Blood Coast (2023) s01e04 Episode Script


[foreboding music playing]
Wasn't expecting luxury at all,
but didn't expect this.
Ah. [tuts].
We should've left you at the bar.
I told Franck, now I'm telling you.
That's why I didn't call you.
I knew that.
[Franck] You two, enough.
Listen, man, it's my problem. I got it.
Well, your problems are my problems,
don't forget that.
- A gentleman to the end.
- Yeah.
No complaints from the whores
at Don Quichotte so far.
You're wrong about that. They all call you
"el puerco mas grande del mundo."
Nice to know my skill is appreciated.
- Love it.
- Enough. I'll show you your room. Come on.
[clears throat]
Ah. Nina, Fanny.
[Fanny] Hey.
Yeah, hi.
[clears throat]
How long will I be stuck here?
As long as it takes.
[The Indian scoffs]
Did anyone see you?
Lyès did.
Ah. Your old friend.
He knows you like the back of his hand.
He'll find you.
Hope he does. Been waiting for years.
[Fanny] Franck, please.
Pretend he's already dead,
it's easier to get used to it.
- What are we gonna do with her?
- Come on, enough.
- I'll handle it.
- Mind your own business, nosy bitch.
- Why are you even talking?
- I'm fucking handling it, okay?
- Fucking girl.
- All right, all right!
- [The Indian] Bullshit!
- Go!
- [The Indian] Busting my balls
- You're handling what?
[door closes]
[seagulls calling]
[Arno] You're sure it was him?
Makes no sense. He was dead and buried.
We've all seen pictures of the body.
It's not possible.
What did you see?
A rotting corpse in the jungle.
Could've been anybody. Fucking think!
We have to hand over the case if it's him.
If we don't, it'll backfire.
[Arno] Lyès?
Lyès, what do you think?
It stays between us.
Oh shit. Are you crazy?
If or when Miranda puts
it together, we're fucked.
- There's something I need to understand.
- What is it?
What she's doing here?
I'm speaking to you, Vidal!
[ominous music playing]
You knew he wasn't dead.
Even before you came here,
you knew.
- Easy.
- What are you talking about?
[Lyès] Don't fucking jerk me around!
- Take it easy, man.
- Why are you here? I'm fine! Why?
Murillo kills your father.
You show up after eight months.
Merely a coincidence, right?
Listen, I'll ask you once more.
How did you know?
We were tracking a weapons shipment
coming back from Marseille.
We intercepted the unsold goods in Paris.
The buyers had tested them out.
We dusted them for prints.
- Murillo?
- Hamadi as well.
You kept this to yourself?
- Yeah.
- Well, of course
Come on, tell us everything. We're here,
we're listening. What's the plan?
We have the right to know!
What's the plan?
You kill Murillo to avenge your pops,
is that the plan?
Then you go back to Paris
and you leave the rest of us idiots
here to clean up your mess?
No one buys these lectures
coming from you.
Oh, and
I wasn't planning on leaving.
But if that's, uh what you guys want,
then just let me know.
- [Audrey] Fuck
- [clattering]
Lyès, chill.
[sighs] Well? What's our plan now?
Tap phones
of everyone close to Murillo and Fanny.
What about Alice?
- I'm on it.
- [Tatoo] I think she's a keeper.
She's as crazy as we are.
[motorcycle engine starts]
- [engine revving]
- Alice!
[turns engine off]
Why keep it a secret?
If you were in my place, you would've done
the same thing, wouldn't you?
But I'm not in your place.
How can I trust you after this?
I don't know.
[Lyès sighs]
- Is there a problem?
- No.
Just differing, uh points of view.
Our city is on fire
and bodies are piling up,
so your little ego issues are gonna
have to be put aside, is that clear?
- Clear?
- Yep, clear.
Crystal clear.
The hospital called.
The guy Arno hit at the factory
just woke up. His name is Karim Benali.
You can question him.
I'm off to see the prefect.
We'll talk later.
[starts engine]
[tense music playing]
- [Arno] Morning.
- [woman] Hi.
[man on recording]
What's goin' on tonight?
[Tatoo laughing]
Fuck all y'all!
I'm so fucking spoiled!
Two games in one
[switches phone off]
[sighs] Mom's all wired up.
All good.
That took forever.
Thought you'd moved in or somethin'.
Shit, bro!
Better off dead then in there.
- [chuckles]
- Hey, wait, now.
There's chicks up there in every room.
I'm sure you'd find one to poke.
- Ugh. Jesus, you are crude.
