Bloom (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

The Memory Box

Wait! Stop! - Wait! - It's done.
You're not leaving me! (THUNDER RUMBLES) (PENSIVE MUSIC PLAYS ON TV SOUNDTRACK) I don't care what my father thinks! I only care about you.
- You don't have a choice.
- I will follow you .
to the ends of the Earth if I have to.
- I will leave everything.
- You can't say that! This is your life.
This is who you are.
- Don't tell me who I am! - "Don't tell me who I am.
" - Everyone, my entire life - (REPEATS DIALOGUE) .
has told me what to do and who I'm allowed to love.
MAN: I have nothing! Don't you understand? That's you, remember? You're on TV.
WOMAN: Why are you laughing? MAN: Because maybe we really are like two swans.
When one leaves, the other dies of a broken heart.
(SIGHS) Thank God.
There you are.
She came to our place.
Thanks, mate, you're a champion.
Thanks for bringing her back.
- I better go, Ray.
- It's pouring out there.
Too wild.
Stay here - I'll drop you back.
No, it's fine.
I'll run fast.
Bye, Mrs Reed.
(RATTLING) Alfie! (TENSE MUSIC) (MUSIC CONTINUES) (MUSIC CONTINUES) (CAR HORN BEEPS) (TYRES SCREECH) What are you Idiot! You can't run down the road naked, mate! (CHUCKLES) Oh, well.
(FOOTSTEPS APPROACH) Hey! You little shit! G'day, mate.
How's it going? Thanks for the jacket.
Mum's the word, eh? (MOTOR HUMS) (CAMERA CLICKS) (CAMERA CLICKS) Hey! Hey kid! Beat it! - Hey! - (CAMERA CLICKS) Yeah, we did order it on the 16th.
No, it's not here.
Yeah, well, we've been waiting.
It's really frustrating.
MAN: We still don't have any oranges.
OK, appreciate it.
- Hi, Ray.
- Margot.
How is she? She's good.
And I'm a nurse - a medical professional, not a waitress.
- She showered yet, Shane? - Yes, Ray.
We bathe her every day.
Knock, knock.
Margot, where's Gwen? Edward, I thought.
Edward! I thought you were different, Edward, but you are just like every other man I've ever known.
Like every other man I've known but you're But you're just like every other (CONTINUES MUTTERING) Baby! Oh, hello.
WOMAN: Oh, shit! Oh, my God! - Stop! That's my baby! - Stop! - That's my baby! - For God's sake! What the hell is wrong with you?! - Are you insane? - Hey, stop.
Stop, stop.
- What is wrong with her? - Gwen, it's all OK.
- Calm down.
- Don't tell me to calm down! - She has an illness.
- I don't care, it's a child! Come on, I know.
We're going.
WOMAN: Oh, God, it's Gwendolyn Reed.
Come with me.
We'll go and get warm, eh? - I just want to go home.
- We're going home now.
We'll go home and put on a cuppa, eh? Who are you? I'm a very good friend of your father's.
RAY: Much happier in here.
- This isn't my home.
No, Gwen, we're just going to visit some friends You lied to me.
You said we were going home.
- Gwen! Thank goodness.
- I don't belong in this place.
- What is this place? - I'll bring in a cuppa - No, no, stop it.
No, stop it! - We'll give you something to - No, no, no, no! - You'll be fine.
No, let go of me! No, no, no! - It's alright.
It's OK.
- No! No! - No, stop it! Stop it, no! - It's alright.
No, no, no, no, no! - Let me go! Let me go! - (SHOUTING FADES) (LIGHTER CLICKS) (CRASH!) Mmm.
Mmm! Mmm.
- Oh! - These are so good.
These areso, so good.
You could do a bit more in terms of selection but when they're this bloody good, why the hell not? OK, you need to leave.
- You made these.
- Yeah.
- They're spectacular.
- Thank you.
- They are exceptional.
- Um They're not that hard to make, actually.
I don't believe that.
Listen to me.
There is beauty here.
There is real beauty here.
There's a .
a love .
in this chicken pie.
I feel like I can .
I can taste your heart.
Oh, Jesus.
(BOTH MOAN) Ow! - (THUDDING) - Oh! Wait.
Who are you? I'm Sam.
Just Sam.
- (MOANS) - (THUD!) Honey? My sweet girl.
My beautiful girl.
Hey? She could have eaten something from the garden.
I don't know.
Arthritis everywhere, almost blind.
No, that won't that won't do.
You need to come here today.
No, she won't last that long.
(SIGHS) Don't worry, that won't work.
- (KNOCK AT DOOR) - Max? Max? Max? Max? (RIFLE HAMMER CLICKS) Hey.
Who the hell did you think I was? Thief.
RAY: Nearly shat myself.
Mate! I need a favour.
You're holding it.
I'll get her and bring her outside.
Honey! Girl! Where are you? Come on, girl.
Honey? Don't know where she is.
