Blood Coast (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

La traque

[tense music playing]
- Are you sure she's really your daughter?
- I don't know.
- But I will once I finally catch him.
- That's quite a big fish to catch, Lyès.
If Murillo uses her for protection,
what then?
He won't, even if he is a piece of shit.
I hope you're right, man.
[music fades]
- You got a light?
- Yeah.
[rapid gunfire]
[panting] Okay, okay
Come on!
[Lyès] Come on, let's go.
[Alice] Who the fuck are these guys?
Our priority is the minor.
We'll come in from the right side.
[dynamic music playing]
[Arno] Police!
[Lyès] Police!
[engine revving]
[suspenseful music playing]
- [gun clicks]
- [shells clatter]
[Lyès sighs]
[vehicle approaching]
[Fanny] Come on, honey.
[Audrey] This way.
[man] Where's Murillo?
- Why'd you have to intervene?
- We didn't have a choice.
You were supposed to call us.
You got trouble hearing?
You got trouble understanding
we didn't have a choice? Huh?
You gave me your word, Lyès.
There's really nothing
I can do for you anymore.
Really? There was a kid.
What should I have done?
Tell me.
[tense music playing]
So what's your plan?
Apart from ruining my life.
You've been running for so long now.
Honestly, what do you expect?
I'm a nobody.
You know that.
I didn't kill anybody.
Perhaps that can work in your favor.
Why keep her a secret?
[sighs] I didn't want you looking for her.
I want a DNA test.
Just to be sure.
If you still have doubts,
then you are much dumber than I believed.
Look, I just want to be certain
about it, that's all.
Really? Then what?
You'll explain why her mom is in prison?
Wish I could try
to see you figure this out.
Please, Lyès.
Leave her with my dad.
I know you hate each other,
but he'll take good care of her.
Armand, the man who
taught you how to lift cars.
Is that what you want for your kid?
But my dad loved me, Lyès.
Do you think you'll be able to love her?
You don't even know her.
It'll be best to leave her with my dad.
[Lyès] All done.
- That's it. Not bad, right?
- No, not bad.
They'll be staying with you.
It's the procedure.
Why not you?
You scared?
Time to go.
Have a seat.
[gentle music playing]
Zoé, sweetheart.
You gotta stay strong for me, all right?
Mommy's going away for a little while.
You will be staying with Pops.
It'll take me some time to be with you.
I promise we'll be together again. Okay?
No, I don't want that, Mama.
[Fanny sniffles]
Here, lift your arm, my love.
All right, that's good.
My report didn't include your
involvement in helping out Fanny.
I would give you a hug for that, but I'll
probably miss and punch you in the face.
Murillo's safe house, that was your plan.
- [sighs]
- Armand, hear me out.
Stop helping Murillo.
It will only end up hurting Zoé.
Trust me. All right? A man your age
doesn't do well in prison.
[tense music playing]
[engine starts]
[tense music playing]
How you doin'?
I'd like to buy that jacket, please.
I'll take this as well.
- How much for both?
- [woman] Twelve euros.
- Thanks. And that one's yours.
- Thank you.
[music fades]
We're trailing Murillo and the Indian,
but you are proposing
that we arrest Ali Saïdi.
The bosses made it clear they don't need
our team to arrest Murillo.
- Does that surprise you?
- [Lyès] No.
I'm simply doing what needs to be done.
Arresting drug dealers.
Can you cut the crap for just a minute?
The brothers from Mistral Phone
agreed to testify against Ali.
That's more than enough
to place him in custody.
- Hmm.
- [Alice] Ali Saïdi.
That's a pretty big catch for us, no?
Okay, fine, I get it.
You want us to use Ali Saïdi
as bait to lure Murillo.
Yeah, that's right.
We'll leak the news
of Ali's transfer from prison,
and we'll be waiting in the van.
Waiting for Murillo to come after us.
[door opens]
Hello, everyone.
I'm expected in court. What's the matter?
Captain Benamar here is proposing
we arrest Ali Saïdi.
Is that so? And why just now?
We have evidence we didn't have before.
Arresting Mr. Saïdi will create a window
for his rivals to emerge.
Isn't that why you left him alone
all these years?
What are you gettin' at?
Nothing. But you have to admit
you've let him off the hook often.
Does anyone seriously believe
ending drug trafficking is possible?
No, I wanna know. Hmm?
- Tell me.
- So, does that justify certain deals?
