Blue Bloods s01e09 Episode Script


Don't hurt me anymore.
Please, just kill me.
Not yet, Becky.
- We're still having fun.
- No.
And how did the judge rule? Unfortunately, to void this felony conviction because the case predicated solely on a tainted DNA evidence.
Three out of five.
So far, that's the batting average of the DAs in other boroughs.
Still, two criminals back on the streets because of a lab tech's shoddy work.
Thank you, counselor.
Thank you, commissioner.
- Who's up next? - Manhattan District Attorney, sir.
Send him in.
So where are we, counselor? I've found grounds to hold without bail and retry - four of the prisoners in question.
- Good.
There are two outstanding problems.
Garth Kraver, pedophile.
Convicted on three counts of sexual conduct on a child in the first degree.
The judge is set to rule on whether to vacate this conviction.
Where do you think the judge will come down? I'm worried.
But not as worried as I am about Dick Reed.
I've prosecuted some animals before, but what he did to those three women before he killed them The worst of the worst.
Our best chance on this is if I could get Becky Watalski to testify in a new trial.
I've gone to see her three times to persuade her to testify, but Becky is Reed's only surviving victim.
"Tortured for 19 hours, she had the presence of mind to free herself from her burning bed by holding her bindings over the flames.
" She was still able to provide a detailed description - that led us to Reed.
- We had enough DNA evidence to convict him on the three murder charges and due to her fragile state, we did not have to try her case.
We'll have a constant watch on Reed and you'll find a way to put him back behind bars, counselor.
Kings County DA is here, sir.
See to him, Baker.
So where's your boss? On a plane to Scottsdale.
Nice of him to drop this mess in your lap.
In Charlie's defense, he was scheduled to speak at the DA's conference months ago.
Charlie Rossellini wasn't shy about taking credit when he put these perps away.
But now that the heats on You know that son of a bitch Reed was smiling through the whole trial? Stay after him, sweetheart.
I will, Dad.
I don't get it.
I don't get it.
I bust my hump trying to lock that guy up.
Now he's gonna get out of jail free because some lab nerd's all stressed out and overworked? In a warm lab, no less.
- With warm coffee.
- Oh, warm coffee.
- Here comes the prison bus.
The slime-ball express.
Get close.
Right this way.
Come on, come on.
There he is! There he is! All right.
There he is.
Look at this party.
Oh, jeez.
There he is! Reed! There he is.
Dick Reed the rapist.
- Don't forget murderer.
It's disgusting.
This way.
- Come here.
So that's what pure evil looks like up close.
Makes his bus mates that did their time seem like saints.
How about the whack-job welcoming committee? Daddy, Daddy, over here.
- The guy's got a fan club.
- It's amazing.
You've gotta be some kind of nut - to obsess over a scumbag like this.
Come on, let's go.
Excuse me.
- Excuse us.
- Taxi! - Hey, Dick.
What's the rush? Oh, yeah.
So you're the cop who worked the Katie Snow case.
Unfortunate Victim Number 2.
Very vivid description you gave that jury.
Yeah, I'm good like that.
How about we give you a ride? We're gonna be all over your ass anyway, so we might as well get reacquainted.
- A two-way street, friend.
- Really? Yeah.
See, if you wanna keep your badge, - you stay off my ass.
- Really? Harassment.
Section 240.
26 of the penal code.
Penal code? Look it up.
I bet you studied up a lot about penal codes.
That's good for a rapist.
Enjoy your reprieve.
- It won't last long.
- It was good seeing you, though.
- And your girlfriend.
- Partner.
I'll bet.
- I need a shower.
- Yeah.
Stay on top of that son of a bitch and don't let him out of your sight.
- Right.
- Go ahead.
I'm not gonna sugarcoat the situation.
The release of these prisoners is It's not the finest day for New York City.
But remember, these problems occurred long before my tenure.
