Blood Coast (2023) s01e02 Episode Script


So who told you about Kamel Saïdi?
Why bother asking?
You know I don't snitch on my sources.
[scoffs] You sound like a criminal.
- You can do better.
- [chuckles]
Okay, as you wish.
[tense music playing]
An operation like this would require
more than four cops, don't you think?
Five. There were five of us.
You mean Alice Vidal?
Why was she there?
She had barely even joined the team.
A coincidence.
I drove by on my scooter.
I happened to hear gunshots.
I noticed my colleagues were involved.
So I went and helped them out,
just like any cop would have done.
And how did you know
they were your colleagues, exactly?
[chuckles] A coincidence, intuition
Those things can cost you a lot
in Marseille.
You can call it duty if you prefer.
Hmm. I do prefer.
Why not warn your superiors
before the intervention?
We didn't have time.
Didn't have time?
Or didn't want to?
Didn't have time.
[Miranda sighs]
How long have you been
part of this team, Captain Ilunga?
It'll be two years
at the end of the month.
In fact, we're gonna celebrate.
Wanna join?
How is it? Do you like the team?
Yeah, why?
I noticed you applied for
the police chief exam, but didn't show up.
Why is that?
For personal reasons.
Your relationship with
your former team leader, I imagine?
I don't get it. What is this about?
That's my personal life. It's unrelated.
Not if that team leader was fired
after being involved
in a case of drug trafficking, am I right?
Are you still seeing her?
It's none of your business.
The man you call the Indian.
How'd he end up there?
I'm not sure. Ask Lyès.
So you went on that mission without
the full rundown. Doesn't that bother you?
We trust each other.
That's enough for me.
Yeah, until things go south, right?
[scoffs] Yeah, maybe.
So, are we done?
You knew about Kamel Saïdi,
you knew they were waiting for him.
Why didn't you intervene?
What do you mean? I didn't know.
We were there
because I got a tip on Kamel.
Then some guy got there,
and he matched the Indian's description.
Before we could make a decision,
shots were fired,
we responded and we were shot at, period.
If I could have avoided this mess,
I would have, believe me.
That's how you work, though.
You make messes. Why should I believe you?
You should get out more.
Things have changed out there.
Come on, I know the hood.
I come from there.
That doesn't justify your behavior.
Well, now you sound like my mother.
We done here?
[energetic suspenseful music playing]
[crow cawing]
[grunts softly]
[ominous music playing]
[door opens]
- The bitch who shot at us at the factory.
- Well?
Her father is the cop you killed
the day you escaped.
Alice Vidal.
She's the one who pressured your mother
over at the nursing home.
The damn bitch. I don't even know
how she tracked us down.
She knows you're alive.
What do we do with her?
Nothing. We stick to the plan.
- What if she becomes a problem?
- She's already a problem.
What about the dope
that we left in your car?
What do you wanna do, then?
Drive to the station and get it?
- You fuckin' crazy? Huh?
- Hey.
We have to call a doctor.
He's been losing a lot of blood. It's bad.
I'll take care of it.
[door opens]
[door slams]
[machinery squeaking]
[Tatoo] Done with the questioning?
- Yeah, I'm done.
- Two hours, that moron kept me in there.
We got our asses kicked already.
Now he wants a piece of us as well.
- Are Audrey and Arno still there?
- Yeah, they're still there.
What about your friend from Paris?
- [Lyès] How's your wound?
- Fine. It's nothin', just a scratch.
Plus, I managed to get the nurse's number.
And I mean pfft.
She was a damn hottie, dude.
Shoot me every day
if that's what it takes.
[Lyès] Come on, you check the inside.
Fuck, it's the same dope.
It's the same.
[Lyès] Same crack, same logo.
According to the lab, this product is
already devastating Eastern Europe.
Fake crack cocaine and heroin.
Not to mention users' life expectancy
is less than six months.
Some even die after their first shot.
So, where do we start?
You two, check out spots where
crack is dealt. Pressure the dealers.
Let's hope they haven't
started selling this yet.
