Blue Bloods s03e09 Episode Script

Secrets and Lies

Morning, Francis.
Is it? Where are you going? What, you think I got nothing better to do than to sit around here all day? I'm having lunch at Sartello's with Tim Kincaid.
He didn't get enough of you when he was mayor? I remind him of the glory days.
Well, when Mayor Poole leaves office, I'll be the last one he wants to have lunch with.
Well, I tell better jokes than you do.
Here, take my Sartello's card.
No, thanks.
Sartello's is cash only.
I know that.
And I got it.
This massage parlor-- it's a legit place of business? As far as I know.
How's the vic? Not likely.
Uh, where'd they take him? St.
Okay, so we got three shots fired, but you only got two shell casings.
Where's the third? Hey, well, what do you know-- there's a third shell casing.
Make sure you get that.
Any witnesses? Just the lady your partner's talking to.
Did you get a look at the shooter? No.
Can you describe what he was wearing? She doesn't know.
What else did she say? That even she could remember what he was wearing or what he looked like, she wouldn't tell you.
She thinks all cops are corrupt.
That helping you might bring her bad luck.
Well, you tell her for me that it is a pleasure dealing with such an upstanding member of society.
Any luck? She's not cooperating.
Ah, she doesn't trust cops.
Guy's laying down, mid-massage, shooter busts in the door, starts blasting, turns around, walks away.
What do we know about the victim? Uh, the victim is Michael Reade, 32; he owns a car dealership in Queens.
Three shots-- one to the side, two in the back.
Does he have a history? Yeah, he was busted for possession five years ago, but he skated because the ADA made a deal with him in exchange for testifying against some heavy hitters.
Who'd you speak to in the D.
's office? My sister.
Is there any aspect of public service you Reagans are not involved in? Politics.
Too many crooks in that.
What? Move.
What do you mean, move? Hey, that's my money, punk! I will shoot your ass.
Come on.
Our numbers are down across the board, except for grand larceny of cell phones.
That's going backwards.
Commissioner? I want a new strategy Excuse me.
And I want it on my desk by the end of the day.
There's only a few people who can walk into this office unannounced, at will.
Could it be you're starting to take advantage of that? What's wrong? Okay, how about the eyes? Nah, they're closer together.
Here you go, Grandpa.
You have to keep the ice pack on your head.
I don't know why you just don't go back to work.
I could have gone down to One Police Plaza instead of bringing this fellow all the way up here.
Okay, well, I think Dad thought you might prefer to do it I would prefer if people didn't keep treating me with kid gloves.
Now, how about the nose? Well Grandpa, hey.
Are you okay? Of course I'm okay.
I'm sitting here, aren't I? Yeah, I guess that answers my question.
No, the nostrils are wider than that.
I'm just ticked off because I didn't get a chance to use my own gun.
Just for the record, ankle holsters suck.
Thanks, Detective.
No problem.
How about now? Closer, but the hair is longer.
He didn't even get checked out? Do you want to try convincing him? What if he's got internal injuries or something? Okay, well, I put a call in to the doctor, but I am doing the best I can.
When I got that call from Dad, the first thing that I thought about I know, I know, but he's clearly okay.
He's a little rattled.
Yeah, well, he's not the only one.
- Pop? - In here.
You all right? Yeah, I'm fine.
But I'm not going to the hospital.
I know what you're going to say.
"Why didn't you just let the little punk take your money? "Why'd you have to fight back? Why didn't you just let the PD handle it?" Actually, that's not what I was going to say.
You're thickheaded, Irish and a war vet.
It's in your DNA to fight back.
What I was going to say was: How's the other guy? Hey.
I put in a call to the hospital.
Vic's in surgery-- no family, no visitors yet.
What is that? Rooibus.
Rooi-what? Rooibus.
It's good for the immune system.
Smells like air freshener.
What do you got? Crime scene lifted partial prints off the shell casing, but there isn't enough to match anything.
The gun was a nine millimeter.
