Blood & Treasure (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

The Secret of Macho Grande

1 My name is Danny McNamara.
When I left the FBI, I thought my crime-fighting days were over, but then I learned that terrorist Karim Farouk was on the hunt for Cleopatra, one of the world's most valuable treasures, lost for over 2,000 years, to use her as part of a massive terror attack.
To find him, I needed some help, so I went to Lexi Vaziri, a thief.
Excuse me, a master thief.
And my father was killed by Farouk.
Lexi and I have a complicated past.
He wants to bring Farouk to justice, I want revenge.
Also, there's a mysterious group who want Cleopatra as much as we do.
We're not sure whether they're good or bad, but the one thing we all agree on Is that we need to find Cleopatra Before Farouk does.
Previously on Blood & Treasure The Nazis believed that some sacred objects held actual power.
Farouk left everything from Cleopatra's tomb, but what did he take? Antony's sarcophagus.
What if he wants to reunite Cleopatra with Antony, turn an artifact into a weapon of mass destruction? I am Captain Bruno Fabi of the Carabinieri art and antiquities crimes.
What's this? The medallion says "Serapis," an ancient deity that had a cult following in the years of Cleopatra.
They must be her protectors.
Doctor, this is a dead end.
No, Max, this is a door.
"All those who disturb the sacred tomb "will come to know swift death "and be cursed for all eternity.
" - Come here.
- It's good to see you, Chuck.
Danny's a complicated guy.
He follows rules and does the right thing unfailingly.
He's the furthest thing from complicated.
You and Danny have a lot more in common than you think.
Simon Hardwick.
Guys like us should stick together, shouldn't we, Special Agent McNamara? We find Cleopatra, we'll find Farouk.
Cleopatra's in Germany.
Well done, Omar.
Farouk went to a lot of effort to get that photograph.
He's gonna go to wherever it was taken.
Not so fast, Liebchen.
Meet our guest of honor.
Elke, say hello to Cleopatra, the future of the Reich.
- But she's dead.
- For now.
But soon she will rise again.
And the world will have no choice but to bow to the Fatherland.
Heinz, everybody, please, please join us.
We must commemorate this moment of Nazi victory.
- Air raid! - Colonel Steiner! Colonel Steiner, get Cleopatra safely to our alternate site and continue with the project.
We shall protect her with our lives.
Heinz, assemble the men.
Yes, Herr Colonel.
Bring up the truck now.
Move! Nazis.
They sure love their castles.
They were all about nostalgia for a storybook world that never actually existed.
So they were angry Ren fair nerds.
Genocidally angry Ren fair nerds, yeah.
This picture of Cleopatra could have been taken in any of a hundred different castles.
But I e-mailed an intel analyst friend from my FBI days who now consults at a video game studio.
He's working on a World War II game that has a whole level in a Nazi castle.
He sent tons of research we can look at, try to narrow things down.
Good, because Farouk's heading there, wherever "there" is, and I've got a bullet with his name on it.
Metaphorically speaking, of course.
You look awful.
What a pleasant welcome from a guest in my own home.
Irish flu.
I had to end class early.
Are you still hungover? Well, yeah, I can't drink like I used to.
Chuck, you drink wine literally every day at work.
Ah, yes, but technically that is not wine.
When did you guys get so chummy? Eh, now that I've gotten to know your girlfriend - Not his girlfriend.
- She's not my girlfriend.
I can see that my previous doubt was - a little extreme.
- Doubts? You said she was the devil.
Aw, that was before we bonded over making fun of you, actually.
I learned all sorts of interesting things.
Uh don't worry, nothing that you said during confession.
And yet, still so much to be embarrassed about.
Is, uh, is that a picture of a bunch of Nazis posing in front of the coffin of Cleopatra in a castle? Yeah, 'cause that seems like that's probably a big deal.
Right? Like, historically speaking? Big enough deal that Farouk killed somebody to get it.
Inspector Karlsson, I got your message.
It was conspicuously brief, even for you.
I didn't want to give too much away over a non-secure phone line.
Don't tell me that you're buying into this idea that Farouk has a mole somewhere.
Conspiracies People tend to see them in the face of inexplicable tragedy.
There's nothing inexplicable about it, Captain Fabi.
Asim Masood told Danny he thought Farouk had a mole in Egyptian intelligence, and now he's dead.
At least he didn't die in vain.
You found something in the evidence from Farouk's safe house that Danny and Lexi found? Yeah, I think so.
Communications with this man, Taj bin Yusef.