It actually justifies the obvious reality.
You see, this is the majors,
Captain Benamar.
Saïdi has expanded his investments.
He now bears true power.
Which you do not.
You're forgetting about social ascension.
Because those at the bottom can
bring down the entire pyramid.
- You know, that's just France.
- Hmm.
[suspenseful music playing]
[music fades]
[somber music playing]
[music fades]
You finally got here.
[radio chatter]
Ali Saïdi, It's 10:53 a.m.
and you are under arrest
for complicity in abduction, seclusion,
and violence against a minor as well.
I told you to go back to Dubai.
[tense music playing]
- Hello.
- Hello.
- May I join you guys?
- Yeah.
All right.
- Cheers.
- Thanks, man.
Sir? Sir, you can't go in
[monitors beeping]
In this context,
it is very important that you
Gentlemen, time's running out.
Still nothing?
I fuckin' swear, I'm gonna kick his ass.
[Fabiani] Ali's men who worked
at Mistral Phone are dead.
The hitman was a pro.
Aslan's throat was slit at the hospital.
And, curiously enough, his brother
Murat was found hanged in his cell.
And the guard who was
stationed by the door?
[sighs] Shit
Ali's hittin' back, finally.
Your whole transfer plan
with Ali, forget about it.
He can no longer be your bait.
With all the connections he has,
it'll be hard to keep him locked up.
Figure something else out.
There's still one witness.
Really? Who is it?
[children shouting happily]
[men laughing]
Recognize my friend?
Lyès. What do you want from me, huh?
- I haven't had any problems before.
- Let's just get to it.
- Help me out and I won't bother you.
- What?
[Alice sighs]
Ali Saïdi
Did he witness the death of that boy,
Lucas Murillo?
Yeah, he was here.
- Was he after somebody?
- After somebody?
Not at all. He was just drinking coffee,
right here at this table.
Behind him, kids from the neighborhood
were playing after school.
- Absolutely.
- [Lyès] How did he look? Was he nervous?
- No ball control
- [Abdel] No, no not at all.
They were laughin' and talkin'
about the game. It all seemed normal.
[Lyès] Then what?
[Abdel] Car came from over there.
At full speed. But then it stopped.
- [tires squeal]
- And a man in a ski mask started shooting.
- [onlookers screaming]
- And then
Ali's friend took a bullet,
so he shot back to defend himself.
Were the kids there after that?
[Abdel] After the car left,
we saw that a kid had been hit.
[Lyès] Look, can you think of anyone
who wanted to kill Ali?
[Abdel] I'm not sure.
Maybe someone wanted
to take over his business.
- [man 1] He's not a real nine.
- [man 2] Come on, man! Yeah he is.
[man 1] Someone like Samuel Eto'o,
who's an actual nine
[man 2] The fuck is he doing here?
[The Indian] What's up? You good?
What do you want?
Well, I have bad news. Ali was arrested.
Since his nephews are dead,
now the Saïdis are obsolete.
Luckily for you, I'm here to stay.
Hand over the hookah to me.
Hey, who do you think you are?
- Quit talking. Just shut it, all right?
- [man 2] Relax.
I want his stock.
Whoever finds it for me
will become my associate.
What do we tell the others?
Tell them they'll get a bonus
to commemorate my arrival.
- How much is the bonus?
- How much?
- You care so much, you sound like a whore.
- [man 2] Chill, chill.
But who are you
to think we'll follow you?
- [man 2] Chill.
- You crazy?
- What's your problem?
- Huh?
You got nerve, huh?
[tense music playing]
From now on, any drugs that
come through this place are mine.
I'll get a cut on every rock
and ounce of dope. Got it?
[man 2] Okay, all right. Fine.
[Audrey] Look. The left side is a bullet
used by the Indian in a heist.
- [Lyès] Mm-hmm.
- The right is the one that killed Lucas.
- Same origin.
- [Audrey] Mmm.
See the nick there? It's a scratch
caused by the weapon's barrel.
Every bullet shot by the Indian
left this mark here.
Hold on, so what you're saying is
the Indian killed Lucas?
[suspenseful music playing]
- But his target was Ali.
- Yeah.
And to get rid of him, the Indian
told Murillo that Ali killed his son.
Better find a way
to tell Murillo about this.
[music fades]
[knocking at door]
Jackie? There's a guest.
[Jackie] Who is it?
It's the police, ma'am.
So the weapon that killed your grandson
appears to be Tarek Hamadi's, the Indian.