Bribe them if you have to
with slush funds.
That's what they're there for.
Audrey, take care of the weapons.
Check the serial numbers out.
If we're lucky,
one might lead us to the owner.
[Audrey] Okay, will do.
What about the guy
you caught at the factory?
I called the hospital.
He's going into emergency surgery.
We can question him
in two to three days.
[Lyès] Fuck. You know his name?
No. Just like the guy you shot.
No papers, nothin'.
The doctors said
the one I caught speaks Spanish.
I sent the fingerprints to the Guardia
and Interpol. Waiting for their call.
Are you handling
the northern neighborhoods?
Yeah. I'll go to Hadès.
If there's one place
it's gonna start spreading, it's there.
Who you going with?
With the newbie.
Let's see what she's got, huh?
Well, uh we've already seen a preview,
don't you think?
- [dogs barking]
- [screaming]
- [blows landing]
- [yelling]
- [groaning and coughing]
- Talk!
- I swear, Ali, I didn't do anything.
- Then who the fuck did?
- [Gonzo yells]
- Huh?
Swearing is the last resort
of men who don't know what to say.
- [choking]
- Tell me about the Indian.
He works for some guy. We don't know who,
but we know he's running things.
- [gasping]
- The one who bought the crack?
- [Foudil] Answer!
- Yeah. But Kamel was after him.
- He wanted to kill him.
- You told him where he was, right?
- Yeah, I did. [yelps]
- Hey.
- Hey!
- [coughing]
They were after Kamel, man.
Damn, you sent my brother to him
and knew he was waiting!
[Gonzo screams] I warned him.
- [coughing]
- [dogs howling]
Kamel thought he could handle it.
I just didn't think he'd
- He had a team with him.
- What? You didn't think he'd what?
[Gonzo groans]
[tense music playing]
[Gonzo groans]
An Arabic proverb for you.
"When God closes a door,
he always opens another one."
[in Arabic] I hope God will shepherd you
away from falsehood.
Goodbye, Gonzo
All right, feed him to the dogs.
[Gonzo] No!
No, Ali, I didn't do anything!
No, Ali, please! No! No!
No! No, Ali! No!
[tense music continues playing]
[door closes]
[Ali sighs]
Look what they did to your brother.
Look, damn it!
See that?
- Never again.
- [door opens]
You shouldn't be here. Leave.
[door closes]
Who did this?
Come on, don't make me
use force here, all right?
I know who you are.
I know who you are too.
And you don't scare me.
Get out.
- We'll meet again.
- It'll be my pleasure.
[door opens]
What time do we meet tomorrow?
Eight a.m. We'll visit the coach,
then get started.
[Audrey] Okay. What about Alice?
[Lyès] We'll pick her up at the hotel.
It's on our way.
[Audrey] What room number?
So I can bring her croissants.
No, she's too classy for you.
- [Audrey] Ever seen that?
- I actually have, yeah.
[car doors slam]
[engine starts]
Am I working overtime or are you
leaving earlier every day? Come on.
- It was a hard day.
- Hmm.
- Did you get my message?
- I did.
I told the Chief of Police
and all the directors.
They're counting on you
to settle the matter quickly.
- Any leads at the moment?
- Give me two days and I'll answer that.
How did it go with Internal Affairs?
We got out. That's what matters, right?
Ali SaÏdi showed up at the Forensic
Institute earlier today with his men,
and the deceased's brother.
They entered the building
without permission.
They saw the body before I could avoid it.
And they won't stop here.
I fear the worst.
Go get some rest.
[starts engine]
[tense music playing]
[Miranda] Captain Vidal?
Do you have five minutes?
I got you a beer.
- [Alice] Right now?
- Well, why not?
We're off duty, it shouldn't be a problem.
Well, I also wanted
to make up for the questioning.
A disciplinary committee for giving
my colleagues a hand was a bit extreme.
[sighs] Wrong place, wrong time,
I suppose. A classic.
Why are you picking on those guys?
Our jobs are very honorable.
Our role as police officers
is to save and to enforce.
People wanna be saved,
but not punished, naturally.
