bomb.
Yeah, we'll call that plan "B.
" [CELL PHONE RINGS] Adam, we talked about this.
You've broken our deal.
I said I would call you once I verified the codes.
Well, what are you waiting for? I've done everything you asked.
I asked you not to call me and yet here we are! Please, just let me talk to my son.
Please, let me hear his voice.
[LANA] Hold on.
The codes work.
You've been very helpful, Adam.
Thank you.
Wait, wait, wait! Do you know how to arm the weapons? [LANA] Yes.
Well, what about my son? I don't I don't want you going back on your word if you try to arm them and they don't work.
Your son is fine.
- I'll text you an address.
- [BEEPS] [PATTERSON] I pinpointed her in North America, but that's as far as I'll get until I can rewrite my decryption program based on the signature of this call.
The boy's at 5667 Douglas Street, Tarrytown.
- "Come alone.
" - I'll ride with Zapata.
- What's going on with you and Jane? - It's personal.
If it makes a difference, I'm not asking as your boss.
You were my friend when I was going through some hard times, so whatever's going on, I got you.
Thanks, bud.
I don't know where to start.
Start at the end and work your way back.
I killed Jane's daughter.
I don't know what to say.
Neither do I.
It feels like I'm in a dream.
I can't look at him, I can't be around him.
Look, if you need to take some time No, time won't fix this.
My daughter is gone.
I still don't even know what she looked like.
What was her name? Avery.
That's beautiful.
Okay, I've got the kid.
One armed guard on the far side of the house.
None of them should be here, unless Lana was planning to kill Adam and his son as soon as he got here.
Do you see Lana or the warhead? No.
But the kid looks terrified.
- I'm going in.
- No, Jane, wait for us.
He's in danger, I'm going in now.
Jane, wait! [GUNSHOT] [GUNSHOT] FBI! - [GUNSHOT] - Uhh! [READE] Clear! What the hell were you thinking? I'm fine! He got me in the vest.
I don't wanna lose you because you're angry at me.
Don't touch me! [ZAPATA] It'll be okay.
Be okay.
[JANE GRUNTING] [GRUNTS] The authorities are involved earlier than expected.
We strike sooner than planned.
What else did we get from the raid? I'm running diagnostics on all the encrypted phones and computers you brought back.
Lana was using an encrypted webcam to monitor the house.
Likely, she and the warheads were never there.
If she wasn't onto us before, she definitely is now.
[LANA] This is Lana Stepulov of the Dabbur Zann.
I want the agent in charge.
This is Assistant Director Reade with the FBI.
Who else would be there if warheads went missing? Is Mr.
Keaton there? I didn't see him at the raid, but I've heard so much about him from my brother Anton.
If you're trying to take control of the Dabbur Zann, there's easier ways.
Ah, Mr.
Keaton, but stealing American nukes is the most attention-grabbing.
You have our attention.
I want my brother Anton released from the CIA black site where he's being held.
I want all American occupying forces out of Turkey.
You have two hours.
That is all.
The United States government does not negotiate with terrorists.
Your entire capitalist system is based on negotiation and leverage and getting what one wants for the lowest cost.
I have the nukes.
You want to save lives.
I'll call you back.
[BEEP] Anything? [PATTERSON] The encryption is really good.
[PATTERSON] Are you okay? I'll live.
[READE] And you won't pull a stunt like that again, right? [KEATON] Lana's bluffing.
No one in their right mind uses a nuke.
I would definitely not assume she's in her right mind.
What are we even doing in Turkey? What business do we have there? - Jane - What? Why do we always insist on messing around in people's lives? - [WELLER] This isn't about the troops.
- No, it's about interfering in matters that don't concern us and killing people who don't deserve to die.
Stop! Focus for a second, okay? We're not gonna move the troops, that isn't gonna happen.
Lana must know that.
This has to be a ploy for her to get what she really wants her brother.
You want to hand Anton Stepulov back to the Dabbur Zann? We're not gonna hand him over to anyone.
We're just gonna buy ourselves some time.
Pull him out of the black site, put him on a runway, make a big production out of the trade until we can locate the warheads.
Yeah, there's just one problem.
Anton Stepulov is dead.
Don't try anything.
I'll take the package.
There are two snipers on you.
Make a move, you die.
You're making a big mistake.
You didn't think to tell us Anton Stepulov was dead? Oh, I told you as soon as it was relevant.
- Did you know about this? - No.
I knew that Anton was on the U.
It's a warship we use as a secret floating prison.
So how did Lana know? I'm looking into potential leaks.
If there is one, I'll plug it.
How did Anton die? His heart gave out during an interrogation.
He's buried at sea, but no one knows that, so put a beard on a lookalike, put a bag on his head, pull it up for a peek.