- [chuckles]
Pfft. Ay-yi-yi.
[Tatoo] Come on.
Come on, baby.
Okay, we're in.
So who's next, after Murillo's mom?
Fanny's father,
idiot cousin, and that's it.
- Okay.
- [keys jingle]
[tense music continues]
Captain Benamar, Narcotics.
I'll cut to the chase.
Tell me where the crack is
and I'll pin it on your accomplice,
the one whose body we have on ice.
He hasn't been declared dead yet.
Up to you.
- Or you bite me.
- So you'll take the fall for everyone?
Benali gave me an address.
Let's meet at the office.
Was Benali fucking with you?
[Tatoo] There's no reported crime here.
This kind of neighborhood
doesn't make news.
That makes it the perfect choice.
All right. Which floor is it?
Fifth. I checked. Apparently, he's alone.
Let's do this.
Alice, you stay here.
Put in a call if there's any problem.
Let's go.
[ominous music playing]
[dog barking]
[coughing inside]
- Open up.
- [man] Who is it?
Police, sir. Open the door, please.
[locks turning]
You alone?
- Yeah.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
- All good?
We're good. This way, sir.
[Lyès sighs]
[cats purring]
[Lyès] What's your name, sir?
Seretti. André Seretti.
Know why we're here?
Let's try it this way.
Tell us where it is
and we won't have to trash your apartment.
[sighs] It's, uh
it's under the bed in there.
[Lyès] Go.
Go on, have a seat.
You like coffee? It's hot.
I'm fine.
And you, miss?
No, but thanks.
[Arno] Bingo!
- [Lyès] Good?
- [Arno] It's here.
- Bring it out.
- [Arno] Damn cats everywhere.
Have a look at this.
- Pss, pss. Pss, pss.
- [cat meows]
[André coughs]
[sighs heavily]
- [Arno] And there it is.
- [Lyès] Ah, shit
Wanna explain?
A fair amount of money just
to hold some bags here, I, uh
- I, uh I agreed.
- [Lyès] Who asked you?
Uh, well I don't know.
I don't know, some guy.
- Ah.
- And his appearance?
Well, uh
Well I don't know. I mean, just some guy.
[Lyès sighs]
What do you do for a living, Mr. Seretti?
I, uh
I was a docker.
Ten years ago, I I fell from a crane.
Ruined my back,
haven't been able to work ever since.
You live alone?
My wife died of cancer ten years ago
and my kid up and left without a word.
I've got my cats.
- [cats purring]
- My babies.
- [clicks tongue]
- [cat meows]
Someone can look after them,
can't they, though?
You're coming with us.
Got questions for you at the station.
The cats will have to wait.
Uh, I can't leave the babies
here by themselves.
- I can't.
- You should've thought of that earlier.
[tense music playing]
I get 843 euros a month on disability.
A monthly allowance
of 174 euros and 30 cents.
Could you live with just that?
I was given 3,000 euros
just to keep those damn bags.
Didn't even look inside
to see what they were.
Let me feed the cats today, at least?
- How long will I be gone?
- Sorry, that's up to the judge.
- Let's go.
- [Tatoo] I'll take the bags.
- Come on.
- You're coming with me, sir.
- Come on.
- [coughs]
Was what I did so wrong?
I ju I just kept some bags, you know?
That's it.
- [Lyès] Let's go.
- Babies, Daddy will be back!
- [cat meows]
- [André] Tiger, don't act crazy.
- [purring]
- Daddy will be back, my sweets.
You're fucking kidding me!
Franck! Hold on.
[Murillo] What is it?
[sighs] They got our dope.
- Who's got our dope?
- Your cop friend, Lyès.
They held up our guys.
He's fucking with us.
[breathing heavily]
That son of a bitch.
- I'll have to get it back. You come along.
- No, no.
- No fucking time for that.
- It's your fault.
You had to bring that bitch!
- You were recognized because of that!
- Watch it.
We're in this mess
because one of your men talked.
- Can't blame me for your shitty-ass men.
- Wait, wait, Franck.
We made a deal. Remember that?
And we're gonna stick to it.
- Okay, but it's a mistake.
- [starts engine]
- It's the right thing to do.
- Nah, it's not, but okay.
[tense music playing]
[brakes squeal]
[Audrey] Come on.
[music fades]
- How much in total?
- [drops packet]
- A hundred kilos in four bags.
- And the accomplice's story?
A docker, out of work.
What's his relation to the Indian?
- We'll question him and find out.
- Well
I guess I should congratulate ya.