But if we're doing the enforcing,
we also need to keep ourselves in check.
- Don't you think?
- Aside from punishing who do you save?
The image of the police.
[foreboding music playing]
What exactly do you want?
I need you to help me bring down
Benamar and his pack of nutcases.
Then I can guarantee
your stay in Marseille.
You'll even get a promotion.
You must have misread my file, then.
Find yourself another cop for this.
[ominous music playing]
[starts engine]
How ya doin', buddy?
- Huh?
- [dog panting]
Come here. Here. How's it goin'?
- Huh? [kisses]
- [whines]
Go ahead.
Hmm. Go on, go outside. Come on.
[phone vibrating]
[sighs] Damn it.
[sighs] Yeah?
I wanna know who did it.
[Lyès] We don't know either.
Oh, you don't, huh?
I went to the morgue.
Those assholes blew up
half his face, damn it.
Even his mother couldn't recognize him.
Either you find them,
or I'll take care of it myself.
You understand?
And if anybody from your team tries
to stop me,
I'll kill them.
Is that clear?
All right.
You got the picture.
[tense music playing]
[engine starts]
Did you sleep well?
Sort of.
You made quite an impression
for your first day. Congratulations.
Welcome to our crazy team.
[Alice] Thank you.
So tell us, what's your story?
Just curious.
My my mother was German.
I lived in Berlin until I was 16.
Then, well, my mother died,
and so I moved to Paris with my father.
Do you live at the hotel?
- [Alice] Just until I find an apartment.
- A friend runs a real estate agency.
- I'll put you in touch.
- [Alice] Sure.
- [Audrey] Yeah.
- [Alice] Thanks.
[Audrey] And, uh,
will you be living alone, or
[Alice] Yep.
- [Audrey] So you don't have a boyfriend?
- I do, but he's in Paris.
Really? What's he doing in Paris?
- He's a cop.
- Ah! What kind?
- Federal investigator.
- Ooh!
It's like I say,
there can't be love between two cops.
The hormones, the testosterone,
just too much drama.
- We tried, you know? This loser and I.
- [Alice] Really?
- My worst sex experience.
- You're kinda manly, so it makes sense.
I don't remember you complaining.
In fact, you liked it.
- Not sure.
- [Audrey laughs]
So how did it go with Miranda?
- [Alice] Hmm?
- From Internal Affairs.
We didn't talk about it. Any problems?
He asked me questions and I answered them.
- Hmm.
- Why?
Just wondering.
I'm allowed to ask, aren't I?
["Les jeux sont faits"
by Sat l'Artificier playing]
[camera clicks]
[Tatoo] Salem!
Know where this comes from?
No. Never seen it.
Know where this comes from?
Sure? All right, see ya.
["Les jeux sont faits" continues]
What up, bro?
- [Lyès] You see that?
- [man] Yeah!
- [Alice] What's he doing?
- It's okay.
Don't worry. It's for a good cause.
See you next time. Don't forget about me!
- Hey, Lyès!
- [Lyès] Hey, Ayou. You good?
We shoulda brought the siren.
So we could avoid all this traffic.
Your attention, folks,
there's a new sheriff in town,
and that sheriff is Tatoo.
[horn blaring]
Come on, look at that guy!
Jeez. Ever used blinkers before?
Damn it. Bastard.
Over there, look.
Yo, dickhead! Come here.
[music fades]
- [boy] Hey. Out for a stroll?
- Aren't you supposed to be at practice?
No, I'm hurt.
I sprained my toes, you know,
the ligaments. I can't even run.
Oh, your ligaments. Is that right?
- You sure you didn't sprain your brain?
- [laughs]
You're out here riding a bike, aren't you?
What did I tell you, Bakari?
Why are you with these guys?
I just came to say hi, bro.
You look into what I asked before?
Ask Biggie. He knows everything.
Who's Biggie?
He hangs out at Félix Pyat.
He's probably 600 pounds,
you can't miss him.
All right. Now, get lost.
I wanna see you going home, now.
I'm watchin' you, all right?