From a distance, Lana'll never know.
We've done it before.
It works.
I want to see that damn lookalike.
Okay, I know this isn't an ideal time to bring this up, but he's right about slow rolling Crawford.
You're absolutely right.
This is not an ideal time to bring this up.
You're not seeing things clearly.
Take Hirst out of it.
You were close.
She hurt you.
Now you're trying to hurt the guy who owns her.
Reade, retaliation won't work here.
This is chess, not boxing.
And sometimes you can end a chess game - with a few quick moves.
- Not this one.
You can't go right after the king.
You have to take out the pieces that protect him.
You know what? I don't trust Keaton.
He always has an angle, and I don't like his methods, okay? Do you trust me? With my life.
Then think about it.
- [CELL PHONE VIBRATING] - Here, Patterson.
Can we trace it this time? I rewrote my decryption program, but there's no guarantee.
Lana, you're on with [LANA] What have you decided, Mr.
Keaton? We're moving the troops to Greece.
The joint chiefs and the White House are drafting orders as we speak.
It will take time, but it's happening.
I must say, I wasn't expecting that.
I thought I'd have to play hardball.
In the meantime, as a show of good faith, we'll move your brother to an airport.
We'll trade him for one of the warheads.
Now, Lana, that is a very fair deal.
Except I already know my brother Anton is dead, which means you were never planning to move the troops and you're not taking me seriously.
But you will soon.
Did she hang up? She's still on the line, but we're on hold.
[BEEPING] She's in New York.
[WELLER] City or state? State.
Possibly city.
It's working, but I need just a little bit more time.
One of the warheads just got armed.
- You sure about that? - Very.
Is that New York? No, it's moving over the South Pacific.
Is she in the South Pacific or New York? [PATTERSON] No I don't know.
One of the bombs is in the South Pacific.
That's all we know.
Oh, my God.
Did Did that just g How many dead? That's an uninhabited island.
No one lives anywhere close.
There shouldn't be any human casualties.
- He's right.
- That was a warning shot.
[LANA] Unlike you, I do what I promise.
Move the troops, or the next warhead goes off in New York.
I ask a question, you answer truthfully, or we find out if you can breathe underwater.
But we both know you're gonna waste time begging for your life.
[MUFFLED GRUNTING] [COUGHING] And then you're gonna say that you don't know anything.
[GASPING] But now we've got that out of the way, we can get to the truth.
Choose your next words very carefully.
Who hired you to steal the package? Victor.
I'm Victor, Crawford's VP of Operations.
Victor hired you? The guy I was with earlier? I swear.
It was Victor.
Zero casualties, zero witnesses.
We got lucky.
I feel pretty lucky.
But let me remind you that the warhead that Lana just detonated was the smaller of the two.
- No one forgot that, Dave.
- Fine.
I'm just saying that the other one she has left - will level New York.
- Not if we find her first.
Good plan.
How? We know that Lana has a plane.
It's the only way she could have gotten the first nuke out to the South Pacific.
[READE] And we know she wasn't on it.
Patterson's phone trace put her in New York.
Right, so if the second nuke is gonna detonate here, she needs an escape.
She must have a second plane.
If she does, we can track it.
Again, how? Deductive reasoning, math, a little bit of that luck you love so much.
The plane has to be big enough to carry Lana's crew - and the warhead.
[WELLER] - And be able to fly high enough and fast enough to get out of the blast zone.
I'm searching private airports for charter planes that have landed in New York in the last few Wait, you think she's gonna file a flight plan to drop a nuclear warhead on New York City? Not on her way out, but there's no way she could have landed two huge planes on her way in without one.
How many charters have landed recently with no plans to leave? A few more than I'd like, but there's a C-123 cargo plane at Farmingdale Airport on Long Island.
You sure that's it? 91% sure.
It meets all the criteria, and it's Russian-made.
You have to subtract the 9% on account of, just, like, so many other things All right, we got it.
We got it, let's go.
Patterson, we're in the hangar.
- Are the warheads in here? - I don't know.
If the warhead isn't armed, there's no way to tell.
All right, let's split up and find that nuke.
I'm gonna search the other hangar for the cargo plane.
Okay, so I've got the specs for the warhead in front of me.
It can be armed via the weapon itself or with a remote.
You need to recover the remote and the nuke to neutralize the threat.
Where's Weller? I - [ALARM WHOOPING] - Uh, good news, bad news.
The warhead just got armed, and it's moving fast.
Pretty sure it's on that plane.
How is any of that good news? 'Cause I got eyes on a GPS tracker.
Pretty sure I know where Weller is.
[GRUNTS] All right.
Patterson, I found the warhead.
