Blood Sisters (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

The Catch

1 [dramatic music plays.]
[light clunks on, buzzes.]
[tense music plays.]
[sinister music plays.]
[shower running.]
[sinister music continues.]
[suspenseful music plays.]
- [gasps.]
- [eerie music plays.]
- [blade slashing.]
- [screaming.]
- [man grunts.]
- [groans.]
[sinister music plays.]
[music continues.]
[music fades.]
[ominous music plays.]
[Uncle B.]
Hey! Psst! Come.
[in Yoruba.]
Good evening.
Did you see a Mercedes 230 pass by? It just passed by not long ago.
[music continues.]
[waves lapping at shore.]
[suspenseful music plays.]
[knocks on window.]
[in English.]
Yes? Um, I'm I'm looking for Sarah.
Sarah Duru.
Uh, sorry, there's no one by that name here.
Are you sure? Because she sent me a pin location and based on that - [blade slashes.]
- [grunts.]
[sinister music plays.]
- I told you.
- [gurgles.]
You should have just walked away.
- [Kemi yells.]
- [object shatters.]
[eerie music plays.]
- Sarah.
- [suspenseful music plays.]
Sarah! Oh, shit.
Sarah! Oh, shit.
What [gasps.]
[music intensifies.]
[car crashes.]
[man in Hausa.]
Can't you see? I didn't do anything wrong.
You hit me, you must pay me.
Hey! [dialing phone.]
[in English.]
 Tijano? I found the girls.
I think they are heading to Okegun.
That's where Kemi's grandmother is.
Meet me there.
All available men, let's go! [sirens wailing.]
[dramatic music playing.]
Man, this whole thing is just a wash, I swear.
Over four million doses of vaccines lying in the warehouse with no buyer.
I thought this was a done deal.
Yeah, I thought so too.
You know, I was even trying to call our minister friend, he wouldn't take my calls.
Does your mother know about this already? No.
But, hey, I mean, it's only a matter of time.
She's going to find out.
I might as well just start typing my CV.
Not quite.
I still have a few connections in the Ministry of Health.
Let me see what I can do.
Oh, okay, while you're at it, can you have a talk to the police? [melancholy music plays.]
[glass clinks on table.]
Tell me exactly what happened.
[Femi sighs.]
The police guy came over to work today to see me.
What did he want? [smacks lips.]
Wants to know if I know Blade.
And what did you say? That I don't, of course.
Did he buy it? Yeah.
I think so.
" Yeah, you think so, Femi? That's not good enough.
No! We finally have everything we've ever wanted.
- What'll happen if the police find out - They won't find out.
They won't.
- He's not going to find out.
- [sighs.]
Come here.
I missed you.
[dramatic music plays.]
[music fades.]
- [cars honking.]
- [wind gusting.]
Who sent you? What? Look I kept my end of the bargain, and I haven't said a word to anyone.
Okay? He hit you, didn't he? - [sighs.]
- Princess listen to me.
Please, I I need you to talk to me.
Okay, there are two ladies out there who have been accused of killing him in cold blood.
If they were just defending themselves, then Yeah, then then what? Huh? They have a chance at justice? [tense music plays.]
[dramatic sting.]
He did this to me.
[inhales sharply.]
And then he forced me to sit still while he captures the moment in a drawing.
[eerie music building.]
[dramatic sting.]
[tires screech.]
- [gasping.]
- Oh Again.
Shut up! [in Pidgin.]
Someone can't sleep? [in English.]
Oh! Please shut up! [woman.]
Oh God, what's going on? What did you just tell Richie? I said shut up.
[Timeyin screaming.]
- Leave them.
- What's happening now! [Timeyin grunting.]
[women panicking.]
[Timeyin grunts.]
You fucking bitch! [women panicking.]
Anyone else? - Anyone else? - [sister in Yoruba.]
What's happening? - [in English.]
This witch stabbed me.
- [sister.]
Jesus! This girl needs prayer.
Take her to the prayer room.
Now! [screams.]
- [sister.]
Let's go.
- [Timeyin grunting.]
[window creaking.]
[rooster crowing.]
[high-pitched groan.]