[kids yelling]
[horn honks]
Hey, Coach,
are those cleats made of cement?
Hey, Lyès, what about you?
- You driving your old man's car?
- [both chuckling]
- Hey.
- What's up?
I'm good.
Damn, you're livin' the good life, huh?
And even paid for it with our taxes too!
What do you mean, taxes? You've
never paid taxes in your life, come on!
Well, got anything for us?
Or just passing by?
Check this out. Isn't this beautiful?
Look, it's like Christmas.
Jerseys, gloves.
- Everything.
- Hey, gremlins!
- Help us out with this stuff.
- [kids cheering]
- Cleats too?
- [Lyès] Yeah, we've got cleats.
- And Hey, boys!
- [boy 1] Uncle Lyès is here!
Hey, champs! How you doin'?
Look what I got for you.
- [boy 2] Oh, thanks!
- [boy 3] Yay! Look! New gloves!
- Hey, who wants to go to Vélodrome?
- [all] Me!
- Awesome, I'll take care of it.
- [boy 1] Lyès is awesome!
- I've got books for Dora.
- [boy 1] Thank you!
- Give them to her in person.
- [boy 3] The gloves are amazing!
[Lyès] Wait, boys, come here!
There's one box left.
- Look. Some soccer balls for ya.
- Thank you. Okay, see ya!
- [Coach] You're a good man.
- [Lyès] See ya later! It's no big deal.
- How are you, princess?
- [Audrey] Good. You?
- Introduce me to your friend?
- Not gonna happen.
Forget about her,
she just arrived from Paris.
She's not into old men from Marseille.
There's no need to tell me
she's from Paris. I could tell right away.
Now, if you want to share
a nice bouillabaisse with me
at my friend Mario's,
maybe take a ride on his boat
in the calanques
- Coach, Coach
- Watching the sunset
I said forget it.
She has a boyfriend, all right? Seriously.
She's too polite to tell you,
but go find a chick elsewhere! Okay?
- [Coach] You know you're my love.
- [Audrey] Yeah, well
[Coach] Let's get shit-faced sometime.
Call me.
You're dreaming. Wake up, will ya?
- [Audrey] Go on, now.
- Anyway
- Ah, you're beautiful. [laughs]
- [Lyès] Leave them alone.
Heard anything lately?
Yeah. Ali's in town.
Everybody knows.
We don't know who did that to Kamel,
so, uh, everyone's paranoid.
To be honest, it's pretty bad.
Where should I begin?
Go speak with some dealers
where the crackheads are.
I think they know something.
Two of them have gone missing.
Gonzo and Nabil.
They were from there.
But today and tomorrow, we're off.
Ali wants us to stay home.
The family's burying Kamel.
[gentle music playing]
- All right.
- Ciao.
[Lyès] See you later!
[car door slams]
[ominous music playing]
[man] We're all sharing at once.
Get away from my keg, all right?
Here, come on, stay still.
Let's see what you brought me.
Got anything else?
[Audrey clears throat]
Want some?
[Lyès tuts]
[Audrey] Want some? Chichi fregi.
Made in Marseille.
Anyone who tries it loves it.
What's a chichi fregi?
[Audrey] The poor used to eat this
on the Estaque harbor.
It was made with chickpea flour
It means
"little pieces of fried chickpeas."
- It's pretty good.
- [Audrey] Mmm.
Where are we?
One of Ali Saïdi's territories.
He controls most of Marseille's dealing.
Now he's a multimillionaire
who lives in Dubai.
So his nephews manage the jobbers.
Kamel, the the man you saw in the factory
with half a face left,
and his little brother Foudil.
What do you mean by "jobbers"?
The kids who push the dope.
People who sell the shit, they're jobbers.
- Hmm.
- [Lyès] They're his working capital.
His cash flow.
Wholesale business,
that's what, uh Ali's into.
How come you've never arrested him, then?
It's complicated.
He's got all sorts of connections.
He's very influential.
- [Audrey sighs]
- He actually killed the competition, so
You know, since he had a monopoly, well
we noticed crime went down
in the projects.