And as your mayor now, I intend to hold accountable those responsible.
The technician whose sloppiness led to this disaster has been dismissed and other heads will roll.
Mayor? Mr.
Mayor? - Yeah.
- How could there be lax oversight in the testing of DNA? Well, that's a question best addressed to, uh, the councilwoman who heads up the Committee for Public Safety.
That would be Councilwoman Collins.
Councilwoman Collins, please answer that.
Plain and simple, this city has seen a three-fold increase in DNA testing in criminal prosecutions in the past decade without a corresponding increase in funding.
The real problem is our police department, which relies entirely too much on DNA evidence.
And strains our city resources and the medical examiner's office.
Whatever happened to good old-fashioned policing? Which relies on hair, fibers, fingerprints.
Evidence in the purview of your department's labs, Commissioner Reagan? I don't have a problem with the buck stopping with the police commissioner, councilwoman.
And rest assured that I join you in making sure this never happens again.
But the fact remains, commissioner, that extremely dangerous criminals have been let loose on the streets of New York City.
Statements like that do create a certain amount of heat, Miss Davidson.
But the message I have for the people of New York City is that the police department will make sure that they remain safe.
Police, ma'am.
You okay? I'll be right there.
- Rosie Gutierrez? - Yes.
My former husband is Mondo Gutierrez.
They just left him out of prison because his DNA test was bad.
Yeah, we heard about him.
He gets out and violates your order of protection.
He was across the street all morning, just standing there.
Watching the house with that look.
I'm afraid for myself, my son.
Was he keeping the legal distance, ma'am? Yeah.
But he killed the man I was seeing after we broke up.
He has a violent temper.
Before jail, he said if he couldn't have me, no one else could.
- Is he here now? - He left.
Then there's nothing we could do.
But if you do see him again, do the same thing you did before.
Call 911 and we'll come back to make sure you're okay.
All right? Okay.
No, no.
I mean that.
That's what we're here for.
I frigging hate these bastards terrorizing their women, roughing them up.
And it's not just East Harlem.
It's the West Village, the Upper East Side.
They're a bunch of animals.
Rachel! I need those evidentiary I know you're running late, but I have a visitor for you.
- Becky Watalski.
- Becky's here? Is it o? Is it a bad time? No.
No, not at all.
I'm happy to see you here.
Uh, come in.
Just sit down.
I've decided to testify against Richard Reed.
Oh, Becky, that is such great news.
I saw his disgusting face on TV.
And he was waving to people.
I wasn't scared.
It just made me so sick and mad.
And I thought about what you said.
I know you need my testimony.
It will put him back in prison for the rest of his life.
It better.
And as a witness, you will have police protection around the clock.
They're already on Reed 24/7.
No, you don't know what you're dealing with with this guy.
The police don't know how he got into my apartment.
Everything was locked.
He can slip through keyholes.
He's not gonna come anywhere near you, Becky.
I guess I just I want him out of here.
Five long years and all I have to do is close my eyes and I can see his twisted face.
Walk with me? I'll present the case to the grand jury immediately, an arrest warrant will be issued.
In the meantime, I'll request a detail to provide you with protection, okay? - Sorry, it's my brother, do you mind? - No.
Hey, Danny, what's up? What? What do you mean? - Aah! - It's okay.
Scared me to death.
Go upstairs, go upstairs.
And the counselor.
God, you look better than ever.
What's she doing here? You bastard! - Becky, Becky.
Becky! - You bastard! - You can do better.
You bastard! You can do better than that.
- Oh, what? - Spread your legs.
What? What did I do? Witness intimidation.
- Intimidation? - Yeah.
She scared me.
- Yeah? - And she attacked me.
But I'm not gonna press charges.
I am.
Let's go.
Don't you want a lawyer? - I don't need a lawyer.
- Hmm.
Intimidating a witness.
Boy, you must like it in the can.
Prove to me I knew she'd be down there.
