Blindspot (2015) s04e21 Episode Script

Masters of War 1:5 - 8

Turn around.
I did what you wanted.
I got it.
So, this is over, right? I'm done? Oh, no.
We're just getting started.
It's good to have you on our side.
- I never said that I - You're doing fine.
Just live your life, act as if nothing happened, and I'll call you when we need you.
Wow! Your coloring skills have improved.
Ha! Very funny.
Bethany gave that to me before she flew back with Allie.
The weekend went by way too fast.
And as crowded as it was I kinda missed having that little one snuggling between us all night.
It was so nice being a family again.
Even with all those little karate kicks to my face.
Why do kids always - end up sleeping sideways? - I don't know.
Well, if she doesn't make it as an artist, she might have a future as an MMA fighter.
- Hmm.
- We're really lucky, aren't we? Eh, Reade's got something for me.
- Okay.
- I gotta go.
Oh And, yes, we are.
Very lucky.
- Mm.
- I love you.
Love you too.
We were just finishing up.
Special Agent Weller.
I'll leave you to, uh, enjoy your chat.
Got a million things to do anyway.
I got an alert that you went to visit Eleanor Hirst in prison, and you were gunning to get her a better cell.
Wanna tell me why you were making deals with the disgraced former FBI director without my knowledge? You haven't figured out yet that I was replaced by someone just as duplicitous? Well, um, Hirst had worked for Crawford and HCI Global.
I wanted to see if she could help us take down Madeline Burke.
I had to offer her something in return.
This is the first I'm hearing of it.
He came to me and I said yes.
Seemed like a good deal for us if it panned out.
Unfortunately it didn't.
Way it goes sometimes.
Why didn't you bring this to me? Look, Assistant Director, this was an action taken by Special Agent Weller with my full knowledge and consent.
So, can we stop wasting each other's time and focus on stopping Madeline Burke's plan, whatever that is? Okay.
Patterson's got something.
- All right.
- You comin'? Uh, I actually need a second with Weller, so I'll see ya in there.
I'll meet you in there.
You went to go talk to Eleanor Hirst to get dirt on me? Yes, I did.
And I found it.
Well, that is hurtful.
And now Reade's all suspicious.
We, um we don't have a problem, do we? The truth is, you used a drone to kill him so it wouldn't expose you.
It would be a real shame if the world found out that Jane Doe is a former terrorist.
No problem.
Okay, good.
That's great.
One thing that you should know.
I'm not gonna let you destroy this team.
Ooh, I gotta take this.
Go for Weitz.
Yeah, thanks for calling me back.
Dominic Masters and Barry Wallace.
Two known associates of Madeline's.
Well, you say known associates, I say evil henchmen.
Tomato, "tomahto.
" And the two people who could reveal.
Madeline's plan, codenamed Helios, - are still in the wind - Great! Well, thanks for letting me know.
Okay, bye.
All right, I'm here.
Hit me.
You want us to start over? Maybe just gimme the CliffsNotes.
But, between us, I could use some good news.
I've got a thing today.
No big.
Actually, huge big.
Let's just we'll call it an opportunity.
But, you know, give me what ya got.
Dazzle me.
Madeline is in jail, her goons aren't, and we still don't know what Helios is.
Come on, I need I need a win today.
- You need a win? - We need it.
All of us in America.
Your opportunity wouldn't have anything to do with the White House's search for a new Director of National Intelligence, would it? Let's just say that by the end of today, I could be a scoche closer to the President.
Maybe, if what you're saying is true.
Not saying it is.
What do we know about Helios? Besides him being a Greek god of the sun.
After spending several hours going down a pretty serious magical chariot-related rabbit hole, and learning, among other things, the names of the titular deity's four horses Pyrois, Aeos, Aethon, and Phlegon, by the way uh, no.
No luck at all.
Dominic and Barry are still our best bet at stopping whatever Madeline's up to.
So we need to find them.
We just got a lock on Barry Wallace! Hey, looks like the troubled transition to our new inter-departmental database was actually worth it.
Yeah, look at that.
I'm like a lucky rabbit's foot! I walk in, boom! - You get answers.
- Yeah.
Also, the database did what it's supposed to do.
Eh, you're welcome.
