Blue Bloods s02e22 Episode Script

Mother's Day

"There is no place like it, "no place with an atom of its glory, pride, and exultancy"" Walt Whitman.
Mom's favorite.
You remember.
Well, she used to say it every time we went over a bridge.
Your mother was a true New Yorker.
Her first love was her city.
Well, she may have loved the city, but she was only nuts about you.
Do you really need to go in on a Saturday or are you just keeping busy? I am not just keeping myself busy.
I am busy.
And it has nothing to do with tomorrow being Mother's Day.
It's okay, Dad.
The weekend's gonna be hard for all of us.
You know, a little birdie told me that Linda and your girlfriends want to take you out dancing.
Yeah? What about Nicky? Do you want me to take your only granddaughter to the Boom Boom Room? I can watch Nicky.
She can help me make my famous Mother's Day Mash.
Maybe some other time.
Erin, I'm the dad.
It is my job to worry about you, not the other way around.
Okay, and who's gonna worry about you? What do you think I have Garrett for? Next item.
Please give a warm welcome to a very special guest.
My good friend, Detective Danny Reagan.
All right, fellas, ladies, I'm looking for your help on, uh, case I'm working here.
Detective Reagan needs our help? What next? We all getting raises? That's good.
Especially coming from a guy who couldn't find a collar in a shirt factory.
All right, seriously, I need your eyes and ears out there on the street today looking for this guy.
His name is Leo Packer.
All right? We like him for a string of push-in robberies on the east side.
He's a real charmer this guy.
Targets sweet, old ladies.
Offers to help them with their bags then helps with everything they got.
His latest victim is in the hospital with a broken jaw.
So he's no joke, all right? See him out there, scoop him up, give me a holler.
You got it.
That's a wrap.
Let's go to work.
Hey, kid, take one of those.
I need to talk to you for a second.
Hand those out, please.
Thank you.
You pick up the roast? I couldn't; they changed my tour today.
You said you were gonna get it.
Actually, you said I was gonna get it.
I said I would try.
So what? I got to go pick it up now? Come on, kid, I got to work, too.
Well, maybe Erin can do it.
Erin can't do it.
She's a mother.
We can't send her out to buy her own Mother's Day dinner.
Sure you went to Harvard, numb nuts? Trouble in Reagan land? No, just Danny being Danny.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Come on, come on, come on.
Look, give me a break, I was only gone for, like, a second.
Nothing I can do, I already wrote the ticket.
You know what you could do? You could bite me.
Sir, there's really no reason to use that language.
And what are you gonna do about it? You ain't even a real cop.
Am I crazy or does that look like Danny's guy? Have a nice day.
You're a real credit to society, you know that? Hey.
Hey-hey, guy.
Hey, get over here.
Come on.
Get out.
Come on.
Where's the fire? Let's go.
Come on, come on.
Get out of the car.
Let's see some I.
Look, I'm gonna pay the ticket.
Your I.
Get it out.
What'd I tell you? Leo Packer.
Good eye, Reagan.
Up against the car.
Hands behind your back.
Good eye.
Jackpot, kid.
This can't be right.
What's that, sir? You mean 1,500, right? Yeah, I'm afraid not.
We're spending more on postage than I did on my first house, Ed.
Times they are a-changing.
Cut it in half, and I'm being generous.
I need a minute.
You're late.
It's Saturday.
Technically I'm a day and a half early.
Some remarks for your speech Monday.
"It is with great honor and swelling pride that I announce" Councilman Singer suggested some language.
"Swelling Pride"? I'll give it a polish.
Good idea.
Excuse me, Commissioner.
Commissioner the secretary from Homeland Security's here to see you.
He says it's urgent.
Where do you have him? In the situation room, sir.
Secretary Price.
How bad? Homeland Security has received credible information that New York City will come under attack in less than 24 hours.
Are you raising the threat level? Not at this time.
The three sleepers who have gone missing are the main focus Lost.
Excuse me? They have not gone missing.
You have lost three al-Qaeda sleepers.
Yes, I'm afraid we did.
And now they are coming here.
We believe so.
In the next 24 hours.
But you can't tell me where.
Commissioner, I can assure you Homeland Security, the FBI, we are expending every resource to ascertain that information.
That's not true.
Sir? I didn't see the 82nd Airborne marching down Fifth Avenue-- that's a resource.
Commissioner, we are doing JFK and La Guardia are still open, so the attack isn't coming from the air.