I don't have to prove a damn thing to you.
But I suppose you want me to believe that it was just a coincidence.
- My lucky day, frankly.
- Really? In fact, it's been a very good week that way.
I should buy lottery tickets.
You really don't expect a judge to believe you when we bring you up, do you? Speaking of judge, that's why I was on the sidewalk.
Why is that? I wanted Judge Arliss to come out and see me.
Free as a bird.
Eating a hotdog after all those nasty things he called me at my sentencing.
You'll be back there soon enough.
I don't think so quite yet.
Just ask that sister of yours.
What's her name? Uh Erin.
She owned that courtroom.
Easy, detective, I'm just making small talk.
- Yeah.
- I'm reformed.
Dogs like you don't reform.
They get locked up or put down.
- Is that a threat? - No, I don't make threats.
Tell me something good.
- I just spoke to your sister.
- And? These charges aren't gonna stick.
- What? Yeah.
He's gonna be out as soon as he's arraigned.
We have to let him go.
- I'll deal with my sister, okay? Listen to me.
- Listen to me.
I The guy is a violent sexual predator, okay? He's not gonna stop.
- I agree - I'll bust him littering if I have to.
Look, just give her a chance to get a case against him, okay? I'm not happy about this either.
You, sir, are free to go.
- Toodle-loo.
- Shut up.
Okay, she also said that Becky decided she's not gonna testify.
Now what? That's Erin's case.
He's gonna hurt someone.
We won't let him.
I mean, it's Son of Sam all over again.
You got a terrified city here, Frank.
It's national news.
I'm aware, Mr.
These are messages from the governor, the attorney general on down to the block associations.
The 911 system is overtaxed.
Look what happened to Abe Beame.
They caught the Son of Sam and he still lost the mayor's seat.
Did you see the paper today? All right.
"As each day passes with serial killer Dick Reed roaming free, our current mayor's re-election chances grows slimmer and slimmer.
" Okay? I'm getting hammered for failing to protect the city, Frank.
- Ahh.
- Not you.
Son of Sam Task Force cost $90,000 per day.
Today that would be $350,000.
Let's not go crazy, Frank.
Well, if I need more resources, Mr.
Mayor, you will hear from me.
You know that councilwoman Uh, Francine what's-her-name at the press conference.
She might as well have taken Reed's hunting knife and stuck you in the back.
She's on a run for mayor.
I mean, this committee, that committee, I heard she's built up a big war chest.
I don't do politics.
Oh, right, I forgot about that.
You're above all that.
The longer this goes on, the worse for me.
But that means it's gonna be really bad for you.
That's not my concern.
My concern is protecting the citizens of this city.
You know, you said you don't do politics, Frank.
Maybe you should.
There we go, take two.
Yeah, except this time he's here.
- You Mondo Gutierrez? - Yeah, so? You mind taking your hands out of your pocket? - What are you doing here? - What does it look like? Nothing.
Yeah? Why don't you go do nothing someplace else? - Go have another doughnut.
- What did you say? You're making your ex-wife very uncomfortable - with your presence here.
- I'm in legal distance.
There's a lot of people who would like to see you back in prison.
Yeah, I'm one of them.
I'm just waiting for you to cross the line here.
Look, I just want to talk to her, man.
- She don't wanna talk to you.
- I love her, man.
We'd appreciate it if you love her from afar.
Now, get moving.
Gutierrez, if you really love her, scaring her is a hell of a way to show it.
That's not bad, Harvard.
That's a real Dr.
Phil moment.
I just got the news.
It's very nice of you to stop by, Frank.
The mayor needed a fall guy.
I'm sorry, Craig.
I righted the ship a long time ago, Frank.
Uh, but this office is still overwhelmed.
Are you gonna be okay? I'm gonna miss my pension.
Now, we own the house, Social Security, Connie's still working.
Craig, the city earmarked an additional $12 million to help the medical examiner's office deal with the backlog of DNA cases.
