Blindspot (2015) s03e22 Episode Script

In Memory

1 [PANTING] Well, I'm home.
I always wondered if I'd actually make it back here.
Every detail.
Every decision.
Every everything, all leading to this.
Are you seriously trying to slink out of your own apartment? I was slinking out to get us some breakfast.
[PHONE BUZZES] - What's up? - Uh Patterson cracked the next piece of Roman's video puzzle, - and - You can't talk to me about it anymore.
I really wish you could see this through to the end with us.
Maybe this is for the best.
You have to go, and I'll see you when I sign my exit paperwork.
See you soon.
[ROMAN] Moreover, what from being so long in twilight or darkness, his eyes had acquired the faculty of distinguishing three objects in the night, words common to the hyena and the wolf.
[PATTERSON] So, obviously, Roman is quoting "The Count of Monte Cristo.
" He did it in Venice, he's doing it here.
It's a whole full-circle thing.
It's very poetic, if you think about it.
[PATTERSON] Jane has a tattoo of a hyena on her left elbow and a wolf on her right.
There's a connection, but we just can't figure out what it is yet.
Also, there are three words that Roman says that do not appear in the book's original text.
What three words? Exactly.
He added them afterwards.
So, what are they? What three words.
The words Roman added.
That's what I'm saying.
- Saying what? - That's one of them, yes.
Which three words? - No, what three words.
- [PATTERSON]: Oh, my God.
- Rich.
- [PATTERSON]: Stop.
Roman added three extra words to the quote, the word "what," the word "three," and the word "words.
" Why didn't someone just say that? - I did.
- I also did.
He was trying.
Hey, just be clear.
It is a website that devised an address system.
It maps out the entire world using a grid of three-meter by three-meter squares using words.
Enter any three words into the search field and it points to a unique and precise 3x3 location out in the real world.
What three words does Roman want us to use? What three words? That's what I just said.
No, they're the ones that Roman added.
[ALL ARGUING] No, they are not! Those words got us to the website, but they don't have a 3x3 grid attached to it.
We're just trying to figure out where Roman is pointing us to.
Well, keep figuring.
In the meanwhile, we'll keep looking for Crawford.
If we can't find him soon, then we're gonna lose him for good.
So, where the hell is he? [ROMAN] Hello, Hank.
I've been calling for hours, Tom.
Where the hell are you? Out of your reach.
I knew you'd blame me for the failed attack.
Well, I blame you for a lot more than that.
I never had a problem with the FBI until you showed up.
You brought this on yourself.
No, you betrayed me, and then you scurried away like the little rat you are.
- [COMPUTER CHIRPING] - I'm sorry you feel that way.
I swear to God, I am gonna find you, - and when I do - [DISCONNECTS] Hmm.
Did you trace him? Forget Tom.
The FBI is closing Yes or no? Yes.
It wasn't easy, but I Where is he? Hank, you still have options.
- You can run.
- I don't run.
Well, then turn yourself in.
Work the media angle, paint yourself No, no, no.
I'm gonna find Tom.
I'm gonna silence him.
I can hang the whole UN attack at his door.
- I can survive this.
- Hank, as your friend I don't need your friendship.
Just give me the information.
[BLAKE] What the hell is going on? The news is saying the FBI thinks you were involved in the attack on the UN yesterday, and Tom's not answering my calls.
We can't worry about Tom right now.
And the FBI, they're wrong.
But if I don't leave now, I won't have the chance to prove it.
I have a flight to catch.
What? Leave? You're a wanted fugitive.
How are you gonna fly anywhere? We still have friends in high places, people we can trust.
Daddy, just stay.
Trust me, we can we can figure this out together.
I'll I'll help you, if you just No, be smart.
Stay safe, hmm? You need to take every precaution right now.
This will all be over soon.
[DOOR OPENS, CLOSES] [SIGHS] Crawford's on the move! A car service, owned by a shell company of one of his many shell companies just made a passenger pickup at a building owned by HCI Global.
An armored town car heading to the airport.
