Blood & Treasure (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

The Curse of Cleopatra Part 1 & 2

1 2,000 years ago Anthony and Cleopatra Most powerful people in the world, fell in love.
Their relationship brought civil war to the Roman Empire and an end to the Ptolemaic Dynasty of Egypt.
They were said to be buried together.
Throughout the ages, their final resting place has remained hidden.
Until now.
Doctor, this is a dead end.
No, Max.
This is a door.
Here's where the lever would go to open it.
So your theory was right? There's only one way to find out.
Light it up.
What the? There's only one of them here.
It's only Antony.
Castillo! Come.
You see? Afrika Korps from the Nazi invasion of Egypt.
So, what, they found the secret room and got sealed in? - By who? - It doesn't make any sense.
"All those who would disturb the sacred "tomb will come to no swift death "and be cursed for all eternity.
" Call back to base camp.
Notify the Egyptian Ministry of our find.
Stay right here.
Get up.
Where's the other sarcophagus? Where is Cleopatra? Even if I knew, I wouldn't tell you.
Set the explosives.
- No! No, you can't.
- Take her.
- And deal with them.
- No! No! No! No! You can't do that! No! Aah! Danny? Yoshi.
This is incredible.
How do you not just stare at this stuff all day? I appreciate you coming by, Danny, but I'm kind of busy, - so if you want to get to the point - Not a problem.
I just came to take the Vermeer.
- I'll be out of your way.
- Dude, we talked about this.
I can't just give away a Vermeer.
You won't be giving it away.
You'll be giving it back to its rightful owner, my client.
You know, we have provenance on this painting going back over 70 years.
I have a photo of my client with the painting.
You have a photo of a little girl who could be anyone standing in front of what may or may not be our painting.
Look, this photo unlike the rest of my client's family Is all that made it out of Auschwitz.
Let's do this.
You see, the Nazis They weren't just murderers.
They were murderers who kept meticulous records.
These are manifests for art seized by Hitler's treasure hunters in the E.
Now here is an entry for the painting, as well as the family name Hoffman.
The painting is then transferred to the Jeu de Paume in Paris, where it is received by Hermann GÃring Okay, okay, okay! Look, I'm trying to help, Danny, but this painting will sell at auction for $30 million.
Yoshi I feel the good in you.
The conflict.
Sorry to interrupt, fellas.
- Mr.
- Jay.
I had no idea that you were visiting us today.
Actually, I need him.
And I couldn't help overhearing.
So, Yoshi, here's the deal.
The auction house is gonna give Danny the painting for free.
In return, pick any two paintings.
I'll exhibit them in my museum for, say, six months.
They'll double in value, and you'll get to avoid all the bad PR that'll come from his client's lawsuit, which I will pay for.
That's very generous of you, Mr.
I'm sure that we can find a way to accommodate you.
Thank you, Yoshi.
Thank you, Jay.
Nothin', kid.
Come on, my ride's waiting.
How's it going, Yates? Not too bad, Danny.
Yourself? - Living the dream.
- Attaboy.
Ana Castillo was there, Danny, at the pyramids.
Oh, my God.
Is she okay? It appears she's been taken, along with her discovery.
She found Antony and Cleopatra.
After all these years, she found them.
Hold on.
Castillo found Antony and Cleopatra? In the pyramids? - That doesn't make any sense.
- I know.
But she discovered evidence that they had been moved into the pyramids hundreds of years ago.
She sent me a message that she had found the tomb right before the attack.
Her body wasn't there, so I need you to help me find her.
Jay, you-you know what Dr.
Castillo means to me.
I want to help, but I'm I'm not that guy anymore.
You should call the FBI.
Well, I would, if you still worked there.
All right, look, the best way to find Ana is to follow the treasure to the terrorists, the same way you tracked Karim Farouk.
That didn't exactly end well.
Danny, there's nobody better at tracking blood antiquities than you.
And I promise, you will have every dollar, every connection that is mine at your disposal.
Ana does not have time for all the red tape.
She needs you to save her.
You're letting me borrow your jet? One of my jets, yeah.
For incidentals.
You get a fix on Ana's location, you call me.
I'll send in the K&R team.
Do not rush in there trying to make up for the past.
Can you call in a favor, pull a passport for me? Yeah, give me the name, I'll have Yates track it for you.
Lexi Vaziri.
Tell me you're joking.
- I need her.
- Well, that's honest, at least.
I need her help to find Dr.
Kid, I know how much you love to try and save beautiful, broken things I appreciate you trying to look out for me, Jay, but I know what I'm doing.
Safe flight, Danny.
I suppose this will do.
It's the best they have.
So, how does a Middle Eastern girl get an English accent? Boarding school.
- I went to Kerrisdale.
- Mm.
Our rowing club crushed you every year at the Regatta.
You cheated every year at the Regatta.
Half your team was on steroids.
Why are you still dressed? Hello there.
Who are you? I'm his mistress.
I'm his mistress! Hey! Hey! Hey.
O-Okay - You have got to be joking.
- I know you didn't Look, I get it, but it's important.
- Are you stalking me? - No.
I tracked your passport to France.
A credit card hit on one of your - aliases pointed me here.
- Really? Okay, yeah, that did sound like I was stalking you, but Someone's in trouble, - and I need your help.
- Good old Danny McNamara.
Always playing the hero no matter how many lives he ruins in the process.
Have you been watching the news? Egypt? Yeah.
Well, it wasn't just terrorism, it was an art heist.
The tomb of Antony and Cleopatra was in the pyramid.
