Blue Bloods s01e22 Episode Script

The Blue Templar

Previously on Blue Bloods: What's going on, kid? Something you should hear.
I'm getting close, but the Templar may have made me.
- That's Joe.
- The night he was killed.
He was working with the FBI, investigating the Blue Templar.
What? I should have told you a long time ago, Danny.
Does Dad know? No.
After I broke off communications with the FBI, I started looking into the death of Detective Gonsalves on my own.
Long story short, she left a sort of last testament with her sister.
Wrote that when she arrived on the scene, Detective Malevsky had killed the two dealers and then told her that they had shot Joe.
She didn't believe him so the Blue Templar realized that clearly that made her a liability.
Why didn't you come to us when all this started? Because Joe had kept it from you, I thought maybe this was something he left behind for me to carry on, and I wanted to honor my brother.
Now I'm in over my head, I mean, uh Who the hell are these guys? We're going in the front.
Copy that.
We're up on the fire escape.
After Serpico and the Knapp Commission and all the static that came with it, we started the Blue Templar as a way to police the police.
There was a world of hurt in the ranks because a few bad apples had brought such disgrace to the whole department.
We thought it would be a good thing to have a band of brothers who kept a lookout from the inside.
And it served a purpose for a while.
We had a good man in IA who appreciated what we were trying to do.
And we avoided some potential disasters from the rank.
But after a while, uh, the core group retired and the Templar became just a bunch of guys telling war stories about the bad old days.
I was never much of a joiner.
When I was tapped, there was some new blood in the Templar, thought we could do some good again.
It just dissolved into a bunch of blowhards sitting around strip clubs where the girls know every cop's name and the bill never shows up for the drinks.
I got out quick.
Police, don't move! Come on, come on, come on.
When I came on as commissioner, I conducted a thorough review of all the department's fraternal organizations with IA, including the Blue Templar.
I never saw anything that would cause concern, much less alarm.
I guess I just saw what I was supposed to see.
Who was your FBI contact? A female agent, Anderson.
She made it sound like Joe was working with them.
Anybody else? IA? Lieutenant Bello interviewed me from IA when I was seen in Chinatown with Anderson.
She came forward and backed up my story.
You lied to IA? I didn't know who knew what.
I You should have come to me right away, son.
No, you go ahead, I'll meet you there.
Let that man in, he's the ME.
- Hey, what have we got? - Hey.
Uh, well, all four were packing.
None of them got off a shot.
We got two ear witnesses that heard some commotion and then a lot of gunfire in a short amount of time.
We gathering the casings? - Yeah, but both witnesses said they heard voices, plural, shouting what sounds like, "Police, don't move.
" Right.
So, "Police, don't move.
" But nobody stops to take a peek, right? In a building like this, "Police, don't move" Even the cockroaches run the other way.
Hey, look, wedged in right there.
You see it? Is that Kevlar? Yeah, looks like it.
It's a Kevlar glove, same as the police use.
They're shouting police commands.
- Right, police impersonators? - Yeah, or maybe dirty cops.
We had an incident in Brooklyn South last weekend.
Could be a pattern.
- Let's canvass the building.
- Okay.
Hey, Dad, we, uh, might have stumbled upon something here.
In the massacre last night, one of the dead in the ambush was a confidential DEA informant.
He was also in business with some of your detectives.
Do you have proof? Copies of the wire recordings are being made as we speak.
We have a voice but no name to go with it.
- Just one? - Just one on tape.
Clearly, this isn't just a one-man show.
How much money we talking about? Given the chatter leading up to this, I'd estimate the haul to be around 12 million in cash, another 12 in pure heroin.
That's a hell of a pension.
What's the DEA's stance? We've got almost two years staked in the operation.
We'd rather not come out of the shadows for some rogue cops.
We're pulling all our guys out.
Safety net's been cleared for your department to move ahead.
I appreciate that, Don.
I'm sorry, commissioner.
I realize this is the worst kind of news someone in your position can get.
But it's a close second.
You're wearing gloves you wanna get your gun quick so you do this: You reach for the gun.
But if you do anything else with your arm, the glove drops.
So they came through the window.
Figuring at least four if they had to carry that much weight out.
Two through the door, two through the window.
- Right.
- You talking to IA? Mm-mm.
- Not even Bello? Why not? - I trust Alex, but he won't know if the Templar has eyes and ears over there.
Jamie was there on a related incident.
I don't wanna set off alarms.
But you can't handle this on your own, Dad.
I'm not going to, I have you.
And I got Danny.
