Blood & Treasure (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

The Lunchbox of Destiny

1 My name is Danny McNamara.
When I left the FBI, I thought my crime-fighting days were over, but then I learned that terrorist Karim Farouk was on the hunt for Cleopatra, one of the world's most valuable treasures, lost for over 2,000 years, to use her as part of a massive terror attack.
To find him, I needed some help, so I went to Lexi Vaziri, a thief.
LEXI: Excuse me, a master thief.
And my father was killed by Farouk.
DANNY: Lexi and I have a complicated past.
LEXI: He wants to bring Farouk to justice, I want revenge.
DANNY: Also, there's a mysterious group who want Cleopatra as much as we do.
LEXI: We're not sure whether they're good or bad, but the one thing we all agree on DANNY: Is that we need to find Cleopatra [TIRES SCREECHING.]
LEXI: Before Farouk does.
- She's here.
- Previously on Blood & Treasure Cleopatra? Damn it.
It's just the outer sarcophagus.
So they let the Nazis leave with her and kept the gold casing for themselves.
She's still out there somewhere.
That's Omar.
Farouk's right-hand man.
You're under arrest.
DANNY: Why do you have a burner phone? Are you going through my stuff? You've been spying on me.
It's not like that.
I don't trust you to be a part of the sting.
Can you trace this for me? I think it's one of Lexi's underworld contacts.
It's connected to the Farouk case.
Whoa, whoa.
But the FBI wants to talk to you.
I have orders to take you back to Rome.
They didn't tell me anything else.
- DANNY: Where'd you find her? - GWEN: I didn't.
She turned herself in.
Danny, I'm sorry, but the FBI is extraditing you back to the United States.
My hands are tied.
I still have no idea what this is about.
It's not about Farouk.
I can tell you that much.
Well, you'll figure it out soon enough.
Special Agent Harper, Boston field office.
We spoke on the phone.
- GWEN: Yeah.
- What do you want, Harper? What I've always wanted.
And now you've given me the leverage to get it.
- Are the handcuffs really necessary? - Of course.
You're a criminal now, Danny.
Destruction of property, criminal conspiracy.
I admit I was surprised that a straight arrow like you would get yourself into this kind of trouble until I heard you were shacked up with her.
If this is an intervention, I won't fight you.
I was warned she was the devil, but I didn't listen.
The devil can hear you, you know.
If you could just trust me Who were you communicating with in Casablanca on the burner phone? I can't tell you.
Then I guess I can't trust you.
HARPER: You two left quite a trail of death and destruction across Europe.
Rome, Germany, Spain, Morocco You're a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde.
Did Bonnie know Morocco isn't in Europe? 'Cause I do.
You know we didn't murder anyone.
Ask Agent Karlsson.
Oh, you mean the Interpol agent that filed the Red Notice that got our attention? I've got some paperwork to do.
Karim Farouk.
The one that got away.
Eats away at you, doesn't it? He's a terrorist planning a major attack, so, yeah, he's on the top of my to-do list.
We're the ones who caught his lieutenant in Casablanca, while you haven't done anything.
Oh, I know about having a white whale you can't catch.
I myself have a file that I would do anything to close.
Fensgate Museum heist in Boston.
That was, like, the '90s, right? They stole, like, a hundred paintings.
Ten paintings.
Those thieves are legends.
Headed off into the sunset, and the Feds never caught any of them.
It's become quite the convict bedtime story, but you got it wrong.
We caught one.
Never could get him to talk his crew, where the paintings ended up Nothing.
And now that window for answers is closing.
- Why is that? - Because he's dying.
My father's dying? Wait.
What? - Where is he? - Federal prison in Massachusetts.
Want to say hello? Your dad did the Fensgate heist? I don't want to talk about it.
You were in handcuffs.
Patrick McNamara's currently serving time for ten counts of violating U.
Code Title 18, section 668: theft of major artwork.
He was supposed to get five years.