We done here? Guess so.
(MOANS) (WOMAN GIGGLES) Oh, my God, I'm awful! Oh! I've never done anything like this.
What? What is it? Are you - Are you hurt? - No.
No, it's It's just .
the ecstasy of us.
- You're messing with me.
- No, hey.
Hey, hey, Karen.
That was I am not Karen.
I'm her sister Tina.
Karen died.
- How'd she die? - In the flood.
She She was one of the five.
- Oh, that that sucks.
- Yep.
Look what I found.
Ahh! Who's this? That's .
(MOUTHS WORDS) (DOOR CLOSES) I was doing Zumba.
Alright, come on.
Move up, girl.
Keep going.
Keep going.
(MUTTERS) Those pricks.
Here I am.
Oh, I'm so relieved to see you here.
We could both use the comfort, couldn't we? So much life ahead of you and so intelligent, even with your challenging upbringing.
But you must be asking why.
Why would He bring this devastation on us? You losing your mother, me losing my beautiful brother.
But I know why.
He chose the very best angels.
Let's pray to God for that.
God can go to hell.
Isaac Oh, Isaac! RAY: Look what I found - a box of memories tucked up the back of the cupboard.
So we didn't lose everything.
And look at this.
From your first big role - River Swan.
Do you remember how beautiful you were in that? Everyone loved you.
Should we hang it here? Let's have a look through these, hey? What have we got here? Hey? Let's see.
There's Here's your mum and your dad on a big ship, and that's you.
(GWEN SINGS SOFTLY) Oh, and this is you blowing them away with your talent when you were still at school - look at you.
Hey? Who is that sexy girl? And then And then who's that? Max? Not bitter old Max? Jeez, the years haven't been kind to him.
Oh! And here we are in Melbourne.
And that's me.
Didn't look too bad then, did I? - My star man.
- Yes! Your star man, and here I am.
Alfie? When's Alfie coming? He can't come today.
And there's Here's one of us when we - No, no, no, no, no, no.
- .
when we first met.
- No, no.
- OK.
- No.
- Look, maybe tomorrow.
- No.
- We'll look at more tomorrow.
No, no.
Hello? This is Max McKinnon.
Um What's your best price for 51 head? Yeah.
All solid, beautiful stock.
I know how unfair this is.
With early-onset Alzheimer's, the decline is much more rapid.
Her adult memories are the first to go.
The reality is, we're semi-secure.
She needs high care.
But if her early memories are all that she has, then why move her? I mean, she knows this town.
That's why we came back.
That other place is an hour away.
If she suddenly needs me, I gotta be able This has to be what's best for her.
Margot .
I am what's best for her.
I'm what's best.
I'll get someone in to help, hey? I'll pay.
You just tell me what she needs.
Ray, it's not about money.
Look at us.
This place is not for her.
And you need to take care of yourself for a change.
Go on holiday.
Get away from this town for a bit.
What a surprise to see you.
Yeah, well, there's still a lot to get ready, Vivian, and I can see you're still at it.
- Final touches, that's all.
- May I? You betcha - 6:30 tonight.
Excuse me, I really need to see it to .
well, quite frankly, to approve it.
No, you really don't.
The council gave me full artistic licence.
Oh, now I'm even more concerned.
Everybody's on tenterhooks and we need something delicate, something .
something respectful.
- Hey, Isaac.
- Isaac! Stop! What are you bloody doing? She is not deceased.
She is missing.
Isaac, please stop.
- How long has it been? Tell me.
- Why does that matter? Because it's Because this needs to stop for your own sake.
Isaac! (BICYCLE APPROACHES) Look who it is, eh? Mr Happy Snaps.
- Cool hideout.
- What are you doing here? I used to come down to this river as a kid.
My dad used to take me camping and fishing.
I'm Sam.
I'm a visitor.
You really are the town spy, huh? I love it.
It's creepy.
So, like .
what's wrong with ya? - What do you mean? - I mean, like, mentally.
Mentally I have 160 IQ, which is inherited from my mother and possibly my sperm donor father.
Really? So your mum doesn't have a man? No, a wife.
My other mum.
You got two mums, eh? Wow, that's Well, you know, you see that sort of thing a lot nowadays.
It's very common.
Very common.
I will admit that in my youth it would have raised an eyebrow or two, myself included.
But now that I'm older, I think you know, what do I care if two sheilas want to munch carpet? Who wouldn't, eh? What do you do round here for fun? What's your tipple? I have no idea what you're talking about.
You like cars? Alright.
Here we are - Uncle Charlie's.
He said I could borrow his car anytime I liked.
We're old mates.
Leave your bike.
Shouldn't we ask him? Yeah, nah.
I don't want to bother him.
- He's got the big C, so - Is it pancreatic? - What? - The big C is cancer.
So if it's pancreatic, the mortality rate is 94% over a five-year period.
- Yeah, nah.
It's not that one.
