Blindspot (2015) s03e17 Episode Script

Mum's the Word

1 [MAN] D Flawless, ten carats, brilliant cut.
Conflict-free from Botswana.
Such natural perfection is rare.
It's stunning.
I'll take them all.
Since we first spoke, there was a spike in the market.
It seems someone's been buying these high-quality stones in bulk.
Well, lucky we got to them first.
Hmm hmm It took quite an effort.
I had to reach out to my contacts all over Asia, Amsterdam, New York.
There were even some bidding wars.
Well the price was set.
30 million.
The market is out of my control.
Six million will cover my unexpected costs.
I would urge you not to break your word.
I trusted you.
Just like you should trust that I won't turn you over to the authorities for smuggling arms for the Sun On Yee triad or to your wife for the waitress you're seeing on the side Nina, is it? I mean, how would little Rissa feel, knowing that you cheated on her mother? Growing up with a father in prison? I mean, assuming, of course, the Sun On Yee triad don't get to you first.
Words are very powerful things so I suggest you choose your next ones carefully.
30 million.
Thank you for your business.
Any problems? Nothing a little conversation couldn't fix.
Well done.
$300 million in untraceable diamonds.
Better than cash.
I can't help but feel like we're getting the deal of the century at this price.
Bruyere has no idea how valuable his land really is.
But he will.
And when he does he won't be happy.
So, how does it feel to be standing on the right side of history? It's good to have you on board, Tom.
Let's go! [GRUNTING THROUGHOUT] You're my best friend.
You should've cared about me more.
I made a mistake.
This is the only relationship I can have with you right now.
I'm in love with you.
I'm engaged.
[LOUD GRUNT] Where was this two years ago? [CELL PHONE RINGING] [LOUD GRUNT] What?! Understood.
[READE] This is Gali Grant from the U.
Attorney's Office.
She's gonna be helping us with the Crawford case.
That is, if you have a case.
Tell me about this tip.
Our sources told us that Crawford is meeting Jean-Paul Bruyere at a charity gala.
Bruyere plus Crawford equals Crawford hashtag.
That hashtag means checkmate.
He's saying "Crawford Checkmate.
" And Bruyere is? A corrupt businessman from Belgium who's been suspected of money laundering, tax evasion, insider trading Suspected? So corrupt is more of a theory at this point.
This meet could be the key to catching Crawford in a criminal act.
Look, I get it.
You know Crawford's bad.
You know he financed Sandstorm and bought off Hirst and has had many people killed.
But knowing these things and proving them in court are entirely separate matters.
You need evidence.
With all due respect, we do know how to build a case.
It's kind of what we do around here.
[GRANT] I'm just saying, you got a witness whose story comes up short or a shaky chain of custody, we're screwed.
So if this meeting really is something, it could be your only shot.
Don't blow it.
Well, she's a joy.
Yeah, well, you guys heard her.
Weller, Jane, zero in on Bruyere and Crawford.
Figure out what they could want from each other.
Okay, so, what do we know about Blake's gala? Well, according to the invitation, guests are instructed to fly into Dubrovnik, Croatia, but it's all we know.
Blake does this every year to keep the paparazzi away.
Once the guests arrive at the designated airport, they're then shuttled to the top secret location.
All right, do whatever it takes to find it.
Hey, look at this.
Bruyere declared himself bankrupt four years ago.
Hey, we got your message.
Is everything okay? I've been thinking about what you said.
The more we work together, the faster we get Crawford.
So, I dug around online, went through my family's cloud accounts, my dad's calendar.
This is every snapshot, travel itinerary, and message that has to do with Hank Crawford.
That's great.
We'll get our analysts on that right away.
Wait, what do you mean? You said "work together.
" Where's the together part? Look, I really appreciate this.
But we are racing the clock, chasing a lead that could bring Crawford down today.
So let me help! That man is responsible for my dad's death, I know it.
It's too dangerous, I'm sorry.