And if he had cooperated, we wouldn't have thrown the book at him.
So he got a life sentence.
How much time does he have? That depends.
Prison health care is Not great.
Look, I've asked you many times in the past to help me to get him to talk.
This time I'm offering you a chance to save his life.
Get him to give up the paintings, and we'll move him to a real hospital.
And the FBI will drop the charges we have against you.
As the person looking at the longer list of charges, I'd say that sounds like a great deal.
You're not going.
No, you don't get a vote, McNamara.
Because we're looking for stolen paintings and she's a thief, she could be useful.
And since both of you are looking at many years behind bars, she will be incentivized to make sure that you get answers out of your old man.
So she's going.
The FBI has a long memory.
If you screw me try to run, anywhere in the world We will find you.
That's a promise.
I want one more thing out of this deal.
You're in no position to negotiate.
You said it yourself: I'm your last chance.
The charges you got on me aren't gonna hold up, and we both know it.
What do you want? Farouk's looking for Cleopatra, and a group of Nazis had her, at least as far as Casablanca.
We need to find out where they went.
Sorry, Nazis are a bit before my time.
Yeah, but like you said, the FBI has a long memory.
You can get the records for me.
I need the entire file on Operation Paperclip.
You want a 75-year-old file With a stupid name.
Paperclip was a top-secret U.
program that recruited Nazi scientists to work for us after World War II.
So they must have tracked Nazis escaping after the war.
Maybe even from, say, Casablanca? Exactly.
Harper, I'll get you the paintings.
You get me the Paperclip file.
And when we stop Farouk, you'll get the credit.
Omar is Farouk's right-hand man.
Our first chance to crack his entire organization.
So how do you want to do it? "Good carabiniere, bad Interpol"? I never liked that expression.
"Bad cop" is not something any responsible law enforcement officer would ever choose.
It's just acting.
Why do I have to be the bad one? You have a certain Something.
I don't see that at all.
What is this? Oh, it's bitter.
- It's good for, uh, digestion.
- It's disgusting.
Look, we'd like to do anything we can - for you to feel comfortable.
- I'll tell you what.
How about we skip this good cop part? 'Cause I'm really looking forward to her bad cop part.
We have you on charges of terrorism and murder.
Also, because international law prohibits the destruction of heritage sites, war crimes.
What you say next determines the difference between life in prison and life in a much worse prison.
Look We know you are devoted to a cause.
Oh, those are the other guys.
I do what I do for money.
I'm not even religious, bro.
Does Farouk know that? Of course.
Most of the crew are believers, but they are kept in line by people like me The pros.
Farouk wants more than a bunch of adrenaline junkies waving their AKs in the air.
You blew up a pyramid.
For Farouk that was a middle finger for the East and the West.
But it also covered our tracks and kept the world watching the news While he was already selling the stolen goods.
So why hasn't he sold Antony? And why is he so hell-bent on Cleopatra? What's his ultimate plan? I will tell you my plan.
I'll let you know everything For a sweet deal.
I want a new identity, I want a new home, and I want a new bank account - Hey.
Could take some time.
You have to be quick.
Now that you have me, Farouk's going to have to speed up his plan.
GWEN: Maybe we should just let you go.
I'm sure Farouk will take very good care of you, knowing how loyal you are.
Maybe you should have this after all.
It's good for stomach distress.
- Doctor, if you please? - It's over here.
This is it.
We were supposed to do this when no one was here.
I have to move up my timeline.
And I'm not paying you to have a conscience.
It's just more risk.
It should also Raise my fee.
Just make my weapon, Doctor.
After that, you You won't have to worry about money ever again.
Destroy the lab.
PATRICK: So that's it? This is all you guys could come up with? CHAPPIE: I'm telling you, Pat, it's the chance of a lifetime.
Come on, Chappie, this is going too far this time.
- Too far? - The job is all lined up.
The guard schedules, the entry codes everything's all set.