So, where is he? Uh at a house in Queens.
Let's move! Reade and I got the back.
You two take the front.
On my count.
Go! - FBI! - FBI! On the ground! Stay down.
Hands behind your back.
- Give me your hand.
- Barry's secure.
Keaton? Oh, what the hell are you guys doin'?! I got a better question.
What the hell is a CIA Officer doing here with a known associate of Madeline Burke? Like I told you the first 20 times, I got nothing to say to any of you.
So Afraid I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.
You're funny.
Let's see if you're still laughing - after I put you - Zapata.
- Keaton.
- Yeah? Have a word? You want to tell me why you're really here? Okay, so I I still monitor some old CIA communications protocols.
I got a hit when someone started using them again, but I couldn't decipher the messages.
I followed the source and I ended up here.
And it just happens to be one of Madeline's main operatives? Are you accusing me of something? Should we be? Look, I just got here a few minutes ago.
Right before he got home.
I had no idea who I was gonna find.
I certainly didn't think it was gonna be this guy.
Wait, you two know each other? Yeah.
But his real name's not Barry Wallace, it's Barry Cornyn.
Well, that explains why he was so hard to trace.
How do you know him? Well, he might be Madeline's now, but he used to be CIA through-and-through.
Till he went rogue and started selling his skills to the highest bidder.
Well, this is exciting! Good work, everybody! Oh, what the hell are you doin' here? Oh, good to see you, too.
I just came to make sure everything ran smoothly.
What do we got? Well, Barry here was about to spill until their flashbangs almost sent me back into another coma.
Well, to what do we owe the pleasure of the Bureau's company, hmm? Hey, there ya are.
Aren't I just the most popular girl in school? Lucas Nash.
You're here because? 'Cause I called him before you guys showed.
Nash has history with Barry.
I trained him.
Well, thank you both for loosening the jar, but the FBI would now like to take our friend here back to the office for a little pleasant conversation.
- We'll send the CIA a full report.
- No.
I got here first.
I'm takin' him.
No, you're not.
He's ours.
You wanna go to war over this? Gentlemen, please, please, please.
Look, it's clear we've reached a jurisdictional impasse.
Might I propose a neutral location? We can all interrogate Barry together? Hmm? The sooner we ask questions, the sooner we get answers.
The sooner we add a checkmark in the "win" column.
- Good with me.
- All right, I'll go with Weller Actually, I'm gonna go with Weller.
Why would you even get your hands dirty with this interrogation? I'll see everybody back at the office.
Let's move! I've always wanted to say that.
That was fun.
What's up with Weitz and Weller? Everything okay? No.
I don't think it is.
Welcome back.
We've got some good news and some utterly horrifying news.
Should we wait for Weller? No, he and Weitz went with Keaton to interrogate Barry.
When did Weitz start doing fieldwork? Just tell me you got something off Barry's cell.
Well, that's the good news.
Last time we intercepted Dominic's coded communications, we were able to crack his cipher.
We used the same one to decrypt the message on Barry's phone.
We were able to intercept this text from Barry shortly before the raid today.
"We on?" Yeah, I guess "U up?" is a little overused.
And Barry responded, not with an eggplant emoji but with this and this is where the bad news comes in.
"Retrieving virus at 1200.
Will be ready for today.
" Turns out, when he was at the CIA, - Barry's area of expertise - His "Barea," if you will.
was chemical, biological, and, you guessed it, viral attacks.
Madeline has a history of mass killings.
It looks like she's using Barry's background to up her game.
Yeah, so, this virus they're after, is part of her attack plan.
Part of Helios.
It looks that way, but luckily, we caught Barry before he was able to retrieve it.
You know, if Madeline's plan is to use a biological agent to kill God knows how many people, she's not gonna let a failed delivery stop her.
She'll just find somebody else to get it.
Zapata, bring Madeline in.
Let's see if we can get her talking.
Patterson, see if you can figure out who's on the other side of Barry's texts.
And Rich, maybe you could use the cell data so that we could figure out any recent locations on him.
Jane, can I talk to you for a minute? Yeah.
Of course.
What's going on? I was hoping you could tell me.
Um You know I trust Kurt, but I've been getting a weird vibe off him and Weitz lately.
