Blood and Oil (2015) s01e06 Episode Script


Previously on "blood & oil" Who is it this time, hap? I'm not an idiot.
There's no one else but you.
If I don't give these people what they want, They're gonna kill my son.
They're looking for oil.
They won't have a clue that it's fake.
It's a boy.
He's perfect.
You thought hap was your friend.
He uses people to get information.
You're the one with a murder on your hands! I'll tell them you told me to pull the trigger.
That makes you as guilty as me.
He told me he killed spinks, blamed him for the siphoning.
Testify to that? Absolutely.
I'm worried about the murder investigation.
You're not alone, are you? You're setting me up! I'll find you.
No! No! No! Cody.
Oh, my god.
Call 911! you got the potion, yeah, you really do I'm not ever gonna let anything happen to you.
You hear me? call me your lover, call me another Code blue.
Billy? code blue.
What's happening?! Code blue.
Paging dr.
Wolf to the o.
, stat.
Paging dr.
Wolf to the o.
, stat.
Uh, excuse me, nurse? I'm wondering about my wife, cody lefever.
She's been in there for like three hours.
She's still in surgery, sir.
Yeah, look, is there, uh Is there anything you can tell me, please? She's in o.
Tell me, how bad is it? I can tell you this.
She's gonna get the finest medical care there is.
Carla and I chartered a plane out of aspen.
We got the finest thoracic surgeon there is in the country To roll his ass out of bed, and he's in there with cody now.
hap, I-I don't I mean, I don't even know what to say to you.
You don't need to say anything, billy.
We're horrified by what happened.
I mean, why would you Listen, I may be a son of a bitch in business.
But when it comes to family It's everything to me.
I know you feel the same.
Transfusion team to o.
2, stat.
Transfusion team to o.
2, stat.
T-that's cody's room.
Hey, hey, wait, wait.
Let them do their job, son.
Yeah, okay.
Come on, sit down.
All right.
Are you sure I can't get you a cup of coffee? Oh, no.
I can't keep still.
I have to do this, so thank you.
Boy needs a shot of bourbon.
I am so sorry.
How is she? You know, she's not doing too good.
The attacker broke her rib, And it, uh, tore an artery in her chest, So they're just trying to stop the bleeding.
Oh, my god.
Yeah, but, uh, hap here flew in a top surgeon, So she's in good hands at least.
Very lucky to have friends like the briggs, eh? Yeah.
Come through when you need 'em.
Where's wick? Just parking the car.
Sorry about cody, man.
You holding up? Yeah, I'm trying, man.
But, uh, I'm gonna go see if the nurse has an update.
Thank you, guys.
Poor billy.
Well, I'm gonna get him a cup of coffee, Even though he doesn't want one.
You want anything? I'm good.
It's gonna be a long day.
You all right? Uh, yeah, yeah.
Just Worried about cody.
It's times like these that remind you how Fragile life is How the only thing that really matters Is Being with the one you love.
oh, hang on.
That's the rig.
I should take this.
Hang on.
Let me get where I can talk.
You sold me out, you son of a bitch.
That's not true, man, Okay, I would never do that.
I heard the walkie.
You lured me out so the cops could jump me.
Look, I don't know what you heard, okay? But if the cops were there, Then they were tracking both of us, all right? That's the honest-to-god truth.
Why does everything got to be so complicated with you, man? If you'd have done what you were supposed to do, I wouldn't have had to do that job last night.
What job? Gary? I told you, I needed painkillers.
My arm's broken.
It's killing me! The pharmacy that was you? Damn it, gary.
I know that girl.
She could die! Things got out of hand.
It was supposed to be a snatch-and-grab simple.
Just just enough to get me out of here.
Wick? Yeah, okay.
All right, just Look, just calm down.
We'll figure this out, all right? We'll find a way to get you out of town.
For good.
I was happy to get your call.
Yeah, well Sounded like cody's injuries were serious, And I knew you could help.
Well, anyone that means something to you, jules, Means something to me.
what? You're always my knight in shining bloody armor, eh? No matter how much I try to So stop trying.
We can't keep doing this, hap.
Just going round and round.
Just tell me you don't miss me And I'll never bother you again.
I brought muffins.