How do I disarm it? Uh, use the Category D Permission Action Link, hit the disarm button.
What, that's it? I mean, yeah.
They're our nukes.
It's not like he has to cut a wire.
Patterson! Give me an answer! No, he's right, just punch in the six-digit PAL code Adam stole for Lana 6-4-0-7-1-4 and hit "disable.
" That should do it.
[KEYPAD BEEPING] Done! Agh! What was that? [STRUGGLING ON SPEAKER] [WELLER] Lana's on the plane! She's got a chute on! No, that doesn't make any sense.
She's not gonna jump into the blast zone.
[WELLER] Patterson! The cargo bay door is opening! Hack into that plane! I need you to close it! I'm trying to connect, but it's a military plane.
It's all encrypted, and it's all in Russian.
Weller, the warhead just changed directions dramatically.
It's in freefall right over Manhattan.
[WELLER] She's released the bomb! And as long as it's not armed when it falls, it's not going to explode on impact.
[BEEPING] You can't see this, but the bomb just got armed.
[GROANING] [BOTH GRUNTING] [WELLER] Lana's dead! She fell out of the plane! Where's the remote? It's on her wrist! There's only one way to disarm that bomb.
You gotta jump! Oh, he for sure already jumped out of that plane.
[PATTERSON] Okay, you need to catch up to Lana and use her remote to disarm the warhead.
You have about 30 seconds until it hits the ground.
We need to scramble fighter jets to intercept that plane.
We're already on it.
They're T-minus three minutes 40 seconds.
That is why Lana put on the parachute.
In case we shoot her down.
[PATTERSON] 15 14 13 12 11 10 [BEEPING] Weller, the warhead just disappeared from our screens.
It's disarmed.
We're in the clear.
It landed in the Hudson.
You did it.
You just saved millions of lives.
[LAUGHS] [LAUGHS] - Oh, Dave, no.
- Oh.
Weller Are you okay? [ELEVATOR CHIMES] Ah, there he is, fresh from the sky.
Very cool.
Where's Jane? She had to go home.
She's not feeling well.
Well, here's hoping you guys are around the next time something like this happens.
What do you mean "next time"? It's not the first time the Department of Energy has misplaced a nuke, and I can promise you, it won't be the last.
[LAUGHS] Silver lining maybe after today's events, they'll get a bit more budget and we can work on some nuclear security, but that's a big maybe.
All right.
See ya.
[CHUCKLES] Bye, Dave.
[ZAPATA] What an idiot.
One last thing.
We still have the big picture to deal with.
[COMPUTER BEEPING] As much as I want to take Crawford down now, we're still not at checkmate, so we'll use the long game.
We'll use the tattoos to take all of his pieces off the board while he still doesn't know what's happening, force him into a corner He'll make some mistakes, and we can take him and Roman down together.
Sounds like a plan.
Nice work on Reade.
I knew you'd convince him to see things our way.
Didn't take much convincing.
Just had to hear it from a friend.
You know, there will come a day when our interests won't align with theirs.
Playing peacemaker won't be possible.
You'll need to pick a side.
I picked a side when I left the FBI.
I'm with you all the way.
You look like hell.
Yeah, I had a hell of a day.
Those guys that were following us, you must have lost 'em, huh? Yeah, I lost 'em in the bazaar.
Well, they found me.
Stole the package and sped off.
[SIGHS] Well Luckily, I memorized the license plate, popped back here, checked the CCTV footage in the area.
Hope you don't mind, I borrowed your laptop.
It's password protected.
Yeah, you'll definitely need to change that.
I can show you how if you want.
Anyway, I tracked the car.
- A lot of trouble for a little coin.
- Hmm.
Why does Crawford want it so bad? He doesn't.
- It's a gift for someone.
- Who? Should I call Crawford and ask him? You know, I'm sure he'd be relieved to hear how I got it back after you lost it.
It's a gift for a collector that he's trying to close a deal with.
And This little coin is worth $4 million on the open market, but if it closes the deal, it's worth 30 billion.
What's he buying? Something unbuyable.
So it would have been bad if I lost that coin? Very bad.
[DOOR OPENS] [DOOR CLOSES] [JANE SIGHS] I didn't know if you'd be here.
I was hoping we could talk.
Nothing that you could say would fix this.
I've never seen my daughter's face, and all I can picture is you killing her.
That's all I can see, too.
It's all I've seen for months.
And all you did was lie.
'Cause I knew if I told you, that would end us.
I don't want to lose you again.
The first time, it nearly killed me, and, Jane, I know this was selfish.
- I know it was cowardly.
- I'm leaving.
Just Take all the time that you need.
- When you're ready, we can - No.
I am leaving you.