Should I be worried? I just get the feeling that they're workin' on something I don't know about.
Something serious.
Would you know anything about that? I don't expose him, he doesn't expose you.
It's a stalemate.
No, but I'll I'll keep my eyes open.
I'm just a little worried about him.
I appreciate that.
So that's it.
We'll call when we have more info.
Al right.
Thanks, Patterson.
We'll update you once we get something out of Barry.
My God.
A weaponized virus.
There could be a million targets for something like that.
That is not what I needed today.
Why do I get the feeling that your worrying goes beyond concern for the public? You know what? I've been very upfront about trying to kill two birds with one stone here, so don't question my motives.
I should be questioning yours.
Oh, yeah? Why's that? You know, your little visit with Hirst almost got us in a lot of trouble today.
You were lucky I was there to get you out of it.
Wh Get me out of it? You got me into it.
If you didn't fabricate any evidence and used a drone strike - to cover it up - No, no we wouldn't be here.
- Your wife got you into it! - Do not talk about my wife.
She had a terrorist relapse and broke her mother out of a black site.
Hey, Weitz, this thing that we're doing? It's not gonna end well, for either of us.
In my experience, secrets have a way of coming out.
Yeah, well you better hope this one doesn't.
For you and Jane.
Okay, look.
We both said some stuff.
Let's just, you know, remember that we're not enemies.
We're on the same side here.
We both want the same things.
No, we don't.
I want to protect my wife.
You just want to look after yourself.
When we're finished interrogating Barry, you're done calling shots for me.
Uh, you're not actually in a position to make that call, so Wha What the hell are you doing? - Hey! We're under attack! - Barry could be alive! We need him to take down Madeline.
Keaton! Go, go, go! They're all dead! What are you doin'?! Let's go, let's go! Go, go, go! Go-go-go-go-go-go.
Okay, so with Madeline's goon Barry, scattered all over the Cross Island Parkway, we lost our one lead into what she might be up to.
And besides knowing that it involves an attack and that it's happening somewhere today, we still don't know what Helios is.
Any luck tracing Barry's whereabouts over the past 24 hours? Uh, we're working on it.
He really covered his tracks.
Yeah, the CIA trained him well.
All right, let's focus on who Barry was getting the virus from.
And who's gonna pick it up in his place.
I'll see if I can figure out who attacked the caravan.
Speaking of caravan, where the hell is Weitz? Figured he'd be here for this.
He and Nash are figuring out the next steps, with the rest of the intelligence community.
He'll be here soon.
Oh, what a day.
This situation is an utter disaster.
For you in particular, as I understand it.
Well, I don't know about wait, you hear something? No.
Nothing specific.
But the White House is gonna want to have this Barry Wallace thing sewn up before they make any final decisions on the new appointments.
Say, for Director of National Intelligence.
Ah, I almost died in that attack.
You don't think that's gonna earn me some points upstairs? This situation went very sideways under your direct watch.
If it were me up for this job, I'd be in the market for a reason it wasn't my fault.
Thanks, but I am not throwing my team under the bus.
I'm not suggesting you do.
What, do you have something else in mind? Looks like time in a jail cell does not agree with her.
No matter what she looks like right now, she knows the only reason she's here is 'cause she has something we want.
So, how are we gonna play this? The clock's ticking.
We've gotta put the fear of God in her.
Threaten her with more jail time, more criminal charges.
She's too smart for that.
We have to be methodical.
She's right.
We tried going hard at her and it took forever to get anything useful.
Reade, this isn't the time to go on a fishing expedition.
I mean, Weitz, he wants us to keep Your boy Weitz is not a part of this conversation.
We do this my way.
Zapata and I got this.
We have to come clean about your deal with Weitz.
Things have gotten out of control.
If I tell anyone about Weitz, he'll go public with what you did as Remi.
We could lose everything.
Probably prison time, or worse.
And I'm talkin' about the whole team.
Including Reade.
Kurt, if they find out and it's not from us, it's gonna make everything so much worse.
Let's just focus on this "win.
" If Weitz gets his precious promotion, he gets outta here.
The sooner he's gone the sooner this is all over.
Okay? How you holding up, Madeline? I'm in jail for crimes I didn't commit.