I'm happy to collect for you guys a few times a month, turn my head the other way, but that was before.
All right? That was when I was on my own.
But now Now? What now? You have a son to provide for.
This could set him up in one night.
That's it, it's over.
Patrick, please, I I need this.
Oh, you need this? [SIGHS.]
Hurry up and show me the guard schedules.
Watch commander's been on me for being late for roll call the past two times this month.
MAN: Look, after this, you'll never have to worry about another time card again, so Hey.
Get that kid out of here.
Danny, get up to your room and stay there.
- Now! - You think he heard? PATRICK: Don't worry about him.
MAN: Okay.
So this entry code here corresponds to that door.
LEXI: Just so I've got this straight You've given me a hard time ever since we met - over my career choice.
- "Thief" is not a career.
Oh, you're right.
It's an art that requires cunning, precision, the ability to read people, - such as when they're lying.
- I never lied to you.
Not saying anything about your father being a criminal is lying.
I don't think you, of all people, want to talk about lies of omission.
- GUARD: McNamara.
I'm sure he's just as nervous as you are.
Look at you.
Got some meat on your bones, huh? Being 20 years older helps.
Suppose you heard I'm dying.
Your mother used to always get on me about the cigarettes.
Turns out the old precinct was full of asbestos.
Hang on You were a cop? Two years shy of my pension.
Opted for early retirement here.
Well, I'm a great admirer of your work.
Let me guess you spent time behind bars yourself? Not for very long.
Boy Wonder, shacks up with a con.
We're just working together.
Uh, so what do you want, Danny? We need to talk about the Fensgate.
So are you, gunning for a promotion, or what? I'm trying to get you into a real hospital.
With real care.
You could get better.
I'm not getting better.
So did Harper put you up to this? Oh.
- He is a prick.
- Can't you see he's using you? I'm using him to catch a terrorist.
Help me, Dad.
Just-just this once.
LEXI: He's trying to save your life.
Looks like we're both a little late for that, aren't we? [GUARD COUGHS.]
I'm not a rat.
Guard? - No Don't do this.
- Get me out of here.
Just let me die in peace.
Go visit your mother.
What's he talking about? - I thought your mother passed.
- She did.
Someone must have him too scared to talk.
That was a code.
What does it mean? It means I'm going home.
Can you do my left? I find that tracking bracelets throw off my kicking motion, should that be an issue.
Feel free to do what you got to do in Boston to get this done, but I'm damn sure not gonna lose track of you.
I told you I'd get you the paintings.
- A deal's a deal.
- Do not mistake my desperation to close this case as weakness.
You pull any stunt You or your lowlife friend try to run And I will bury you in a cell.
You have 48 hours.
Then so do you.
Have the Operation Paperclip file ready when I'm back.
I can't believe this is where you're from.
I assumed you crashed to Earth in a cape with a big "S" on it.
Figures the one pop culture reference you know is so you can make fun of me.
I've been saving that one.
So if your dad was arrested when you were a kid, who'd you live with? We're gonna have one rule.
No questions.
Okay? That really makes me want to ask more questions.
Hey, Mrs.
How you doing? Danny McNamara.
You got a lot of nerve coming around here, kid.
She is friendly.
So, if "see your mother" was code, did your father mean for you to go to a cemetery? My mom's buried in Texas.
This way.
After my dad was arrested, our house became a crime scene.
Never got my things.
You don't think that 20 years of vagrants haven't stolen everything? Luckily I kept the one thing that mattered to me Well-hidden.
She's beautiful.
Yeah, she was a nurse at a V.
Met my dad when he got back from Vietnam.
I was real little when they split up.
Went with Mom to Texas until she got sick.
After she died, I was sent here to be with him.
We, uh, didn't exactly get along.
Year and a half, I lived with him.
We never once talked about her.
He just walled himself off.
So he was practically a stranger.
He only let me keep a couple reminders of her because I promised to hide them.
When he said to come visit my mother, I think he meant to come here.