He ran finances for Farouk's organization.
They disappeared at the same time.
And he appears to be back.
And he may have Antony.
- Where? - Tripoli.
I'm sending over the information to Libyan authorities right now.
Well done, Agent Karlsson.
Let me know if the Libyans find anything.
Guys, check it out.
I think I found our castle.
Castle Schãdelberg, near the Austrian border.
Nazis did major reconstruction, but research says it was just to stabilize the castle.
It's sitting on bedrock in an area not known for seismic activity.
This is a lot of buildup.
Better be worth it.
The castle was under the purview of the Institute for Occult Warfare.
We might actually be getting somewhere.
That Looks appropriately ominous.
Doing construction for stability is a great excuse if you're trying to hide from the world you're building a resting place for Cleopatra.
Sounds like it was worth the buildup.
- Whose side are you on? - Mine.
Wh-When did that start being a question? Look, Reece's jet's on standby.
We can be there before nightfall.
Want to come with, for old times? No.
Last thing I need is a flight over Macho Grande with you two.
Where's Macho Grande? Nowhere near where we're going.
Chuck's just bad at geography.
And yet I always know the lay of the land.
Have fun storming the castle! Guten Tag.
Of course.
How may I help you? Are you the girl in this photograph? Where did you get this? Uh, don't be alarmed.
I'm a doctoral student working on a research paper about Egyptian antiquities during the Second World War.
It was a long time ago, but, yes, that's me.
And-and that is my grandfather.
Anything you can tell me about where this was taken would be a great help.
Well, I-I, I don't get many visitors these days, but please come in.
I may have some other photos that would help with your article.
How do you take your tea? I will not be having any tea.
It's too late.
Antony's gone.
Over here! Max Najjar? Fabi? Max.
How'd you find me? The Brotherhood has been looking for you, ever since the attack on the pyramid.
We never leave one of our own behind.
One of Farouk's safe houses was taken down yesterday.
Intel led us here.
Thank you for saving me.
Tell me, Max.
Everyone else was killed in the explosion.
How did you survive? It was a miracle.
Praise God.
And the terrorists who saved you.
What? They didn't save me.
They kidnapped me.
They tortured me.
The Brotherhood suspected as much at first.
Imagine our surprise when we discovered the payments you took.
What, what payments? Don't lie to me, Max.
Farouk paid you to tell him where to find Cleopatra.
And when she wasn't there, you must have realized they would kill you.
So you offered to inform on the Brotherhood to Farouk.
I-I would never betray the Brotherhood.
Where did they take Antony? Why do they want Cleopatra? I don't know.
If you want to hang back here, let me lead, it's cool.
Seeing as it's your first time casing a joint.
Just, when us good guys do it, - it's called "surveillance.
" - Yeah Not exactly the same thing.
I am your guide through this beautiful castle.
Unfortunately, we are still waiting for two persons, - but I think - Hi.
We're here for the 4:00 tour.
and Mrs.
McNamara? - That's us.
- Great.
Took your name, did I? Well, first rule of surveillance, have a good cover story.
- We're newlyweds.
- Hmm.
- Was that a Southern accent? - Oh, darling.
I've got a whole character and back story worked out.
Excuse me? You're so beautiful.
You're such a beautiful couple.
Shall I take a photo of you in front of the staircase? Uh, we're good.
L-Let's start the tour.
Second rule: never let anyone take a picture of you.
After you, Mr.
Oh, wow.
As you can see on your maps, this dining room comes right after the Ruhmeshalle, - the Great Hall - Excuse me.
- Yes? - I can listen to medieval architectural history all day, it is fascinating.
But my husband here is kind of a World War II buff.
Guilty as charged.
I do like 'em nerdy.
So could we skip the lord and peasant stuff and maybe cut straight to the Nazis? If y'all don't mind? Did they make any changes to the castle? The castle's history is over 700 years old, and That dark era was barely ten years.
But in those ten years, wh-what specific changes did they make? When the war ended, we Germans promptly removed all Nazi iconography.
The castle now maintains much of the original furniture and features.
As I was saying, the 13th century brought some changes.
And if you follow me, in the Ruhmeshalle I can show you a very good example of this.
What? What are you doing? Change of plans.
Place closes in 20 minutes.
Security system only covers the doors and windows.
Okay, so we wait for everyone to leave take our time to find the hidden section where Cleopatra is.
You see, my apprentice, there is still much you have to learn in the fine art of casing.
Like how to find a bigger closet? Look, it's not my fault that people were smaller back then.