We're get our lab techs on this immediately.
But right now there's nothing more you can do.
Head back to the safe house.
We'll keep you posted.
Wait, why do you have a picture of this yacht? Do you know that yacht? Know it? Two years ago I spent most of spring break on it.
Are you sure? Yeah, it's called "Sea-Duction" I think I'd remember that.
I was with my parents, the Crawfords, and the couple who owned it.
A couple? That's Bruyere's boat.
We've got no record of him having a wife.
[AVERY] Yeah, they weren't exactly married.
Her name was Allison or Ali something? All I remember is my dad telling me to be nice to them because they were important.
There was an Allison on Patterson's person of interest list, um Here That's her.
She used to be a redhead.
Allison Ornstein.
She flew into Dubrovnik today.
And so that confirms Roman's intel.
If she's going to the gala, Bruyere probably is too.
We'll let you know when we find out more.
This is so stupid.
Avery Look, Jane You're probably gonna hate hearing this Do you remember when I used to try to bench you for your own safety and how that felt? If you don't loosen your grip, you're gonna drive her away.
I don't want her getting hurt.
I understand that.
But she's wired just like you.
That's what I'm afraid of.
Hey, you comin'? What? Are you avoiding me because of what happened? What? No! You were late to the briefing this morning, and now Patterson texted us five minutes ago - and you're just sitting here.
- I didn't get a text message.
There must be something wrong with my phone.
Well, that's weird, you're not on the text chain.
Patterson's freezing you out.
[SIGHS] That's like seventh grade all over again.
Look, this is work.
Whatever personal stuff Patterson has with you and Borden You can't blame her.
I'll handle it.
Patterson, what you got? Uh, turns out Bruyere's girlfriend, Allison Ornstein, is also a known associate to an elusive terrorist leader called "The Serpent.
" What do we know about him? That he's managed to stay anonymous, despite being the mastermind behind some of the deadliest terrorist attacks - in recent history.
- Yeah, the Stockholm suicide bombing, the Taipei sarin attack.
They're both rumored to be his handiwork.
So, what's Allison's connection to him? Well, according to her CIA dossier, she travels to the target cities usually 48 hours before The Serpent's attacks took place.
So she's his accomplice.
Any leads on The Serpent's whereabouts? No, the CIA trail died four years ago.
That's around the same time Bruyere went bankrupt.
- You think there's a connection? - Seems awfully coincidental.
The Serpent goes dormant the same time Bruyere goes broke.
The Serpent's terror group was suspected of running camps in the Congo.
Bruyere has land holdings there.
Bruyere's The Serpent, it's gotta be him.
[READE] What the hell's Crawford doing meeting with terrorists? Whoa, I don't know but he just liquidated $300 million worth of assets.
What if Crawford is funding The Serpent's next terror attack? [JANE] This has to be what Roman meant by his text.
Bruyere plus Crawford equals Checkmate.
[WELLER] This is our shot.
We take down one of the world's most dangerous terrorists.
And we take Crawford down with him.
Any leads on Blake's gala? Uh, I poked around Blake's usual party planner, Ilana Isakow.
But she decided to go with someone different this time around.
Someone with a lot more security.
So, who's she using? Uh, someone named Vanessa Baker.
As in the Vanessa Baker? You know her? She wrote the holy grail of wedding planning books.
At least, according to Meg.
Vanessa would know the location, who's attending, all security protocols.
For sure, but she's built her whole reputation on discretion.
Probably why Blake went with her.
Come on, Patterson, surely you can crack into some wedding planner's hard drive? Yeah, I need proximity to her computer.
Ideally a spot with public WiFi.
I could set up a router to hijack the signal, known as a pineapple hack.
Sounds delicious.
You two up for a little bit of undercover work? I nominate you, groomzilla.
You might get some free tips for your wedding.
We could use more time to dig into Crawford and Bruyere.
- Uh, guess that leaves you and me.
- Guess so.