You do know that the pyramids are 2,000 years older than Antony and Cleopatra? - Mm.
- So why hasn't the news mentioned it? Only four people know.
Including my mentor, Dr.
Castillo, who was taken.
My father always said that tomb was cursed.
I don't remember you being superstitious.
All I know is that no one who's ever gone looking for it has come back alive.
So I hope you find her, Danny.
Good luck.
If that's what you want.
Okay, don't do it for me.
Do it to help me catch the bastards who destroyed the symbol of your country.
Why do you need me? I need someone who thinks like a criminal Who has access to people and places I don't.
Together, we can find Dr.
Castillo much faster than I can alone.
And you really think you can get me out of this? Yeah.
The Minister of Interior owes me a favor.
You mentioned something about a finder's fee? - I don't believe I did, no.
- Nice try.
The tomb of Antony and Cleopatra would be one of the biggest finds in history.
I think my efforts are worth at least a million euros.
For you, a million five.
- I'm sure we can work something out.
- Good.
I heard, through the grapevine, that some Egyptian antiquities are gonna be on sale tomorrow night at a black-market bazaar in Rome.
Don't know where or when, but you could tag along.
Assuming you don't slow me down.
Tell me: how, exactly, were you planning on getting to Rome while locked behind bars? I wasn't too worried about it.
Wait Freeze.
Don't move.
Well, I hope you have a good lawyer, Miss.
I heard you started some international law firm.
Now who's stalking who? It's a small world.
Yeah, I practice international law.
My "firm" is me working out of my apartment.
And knowing you, most of your clients are pro bono, so who's footing the bill for all this? - Jay Reece.
- Ah.
He was funding Dr.
Castillo's expedition.
Protecting his investment.
Got it.
Trying to save Dr.
Castillo's life.
Oh, come on, he's trying to save the treasure he spent a fortune to find.
I know how rich guys think.
You don't know him.
Really? And how do you know Jacob Reece? It's a long story, but he's one of the few people who have actually been there for me.
Just like Dr.
She's pretty hot.
Maybe he's boning her.
Hey, when did you steal my phone? And how did you unlock it? It's just a helpful little tool I picked up in Hong Kong.
No one is boning Look, is it so difficult for you to imagine that sometimes people just do nice things? Does he call her "Dr.
Castillo," or does he call her "Ana"? - Aha.
- That doesn't prove anything.
Old people need love, too, Danny.
Look, they're more like my parents than my actual parents.
So I just don't want to picture them that way.
- Okay? - You haven't changed at all.
What is that supposed to mean? Forget it.
There's a reason we were never gonna work.
There's a thousand reasons we were never gonna work.
I've got a lead on the black-market bazaar, but we have to make a stop first.
You need a suit.
I don't see what's wrong with what I'm wearing.
Exactly the problem.
You never used to mind my clothes when we were together.
That's because I assumed it was an FBI thing.
Like they preferred for you to dress, you know, - boring.
- What? The point is, rich people dress in a way that signals to other rich people that they belong.
That's why the $400 T-shirt exists.
Where we're going, you will stick out like a sore thumb, and that will get us killed.
Doesn't look like a store.
Oh, now you're picking a lock.
- Come on! - Danny, I think we can both agree that we obviously don't have time to buy you a suit and get it properly tailored for tonight.
So, this is my ex-boyfriend's place.
You're both the same size, and he has style.
Well, don't just stand there.
I feel very uncomfortable in a stolen suit.
Oh, calm down.
He's not gonna miss it.
I'm not in the FBI anymore.
You break the law, I can't protect you.
Oh, I've never needed a man to protect me.
Normally, I would have shot you by now, but Mama says I need to work on my English.
Mama thinks your friend is an Interpol agent.
You're joking.
He's my boy toy.
I literally got him that suit.
You can't be too careful these days.
I'm going to need proof you're not working for the cops.
You can ask your daughter, Sophia.
Your daughter is a friend.
I know you haven't spoken in a long time.
You tell me what I want to know, and I can help smooth things over between you two.
I-I hear she has a little boy now.
Niko, yeah.
He has his grandfather's eyes.
You know, I wouldn't have minded a heads-up that we were meeting with the Mafia.
I've got a friend in Interpol who could have helped.
Oh, great idea.
Until your friend tipped off the Aluzzos, then no more black-market bazaar, Antony and Cleopatra disappear, you lose Dr.
Castillo and I lose my finder's fee.
Gwen Karlsson would never do that.
All it takes is one bad apple.
And I don't know Gwen.
- Agent Karlsson.
- Captain Fabi.
You do know you're supposed to sip that, right? Why is the Carabinieri following Danny McNamara? Come.
Let's discuss this inside.
McNamara is involved in the blood antiquities ring we've been monitoring.
I assume that's a joke.
I don't think I've ever heard you tell a joke, Gwen.
Agent Karlsson.
My apologies.
Agent Karlsson.
The woman with McNamara is Lexi Vaziri.
She was arrested in Monte Carlo last night.
McNamara pulled strings to get her out.
They arrived together in Rome three hours ago.
Coincidentally, a dozen known traffickers have also entered Rome in the last 48 hours.
There's a black-market bazaar happening somewhere in Rome tonight.
Captain Fabi, Danny does a lot of work repatriating stolen art.
He's probably just investigating it.
Well, why hasn't he liaised with me or anyone else at the Carabinieri? Did he reach out to anyone at Interpol? You know, I worked with Danny when he was at the FBI.
That was during the Farouk investigation, right? The one he botched by letting him get away? Farouk was killed.