- Hmm.
- Oh.
- What? - Oh, I see.
Wha? Oh.
It was the map.
I-It's just the map.
Thank you for coming, Dr.
I assume you have summoned me here because there's a break in the investigation? Yeah.
Would you be able to, um I.
this man? That's Max Najjar.
He was killed in the pyramid attack along with the rest of my team.
You've recovered his body, then? Yes.
Tripoli Police found his body.
That doesn't make sense.
We have reason to believe he was working with the terrorists.
They paid him for information on Cleopatra.
Max would never do that.
He did.
And he paid the price.
He was apparently tortured when she wasn't there and died as a result of his injuries.
The Carabinieri and I have been going through Max's financial records, trying to reconstruct the weeks leading up to the attack.
It would be helpful if we can have a timeline from you.
- For comparison.
- Of course.
Ever since we entered Antony and Cleopatra's tomb, nothing has made sense.
I'm beginning to think that it is cursed.
So you're sure there's no security cameras in here? Yes.
We're good.
They were all at the entrances of the building.
Oh, amateurs.
Don't even think about it.
I was admiring the jewel inlay.
It was sparkling at me from a Danny.
Those paintings have alarms on them.
- It's okay, I wasn't gonna steal it.
- Hmm.
I noticed something earlier.
This painting is of the original castle.
You can see where it's different From the map of the current layout.
This large berm attached here wasn't in the original castle.
This is where the Nazis supposedly needed to stabilize it.
And if Cleopatra's still here, I guess that's where she would be.
According to this map, there's nothing beneath The lord's chamber anymore.
Very interesting.
Could you believe there are people out there in the world not me, mind you, but other people Who have no idea why that's important? This castle would have been built with a chapel underneath the lord's chamber.
The Nazis, or these Nazis in particular, they were more about making up their own new, mystical Aryan religion than following an old one.
So they got rid of the chapel to make room for the hidden section of the castle? If I'm right, it's down there.
We just need to find the basement.
So, how do we access your secret Nazi lair? Huh.
Might have something to do with this.
They called it the black sun.
All right, go ahead.
Explain to me what the point of all this Aryan mysticism stuff was.
Maybe it'll help me see a clue.
Well They spent a ton of time and money trying to prove That the master race were Aryans.
Which Cleopatra was not.
No, but the way they saw it, all of the great works of mankind, like the pyramids, were directly attributable to these "Aryan supermen," descended from Atlantis Got to be kidding me.
They tried to rediscover lost ancient and supernatural technologies to weaponize them.
Danny, these numbers on the floor.
12, eight, 30.
Mean anything? Cleopatra's death.
August 12, 30 B.
I'm thinking they also might be the combination to the lock.
- What lock? - That one.
You see You know crazy white people history I know how thieves think.
Each spoke of the black sun is a number one through 12.
Here we go.
12 Eight Three.
Oh, my.
Not the toughest lock I've ever cracked, but since it would have pissed off the Nazis, definitely the most satisfying.
I knew there was a reason I fake-married you.
Keep telling yourself that's the reason.
Here, hold on.
I bet you anything this is an exact replica of Cleopatra's tomb.
I mean, I don't love what they've done with the place.
That's weird.
There's Greek mixed in with the Egyptian hieroglyphics.
What were these nutters on about? I'm not sure if even they knew.
Hitler was nearly always high on barbiturates, morphine, and crystal meth.
True story.
How did such idiots almost take over the world? Good people didn't stand up to stop them until it was too late.
Check it out.
This Will help us find out where they took Cleopatra.
Looks like the castle was attacked, so they moved her.
They must have left some clue here about where they went.
Kreisau Circle.
Another secret society.
No, these were the good guys.
German resistance embedded inside the ranks of the Nazis.
A lot of them were Jesuits.
They considered themselves protectors of stolen treasure.
The circles often indicated hidden, coded messages.
- Saltpeter.
- Awesome.
Heat-sensitive ink, invisible unless you know how to look for it.
There must've been a Kreisau spy at the castle.
Well, it's unlike any code I've ever seen.
What do you think it means? I have no idea, but Chuck has access to the Vatican Library.
American! All right, go, go, go! - On the ridge.
- Got 'em! All clear.
We're clear! Okay, I want everyone rounded up for questioning.
Marwan, find out if anyone here has seen our guy.
Let's be very careful with the artifacts.
There's millions worth of stolen treasure here.
Agent Danny, one of the men says your archaeologist is here.
Could be our guy.
Or could be a trap.