[Sarah groans softly.]
Jesus, my head! Kemi.
- Kemi? - What? - What happened? - [breathing heavily.]
What the hell did that doctor give me? Jesus, my head is banging.
[Uncle B.]
 Tijano, what do you have for me? We are at the crime scene.
These girls are bad news, I must say, huh? What are you still doing at the location? I told you where they're headed already.
Yes, but this is still an ongoing investigation and, uh [line beeping.]
- What happened? - I'm fine.
I'm fine.
What do you mean, you're fine? You're bleeding! What happened? The good doctor he was an organ harvester.
He He was trying to kill us when Kenny came just in time and stopped him.
Oh my God.
Kenny Where is Kenny? [gentle music plays.]
He He gave us his car and then, um and then he told us to go.
He went home.
[chuckles softly.]
[funk music playing.]
[music fades.]
Okay, name the time and place.
I'll be there.
Who was that? Blade.
You give this guy one more cent, he'll open the flood gates of hell.
He will not stop, and he's going to make you his ATM.
So, what are we going to do? - [inhales sharply, exhales.]
- Oh.
You look rough.
You don't look too bad yourself.
Do you know this guy? [chuckles softly.]
He's the idiot that got himself kicked out just before the party.
You know why he was there? Do you ever see him interact with Kola or any of the other guests? No.
Who is he? Career criminal, police record as long as my arm.
Do you think he killed Kola? Maybe.
If anything happens to me, look to our brother.
[dramatic sting.]
Are you sure? [gentle music plays.]
I'm sure.
Get me out of here.
But I thought your family put you here for your own good.
My family did what is convenient for them.
I was doing better.
I promise.
This place is making me worse.
Please get me out of here.
I'll see what I can do.
Okay? You have my word on that.
[inhales sharply.]
[dramatic music plays.]
[exhales roughly.]
You can do this.
- Yeah, babe.
- In and out.
Just like that.
Come here.
- Okay.
- Okay.
All right.
I'll call you when I'm done.
- I'll be here.
- All right.
All right.
Yeah [car door opens, closes.]
Just keep going down this road.
We should be there in an hour.
Did Kenny say anything before he left? Like what? I don't know, it's just [gentle music plays.]
weird that he didn't speak to me before he left.
[groaning loudly.]
Kemi, what? What is it? Let me see.
- Fuck! Fuck.
- Jesus Christ! [groaning.]
Okay, we We will soon be there, okay? [knock at door.]
[door closes loudly.]
It's all in there.
[in Pidgin.]
Good, I knew I could count on you.
[in English.]
You're not gonna count the money? - No, I trust you.
- No, no, no.
Count the goddamn money.
I don't want stories after, okay? Relax.
- Thank you for - [cocks gun.]
[tense music plays.]
[drops envelope.]
[in Pidgin.]
What'll you do? - You stand back.
- What do you want to do? - Stand back! - What will you do? - Stand back! - What you - [gun fires.]
- Ah! [dramatic sting.]
[eerie music plays.]
[dramatic music plays.]
- [insects trilling.]
- [Sarah panting.]
[in English.]
Hey, now.
Help me! Somebody help! Oh shit.
Please help.
- [groans.]
- Oh God.
I'm sorry.
Help me, I'm begging in the name of God! Please help me.
Please help me.
Shit! [men humming rhythmically.]
[Sarah knocking and panting.]
- Help me.
- [men continue humming.]
[exhales sharply.]
Somebody, please! Help me.
Help me! [humming continues.]
[Sarah panting.]
Help me.
Help me.
[woman in Yoruba.]
Look, the chief died last week, and they're performing sacrifices to honor his death.
Anyone they come across during this period will be killed and buried with the chief.
- Please don't get me in trouble.
- Oh, please.
Please, please, please.
[in English.]
Please help me.
Thank God.
Help me, please.
My friend is dying.
I beg you, please help me.
[door closes.]
Okay, are we going to pretend like like that didn't happen? Who is pretending? I just saw a man get shot right in front of me, and his blood all over me, - and you act like nothing happened.
- Femi, we talked about this.
And we agreed that Blade had to go.