You made a deal with him, is that it?
Well, we're in Marseille.
- [laughs]
- That's how it works.
How did the crack show up here?
That, I can't explain.
All right, come with me. I'll show you.
- Let us know if any jobbers show up.
- Okay, will do.
[car door closes]
[foreboding music playing]
[Arno] Let's make it quick.
Get the info and get out.
[yells] Arah!
Arah! Arah!
- What the fuck do you want?
- [Arno] Hey, are you Biggie?
- Who are you?
- We gotta talk to you. Come on.
- Step out of the car, I will.
- [man 1] Yeah.
- Don't be like that, or I will get out.
- Get lost.
- I'll have to fuck you up.
- Fucking scram.
You're pissing me off, so either
step out the car or fuckin' scram.
- The fuck do you mean?
- [Biggie] Scram, motherfucker.
- [man 2] Get out!
- The fuck do you mean?
[man 3] What are you doin'?
- [Arno] You're being a little bitch.
- [Tatoo] Back off!
- [man 4] Whoa!
- [Tatoo] Back off.
- [Arno] Don't you touch me!
- [Tatoo] Come on, back off!
- Listen to me carefully.
- [Tatoo yelling]
- [Biggie] Easy!
- You got info on the Indian.
- I'm listening!
- [man 5] Fuck outta
[Tatoo] All of you! Back off, now!
- Bar de L'Escale, okay?
- There, you son of a bitch!
- Get lost.
- [man 6] Got a death wish?
- All good?
- Fuck off! Don't touch me, asshole!
Hey, fuck off!
- [Tatoo] Hey! Back off!
- Watch it!
- Back off!
- [Arno] Don't touch me!
- [Tatoo] Back off! Fucking piece of shit!
- Take it easy.
- Back off!
- It's all good, let's go, Tatoo.
- Back off.
- It's all good. Come on, it's all good.
Back off. Yeah, back off.
- [man 7] Fuck off!
- [Arno] Hey, hey, hey! Calm down!
It's all good, it's fine, it's all good.
- It's all good.
- [man 8] That's right! Get outta here!
- [man 1] Where'd you get that?
- [dog barking]
[Lyès] In Paris, there's the Crack Hill.
Here we have this fucking mountain.
They're all crackheads,
but they don't work for Ali.
Since they're right next to the projects,
it's ruining his business.
- [woman] No!
- [man 2] Damn it, fuck off.
- [woman] Just a sip, for fuck's sake.
- Fucking slut.
- Give me a little something?
- [man 3] Shut up. What are you doing?
- [woman] A little something?
- [man 3] Back off. I said back off.
- You fucking deaf?
- [woman] Get off me. Oh!
- Hey!
- [woman screaming] No!
- No!
- [Lyès] Alice! Alice!
- [Alice] Hey!
- [man 3] I said back the fuck off!
- Get up!
- Hey! Let her go.
- Let her go.
- [woman screams]
- [Alice] I said let go of her! Back off.
- [woman] Get off me!
- [man 3] Hey, what the fuck?
- [Alice] Get back! Get back!
- [man 4] What's it gon' be?
- [man 3] Fuckin' bitch!
- The fuck you doin' here?
- Drop that!
- Hey! I'm talking to you!
- [Alice] Drop your weapon.
- I said drop it!
- Put that shit down!
I'm gonna fuck you up, bitch!
- Put that shit down!
- Drop your weapon.
- Put it down. Put that shit down.
- [Alice] Put it down!
- Lower your gun!
- [man 2] Bitch.
- Put your gun down!
- Put it down!
- What?
- You ain't fucking anyone up.
- [Alice] Drop that.
- What the fuck?
- Get lost! Fuck off!
- [man 2] Come at me, bro.
- [Lyès] Pointing a gun at a cop?
- [grunts] What the fuck?
- [Alice] Back off!
- What did I do?
- Get lost! What are you doing? Turn over.
- What did I do? What did I do?
- Turn over!
- [man 5] Let them go!
- [Alice] I said back off!
- [man 2] Hey!
- [Lyès] What's this?