How do you think I'm holdin' up? Well, in light of your innocence, we're hoping you could help us.
We need you to tell us everything you know I can't believe I'm in this position.
I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.
History does have a way of repeating itself, but I dragged myself out of ruin when my family was I just didn't think I'd have to do it again.
It wasn't supposed to be like this.
How was it supposed to be? For who? Me or for my father? Your father? You didn't talk about him much when I was around.
It was a sore spot with the family.
Respected, wealthy businessman.
Headed for good things.
- Mm.
- Then he lost all of his money and left public life.
Died when you were young, right? Did your homework.
Yeah, but what does he have to do with this? He was a titan.
Did you know at one point, he was being groomed for the presidency? Until the powers that be had a change of heart.
And they ruined him instead.
Whole family.
That must have been traumatic.
So, you were reclaiming your family's power.
Are you sure your dad didn't bring this on himself? There were a lot of rumors.
And that's just what they were, rumors.
My father was innocent.
Do you know what innocent people do, Madeline? They cooperate.
We need you to tell us everything you know about Barry Wallace and Dominic Masters.
You help us, we help you.
Always very direct, Tasha.
That's what I liked about you.
Until you betrayed me just like all the others.
You know, I'm not comfortable going any further without my lawyer.
When Mr.
Shirley arrives, I will do whatever I can to be of service.
We got a hit on Dominic! He was caught on a security camera at, wait for it Bellmore University.
Ring any Bells more? Wait, that's the same place you and the CIA used as a cover for secret ops.
That can't be a coincidence.
It's not, the place used to be a hotbed for CIA activity.
It's where Barry was recruited and trained.
But there's not an Agency presence there anymore.
Yeah, that program was closed down a few years ago.
- As it should have been.
- Okay, well check out this little tidbit of information.
Barry's text said "Retrieving virus at 1200.
" He didn't mean noon.
He meant Bellmore University, Building 1200.
- The science building.
- Bellmore's Bio-Science department is one of the best in the nation.
So, if you wanted to weaponize a virus, that'd be the place to start.
And it looks like Barry was cultivating his own on-campus assets, even after leaving the Agency.
- Do we know who she is? - We've been sorting through footage from adjacent cams trying to track her.
Which is a lot harder than you'd think.
Apparently, college kids all love wearing matching college merch.
Go, sports team! - When was this footage taken? - Under an hour ago.
They could both still be in the area.
When Reade gets out of interrogation, can you tell Reade that we took the team to Bellmore? - Yeah, I'm coming too.
- Actually, we should have a word.
Okay, yeah, sure.
I'll catch up.
Madeline stonewalling you pissing you off that much, or is something else bothering you? What, this thing with Weitz and Weller? I guess I'm just feeling more and more cut off from the team.
Things are happening behind the scenes that I don't know about.
And I don't like it.
Oh, it's lonely being the boss.
You may or may not remember this, but not too long ago I was an island, myself.
But when I was out there on my own, feeling a million miles away, I just focused on the things I knew were true in this world.
The things I can count on.
You're not alone, Reade.
I've got you.
You know that, right? I know.
Where are you going? Malta, apparently.
Just about as far as the CIA can throw me.
Malta? What the hell's in Malta? My new "promotion.
" They're sidelining you? Oh, more like putting me out to pasture.
I guess the people upstairs got a complaint about me from a "high-ranking official" and they think my skills will be better used elsewhere.
They're blaming you for what happened with Barry? That's right.
- Who? Nash? - Oh, no.
Your boss.
"For operating outside standard CIA protocols" "leading to the death of a suspect" - "in an FBI investigation.
" - That sounds like him.
But something tells me he didn't get that idea on his own.
You know, when I chose this life, I always knew there was a chance I'd eventually get screwed over.
I just never thought Nash would be the one doing it.
- We have to fight this.
- There's nothing to fight.
This is the game, Zapata.
And I just got played.
Look, if I were you two I'd watch your backs.
Meaning what? Meaning, keep an eye on your people.
Deputy Director to Assistant Director I think you've got some foxes in your henhouse.
Careful who you trust.
You mean Weller and Weitz? Like I said: Watch your backs.
Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta go tell my family about my promotion.
- Good luck, man.
- Yeah, likewise.
Hey you just keep fightin', okay? This whole thing with Madeline? You got this.
You're lucky to have her, you know that, right? I do.
All right, I'll see you around the playground.
- What? - Was that real? What do you mean, "Was that real?" Because I've seen him pretend to fire you here before.
Now, is this the same thing? Am I getting played here, too? No.
I swear to you, - as far as I know - Because with Weller, and Weitz, and Keaton, and Nash, I My head is spinning.
I have no idea who to believe right now.
I don't know what's going on here either, but you can trust me 100%.
Got it? All right.
- Reade, I don't know - I I got work to do.
Let me know if anything changes.
- Yeah.
- I hope you were smart enough to get the hell away from Bellmore University.
The FBI will be there any minute.
- Oh, I'm long gone.
- Good.
And you should know, I don't appreciate your associates' rather explosive approach to the work earlier.
It was a miracle I wasn't blown into a million pieces.
You called us with ten minutes' notice to take Barry off the game board before he sold us out to the FBI.
We did our best with the time we had.
You want some good news? - Desperately.
- I have the virus and I'm moving into position.
Helios is a go.
Tell me you found Dominic at Bellmore.
No luck.
He must have gotten the virus before we showed up.
Which means an attack could be imminent.
I've updated local law enforcement.
They know to proceed with caution.
Any leads at Bellmore? We worked with campus security to track down the woman that Dominic met with.
She's in interrogation right now.
Her name's Erin Sandler.
She's a PhD candidate at the university.
Biomedical science.
- Tell me you know what her plan is.
- She's not talking.
She must have used her access to Bellmore's medical research facility to create the virus.
You two take a run at our college student here.
See if you can figure out where Dominic is headed.
Dominic's already got the virus, right? Now, Erin, she could be a dead end.
Madeline knows everything.
We gotta try her again.
We have no play.
She lawyered up and the man isn't even here yet.
We can't just sit around while he's draggin' his feet coming in here.
A million lives are on the line.
We got to put pressure on her now.
And have everything she says without counsel be inadmissible? Actually as a former prosecutor, we might have a little bit of wiggle room here.
I saw the tape, and Madeline doesn't actually ask for her lawyer.
She just says she wouldn't be comfortable talking without her lawyer present, which is a small but important distinction.
We need the answers.
If we overreach, we risk spooking her and then lose any chance of her cooperation.
Your objection has been noted.
Let's go.
Let's do it.
I got an alert that you went to visit Eleanor Hirst in prison.
I wanted to see if she could help us take down Madeline Burke.
All right, I'll go with Weller.
Actually, I'm gonna go with Weller.
Like I said, watch your backs.
This is Assistant Director Edgar Reade of the New York office of the FBI.
I need to speak with a prisoner you have in your custody, Eleanor Hirst.
Well, then you make her available and get back to me.
I told you, I can't say anything.
Do you have any idea how many crimes this man is wanted for? Murder.
Just associating with him could make you an accessory to whatever he's about to do.
You are facing some serious prison time right now, Erin.
Why were you meeting him? And what exactly did you give him? - I can't tell you! - Why not?! Because it's above your clearance! Clearance? What are you talking about? I'm working with the CIA.
It's time to start talking.
I believe we've already established my position regarding my lawyer.
We have.
But he doesn't seem to be racing in here.
We both know that a lot of innocent lives are in danger.
So, what is Project Helios? I give up, what is it? This is not a game! Dominic Masters is about to launch a biological attack on this city.
He's got his hands on a virus that he could unleash at any moment.
So if you wanna sit there and pretend you don't know anything about it, fine! You do need to help me stop him.
I can certainly empathize with your anxiety.
And while a biological attack is a terrifying prospect, I don't know what I can do for you.
You tell me where he is.
I I I wish I knew.
Dominic Masters is a frightening person, which is why I've long since cut ties with him.
If he kills anyone today it's all on you.
Is that the man who recruited you? He lied to you.
He's not CIA.
But he showed me his credentials, his ID.
The CIA doesn't go around giving out laminated IDs.
Secrecy's kind of their whole thing.
No, but the things he said.
The things he knew.