Okay, nice and easy.
Check for trip wires.
Are you Simon Hardwick? I'm Special Agent McNamara, FBI.
We're here to rescue you.
It's okay.
You're gonna be okay.
Medic! Short, gray hair.
He had these deep set brown eyes.
So he got away then? I know this is difficult, but when we catch him, we're gonna have you to thank.
How did you find me? I'm in the FBI's Arts and Antiquities Division.
British intel alerted us that an archaeologist had been kidnapped.
Meanwhile, we've been tracking a new terrorist on the scene who's been very well funded.
We've been able to track some of the blood antiquities he sold.
Did you get any idea what he might be planning, or why? That's him.
His name is Karim Farouk.
He wants revenge, and he won't stop until he has it.
- - Oh, please.
Dealers are such parasites.
All you do is profit.
You don't create.
Parasite's such a nasty word, don't you think? - Grazie.
- Prego.
What I do is, uh, I create the context for the buyer that sets an object's value.
Like that necklace you're wearing, for example.
The craftsmanship's a bit pedestrian.
Probably purchased from some mid-tier jewelry market chain, but the person who bought it for you is special, to you, at least.
Maybe someone you're a bit in love with still, which is why, when the chain breaks, which it's done a number of times, you get it fixed again and again with new links, making it unique and priceless to you.
Okay, I get it.
So, what, are you only here for the gallery opening? Why don't you join me for dinner, and I'll tell you Mr.
Hardwick, we have some questions for you.
I'm just in the middle of something rather important.
It was nice to meet you.
Uh great.
Uh, don't you have anything better to do than bother me when I'm working on something? Work? That did not look like work.
Well, not your kind of work.
This isn't about your business, Mr.
Hardwick, this is a murder investigation.
Max Najjar.
I believe you knew him.
Does anyone really know anyone these days? You transferred money into his account.
Well, in that sense, I knew him, yes, yes.
Max Najjar.
Yeah, h-he was in some financial difficulty, and he needed to make a quick sale.
How did Najjar come to work with Karim Farouk? How the hell should I know? Let me break this down for you: there's no love lost between me and the man who held me as a slave and tortured me for a year.
Maybe you'll also understand that my business relies on discretion, so the only questions I ask are to establish the provenance of a piece for sale, that's it.
We will get to the bottom of this, with or without your help.
- Okay.
- If we find out that you've been financing terrorism, knowingly or unknowingly, you will be treated exactly the same as them.
Right, that's good to know.
You should make a change to your plans.
Italy will become a very difficult place for you to do business.
More difficult than it is now? Let's go.
The Brotherhood of Serapis.
Does that name mean anything to you? What about them? There are people in this world that scare me more than Karim Farouk.
I believe Max was working for them.
He tried to sell me this medallion he was wearing.
It had three intertwined serpents etched on the front.
You want to find out what happened to Max? You want to get to the bottom of this? I suggest you look into them.
And maybe you'll do me the favor of not putting my name on any paperwork, because if you do, my blood'll be on your hands.
We should stay here until we figure out our next move.
So, you are very glücklich, ja? Eh, lucky? Because of the football match, we have been booked for months, but I just spoke with the owner.
He has accepted to liberate our last room.
It's very, um Cozy, yeah? - Wonderful.
- Thanks.
Gute Nacht.
Oh, it's Chuck.
He got my text.
"Interesting photo, nothing jumps out, "but I can look into it tomorrow.
"My gut tells me it has something to do with Macho Grande.
" The man's obsessed with this Macho Grande place.
What's so great about it? - Nothing.
It's - Fine.
Don't tell me.
He will next time I get him drunk.
He's gonna check in the Vatican archives tomorrow and let us know if he finds anything.
It's okay.
I can take the floor.
So we're pretend-divorced now? Don't trust me to share the bed, or don't trust yourself? Just trying to keep things uncomplicated.
Don't flatter yourself.
I am exhausted.
I only have eyes for this pillow.
- Yeah? - I have had such a busy day, climbing the big castles, chasing the angry Nazis, yeah? Yeah The accent's not your strongest move.
What? How dare you? I'm just saying, I have a few notes.
No? I was too nice, wasn't I? You like me better when I'm bad.
You like you better when you're bad.
Maybe it's time we talk about the elephant in the room.
There's barely room for us in this room.
We're gonna find Farouk again.
I want to make sure we're on the same page.
I know you want to take him alive, and for the sake of getting along, I'm happy to let you believe that you will.