And are things getting
any better with Vidal?
We're getting to know one another.
Takes a little time, that's all.
You should really trust her.
[tense music playing]
- Something to drink?
- Beer.
- [Audrey] Alice?
- Beer.
- [Audrey] All right. Arno?
- [Arno] Same for me.
[Audrey] Beers all around.
- [can opening]
- Yeah.
- Yeah, thanks.
- [opens can]
[Arno sighs]
Hey, Alice, I wanted to tell you.
If you had just told us before,
no one would've blinked an eye.
I'm sorry.
You wanted him for yourself.
- Do you know Murillo?
- [laughs] Pretty sure she does, yeah.
[Arno] Hmm.
I applaud your passion, really.
But that's not the solution.
[Alice] Really? Then what is the solution?
Hmm. Do our job. No matter the cost.
- Cheers to that.
- [Tatoo] Cheers.
- [Audrey] Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Welcome to the Crazy Team.
- [Audrey] Not sure you should be happy.
We're a bunch of loonies in here, really.
[Tatoo chuckles]
[Arno chuckles]
Look, I wanted to ask you somethin'.
- May I?
- Yeah.
- You support PSG? Hold on.
- Oh, here we go
Just let her talk.
Uh, not a soccer fan, I prefer rugby.
- [Audrey and Arno laugh]
- Rugby? With the oval ball, really?
You just arrived in a city
where no one even sells those.
Here, balls are round.
[Lyès] Alice?
- Can you come here a sec?
- [Alice] Sure.
Who else knows at Interpol?
How long were you gonna
keep this to yourself?
Pfft A guy like Murillo back in the game,
and you didn't think people would
find out about it eventually?
Do you realize the risk you've put us in?
It's not what I wanted.
If all you want is revenge,
you have no business being with us.
Why am I still here, then?
You've seen our group?
- Arno, Audrey, Tatoo?
- Mm-hmm.
If they weren't cops,
what would they do? Huh?
We're not here because we love justice.
[clicks teeth]
We're here because
none of us wanna go over the edge.
And what if that's what I want?
To go over the edge?
[ominous music playing]
Trust me.
It's much better up here.
[ominous music continues]
[door unlocks]
[Lyès] Here you go.
[music fades]
[André sighs]
[sighs and coughs]
Had time to reflect?
Reflect about what?
Pretending will get you nowhere.
You knew what was in the bags, didn't you?
And? What does that change?
Well, it would mean that you
don't necessarily have to go to jail.
Just probation with electronic
anklet monitoring, which isn't too bad.
You could go home tonight.
But you have to
give me somethin' in return.
I told you already.
A guy showed up at my place and
he had some bags, uh,
and he tossed them on the coffee table.
He took out an envelope of cash
and, uh he threatened me.
He said the bags better be there
when he got back, that's what he said.
That's it. [sniffs]
- Did he say when he'd be back?
- No.
For your cats
I need more.
Describe the man to me.
He, uh was an Arab.
Looked strong.
Had a braid.
This him?
I'll call the judge.
You'll be able to go home soon.
You'll have a protection team
watching over you. Sound good?
And how long will the team
be staying with me?
No, I'm ready to do time,
you go and tell the judge.
No monitoring by electronics or anything.
Just, uh, have someone look after my cats.
If you can.
[tense music playing]
[music fades]
[window whirring]
Don't tell me you're trying
to get me back in the game?
- You'd just get nutmegged and lose it.
- [laughs]
- Don't tackle from behind and we're good.
- [chuckles]
How's your mother?
She's fine.
The hood's still poor as ever.
That's not how you used to see this place.
Might as well have been the Vélodrome.
Stupid, brazen kids we were. And poor.
Any parking lot was a Vélodrome.
Yeah, I know.
Now you're grown and rich
and obviously you don't care.
You've changed.
- Are we here so you can lecture me?
- No.
Don't worry about it, I gave up on
giving you lectures a long time ago.
Why did you call?
Franck Murillo.
He's alive.
[unsettling music playing]
Your nephews, your troubles, it's all him.
Shouldn't he be after you?
He's probably upset
you sent him to prison.
Don't worry, that time will come.
Pushing drugs isn't Murillo's thing.
Yeah, that's why he has an associate now.
- The Indian.
- Yeah, the Indian.
He's looking to take your place.
Probably should choose better enemies.
They're devils.
[Ali] Remember that Arabic saying
my father used to tell us?
Which one? He had a new one each week.
"The devil only comes
for those who fear him."