- Can we trust Detective Curatola? - She's solid.
What about me? I know this is gonna be hard for you, Jamie, but they do have eyes and ears on you, so for now, you've gotta go about your business like it's any other day.
So we have five, six.
And how many men and women in the N.
D? We're looking for a few out of 35,000, maybe.
Is there anyone else we can trust? Yeah, and I will bring them in at the right time, but right now we don't know how high up or how deeply this infection has spread, so for now, this operation stays in-house.
In this house.
So yeah, it's one block over and three blocks up.
Make sure one of you order the pastrami.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- All right.
Help! Help! Help! Oh, my God! Hey! Over here! You okay? You're okay, you're all right, you're okay.
- Oh, my God.
- It's all right.
What happened? I got away.
He tried to kidnap me.
All right.
Central? I thought we were gonna keep it in the family, - not bring in any more cops.
- He's not a cop.
Cliff's a former Marine.
He served with Danny in Fallujah.
Cliff was the, uh, surveillance ears tracking Saddam Hussein in Baghdad.
If Saddam farted, Cliff could tell you what kind of kebab he had for lunch.
Goat was a deep bass, poultry more a squeaky treble.
- Nice, and that's qualifications for? - Sit.
Listen to the DEA tape.
You already told me you wanted in.
What you didn't tell me is what you're bringing.
What's your ticket to the game? That's the DEA mole.
Should be Panamanian or Costa Rican.
What I bring is, ha, ha Can't believe you're asking me this.
- kind of a guarantee you can't get anywhere.
Call it my friends-and-family plan.
That's our bad cop.
Room service.
- Run the evidence through IBIS - Hold it, okay? and see if the weapons were ever in our system.
To make a crossover comparison, I need a sample of his voice.
- Where do you wanna start? - Sonny Malevsky.
- That's a leap.
- We're in the business of making leaps now.
Sonny Malevsky is the name that's been popping up over and over again.
I can't buy a warrant with that.
I'm not asking you to buy one.
Are we wired to record calls from the house? - Sure.
- Okay, Grandpa, you got this charity you work for for the kids.
What is it? Uh, PSL Yankee Stadium Night? Okay.
How about we have Grandpa make a call to Sonny Malevsky asking him to make a donation? Call the son of a bitch.
It's ringing.
Manhattan North.
Detective Malevsky, please.
Henry Reagan calling.
Just a moment, please.
Henry, how are you? I'm good, thank you, detective.
And you? Hanging in there.
Good, good, good, listen, I need you to take a leadership role with the PSL Yankee Stadium Night.
- You know, where we Put me down for 2 grand.
Oh? Well, that's very generous of you.
Thank you very much, detective.
Sure thing.
- Thank you.
Well, there's a couple of grand we'll probably never see.
It's a match to the voice on the DEA tape.
- You're sure? - I'm sure.
- Well? - I heard "tickets" and "friends-and-family plan," and that's gonna buy us zip in court.
Look, we got a dead DEA mole talking turkey with Sonny Malevsky.
That's gotta be enough to buy us a surveillance warrant, at least.
I can't promise that, I can try.
This particular can of worms only opens from the inside.
We need the warrant.
Thank you, um, Officer? Reagan, Jamie.
Thank you.
We're almost finished and then you'll talk to the detectives.
And, um, you don't have to talk to me like I was 8.
Uh, I'm not.
Um Ha, ha.
"And then you'll talk to the nice detectives.
" I didn't say "nice.
" Is there anyone you can think of that might have motive to kidnap you? My father was CEO of Mainways Mortgage.
When things went south a couple of years ago, thousands of people got slammed, but he walked away with millions of dollars scot-free.
Throw a rock in Greater Boston and you'll hit someone with a motive.
That must suck for you.
Which is why I'm in New York for a job interview with a museum in Abu Dhabi.
That's far.
It's far enough, I hope.
Sit up straight, here come the nice detectives.
Sonny Malevsky.
What are you doing up here? - This your car? - Yeah.
- Got the HEMI, huh? - Gotta get the HEMI.
- Go big or go home.
- That's right.
- Try not to drool on it.
- Hard not to.
So, what are you doing up here? Figured you for the nosebleeds north of Times Square.
Yeah, just came to, uh, close a few cases up with Sizowitz.
So you love the car, huh? I do.
You're thinking about getting one? Well, you know, wife and two kids, every check is spoken for.
Reagan, Sizowitz is off today.
Yeah, he, um, said he'd leave the files on the desk.
Drive safe.
Reagan, you interested in some overtime today? If you need me, captain, sure.