That's gotta be him.
We can intercept.
We gotta mobilize the team.
[SIREN] [TIRES SQUEAL] In position.
[PATTERSON] Everything's on track.
Our helicopter team has eyes on Crawford's car.
He should be pulling into the choke point any second.
[TIRES SQUEAL] Now! Now! Go! [TIRES SQUEAL] [DISTORTED NOISES] Get out of the car! FBI! [JANE GASPS] Get out of the car and get What the hell are you doing?! It's a bait-and-switch.
Where's Jane? [GASPS] [WELLER] Jane! [LOUD THUD] Jane! [WELLER] Jane! Jane! Hey! What happened? Are you okay? Yeah, I'm okay.
My comms went out.
I missed the go.
- I thought Crawford - No, no, no, I'm okay.
Her lawyer's on the way.
So where are we on Roman's three-word puzzle? - What three words? - Not now, Rich.
- Copy that.
- Okay, we've for sure got something.
There are a series of hidden numbers inside Jane's hyena and wolf tattoos.
They appear to point to three words in the 1884 French language publication of "Eat Pray Love.
" I'm kidding.
It's "The Count of Monte Cristo.
" Obviously.
- Where do they land on the map? - Still don't know, but we think it's a simple book code.
The numbers represent a page and a specific word on it.
So what's the problem? Well, the 1884 First Edition en Francais has not been digitized as of yet [MIMICS FRENCH ACCENT] and we're having a bitty, bitty problem securing a physical copy.
I mean, I found one using my dark web connections, but No "but" s.
Just make it happen.
We need to know where Roman's pointing us and we need to know now.
Copy that.
Hey, can I talk to you for a second? I know your comms didn't fail.
I switched them out for new ones after Zapata's glitched at the gala.
I passed out.
I've been getting these headaches and feeling really tired, but today is the first time that I Jane, we gotta go to the doctor.
No, Patterson, I'm I'm pretty sure I know what it is.
There it is.
My entire career officially erased with one flick of the wrist.
These papers don't erase all the good you've done.
Sure feels like it.
So what now? Now? Now I have 14 hours of facing the music with the CIA.
Your tribunal's today? Look, everything'll be all right.
But I'm not sure it's going to be.
They backed me into a corner, Reade.
I'm not sure this is the right time for us.
Wait, what? So, so that's it? I don't get a say in this? You're my best friend and I love you.
But I don't want to lose you because we tried this at the wrong time.
You know I'm right.
Don't talk like this is something we agree on.
I'm sorry.
[DEEP BREATHS] [CHATTER] Something wrong? Yeah, Blake's lawyer just got here and we have no idea where Crawford is.
- Where we at? - Game-planning - how to flip Blake.
- What do you mean? We have a mountain of evidence against her father.
- Just drop it in front of her.
- Weller nixed that.
I don't want Crawford's family lawyer seeing one bit of what we got.
Woulda been really nice to know that before I put together two color-coded and collated dossiers.
[REPORTS THUD] We tell Blake who her boyfriend "Tom" really is.
- Won't work.
- Why not? Blake's in love with Tom.
So, she loves him, but does he love her? Maybe we can use that.
[WELLER] Your father is a terrorist and a murderer.
[JANE] This isn't a fishing expedition.
We have proof.
And when we find him, we'll charge him to the fullest extent of the law.
Let me be clear.
My client has no knowledge of these alleged incidences, is not interested in aiding your investigation, and thus will not be accepting any deal you offer.
We're not offering your client a deal.
We're offering Tom one.
- Tom has nothing to do with this.
- Blake We can tie your boyfriend in to the attack on the UN assembly, and the attempted assassination of two world leaders.
And we can prove he was operating under your father's orders.
The only reason we're even considering giving Tom a deal is because we were able to stop both attacks and your father's a bigger target.
Your father uses people, Blake.
Then, he leaves them in the cold or he throws them under the bus.
He did that to an FBI director already.
I'm pretty sure he's gonna do that to your boyfriend.
And he did it to you, his own daughter.