By the Egyptians, a year later.
No thanks to the FBI.
All because of McNamara's mistake.
You know, something like that could really change a man.
You're being absurd.
Danny is the most moral and ethical person I've ever met.
In that case, what is the most ethical and moral person you've ever met doing meeting with the Aluzzo Mafia, hmm? Don't forget, Agent Karlsson, you are a guest here.
This is my investigation.
And this? Well, this looks like conspiracy to traffic in blood antiquities.
I'm going to get a warrant for their arrest.
Are you at all concerned that we don't know anything about what we're walking into? We know exactly what we're walking into.
A black-market bazaar thrown by dangerous criminals, attended by greedy and unscrupulous people.
Oh, so, for you, just another Saturday night.
Carlo sent me.
I thought we came to the wrong place.
I'm taking you the back way.
Ladies first.
Any problem you have with a seller is your problem.
Unless it gets in the way of business.
Then it becomes my problem.
Don't become my problem.
It's like a rich douche convention.
Rue de Village by Pissarro.
It-it disappeared in 1938.
This statue from the 13th century was stolen from the temple complex in Jaipur.
- This is incredible.
- Hmm.
It's just another version of the $400 T-shirt.
Oh, come on.
You look at a van Gogh, you're seeing the universe through the eyes of a mad genius.
These these objects have value because they connect us with our past, and reflect who we are.
Oh, come on.
You can't possibly be that naive.
Danny, I know these people.
They'd come from all over the world to visit my father's shop.
He was like you, you know? Every artifact had its own history.
He had the same lights in his eyes when he talked about it, but all they cared about was which house something would go into, how the color would match the Huh.
Egyptian artifacts.
Depictions of Antony and Cleopatra.
It must be from their tomb.
If the tomb was intact when Dr.
Castillo found it, there should be a lot more stuff here.
Yeah, like, where are Antony and Cleopatra? Oh.
That's Aiden Shaw.
I read his file.
Thought he was an arms dealer.
Well, these days, the treasure business can be as lucrative as selling guns.
Looks like he's diversified.
Yeah, but he's just a middleman.
No way he could've pulled off the attack at the pyramid.
We need to find out who hired him.
Interpol can get the data off his phone.
We can get the data off his phone.
Give me a bump into him, I'll get his phone to you, and put it back before he even notices it was gone.
- I don't think I don't think - Oh, and don't make your move - until he takes the phone out.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Your Egyptian collection is extraordinary.
Late Ptolemaic era? It's not the only extraordinary thing here tonight.
Aiden Shaw.
Don't I know you? Simon.
Simon Hardwick.
S-Swear we've met.
Have we? - I just have one of those faces.
- Oh, right.
What's your game? What, are you a buyer? You a seller? You Oh, uh, uh, appraisal, mostly.
Had my eye on her as well.
Procurement's my expertise.
You know, I, um, I get things for people.
Hard to get, high-value things.
Guys like us should really stick together Special Agent McNamara.
Yeah, it took me a while to place you.
I was out of my element the last time we met.
You were certainly in yours.
I'm, uh, just a civilian now.
Yeah, of course, of course.
I mean, don't worry.
I'll keep your secret.
Now you owe me one.
These are from a recently unearthed tomb.
Have you ever heard of Antony and Cleopatra? Wow.
I was looking for something a little more elegant, a little less cursed.
Well, I'm not the superstitious type.
But if these aren't your style, I do have a few other, larger items that are not on display.
The collection is extensive.
Let me know when something catches your fancy.
You know, on second thought, maybe I will go with one of these.
Antony and Cleopatra does say "bedroom," doesn't it? Exactly what I've been thinking.
- God - Oh! I am so, so sorry.
Ah Honest mistake.
I was distracted by the Degas.
You have done quite enough, thank you.
Thank you.
Where were we? Getting to know each other.
In fact, I have a question for you.
Who do you work for? How did you get a gun in here? That is not what you should be worried about right now.
You and I are going to go someplace private to talk.
Pack it up.
We're leaving, now.
Polizia! Nobody move! Danny! Gwen.
How's it going? What are you doing here? Oh, I, uh, I you know it's funny, actually You know, I should really let you get back to it.
You're doing good work.
Now, for the last time, who do you work for? She works for me.
I don't work for you.
You're welcome.
Took you long enough.
It was kind of chaotic in there.
And perfect timing for Interpol to show up, don't you think? Yes.
- I texted Gwen.
- Oh, I knew it.
You just couldn't help yourself, could you? You had to call the police, because you're so unbelievably predictable.
We're lucky they were close by.
- You needed the help.
- Help? I was handling it.
Now the Mob knows we tipped off the authorities.
I sent the text from Shaw's phone.
Was Gwen the Victoria's Secret model with the shotgun? She may have done some modeling to put herself through school.
What hey.
Lexi? What What are you doing? Oh, no! You got to be kidding me.
Oh, my Okay.
I need you to tie Shaw up, get him in the trunk while I hot-wire this thing.
What? I'm wearing a stolen suit, colluding with the Mob and now we've moved on to grand theft auto and kidnapping? Well, you're the one who came to me, the criminal, remember? Now, do you want to stay here and get arrested or get in the damn car and save your friend Castillo? Fine.
But I'm leaving a note.
Reza Vaziri? Agent Daniel McNamara.
Do you have a minute? What is this about? Be better if we came in, sir.
There is nothing to say, sir.
She made it clear years ago, this is the life she wanted for herself and I am done trying to keep her out of jail.