[READE] Patterson, get us on Vanessa's calendar ASAP.
Do whatever it takes, all right? - Well, this is - Incredibly awkward.
I, I never would have Let's not talk about this right now.
Head's up.
- You must Joe.
- Yes.
And Lee? Soon to be Epstein [READE] Thanks for fitting us in, Ms.
Oh, please, call me Vanessa.
What I like to do is really get to know a couple before we work together.
Tell me about the first time you realized you had feelings for her.
Before that, I would love to see some of the photographs from your website.
Right down to business.
We're gonna get along great, you and me.
Yeah, there was one picture that caught my eye in particular.
- The event at The Plaza.
- Ahh.
While she's looking, let's get into the nitty-gritty.
Have you chosen your best man yet? [READE] I have, my best friend who also happens to be a woman.
[VANESSA] Well, that's a mistake.
I've done a lot of these.
Trust me, pick a guy otherwise it gets real complicated.
Uh, Vanessa, what do you think of a Roaring '20s theme? I love a theme wedding.
[READE] Do you have any ideas off the top of your head? Model T's to take the guests between the wedding venue and the reception.
Prohibition-themed cocktails, flappers serving hors d'oeuvres.
Sounds fun! Can you tell us how you handle security? We have a number of pretty high-profile guests.
[VANESSA] I hand-select my security specialists.
Most are former military contractors.
You won't need to worry.
You two are going to make gorgeous children.
How many kids are you thinking? Oh, you know what? That is work and I have to go.
I totally understand.
Now that we've met, I get the couple dynamic.
She's the driver, you're the passenger.
Indeed, thank you, Vanessa.
[WELLER] So what did you get? Vanessa's hard drive was a gold mine.
For starters, I know what Roman's been up to.
He's Head of Security for Hank Crawford.
Goes by the name of Tom Jakeman.
That's how he knows the details to Blake's gala.
Yeah, and he's been liaising with Vanessa, setting up all the security protocols for the event.
If that's true, he'll definitely be there.
We can arrest Crawford, Bruyere and Roman.
Okay, so, gala location.
It's at a secluded mansion on the island of Korcula, one of the Dalmatian Islands off the coast of Croatia.
Nice, let's warm up the jet.
Crawford can't see us coming.
Because of Hirst, we need to assume that he knows who we are.
Is anyone else worried that this is one big Roman trap we're about to walk into? Crawford's about to put a known terrorist back in play.
I mean, trap or no trap, we have to stop Bruyere before he can fund another attack.
Kurt's right.
If we get eyes on that deal, Crawford and Bruyere, it's over for them.
And once it is, we take down Roman.
Patterson, I want you to figure out every possible way on and off that island.
We're not let this guy slip out of our fingers again.
I'll get started on backstopped identities, but Vanessa's security protocols are intense.
It would be a lot easier to sneak in if we already had an inside man that was cleared to be there.
Too bad we don't know anybody on that invite list.
We do know someone.
Could've saved me a trip back to the safe house.
So what's so urgent? [WELLER] Uh, okay, so we know that you and Blake spent a lot of time together in your childhood.
Well, we weren't best friends but she looked out for me.
Kind of like a big sister whenever our families traveled together.
Why? What's that have to do with anything? Think you could score an invitation to Blake's annual charity gala? Sure, yeah, Blake tried to connect a bunch of times after my father died.
Avery, there's another part to our plan.
[READE] We need you to attend the gala to get the team in through a back door.
Oh, like sneaking into a movie.
I'm in! Avery, I wanna make sure you understand what this could mean.
You may see Crawford and Bruyere, and there's a good chance Roman will be there.
I'll be fine.
I can handle myself.
We will be guiding you with the comms the whole way through.
And you will have a tracker in case something goes wrong.
Lemme guess The tracker is your idea.
It's for your protection.
I'll stay with Zapata and Patterson.
We'll run point from here.
Actually, I think I should go.