You were a bait-and-switch so he could get away.
You can't save your dad.
You can still save Tom.
I think we're done here.
A deal for Tom is not enough.
I need assurance that my father will be brought in alive and that he'll have the chance to clear his name.
Blake, we need to speak private I need to protect our family and our shareholders.
Millions of people rely on the work we do, and I refuse to sit by and watch it all fall apart.
[SIGHS] Do we have a deal or not? We'll do everything we can.
Where is he? He fled the country on a friend's jet.
The plane just arrived at a private airfield outside Cape Town.
Why would Crawford fly to South Africa? They don't have non-extradition status.
Maybe he's not running.
Maybe it's unfinished business.
I'll call the State Security Agency - and coordinate operations.
- Et voila! [FRENCH ACCENT] "The Count of Monte Cristo"! [NORMAL VOICE] You ready? Page 195, word 176, "Mille.
" Page 408, word 40, "vie.
" Page 61, word 118, "Roi.
" Which roughly translates to "thousand life king," and I think that should be my nickname from here on in.
It points to Cape Town, South Africa.
[WELLER] That can't be a coincidence.
Roman's there too.
I know it.
South Africa is where this all started, and now he's bringing me home to finish it.
Let's move.
Is Blake okay? She's fine.
They couldn't hold her.
But they know about the plane.
Oh It doesn't matter.
They won't get here in time.
Let this go.
Come home, turn yourself in.
We will put together the best defense team money can buy.
It's too late for that.
I tracked Tom's phone to this hotel.
I'm gonna find out which room he's in, - and then I'm gonna - [DARTS FLYING] Let me save you some time, Hank.
I said this is Nelson Coetzee, our SSA liaison officer.
Welcome to South Africa.
I work for the Director-General.
You have his and the Agency's full support.
Thank you.
I understand this is a bit of a homecoming for you.
I guess it is.
Good, follow me.
I have a car for us.
You okay? I don't know yet.
Kurt, I need to tell you something.
My comms didn't go out during Blake's takedown.
I passed out.
I think [LOWERS VOICE] I think I'm pregnant.
Um Did you take a test? Not yet, but what would you think about that? This could all be over today.
I know.
So I think if there's ever been a good time to start a family, it's now.
[LAUGHS] They don't respect us.
[PATTERSON] What are you talking about? Why don't we get to go to South Africa? Because they need us here.
Do they? I mean, it's all in the cloud.
We could do 98% of this remotely.
Or Afreen.
Afreen could do it.
She's very capable.
- Okay, guys, this should be the place.
- Woods, Brianna.
The website mapped a three-meter by three-meter square inside the main house.
[RICH] Oh, also, the map does not recognize levels, so whatever you're looking for, it could be on any floor.
I could have just told you that from South Africa, by the way.
Nelson, stay here.
Cover us.
Let's check for any trip wires or traps.
There won't be any.
Roman would never destroy this place.
This is our parents' home.
- [GPS TRACKER BEEPING] We're inside the 3x3 square.
[JANE] There.
It's an arrow.
[MUTED LAUGHTER AND CHATTER] I think this was our room.
Mine and Roman's.
Old habits die hard and they all start somewhere.
There's something in the chamber.
[WELLER] Is that? My family.
[MUTED LAUGHTER] Why is Roman doing this? He wants to remind me of what we used to be.
What we lost.
[READE] But what does it all lead to? A reckoning.
He's bringing me back to the beginning before he takes me to the end.
Does the name "Xander" mean anything? It's engraved on the gun with the number 21718.
Maybe Roman killed Xander and took his gun.
No, Xander's not a person.
It's a place.
Now we need to find it.
Do you know where you are? - Tom - Don't call me that.
Look closely.
I'm sure you'll recognize it from the blueprints.
This used to be an orphanage.
This is where my sister and I were taken after our parents were murdered.
This place made us who we are.
The pain, the violence, it all started here.
And now I'm gonna kill the man who built it.
Something wrong, Hank? I liked you better with your accent, Tom.
I'll bet you did.
