Blood & Treasure (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

The Ghost Train of Sierra Perdida

1 My name is Danny McNamara.
When I left the FBI, I thought my crime-fighting days were over, but then I learned that terrorist Karim Farouk was on the hunt for Cleopatra, one of the world's most valuable treasures, lost for over 2,000 years, to use her as part of a massive terror attack.
To find him, I needed some help, so I went to Lexi Vaziri, a thief.
LEXI: Excuse me, a master thief.
And my father was killed by Farouk.
DANNY: Lexi and I have a complicated past.
LEXI: He wants to bring Farouk to justice, I want revenge.
DANNY: Also, there's a mysterious group who want Cleopatra as much as we do.
LEXI: We're not sure whether they're good or bad, but the one thing we all agree on DANNY: Is that we need to find Cleopatra [TIRES SCREECHING.]
LEXI: Before Farouk does.
Previously on Blood & Treasure Fabi You're not lurking down here in a ski mask working for the Carabinieri.
You're in the Brotherhood of Serapis.
We will hunt down Farouk and we kill him, and you, Lexi, - can be a part of it.
- LEXI: I can't do this without Danny, and he's definitely gonna want to know who we're working for and why.
And if you tell him, you will both be dead.
Welcome to La Casa de Chuck.
Maybe it's not such a good idea if you guys both stay here.
LEXI: A man named Carlo Velardi runs the black market bazaar in Rome.
Don't become my problem.
DANNY: I wouldn't have minded a heads-up that we were meeting with the Mafia.
The mole in Egyptian intelligence? Sharif Ghazal.
FABI: Ghazal has a file in his safe with Farouk's network.
LEXI: I found a letter from Farouk to my father.
It implies my dad helped fund his terror operation.
I'm going to receive the only existing copy of the track logs from the Sauber Depot dating back all the way to the Allied bombings.
Now, you said the sarcophagus was taken by train from there.
This could be the key to finding Cleopatra.
SERGEANT: Our mission to bring Cleopatra to the Fatherland is doomed.
We need to cut our losses now.
Colonel Steiner is dead.
We need to get rid of that coffin.
We cannot doubt the mission.
The Egyptian queen is our weapon.
SERGEANT: She's cursed.
Let's sell her and get the hell out of Europe.
I am your superior officer.
Our orders are to deliver Cleopatra to the U-boat at the port of Huelva.
We either die with the mummy or live without her.
We swore to protect her.
Even against your brothers? [GUNFIRE, SCREAMING.]
When did you become a vampire? Sorry, did I wake you? Nah, nah.
I always like to squeeze in a couple of confessions before morning mass.
Who goes to confession at dawn? Old ladies.
: They travel in packs.
Those papers for your scrapbook? [SIGHING.]
: Yeah.
It's all lies.
The convoy was hit by Farouk after the handover ceremony.
He killed the security team, took the relics.
Probably selling them as we speak.
Killed another two people to get the transit logs from Castle Schädelberg of where the Nazis took Cleopatra.
Now he's flush with cash and has the inside track on completing whatever his plan is.
Somebody's got to stop guys like Farouk.
That's what you're doing.
Which is why I'm letting you stay here rent-free.
Everything balances out.
You have got to start kicking in for groceries, though.
Lexi has massacred my fridge.
Also, why is she getting shady packages delivered here? Yeah, uh, well, since you won't let her stay here, her living situation's been in flux.
What does that even mean? Lexi? Erica.
You break into my place, eat my food, sleep on my couch, and you're the one pulling a knife.
Ah, come on.
I thought you were out.
And that makes it cool that you're breaking and entering.
I didn't break anything.
It's just more like entering and napping.
I have a tiny favor to ask.
Of course you do.
This is a letter To my dad from Karim Farouk.
Didn't your dad work with the FBI to catch him? This was dated a year before that.
From the part I can make out, it sort of implies that they had a long and fruitful relationship.
Let me guess, you want me to clean it up so you can read the rest of what it says.
Well, you are the best art restorer in the world.
And between you crashing on my couch and being overly complimentary, I assume you have no money.
I count my wealth in the friendships I have.
No, I can't pay you.
I need to know, Erica If my dad was working with a terrorist.
You've thrown a lot of business my way, so I'll give this one to you on the house.