He had to be! Look, he used to be.
That is how he fooled you.
Oh, my God.
But since he was discharged years ago, he's been doing mercenary work for a string of terrible people.
Please the virus you gave him he's gonna use it today.
Do you wanna help me stop this attack or not? My father dedicated his life to help others.
It's all he cared about.
So follow in his footsteps.
Oh, I wish I could.
To follow his example Even after he lost everything, after everything had been stripped away from him, he went to church every Sunday and put whatever he could into the collection plate.
So, this is your collection plate.
It is.
Right here, right now.
He never stopped trying to make the world a better place, even when he had every reason to give up.
Now, see, that's what I wanted.
To help people.
So help me.
I have no knowledge of what Dominic Masters may or may not have planned.
And I abhor the idea that anyone even remotely connected to me could be capable of such mayhem.
Then give me something.
I have been racking my brain, and I think I remember Dominic Master's private phone number.
The last one he used to call me, anyway.
So write it down.
I'm doing this for my father.
I'm sure your dad would be very proud of you.
It's what he would have wanted.
So, every word Barry told me was a lie? Yes.
And we think that the virus you gave to his associate is gonna be used in a massive biological attack on the East Coast.
Biological attack? That is what you were doing for Barry? Getting him access into Bellmore's bio-science lab? What? No.
I mean, I'm studying.
Biomedical Science now, but I got my first degree in Computer Science.
That's my real passion.
That's how he found me.
You didn't give him a bio-virus.
You gave him a computer virus.
He told me that the CIA was gonna use it as a study case, to try and figure out a way to protect the country from the world's most dangerous malware.
In this case, the most dangerous malware is My program.
Oh, I've done a terrible thing.
How bad is it? The virus Erin gave Dominic is muy destructivo.
Say you got a secure facility.
A prison, military base, nuclear reactor.
Yeah, just put it into a physical access point and it cripples security, and then it goes to work on the system.
Giving your dastardly miscreant total access to steal, use, or destroy whatever their shriveled little heart desires.
In short, it is a nightmare.
If this thing has the power to destroy a nuclear reactor, we have to get it out of Dominic's hands.
Any luck tracking him with the number Madeline gave us? We've been trying, but the phone is turned off.
We do have a workaround, naturally.
We can turn it on remotely, but it will take a bit of time to get in, and there's probably only gonna be one shot.
Because he'll toss that phone as soon as he knows that we got access to it.
It's worth the risk.
It might be our only chance of finding this guy before he unleashes this cyberattack.
Whatever it is.
Excuse me, would you happen to have the time? I understand NYPD is spread thin, I'm just asking for a little more cooperation so we can catch this guy.
I I'll take what I can get.
No, that that sounds great.
All right.
We'll talk soon.
I've had it.
We're dealing with a four-alarm fire and you're standing here grinning like you've got the only extinguisher in the city.
Yeah, I don't know what that means.
It means I'm sick and tired of the games and the secrets.
I know what you did to Keaton.
People's lives are at stake.
You need to start acting like you give a damn.
Oh, I do, maybe I just have more faith in the team than you do.
You know, they're very good.
Okay, okay, relax.
You won't have to put up with me much longer.
You got the DNI job? Let's just say that by end of the day, all of this might be yours.
And any possible problems you have with me will be rendered moot.
In other words, you're jumping ship and leaving me to clean up this mess.
Mm You're probably wondering why we've gathered you all here today.
We managed to turn on Dominic's phone.
See? I told you they were good.
You got a location? - We did.
- What do you mean, "did?" As soon as we got a lock, the signal disappeared again almost immediately.
He figured out we were tracking him.
He must have destroyed the phone already.
If he knows that we're watching him, he's going to avoid traffic and security cameras.
Doesn't mean we shouldn't keep looking for him.
Rich, comb through all the footage in the vicinity of his last known location.
The rest of you guys, suit up and go check it out.
All right! We got this! You okay? I was missing Bethany.
I'm not gonna see her for another three weeks.
And, she's getting old enough to understand how long that is.
Allie said she's she keeps asking where I am.
I miss her, too.
It's getting hard to stay focused at work.
Kinda feel like I'm missing out on a lot of her life.
So maybe we move up the timeline.