My name's not Tom Jakeman.
It's Roman Briggs.
And before that, when I was a boy in this orphanage, it was Eon Kruger.
My life fell apart two years ago, my family shattered beyond repair.
I was on the run, so I decided to come back here to find out who was responsible for what I had become.
See, that's when I first heard the name "Hank Crawford.
" You built this place, you son of a bitch.
50 million soldiers who don't serve country or cause.
Where do you get that many people with no loyalty to any country? It was a trial run, wasn't it? An early test.
"Building an army of soldiers loyal to no nation," just like the one you want to build now.
Well, I built something too, Hank.
It took me two years to figure out how, and I almost abandoned it because of my feelings for Blake and for you.
You still can.
No, your love and loyalty is, and always will be, transactional, just like the woman who rescued me from this place.
Well, we have time for one last transaction.
You get a quick death and I get to know why.
Why? Did you know the full extent of what this place was, what they were doing to us? Did you know? I knew everything.
Every detail.
This was my passion project.
1-8, Xander 2-1-7-1-8.
Anything in the archives? No! Shocking that a secret torture orphanage was not kept on the books.
Okay, Jane said that Xander was run by apartheid soldiers, so there's a good chance that the building we're looking for is owned by the National Party.
Yeah, but that could be anything.
A government building, hospital, church, school These archives do not cut it, and 2-1-7-1-8 does not show up anywhere.
That's it.
The South Africans may not have put the orphanage on the books, but what if we did? We? You mean, like? The U.
We have Shepherd's military history.
[BEEPING] There.
File number 2-1-7-1-8.
The nature of the op is redacted, but the location isn't.
An abandoned military base just a few miles from the Kruger family estate.
That must be where Shepherd rescued Jane and Roman, the place they came to know as Xander.
Thank you for your honesty.
I was expecting you to to lie to try to escape what's coming.
I don't run.
Yeah, well, you might've if you grew up here.
It was a nightmare.
I'm sorry for what you went through.
This orphanage was meant to be the seed that grew into the tree that shaded the entire world.
Then why didn't you fix it? We were children.
Why didn't you help us? Because I was on a mission.
And sometimes our missions turn us into monsters.
How many others did you hurt along the way, Tom? How many lives did you destroy? Are we really so different? No.
We're not.
Imagine what we could build together.
I mean, look at you.
You are the greatest thing I have ever made.
I am so proud of you, son.
Whoo, no! [INHALES DEEPLY] Don't you call me that.
I'm not your son.
I'm not anyone's son.
We used to sleep in this room.
Too many kids on too few cots so that we'd have to fight for the beds.
[GIRL] Don't! Stop it! [CHILDREN SCREAMING] The first time I killed someone was in this room.
[MUTED GRUNTING] And now maybe it'll be the last.
I didn't think they'd be here so soon.
[READE] This place is a labyrinth.
[WELLER] It's clear on my right.
[DISTORTED NOISES] Get on your knees.
[HANK] Give me your gun.
The FBI is here.
If you want out of this place, you need my help.
Stop talking.
I can hold them off and give you time to escape.
I'm dead anyway, right? It's over for me.
They catch me, I am not spending the rest of my life in prison.
Why would you want to help me? Oh Fate brought us together.
Not once, but twice.
First through this orphanage.
And then, after you worked so hard to find me, through Blake.
Whatever lies you told, I know your love for her is real, I see that.
And however much you hate me, I know you believe in my vision.
Find Blake.
Tell her everything.
Finish what I started together.
Whoa, Crawford's cell just went live.
He's texting somebody.
Doesn't he know we have warrants to monitor his activity? Apparently he doesn't care.
Tracing the call now.
Guys, Crawford is in your building.
Where? I don't know, but is that SSA liaison still with you? - He's right behind us.
- We just intercepted a text from Crawford to the Director-General of the SSA.
The officer you're with is Weller's hit! - [KURT GROANING] - Kurt! - Kurt.
- [GRUNTING] I'm fine.
It went straight through.
Go get Roman and Crawford.