If it was a car bomb, you would be asking me to close my bridges and tunnels.
Good God, it's biologic.
That's him.
Good job, kid.
Just glad we got a bad guy off the street.
You know, just for this, I may go pick up the roast.
Come on.
Hey, hold on a second.
Where you taking him? What do you mean? I got to process him.
What do you mean? This is my collar.
Excuse me? I brought him here for you to do interviews and run your line ups, but this is my collar.
I arrested him.
You arrested him because I asked you to.
Look, I gave his name, I gave his picture-- I did everything but draw you a map.
But, Danny, come on, you know the rules.
You get the clearances.
I get the arrest.
The rules? Rookie, there are the rules, and then there is the way things are done.
Okay? Am I right or am I right, Sarge? Hey, this is a brother thing.
Uh, come on with the brother thing.
This is a cop thing, okay? Now tell the kid, Am I right or am I right? In that case I got to be honest with you.
It's Jamie's collar.
Whoa, whoa.
No, no, no, no, no.
This collar belongs to the squad.
Says who? Says me.
Oh, yeah? Last time that I checked, three stripes outranks -a gold shield, Detective.
-Oh, you had to check, Sarge? And I don't appreciate you talking to me like that.
Guys, guys, guys.
This is between me and my kid brother.
All right? And without me you got squat.
Which makes this my collar.
My cuffs, my collar.
Tell you what.
Let's me and you go have a talk.
Okay? Okay.
The good news is that we don't have to be concerned with bridges and tunnels.
With a biologic like this, boss, we're concentrating our resources where we need them most-- in the subways.
We're posting patrol units at major subway stations for bag checks, and undercover JTTF everywhere else to keep our profile low.
To the general public, and to the media, this will look no different than one of our routine exercises.
Jim, what exactly are we looking at here? Well, to put it simply, it's the flu.
Well, it's the flu on steroids.
Actually, it's a very rare mutated strain.
And what? Someone just smashes a test tube on the subway platform? No.
More likely, their delivery mechanism would be a backpack sprayer.
Expose this virus in an enclosed space with little ventilation, and the results would be extreme.
How extreme? This thing gets released in Times Square Station, what are we looking at? Well, depending on how crowded it is, we could have upwards of 50 people infected.
Small children, the elderly, pregnant women would be the most susceptible.
But, really, everyone is at risk.
After that, it's just math.
In a week, the number would be 2,500.
Another week, and it's over six million.
And that's if they only hit one station.
And there's no vaccine? No, sir.
Well, all we have to do is stop a large-scale pandemic without letting anyone know we're looking for anything.
Shouldn't be too hard in the media capital of the world.
Gentlemen, the sole advantage we have is, they don't know we're looking for them.
The city is home.
We all have friends and family here.
Our most basic instinct is to protect our own above all else.
As difficult as it will be what was said in this room must be closely held and shared only on a need-to-know basis.
We need to get these sons of bitches.
We'll reconvene at 14:30 hours.
So what's going on? What, you wake up and eat your Wheaties this morning or something? Nothing's going on, Danny.
Well, you could've fooled me.
This is all clearly stipulated in the guide book.
This is all clearly stipulated in the-- what are you talking about? Do you even hear yourself? You sound like a Harvard law professor, not even a cop.
Here we go.
Hey, the truth hurts.
I've been on the job over two years now, Danny.
I have over 50 arrests.
and I have a successful stint working undercover.
So you can stop lecturing me on what it means to be a cop.
Well, look at you.
Six months doing part-time undercover and now you're what? The freaking French Connection? What are you gonna do next? Replace the old man as commissioner? What is your problem? What the hell did we ever do to you? Who's we? Who the hell are you talking about, "we," Jamie? You talking about Joe? Let's just drop it.
No, no, no, no.
You brought it up for a reason.
You brought it up, so we're gonna talk about it right now.
Yes! Okay, he used to call me up at school, okay? Tell me about the job, how things were going.
Will you get to the point? You know the point, Danny.
You were a hard-ass to him, just like you are to me.
No matter how hard he tried, no matter how well he did, he could never get your respect.
You're not walking out on me.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, hey, wait, Danny! What the hell is going on? Danny? Hey, hey, hey! Get off me! Off, off, off, Danny! Hey! You, let's go.
I'm not going anywhere without It's my prisoner.
Hey, you, we're done.
Do you hear me? X.
just called.