- [man 2] My dick.
- [Lyès] Oh? Where'd you find it?
- [man 2] Your pussy!
- Your mother's pussy.
- My mother?
[man 2 groaning]
[dramatic music playing]
Get the fuck out!
- [man 4] Fucking piece of shit.
- [Lyès] Go fuck yourselves!
- [man 4] Motherfucker!
- [Lyès] Fuck off!
Are you happy now? Fuck!
- [man 2 groans]
- [Lyès] Shut up!
[tense music fades]
- [pop music playing in bar]
- [man 1] Yeah, yeah! Fuck off.
They gave you the wrong address.
[Tatoo] What should we do? Go inside?
Sure, let's have a vodka cranberry
and play cards with them.
It's gonna be fun.
You serious?
Bunch of dumbasses in there.
We go in, they come out running.
Let's wait for him to show up
and then catch that asshole.
You sure that Biggie didn't just
send us barking up the wrong tree?
I'm not.
- By the way, any word from Lyès?
- He's not pickin' up. No word.
[tires screech]
- Oh fuck!
- [automatic gunfire]
- [shooter] Come on! Drive!
- [tires squeal]
- [woman screaming]
- [Arno grunting]
- [man 2] What the hell happened?
- You okay?
- [Tatoo] Yeah.
- [sighs]
[man 3] Yo, yo, what was that?
[pop music continues playing in bar]
[dog barking]
[tense music playing]
- Yo. What's up, guys?
- Hey, what's up?
All good?
You good, fellas? What's up?
We out here! You know it.
- [mellow hip-hop music playing]
- [engine starts]
[brakes squeal]
Jul, looks like
you're in a hurry this morning.
Yeah, it's my mom,
she wants me to run some errands.
Your mother will have to wait.
- Wait, please, but my bike
- Get in.
[sighs] Shit.
[tense music playing]
- Holy shit, what happened?
- They drove up and started shooting.
- It's a miracle we're alive.
- [Tatoo] These guys are completely nuts.
Lyès, they're not like the others.
This is war.
- You get checked up?
- [Tatoo] Yeah, it's nothing, we're fine.
They took off in a gray van
with a Belgian license plate.
I put out an emergency APB on them.
- Did you see the guys?
- [Arno] Two in the front.
Masked guy in the back.
Happened too fast.
- Where do we go from here?
- [Lyès] We've had a shitty enough day.
So we should go grab a drink,
and unwind a little. Then we'll see.
Let's go. You can join us if you want.
- You okay?
- I'm fine, I'm fine, don't worry about it.
[Jul] Please, Ali. Where are we goin'?
[Ali] Relax. It's okay, Jul.
You seem scared.
You got a reason to be scared?
[Ali] How long you been workin' for me?
[Jul] It's been a year now.
One year already.
How is it? You happy?
Yeah, it's fine.
So why are you trembling?
Hmm? Guilty about somethin'?
- No, but word on the street
- What's the word?
Word is that you caught Gonzo
and you killed him.
[Ali] Was he a friend of yours?
- Sort of.
- [Ali] Sort of?
Gonzo died because he did somethin' wrong.
Did you do somethin' wrong, Jul?
- No.
- [Ali] So you have nothin' to fear.
Just tell me what's goin' on here.
I swear I don't know, man.
"I swear."
You all love to swear, apparently.
Tell me, how did all this crack
get to our projects?
I have no idea, man.
- [Ali] You sure?
- A hundred percent.
[tense music playing]
So let me see what's in there.
- It's just my stuff man, my
- Hurry up, Jul.
What's this, you fuckin' jackass?
Huh? You sure you don't know? Huh?
Huh? You trying to fuck me over?
What is this?
- [Jul] Wait, it's for my mom
- [Ali] Shut up about your mom!
To hell with your fuckin' mom!
- [rustling]
- [Jul whimpers]
- [muffled groans]
- [Ali] Fucker!
Huh? Trying to fuck with Ali, huh?
Come on, I can't hear you right now.
Answer me!
- [muffled wailing]
- Son of a bitch!