I understand, sir, but this is a sensitive matter.
We can't talk in the street.
Baba, can we please come in? You have every right to be mad at me.
- I never listened.
- You never - You - Always getting into trouble.
Stop saying things I want to say.
I'm just trying to show you I understand.
And that this time it's different, I promise.
I'm trying to do something good.
I mean, I-I did do something bad, but I'm doing something good now if you'll help me.
What is it? The FBI, they want to use your antique shop to set up a sting operation on Karim Farouk.
The terrorist? We can stop him.
I get a chance to start over.
A clean slate, you and me.
I will hear this man out.
Thank you.
Farouk is on the line.
Operation is a go.
Predator 138, move to quadrant Echo Charlie.
Stand by for holding and confirmation.
Farouk's location is confirmed.
Middle vehicle.
Tell the task force they're a go.
Keep talking.
What happens now? Well, while your dad keeps Farouk on the line, a Blackhawk full of FBI agents and Asim's Egyptian Commandos is on its way.
They'll stop the car with a bullet through the engine block, the team fast ropes down, arrests Farouk.
30 seconds to target.
Target has deviated from his current route.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
It can't be.
It's like he knows we are coming.
Target just crossed over the border into Libya.
Damn! We have to break off pursuit.
Wait, why? We have been hunting Farouk for six months.
- Now we have him.
- We have no jurisdictional agreement to operate in Libya.
I can have two Egyptian Ari Force MIGs on station in 90 seconds.
- We can call in an air strike.
- That's That's an act of war.
He has killed hundreds of my people.
Yours, too.
We are already at war.
You launch a missile that close to the market and miss, we'll kill a hundred more innocent people.
I am in charge of the Egyptian end of this operation.
I don't need your permission.
Asim, we'll get another chance at him.
Do not engage.
Do not engage.
He hang up with me.
Farouk suspected something.
Danny? I hope you're right.
For his sake.
It's gonna be okay.
We're gonna get this guy.
And we'll keep you safe.
Believe in curses now? I'd like to speak to my lawyer.
Does this look like a police station? We know you're selling the treasure for whoever bombed the pyramid.
You're gonna tell us who you're working for.
I have nothing to say to either of you.
What are you doing? I'm gonna stick this in your knee.
See if that gets you talking.
Torture doesn't work.
Oh, I'm willing to roll the dice.
He's gonna say anything to get you to stop.
It's not gonna help us find Dr.
You haven't learned a damn thing since Farouk.
What does Farouk have to do with this? You let him get away.
I didn't have a choice.
Thank God the Egyptians killed him because you're so great at tracking down the bad guys, but you refuse to do what you have to do to stop them.
I reached out to my friend in the SAS.
Aiden Shaw's convoy was hit by a roadside bomb in Tikrit in 2010 on the same day an American contractor named Dwayne Coleman disappeared.
Looks a lot like you.
You stole a dead man's identity Dwayne.
So you're a forgery of a bad-ass.
Suddenly you make a lot more sense.
I saw a business opportunity.
And I made it work.
Don't think I'm a bad-ass? Go ahead, try me.
Is Dr.
Castillo alive? I-I have no idea who that is.
Then who hired you? I never met him.
I get instructions via text - and paid through middlemen.
- Feel free to tag me in.
Look, my partners grabbed all the loot.
If I don't return it, I'm dead.
If I return everything to the guys who hired me, they'll still pay me half my fee.
- How? - When I reach out to them with an authentication code, they'll give me a rendezvous point.
I'll send it to you.
Mm, it's a nice try.
You're gonna reach out to them now.
This is how I make my living.
I don't ask you to do whatever it is you do for free.
How much? Uh, making enemies is expensive.
Oh, my God.
I'll need a new identity, there's moving costs, I may never get to see my favorite bar again, that's a hard thing Please, please let me stab him.
Let's call it $2 million.
All right.
I need to make a phone call.
Keep an eye on him.
Wait, wait, wait.
Man, where you going? - Don't leave me here with her.
- Oh.
Hold on now, hey, hey.
Hey, hey.
Hi, where are you? Just outside of Rome.
I think we're close to finding Dr.
But I need some more money to pay off an arms dealer who is acting as a middleman.
He wants $2 million.
You trust him? Trust? No, but I'm all out of options.
All right, fine.
U-Uh, text me the account information.
Yeah, will do.
Okay, I got the money.
What? You let Shaw go.
And you gave him the car.
I did do that, yeah.
But I kept your shield.
If anything's missing, just let me know.
So I'm a New Yorker now? Yep.
- Screw you! - Dad.
I'm trying it out.
- You're a natural.
- Oh.
Hey, careful with that.
Thank you, Danny.
Well, as long as Farouk is out there, Egypt isn't safe for you.
It's the least we can do.
I mean, thank you for what you have done for my daughter.
Lexi has not always been easy.
She lost her mom when she was younger, and I think she has been rebelling against God ever since.
Despite the circumstances of how you came into her life, it's been a very good thing for her.
- It's not like that.
- I see How you look at each other.
- Hmm? - Okay.
Come on.
Got to meet the broker in ten minutes.
Going apartment hunting.
I'll see you at dinner.
Your dad knows about us.
That gonna be a problem for you? Not as long as he doesn't tell the FBI.
I think your secret's safe.
No, no.
Dad! Dad Dad, no! No.
I trusted you.
You said you'd protect us, and I trusted you.
I trusted you.
What, what was this? Revenge? For what happened to your father? You don't think I've replayed every moment in my head over and over? I was certain they'd get Farouk another way.