You'll be stationed outside Miss Peck's hotel room.
- Seriously? - The incident occurred within the confines of our precinct.
Until we have a better assessment of the ongoing threat, I offered her police escort as a courtesy.
Stay in your street clothes, we're not trying to broadcast the situation.
Um - You want something? - Um, just a chair for out in the hall.
I've kind of been on my feet all day, so This one okay? - Of course.
- All right.
Um, I don't really feel like talking to anybody.
If you do have a visitor, give me a heads up? - Of course.
- Okay.
Um, which of their teams are you a fan of? - Their teams? - Of Harvard's.
Oh, uh I don't really follow college sports.
This is from when I went there.
You went to Harvard? - The Law School.
- Really? Gonna be a great day when me saying "Harvard" isn't followed by someone else saying, "Really?" No, I didn't mean that It's just a surprise.
I know.
Um, I'll be right outside.
- Who is it? It's Billy.
It's okay.
Thank God.
I came from work the second I heard.
- You poor thing.
- I'm okay now.
Oh, now that I'm here.
I'll just be outside.
Oh, um Billy Coffin, Police Officer Reagan.
They gave you a bodyguard.
Just a presence at Miss Peck's option.
Well, thanks for being here.
I'll be outside.
Hey, Dad, it's me.
What have we got? We're making progress.
We've got eyes and ears on Malevsky.
Thanks for checking in.
All I'm saying is if they go 30 seconds bitching about their wives or whatever, you need to minimize the wire.
- Minimize the wire? - Cut the feed.
Just drop in 30 seconds later, hopefully they've changed the subject - to something we can use in court.
- That's crazy.
That's the law.
You can't just listen till you get what you're looking for.
You just can't pan for gold, Cliff.
I miss Marine Intelligence, though you're a lot prettier.
Incoming from Malevsky's cell.
Yeah, Malevsky.
Sonny, Damon.
What's up? We got a problem.
There was a guy we didn't know about.
What kind of guy? A spook.
What agency, bureau, we don't know.
Well, who's sniffing? - Nobody yet, that we know of.
What do we know? That a guy got Reagan'd and we didn't even know it.
Tell everyone to get ready.
We're moving the party up.
They gave it Joe's name.
"Damon Camia.
" Rego Park? "Camia.
" Camia and Malevsky worked in Warrants with Joe.
So, what have we got? No physical evidence, no eyewitnesses.
Not enough for what we want them for.
Go ahead, Baker.
Who was the supervisor that signed off on it that day? Thank you, Baker.
Let's cover these guys from every possible angle.
Let's get eyes on their homes, text messages, e-mails.
GPS on their cars, - and ears on their phones.
- I'm on it.
Erin, get the necessary warrants on Camia.
I'm gonna go see an old friend.
I mean, "commissioner.
" Hello, Alice.
Could Gerry come out? Oh, yeah.
Gerry, you are never gonna guess who's out here.
Oh, I'm sorry, my manners.
Please, come on in.
No, that's okay.
This'll just take a minute.
- Police business.
Alice, don't leave the man standing there.
She didn't, Gerry.
Walk with me.
So, uh, how's your family? They're all good, thanks for asking.
Yours? Sean is coaching lacrosse at Stony Brook.
Tina's got a third baby girl on the way.
That's good to hear.
Isn't your Jamie a rookie? On January 9th, you signed off on a cache of confiscated weapons as being destroyed.
But a number of Glock 9s never made the trip to the furnace.
Who'd you give them to? Oh, jeez.
You got ten seconds or no deal.
- What deal? - The only deal that's out there for you.
- Nine, eight, seven, six - All right, all right.
All right, all right.
Art Buchanan and Will Atwater, Narcotics, Manhattan North.
That's it? Those are the two I dealt with.
There's another name.
Whoever reached out to you and brought you in, in the first place.
I'll find the match, you know I will.
Three, two, one Teddy Chapin, the 31 precinct.
What deal? I want your shield and guns on your chief's desk first thing tomorrow.
And your only pension is whatever you made working your little side deal.
I don't wanna see you near a precinct or at a retirement party, or even wearing an N.
baseball cap.
And not a word to anybody.
Thank you.
And that's that.
- Got a second? - Hmm.
Yeah, what's up, partner? I need you to slap a tracker on a guy.
Stake him out.
The warrant's on the way.
Did we pick up a case I don't know about? Not from Gormley.
I'm gonna ask you to do something, Jack.
I know you're not gonna wanna do it.
The guy's on the job.