But it's gonna take some time.
Time you will spend sleeping somewhere else.
Keep digging.
The train can't be much deeper.
DIGGER: Señor Omar, over here! Is it Cleopatra? Is it? These are Moroccan uniforms.
I want the train! I want Cleopatra! Farouk is not a patient man And neither am I.
Where are the Nazis? [METAL DETECTOR RINGING.]
Keep digging.
Where are you going? We're not done yet.
CARLO: Oh, yes, everybody's done.
Do you know who I am? I think the ignorance is mutual.
I am Carlo Velardi.
My family has controlled the blood antiquities trade in Europe for generations.
LUCA: No one even rents a shovel in this part of the world without paying us protection.
CARLO: My son, he's a Come si dice, a young hothead.
I, however, understand this is just business.
Simple choice.
You pay what you owe and your dig proceeds.
And if I don't? Then you discover that my men have surrounded you.
And we water the ground with each other's blood.
I'll see that you have your money first thing tomorrow.
A presto, amico.
Any luck? I make my own luck, Danny.
Oh, so you found something.
What are you guys talking about? She's trying to find a place to crash.
Just for a few nights, I I'm a really considerate roommate.
So she can laugh.
Good to know.
Any progress on following the money to Farouk by tracking who the Egyptian artifacts were sold to? How many people in the world do you think have the lack of scruples, cash on hand, and love of Egyptian antiquities to buy them from a known terrorist? Can't be this guy because he's under indictment.
And this one's going through a messy divorce and isn't flush with cash.
Now, I'm working on tracking down these two guys.
Is that Serbian? Yeah, I think so.
My Serbian isn't great, but she's saying something about "him getting a win" while "she takes a hit.
" Hopefully that isn't an assassination being planned on my phone.
Just spoke to this guy.
Petre Novic.
Old friend.
Don't ask.
Anyway, he was the second-highest bidder at a recent underground auction for items pertaining to Cleopatra.
He was so pissed at being outbid, he was practically begging to rat out the winner.
Jessica Wong.
Chinese billionaire living in London.
Also having a black-tie party tonight to show off her art collection.
Can Interpol get a warrant to seize her records? I can try, but it will be difficult off hearsay from a conversation between two criminals.
Danny, I could use your help.
They won't be able to get the warrant.
You need to go to that party tonight.
Get documentation on the sale.
Anything that can lead us back to Farouk.
So, you're talking to me now as a Brotherhood agent, not the Carabinieri? Well, generally speaking, what works for one works also for the other.
The Brotherhood has intercepted some chatter, believed to be from Farouk's group, indicating that they are very close to finding Cleopatra.
We need to find out where they're digging in Europe.
But be careful.
Jessica Wong is not some rich dilettante.
She's very dangerous.
We had an asset in her place once, on a different mission.
The asset was apparently discovered and never heard from again.
And you want me to go in tonight because I'm expendable? Okay, let's go over our cover.
Again? Danny, you know I lie for a living? Yeah, well, I don't.
- Humor me.
- [SIGHS.]
We're here to buy a statue for Jacob Reece.
You're Jack Stone, his antiquities expert, and I'm his art broker, Winifred DeMontague.
I swear.
Do you read romance novels when I'm not looking? DANNY: Those are real names of people that work for Reece, in case she checks.
She'll have someone show you the provenance for the piece.
Now, while I distract Jessica, you get ahold of her financial records.
We got to find a link from her to Farouk.
And then we put her in jail.
Well, I must be rubbing off on you.
You never cared about stopping the blood antiquities trade before.
I couldn't care less about that.
I just want to punch her in her stupid, entitled, rich-girl face.
To be fair, she is a self-made billionaire CEO, accomplished author, and philanthropist.
She sounds intolerable.
It's like a gilded dollhouse.
We have incoming.
Try to hold off on that face punching.
- No promises.
- Ms.
Such a pleasure.
Jack Stone.
I work with Mr.
Reece's museum in Rome.
Jay said you're the most knowledgeable antiquities expert he's ever known.
I've been looking forward to meeting you.
And this is Winifred DeMontague.
She'll be assessing the provenance on the draped kouros.
Assuming everything is in order.
You'll find it impeccable.
My assistant will show you the way.
You know, I do have a fine Makron in my collection.
It's a fragment of an Olympian statue in marble.