- No, you're - We gotta stop them.
This is our only chance, so go get 'em.
Go, Jane.
Hank Crawford, you're under arrest.
Turn around.
Drop the gun! I think you know I can't do that.
You don't have a choice.
It's over.
Now where is Roman? I don't know anybody by that name.
Tom! My brother.
Your brother? Well This is a homecoming for you too, then.
Where is he? He brought you here.
He brought us all here.
He brought you to me because we're connected, the three of us.
[GUN CLICKING] One last transaction.
[SIGHS] Oh, I got the gun.
And he got the bullets.
Then why are you smiling? I made something great.
[NOISES OUTSIDE] [BLAKE] Tom, thank God! Hey, I'm so sorry I disappeared.
There was something I had to do, but I'm done now, Blake.
I'm done.
I'm heading back to New York.
It'll take me a minute to get there, but Wait, no, I'm not in New York.
Okay, well, tell me where I have to be, and I'll be there.
I'm here, I'm in Cape Town.
I came for you.
How did you It doesn't matter how.
Just, just tell me where you are.
I'm heading somewhere safe.
Tom, are you okay? Yeah, I am now.
I'll send you a pin, and I'll see you soon.
Hey, how's Weller? Reade said he's stable.
They're on their way to the hospital now.
What happened to the satellite images? Well, the SSA is suddenly very prickly about jurisdiction with the whole, uh, "we killed their guy dead" thing, so [PHONE BEEPING] Well, I'll be damned.
Blake Crawford's cell phone just went live in South Africa.
What? She could lead us to Roman.
Give me the coordinates.
We gotta get them to Jane.
Is my father with you? No, he, um He's gone.
I'm so sorry.
Roman, what happened? There's There's so much So much I need to tell you.
I love you.
That is all that matters.
I want to I want to marry you and I want to have Wha What did you call me? [GUNSHOT] - [GROANING] - I know everything, Roman.
I know your name's not Tom.
- [PAINFUL GRUNTING] - I know you lied to me.
Used me because you wanted to destroy my family.
Blake Did you kill my dad? Who told you about me? Someone I trust.
[SNIFFLES] Was it real? Did you love me? How could I? I never knew you.
Good-bye, Roman.
I always wondered if I'd actually make it back here.
Every detail, every decision, every everything.
All leading to this.
Well, I kept my end of the deal.
Now it's your turn.
All the money's yours.
But I need you to promise me that you'll keep working, you'll keep moving forward.
Or this will have all been for nothing.
Roman - It's too late.
- Who did this? [SNIFFLING] I'm sorry.
I know, I know.
Me too.
I never got out.
I never got out of that hole.
[GRUNTING] That's not true.
What is it? I told you once that I wasn't afraid of death.
That I was ready.
But I'm not.
[SNIFFLING] I'm scared, Remi.
I don't want to die in this place alone in the dark.
You're not.
Roman, Roman, look at me.
Look at the sun and this tree and the view.
You're home.
[SOBBING] - You made it home.
And I'm right here with you.
[MUTED LAUGHTER] I love you.
And I will see you again.
I promise.
Ow! Oh Are you sure you're okay? Yeah.
South Africans that put me back together said things didn't look so bad, - all things considered.
- Hmm.
What about you? You want to talk? He's gone.
What is there to say? He was our enemy.
But he was still your brother.
I'm sorry.
[DOOR OPENS] Oh, uh, sorry.
There's something that I need you to see.
The drive's locked.
When Roman gave it to you, did he happen to give you a password? No, can you hack it? Not really.
It's a swipe-pattern lock and we've only got one shot at it.
We get it wrong and the whole thing fries itself.
Why give Jane the drive without a password? Maybe he thought I already knew it.
You sure? I'm positive.
[BEEPING, CHIRPING] It's the arrow that Roman kept drawing.
It's not an arrow.
It's a tree.
[BEEPING] It's Roman's tattoo cache.
Part of it.
There's Perseus.
Then Valkyrie.
And the molecule tattoo that got Stuart killed.