So what's with this opera? You killed a man! Hmm? You don't feel anything? Technically, I didn't kill him.
 Tunde did.
On whose order, tell me, not yours? He wouldn't have had to if you had the balls to pull this off.
Now, who the fuck did I marry? I don't even know you anymore.
That's rich coming from a man who wanted to have his own brother killed.
[Femi smacks lips.]
You're pathetic.
You can't even hit right.
I am not pathetic, woman.
Stop! You hear me? I'm not pathetic! Show me.
[clicks tongue.]
[intense music playing.]
[knocking at door.]
[gentle music plays.]
This is no coincidence.
I'm telling you, there's a link here.
And I'm telling you there is none.
Kola's body was found with a gun.
A gun with a silencer.
Blade, who is a seasoned career criminal, just happens to be in the hotel the same night the guy gets killed.
I start speaking to Femi, and he gets killed.
We have our two suspects, Sarah Duru and Kemi Sanya.
Fine, fine.
Let's just say they did it.
Shouldn't we be asking ourselves why? I have every reason to believe that Kola was an abuser.
And I have every reason to believe that you are beginning to lose touch, Officer Chicago.
What's wrong with you? You keep coming up with different conspiracy theories.
First, it was brother killing brother, now you tell me that she killed him in self-defense? It's all connected.
I just need to find out how.
While you were busy playing American cop in Lagos, your innocent girls were busy butchering their victims.
I'm warning you for the last time, steer clear of the Ademolas.
I won't say it again.
[men humming outside.]
- [in Yoruba.]
What happened to your friend? - We had an [men continue humming.]
[in English.]
[in Yoruba.]
No problem.
You can stay until morning, but by dawn you'll have to leave.
You can't stay longer than tomorrow morning here.
Please, in God's name.
Pass it.
[intense music plays.]
[both moaning.]
[Joe in English.]
Well, if you had opened the door Want me to call backup here? - What the fuck? - [Joe.]
You're not gonna let me do my job? [Tunde.]
You can call anybody you want, but [Joe.]
You don't want me to do my job? Is that what you're saying? - Open the door, right now! - [Tunde.]
You're the police [Joe.]
Pick up the phone and call your boss and tell him to open the goddamn door.
I won't call him - [Femi.]
What's going on there? - [Joe.]
I'm going to search these premises.
Sir! Did you kill Tony Olofu, aka The Blade? - Hmm? - Do you know what time it is? Did you hire him to kill your brother, Kola, on the 25th of April this year? - [Femi.]
What the hell? - I'll call your superior.
- Answer me.
- This is insane.
I know you did it.
I just want to hear you say it.
- [Yinka.]
Hello, Mr.
Tijano? - Say it! [Yinka.]
One of your men is here harassing us.
Joe Obasanjo.
Yes, please.
Send somebody right away.
This is not over, far from it.
And don't come back! [playing traditional beat.]
[crowd chanting.]
I really thought I was going to lose you.
[Kemi chuckles softly.]
I'm alive, okay? I'm here.
I'm not going anywhere.
I need to tell you something.
It's about Kenny.
[gentle music plays.]
You were right.
He didn't leave without saying goodbye.
He He was trying to save us and Dr.
Adeboye killed him.
[tragic music plays.]
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
[funk music plays.]
[music continues.]
Yes, sir, I'll get to it.
I'll sort it out, sir.
I need to bring in Femi Ademola for questioning.
- Excuse me? - The guy is guilty.
I can feel it.
If I bring him in, apply enough pressure, I can crack him.
Enough! - Did you not hear what I said yesterday? - Sir, if I bring him Sit down! Do you know who I was with on the phone? The IG.
Femi's wife laid a complaint to me and him.
I was just doing my job.
Your job is to bring in those two girls on the run.
Not harassing a grieving family.
How much are they paying you? What? How much are they paying you to do their bidding? Is it enough to sacrifice two young lives? [gentle music plays.]
[ominous music plays.]
[door creaks.]
[sobbing, coughing.]
[line beeps.]
Hi, this is Kemi.
Please leave a message.
Hello, Kemi.
I believe you.
Okay? I [breathing heavily.]
I believe everything.