[Lyès] I talked to the guys
from ballistics.
Chances are one of the two shooters
is Rat Tail.
The cartridges from Bar de L'Escale match
the ones found at the factory.
Who are these guys, and why would they try
to kill two cops in broad daylight?
Good question. [sighs]
Did you find anythin' out?
I've tried to figure out
the Indian's name, but I couldn't.
And as for the weapons found in
the trunk with the crack cocaine
Two of the firearms were used
two years ago in a robbery in Grenoble.
But that didn't help.
I contacted our colleagues in Lyon
who were in charge of the case, but
they said the case was dismissed.
[Arno sighs] Look
these fuckers didn't just appear.
We'll find their names soon enough.
Marseille ain't that big. If we punch
enough stomachs, someone's gonna talk.
[Tatoo] Right.
Wait, who told you about Bar de L'Escale?
Some guy named Biggie. Why?
Because he set you up, right?
- The guys in the van knew you were there.
- Yeah.
[Alice] If those guys
really wanted to kill you,
they would have, you know?
I mean, I think it was
a warning or something.
Have you seen the car's remains?
So much for a warning! [scoffs]
What's the plan for tomorrow, boss?
Go back to Biggie and rough him
up to find out if he gave us up today.
- Okay.
- [Arno] Mm-hmm.
- [Lyès] Okay?
- [Audrey] Oh, about the crack.
I think I found a way
to make Peretto talk.
[Tatoo] Peretto is locked up.
He'll never talk.
Yeah, precisely.
A lawyer friend of mine
gave me access to this case.
A first-degree murder in which
he's involved and he doesn't know it yet.
Wait, how did you get this?
[Audrey] You know, the usual way.
- I got laid.
- [men chuckle]
- Let me see that.
- Where's the original?
At Mr. Jaborska's.
Just thought you'd wanna know.
Give me the Audi's keys.
Arno, get a car from the stolen vehicles,
all right?
Meet me tomorrow, we'll get that bastard.
I'll drop you at the hotel,
it's on my way.
Okay, I get it.
I didn't mean to get in the way, you know?
- Thanks.
- Wait.
A lot's been happening since you got here.
Sorry for the poor welcome.
It's okay. I've been warned.
That I was a jerk?
A jerk, and sexist,
misogynistic, rude, but handsome.
- They were pretty much right.
- Who's "they"?
Ah I, uh almost forgot.
A good cop, as well.
You think so?
It's, um, a bit early to tell, you know?
Yeah. So I'll give you some advice.
I don't know what you were
talking about with that jackass, Miranda.
But I want you to know that if you're
planning on sabotaging me and my team,
I'll be ruthless.
["Sordid Affair" by Röyksopp playing]
Message received.
- Ciao.
- Ciao.
There was a time ♪
Dark and divine ♪
Exciting and new ♪
Shameful, untrue ♪
Free to explore ♪
We had it all ♪
Towering trust ♪
Insatiable lust ♪
Clouding the truth ♪
Both of us knew ♪
This sordid affair ♪
Is ending in tears ♪
Yes, we would go on ♪
Knowing the wrong ♪
Until the day ♪
It was taken away ♪
- [child 1] Yeah!
- [child 2] Get him!
Ah, Dad!
[kids yelling happily]
Oh, all our love ♪
Fell down to Earth ♪
I won!
Here, broken and cold ♪
With great ♪
[hip-hop playing]
Yeah, move it.
What can I get you?
We wanna talk to your boss. Is he here?
- [bartender] In his office.
- Then go get him.
Who's asking?
Trouble is
if you don't hurry the fuck up.
- Jackass.
- Get moving.
[bartender] Serge? Someone's here for you.
Is there a problem?
- Are you Da Costa?
- Why?
- Are you him or not?
- What do you want from Da Costa?
Foudil Saïdi. Ring a bell?
- They've got unfinished business.
- Yeah, so?
He likes to come around here
to sniff pussy.
You're gonna arrange a meeting with him
and tell him you have a new girl.
We'll tell you where.
Just like that?