I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be insensitive, it's just This is like a greatest-hits album.
But there's also stuff on there that we've never seen before.
Well, yeah, you don't just play the hits.
You gotta try out some new stuff.
Look! There's the passage from "The Count of Monte Cristo" with the words put into it.
What? This helps us solve more tattoos? It's super fragmented and some of the pieces are missing, but if we could find the rest, it could help us solve all the tattoos.
[ZAPATA] You should've let me do it.
No, it had to be me.
I'm just glad you told me the truth when you did.
This is how we take the power back.
This is how we change the world.
I know, I'm just not sure I'm cut out for what comes next.
That's okay.
I am.
[THE ROLLING STONES' "BEAST OF BURDEN" PLAYING] I'll never be your beast of burden [RICH] Whew, huh? [GLASSES CLINK] So how did what's her name's CIA tribunal go? Haven't heard yet.
Hey, good work getting that book, man.
You know what, don't thank me until you find out how much it costs.
How much? Why don't I top off your drink a bit there? Talk about it a little later.
There we go.
[INDISTINCT MUTTERING] How you holding up? I don't know.
Roman was my only We're from the same place.
Made of the same stuff.
Sometimes it felt like it felt like he was one of us, too.
Because no matter how angry he was [SIGHS] he still gave his life to - [DISTORTED NOISE] - [BREATHES HEAVILY] [LOUD THUD] No! Jane! Jane.
She's still unconscious.
You need to come back in.
Roman's thumb drive doesn't just hold tattoo information.
There's medical Intel on there as well.
It's incomplete just like the tattoos.
Clearly, Roman didn't want to keep everything in one place.
So what'd you find? Kurt, you might want to sit down for this.
Just tell me.
It looks like Jane is suffering from some kind of a ZIP poisoning.
What? It's the drug they used to erase Jane's memory, it I know what ZIP is.
Sandstorm flooded her body with it before they sent her to us.
I think that's what's been causing the dizziness, the nausea, the fatigue, all the stuff that made her think she was pregnant.
[RICH] There's a whole section on this drive about side effects hallucinations, massive memory lapses, memory relapses, brain aneurysms.
[READE] Roman was suffering from it, too.
He was trying to cure it.
What do you mean, cure it? According to Roman's research, the progression is not very good.
And I-I think we need to prepare ourselves for this to get a whole lot worse.
[READE] But there's still some hope here.
[PATTERSON] We think that Roman gave Jane the drive as some sort of treasure map.
And we know that there are some pieces missing, but it seems to point to other drives hidden in other places all over the world.
If they're anything like this one, they'll have more tattoo clues and more medical data for the cure that Roman was trying to find.
[PATTERSON] Finding Roman's drives could stop more crimes.
But it could also mean stopping whatever is happening to Jane's brain.
[READE] Kurt? [MONITOR BEEPING] [LINE RINGING, BEEP] Hobbes, it's me, it's Remi.
I'm in a hospital and I'm missing time, I'm missing a lot of time.
I need to talk to Oscar or Roman or Shepherd.
From what I can tell, I'm still undercover with the FBI, but I can't remember anything.
I don't know if I've been compromised.
I don't know if I need help.
Doe? You're awake.
What happened to me? I'm not up to speed on the details.
I'd have to check your chart.
You're not my doctor? No, I'm your husband's.
You are Kurt Weller's wife, correct? Yeah.
I'm afraid there's been a serious complication with his gunshot wound.
The bullet caused an intra-abdominal abscess which his doctors overseas must have missed.
He's in between surgeries right now.
But I need to tell you, it's not good.
Would you like to see him? Yes, I would.
Come on.
Your friends are waiting.
Jane I'm so sorry.
Is he going to be okay? They don't know yet.
Here, come have a seat.
Come on.
[CLEARS THROAT] [READE] You can take his hand, Jane.
Are you sure this will work? I'm positive.
I'll infiltrate their ranks, get them to trust me, and then I'll rip them apart from the inside.
[READE] It's okay.
We'll get through this together.