'Cause this is all that I have left of her.
Anything good in me She's where it comes from.
She would have really liked you.
You mean she wouldn't have thought I was the devil? No, she liked people who made her laugh.
I mean, she's the reason I've seen Airplane! a million times.
I don't get it.
There's nothing here.
Wait That writing That wasn't there before.
Who's Tim Keeler? I don't know.
- Hey.
- Afternoon.
Enjoying a stroll through the abandoned buildings? I'll take that photo, thank you.
Oh, I told them this tracker threw off my kicks.
Come on, we got to go.
Who the hell are those guys? CHAPPIE: He double-crossed us, Paddy.
He blew our only escape route on purpose! He took the money, took the paintings! PATRICK: I told you this was a bad idea, but no, you said it was a perfect score, right? CHAPPIE: That guard at the museum, Paddy That guard He saw your face.
I know, I know.
He's got a family.
Okay? [SCOFFS.]
- What? - His family or our family.
There's no contest.
We got to kill him.
My dad left that note for me.
We were the only two people who knew that lunch box existed.
So your dad must think you know Tim Keeler.
Or that I can find someone who does, which I think I can.
First I want to find out who's hunting us.
You okay? Well, I'm being blackmailed by the FBI and I just got beat up in my childhood home, but other than that, Gwen, - I'm doing great.
- Did she even ask about me? What do you know about ex-black ops working in the Boston area? Not much.
But Omar is talking.
We learned something new today.
At least some of Farouk's men are mercenaries for hire.
You think he'd send a crew all the way here to come after us? Would you let a border stop you from hunting him? You captured one of his right-hand men in Casablanca.
He's not gonna let that go.
Be careful, Danny.
Yeah, I will.
Well, I guess you never hit on any of them scratchers, huh, Chappie? [SCOFFS.]
- You shouldn't be in here.
- I need to talk about Dad.
You know he's sick? Yeah, I saw him.
In prison.
When's the last time you did? Where'd you find her? I'm your problem right now, not her.
Look who got tough.
Look who got old.
Who's Tim Keeler? I don't know any Tim Keeler, especially not in this place.
Well, maybe some fresh air will jog your memory.
- Hey.
Come on, Danny.
- MAN: Hey! This is family business and none of yours.
Anybody got a problem? Hey, big guy, that wobbly left knee? It's the first thing I'm going for.
MAN: Ah, just let 'em do their business.
Thanks a lot, guys.
Take it easy.
Take it easy, old times sake and all.
Tim Keeler.
Dirty, obviously.
Your dad and I used to Do muscle work for him, leaning on store owners who were late on payments.
Then he came to us with Fensgate.
Said it was the score of a lifetime, that's what he says.
And then he double-crosses us and he takes off with everything, leaves us to twist.
- Where is he? - Danny, you think if I knew that I'd still be in this place? I heard rumors, all right? That he set himself up on some island.
Living the dream off our backs - while I'm stuck here with nothing.
DANNY: Outside of a prison, you got lucky.
You got a lot of your pop in you, you know that? Never saw it before.
You should go see him.
But clean yourself up first.
Don't let him know you wasted your freedom.
DANNY: We had a deal.
Give me the file on Operation Paperclip.
We're done.
- I don't see any paintings.
- I gave you Keeler.
He's the one behind the robbery.
FBI can figure where to find him.
We did, he's in Cuba.
All the fun and sun of retirement with no extradition treaty with the United States.
The Paperclip file will be there when you come back.
I'm sorry.
Back? The FBI can't just illegally go into Cuba to recover stolen goods.
Now, if you two were to somehow break the laws that I've sworn to uphold, then my hands would be tied by those same non-extradition limitations.
Absolutely not.
A deal's a deal.
You and your girlfriend can be the star-crossed lovers of the penal system.
- She's not my girlfriend.
- I'm not his girlfriend.
Look, Danny, uh Your father's taken a turn for the worse.