Anyone hungry? Starving.
How'd you know? I always know what you need.
Wick! Cassidy.
You forgot already.
Yes, of course.
Uh, yeah.
It's just been a while.
But who's counting? So, uh, what are you doing here? Oh, I'm visiting a friend in surgery.
It's good to know you're just as nice as I remember.
I got to go.
It's good seeing you.
You too.
any news? No.
Uh, I don't understand what's going on.
It'll be okay.
Cody's a fighter.
Lefever? Sir.
Your wife's in recovery.
I'm going to need to monitor her for a few days.
She and the baby are both fine.
kidding me? Doctor, thank you so much! Hey, baby, it's me.
You're doing great.
The baby's doing great.
I guess I got my house party, just not in the house.
We're gonna find the monster that did this to you.
Did you get a look at him? Not right now, hap.
No, no, it's okay.
Cody, did you see him? Yeah, I did.
I saw his face.
Really? It's a.
Leave a message.
Flowers and a card? Really? God, you apologize worse than you spy.
I find the innocence of children so refreshing.
Don't you? Your son's work shows real promise.
Wish I could say the same for yours.
What are you talking about? I did what you asked.
I brought you hap briggs' usgs report.
Too bad you didn't get me the real one.
According to that report, The mccutching land has less oil than a gulf station.
Yet hap briggs is sinking wells, preparing to drill.
Does that sound like hap briggs to you? The report can't be trusted.
Maybe neither can you.
Look, my mission was to bring you the report.
I can't be held responsible for whatever's in it, but Ahmed, this petulance is unbecoming.
Your job is now simple.
Get me the real report.
You've got 36 hours.
Because we all want to see our children grow up, don't we? Dr.
Harper to I.
Harper to I.
Ah, that's a lucky boy of yours.
No, this is actually for cody, You know, when she, uh, wakes up.
Hey, uh, listen, I, uh I just wanted to really thank you For bringing in that surgeon.
I care about cody, too.
she's quite a spitfire, that wife of yours.
I knew it the minute she outfoxed us on mccutching.
Yeah, well, the nurses said that The, uh, doc pretty much saved her life.
So, um, look, if there's anything that I can do, I will do anything to repay you.
Come work for me.
What? Come work for you? After everything that went down between us? Well, actually, it's Because of how it went down.
Billy, you got a wildcatter streak.
I think you'd be a real asset for briggs oil.
And what? Stringing pipe or No, sir.
Doing land deals in the front office.
I'm about to Get into the biggest play of my life.
And every drilling outfit in the world Is gonna be nipping at my heels.
I could really use your help.
hap, I Don't answer now.
Take care of cody and that baby, and Think about it and call me next week.
I will do that.
And, hey, thank you.
Borne, extension 2217.
She can identify you! That's attempted murder on top of What you already did to spinks! The sheriff is gonna call in the state police.
That means a manhunt.
A manhunt! You know how long it's gonna take them to figure out That your granny's got a cabin Well, I ain't going anywhere Till I get some pills and some cash.
Gary, you're not getting it! One word one word from cody, and they're all over you! All over us.
We're in this together, And in case you're having trouble remembering that Hey, you're the one Who upped it from grand theft to murder.
Spinks was gonna turn us in.
I got plenty more.
So you better get me some pills and some cash 'cause if I go down, you go down.
Full stop! you know I've got to have it I'm gonna take what's mine 'cause I crave a little danger to keep the rush alive I won't take no for an answer I ain't backing down it drives me a little crazy I gotta have it now so give it to me give it to me come on, give it to me Hey, now.
Look at you.
You could still walk any runway in the world And turn every head.
Big meeting on a new play today.
Need backup? You have enough to do.
I can handle this.
Come on in.
Respiratory therapist to I.
Respiratory therapist to I.
Emma, hey.
How you doing? How's, uh how's clifton? Better.
Yeah, good.
Your wife? She's doing okay.
A long night, but, uh, things are looking up.
Why is that? 'cause hap briggs offered you a job? I overheard you talking earlier.
Don't you see what he's doing? He's taking advantage of your situation To reel you back in.
Yeah, well, if it wasn't for hap, Cody might not have pulled through.
You don't get it.
You scared him, billy.