So we know the perp was a male who used a nine millimeter.
That narrows things down.
You get anything else? Yes.
He has a business partner-- Adrian Baez.
They own the car dealership together.
And it looks like that was his last call.
Do you want some? Oh.
No, thank you.
Uh, any priors on this guy? Possession, assault, nothing recent.
But two ex-cons sharing profits, that's enough motive for me.
Okay, we'll start with the partner.
They usually know all the secrets anyway.
I don't know your secrets.
I never eat or drink anything I can't pronounce.
I told you, he took today off.
Was that unusual? Not really.
He'd take a day here and there.
Did he have any problems with anyone? Not that I'm aware of.
Exactly, uh Hold on.
How did you and Michael Reade come to hook up? We met in Rikers.
Let me guess-- you bonded over the fact that you were both innocent? My personal philosophy is that no one is innocent, Detective.
So two ex-cons hook up in prison, get out of the joint, and you open up a business like this.
How exactly does that happen? The usual way.
We pooled our money and we started out small.
He does the business side, and I'm the people person.
But you two had a falling out.
If you're asking did I kill him, the answer is no.
Where were you today at 2:00 p.
? Right here.
Closing a deal on a cherry, low-mileage Explorer.
Do you know anyone who had a beef with Michael? Anybody who wanted him dead? Anybody he was fighting with? Well, he was going through a divorce.
And not a, uh-- what do they call it?-- um, amicable one.
Detective Reagan.
This is my partner, Detective Lansing.
What do you want? We're here to talk to you about your husband, Michael Reade.
Your ex-husband.
Why? Is he in trouble again? Again? About a year after we got married, he got busted for selling pot and coke.
Then he ended up testifying against our friends in exchange for a deal.
Any of those friends hold a grudge against your husband? Oh, ex-husband.
How would I know? They stopped talking to both of us after that.
Then, when he got out of prison, he found religion.
Couldn't stop trying to save me.
What's with all the questions? What did he do? Your ex-husband was shot earlier today.
Is he dead? No, he's in the hospital, in critical condition.
It's about time someone tried to kill that son of a bitch.
Hope he dies.
Tony did this to me.
Tony who? He wants to kill me.
Excuse me.
This patient has asked for last rites.
I'm sorry, Father.
Come on, Frank.
You got to trust me now.
Why is it, Angelo, when you say "trust me," I always want to check my wallet? Frank, come on.
You know me.
I don't have to tell you how many clients I've gotten off or how many Harvard grads I wiped the floor with.
But you? Come on.
I would never mess with the only PC who actually grew up in Brooklyn, who I played stickball in the street with.
That was a million years ago.
Every kid from Bensonhurst either became a cop or a criminal, right? I always thought you'd be mayor.
You know me, I always went where the money was.
Besides, come on, you deal with more crooks in city politics than I ever will.
Well, difference is, I get to put them away.
Frank, we've always been up front with each other.
I'm up front.
You're Looking out for your best interest.
You're looking for an angle for your client.
This is no angle.
All right? This is for me.
For me.
It's a freebie.
"Freebie"" From a wiseguy doing life in Sing Sing? It happens.
Why are you looking a gift horse in the mouth? Could be a Trojan horse.
How do I know it's not a setup? Because if it was, you know where to find me.
And you can be more dangerous than the guys I represent.
You got the toughest mob in the world, Frank.
You're the law.
Right this way.
I'll catch up.
My daughter in a cigar bar.
I'm meeting Judge Pearlman to sign a warrant.
Judge Pearlman.
He would sign anything for a box of Robustos.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Erin I'm familiar with your work, Mr.
Erin Reagan.
Listen, uh, I have a client to meet.
Frank, think about what I said, okay? Please.
What are you doing, Dad? Trying to figure out how I got stuck with the check.
That's not what I'm talking about.
The police commissioner having lunch with the most famous mob lawyer in the world? What is that about? Well, I may not be a cop anymore, but I still have friends in low places.
Oh, this is, uh, my new partner.