You can check.
It's all in the forensics report. There.
The case was handled in Belgium.
It took time to get the files.
You know how bureaucracies go.
And why are you giving this to me?
Because we can't seem
to reach your son, Mrs. Murillo.
I'm sure there's no point
asking where he is now.
Well, I have some reading to do,
so, if you're done
you should know the way out.
Thank you, Mrs. Murillo.
[door opens]
[door closes]
[tense music playing]
Hey, guys. Here. For you.
- Thanks.
- Bon appétit.
[men 1 talking]
Hey, guys. Got some food.
- [man 2] Wow.
- [man 1] Ooh. Here.
There's something for everyone.
- [man 2] Can I ask for one of those?
- [man 3] Any soup in there?
- [man 1] Take this.
- [Murillo] That's for me.
- Whoa!
- Hands off. Get your hands off it.
- What are you doing?
- Do you want that?
Never mind me.
[man 2] Oh, you got another one?
I'm sorry, Lyès.
It's been killing me.
I swear, I mean
I'm losing sleep because
of that fucker Miranda.
Not just me.
Tatoo might be at risk for his breakdown.
You trying to ask me somethin' here?
Like permission to sell me out?
I don't know.
[clears throat]
Keep him waitin' for 24 hours.
[Violin Concerto in A Major, RV 552
"Per eco in lontana" by Vivaldi playing]
[phone rings]
- Franck?
- Are you alone?
No, I'm with my lover.
I'm leaving,
I'm not sure when I'll be back.
Just hear me out.
The cops came to see me
to talk about Lucas.
They found the perpetrator
who killed our little boy.
- I already know who did it.
- No, because it was Hamadi.
That's bullshit. What are you saying?
The gun that was used was his.
I'll send you pictures of
the document I was given.
[tense music playing]
Are you coming or not?
No, I'm not.
[Tatoo] I need to get a message
to the Indian.
[Bakari] I can help you with that.
- Are you sure you can find him?
- Yeah, no sweat, I won't miss him.
He hangs out with guys that wear
soccer jerseys, like, big club jerseys.
I can't go myself. But this is
the last time you'll be helping us.
How come? Was I not good?
It's not that.
It's just getting too dangerous.
[scoffs] You can't do anything without me.
["Billy" by Le 3ème Œil playing]
[The Indian] What do you want, kid?
I know where Ali's stock is.
How is it that you know?
'Cause I used to work for him.
But now I have a score to settle.
It's personal.
Okay, give me the address.
It's not free! You gotta pay for the info.
Phew! [chuckles]
I think I just found my associate, huh?
You're coming with me, right?
Hey, man, What are you doing?
He's just a kid.
- You wanna drag him into all this shit?
- Shut your mouth.
I'm offering him a fixed-term job.
- Do you think he can get that at school?
- [man] No, no, no.
We'll all go with you.
And the kid, he won't.
[suspenseful music playing]
Police! Drop your weapon! Don't move.
Drop it!
Don't move!
[Lyès] Drop your weapon!
Drop your weapon!
Drop it.
You're not the ones we want!
You don't have to do this!
Don't sacrifice yourselves for him. Go on!
Drop your weapons and leave!
Drop it! Get outta here!
So, these are your bodyguards, huh?
What's your plan?
Put your gun down, come on.
- [grunts]
- Ah, no need to act tough now.
I'm thinking about what I could do to you
to avenge Nina.
Don't respond to that.
He is right.
It's best to keep your mouth shut.
Can we smack him a bit?
That would show him.
Shit, it's tempting, for sure.
Oh, yeah? Let's see it.
Come on.
- I want my lawyer.
- [Alice] What for?
You're not being arrested.
- Then I'll be going, I guess.
- Stay put.
You will leave
once we hear back from Muriilo.
Murillo already left.
You missed him again, you dumbasses.
[chuckles] Yeah, don't worry about it.
He will return.
[The Indian] Huh.
Once he learns your bullet killed his son.
- Yeah.
- No, he won't buy it.
[Lyès] You sure?
I bet he will.
[Lyès] He'll put the pieces together.
Like meetin' you in prison,
your obsession with Ali,
and you forcing your damn way
into the whole business.
So what? Hmm?
- He'll show up here, is that it?
- [Lyès] There you have it.
Not a bad plan, is it? We just
have to wait for him for now. That's it.
So, this time you're the bait. Jackass.
Murillo is an animal.