I was wrong.
I found your father's prayer beads in the debris from the shop.
I've carried them with me every day since.
Keep them.
I spent two years hating you.
Only because it was easier than hating myself.
I told Shaw you worked for the government, and that he was going to go to prison if he didn't run.
I said I'd stall you for a small cut of his profits.
If he thinks he's safe, he'll lead us right to them.
What How? Wh Fun fact.
This little gadget doesn't just unlock the phone.
It replaces maps app with an identical program, only mine has a geo tracker that pings me every time it changes location.
Right now, he's heading south on Via Del Mare.
I'm just giving him enough of a head start so he doesn't know we're following him.
You knew you were gonna do this when I went to make that call.
You don't get a guy like Shaw to do something by giving him what he wants.
You make him think he's getting one over on you.
Face it.
It's why you needed me, Danny.
You knew I would force you to do whatever it took to get Castillo back.
All right.
Let's go get him.
Allah! Allah! We are too late.
Cleopatra is gone.
She is on the truck.
We need to find her now.
Seal them in.
They will serve in the afterlife.
No! What happened in Rome? Things got complicated.
Did you bring the originals? Of course.
You think I'd try to fool you with copies? My men are unloading the bigger pieces as we speak.
I hope so.
For your sake.
Easy there.
My sincere apologies about the complications in Rome.
Castillo, confirm the authenticity of the pieces.
Sorry I wasn't able to fence more of the Egyptian artifacts.
If anything is wrong, you're a dead man.
McNamara welcome to the Janus Freeport.
I am the director, Rory Müller.
It's very nice to meet you.
This is my executive assistant.
- Pleasure.
- Please.
The pleasure is all mine.
Any friends of Mr.
Reece Well, he's still old school.
Isn't quite sold on using a free port.
Actually, the concept of a free port is not a new one.
They used to be simple shacks where items could be held during stops over long voyages to avoid paying taxes.
Only the shack has gotten much nicer.
Please, follow me.
After what happened in Egypt, Mr.
Reece is looking for something absolutely secure.
Think of us like a Swiss bank, full of tiny Swiss banks.
I'd love to see your ops center.
It is normally off-limits to our clients.
But for Mr.
Reece, we'd be happy to oblige.
- It's all authentic.
- Excellent.
I'll just take my payment and be on my way.
The-the people that kidnapped you, what did they look like? He's nothing special.
She's exotic.
Hair like a model in a shampoo commercial.
That's her.
The two people that let you go Just showed up at the front of this building.
You led them right to us.
Crate up the sarcophagus.
Leave the rest.
- Chain her up.
- Oh, God! Ah! Ow I need to slow them down.
There's constant surveillance, 24 hours a day, as well as a video record of all entries into the vaults.
Do you mind if my girl - takes notes for Mr.
Reece? - Of course not.
By all means.
Are there cameras inside the vaults as well? Oh, no.
The only compromise we make for total privacy is the safety system, which can sense a fire and extinguish it without harm to property.
Is there any concern about someone hacking the system, - accessing the video? - Absolutely not.
It's a closed loop CCTV system.
Completely unhackable.
The only way to access this feed is from inside this room here.
And that would be quite a feat.
Well, Rory, I'm impressed.
Lexi? Oh, I've got everything I need.
Ah, excuse me, sir.
It's a very important message that needs your attention.
Yeah Rory? Give us a minute.
Meet you upstairs.
We can talk some numbers.
- Yeah? - Danny Is this Dr.
We found her.
- Can you pull up another angle? - Mm-hmm.
See where they took her? One level down, vault 22, looks like, she's That's Farouk.
You told me they killed him! Lexi! Lexi! Lexi! Lexi! Lexi! - Danny! - Hey.
Thank God.
Are you okay? Y-Yeah, yeah.
Just get me out of here.
"Bulletproof," my ass.
Damn vest was supposed to be state of the art.
Does it look like state of the art to you? Oh This seems like a lot of blood.
Damn it.
Smoke? - Warning.
- Okay.
Fire mitigation activated.
Exit all vaults.
Lot of wood in there, man.
You got to put that out.
Yeah, the system's gonna put the fire out.
- Oh, good.
- But when it does that, it's gonna suck all the oxygen out of the room and kill us.
Man, you should've started with that part.
Vault door closing in ten seconds.
- Exit all vaults.
- Here, help me with her.
- No, no, no, no.
- Help! Help! Help! Oxygen depletion sequence will begin in 60 seconds.
This door's locked from the outside.
We're trapped.
I've got an idea.
I can do it.
It's not the first time I've been shot.
Shouldn't we be trying to call somebody or find a button that opens the doors? There's no time, and no way to stop it.
Mummies? Inside this, we'll have an air pocket to survive, until the fire's out and the oxygen's turned back on.
Are you insane? I'm not getting in there.
There could be some kind of bacteria or something that could kill us.
Toxic mold, actually.
Lord Carnarvon is said to have died because of it - after opening King Tut's tomb.
- Okay.
Thus, the speculation of the curse.
Shaw! Live in here or die out there.
Your choice.
Oxygen depletion sequence will begin in ten, nine, - eight, seven, six - Scoot over.
Five oxygen depletion sequence activated.
Uh, I think this one just moved.
Nothing moved, Shaw.
Just breathe.
I-I'm gonna die of mummy cancer.
Fire extinguished.
Oxygen depletion sequence complete.
Ventilation restored.
Get me out of here! - Oh, careful.
- Oh, ooh man, I don't like tight spaces.