We got reassigned to Chambers Street Station.
What the hell? I'm fine.
Release a joint statement and a press conference to follow.
I'm sorry, Mr.
Mayor, we can't do that.
Says who, Frank? Washington? No, I answer to the people of this city and nobody else.
Do you really want to see what it looks like when eight million people try to leave this island all at once? We don't have to give specifics about the virus.
Only an awareness that we have a credible threat What do you think the city's press is gonna do with that? Frank, I won't be known as the mayor who could have saved millions of lives but chose not to.
You won't be saving lives, Mr.
And you could be costing them.
Frank, I have deferred to you many times in these matters.
But this is different.
Now, it's my decision and my call, and I'm making it.
October 15, 2002.
January 6, 2005.
April 9, 2008.
February 28, 2009.
Those dates mean anything to you? No, they don't; should they? Each one of those days had the potential to be as infamous as September 11th.
But we got a lead.
We chased it down, and we stopped the attack before it could happen.
But what if you can't stop it this time, Frank? What if this time is the next time? Mr.
Mayor, our city is the number one terrorist target in the world.
We need every advantage we can get.
And right now, that's us knowing and them not.
You have six hours, Frank.
God help us.
Is everything okay with you and your brother? What, are you looking for a smack? I was just trying to be nice.
Yeah, you're a real sweetheart.
Especially when it comes to old ladies.
This is from a surveillance camera on Liz Whitaker's block, taken moments after you robbed her.
Oh, blue is definitely not your color.
You should stick with earth tones.
That isn't me.
This is from Tina Swanson's block after you robbed her.
Not photogenic, Leo.
No, he isn't.
Well, last time I checked, it's not against the law to walk down the street.
Plus, you have nothing connecting me to those women.
You know, he's right.
You know, that is one hell of a point, Leo.
It's too bad; if only we had some evidence.
Some evidence to connect him to those women.
Yeah, maybe like some photos of Leo at the ATM machines using the cards from the robberies.
Well, now, that would help.
Oh, yeah, and what do you know? Huh.
Look what we just happen to have.
There's five years, ten years, 15 years, 20 years.
Okay, all right, I get it.
No, you get nothing.
Have a nice life, Leo.
Wh-Wh-Wh J-Just wait, okay? Wait, wait.
What if I offer you guys something, huh? Well, you better make it really big.
Well, how's the cover of the Post; that big enough for you? Fine.
Fine, Leo.
What do you got? Remember a few years ago, there was that story about the kid who got snatched up on his way home from school? Patrick Goodwin? Yeah, that's the one.
I know who killed that kid.
Danny! Danny! Get off him! Danny! You better be telling the truth! You better Danny, get off him.
Get out! Out! Sit down.
Don't kill the messenger.
mayor pulls the plug.
What have you got, Ed? Boss, we picked up some chatter off of one of our wires that puts the Three Blind Mice in a fleabag motel in Queens.
We think they're talking about our guys.
Have ESU briefed and ready to go on my order.
Yes, sir.
Hey, sweetie.
Hi, are you still in the city? Yeah, I'm stuck in my office.
Great, 'cause we're coming in a little early.
We're about to hop on the subway.
What? But you don't have to come down.
I'll walk her over, okay? Oh, yeah, sure, okay.
Okay, thanks, Dad.
And thanks for making me do this.
Well, I love you, sweetie.
I love you, too.
I promised Erin I'd watch Nicky.
Well, safer here than out there.
I'm sorry, Jack.
I mean, you do know what happens if you smash the guy's head through the window? Yeah, I get suspended.
No gun, no shield.
You know what else happens again? I get called down to I.
, and if I tell the truth, I jam you up, and if I don't tell the truth, I jam myself up.
Either way, been there, done that.
This is Patrick Goodwin.
Do you know why I carry his picture around in my wallet? Because this isn't just some cold case that that mutt is hawking, it's my cold case.
I did not know.
I know; how could you? You know how it is.
Every cop's got that one case they can't shake, the one that keeps them up at night like a dog gnawing on a bone; well, for me, this is that one.
What happened? It was before you got here.
He was four years old, there was a mix-up at the school, they thought the mom got him, the mom thought the neighbor got him, and then, poof, he vanished into thin air.
Well, did you ever get close? No, you know how it is with missing kids.
The first 12 hours are critical.
It was four hours before anybody even knew he was gone.
The mom must be crazy.
Tell me about it.
She lost her husband the year prior.