You should have CIA presence.
Fine, Patterson, we'll get you an alias, too.
But remember what Grant said.
We need hard evidence of a deal between Bruyere and Crawford.
Anything less and these guys will slip through our fingers.
So, we take down Bruyere and Crawford first, and then we move onto Roman.
[CHATTER AND BACKGROUND MUSIC PLAYS] Avery, you all right? I'm fine.
Okay, Avery, head to your right.
Now go through the last door on the left.
Try not to be seen.
[DOOR CREAKS] Keep going down the hall until you get to a door at the very end.
That's the one you'll need to open for us.
It's blocked.
Okay, uh, let me try to find another option, hang tight.
Wait, there's a window.
I think I can reach it.
No, Avery, don't.
Wait for Patterson.
If someone sees you Hey, what are you doing?! What the hell do you think you're doing? This is a restricted area.
I'm sorry I, I I just Tell him you were being followed.
There was a guy he was following me.
I guess I took a wrong turn.
Okay, make him empathize with you.
He's been eyeing me since I got here.
I thought he was gonna hurt me so I ran and he followed me.
I was just looking for a way out, I panicked.
What did he look like? Bald, pale, old, like 40.
Not old I know that's not old.
Older than me, I meant.
I'll alert the security team.
There's an elevator around the corner to the right.
Take it up to the main floor back to the party.
That's the safest place to be.
Thank you so much.
Good thinking under pressure.
Thanks for the assist.
You guys can get into the window, I unlocked it.
Nice work.
We'll meet you back in the van.
[ZAPATA] Time to head in.
[MUSIC AND CHATTER] On the main floor.
No sign of Crawford or Bruyere.
Or Roman.
[PATTERSON] JANE, three o'clock.
Meet me at the bar.
I'm heading to the surveillance room.
I'm glad you're here.
I know it's been rough lately.
For what it's worth, I understand why you did what you did.
- Look, we don't have to - No, I'm just saying I've been in your shoes.
Forced to lie to the people I care about the most.
But at the end of the day, we're family.
Families forgive.
You forgave me when I lied to you and the team.
Yeah, after I shot you.
And even then I didn't like you for a while.
I don't know if I deserve to be forgiven.
Everyone in position? Yeah, uh, Weller, Jane and Zapata are in the building and Avery is in the van with her detail.
Okay, now we wait.
So how long do you plan on cutting Zapata out of our briefings? I don't call Keaton every time I have a lead.
Why should I call her? Because she's a part of this joint task force, and we don't compartimentalize information.
Oh, you mean the way she kept the fact that Borden was still alive from us? We don't know half the things that she does with the CIA.
But she knows everything we do.
Are you seriously telling me you still trust her? You're angry, I get it.
We all feel betrayed.
But we have to move on.
If this team is gonna function, I'm gonna need you to work with her the same way you always have, understood? [GULLS CRYING] - Hey, what are you doing here? - I'm the new guy.
[PATTERSON] According to this invoice, Vanessa had a very large safe flown in.
Could be related to Crawford and Bruyere's deal.
Might be where they're gonna keep the goods they plan on trading.
Weller, uh, you got eyes on the monitors? [READE] We're looking for a large room with a safe.
Copy that.
[ALERT BEEPS] [PATTERSON] Okay this is super not good.
Avery's detail just texted.
She slipped out of the van.
What? How the hell did that happen? I don't know, but it did.
[JANE] What about her tracker? Is it on? The signal keeps going in and out, there's some kind of interference.
I've got eyes on Crawford.
- Is he with Bruyere? - No, it's a woman.
I haven't got a good angle.
It's Avery.
Avery? Can you hear me? - Move away from Crawford now.
- She's not moving.
She's ignoring me.
I'm going in.
No, Crawford might recognize you.
Jane, stand down.
Do you copy? [WELLER] Jane, stop! Jane! [READE] Weller, Zapata, hold your positions.
We can't risk him making all three of you.