It's Damon Camia.
He's a detective with the 27 squad.
- I'm not a rat.
- I know.
I don't wanna be.
I know.
I'm not a rat either, Jack, but I need this.
You know I would walk on nails for you.
But you are asking me to go against everything that I am.
They killed my brother, Jackie.
Camia and the Blue Templar, they killed Joe.
Yeah, Camia's left in his personal car an hour before end of tour.
Wherever he goes, you go.
Yeah, I'll stay with.
Miss Peck, your food is here.
I ordered plenty for both of us.
Come on in.
Um I, uh Please? I'd appreciate the company.
If I eat alone tonight, I won't eat and I'm starving.
All right.
- Cliff, what have you got for me? - Nothing.
No calls going out.
Incoming straight to voicemail and hang ups.
I'm afraid they all took up vows of silence.
When was the last outgoing call from any of these guys? Well, let me take a look.
How could I not see it? There's nothing down that road, Dad.
It's a dead end.
Well, it wasn't a lightning bolt exactly, but I was sitting around with a bunch of other 1-L classmates at dinner one night and everyone was talking about what firms offer what starting salaries, and what bonus so-and-so got their second year at Dewey, Screw 'em and Howe But that's any grad school.
Law, med Right, but what struck me is And this is gonna sound naive or idealistic or whatever, but I don't care because it's true.
- in all those years of family dinners, I never once heard them talk about the job in terms of what they made.
I mean, what they made just wasn't the reason they did what they did.
- What was? - The work itself.
Um, you know, the stories you live to tell.
I mean, you could sit my dad or my brother Dan next to a king, a rock star, a billionaire, I don't care, that person is gonna ask for just one more story all night long.
So you became a cop to be the most sought-after guest at dinner parties.
- Yes.
- Ha, ha.
Ha, ha.
Um I became a cop to make a difference in a good way, a real way.
And if I get to live some great stories along the way, that's just icing on the cake.
Excuse me.
Uh, Billy, I'll call you back in a bit, okay? Love you.
Uh, listen, thank you for dinner.
Um I'm flattered.
Billy is gay, you know.
He locks himself in the closet because of his family, but he's been all about the boys since we were 10.
Um No, I didn't, but, um Um, no matter.
My relief will probably be here any minute, so I should get back outside.
Um - Uh, will you be back tomorrow? - Um, if that's my assignment, yeah.
- Mm-hm.
- Okay.
Reagan, Petrillo, I'm your relief.
Um, right there.
- Um, good night.
- Good night.
- Yeah.
Where have you been? - I was busy, okay? Just listen up.
Hold on, hold on.
Let me put you on speaker phone.
All right, go ahead.
Listen, a car A car Not Camia's car, another SUV.
A black SUV with New York plates, he followed me from the airport and I thought I lost him, but he came up behind me and he just pushed me off the side of the road.
I think I'm okay.
I just, uh A few bruises from the air bag, but, listen, he dropped off his wife and his kids at JFK with enough luggage to go on a Bon Jovi tour.
It was Jet Blue International.
I don't know where it was headed to, but I got close enough to hear the goodbyes.
He said he'll being seeing them in a few days.
- Okay, where's Camia now? - Wait.
Um Uh, yeah.
It looks like Camia is back at his house.
But listen to me, these guys are definitely getting the hell out of Dodge.
All right, good work.
Keep your phone on.
We can't take chances waiting any longer.
They're cornered and they know it.
Erin, I can bring you in Buchanan and Atwater for receiving the weapons out of Property, but Camia If we assume the wife is traveling with a pile of cash, we can run the manifests for Jet Blue, alert Customs on the end and sweat the wife, but that's an if.
- Where do I start? - Malevsky first.
- Cliff, feed me his location.
- Got your back.
This is Officer Reagan.
Are Detectives Trotta or Stanton still there? I'm sorry, detective, I'm just trying to get this straight.
DCPI hasn't released any information regarding the kidnap attempt? The father's traveling in Europe.
We haven't been able to reach him.
We wanted to see if he had any insights before we went wide with this and scared the crap out of every female tourist in town.
You playing detective, rookie? No, sir.
Thanks for your time.
Laura Peck, Room 1103.
Father, I'm Detective Reagan with the N.
Sonny Malevsky, is that his car? Oh, my, is it stolen? - No, no, Malevsky - He donated it for the raffle.
- Is he here now? - He was just here.
He just dropped it off about ten minutes ago.
I'm sorry to trouble you.
Thank you.
No, Malevsky dumped the car, Dad.