He knows that you can beat him, And what does hap do when something scares him? He buys it.
I think you're being a little dramatic right n The devil doesn't come at you with a pitchfork.
He helps you when you're down, And then he sucks you in with empty promises Until he destroys you.
Okay, look, I appreciate your concern right now, emma.
I really do.
But taking care of my wife and the baby Is all that matters to me.
As much as I'm enjoying our little visit I am kind of wondering why you're here.
Does he love you? Who? My husband.
Uh Carla, I've got no idea what you're going on about.
Jules, I saw you at the hospital.
I know how hap looks at something He thinks belongs to him.
so Does he love you? He did.
Years ago.
Before he met you.
And now? It's over.
Look at all you've accomplished, jules, In business and in life.
I just wonder what could make you choose To be the other woman With a man we both know grows bored very quickly.
I told you, I ended it with hap.
Then you need to be more convincing.
My husband needs to know that his only option Is to be done with you.
I'm sure you can be very persuasive When you want to be.
And for wick's sake, I hope I'm right.
You wouldn't dare tell wick.
Maybe over breakfast or over dinner, But however it's done, yes.
And it will destroy him.
Thanks for the wine.
Here, drink this.
It'll make you feel better.
Yeah, I'll feel better When you give them the real usgs survey, But we know that's not gonna happen.
no, that's not happening.
The real report shows that mccutching sits at the gateway To oil reserves that are Twice the size of the oil reserves In the middle east.
That's like saying hap briggs has the keys to the u.
And if they know that, they'll try and stop me.
Yeah, or take it for themselves.
They've been after the mother lode Since the boom started.
Yeah, which is how we got stuck with you.
I'm guessing.
All right, so, here's what we got to do.
We need to make them think that what I'm really drilling for Is not oil, but natural gas.
Natural gas that way, it wouldn't appear on the survey.
And they'll think the survey they have is the real one.
I'm gonna need you guys to mock up some geo reports, Some new satellite images, internal docs on mccutching.
I can do that.
Yeah, I can do that myself.
O-okay, so, look I don't know what's going on.
Oh, nothing's going on.
Nothing's going Okay, I lied.
I know everything that's going on with the two of you, But I don't care.
In order for this to get done in a timely manner, I need you to work together.
So figure it out.
I got as much as I could.
It's crazy how I'll still do whatever you ask.
Why do you need those anyway? Oh, I'm just in the mood to party, you know? So, you'll call me then, right? Yeah, of course.
I will make this right.
Meantime, as soon as the doctor says your wife is strong enough We'll show her a lineup of mug shots, Some some local persons of interest.
Not until she's ready, sheriff.
No problem.
We'll take it from there, okay? Wick? Sheriff.
I was just coming to check on the patient.
Yeah, the doctor said she's getting stronger, so I see your friend, uh, laframboise is still missing.
But he hasn't contacted you, huh? No.
No, he hasn't, but if he does, you're my first call, obviously.
Would you excuse us one second? Hey, wick.
Know this that, um The longer he's out there, The more dangerous this is for everybody.
Yeah, of course.
I'll talk to you soon.
Thank you, sheriff.
All right.
What was that about? Ah, nothing, just some guy I used to know.
Listen, uh, what your dad did for us Was, uh, really cool.
Maybe I was too quick to judge, you know? No, you were right to judge me.
I'm an ass.
Well, hey, I'm gonna be outside getting some air If you want to join.
Yeah, sure.
You, uh you always travel with this? It helps when your old man is hap briggs.
I bet.
I got to say You're handling this like a champ.
When cody was in surgery All I could think about was just beating the living hell Out of that scumbag who tried to hurt her.
And now? Now all I can think about is how lucky we are.
You know, I mean That whole deal could've gone Real different.
And I wouldn't even recognize my life right now.
Up here There's a fine line between Well, most things, really.
Rich and poor, right and wrong Dead or alive.
It's just crazy how one man could have destroyed Everything I care about.
You know what the scariest thing is? There's not a damn thing I could do about it.
Yeah, there's nothing worse than feeling that vulnerable.
I know what it's like to have Someone hold your fate in their hands.
Yeah, well, hey, thanks for the drink.
Trauma team, extension 2561.
trauma team, extension 2561.