I am so sorry for your loss, Avery.
Your father was a good man.
I was hoping I'd get a chance to see you again.
There were some things I wanted to ask.
Of course, anything.
What do you know about my dad's suicide? Um To be honest, not much.
I was shocked and I was saddened at the news.
I knew he was unhappy when you let him go but - I never really - Uh, no, your father and I We agreed mutually that it was time to part ways.
That's not how he told it.
Avery Avery, there you are.
Uh, I was wanting to introduce you to some former colleagues.
Hank Crawford and you are? Lindsay Russo.
Lindsay and I worked in Venezuela last year.
I started a microcredit bank for women.
And Avery worked for me over the summer.
Oh, well, then you should meet my daughter, Blake.
She runs my charitable organization.
And Blake's always looking out for new avenues to empower women.
Oh, well hopefully, I'll run into her.
Um, we should go, my friends are waiting.
- It was nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
Hold on! - Have you seen Blake? - Not recently.
Okay, uh, this is Tom Jakeman.
He's my Head of Security.
And also my daughter's boyfriend.
And Tom, this is Lindsay Russo and Avery Drabkin.
G'day, pleasure to meet you.
Avery's father was a loyal employee of HCI Global.
He was a good friend.
Tom was it? - So you're Blake's boyfriend? - I am.
[CRAWFORD] Any idea where she is? She's gonna be thrilled to see you.
You know what? I think I saw her talking to some guests in the foyer.
Why don't you ladies follow me.
You look good as a blonde, sis.
And you clean up nice, too.
Compared to what, being kidnapped and kept in a hole? A necessary evil.
You used your own niece to manipulate me.
You're gonna rot in prison, you son of a Avery.
We gotta get Avery off the floor.
She's a liability out there.
No, they're in it now.
This might be our chance to figure out what the hell Crawford's up to.
I know the circumstances are a little awkward, but it's nice to see you two together again.
Give me one reason why I shouldn't arrest you right now.
Because you're not here for me.
You guys have figured out by now that Crawford is a much bigger target.
He's a bigger player than you can even imagine and the only way you get him is with my help.
These new tattoos, pitting us against each other, exposing Hirst, this was all to catch one man? What the hell did he do to you? Crawford's ruined countless lives, killed innocent people and he's just getting started.
[JANE] That's it? You suddenly you care about other people? There's gotta be more.
Now is not the time or place to get into motives.
He needs to be stopped, that's what matters.
[ZAPATA] Weller, Crawford's on the move.
[WELLER] I can see that.
There's no sign of Bruyere.
[ZAPATA] Are you guys getting that static? No, you're coming in clear.
[ZAPATA] Must just be on my end.
Just got eyes on Blake.
I'll keep her away from Jane and Roman.
So you're dating Blake just to get close to Crawford? Using her like you used us? Or is she wrapped up in this, too? She has no idea what kind of man her father is.
She's not a part of this.
She thinks your name is Tom and you're Australian.
You've kind of made her a part of it.
[JANE] Why is Crawford meeting with Bruyere? He's buying land from him.
He bought $300 million in untraceable diamonds to make the purchase.
And why is the land so important? It doesn't matter.
Once he's arrested for dealing with a known terrorist, he won't be able to use it anyway.
You guys did figure out who Bruyere really is, right? I'll look into the diamonds, confirm his story.
Yeah, and figure out what land he's talking about.
I can get you evidence of the deal.
What kind of evidence? The kind that puts him away for good.
There's no way Crawford squirms out of this one.
The deal is going down in a secure room.
But you can get your FBI cameras in there and record the whole thing.
You think he's telling the truth? [READE] There's gotta be a catch.
So why do we need you? You just gave everything away.
It's uncanny you sound just like your mother.
Well, she's right.
What are you not telling us? Well, the room's outfitted with an electromagnetic net that blocks all audio and video recording.
You control the net.
Cooperate and I'll turn it off, allowing you to film everything.