Killing Farouk doesn't necessarily stop the attack, but it does keep us from finding out his plan.
And it makes damn sure he doesn't get away again.
It gets justice for my father.
Revenge isn't the same thing as justice.
Justice happens in a court of law, in front of the whole world.
I don't care that the world gets to see it.
I just want to be the one that kills him.
If this is all about revenge, even if you get what you want, you're gonna be holding on to the anger forever.
Your father wouldn't have wanted that.
You're right.
You should take the floor.
How'd you sleep? Fine.
You? Never better.
Yo, Chuck? You're on speaker.
That's Danny's subtle way of telling you not to say anything that would embarrass him.
But don't hold back on my account.
Hey, uh, I sent your code to, uh, some of my Jesuit brothers.
And, uh, I think we figured out the answer.
And the answer may shake the very foundations of Western civilization.
Shh! Are you guys holding in your laughs? 'Cause I can't tell over the phone.
If I say yes, will you tell me what it is? Sheesh.
You two are a delight this morning.
Well, the Kreisau code was next to a very specific Jesuit Bible that all of these guys would have had.
This Bible was not there accidentally.
It was the key.
Nothing? Really? Nick Cage? National Treasure? You guys are really, uh, draining all of the fun out of this for me, you know that, right? Anyway, this Jesuit library had copies of the Kreisau Bible, so we went through it.
Took us a couple hours, but we figured out the code.
Now, each number corresponds to a different letter, in reference to a specific verse.
We put it all together, and It spelled "Sauber-Depot, garage 18.
" Sauber-Depot? Sounds like an old military base.
The Internet said that it's, uh, an old, uh, an old Panzer repair depot from the war.
And Maps says that it's not that far from your castle.
Why would they take Cleopatra to an army base? Well, there's not many more secure places in the '40s than a German military base.
Hey, thanks, Chuck.
Hey, no problem.
You know what? We'll call it even if you can pick me up some of those, uh, those apple pancakes they got My God, is he a chatty one.
Look, about last night - what happened or didn't - Don't.
You're you, I'm me.
It's best if we accept it.
Come on.
Let's go.
We're actually ahead of Farouk for once.
Garage 18.
Not exactly where you'd expect to find the last queen of Egypt.
Maybe that's why no one has.
If Cleopatra was here, I'm guessing she wasn't here for long.
These walls make no sense here.
They block the whole bay and serve no structural purpose.
Something behind this wall.
Yeah? After you.
It's a freight elevator.
To where, I wonder.
The Germans hid their treasure in underground vaults to protect them from bombardment.
So if they were in enough of a hurry, they could've left Cleopatra down there.
Let's find out.
- We'd better be careful.
- Yeah.
Oh, God! Yeah.
The good news is we're rich.
This was melted down from the jewelry of the people they sent to the camps.
Cleopatra was here.
In the photo, this was the top of her sarcophagus.
Must have been hard to travel with.
In the rush to get out, they just pried it off and left it.
I can't believe this.
Least we're getting closer.
Closer? To what? Cleopatra? Farouk? What a waste.
"Close" is just another word for "nothing.
" You been looking for me? Who are you? One of them? One of who? Serapis.
They call themselves The Brotherhood.
Does it look like I'm one of them? Turn around.
I said turn around.
So, who are you? I won't ask again.
Lexi Vaziri.
Reza Vaziri's daughter.
A greedy little girl who shed her skin like a snake to become a Westerner.
Who betrayed her own people, got her father killed.
I betrayed my own people? You killed hundreds of our people, bombed the pyramids.
The pyramids are nothing but an attraction to Western tourists.
A symbol of a conquered people.
You didn't find Cleopatra there.
You won't find her here, either.
You tell me where she went, or this place becomes your tomb.
I'll never tell you anything.
Two men are coming.
Have it your way.
We're trapped.
Well, we might be able to make it out.
Up there.
You know, in case this doesn't go well, - I think we should talk about - No, no, no.
We are not having an "in case this - "doesn't go well" conversation.
- Okay, but if it doesn't We're gonna be fine.
Look, when Chuck and I were kids, we used to love the Airplane! movies.
Huh? Seriously? Airplane!? "Don't call me Shirley.
" Why are you telling me this? In the movie, Macho Grande is that thing you can't get over.
Thing you hold on to even when you should let it go.
Chuck thinks you're my Macho Grande.
So, is Chuck right? Am I your Macho Grande? Danny.
Danny! Danny! Hold on.
Come on.
Lexi! Oh, boy.
Uh little help?! Help!
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