- You did great.
- Really? - Mostly.
- Thank you ooh.
I got to find Lexi.
I'll be back.
It's nice meeting you.
Lexi, where the hell are you? Gwen.
Karim Farouk is still alive.
You need to call Interpol, liaise with the FBI What what? What are you doing? You're being remanded into my custody, taken back to Rome.
She was found breaking into a car.
Hitchhiking isn't exactly safe, is it? Castillo okay? Yeah.
She's on another plane in protective custody.
Are you angry at me? Oh, just a little raw at nearly being suffocated to death.
If you'd gone after Farouk with me, it wouldn't have been an issue.
Castillo and Shaw would be dead.
That moron is still alive? His bulletproof vest took most of the hit.
He ran off with the rubies from Cleopatra's headdress.
It all worked out, then.
You are unbelievable.
- You know that? - You're unbelievable.
If anyone should be mad here, it's me.
You told me Farouk was dead.
According to the authorities, he was.
Well, the authorities were wrong, Gwen.
Agent Karlsson.
You worked the Farouk case? Danny was my Interpol liaison.
What's your connection to Farouk? He killed my father.
After you guys failed to catch him.
Sorry, I didn't know.
Lexi, I was told the Egyptians killed Farouk a year ago.
Just shows you, if you want something done right Yeah? How's that going for you? Aiden Shaw is still alive, trying to escape Europe.
He knows enough to be a problem.
I'll handle it.
I remember him.
He worked for the FBI.
But her I don't know.
Find out who she is.
Farouk's MO is stealing treasure to fund terrorism.
Now, going after one of the biggest treasures of all time means he's planning something big.
It took less than a million to plan and execute 9/11.
Antony's sarcophagus alone would be worth a fortune on the black market.
And now, Farouk has it.
Aiden Shaw was Farouk's fence.
He is our only thread to finding him.
Cut us loose when we land, I promise you, I will call you the moment we find Shaw.
Danny, this is now a global terrorism investigation.
Every intelligence agency in the world is on high alert.
You know I can't just cut you loose.
Gwen, I can fix this.
We are so close to finding Farouk.
Just get the ball rolling.
Radio in about Shaw.
Have the Swiss issue a BOLO locally and a Red Notice internationally so he can't get far.
Think of all the exciting paperwork you get to file.
We all want to stop Farouk, and every second we waste, Shaw gets closer to getting away forever or being killed.
Either way, our trail to follow Farouk gets cold.
And the next time he pops up, he's gonna kill a lot more people.
Bad news.
There's a couple of Farouk's guys watching the shop.
I can't get to your rainy day money.
What about my rubies? Sorry.
I can't find a buyer.
Too hot.
Word's out where they came from.
But I do know a place where they won't ask any questions, if you can get there.
Okay, when we land, you and I can figure out what to do with Farouk and Shaw.
As for this one, there is a list of agencies that wants to talk to her about past crimes.
Wait until you see how exciting that paperwork is.
I'm gonna radio in a Red Notice request on Shaw.
I thought she'd never leave.
Look, Red Notice or not, I don't trust the police to work fast enough, nor Shaw to keep himself alive long enough for us to find him.
And there is no way in hell I am letting them ship me off to some jail in Bahrain.
What did you do in Bahrain? Jordan, Russia, Bahrain Any of them if I'm on this plane when it lands, I'm screwed.
Twist the heel.
A girl can never be too careful.
Toss it back.
What are you waiting for? I've got a pretty loud voice in my head telling me this is a terrible idea.
Oh, you've got to ignore that voice.
Come on.
So you with me or not? I'm surprised you haven't already left me behind.
Farouk has eluded every government on Earth, and, apparently, any attempt to capture or kill him.
We found him in 48 hours.
I don't know about you, but I think we make a pretty good team.
Hurry, she'll be back any minute.
Now now we just need a plan.
Wait, wait, I thought you had a plan.
I did.
Hey, hey, they just pulled the flaps.
Which means we're on approach to the airport and below 2,000 feet.
We can jump.
See? We already have phase two of the plan.
How hard was that? Uh, I just found the hard part.
There's only one parachute.
I'll take it.
You somehow made that sound noble.
Have you even done this before? No, but I'm pretty sure gravity does most of the work until you pull the cord.
You can just hang on to me.
The FBI put me through jump school, and you already left me for dead once today.
You can hold on to me.
How long are you gonna hold that over my head? The Carabinieri's gonna be all over us.
We need to move quickly once we hit the ground.
Hold on, I need to make sure we land in the right place.
Why are we suddenly doing your plan? Because I'm the one with the parachute.
- - Nice plan.
Ahem! Come with me Please.
Oh Great.
I can finally scratch "spend a night "in the Vatican police station" off my bucket list.
Your friend sure took his time.
It's not like we called ahead.
You said he was a professor.
How's he gonna be able to help us? It's just his side gig.
He also works for the Vatican's foreign ministry.
- Huh.
- You know how you could help? - Not say anything? - Hmm.
Please wait there.
Don't let the uniforms fool you.
The Swiss Guard are some of the most elite soldiers in the world.
Everyone's laughing too hard to fight back.
Monsignor Donnelly will meet with you now.
They told me that a man came from the sky and asked for me by name.
Imagine my disappointment.
Come here.
Come here.
Oh It's good to see you, Chuck.
Seriously, what are you doing here? - It's kind of a long story.
- Yeah? Who are you? - Oh, I'm - She's just, uh, a friend.
We're in a bit of a hurry.