And you show up and what? Beat him up?
You arrange the meeting, that's all.
We handle the rest.
Who the hell are you
to tell me what to do, huh?
You show up at my place, threaten me,
you don't tell me who you are,
or what your name is.
And you ask me to mess with the Saïdis?
You're outright crazy, aren't ya?
You know the Saïdis?
The last guy who tried to fuck with them
was tortured with a drill for days
and buried alive.
Cut the sob stories out.
We don't give a damn
I've never had any problem. Stop trying
to get me involved in your messy shit.
- You hear me?
- Hey! Chill out, all right? Cut it out.
No one will know
it was you who arranged it.
No one will know
you came here to bust my balls.
Now get out of my club. Get lost.
You're being rude, Da Costa.
Very rude, pal.
That's your daughter's number, right?
She's with our colleagues.
Waiting for your call.
Think about it.
You fuckin' assholes.
[ominous music playing]
We're gonna kill them.
Let him go.
He died because of you!
[in Arabic] Farrah, my sister
Not in front of these people.
[in English] What do you mean?
They all know you, right?
They know who you are,
they know what you do.
They're all scared of you.
But I'm not scared of you, Ali.
I'm your big sister.
[in Arabic] You hear me? Huh?
[in English]
You had no right to do this to me!
You had no right to take him away from me!
You know what?
He's your own blood.
And if you can't protect your own blood,
Ali, who will protect you, huh?
Everything, Ali, I would have given
everything to you, but not my son.
[sobs] You couldn't keep him safe!
- My son! How could you do this to me?
- Stop, Mom.
- You let him die, Ali!
- It's okay. Come here.
Not this! [sobbing]
Not this.
No not this
Not this.
[in Arabic] My son
[in English] Stay with her.
[in Arabic] Oh, my son,
may your soul rest in peace.
[in English] I don't want you to hang out
with him. It's over.
It's over, Foudil. Promise me.
Salam alaikum.
[in Arabic] May his soul rest in peace.
[in English] No, no, no. No.
Is it money you don't want,
or just my money?
You know that's not it, come on.
For God's sake.
I see a lot of hatred in your eyes.
Hatred leads to misery.
[in Arabic] God doesn't like it
when people are dishonest.
[in English] You instill fear.
Sure, the strongest may not,
but the weak ones fear you.
And they're under God's protection.
[in Arabic] Stay strong.
May God protect you.
[in English] I'll pray for you, Ali.
[in Arabic] My condolences.
[in English] Leave me alone.
[tense music playing]
[Arno] Jaborska, that little bitch.
- I wonder what he looks like now.
- [Lyès] Huh.
- Well, like a shitty little lawyer.
- [chuckles]
How's Lucie doing? Her treatment?
You know her. She doesn't complain.
She's upset about her hair.
She refuses to wear a wig,
and won't leave the house.
It's complicated.
What do the boys say?
We don't talk about it.
[Lyès] And here's our champ.
[ominous music playing]
[Beethoven's "Egmont Overture" playing]
[doors chime]
[music continues]
[door closes]
Sonia, right?
- Yeah.
- Hmm.
I buried my brother today.
Give it your all.
Get undressed.
[door opens]
Don't bother taking your cock out.
You won't be using it.
[clicks tongue]
Little change of plans for you.
Get lost.
[ominous music playing]
I'm giving you one last chance, Foudil.
Were you there when my son got shot?
[Foudil] Go fuck yourself.
Do you wanna die?
Do you wanna die right now?
Answer my goddamn question!
My uncle's gonna find you.
- And kill your entire family!
- Answer me!
You didn't answer my question!
Were you there?
Of course I was there, asshole.
What difference does it make?
It doesn't, Foudil, it doesn't. [sighs]
[muffled yelling]
[ominous music intensifies]
[somber music playing]
[Arno] What do we do now?
Now we stay put until it gets dark.
[sighs] Well, we'll be lucky
if shit doesn't hit the fan.
No guts, no glory.
We can do it, don't worry.
[tense music playing]
God damn it.
[no audible dialogue]
[ominous music playing]
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