I spent plenty of time trying to talk her off a ledge.
What's this mutt got to say for himself? Well, look, he says he used to know this guy a little bit from the neighborhood.
This guys came around one night.
He's drunk; he starts spewing all this crazy stuff about how he knew something about the boy that went missing.
Of course, typical; sounds rock-solid.
I thought the same thing until, you know, I ran this guy's name, Keith Daley.
He dropped off the face of the earth shortly after that boy went missing.
Why don't you show me what you got.
You do understand this is pretty much a long shot, right, Anna? Yeah, Danny, I know.
Okay, just don't want to stir things up and start getting your hopes up.
Hope? What's that? I just don't want you to be disappointed again.
More importantly, I don't want you getting hurt all over again.
Danny, it's been two years, and I still don't know what happened to my Patrick.
I know.
I live every day, haunted by the gruesome scenarios my mind imagines.
And then, the questions come.
Did they torture him? Did they beat him? Did he scream out for his mommy? I think we should get started, okay? The name Keith Daley, does it mean anything to you? No.
Okay, well, that name was brought to my attention as someone who may have had something to do with Patrick's disappearance.
He has no criminal record, nothing suggesting a history of foul play against children, no sexual assaults, no violent crimes.
This is a copy of his driver's license photo.
You let me know if you recognize him.
Oh, my God.
You know him? Yes, he was He worked in the parking garage across the street from where we used to live.
Okay, hold on.
Are you sure that's him? Positive, yes.
We saw him every day.
He was he was our parking guy.
Okay, so he knew Patrick.
More importantly, Patrick knew him.
He knew this guy? Yes, yes.
He used to He would high-five with Patrick every morning.
Okay, so Patrick trusted him.
I mean, at least enough to not think of him as a stranger? Oh, my God, Danny, is this really happening? Is this Did he do this to my baby? I don't know.
Look, I don't know about that.
Let's-let's take this one step at a time, okay? This is just a possibility.
Danny Reagan, I want you to make me a promise.
I want you to promise me right now that you will find my baby, wherever he is.
and you bring him to his mother, and you let me bury my baby boy.
I'm trying.
I'm trying.
We've got helmet cams on ESU, so we'll be able to see everything, Commissioner.
Ready to go on your order, sir.
They were just here.
We missed 'em, Commissioner.
Find 'em.
Hey, there they are.
Told you he'd just be a minute.
Hi, sweetie.
Hi, Grandpa.
Sorry, I was in the middle of something.
How are you guys? Starving.
I'll get you some food.
Thought Linda was coming.
Well, she wanted to see Danny before we went out.
It seems really busy in here for a Saturday.
Think I should put in for a raise? Very funny.
How are you? Busy.
So, where are you guys going tonight? The Boom Boom Room.
You worried? No.
Should I be worried? Very.
You're gonna be all right with this whole thing with Jamie.
Yeah, I'll be fine.
It'll blow over.
Unless you don't want it to blow over.
Why wouldn't I want it to? Well, Danny, you know, sometimes I think things like this are an opportunity.
Opportunity for what, Linda? Tomorrow's Mother's Day.
I know that.
Yeah, well, as nice as our holidays are, 'cause we all get together, they're also kind of hard, you know? Because the truth is, not all of us are there.
What are you saying, this has something to do with my mom? No.
Who, Joe? What are you talking about? You're Jamie had no right to throw Joe's name in my face, okay? Danny, yes, he did.
Why? You know, Joe was like like the only thing that you and Jamie had in common.
You know? He was the bridge between you two, and now, you know Joe is gone.
Suppose you're right.
What is the opportunity you're talking about? Build a new bridge.
Hey, Jack, any luck on our ghost, Keith Daley? This guy is totally off the grid.
Let's see.
No license, no bank account, no tax returns.
Were you able to get in touch with his boss in the parking garage? Yeah.
Says he was a solid worker, until one day he started acting weird, kind of paranoid, and then he just up and quits.
Okay, did he confirm that Daley quit around the time that Patrick went missing? Same month.
Daley quits, empties his bank accounts, pulls a Houdini.
Maybe it was getting hot in the kitchen.
He must have figured it was only a matter of time before we strung a homicide around his neck.
Am I crazy? No.
Do we have a last known address on this guy? Yeah, he used to live with his mother.
Mother? Mm-hmm.
It was a bold call, Frank-- a call nobody else would've had the guts to make.
But my six hours are up.