Danny, you can't just parachute into the Vatican without expecting a few questions.
Yes, but it won't take long for Interpol and the Carabinieri to find out that we're here.
Oh, they found out.
They're at the gate right now.
What? Okay, Chuck, I need you to hold them off.
Dude, you are acting crazy.
You come in here, bringing a boatload of chaos.
What is going Oh, my God, you're Lexi.
So you've heard about me? Oh, I've heard a great deal about you.
Chuck, can we talk privately? By all means.
- What the hell is going on? - It's not what it looks like.
It looks like you're getting mixed up with a criminal who's already broken your heart once.
Okay, it's partially what it looks like.
Oh, my God, Danny, how stupid can you be? My God, you have got to be the dumbest Chuck Did I not give you enough penance last time, is that it? Did you want an exorcist? We got 'em here.
One of 'em actually owes me a favor Chuck! Farouk's alive.
He's behind the pyramid attack.
I thought they droned that guy.
Yeah, well, apparently it didn't take.
We we're trying to track him down, but we got caught up in some stuff, and I just don't have time to sort it all out.
This is gonna end badly.
She's the devil.
Will you help me or not? None of this is covered under regular priest-friend rules.
You know that.
Thank you.
Thank you.
In the meantime, make sure she steers clear of the fountain in the courtyard.
I don't want the holy water boiling out.
You know, with the acoustics in this place, I could hear everything he just said? Look, Chuck sometimes says stuff he doesn't mean.
- Hmm.
- I absolutely meant every word.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Agent Karlsson, stay calm, eh? We're not going to be having a shootout in the Sistine Chapel, huh? I'm not letting them hide behind this gate.
Remember, you are a guest in my country.
Let me handle it, va bene? Ci penso io.
Monsignor Charles Donnelly.
Uh, can I be of service? - Yes.
- You're American.
Is the pope Catholic? Vatican joke.
Uh, yes, I am American.
- Is that all you needed? - No.
- We want to - We need to gain entry.
And you are - Agent Gwen Karlsson, Interpol.
- Oh.
Unfortunately, Interpol doesn't have jurisdiction here.
I'm Captain Bruno Fabi of the Carabinieri, and I do have jurisdiction here.
Vatican City is a sovereign city-state, and, uh, as such, Italian authorities do not, technically, have jurisdiction here.
"The Holy See shall hand over to the Italian state "all persons who may have taken refuge within Vatican City "when accused of acts committed within Italian territory "which are considered to be criminal "by the law of both states.
" So you have paperwork attesting to the fact that such persons are being accused of such acts? Okay, we're gonna get the court order, - and we will be right back.
- No Sounds great.
Have a blessed morning.
She was Sorry I couldn't buy you more time.
They'll be back any minute with a warrant.
I guess somebody here knows how to piss people off.
What about the names I asked you to run down at the foreign ministry? Yeah, uh, nothing on Aiden Shaw, but I did get a hit on the other guy.
What other guy? Dwayne Coleman.
Shaw wouldn't be dumb enough to travel under his real name.
- Would he? - He wouldn't have had much time to create a new identity.
Well, Dwayne Coleman entered Istanbul an hour ago.
That's perfect.
We could be there in a couple hours.
Uh, are you forgetting that the Carabinieri have this whole city surrounded? Not a problem.
Just need you to take me to the first floor reading room of the Apostolic Library.
Why? There's a secret escape tunnel under the Vatican.
So, did you, uh, learn about this secret passageway from that book where aliens started the church and left clues all throughout Europe in plain sight? Oh, no, I know, I know.
It was the one about the Illuminati with the conspiracy theory, and "Only one man can stop it!" Danny, dude, if there was a secret passageway in here, I would know about it, okay? Me and Papa are tight.
Looks like Papa's been holding out on you, Chuck.
Hey, hey, your friend better not think about using this to rob the Vatican! Too late! Jay.
You okay, kid? Yeah.
The less I tell you, the better.
- - Considering why I'm calling.
I know.
Farouk's alive.
Just tell me you're not going after him on your own.
We found him yesterday.
He got away, but now we've got a lead.
I just need to borrow your jet again.
What if I said no? I mean, not without my security detail.
I'd tell you I'm going anyway, and I don't have any time to waste.
All right.
I'll make sure the jet's waiting for you at Ciampino.
You still with the girl? Yeah, yeah, we're in it until we stop Farouk.
I owe it to her.
I hope you know what you're doing.
I'll keep you posted.
Thanks, Jay.
I'm so hungry.
Want a bite? Reece's plane is waiting to take us to Istanbul.
Now we just need to figure out where.
There's only one place in the area where he could unload Cleopatra's rubies, no questions asked: the Byzantia Casino.
Never heard of it.
It's more my crowd than yours.
Place is on the Black Sea.
It accepts any high-value items as collateral.
Rubies for casino chips.
Try to double your money while laundering it.
Smart for the casino, at least.
Personally, I'd cash out immediately, but I bet Shaw thinks he can beat the house.
You got sandwich all over your face.
Shaw has been spotted in Istanbul.
The American and the girl appear to be following him.
We have assets near the border we can send.
No, I-I don't want to draw unnecessary attention with a lot of gunfire.
Send in the Scorpion.
Kill them all.
Sorry about all the security; not my choice.
The minute Reece found out that Farouk was alive, his security force descended upon me.
I'm Captain Bruno Fabi of the Carabinieri TPC.
We're responsible for combating art and antiquities crimes.
I've already told Interpol everything that I know.
I apologize for the inconvenience, but we have lost the two people we had in custody.