No, he's off the grid.
Buchanan? Okay, I'm after him, all right.
Yeah, I'm on it.
Someone tried to kidnap me this morning, would you feel safe? You need to get out.
Laura! Laura! You're with me, have a few laughs.
No! No! No! No! No! No! No! Hey, police! Hey! On your stomach.
On your stomach.
Hands behind your back.
- Are you okay? - I'm okay.
I'm okay.
Come on, come on, let's get inside.
Don't move.
Stay where I can see you, Coffin.
What? You heard me, you stay right there.
Call 911.
I'm still sitting across from Buchanan's, Dad.
No sign of him.
No lights on, nothing.
Jackie says there's no sign of him either.
She thinks he's not home.
This doesn't look good.
We should maybe put it over the air.
Hold on, hold on.
He was home after all.
He must have been watching the street.
And he's on the move.
Okay, Dad, I'm gonna see where the party's at.
Boston P.
had both the driver and your wounded in their system, a couple of enforcers for a Southie crew with a lot of kidnapping and extortion on their résumés.
Coffin's waiting for his lawyer, but, uh, why don't you put it all together for me? - I can't do that.
- No theory, officer? First thing Coffin said was, "I left work as soon as I heard.
" It just didn't sit right with me in the back of my mind.
Then when I checked with you, the nickel dropped.
Miss Peck hadn't called anyone yet.
Coffin could have only heard about it through the guys that tried to snatch her.
And when you checked with me is when you should've said something.
I'm just glad I made it back here in time.
First time you shot someone, kid? - Yes, sir.
- Enjoy the paperwork.
Hey, Dad.
You okay? Miss Peck, I gotta get going.
Please, can't you just stay for a little while? Uh, I really can't, my family needs me.
Okay, uh, then thank you.
If you need anything, you know I work out of the 12th, look me up.
And if Abu Dhabi doesn't work out, we have a lot of nice museums right here.
Okay, Dad, Buchanan just picked up Malevsky at a diner off of the BQE, they're back on it and heading north.
Atwater and Camia both just got off the BQE just north of the Pulaski Bridge.
- They're in Greenpoint.
They're gonna meet.
I'll stay with Malevsky and call in the location.
If this is what I think it is, we're gonna need backup, and it's gonna have to be guys that are gonna actually back us up.
- You got guys? - I got guys.
Want us to meet you there? Jamie's on his way.
You wait for me, Danny.
I'll coordinate with your driver.
Good luck, sir.
What's up, ladies? Dr.
Malevsky is in the house.
And everyone is gonna get well.
Alex Bello, come on down.
Freeze! Nobody move! Hands up! Freeze! Let's go! Freeze! Right there! You know the drill.
Keep your hands where we can see them.
Anybody tries anything stupid, you will catch a bullet.
Up against the table, all of you.
Come on.
Turn around.
Get over there.
You, I did not see.
That was maybe the hardest part, Frank.
- Getting over on you.
- I won't ask why, there's millions of reasons in those bags.
But how could you look at me? Your trust was my insurance.
Before I take your shields, there's a question I want answered.
Which one of you killed my son? I'll ask again.
Who shot my boy? Just so you know, it's not like he wasn't warned.
Just like the rookie over here, again and again.
But you people, you just don't take a hint, do you? Not from you, we don't.
For what it's worth, I'm sorry.
It was nothing personal against Joe.
It was personal to us, you scumbag.
- Sonny, don't.
Don't do this.
We all die, Sonny, it's just a question of when.
Call the bus, Jack.
- Danny.
Take their shields.
- Your hands quit shaking yet, kid? - Yeah, almost.
Kid brother finally lost his cherry.
Don't bust my chops, Danny.
My hope for you, for both of you, is you never have to fire your weapon in the line of duty again.
- The paperwork is murder.
Can't you do something about that, commissioner? - Okay, who wants to say grace? - Grace.
- Never gets old.
- No.
- Grace.
- Still not funny when you say it, Jack.
I thought it was.
- I'd like to say grace.
- I'd like to say grace.
You always get to say grace.
- I asked first.
- You say grace every Sunday.
Hey, kids.
Let's keep it civil.
- Why don't we all say grace? Yeah.
Come on.
Come on.
Bless us, O Lord For these gifts which we are about to receive from your bountiful hands through Christ our Lord.
"Down these mean streets, a man must go who is not himself mean.
Who is neither tarnished nor afraid.
" Raymond Chandler.
His definition of a hero.
He could have been talking about Joe.
I'd like to think he was with us last night.
I know he is always with me.