[Lyès chuckles]
And he's no devil.
They want us to think they are.
They bleed just like you and me.
Go back to Dubai.
- So, you're givin' me orders now?
- No. I wouldn't.
It's not an order, just advice.
Lyès, Lyès.
You're too naive, buddy.
I thought you'd know
I'm not on my own here.
I'm not sellin' hookahs anymore.
I've got important people behind me.
Where are they now?
Where will they be
when Murillo comes after you?
[Lyès sighs]
So much simpler when we were
just stealing soccer balls.
- Remember?
- Yeah, I remember that.
Except we're not ten years old anymore.
I'm investing in a legal business now.
I wanna leave all that shit behind.
That piece of shit Murillo and that cunt
the Indian are not gonna stop me.
This war has to stop. And if locking
you up is what it takes, I'll do it.
If I go down, then so do you.
What now?
Twenty years of friendship down
the drain because you panicked?
What friendship are you talking about?
We're not friends, Ali.
You know it.
Think about it, Lyès. Think about it.
[in Arabic] It's destiny, my brother.
[in English] Yeah.
[in Arabic] Destiny.
Farewell, brother.
[starts engine]
[tense music playing]
- [upbeat electronic music playing]
- [crowd whooping]
[keys clatter to floor]
[moaning softly]
[Nina laughs]
- [yells]
- [gasps]
Come here, bitch.
- [Audrey gasping]
- [The Indian grunting]
[phone vibrating]
[The Indian] You have something
that belongs to me, bastard.
You're gonna give it to me tonight.
It's under seal, I'm afraid.
I don't fucking care, find a way.
Your little friend's here with me.
- Sing, little birdie.
- [moans]
If you touch her, you piece of shit,
I'll hunt you down!
You hear me? I'll fucking kill you!
I'll send you the address.
Two hours or I chop her to pieces.
Son of a bitch.
Son of a bitch.
[breathing shakily]
[tense, urgent music playing]
Fuck, the boys in blue.
The fuck you doing?
Crazy Team on a night stroll,
sounds promising. Where are you going?
Not your concern, Navarro.
So? Coming back empty-handed, as usual?
What do you have there?
You chop Mommy into pieces?
Are you deaf?
Not your concern. Get lost.
What's wrong? You upset the chief
didn't send you to the hairdresser?
- Your mother likes my hair long. [kisses]
- Hah!
Anyway, if anyone asks,
I didn't see anything, so don't worry.
That's right, because
there's nothin' to see. Now get lost.
And try to arrest someone
at least once in your life.
- [slaps car roof]
- You'll see, it feels good.
[officer 2] Hey, Lyès?
- Yeah?
- Big mouths don't last long here.
- Oh, man, really?
- Times have changed, understand?
God damn it. Whatever, idiot!
[starts engine]
[rock music playing]
Want me to roll you a joint?
Are you angry?
You're pissed, aren't ya?
Yeah, I'd be mad too, if I were you.
With that fucked-up face of yours
Who's gonna wanna fuck you? No one.
Stupid fucking bitch.
Who are you gonna fuck?
[Nina gasping]
[Audrey] Come here!
- [loud crack]
- [groans]
[tense music playing]
How does it feel to be reunited, huh?
Why'd you come back at all, Franck?
You were less annoying when you were dead.
To see your ugly face again.
Every cop in France is
on your ass, you know?
Where are all the cops in France, then?
Cut the tough guy act, Lyès.
We both know acting like a snitch
suits you better.
Are you done?
Where's Audrey?
You'll see her again.
- But first, give us back what's ours.
- [Lyès] Hold on.
[phone vibrating]
[Audrey] Lyès, it's me.
[sighs] Don't give them anything.
I got out. I got out, don't do it.
- Hurry up. We don't have all night.
- You hear me?
- Calm down.
- Hurry up.
- Who d'you think we are?
- I said hang on!
- And I said hurry the fuck up.
- Calm down!
- [panting] Did you get that?
- Okay, don't worry.
You're in a hurry,
Huh? You'll get your shit back.
You fucking scum!
[The Indian] Drive, drive!
You okay?
[somber music playing]
[Arno] Fuck!
Where is she?
- She's waiting in the car.
- Thanks.
[sighs] Holy shit.
[Audrey sniffles]
I messed up, Lyès.
She's up there. [sighs]
Is she alive?
I'm scared, Lyès.
Don't worry.
I'll take care of it.
[ominous music playing]
We'll handle it from here, guys. Thanks.
Come on, love.
You guys take her to the hospital,
then come back here.