- Is-is he - Clock is ticking.
If you want to get your dad out of there, you need to decide what you're willing to do about it.
I'll give you a moment to think it over.
I know I have no right to ask you this, but Save it.
I'm in.
- Thanks.
- On one condition.
You have to answer all of my questions.
I'll answer one question.
What really happened between you and your dad? And Chappie? It can't just be that they're criminals.
I'll tell you on the plane.
FAROUK: Can it be done? I believe so.
There are far easier toxins to weaponize.
I could whip up a batch of ricin by the end of the day.
No, it must be this toxin, and you must work faster.
We found Omar.
He's in Rome being interrogated right now by the Italians and Interpol.
You know we cannot trust him.
No, we cannot.
Deal with him.
And if that Interpol agent and the carabinieri get Then deal with them, too.
Patrick McNamara, you're under arrest! [BANGING ON DOOR.]
OFFICER: Go! OFFICER 2: Hands up! - You all set? - Yeah, we got him.
All right, make sure you go upstairs, make sure no one else is in here, all right? - Let's move.
All right.
Chappie, you turn me in? No.
What the hell's going on? Danny, was it you? [SCOFFS.]
Your own father.
All right, come on.
Watch your head.
So that was really the last time you saw your father until yesterday? Yeah.
I must look like a real traitor.
Traitor? You were protecting him from himself, - from becoming a murderer.
- Yeah, by becoming a rat.
You protected that museum guard.
That's what you do.
I never told anyone that story.
Your deep dark secret is turning a thief in and saving lives.
Classic Danny.
I fought the stigma of my dad being a dirty cop every day of my FBI career.
Everything I've done since that day was to prove I wasn't him, and now here I am, about to steal the same paintings I turned him in for stealing.
That's him.
That's Keeler.
He came to my house once.
I remember him.
- You sure you're up to this? - Come on.
: Let's see what he can accomplish with two men on here in the sixth.
Six innings of play, it's 10-7, Boston over New York.
Hables inglés? Damn right habla inglés.
Where you from? Dorchester.
- Um, I don't know that area.
- No? You're not familiar with Boston, huh? Look [CHUCKLES.]
I don't want any trouble.
We don't want any trouble, either, uh - Mike.
- DANNY: That's funny.
You look more like a Tim to me.
Ah! Who the hell are you? What is this? 20 years ago, you double-crossed Patrick and Chappie McNamara.
- You remember? - Yes.
Every second of every day.
Tell me everything.
Who planned the heist? - I'll break it off.
I I put the whole thing together myself.
And set them up to take the fall? That was the plan, yeah.
What happened to the paintings? I knew the paintings would be hot, so I stashed them on the Tall Ships in Boston Harbor.
They sailed to Panama, I followed it, and walked off with my treasure, figured I'd be set for life.
Who'd you sell them to? I couldn't even sell them on the black market.
They were too hot.
Couldn't even give 'em away.
Where are they? [GRUNTS.]
Ah! I might've popped something there.
Pool cue case under the bar, over there.
- All right! - LEXI: All right, just move it.
There you go.
Ah! You kept these masterpieces in a bag on the floor? You could've destroyed them all.
I should have.
They've been nothing but a curse to me.
You stole ten, there's nine here.
The guy who hooked me up with the job, he only wanted the one.
The guy? What guy? - I can't - What guy hooked you up? I won't tell you.
I'm no rat.
- Ah, God! - You're no rat? Hmm? [GRUNTS.]
Hey, get this guy off me! Danny! Hey! You're Pat McNamara's kid.
That's right.
I'm Danny McNamara.
I ratted out my own father, so imagine what I'm gonna do to you.
I-I'm sorry.
I didn't know Who were you working for? It was [SHOUTS.]
- She's back! - ROARKE: Give me the paintings, - Now! - Come on.
Follow me.
Move! MAN: Hola, amigo.
- Do you like my paintings? - LEXI: Yes.