- Is he a smoker? - If so, the risk - No, mate, he doesn't smoke.
Look, I need you to stay here.
And if you see anything, you let me know.
RECORDING: The national anthem of Mexico.
Chop-chop, let's go.
Hey, look - there's Uncle Charlie.
Uncle Charlie's taking a nap.
(GUNS MOTOR) What about my bike? Hey what about your bike? I don't want my bike.
That's a girl's bike.
Now, that That's a good tipple.
- It's a blend, actually.
- Hey? It says "Scotch" but it's made in Tasmania, not Scotland.
So technically this is a fraud.
Maybe you should just try it.
- (COUGHS) - Mate.
(CHUCKLES) That'll put some hairs on your nuts.
- How old are you, anyway? 10? - 12.
Well, I'm twenty .
What, you want one? No, thanks.
Those will kill you.
Yeah, I used to think that too.
But you know what I learned? There are no consequences.
Good or bad - doesn't matter what you do.
There's no karma.
No giant lightning bolt.
There's zip.
You can do .
anything you want.
That's not true.
My mother was a nurse.
She was always helping people.
Now she's missing.
Missing? What do you mean, missing? Missing, as in not found since the flood.
Mate, the flood was, like, a year ago.
She's alive.
The odds are stacked against you, that's all I'm saying.
- She's alive.
I know it.
- Alright.
I believe you.
Vivian's constructed a monument to her death.
Who's Vivian? LORIS: A year ago today, tragedy struck with no warning, no-one to blame.
But we've all had to battle our grief and rage over "Why us?" Life sometimes gives us unexplained tragedies, but also miracles.
And the healing power of this community is one such miracle.
And now I would like to introduce our cherished local artist, Vivian North, to unveil her special memorial.
Which I have yet to see.
Thank you, Loris.
Well, my challenge was to create a piece to remind us all, despite what we've all lost, that although those .
missing mightn't be here .
they will always be with us, keeping us strong.
That is why I was inspired by a dove and an eagle.
Or, as we could all call it, our 'deagle'.
(MURMURING AND SCATTERED LAUGHTER) (GRADUAL APPLAUSE) It looks like a bloody demon! MAN: Thank you, Viv.
I'm Pat Nemaric, the mayor of this beautiful town.
And if you could all now please .
to remember our five family members taken from us.
Father Brett Adelstone, age 65.
(SOMBRE ORGAN MUSIC) Ranjeet Korrapati, 91.
Annie Langlan, 44.
Karen Riley, 32.
And Alfie Thomas, aged only 11.
(ORGAN MUSIC SWELLS) - (FLAMES ROAR) - (SCREAMING) Stay back! Stay back! RAY: (ON VIDEO) Do you see it? It's still there.
I can definitely see something.
Well, you'll know when you see it.
(GASPS) Oh, God.
Oh, my God, it's - It's fireflies! - That's it.
Pleiades, 420 light-years away.
Wow, it's beautiful.
- Imagine when we're in Mullan.
- What do you mean? Well, you know, all that open space, open sky.
We are in Mullan, Gwen.
I knew that.
We We're in Mullan.
We are in Mullan now.
- We're in Mull - Yeah.
You're just tired.
- Forgot.
- (RAY CHUCKLES) We came here Last year, in the summer.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- I knew that, I knew that.
- Yeah.
- I knew that.
- That's why I'm here! I forgot.
RAY: Knock, knock.
Gwen? (PLACES PLATE ON TABLE) Yeah, a lot of farmers selling up.
Too bloody hard.
Least it's good for the price of beef, hey? Hey! Not that one! She's pregnant.
Not for sale.
Come on, girl.
Come on.
Alright, don't worry.
Yeah, yeah.
What the hell? (COUGHS) (COUGHS) That's about right.
Get out of the car now.
Put your hands on your head.
- Is there a problem? - Yeah.
Your little nudie run down Main Street the other day, the stolen vehicle here and its owner you left for dead, mate.
I'd say we do have a problem.
- Fair enough.
- Put your hands on the bonnet.
Put your hands on the bonnet! Spread your legs.
(GRUNTS) (GROANS) What was that, mate? That's just embarrassing, isn't it? (GROANS) I really don't I don't feel too good, eh.
Yeah? Well, you'll have the night to perk up, then.
Won't you, mate? (GRUNTS) No wonder your missus wanted it.
- What'd you say? - Oh, yeah.
She was ready to erupt.
Sweeter than one of her custard tarts.
(CHUCKLES) Really? Is that all you got? (KEYS JANGLE) (WHEEZES) (GROANS) (GROANS) (BED RATTLES) (WHISPERS) Gwen, love.
It's Ray.
Your star man.
I've got something for you.
It's a medicine.
Make you feel better.
There you go.
- (COUGHS) - It's OK.
That's good.
That's good.
(THUNDER RUMBLES) Gwen? Good morning.
Gwen? (PHONE VIBRATES) Hello? Margot.
When? Oh Oh.