And I understand your disappointment.
Now, your arguments for pursuing this course are more than valid, but I'm afraid we're at the point where the risk outweighs the reward.
The risk, Mr.
Mayor, is in allowing political considerations to get in the way.
This is not a purely political decision, Frank.
I know it's not.
We'll agree to disagree, Commissioner.
Mayor if you go out there on TV and announce this to the public, those three terrorists will burrow so far underground, they will come out on the other side of the world.
And hopefully, they'll stay there.
No, they won't.
These aren't mercenaries, Mr.
They're radical fundamentalists, they're messianic.
And they still have the virus, and they will come back here and they will try it again and again and again.
And we will face those challenges, Frank, as they present themselves.
No, we won't! Because we won't know when the next time's coming.
Frank, the press conference is in one hour, my office.
Don't be late.
I serve at your pleasure, Mr.
Mayor, and I will be there.
But it will be my last press conference.
Frank? I will be carrying my letter of resignation.
As you wish.
She looks innocent, but deep down, she's an assassin.
He's crying, 'cause I just crushed him at Words with Friends.
for "quiz"" I'm gonna go study my thesaurus.
What's going on around here? Nothing.
Business as usual.
Is it usually this busy on a Saturday night? City that never sleeps.
Grandpa, can I say something? I don't know, can you? May I say something? Yes, you may.
You look sad.
Are you sad because tomorrow is Mother's Day? That's part of it.
You really loved Grandma a lot, huh? She was easy to love.
Grandpa, you're so cute.
I get that a lot.
I hope I can fall in love like that someday.
So do I.
Just as long as it's not for another 20 years.
Something bad is happening, isn't it? It could be.
Sorry, sweetie.
There are some things I can't talk about.
Even to me? Your only granddaughter? Even to you.
Then no wonder you're sad.
Frank, we have something.
I understand.
Go on.
Okay, Mrs.
Daley, if you hear from your son Keith, give us a call.
Okay, is it just me, or does that woman obviously know more than she's telling us? She knows something.
Just how do we prove it? What if we put a tail on her and see if she leads us right to him? Or we could let him come to us-- I mean, what's tomorrow, after all? Even Al Capone called home on Mother's Day.
Want to go up on her phone? Yeah, let's get a warrant.
I never liked this room.
Too many secrets.
Everything okay? When you called me about taking Nicky home, you didn't sound so good.
I'm sitting in your chair, Pop.
What is it, Francis? I said something tonight.
I only meant it as a threat.
But now that I've said it What'd you say? Pop, when'd you know when it was time to step down as P.
? Well, let me ask you this.
When did you know you were in love? Well, you know Mary-- she told me when I was in love.
Sure she did.
All day we have been after some people looking to attack this city with a mutated virus.
You shouldn't be telling me this, Francis.
I shouldn't.
We arrested 'em about an hour ago.
Two highway patrolmen acting on intel got 'em coming over into Williamsburg.
They were headed for Grand Central Station.
Secrets and lies.
I'm tired, Pop.
The kind of tired you can't sleep off.
It's not the big stuff.
Hell it's easy to make decisions to protect eight million people on this island.
What's hard is knowing how that affects one single person.
One single family.
And if you lose sight of that you lose your humanity.
I'm standing in the shadows of the Williamsburg Bridge where some highly unusual police activity has gotten this neighborhood buzzing.
Speculation has really run the gamut here.
Some people think that it's a massive drug bust, while others believe the NYPD's confiscated a dirty bomb.
We've even heard from some who believe there's an extraterrestrial inside that tent.
Well, here to tell us what's really going on is Garrett Moore, the Deputy Commissioner of Public Information.
Well, Maria, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but E.
has not phoned home.
Uh, but all kidding aside, what you're seeing here is nothing more than a-an exercise, uh, a fire drill if you will.
Okay, but why now and why here and why no advance notice for the neighborhood? Well, without getting into too much detail about our procedures, in order for this exercise to be successful, it's important for everybody, including our officers, to believe the situation to be real.
Okay, so this was obviously something that was in the works for quite a while.
Is that true? Of course it is.
This actually happens several times on a regular basis.
Ultimately, the police are out here to make sure we're safe and taken care of, so there were no incidents.
Good to see you.
God bless you.
God bless you.
That was a wonderful service.
Very moving.
Why wasn't Grandpa at mass? Well, your grandpa is working, but he said he'd make it home in time for dinner.