Her b.
's 80/50 and dropping.
We got to go! someone call up How far was she? I think she's just finishing out her first trimester.
Call the blood bank.
Let them know we need at least three units.
Somebody open her I.
Hey, hey.
Cody? Where are you taking her to? What's happening?! Please, sir, she's in good hands.
Where is she going?! Where are you taking her?! Cody! I'm just happy that you're safe.
I thought I lost you.
this place I knew it would be hard to come here and start over.
Losing the baby is too much.
We will start over.
And we will have a family.
Hey, lace.
This a bad time? For you? Never.
You okay? I want to ask you something.
And I want you to be honest.
Hm? Am I a good person? Yes.
Of course.
Where's this coming from? My whole life, I've made every bad choice possible.
I've screwed up every opportunity Anyone's ever given me.
Yeah, no, stop.
Wick, I am not gonna listen to this.
You are way too hard on yourself.
You are.
I mean, come on.
Tell me, what have you done that's so bad? Lace, what if I could do one thing? Just one thing one little thing that would Put all this bad stuff behind me? I could have a fresh start As the man I know I can be.
You're scaring me a little, wick.
What exactly are you planning? Nothing.
I'm just I'm talking.
you know me.
If you need anything I'm here.
You know that? Yeah.
You're my first and last call, always.
Now, mrs.
Lefever, are you sure You're up to doing this right now? It's cody.
I'm sure.
'cause if you're not, look, you don't have to.
I'm fine, billy.
This man can't get away.
Cody These are men who match the description Eyewitnesses gave to us.
That's him.
Which one? That one.
You sure? This one? Absolutely, yeah.
His mask came off.
I pulled it off.
What's his name, sheriff? Gary laframboise.
Can you stop breathing down my neck? Well, you know literally, you're breathing down my neck.
Yeah, there's an easier way There's an easier way to convert crude oil into natural gas.
A-all you have to do is multiply the okay, no offense.
Listen, I am hap briggs' daughter, all right? This isn't the first time I'm tweaking a geo.
All right, okay, I get it.
You hate me.
I'm a bad boyfriend and a worse spy, But the saudis put me here because I know oil.
Not because you're james bond? Look, I have a phd in geophysics and petroleum engineering.
That's why they chose me.
So, yeah, just hand over the keyboard, And I'll do what I know how to do.
You know what? Have at it.
All right.
Okay, so, you know a little something about cycloalkenes.
Well, this Along with the regdex filing and the equipment inventory Which I got for you.
Should prove to my people that the survey is legit.
And so am I.
You see? We can actually do some good when we're not fighting.
Like keeping my son safe.
I can't believe I'm about to ask this.
Your son's mother Are you two she's She's my wife.
of course.
You're a spy.
You're married.
A-anything else while we're sharing? D-divorce is complicated in saudi arabia.
We knew a long time ago We just weren't right for each other.
start the engine She's just not you.
hear it turning god only knows how far you'll go slow down you have to go.
let it catch up to you now You're gonna be late.
All right.
slow down let it catch up to you now It's gary again.
Here's what I don't understand.
Why am I always having to call you? You should've been back here by now.
I swear, man, you do me dirty on this Remember, spinks and I used to be tight, too, And look what happened to him.
So get here fast, Because if I go down, I ain't going down alone, partner.
Where is he? Who? Gary your old buddy gary.
He's the one who attacked cody.
I know.
What do you mean you know, huh? What do you mean you know?! He killed my son, wick! You have every right to be upset.
That guy is a bad dude, trust me.
What's that mean?! It doesn't matter! All you need to know is, You do not want to get mixed up with him.
And you swear to me You swear to me you don't know where he is.
What if I did? What are you gonna do? You gonna kick his ass? You gonna go put a bullet in him? Billy, you are walking that fine line right now.
Don't let a scumbag like gary push you over.
It's a really easy line to cross, But it's a hell of a lot harder to get back.
Yeah, well, you're crazy If you think I'm gonna let this go.
I think you should go take care of your wife, Thank god for answering most of your prayers, And let me take care of this, okay? Oh, let you take care of this? Yes.
It made me think of you.
A sea flower.
Your favorite.
We can't keep doing this, hap.
Just tell me you don't miss me.