Shit! [indistinct police radio chatter.]
For God's sake.
Kemi, wake up.
- Wake up.
- Mm.
- [in Pidgin.]
Are we there? - Yes.
[in English.]
There's a road block ahead.
Looks as if we're going to have to leg it too.
- Shit.
- Do you think you can walk? [Kemi grunts softly.]
- [Kemi groans.]
- [grunts.]
- [Sarah gasps.]
- [groans.]
- Sorry.
- [groaning.]
All right, everyone.
[suspenseful music plays.]
Hmm? Mm.
[man moaning.]
[both chuckle.]
Shit! Come on.
- [Sarah.]
I'm sorry.
- I can't.
- [Sarah.]
We have to go on.
- I can't.
I can't.
- [groans.]
- No, no, no, please.
No, no, Kemi, no.
- Kemi, come on.
- [wheezes.]
Will you just hang in there for me, okay? I'm going to Wait.
[eerie music plays.]
You found these at his house? Yeah.
In a secret room.
They're all in there, Sarah, Abasiama, Princess.
Kemi was right all along.
Kola was a monster.
So you can use this, right? I mean, this is proof that the girls were just defending themselves.
Oh, man.
What? What's wrong? - This is what you were looking for, right? - It's not that simple.
- What do you mean, "not that simple"? - I This is what you need to close the case, - so close the damn case! - I'm off the case! There are higher forces at play here.
It goes right up.
I'm sorry, man.
There's nothing more I can do for these girls.
Keep it.
Look at it again and then you decide if you're really not going to help.
[eerie music continues.]
This is really good.
Tell it to the chef.
How are things at the office? Anything I should know about.
- Um - He's doing so well.
You should be proud.
I was talking to my son.
[door opens.]
- Are you expecting someone? - Mommy! - [Mommy.]
- Mommy, always a pleasure to see you.
You too, bro.
My brother's personal witch.
Let's go.
- [Timeyin sighs.]
- What are you doing out of rehab? - [Timeyin.]
I bring news.
- You couldn't call? Send me a message? You don't take my calls, so here I am.
Mm! This tastes so good.
If you see the shit they give me inside That's it.
Get up.
Get up.
I'm taking you back to the rehab.
- Get your hands off me! - Look, Tim! You want me to call security to throw you out? - Get up - [Timeyin.]
Why not the police? They'll be interested in what I have to say about you and that hit man.
- What? - [Mommy.]
Hit man? What are you talking about? - Femi, what is she talking about? - Are you going to tell her or shall I? Shut your mouth.
You don't know anything.
Oh, but I do.
I always thought you were stupid, but I never thought you were a killer.
What the hell is going on here? Femi hired a hit man to kill Kola at his engagement party.
What? Mommy, you can't listen to her, she's a drug addict and a liar.
He hired a guy called Blade.
That's the guy who killed Kola and then cut up his body.
He didn't kill him.
So you know this guy Blade? Monster! Mom, did you just call me a monster? Have you looked inward lately, Mom? See, whatever is happening in this house that is so bad, Mom, it's all your fault.
Ever since you gave birth to Kola, you treated me like nothing, Mom.
You treated all of us like nothing! Mom, I came through you before him, yet you honored him over me, for what? Why, Mom?! Mom, I try.
But I can only do things according to my strength.
Is that why you had to kill him? I didn't kill him.
I hired a hit man, yes.
But Kola himself found him out, and he got kicked off the premises before anything got done.
So what the fuck, actually? [ominous music plays.]
Hmm? [screaming.]
Get the hell out of my house! [in Yoruba.]
Get outside! - [in English.]
Where is FJ? - Out of my house! [in Yoruba.]
Outside! - [in English.]
Where's FJ? Go! - [Mommy.]
Out! - [screams.]
- [Femi.]
Go, go, go.
- Murderer! - [Femi.]
Go, go.
[tragic music plays.]
- [Mommy.]
Murderer! - [door closes.]
[Mommy sobbing.]
- It's okay.
- [sniffles.]
If you think this changes anything - [music fades.]
- [chuckling.]
you're out of your coked-up head.
[sinister music plays.]
I will never hand over the family company to you.