- Sure.
- What about the girl?
She's dead.
Arno and I will clean the place
and take care of the body.
- How are you gonna explain this?
- Nothin' to explain.
We'll say two junkies jumped her.
They were after her money,
and beat the shit out of her, all right?
Sounds good?
- Okay.
- [Lyès] Okay?
- [Audrey] Thanks.
- Come on.
Hey. Stay strong.
Lyès? The girl.
Let's take her to the squat.
Yeah, sure.
[tense music playing]
[car pulls up]
[car doors slam]
- [The Indian] So?
- Nothing we could do, the cops were there.
- And Nina?
- [man] She's dead.
They took her body out during the night.
Who's "they"?
[sighs] Benamar. And a guy from his crew.
[The Indian sighs]
The apartment, you guys clean it?
We were going to, but
they cleaned it themselves.
[The Indian] Okay, you can go.
[tense music continues playing]
You kiddin' me?
I'm coming.
- What are you doing? Why is she here?
- Close the door. Sit.
No way. You can't do this.
Mom, get up, let's go.
- The hearing's already started
- It's me you want, all right? Me!
It has nothin' to do with her! Nothing!
You're not making things better.
Calm down and push the door closed.
[Miranda] Mrs. Benamar, I asked you here
today as a witness, not as an offender.
At least, for the moment.
Watch your mouth with her,
or I'll make you regret it. Got it?
[in Arabic] Shut it. I feel ashamed.
Don't make things worse. [sighs]
[in English] Mrs. Benamar,
uh, do you know Ali Saïdi?
- Everybody does.
- Answer the question, please, ma'am.
I do.
And have you ever seen,
um, Ali and Lyès together?
Well, we used to live on the same floor.
When his parents died
[in Arabic] May they rest in peace.
[in English]
they were always together at home.
[Miranda] I mean,
have you seen them together recently?
[Mrs. Benamar] No.
I'm not interested in what he does.
Okay. And, um, have you been
getting envelopes of cash from your son?
Hey! What kind of question is that?
I'm very angry with my son.
Allah is my witness.
We haven't spoken in years.
We don't anymore.
Ma'am, if you're withholding information
from us, you're at risk of prosecution.
You'd prosecute who, then?
- Tell me. You'd prosecute her?
- Can you stop interrupting?
Soon, I'll prove your son made a deal
with the biggest drug dealer in the city,
Ali Saïdi.
Lyès will go down.
So will anyone who helped him.
One of them might even be
your own daughter, Assia.
[Mrs. Benamar, in Arabic] Is this true?
[in English] Don't go there.
Don't do that.
[Mrs. Benamar sighs]
[in Arabic] I pray to God
you didn't help that bastard
sell the drugs that killed your sister.
My God
Don't listen to him.
Okay? Mom?
Hey. In English.
[in English] I have nothing more to say.
English enough for ya?
[door opens]
[Tatoo] You trying to go to court again?
So where were you?
Bakari, I told you.
You can't just disappear like this.
I'm responsible for you. You hear me?
Look, I was just with the guys.
- You hang with guys from the Peupliers?
- Nothing happens there.
That wasn't my question.
Do you go there or not?
I don't, I swear.
But they're making a ton of money
all of a sudden.
Listen. if someday they make you an offer,
just say no, all right?
Sure. Don't worry, it's fine.
Remember the training course
I mentioned?
- Which?
- To be a plumber.
Nah, you crazy? A plumber? Come on!
My old man was a plumber, okay?
He made bank.
Are you for real? You're not making sense.
- I think you might need a nap.
- [chuckles]
["Samurai" by Shurik'n playing]
You don't even have pubes yet, dude.
So stop trying to sound tough with me.
I still have balls, that's what counts.
- Where you goin'?
- I have a date with a chick.
Why lie? Think I don't know
you're a lookout for them?
I'll send you a picture.
She has an awesome rack,
just like your mom.
[Tatoo] Come here, come here.
- I'll give you this, but don't go there.
- Don't worry.
Yeah, don't bother saying thanks!
["Samurai" continues]
Ready, guys?
["Samurai" continues]
- ["Samurai" continues]
- [no audible dialogue]
- Ali?
- Hmm?
Can we play soccer, please?
[Ali] Yeah, of course.
- Thanks.
- But careful, huh?
Come on, come on, come on!
[kids shouting happily]
- Come on! Come on!
- Ah!
Yeah! Ah!
[song ends]
[boy groans]
[menacing music playing]
[menacing music continues]
[tense music playing]
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