You know as well as anyone, earmark doesn't mean appropriated.
What happened? Every time I went before the committee, all I got was the runaround when I asked where the rest of it went.
Never saw a dime of it, Frank.
- What the hell is going on? I helped you out of a jam.
I was only in that jam because of you.
How did you know what I told the IA investigator? Huh? Did you get into the files? Has? Did he tell you? Is he part of it? Are you part of it? We're all part of it.
Part of what? The Blue Templar? How come nobody's talking? Well, sweetheart, sometimes adults have a lot on their mind.
Like what? Those guys who got out of prison, right? That would be it, honey.
It's like sitting on a powder keg with all this waiting around.
You know when you guys got a bully at school? You know he's gonna do something, you just don't know when? Like that.
Can't arrest them for something they might do.
Have done, will do again.
Oh, yeah, definitely will.
I mean, isn't there some other case we can stick on this guy, Reed, Erin? - The serial killer? - Yeah.
There's a beast for the record books.
You got that right.
Erin, you've gotta hop to and knock some sense into this Watalski woman.
Get her to testify against this monster.
That's what I'm trying to do.
Kids thinks it's Grandpa's fault - there's a serial killer on the loose.
- Serial killer? Whoa, nobody is on the loose, okay? And it's not your grandfather's fault.
I'll discipline my own daughter.
He set three women on fire, but he tortured them first.
Mom, he set them on fire? Okay, you know, guys That happened a long time ago.
That's not gonna happen again.
What's the plan? Just watch him 24/7 for the rest of his life? Our office will make this case even if Becky doesn't testify.
Before he sets someone else on fire, I hope.
I won't have this talk at my table.
I'm sorry, Grandpa.
You didn't do anything, Sean.
We get 52 of these dinners each year.
Let's enjoy the rest of this one.
So how about those Jets? I'm not sure your old man handled that too well.
This has us all on edge.
Your pedophile gonna walk? We got 48 hours before Garth Kraver is set free.
I'm looking into involuntary civil commitment in line with the new Mental Hygiene Law.
What does that mean in English? It means if I can get two shrinks to say he's nuts, I can have him locked up.
Wow, that's very un-PC of you, sis.
You're walking a really gray area there - with the civil rights, don't you think? - I've got my own thin blue line.
You're getting creative.
I like it.
I'm trying.
What? I'm on my way.
- Is something up? Yeah.
A 10-8 on a woman at Columbus Park.
Same m.
as Dick Reed.
I'll keep you posted.
Here she comes.
It fits the pattern.
Plus, the knots and the bindings are very similar to that of Reed's.
But it can't be him.
Gerken has been sitting on the mother's house.
Reed has been holed up since yesterday.
What about those slashes on her face? Not the same.
I've seen Reed's work up close.
The slashes are deep, violent.
Those are different.
Besides, this girl wasn't even raped.
So, what do you think? Copycat? Yeah, maybe one of his crazy fans.
When Reed got off the prison bus, - you notice him carrying a bag, a box? - No.
If he got mail in the joint, left it behind, where do you think it would be? - It would still be there.
- Yeah, it would still be there.
Two points, Reagan, okay.
Sometimes cooler heads do prevail.
Cooler heads? What? You? Here's the material you requested, commissioner.
Put it on the table.
The Appropriations Committee minutes.
Politicians can do a lot of talking.
Yeah, seems so, sir.
Sit down, Baker, we've got a lot of work to do.
"Those bitches got what they deserved.
You're the man, Reed.
" Whoever wrote this is a freaking idiot.
Wait, I think I got something here.
It's a Hugh Stayton.
He has a record for forgery and for selling fake letters from John Wayne Gacy online.
- Lovely.
- A serial killer fanboy.
In his letter, which is here, he, uh, talks about his website that he created with a James Ratchet.
Oh, fabulous.