[exhales slowly.]
[gentle music plays.]
[music fades.]
[tires screeching.]
- [thuds.]
- [tires screech.]
[gentle music continues.]
- [gasps, pants.]
- It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
- [pants.]
- It's okay.
It's okay.
[gentle music continues.]
We're okay.
We're okay.
We're okay.
[in Yoruba.]
My darling granddaughter.
My God, I thank you.
Eh? Ah.
Accept my praises, Lord.
I thank you.
I have hot water on the stove.
Mm? For you to bathe and for me to give you a massage.
I'm so sorry, my darling.
Ah I'm so grateful this is over.
[funk music plays.]
[car horn honks.]
- [in Pidgin.]
Please, which way is Okegun? - Just go straight ahead.
[music continues.]
[music fading.]
[grandmother in Yoruba.]
She told me everything that happened.
You can stay here.
Both of you.
No one will chase you away.
I wish we could.
They may come looking for us here.
So where will you go now? [sighs.]
I don't know yet.
Let's keep hope alive.
Yes, Grandma.
- [car horn honking.]
- [officers shouting indistinctly.]
[horn continues honking.]
[in English.]
How is it possible that a police vehicle has no fuel? [scoffs.]
Welcome to Nigeria.
Birds of a feather.
Look, guys, come on, hurry up.
We don't have all day.
Hurry up.
[dramatic music playing.]
[in Yoruba.]
Do you remember Saheed? [laughing.]
That kid.
Saheed was beating his young kid.
When she went outside and saw him, she started hitting Saheed back.
Saheed's mouth was bleeding from the beating she gave him.
[all laughing.]
[dramatic music continues.]
- [knock at door.]
- Please check the door, it might be Bankole's father.
He said he was going to bring something for me.
[Sarah screams.]
[in English.]
Don't shoot, please.
- Don't shoot.
- Sit down.
[sinister music plays.]
Sit down.
The girls are mine.
[woman whimpers.]
[morose music plays.]
- [imperceptible.]
- [music continues.]
Where are you? I need you to meet me at the old warehouse, now.
The old warehouse? [Mommy.]
Unfinished business.
That place has been abandoned for years.
What business? [ominous music plays.]
If you must know, Uncle B has found the girls.
Tonight, I'm finally going to get justice for my son.
I'll come with you.
Mommy, we have our issues, but Kola is still my brother, and I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to him, so I'd like to.
Let's go, then.
- I'll grab my bag.
- Meet me in the car.
And wear something nicer for your brother.
[music continues.]
[music softens.]
Why's he here? [Mommy.]
You're not the only one who has something to prove.
All right, Mom, why are we here? [Mommy.]
The two of you have been a great disappointment to me.
A great disappointment.
An addict and a brother killer.
I didn't kill him.
Because you couldn't even get that right.
Just like you struggle to get anything right in your life.
And now you're running my company into the ground.
I know about the vaccines.
I know everything.
When are you going to get that? Do you want to take your place as the man in this family? Can Can you handle that? Mommy, I'm ready to do anything you want me to.
Good, because I'm about to give you that chance now.
Uncle B found the girls, and he's on his way here as we speak.
If you want to claim your position as the head of this family, you will kill the ones who killed your brother.
An eye for an eye.
Blood for blood.
[tense music plays.]
This is Timeyin.
Timeyin Ademola.
My mother has got the girls, she's going to kill them.
Come to the Ademola Pharmaceuticals old warehouse, now! [suspenseful music plays.]
[music fading.]
At last, you're here.
Did you really think you could kill my son and get away with it? [ominous music plays.]
Did you think I would never find you? You took away the only good thing in my life.
[both grunt in pain.]
The only reason I exist.
And for that, I will make you pay.
- [Kemi grunts.]
- [Mommy.]
Give him the gun.
[Kemi sobbing.]
[ominous music continues.]
What are you waiting for? Do it! Femi, just just do it already.
[in Yoruba.]
Keep quiet.
Just shut up and keep quiet.
What is your problem? See what you have led us to? Now we're murderers.
[in English.]
Huh? Hey, hey, where are you going? Go, go, go, go! Get down on your knees now! I said, get back on your knees! If you're going to kill me, then you need to hear the truth about your brother first.