Let me show you.
Hey, amigo.
Who are you people? Let's not make this any messier than it has to be.
Trust me.
I do.
Time to go.
Get it out of the fire.
Stealing and dirty tricks? I like it.
Let's get back to Boston.
- - WOMAN: All right, I need you to sign there, and then there.
And finally, right there.
This is a huge win for our case.
Yes, it is.
You got my relocation? I always thought Montana sounded really cool.
I got you everything you deserve.
Oh, you keep that.
It's your copy.
Wait, uh, my copy? How are they gonna [CHOKING.]
He's been poisoned.
How are they treating you? [GROANS.]
Well, the nurses are a lot cuter than the prison guards.
They got good meds.
The food sucks.
Nobody will bring me a Zagnut bar.
: In the joint, I could eat as many as I wanted.
Sneak me one of them, will you? They're not good for you, Dad.
Yeah, I know.
You should know, um Keeler's dead.
Did you do it? No.
But I was there.
That's good.
You don't want to carry that.
W-Why did you leave me that note? 'Cause I panicked.
I had to tell somebody the truth about Keeler.
And I realized the only person I trusted in the whole world It was you.
It's ironic, isn't it? You were the one who turned me in.
- You were gonna kill somebody.
- I know.
And I was.
You did the right thing to stop me.
You always were your mother's boy, Danny.
LEXI: It's a good thing Farouk's mercenaries cared more about these paintings than offing us.
'Cause that was a gamble.
We might have slowed him down if he was planning on funding the next phase of his attack with these.
Operation Paperclip Everything you wanted.
But my case isn't closed.
I'm still missing a painting by Jean-André Rixens.
Something called The Death of Cleopatra.
Mean anything to you? There are no coincidences.
Keeler was killed before we could get any more out of him.
Well, then maybe after you're done with Farouk, you'll come back, help finish this one.
A deal's a deal.
Good luck catching the one that got away.
DANNY: This file is the key to finding out where the Nazis took Cleopatra.
And there's no way Farouk has it.
So I guess, in the end, crime did pay.
That's really the lesson you took from this? I'll admit I was never a good student.
Fabi was the one on the other end of that burner phone.
I didn't tell you because he threatened to kill you if I said anything.
Why? Because he's in the Brotherhood of Serapis.
How is it that every answer always creates ten new questions? Look, I don't know much more than that, I was just giving him enough to keep him close.
But everything I did I did to protect you.
I've always been on your side, whether you believe it or not.
Okay? Look, I've had enough grudges in my life.
You did what you thought was right.
There's something about the way you said that.
- Oh What did you do? - [STAMMERS.]
Don't be angry.
I gave that number to Gwen.
- Oh - Fabi's number, to trace.
I told her whoever it belonged to was dangerous.
- Danny.
- See, this is why we can't be - keeping secrets from each other.
- Danny, if she finds out - he's in the Brotherhood - I know.
We lose a key ally.
Plus, he was my source when we robbed Egyptian Intelligence.
- If he goes down - We could be watching - Farouk walk away from behind bars.
- Yes.
I'll call Gwen, - I'll move her off it.
You'll move Swedish Terminator off it.
- It's gonna be fine.
- [SIGHS.]
See, don't you wish I didn't tell you now? I'm glad you did.
Now we can get back to being Team Danny and Lexi.
I believe it's Lexi and Danny.
MAN: Pronto.
The lawyer slipped the surveillance cameras.
She's in the wind.
Hello? WOMAN: We triangulated and traced the number Danny McNamara gave you.
It's been on and off all day.
Currently, it's active.
Right, where is it? It's coming from the carabinieri headquarters in Rome.
Ground floor, north end of the building.
Is that it? It's quite powerful.
Just a fraction of the amount I've produced is lethal.
I've procured a lab monkey for a live demonstration.
If you'll have one of your men bring him in.
What are you doing? Moving on to human trials.
Congratulations, Doctor.
It works.

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