He'll sniff you out from miles away.
You'll be disappointed, big time.
Let's move his annoying ass downstairs.
Uh, I'd rather go with the lesbian.
We got a thing going, you know?
[breathing shakily]
[Lyès] What are you doing?
Son of a bitch.
Fuck you.
- Stop. Hey. Stop, come on!
- Come with me.
- [Arno] Move.
- And you, fuck off, all right?
- What was that?
- [sniffles]
Hey, what was that?
- Did you forget what that asshole did?
- I know what he did!
You're all on the verge of breaking down!
That's exactly what they want!
That's what they're expecting from us!
All right?
They want us to crack under pressure!
So calm the fuck down!
[breathing heavily]
Don't try anything
or you'll regret it, hear me?
Come on, move, move.
My boys came back for me, huh?
Drop your fucking gun, bitch.
You're being stupid.
Killing a cop is a whole different game.
Look, we're not here for you, all right?
- He wants us to be his bitches?
- [man 1] Listen, you fucker.
We can't be bossed around.
Fucking youngsters, huh?
["Balle dans le dos" playing]
[Arno] We're fucked.
[Lyès] Fuck!
[Lyès] Okay.
Let me tell ya what's gonna happen.
Uh, wanna buy some pot? [chuckles]
No worries, we'll give
you the cop discount.
Isn't he funny? He's funny.
You're a funny one.
You wanna do some laughing in prison?
Do ya?
Tell everyone in Marseille
that the Indian is still alive
and hiding at L'Hôtel le Breton,
in La Joliette.
If you do, we won't
investigate his murder.
Get the picture?
Then what? What happens if we do?
[Lyès] You know, the usual.
We'll play cat and mouse.
You deal drugs, then I catch you,
then you go to prison, then you get out.
You're all stupid so you'll deal again.
Then I'll catch you, you'll go to prison,
and so on and so forth.
[suspenseful music playing]
[music fades]
You can go see Miranda.
You sure?
What do I tell him?
Give him a recording of my confession.
Gimme your phone. Let's do it now.
Just wait till we catch Murillo
before doing it.
[suspenseful music continues]
Did Ali give the dealing spots to you?
Well, yeah.
Of course. I'm no magician.
It was a give and take situation.
Hey, what will Miranda use
to bring you down?
My story with Ali.
He knows I protected him for information.
Do you regret it?
I'm not the first and won't be the last
to make deals with the devil.
It's just that
it's not how we want
the police to be perceived.
But you know how it goes, don't you?
We get by.
We do our best to minimize the damage.
You know it's a bad solution.
Yeah, I know.
But it's the best bad solution
I could find. [sighs]
A guy's coming, I think it's Murillo.
Okay, let him get inside the hotel.
[Audrey] Copy that.
Think the Anti-Crime guy
downstairs will manage?
He'd better. He's been busting my balls
about this for months.
- He'll reach you in five seconds.
- [Lyès] Okay, copy that.
The fuck is he doing?
He's onto us, damn it.
Son of a bitch.
[Lyès] Fuck, Alice! Shit.
- [Tatoo groans]
- You okay?
- I'm fine, I'm fine.
- [Lyès] You sure?
[Audrey] You go.
Tatoo. Talk to me.
- Talk to me. Talk to me.
- [groans]
- Talk to me. Hey.
- Fuck!
- Stay with me.
- I'm fine.
- I'm fine.
- [breathing shakily]
- [yelps]
- Ah, fuck!
- [gun clicks]
- [grunting]
[gun clicks]
[Lyès] Drop your gun!
Drop it! Drop it!
[Murillo] Okay.
[Lyès] Turn around.
Turn around. Don't move.
Gimme your hands, gimme your hands.
[Murillo grunting]
[somber music playing]
[woman] Woo-hoo!
[all whooping] Whoo!
- [man 1] Yeah!
- [woman] Yeah!
- [man 2] Bravo! Bravo!
- [woman] Great work, everyone!
- [man 3] Well done!
- [woman] Nice job, Audrey!
- [man 4] Attaboy!
- [woman] Yeah!
- [man 4] Whoo!
- [woman] Woo-hoo!
- [man 5] Yeah!
- [man 6] Good job, Lyès!
- [man 5] Bravo! Well done!
- [woman] Whoo!
So great, you guys.
Well done.
It's the first time so many people
have congratulated me because of you.
There's a first for everything.
You think we'll, uh, get a medal?