Hey, click on that link right there, "new material.
" Hold on.
Those two guys right there, those were guys at the bus stop waiting for Dick Reed.
What do you say we go visit? Yeah.
- Yeah? - Police, we'd like to come inside.
- Very interesting taste in art.
- Thank you.
Can you turn on the light? I like it dark.
Okay, wise guy.
Hey, Jackie, let some light in here.
A woman was assaulted in Columbus Park last night.
- Have anything to do with it? - Daylight fades paper.
Hey, hey, hey! Sit down and answer my question.
I'm a collector.
That's my thing.
I don't like actually touching people.
Get used to being touched in prison.
- Who does your decorating, kid? - I do.
What's this LuckyStabbyKnife.
com? - It's my website.
- Mm-hm.
- It's not a crime.
It's ironic.
- Or moronic.
Where were you between Right here.
You can check the computer.
On a suicide chat room all night.
That's fantastic, a suicide chat room.
People don't get me and that's okay.
So someone could've been on your computer while you were at the park with your lucky knife.
It wasn't me.
Maybe it was you.
Dick Reed put you up to it? You and your buddy, James Ratchet? - No.
- Are you trying to impress him? You wanna get your own face on one of these badass posters? Danny? That's our vic.
Looks like you were there.
On your feet.
- No, no, no.
- Get on your feet.
- No.
No, it wasn't me.
It wasn't me.
- Cuff him.
Shut up! I It was Ratchet! I was just posting the photos.
- Can you prove it? - Look, he's really into Reed.
He would do anything to please him.
- Me, I just think he's really scary.
- Really? I mean, the stuff he was talking about last night.
Wait a minute, you saw Dick Reed? Last night? - Where? - At some dive bar in Flushing.
Get his statement.
And get a description of James Ratchet out over the air.
He's gotta be in there.
We didn't take our eyes off the house.
Forget the mother.
She's catatonic.
Ma'am? Ma'am? Ma'am, we're gonna need to talk to you.
Jackie! Call an ambulance! Are you okay? Huh? - Yeah.
- Dick Reed do this to you? He's my brother.
Your brother did this to you? Huh? - Yeah.
- Do you know where he is? He lives in the basement.
Go ahead.
Okay, okay, okay.
I know what this looks like, but he's normally really nice to me.
It's just that he's really upset with me.
- Okay.
- I said something I shouldn't have.
- Son of a bitch.
- What's going on? Where's Reed? He's got a tunnel.
He went out through a tunnel.
What? Damn it! One, I asked you do one thing, to watch that guy like a hawk.
- That's what I was doing.
- No, you weren't.
- How was I supposed to know? - It's your job! Danny.
I'm not done with you.
Tunnel leads to a neighbor's storm cellar.
It was a bomb shelter built back in the '50s, but no sign of Reed.
Becky Watalski.
We've gotta get to Becky Watalski before this creep Reed gets to her.
Councilwoman Collins, thanks for coming.
Is this about the other day? Politics, Frank.
I didn't think you were that thin-skinned.
- I took what you said to heart.
- What's that? I'm doing a little old-fashioned police work.
Why don't you sit down? I'm very busy.
As are we all.
See, here's the thing.
We all remember that horrible misunderstanding when you were investigated for awarding public contracts without bids.
Old news.
I was exonerated.
You were exonerated, I know.
But, see, that started me thinking.
Why come at me so hard at the press conference? Rightly or wrongly, it's all gonna end up in the police commissioner's lap.
So I paid the medical examiner a visit.
A good friend, by the way.
Did you know he lost his job and his pension? Ahem.
- Oh, I'm sorry, Baker.
I didn't mean to leave you out.
Detective Baker put a lot of time in on this.
Funds earmarked for the medical examiner's office.
A $79,000 shortfall.
Corresponding to a trip you took to the Dominican Republic.
A $49,000 shortfall to the ME's office the following month.