Is this a test? Whatever could you mean? I mean that Makron did a number of Olympians, but they were all on the sides of urns because he was a painter Not a sculptor.
WAITRESS: Would you like some champagne? I think you and I are going to be very good friends, Mr.
I thought I recognized a familiar face.
Give us a sec, will you? Simon.
I'm an old friend of Danny McNamara's.
Well, I say old friend.
We met each other once or twice.
Does Jessica know [WHISPERS.]
: That he used to work for the FBI? FBI? Quite a story.
Yes, and she'd be very upset if she knew.
Which reminds me, last time I saw you was in Rome.
Carlo Velardi's soirée Or should I say black market bazaar Where I chose not to reveal Mr.
McNamara's former employment because He saved my life once And I owed him.
But today's a new day, isn't it? Would you Care to join me outside on the terrace? Ancient Greek.
Dynastic Chinese.
- Celtic.
Well, it's clear that your collection is Unified by one shared quality.
Every item is unique.
Like this Makron vase It's signed by him.
The only one of its kind.
So I passed another test? And why would I need to test you? Well, you put yourself through college playing in an underground poker game.
I'm guessing old habits die hard.
Reece keep a dossier on me? DANNY: Just read your profile in Wired.
Preparation for our negotiation? Total coincidence.
I was looking for recommendations on a new TV.
You'll have to excuse me.
LEXI: You know, Simon, charming though you are, I must admit, you have me at a disadvantage.
Well, I was going to introduce myself in Rome, but, alas, the place was raided by the Carabinieri - and I had to make a hasty exit.
- What a shame.
Indeed, it was.
Actually, on that point, Carlo's a bit miffed.
He's under the impression that you and Mr.
McNamara tipped off the police.
Now, I could always offer to smooth things over between the three of you? You haven't even asked for anything in return.
The thought of a quid pro quo had occurred to me.
I hope that's not a euphemism.
Sweetheart, don't be coy, or nobody's gonna find Cleopatra.
- What are you on about? - I know all the players.
Karim Farouk.
The Brotherhood of Serapis.
And you and the Boy Scout in there.
To be fair, you and Mr.
McNamara My dark horse bet in the race, and I could make you the frontrunner for a - Oh? - Reasonable cut.
- Really? - Let's say three-way split? Well, watch out.
Here comes Curly.
I have everything ready for you.
Call me when you know something I don't.
Here's something for free.
Try Jessica's desk.
Like me, it's surprising.
ASSISTANT: I trust the papers are in order? Do you have provenance on the Phidian kouros? I was only told to prepare the documents for the draped kouros.
And the Phidian kouros.
We're looking at both.
My apologies.
I'll be back in a moment.
Is everything okay? Nice to meet you, Lexi Vaziri.
I trust you've met Mr.
Danny McNamara, formerly of the FBI.
Why don't you tell me who you're working for? Take my phone.
Breast pocket.
Call Agent Gwen Karlsson.
She'll confirm that you were identified as a bidder in an illegal auction for stolen Egyptian relics from Karim Farouk.
Then ask her about that van parked outside.
It's loaded with agents ready to crash your party with tear gas and rubber bullets if they think that our lives are in danger.
- You're bluffing.
- Oh, we don't bluff.
We're more of a "sure thing" kind of operation.
We didn't exchange money directly.
I didn't know I was dealing with a terrorist.
Save it.
How'd you pay him? I was told to purchase some useless land through a shell company.
Where? JESSICA: Spain.
The Andalucía mountains.
Now Be a good girl, and we won't tell Farouk you talked.
Let's get out of here before they realize there's no van outside.
Well played.
Now let's hurry up and get to Spain.
Good news is, Farouk had Wong purchase thousands of acres, so he doesn't exactly know where to look, either.
Maybe some of these locals can tell us something here.
Hey, look at this.
"The Ghost Train of Sierra Perdida.
" Looks like a tourist trap.
DANNY: It's a real local legend from 1944.
Train came out of nowhere and then disappeared.
Jessica Wong's land purchase was along the same railroad tracks that this ghost train went missing.
And you think it's our lost Nazi train.
¿Qué tal? Hey, how's your Spanish? Not as good as my Serbian.
Better than my Italian.
Probably as good as my French.