And what would you do with a medal,
Captain Roussot?
I'd show it to my aunt.
- She still doesn't believe I'm a cop.
- [laughs]
Wait, you're a cop?
- [all laughing]
- Shut up, asshole.
Well you did a good job, team.
Murillo will spend
the rest of his life in prison.
However Anti-Crime is wondering
about the bodies
of the Indian and his girlfriend,
which they found in a squat.
- Hmm?
- [Fabiani] Got any ideas?
You know
they had a bunch of enemies, right?
Right. I see.
All right take the day off.
- Thanks.
- [Lyès] Thank you.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
[door opens]
- Alice.
- Hmm?
I still haven't received
your transfer request for Paris.
Sorry, I didn't have time.
Let's say I received it and I refused it.
How does that sound?
That sounds great.
- Have a good day.
- Hmm.
Should I drop you off?
[Alice] Sure.
Ah I assume that's for you.
What is he playing at?
He's not playing.
Isn't he cute?
Did catching Murillo help you decide?
Have a seat.
Forget what I did.
And you make sure Tatoo doesn't get fired.
Yours is simple, but your
colleague's situation's trickier.
It's that or nothing.
A warning is inevitable.
But I can make sure he keeps his job.
Thank you.
I have a recording.
[Arno] Did Ali give
the dealing spots to you?
[Lyès] Of course, I'm no magician.
It was a give and take situation.
In return,
I turned a blind eye to his activities.
He won't be happy
when he learns about this.
There's a price for that,
and you'll have to pay it.
[dramatic music playing]
Fucking asshole. You piece of shit.
Come on.
[music fades]
[man] They'll blame your nephews
for the videos with the kids.
You have nothing to do with that,
you weren't in France.
But the, uh
attack on Murillo,
that's more complicated.
Your political supporters are
trying to help you with the lawsuit,
but now you owe them, Ali.
You'll have to turn
the cash machine back on.
Is that right?
At least until the next election.
[tense music playing]
Okay, but they have
two hours to get me out.
And they can't screw this up.
Because if I talk, I won't hesitate to
bring them down with me, that clear?
Yeah, clear.
Oh, and about Lyès, the DA is on the case.
He won't bother you anymore.
I'm not worried about that.
- Hey, wash your hands before your snack.
- [boy] Okay.
[pensive music playing]
What happened?
[gasps] I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
What's up, boy? Huh?
What's up? Come on, go outside.
Go on, go ahead.
- Want a beer?
- Yes, please.
Are these the DNA test results?
You didn't open it?
No, not yet.
What will you do once you have proof?
I'm not sure.
Hey, great job with Murillo.
Finally got your peace.
I hope so.
What about you?
If I wanted peace,
then I wouldn't be a cop.
- Would you rather be like Ali?
- [chuckles]
It's not gonna end well for him.
That's for sure.
As for me, well
things are still playing out.
What do you mean?
Hope you don't mind me asking,
but how did you get this confession?
I gave it my all.
[chuckles] I can see that.
Is that all we need, sir?
This is our chance to bring down
a network of corruption.
Keep doing what you're doing here,
Pissing off cops.
That's what you're paid for.
Uh, wait. We can't arrest one
and not the other.
You heard it, Lyès's confession
involves Saïdi.
[suspenseful music playing]
I'm afraid that's why
we won't be able to use it.
What are you talking about, sir?
[ominous music playing]
We need Mr. Saïdi
to remain free
as part of an investigation which
doesn't concern you, I'm afraid.
You're not serious.
You can have Benamar.
Miranda, this is Mr. Jaborska.
He and his client, Mr. Peretto,
have agreed to report a series of
major infringements by Captain Benamar.
Burglary, blackmail,
threats and extortion.
Is that enough?
Have him arrested right now.
We can't waste any time.
[music fades]
[gentle music playing]
You sure you want this?
[music fades]
[Jaborska] That's not
the only reason, you know.
But perhaps
[ominous music playing]
Hey, where are they going?
We're cleaning up the mess
in your department, Mrs. Fabiani.
- You should be thanking us.
- [scoffs]
If you free Saïdi and arrest Lyès, then,
I promise you, all hell
will break loose in this city.
You want to sacrifice your career
to cover up for a thug?
What thug are you talking about?
Our goal was Saïdi.
Our goal is to bring
peace back to Marseille.
And for that, we need to compromise.
[ominous music intensifies]
[car approaching]
[tense music playing]
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