- I don't have to listen to this.
- You don't have to, but you may want to.
Now, misappropriation of public funds is a serious problem.
There's more.
And when we're finished, you may wanna lawyer up.
Come here.
- Come here.
Hey! Come here! - No! Hey! No! No! Come here! Hey! It's okay.
It's okay.
Come with me.
It's Detective Curatola.
Okay, okay, come on.
It's not Reed.
It's his fanboy Ratchet.
Amen to that.
Where is Dick Reed? Where is he? - I told you, I don't know.
- You told me he sent you here.
He said he was done with her.
I could have her.
You could have her.
He's doing somebody new.
Well, who's that? He didn't tell me.
He said he was dotting his I's and crossing his T's.
You have no idea how much trouble you're in, do you? Who is it? - Who is it? - I don't know.
- Who is it? - I don't know.
Don't you think I would tell you? Get this piece of crap out of here.
Erin, it's Danny.
Look, Reed gave us the slip.
- How? I don't know how.
I'm at Becky's house, there was an intruder, but she's fine.
It wasn't Reed.
One of his fanboys.
Danny, what are you talking about? You I think Reed's using this kid as a decoy and set us up.
According to this guy, he's got some other target.
- It's somebody he's got a beef with.
- Reed is still out there? Yeah.
I'm sending a unit to his mother's house in case he's after the sister, but I don't know.
Well, he's already had plenty of opportunity there.
Yeah, I know that.
I'm covering my bases, Erin.
And you should cover yours.
And be careful.
He's got a beef with you too.
Yeah, with me, the judge, about half this building.
Look, I'm sorry, all right? Just be safe.
- Hey, sweetheart.
Guess what.
The attorney general's office just called.
Garth Kraver will be transferred to a prison psychiatric facility for a 40-day evaluation.
That's good news.
Yeah, it buys me some time at least.
I see you're burning the midnight oil too.
I'm hungry, how about joining your old man for dinner? That sounds good, but I just have so much But what? You've gotta eat and I do too.
But can we go across the street? I just need a few minutes to finish this up.
See you at quarter of? You bet.
- Hey.
- Um, I just wanted to see - if you needed anything else.
- Just a copy of this then you can go.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Hey there, beautiful.
We meet again.
Hey, where are you going so fast? You bitch.
Detective Reagan.
Dad, Erin's not picking up.
Is she with you? Not here yet.
She's digging out from under a pile of work.
All right.
I'll call her again.
I'll try you back.
Erin? You can run, but you can't hide.
Don't worry, counselor, we got all night.
You know, I thought about you in prison.
I'm gonna savor every moment.
Oh, listen.
They're playing our song.
Where are you? Come out, come out wherever you are.
I bet you're in here.
I got you now.
Yeah! We're just getting started.
Come here.
You're mine now, sister.
Come on.
On your feet.
- Come on.
Get up! - No! Get up! On your feet! Go! - No! - Come on! I've been planning five years what I'm gonna do to you.
Ah, looking at those long legs of yours crossing them and uncrossing them under the table.
Oh, God.
In that courtroom.
Get your hands off my daughter.
You just try it.
- You okay? - Yeah.
Come here.
Come here.
It's okay.
It's okay.
In short, a great day for New York City.
Commissioner Reagan! Of course.
The man of the hour.
Come on forward, Frank.
Come here.
Right here, sir.
Thank you.
Miguel? - Can you give us any details as to the events that led to the shooting of Richard Reed? Well, like all police shootings, Miguel, Internal Affairs will be looking into this.
So you know I can't comment.
Commissioner, Rob Bates, New York Ledger.
Can you confirm or deny that an indictment of Councilwoman Collins is forthcoming? - No.
Commissioner, if you can't comment on your involvement in the shooting, can you tell us how your daughter is doing? Assistant Manhattan District Attorney Erin Reagan-Boyle is back at her desk.
She's got a lot of work to do.