But if you don't play nice You have a kill switch that cuts our feed.
Sharp as always.
That's why you need me.
You can override that, right? Oh, sure, if I had a magic machine that could tell what kind of net he's using, what frequency it is, how he's wired it and the ability to teleport to Croatia, not a problem.
So that's a strong maybe.
[SCOFFS] Are you okay? Oh, my God you're Blake Crawford.
I'm so embarrassed.
This is your event.
Oh, please, I can't count the number of times that I've hid in the bathroom at one of my own parties.
Oh, I'm sorry, I'm Julie Paige.
I work for Tracy Zaslow at the Friedman Foundation for Clean Air.
Tracy, of course.
It's a pleasure to meet you, Julie.
You know, I've been told that I'm a pretty good listener if you want to talk.
And if you don't want to spill your guts to a total stranger, I can also point out which bartender makes the best Moscow Mules.
[AUDIO STATIC] Just lost Zapata's signal.
Between Roman's net and this old mansion's walls, - there's a lot of dead spots.
- Well, get it back.
Crawford and Bruyere will meet during dinner in the secure room.
Second Floor, Room Five.
When I see you approaching, I'll unlock the door remotely.
And we should trust you because Well, you know me, sis.
You really think I'd go through all this trouble just to kill you and your little FBI team? I think you've lost sight of who you are, Tom.
That's a helluva thing for you to say to me.
I know exactly who I am.
You're the one trying to be someone else.
But you will always be Remi.
Whether you like it or not.
You're wrong, Remi's dead.
I got the chance to start over, and I chose this life away from you, fighting for what's right, protecting people.
Boy, did you ever drink the Kurt Weller Kool-Aid.
[JANE] The brother I loved, the person I trusted most in this world might've made the same choice once.
But now he's gone.
I don't know who you are.
Well I guess you've got a coin to flip then.
Dinner starts in 15 minutes.
Good luck.
You're just gonna let him walk away?! We're here for Crawford.
We lose sight of that, we have nothing.
Crawford and Bruyere first, then Roman.
- We can get all three.
- How? - We can't just - Yes, we can.
Your emotions are clouding your judgment.
You nearly compromised the entire op by ditching the van and talking to Crawford in the first place.
If it wasn't for me, none of you would even be here.
Or have a way of following Roman right now.
I slipped my tracker onto him while you two were talking.
That was very dangerous.
- What would've happened if he - He didn't.
And now when he tries to get away, he won't get very far.
All right - Avery, I just - Let me guess.
You're gonna tell me to go sit in the van now, right? I'll save you the trouble.
[READE] Any luck disabling Roman's device? I'm trying, I've got the whole lab working on it, and we're trying to jam the signal remotely.
But at least his tracker's working.
He's on the main floor.
Thank you, Avery.
You guys in yet? [WELLER] Heading to the secure room now.
You got eyes? Nice and clear.
[FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING] Crawford's coming up the stairs.
You need to get out of there.
Gonna need a minute.
You've got half that.
What's the problem? I lost the camera.
- Lift the frame.
- Okay, okay.
Here it is.
You got seconds.
Get out of there now.
[JANE] We're out.
Both cameras in place.
[CHIRPS] We've got eyes and ears.
Well done.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] [CHIRPS] Jean-Paul, this is Kira Evans, my attorney.
[KIRA] Nice to see you come out of retirement.
We're safe to talk here? There is no place safer.
[KEYPAD BEEPS] [PATTERSON] All right, this is it.
Hang on, we need this exchange on camera.
So far no one's said or done anything incriminating.
No one move until I say so.
Pardon the interruption.
He knows we're watching.
Why would he incriminate himself? - That makes no sense.
- Unless he's changing the plan.
What the hell just happened? We just got played.
What the hell just happened?! [ZAPATA] Roman just cut off our feed with the kill switch.
But we did exactly what he said! Patterson, any luck overriding the net? I'm trying everything I can! He changed his mind.