Kate Lansing.
Hi, I'm-I'm Kate.
So nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
You, uh, got any word on Michael Reade? Yeah.
He died.
Did he say anything to anyone about what happened? Um no.
Danny, could I talk to you for a minute? Yeah, um Excuse me.
She's cute.
Yeah, if you go for that type.
What is it? Listen, before he died Reade talked to a priest.
This Father Quinn from St.
I heard Reade say something to the priest.
What was it? It was private, Danny, I wasn't supposed to hear.
Well, did he say something that could help me with my case? Well, it doesn't involve his medical history, so there's no patient confidentiality issues, but it was his last confession, Danny.
Well, I know what that means, but do you want to protect this guy's privacy or do you want to help me find his killer, babe? Reade told the priest that Tony was the killer.
Tony-- did he, did he say a last name? Not that I heard.
He just said Tony.
Okay, thank you.
Make sure to say a prayer to St.
He has a soft spot for you guys.
I'm not so sure about that.
He was out to lunch last few times I called on him.
Detective Reagan, I'm Father Quinn.
What can I do for you? I understand you went to, uh, visit Michael Reade this morning.
I gave Michael Reade last rites and a final confession.
Yeah, and he gave you the first name of the guy who shot him.
Who told you that? So it's true? Confession is between a priest and confessor.
Yeah, I understand the sanctity of the confessional, Father.
I'm just trying to get the guy's last name.
I can't help you with that.
You mean you won't help me with that.
My job was to listen and to forgive.
Okay, and my job is to get a killer off the streets.
Not for nothing, the guy is dead.
What does it matter if you tell me what he said to you? I am protecting the seal of the confessional, Detective Reagan.
And if you don't cooperate, you're also protecting a killer.
I'm afraid it's not that simple.
We arrested Michael Reade on drug charges four years ago.
He flipped right away, he testified against a bunch of drug dealers.
To be honest with you, I think he was relieved to get out of the business.
How so? He went to Hudson Correctional, he got his GED, he was a peer counselor, and then, when he got out, he opened up that car dealership.
What about the guys he testified against? Any of them out yet? One died, one still in prison, and one released.
Okay, any of them named Tony? Anthony Kasper.
Got paroled around six months ago.
File shows him working as a telemarketer.
I have an address.
Great, thanks.
How is Gramps doing, by the way? When I left him, he was just going on and on about all the things that he could have done differently.
Right, so, in other words, he's doing fine.
He's fine.
I'm just a little A little upset.
Pissed off.
This guy is targeting old people.
I just wish I could You wish you could turn into Supergirl and just put the entire family inside your little force field and keep 'em safe.
Actually it was a time warp belt.
Thanks for the address.
See you.
Okay, his last hit was yesterday at 1545 hours when he robbed his victim at the Manhattan Mutual Bank ATM at 82 Fifth Avenue.
The victim is Henry Reagan; he's one of our own.
He's not only a retired cop and also a former PC of the department, but he's also the grandfather of Officer Reagan.
But, because he's a retired cop, we got a detailed description on the guy.
Here, Cruz, make yourself useful and hand these out.
This is a surveillance tape of the attack.
- What? - Move.
What do you mean? Hey, that's my money, punk.
I will shoot your ass.
You son of a You son of a Aah! Come on.
Capturing this guy is our number one priority.
Perp is armed-- looks like a .
45-- and as you can see in the video, he's escalated the violence on his victims.
Hit the street.
Anthony Kasper.
So you and Michael Reade were friends, huh? Oh, we weren't friends; we just sold drugs together back in the day.
Oh, right, back before he ratted you out.
That's how you cops work, right? Whoever cooperates first wins? Not exactly.
Mikey got the best deal.
Right, and I bet that pissed you off, didn't it? Sure it did.
So much so that you probably went looking for revenge.
I'm all about positive energy these days.
Where were you yesterday at 2:00 p.
? With a client.
I'm a phone psychic.
A phone psychic? Look at my hands.