Aah! Oh, damn it, wick.
Hap, I need to see you.
You're still thinking about billy, aren't you? Hap's getting his hooks back in.
I told you.
You told me I was too old and sick To chase an old grudge.
Well, the doctor says your heart's getting better.
I hate to disappoint you.
But Hap briggs can help that boy a whole lot more than I can.
You once told me billy was our best shot At giving hap a run for his money.
But billy doesn't have the capital to take on hap.
And neither do we.
Maybe it's not just about money.
You're telling me there's not one person out there Who doesn't hate hap as much as we do And who'd be willing to back billy? Well, now that you put it that way There just might be.
You can tell riyadh briggs is drilling for gas Not oil.
There's photographs, internal memoranda.
It's all there.
Well done, ahmed.
Of course, the committee will need output records Just to be sure.
You want anything else on hap briggs, You're gonna have to let me talk to my son.
That can be arranged.
You got the pills? Let me come inside.
Give me the pills, man.
Don't take too many of those all at once.
Where about the cash? Oh, great.
I should've seen this coming.
Spinks, the pharmacy, the threats Gary, you've done enough damage.
You convinced yourself you had nothing to do with that? Maybe it started out as a way to get back at my father, But you are the one who turned it into something else! You were the one who turned it into murder! Because you couldn't do what had to be done! Well, now I know what needs to be done! Come on, wick, man, we're partners! Just help me disappear, and it'll all be over.
Come on, bro.
There's always another threat.
There's always another cash grab.
There's always another body.
This is the only way it can truly be done.
Whoa, whoa.
You son of a bitch! Hey, hey.
No, no! You're gonna pay for what you did to my wife! - I had nothing to do with that! - Shut up! You need to step outside and let me handle this.
He killed my son! He killed my son! Billy, billy! One bad choice, and it never ends.
Gary! Come in.
I didn't do nothin'! I've been told I need to break this off with you.
By whom? Your wife.
So my wife knows we're involved.
And you said? That she was right.
Gary! So, you asked me here to what? End it? I asked you here to talk about wick.
What about him? It's like this.
We need to be more careful.
Whoa, whoa.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Oh, my god.
Help me.
Whoa, what are you doing? He's hurt, man.
We got to call for help.
What are you talking about? Call for You wanted him dead, right? We leave him here.
We walk away.
Oh, god.
oh, god.
Nurse carter to far west nurses' station.
Nurse carter, report to far west nurses' station.
Where were you? I was worried.
Oh, I just went outside for a bit.
I needed to Clear my head.
Yeah, sweetheart? When I told the sheriff who did this The look on your face It scared me.
Why? 'cause I know you.
And I know you'd do anything to protect me.
But please just let the police handle this one, okay? Promise me.
I promise.
Hey, lacey.
We did it.
She she bought it.
She bought all of it.
My father will be very pleased.
E-even better, I talked to my son.
He's happy.
He's he's safe.
Lacey, I-I wanted to I want to thank you.
I just I don't know what would've happened If we wouldn't have worked together on this, you know? Yeah.
, no, no.
What? Lacey, but earlier Earlier, I got caught up in a moment.
And the last time I did that, I fell for a liar.
That's not a mistake I'm gonna make ever again.
So, I talked to the sheriff.
They're still looking for gary.
The only lead they got puts him across town from where we left him.
If anyone asks, we went for a walk, okay? I was a wreck because of the baby, And you you tried to console me.
We never turn on each other.
We stay tight.
We stay loyal.
We take this to the grave.
To the grave.
You need this as much as I do.
sweetness I can read your mind I see your skin turn red It's over.
when you lie Good.
if you don't want to tell me nothing then you can go straight to hell I forgive you.
now I'm gonna tell you something Now come to bed with your wife.
you screwed this up yourself Hello? Now, you listen here.
Your boss said that if I ever have anything for her To give her a call.
Well, I've got something.
There's this kid up here Who's being crapped on by hap briggs.
This is our chance to get even, but we need her help.
Just a minute.
Ma'am, it's that clifton lundegren again.
He says he has a proposal you might be interested in.
Something about a kid And crushing your ex-husband, hap, in the process.
I'll put him through on line one.
Please hold for annie briggs.