Why? Crawford is the target.
But I need you and the FBI if we're gonna bring him down.
Everything all right, Tom? You look like you're going to a funeral, not a gala.
Just thinking about the last few months really.
How my life's changed.
It was nice meeting you, Thomas Jakeman.
[ROMAN] I think most people spend their entire lives trying to be known.
But if you're lucky, you can find someone who who sees you.
Come and work for me.
You really took a chance on me.
Believed in me.
I can't thank you enough.
My dad should be thanking you.
Admit it, it feels good to lean on Tom.
You don't look like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders all the time.
You even smile once in a while now.
Hmm Well, look, you got good instincts, son.
And you can't teach that, and I trust you.
And there is not many people I can say that to.
I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but I had a conversation with my personal doctor about your condition.
The, uh, the headaches, the fainting spell, the PTSD.
She recommended that you reduce stress.
Now I know that that sounds obvious, but she gave me some techniques a few years back that really helped me.
My dad used to be even more intense if you can believe it.
Farshadi is amazing.
We can go together if you want.
Yeah, and obviously just tell us to shut up if you feel like we're if you feel like we're meddling.
We just want you to stick around for a while.
'Cause you're family now.
No, you're not meddling.
Uh I appreciate it more than you know.
[CRAWFORD] This is Tom Jakeman.
Give me one reason why I shouldn't arrest you right now.
'Cause you're not here for me.
You nearly compromised the entire op You're gonna tell me to go sit in the van now, right? I'll save you the trouble.
Avery? Avery? Oh, my God! It's really you.
Hey, thank you for reaching out.
You know, I I tried to contact you after your dad I know, I had to get away.
I didn't really talk to anybody for a while.
Avery, I'm so sorry.
How have you been? Really good, uh, graduated business school.
Went back to work for my dad.
You know, I want you to sit with us at dinner.
Oh, um I was actually just heading out.
I thought I was ready but seeing everyone, it's It's just hard.
Reminds me of everyone that's not here.
Of course.
Well, uh, please reach out if you need anything, okay? - It was so good to see you.
- You too.
Hey You all right? Yeah, I just ran into this girl I used to know, Avery.
Her dad used to work for the company, but he committed suicide last year.
And she'd already lost her mom to cancer, it's, like the life's gone out of her, she's got no one.
Hmm, that's awful.
It made me think of you Growing up without a support system or a safety net.
What that must've been like.
Look, I promise you'll never be alone again.
Blake, uh The way you've made me feel safe.
The way you've helped my father's company I'd be lost without you now.
You bring out the best in people, Tom.
- My dad, me - No no.
You're wrong.
It's not me.
It's you you You are an amazing woman.
All my life, I felt like people wanted to be my friend or date me for all the wrong reasons.
You know, I taught myself to always be on guard, but with you I can be vulnerable honest.
I love you so much.
I love you, too, Tom.
I can't imagine life without you.
Well, you won't have to.
'Cause I'm not going anywhere.
[DINNER CHIMES RINGING] Oh, we should we should head in, dinner's about to start.
Uh, no, we need to find your dad and Bruyere right now.
But won't that interrupt their meeting? Hopefully, I'll explain on the way.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] Pardon the interruption.
Bruyere? Monsieur Jakeman? Sir, a word? [BEEPS] [AVERY] What the hell just happened? What are you doing here? The FBI is onto us.
What the hell are you talking about? I don't have time to explain.
You trust me, right? Dad, listen to Tom.
Of course I do.
I need you to wrap this up as quickly as possible.
I have a way out.
He changed his mind.
Why? Does it matter? We just lost our whole case on Crawford.
Très bon.
[AVERY] The tracker's still active.
We can still get Roman.
All right, let's gear up, let's move.
Here's the deed to the land, Hank.
We need to go right now.
- Jean-Paul it's a pleasure.
- Hank.
- Jean-Paul - Tom.
Follow me.