Enough of this charade.
Kill them! Kola was a monster.
He used to beat me, and I wasn't the only one.
He would hit me every time I didn't do as he asked and tell me that it was my fault.
- Shut up! - [Sarah.]
And I believed it.
Shut up! On the day of the engagement [groaning.]
he was trying to kill her with his bare hands.
Your mother knew all about it.
- What the fuck? - [Kemi.]
She covered up for him.
She allowed him to ruin so many women's lives.
They deserved it, every single one of them.
They did not love him for himself.
They just wanted his money, and he saw through them.
My son was good.
He was powerful and successful.
He would have become something so big, but you killed him.
- Finish them.
- [Kemi whimpers.]
Oh, shit.
No! Let me do it.
I want to be the head of this family.
I'll avenge my brother.
What? Perhaps I underestimated you after all.
- [both whimpering.]
- Oh, God.
I think you did.
- [gunshot.]
- What? - [tense music plays.]
- [Femi.]
Timeyin! Have you gone mad? [laughs.]
[music continues.]
What can I say? I'm my mother's daughter.
Why do you hate me so much? Is it because of him? Do I remind you of him? If you are referring to your father Stop it! How long has he been dead, yet you're still so jealous of our bond? Jealous? Of you and your father? Your father was a directionless man who was nothing until he met me.
I built him.
I built this family, and he took all the credit.
Is that why you killed him? [Femi.]
What? He found out she was cheating on him and that Kola wasn't his son.
That's why you killed him.
What? Mommy Mommy Mommy, do you know why I started drinking? Do you know why I started taking drugs? Just so I can forget the truth that you made me believe was a lie.
But you sent me to rehab, and then I got clean.
I remembered.
I remembered every single detail! Timeyin Timeyin - Okay.
- Timeyin.
I did it.
What are you going to do about it? [Timeyin gasps.]
Uncuff them! [Femi.]
Get the keys from Uncle B's jacket, now! [Mommy.]
What are you doing? What are you doing? Putting an end to this family's madness.
- [Femi.]
Fuck! - Quick! Quick! Hurry up! [Femi.]
Timeyin No! - Stop.
- Timeyin, don't do this.
- No, no, you cannot do - [cuffs clicking.]
- No! - Hurry! - [Femi.]
Timeyin! - No! Go, get out of here.
You, join them! - [Femi.]
What the fuck? - Join them! Timeyin - [Timeyin gasping.]
- Timeyin Timeyin, we love you.
- We can talk about it.
We can sit down - Shut up! Shut up.
Just shut up.
Wh We can talk.
We can talk about this, Timeyin.
[gentle music plays.]
[vehicle approaching.]
- [car door closes.]
- [Joe.]
Sarah! Kemi! Let me help ya.
Okay? I know the truth about Kola.
- [in Pidgin.]
What are you doing? - I'll go.
- Go where? - He might be able to help us.
What? - [in English.]
- Sarah.
[in Pidgin.]
We can't run forever.
- [in English.]
We have to fight.
- What if we don't win? What if we do? The truth is on our side, Kemi.
I'm tired.
[gentle music plays.]
[in Pidgin.]
Maybe you'll be okay.
But what about me? I killed him.
[in English.]
If you're guilty, I'm guilty.
[in Pidgin.]
Whatever happens, we're in it together.
[in English.]
You hear? [in Pidgin.]
Let's go.
Let's go.
[in English.]
Trust me.
- [whimpers.]
- Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.
[Joe faintly.]
Sarah? Kemi? Is that you? Sarah.
Let me help you.
I know what Kola did to you, okay? [gunshots.]
[suspenseful music plays.]
Don't do this.
I know you don't want to do this.
Take one more step and I'll blow her brains out, I swear.
Timeyin, I'm your mother.
Your mother.
You are a demon.
And our family was possessed because of you.
Timeyin - Timeyin - [Mommy whimpering.]
Look, hey Let's talk about this.
Okay? Just do me a favor.
Put the gun down.
[Mommy crying.]
It's done.
[music fades.]
[soft eerie music plays.]

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