Start looking for a place in Colorado now.
Really? Really.
And in the meantime, here's a way to keep Bethany close to your heart.
Now, come on.
Let's go save the world.
All right, Dominic's last location was right around here.
So, either this place was important or it's on the path to the target.
Over here.
He's dead.
No ID on him.
Rich, I'm gonna send you a photo.
We need to figure out who this guy is.
Yeah, and why Dominic killed him.
All right, I'm running facial rec now.
Oh, no.
Oh no? What do you mean? What do you mean, "Oh, no"? Who is this guy? He's a government employee named Adriano Dicerbo who works at NYIOC, the New York Independent Operations Control.
Our living-impaired friend was part of a seven-person team that monitors the Eastern Interconnection.
The Eastern Inter That's the power grid.
This guy works on the power grid?! Any signs it's under attack? Uh, let me see here.
Okay, uh, no failures, no alarms.
Looks like everything's normal.
B-But if Dominic has a powerful computer virus and he plans to sneak it into NYIOC Uh, guys Adriano's crew just logged in for their shift.
And so did Adriano! It's Dominic.
If he takes out the other six people in the crew Then he'll control the power to the entire Eastern Seaboard.
I think we just found out what Project Helios is.
No, please! Please! No, please! Okay, the team is approaching NYIOC, but they haven't been able to contact anyone in the facility, which means Dominic is probably inside.
I just got off the phone with NYPD.
- They're securing the perimeter.
- What? Okay, Patterson, I'm gonna keep trying, but I can't seem to access NYIOC remotely anymore.
You're gonna have to stop this virus in person.
Copy that.
I'm ready.
Please be careful.
All of you.
So, um w-we're preparing for the worst, or? Well, considering Dominic's track record, yeah.
But like you said, we got a good team.
Yeah, no, sure.
But when we say "worst" wh-wh-what are we saying, exactly? Like, it's bad, right? It's bad.
Well, considering that NYIOC is the control center for the entire US Power Grid, and its sole purpose is to monitor and maintain the balance of energy across said grid, I would say yes, it's pretty bad.
Still nothing from NYIOC.
And if the grid goes out We're talking full-on end of "Fight Club" level catastrophe.
Destroying the grid would plunge the entire country into chaos.
Hospitals shut down, rioting in the streets.
The threat to public safety will be incalculable.
Madeline's trying to collapse society as we know it.
We need to call FEMA, and we need to alert the National Guard.
Oh my Are you kidding me right now?! Hello? Yeah, I will hold for the president.
Hey, do I have time to? I mean, we're in a holding pattern here, sir.
Eleanor, thanks for calling me back.
Just one thing what did Kurt Weller come and see you about? I see Tasha, Patterson, you get upstairs.
Jane, you're with me.
We've got multiple casualties.
And Dominic isn't here.
He's already inserted the virus into the system, but it hasn't fully activated yet.
You gotta stop it.
You can do this.
FBI! Stop! Dominic Masters, come out with your hands up! - It's over! - Oh, you're wrong! It's just begun! Dominic? Come out.
Dominic's down! Dominic's down! No! You're not gonna die.
You're gonna tell me everything that you know.
No I'm not Your phone's locked.
Stay with me.
He's gone.
I got his phone unlocked.
Let's go! Tell me you stopped it, Patterson.
- I'm trying! - Have you considered trying faster? You want me to turn it off and turn it back on? - I'm going as fast I can! - Okay, okay.
Did you input the overrides that Erin Sandler gave us? What do you think? Obviously! She created a program that she can't even stop.
The chances of me being able to stop it are Oh, no.
This is very not good.
We need to find out how Dominic uploaded this thing.
Look for a USB, a laptop, anything.
Here! We opened Dominic's phone.
There's gotta be something on it that can stop the attack.
Keep that phone charged and unlocked! Well, that was a disaster.
I didn't get the Director of National Intelligence job.
The president gave it to that snake Nash.
What's what's happening? Patterson, shut it down! I said I'm trying! Why does she always cut it so close? No, no, no We weren't fast enough.
We failed.
That what I think it is? What do you think it is? We just lost power on the entire Eastern Seaboard.
It's Day Zero.
What's happening? I think Madeline just won.