- They're gone.
- Where's Roman? [PATTERSON] Hang on, I'm still getting some interference.
Okay, here we go, he's downstairs, headed to the South Atrium Uh, sending you an intercept route now! Copy.
Okay, he's right outside the kitchen! Stay calm.
He's passed the group.
FBI! [GUNFIRE] Patterson! Roman's not here! What? But he's close.
Can you get across the atrium? [ZAPATA] We can't get to him.
- We need to get behind them.
- Okay.
All right, you girls, go, go! Where the hell is Roman, Patterson? I thought you were following his tracker.
I am, it puts him right there.
You're literally standing right on top of him.
Roman found the tracker.
- Jean-Paul - Tom.
[READE] Let's set up roadblocks.
Keep every ferry from leaving the island.
[HELICOPTER OVERHEAD] That's not gonna stop them, they're airborne.
[GRANT] We didn't arrest Crawford.
But you just took out one of the world's deadliest terrorists before he could become active again.
- Good work.
- I'll be in touch.
We were so damn close.
It doesn't add up.
Roman comes up with an elaborate plan for us to arrest Crawford.
He even gets us into the room.
Only to make a complete 180.
Why jam us up at the last minute? - 'Cause that's what he does.
- He manipulates us, wastes our resources He's trying to show us that he's in control again.
I don't think so.
Take a look at this.
I think he realized what he'd be giving up if he took Crawford down.
He may have been using Blake, but I think he actually cared about her, too.
So what? You're saying he did it for love? And family, the two things he never had.
[WELLER] If he's fully on-side with Blake and her father, he's just aligned himself with one of the most powerful and dangerous criminals in the world.
[READE] Looks like Roman won't be helping us with any more tattoos.
How the hell did the FBI get onto this? Maybe they realized Bruyere was a criminal, and they've been tracking him.
But what are you talking about? JP is a criminal? Dad?! Blake, you don't need to be a part of this conversation.
You knew this and didn't tell me? Oh, and of course you knew, everyone but me.
Dad, why would you make a deal with someone like that? This could compromise everything! The company, our reputation, our lives! This land is important.
It had to be done.
I'm getting a drink.
How did you know the FBI was coming? Why would I betray you, only to save you at the last minute? I don't know.
To secure our trust? Bruyere is dead now and you're not.
Because I got us out.
So what do we do now? We lay low until this FBI situation is resolved.
I will take care of the FBI.
You were supposed to take care of the FBI and you didn't.
We've got Bruyere's land.
We need to set the plan in motion.
Before anything else goes wrong.
[WATER RUNNING] - Hey - Hey.
I've been thinking about the other night and - I shouldn't have left so abruptly.
- Uh You don't have to apologize, I do.
If I could go back in time I would.
So, why don't we just do that? Let's rewind, pretend it didn't happen.
We can't, we both know that.
Tasha Look, you're my best friend.
I don't wanna lose you.
I can't go to your wedding, Reade.
I can't be your best man.
Tasha? I'm sorry.
What am I supposed to tell Meg? The truth.
She deserves it.
You think we'll ever get them? Yeah, I do.
I need to apologize for yesterday.
- Which part? - [SIGHS] You're not gonna make this easy on me, are you? Not a chance.
[SIGHS] I missed out on 18 years of your life.
And the thought of anything happening to you again I'm okay.
I'll be okay.
I live in a safe house with two FBI agents guarding my door.
They write up a report if I sneeze.
[DOOR OPENS] All right, so who's ready for me to try these vegan burgers you girls have been raving about? Hmm? Just don't expect it to taste like meat and you'll love it.
I want everything to taste like meat.
Or chocolate.
You wouldn't mind if everything tastes like chocolate.
There's a woman that knows me.
- That's why I love you.
- Hmm.
[AVERY CHUCKLES] - I am making a mess over here.
- What is this? [JANE] Remi's dead.
I got the chance to start over, and I chose this life away from you.