They're soft.
Put your hands away.
That's what I try to bring into the world now-- softness.
Yeah, I bet you do.
Don't be a hater.
So you were on the phone with a client.
Cindy from Mamaroneck.
Having guy trouble.
Going out with this guy for five years.
She wanted to know if he was going to marry her.
Doesn't take a psychic to see where that's headed.
Anyone who can vouch for where you were? My boss.
The company is Psychic Light out of Williamsburg.
I'm their most requested reader.
Can you think of anybody else who would want Michael Reade dead? Last I heard, he was a used car salesman.
Job like that, probably people lining up.
Okay, you know what? If you get any more of your, uh, premonitions, why don't you do me a favor and give us a call? Okay? John Spolarno-- head of the Spolarno crime family-- he's the target.
Soldiers from the Rulanti crime family are planning on hitting Spolarno as he exits the restaurant.
The Rulanti family has been on our radar for two years now.
And the feud between these two families goes back at least ten years, and we've never been close to a takedown until today.
Usually they'll use a .
22 or .
38-- no splatter, easily disposable-- so, in all likelihood, this is a walk-up.
We'll have four ESU inside the dry cleaners next door, two inside the florist across the street, and two nondescript vehicles-- one here, one here.
We also have undercover in the restaurant, so, as soon as Spolarno starts for the door, they'll give us the signal.
We're going to need to establish a perimeter so we know who's entering and exiting the front and back of the building.
TARU is standing by with a direct feed to our van, which is parked here, from the pole cameras set up on the two corners.
I want to reiterate that the only people who know about this are sitting at this table.
And it is mandatory that no one know the information about this hit originated from this office.
What information? Once this goes down, the press will be all over it.
No one-- I repeat no one-- makes any comment unless it goes through this office first.
Lastly, this thing could turn out to be a setup.
Keep that in mind moving forward.
Be careful.
I have a question.
You're the Police Commissioner of New York City.
So, do you want to tell me how you know about a hit going down that no one else does? No.
No what? No, I don't want to tell you.
It's time for our meal, man.
You want to grab a sandwich? No, I'll pass.
Hey, I get that you really want to get this guy, I do, but we passed these banks at least a half a dozen times already today.
I need a break, man.
uh, 63.
Copy that, 12-David.
Yeah, right here's good.
You sure you don't want a sandwich? Yeah, I'm sure.
All right.
a 10-30 at the ATM at 2997 Madison.
Come on.
Hey, come on! at the ATM at 2997 Madison.
What happened? What happened? She got mugged.
The guy had a gun.
Okay, you hold on, ma'am.
I'm gonna get you some help, okay? Anybody see him? Yeah, yeah, black hoodie and jeans.
He ran down that way.
Hey, call a bus! Call a bus! Hey! Police! Freeze! Hey! Stop! Police! DISPATCHER: Shield 97651 to 12-David direct.
Shield 97651 to 12-David direct! Stop! Shield 97651 to 12-David direct! Hey, stop! Police, don't move! Help! Help! Help! I don't want to die! Help! I'm gonna fall! Help! Please! I'm slipping! Help! Please! Help! Help! Help! Please! Please! How does it feel to be the victim, huh? I'm sorry! Huh?! Sorry! Pull me up! I'm sorry! Please, I'm sorry! Please, just pull me up! Please! Please! Get off me.
Get off me.
Get off me.
On your stomach.
Hands behind your back.
You were gonna you were gonna let me fall.
But I didn't.
Go ahead, 12-David.
I'm at 1100 Broadway.
I have one under.
I repeat, I'm at 1100 Broadway.
I have one under.
Copy that.
All right, let's go.
Get up.
You son of a bitch.
Get up! With no radio contact whatsoever? Not to Central or his partner.
For how long? And how did his C.
handle it? He's gotten a command discipline with a three-day suspension.
Hi, Dad.
Well, by all means, make yourself at home.
I thought I'd surprise you.
Getting to be a habit.
We can finish up later.