Did something happen to Danny? Danny and Lexi Vaziri broke out of custody.
Thank God.
You had me worried there for a minute.
You don't happen to know where they are? They're probably looking for Karim Farouk, which is what you should be doing instead of bothering them.
Who knows about the tomb of Antony being inside of the pyramid? Me, my whole team Who are all dead The terrorists, of course, Danny McNamara and Jay Reece, who funded the expedition.
We should keep it that way for now.
We are trying to avoid a media circus.
I totally agree.
Although, there is that little fact that the Nazis may have taken Cleopatra 75 years ago and that might cause quite a stir.
Wait, what? There was a dead body in the tomb, a German, Nazi Afrika Corps.
- They must've taken her.
- That wasn't in the notes.
She didn't tell me about it.
I really don't see how it relates to a current terror investigation.
What's this? Oh, that was found in the dead Nazi's hand.
On the one side, it's an inscription, "VICI.
" Haven't quite figured out what that one means yet.
On the other, it's an Ancient Greek Serapis.
I'm very sorry, but this is evidence.
- We need to examine it.
- Absolutely.
I have no more questions, Doctor.
The Carabinieri thank you for your continued help with the investigation.
Isn't it weird that a tiny part of me hopes we have Shaw all wrong, and he was smart enough to just keep going? Blackjack! You are so cute.
Darling, I'd love another Vesper.
- Evening.
- Crap.
May we join you? The gentleman's requested a private game.
No, we're old friends.
He's got no secrets from us.
- Where did you get all that cash? - Reece's card.
I took it from your wallet while you were changing.
How did you know the PIN? Oh, you know, one of my little toys.
The same guy who made my PIN descrambler also made the geo tracker app I put on Shaw's phone back in Rome.
So that's how you found me in Switzerland, you violated my privacy.
I saved your life, and you ran five minutes later with a pocket full of stolen rubies.
No, you two got me shot.
I thought the rubies were a fair consolation prize.
Unfortunately, harder to liquidate than I expected.
Well, your life is still in danger.
We need to get out of here.
Relax, they won't make a move on me in public surrounded by cameras.
I'm as safe as I can be in here.
And I've nearly doubled my money.
You see, sometimes in life you have to make your own luck.
Doesn't seem like a heart attack.
He's sweating buckets.
Yeah, me, too.
Me, too.
Wait The chips.
Danny, they're poisoned.
The dealer.
You get out.
What'd you poison us with? Give us the antidote.
Danny, I'm seeing two of them.
Go for the one on the left.
Thanks For unpoisoning me first.
Thanks for not leaving me behind again.
Oh Shaw! Shot, poisoned, mummied? - I'm telling you, I'm cursed.
- Hey, don't let anybody touch that table.
It's covered in poison.
And we should probably get out of here before the police - or another assassin arrives.
- Are you okay? Suddenly you realize just how short life is.
You just want to find somebody special to spend that time with, you know? - Come on, Romeo.
- Let me get her number.
Who knows how much time I got left? Why don't you tell us where to find Farouk before we feed you those chips? All I know is how he was gonna pay me, and I'll happily tell you as soon as I have an immunity deal.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Thank God.
Shaw's in custody, getting medical treatment.
We didn't get much out of him.
Upside, we're no longer international fugitives.
Downside, we can't leave the EU without permission from Interpol.
Well, good luck with that.
I'm going after Farouk wherever that takes me, and Gwen Gwen can suck it.
What're you researching? Teutonic occultism.
There were dead Nazis in the tomb.
Seriously? I think that they took Cleopatra.
I am just trying to figure out why.
Well, the Nazis believed that some sacred objects held actual power, like the Holy Grail, Spear of Destiny.
I mean, maybe they thought Cleopatra did.
Well, if they believed in the supernatural, then wouldn't they believe in the curse if they disturbed her tomb? What if they were trying to weaponize that? Turn an artifact into a weapon of mass destruction.
Like that old movie.
- Indiana Jones.
- Maybe? Really? You two used to date? But none of this explains what Farouk actually wanted Cleopatra for.
Look, Farouk left everything from Cleopatra's tomb at the free port, but what did he take? The heaviest and hardest thing to move, Antony's sarcophagus.
Well, you said yourself, it's worth its weight in gold.
Yeah, but I'm starting to think it might be more than that.
I mean, he kept Dr.
Castillo alive.
Why? She's an expert on Cleopatra.
What if he wants to reunite Cleopatra with Antony? We find Cleopatra, we'll find Farouk.
And I'll be at Shaw's bedside threatening him with a rusty catheter if he doesn't talk.
And I'll be right there with you keeping you from violating the Geneva Conventions, but in the meantime We have to find Cleopatra.
Danny's right.
No one who has been looking for her in the two millennia knew exactly where to start, but we know exactly where she was 70 years ago.
As does Farouk.
I have something that he doesn't.
What is that? I think it's the key to finding Cleopatra.
The medallion says "Serapis," a deity that had a cult of followers in the time of Cleopatra.
The cult was presumed to have died out after Rome conquered Egypt.
But if that's true, then what was this medallion doing in the hands of a dead Nazi in the 1940s? I believe whoever killed those Nazis is the same group that moved Antony and Cleopatra into the pyramid in the first place.
Fabi, what have you learned about the American and the girl? Resourceful, driven, worthy adversaries in the hunt.
If they get in our way, it will be up to you to deal with them both.
They must be her protectors, and if they are still around today, then they are the key to finding Cleopatra and stopping Farouk.

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