- Are those all from ex-boyfriends? - [SCOFFS.]
I happen to have a facility with languages.
Eh, I speak English.
We're interested in the Ghost Train of Sierra Perdida.
Well, I'm afraid I can't help you.
The area is all private property now.
Ruined my tourism business.
Can you show us where? The train was last spotted at this station in Córdoba but never arrived at this stop.
If the train derailed between stations, it's possible it's still out there.
How much for the map? 15 euros.
It says five.
It's the last one.
50, not 15.
I'm sorry, my English is not perfect.
I'm just gonna let you two work this out.
Grab some of these supplies from you? GUIDE: Oh, these supplies? Oh, those are very special supplies Perfect.
No service.
One time I ask for help.
DANNY: How much for that hat? One time.
Think I got a pretty good deal on supplies.
Please tell me you got him to throw in the hat for free.
And that is what happens when you come from a culture that doesn't haggle.
DANNY: Come on.
Let's ride.
Lexi, bad girl.
LEXI: Oh, I'm famished.
Got any food in there? Let's see.
Folding shovels.
Oh, wait.
I think this is actually jerky.
Oh, yes.
Does jerky ever go bad? What's that sound? Me complaining.
Farouk's men.
But no Farouk.
They're digging way outside the X-marks.
There's a bridge with a sharp bend a couple miles from here.
If the train derailed, it happened there.
"They're digging in the wrong place.
" Yeah, that's what I just Oh, God, is that from some movie? [SIGHS.]
Just forget it.
If you explain it to me, I'll pretend to find it funny.
No, moment's gone.
Mountain pass.
Curve in the track.
Steep drop.
I think you're right.
Looks like the perfect spot for a Nazi train to have disappeared for 75 years.
Let's go check out what's in that ravine ahead.
LEXI: I thought we'd be there by now.
We should have brought way more food.
We're officially in the middle of nowhere.
No way.
- We found it.
- We found it.
DANNY: Now let's see if she's inside.
Crate's here, but no Cleopatra.
- Yeah, she's gone.
- Danny.
Free booze.
Strong absinthe.
Too late again.
CARLO: I'd say you're right on time.
So, I finally caught up with you.
So, you found her.
We found what's left of a crate and some old absinthe.
Cleopatra's long gone.
Well, we tried our best.
The adventure continues.
You two destroyed my bazaar, ruined my reputation.
I lost millions that night, and now I'm out here like a zoccola, shaking down treasure hunters just to make up what I lost.
The people you're dealing with aren't just treasure hunters.
They're terrorists.
Karim Farouk's people.
The guy who blew up the pyramid? And that's Omar, Farouk's right-hand man.
You know, I've been very much looking forward to finally killing you.
You're 0 for 2, sport.
Any more jokes? How about you, Fredo? Or are you gonna run to Daddy? - I'm gonna kill you.
- Shh, Luca.
You know, I really should thank you all.
The only thing my men could dig up was a hole full of skeletons.
Never would have found this without you.
She's all yours if you can dig her out of that car.
OMAR: Fantastic.
I just need two volunteers to help dig.
Suspected members of the Brotherhood.
Fathers and their secrets.
Lexi Vaziri.
I need her phone number.
Huh? Anything yet? Still digging.
- Oh, come on.
- Just play along.
Found something! Step aside.
We're coming down.
: I need your lucky charm.
CARLO: Luca, no! Don't you dare.
: Go.
- No! [GUNFIRE.]
We need to go.
Ever since I met you, you've done nothing but take from me! [GUNSHOTS.]
Why are we stopping? I want to check something out first.
All right, we'd better hurry and get the hell out of Spain before Carlo comes looking for us.
Omar mentioned they found skeletons here.
Got me curious.
Six Nazi uniforms but No bodies.
Found 'em.
DANNY: Why did someone strip off their uniforms? Look at the scrap of this insignia.
It's a Casablanca regiment.
What the hell are they doing here? Moroccan troops were brought in to quash anti-Franco rebels in 1944.
A Luger? We're not far from where the train derailed.
Shoot-out in the train for whatever reason.
Surviving Nazis grab Cleopatra.
They come across these Moroccans, kill them, take their uniforms, and head straight to Morocco.
Best way to get Cleopatra out of Europe.
So they went to Casablanca.
That's what it looks like.