You know something, don't you? Know what? You forget what I do for a living? What's really going on? Don't ask.
Dad okay? He's pretty beat up.
He was talking about resigning last night.
We have to get back.
It's going to take me at least an hour to make Grandpa's potatoes.
You heard anything from Jackie yet? Not yet.
What? Come on, they're fine.
They're going to ruin their Sunday clothes.
Okay, I'll go talk to them.
All right, guys, come on, get up, knock it off, you're going to ruin your good clothes.
It's like déjà vu all over again, huh? Seems like it was just yesterday-- me, you, and Joe rolling around in the grass fighting.
Yeah, only Jack's not handing out dead legs like it's Halloween candy.
Yeah, you'll have to teach him about that.
Now she calls.
Hey, Jack.
You're kidding me.
No, no, I'm on my way.
Shoot me the address.
Linda, I got to go, babe.
Hey, what's up? My guy Keith Daley called his mother.
Number comes back to a house here in Brooklyn.
You up for it? Want me to back you up? That is, unless you think you can't handle it.
Yeah, let's go.
Come on.
Well done.
Go home to your families.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Thanks, Jim.
Good job, sir.
Thanks for the great weekend.
Who is it? Uh, I got a delivery here.
All right, hang on.
Keith Daley, I'm Detective Reagan with the NYPD.
I need to ask you some questions.
Hey! Come here! Police! Don't move! Get up! Ahh! Spread your legs! Where the hell you going, huh? You got it all wrong, okay? I never hurt him, I never laid a hand on him.
You never laid a hand on him, huh? I didn't even tell you what you're under arrest for, punk.
Robin, Robin told me I had to or she'd leave me.
Yeah, who's Robin? My girlfriend.
Your girlfriend, huh? So what the hell is your girlfriend telling you to kidnap and kill a little kid for? Kill him? Yeah.
No, no, no, you got it all wrong.
Oh, really? Listen to me, yeah.
She was going crazy.
We just had our third miscarriage.
She said that if she couldn't have a baby, that she was going to kill herself.
You telling me he's still alive? Were you telling me that Patrick's still alive, huh? Where is he? Where is he?! All right, all right.
He's at the park with his mother.
She ain't his mother.
Hello? Patrick? Patrick.
Come on.
There's your mom.
Go see her.
Patrick, it's me.
Do you remember me? Mommy.
You wanted to know why I became a cop.
You don't get a feeling like that making partner.
I just need you to fill out some papers.
Look, I was out of line.
I got no right to tell you whether you should be a cop or a lawyer or anything else.
We were both out of line.
I know you and Joe were close.
I miss him.
I miss him every day.
I know you do.
He loved you, Danny.
You were his best friend.
So, how come you and I are just brothers? I don't know.
Maybe that's something we could work on, huh? I'm up for that.
Better get home for dinner.
By the way, that was my collar yesterday.
Oh, here we go.
That's very good.
Nice pour.
That was an incredible thing you guys did today.
I'm really proud of you.
Yeah, returning a missing child to his mother on Mother's Day-- that's the sweetest thing I've ever heard.
I know, I almost feel bad that you're waiting on us hand and foot.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
More meat, please.
More meat for your mom, buddy.
I've been waiting on Mom all day.
Hey, we did it for our mother, now it's your turn.
It's no fair.
Why isn't there a Kid's Day? Are you kidding me? It's Kid's Day every day.
And last but not least, the world-famous Frank Reagan Mother's Day Mash.
Can I serve it? Only Grandpa serves those.
That is exactly correct.
Hey, everybody.
Just in time, Dad.
Sorry, Pop.
Hi, Grandpa.
Hi, Grandpa.
Thanks for making it for me, Nicky.
They're a little lumpy.
Well, that's exactly the way your grandmother liked it.
Did you talk to the mayor? No, but I sent him a letter.
I sent him my recipe for my famous Mother's Day Mash.
Well, we ready to eat? Mm-hmm.
Yes, please.
Sean, you're the youngest.
We thank you, God, for our mothers.
I thank you that she gave me life and nurtured me all of those years.
She gave me my faith, helped me to know you and to know Jesus and his ways.
She taught me how to love.
And how to sacrifice for others.
She taught me it was okay to cry and to always tell the truth.
Bless her with the graces she needs and which you want to give her today.
Help her to feel precious in your eyes today and to know that I love her.
Give her strength and courage, compassion and peace.
Bless her this day with your love.