It's the closest and largest port in Morocco.
Omar had the answer in his hands, and he didn't even know it.
Ah, but he didn't have a Danny.
Oh, of course.
Now we have reception.
Hey, before we go to Casablanca, can we stop in Rome? Sure.
Something wrong? Farouk's letter to my dad.
I sent it to someone to see if she could restore it, maybe help me make some sense of it.
Oh, she find anything? She won't tell me what she found over text.
Said it's not safe.
What if it's true? What if my dad worked with Farouk? Look, I knew your dad to be a good man.
But whoever he was, it doesn't define you.
You're the sum of your own choices.
That's not exactly reassuring.
- LEXI: Hey.
- You.
- You.
You two know each other? He's tried to arrest me, like, ten times.
You said you went to a restorer, not a forger.
Master forger.
He's not here for you.
You can trust me trusting him.
What'd you find in the letter? What's it say? It doesn't matter what it says.
It's as fake as the Botticelli hanging in the National Gallery.
- I knew it.
- Danny.
I found a sample of Farouk's writing from an early manifesto.
It's a good forgery, but the numbers in the date give it away.
There are ink blots over the numbers 8 and 9.
Whoever wrote it hesitated over the curved lines and pressed the pen too much.
It's called criminal tremor.
Why would someone implicate my father as having worked with Farouk? I-I need to get some air.
I thought she'd be happy.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure she doesn't know how to feel.
If her father was a bad guy, at least his death wasn't her fault.
I guess those checks won't stop going out anytime soon.
What checks? Most of her money goes to the families affected by the bombing that killed her father.
I had no idea.
I don't think she wants anyone to know.
I make everything look like legit insurance payouts so nobody asks questions.
You don't need to announce it for the whole neighborhood.
Well, you don't need to creep up on me.
If you answered your phone, you'd know I've been looking for you.
We were in the mountains in Spain.
I didn't have reception.
Found the Nazi train.
Yes, I know.
Interpol is all over what's going on there.
Agent Karlsson suspects your involvement, and she is not pleased.
She wants to bring you both in for questioning.
You need to plan your next move carefully, Lexi.
Yeah, well, it's always better to ask for forgiveness than permission.
When we find Cleopatra, all will be forgiven.
- So you're close? - They took it to Casablanca.
Headed out first thing.
Did you find anything about my dad in that file I stole in Cairo? Ghazal had a letter in his vault I Forgot to tell you about.
You forgot? Look, I had to find out for myself.
Someone forged that letter and made it look like my dad was working with Farouk.
I've been going through the Farouk file.
The half you were able to retrieve, anyway.
Your father was the one who originally found the documents among Farouk's things.
It seemed he called Ghazal to confirm something that concerned him.
I think that's what got him killed.
Ghazal tipped off Farouk? I believe so.
- We are monitoring him.
Do not make any hasty moves.
You want to know the truth about your father, why he was killed, trust us.
Trust you [DOOR CLOSES.]
Must be Danny.
What? You have more of your dad's goodness in you than you let on.
He'd be really proud of you.
I've got a lead on a place to stay tonight.
Gonna go check it out.
Well, just in case, I'm working on a plan B.
Good night.
DANNY: Y-Y-You won't even notice us.
We're barely in Rome.
But why's it got to be my place? Hey, "blessed are those that feed the hungry", "clothe the naked, "shelter the homeless" You do not want to go toe-to-toe with me on Bible verses.
Chuck, she's low on funds.
If she has a place to crash for a night or two, she doesn't pick the pockets of the old ladies you see for confession.
It's a virtuous cycle.
Hmm? Fine.
But she pitches in for chores.
And no walking around naked.
I promise we'll respect your space.
You better.
I'm gonna text her to let her know.
I think she's trying to find a place as we speak.
How'd you get my number? Pleased to see you, too.
Jessica Wong's security team can be quite resourceful, - when they need to be.
- Ah.
Look, you told me to give you a call when I knew something that you didn't.
I've been looking into the Brotherhood for a while.
Came across an old list of names.
Former members at some time or other.
One of the names kind of stuck out.
LEXI: Vaziri? I'd say your father was in the Brotherhood.
- What? My father, Brotherhood, how Is that possible? The Brotherhood holds many secrets.
Who knows what else they're hiding?
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