You have your official face on.
So what's my surprise? Four organized crime members of the Rulanti family were arrested today for the attempted murder of the head of the Spolarno family.
And? And not one of the arresting officers was able to tell me where the tip came from.
Maybe they didn't know.
Did it come from you? Is that why you were having lunch with Gallo? That's part of my job.
So keeping secrets is part of your job? I'm gonna be prosecuting this case.
I need to know.
Just this once, ask me everything, but it can't leave this room.
The real reason for the meeting with Gallo.
His client is Carlos Antonari.
He asked Gallo to relay the information about the hit to me.
Why you? I've always been fair with him.
He's helped me with some cases over the years.
Did he ask for something in exchange? He didn't ask for anything, but I did a little digging.
Beware of wise guys bearing gifts.
One of the men arrested was a 19-year-old, Anthony Amico.
The driver.
Gallo is listed as his counsel.
He's Antonari's son.
Changed his name.
Why would he give a tip that would have his own son arrested? My guess in order to save him.
Reade knew his killer.
He was able to identify him by name.
How many Tonys did he have in his phone? Four.
Any of them have records? No.
But the wife's alibi checked out.
She could have hired someone.
Well, it definitely feels more professional than personal.
Maybe he's back in the drug business, using his car dealership as a front.
We could subpoena his business records, see what comes out.
I don't think we have enough for a search warrant.
Excuse me.
Yeah? Father Quinn has been shot.
You know, you're a lucky man, Father.
The bullet missed your femoral artery by about an inch, and if it hadn't, you'd be dead.
Maybe someone up there is looking out for me.
Yeah, well, someone down here is trying to look out for you, too-- me.
So I'm gonna ask you one last time, do you know who did this to you? Okay, do you know why they did it to you? Look, what are you protecting now? Just tell me.
I'm sorry.
I can't.
No, you can but you won't.
You're making it very difficult for me to help you here.
I know.
And I appreciate the effort you make, Detective Reagan.
You're a good cop.
I'm a good cop.
Then why don't you let me help you? You know what? Suit yourself.
I can't get this priest to talk.
He's not cooperating.
We got nothing.
Well, crime scene found fingerprints on the shell casing at the rectory, and they match the partial prints from the Reade murder.
Did you run it? Yes, they belong to Emilio Flores.
He's here on a work visa.
Let's introduce him to our legal system.
Hey, what happened out there? You left your partner, you didn't even answer up on the radio.
Yeah, I know.
You didn't even wait for backup.
You could've gotten Cruz jammed up big-time.
And believe me, he tried to cover your ass, but you didn't even tell him where you were going.
As it is, the C.
is giving you a rip.
Three days suspension.
Fine, whatever.
"Whatever"? That's all you got to say? What do you want me to say, Sarge? I want you to explain to me how a cop who always goes by the book suddenly decides to go off on his own without telling anyone where he's going in order to settle a personal vendetta? I did my job today! You were reckless! I got the guy! If I had to do it over again, I would do the exact same thing! This guy was hanging off the side of the building, Sarge, this guy who hit my grandfather, a man who's done nothing but help people his entire life.
And God help me, I came this close to letting him take a nosedive.
And part of me is still wishing I hadn't reeled him in.
Okay? I got the guy.
Flores you got a visa to come over here and work at a car dealership owned by Michael Reade and Adrian Baez.
Yet, in the five years you've been here, you've not sold a single car.
You want to tell us what it is you really do? Just to let you know, I've advised my client not to answer questions.
And just to let you know, we're charging your client with murder two and attempted murder-- you know what that means? About 25 years to life.
Is that true? He's just trying to scare you.
- Well, it's working - Now, it could be that there are mitigating circumstances that would make these charges less for you, but we need to hear what that is.
Okay, it's up to the D.
what the final charges are, - not the detectives.
- You want to trust her? You can go ahead, but we have your fingerprints on shell casings that link you to the murder of Michael Reade and the attempted murder of Father Quinn.
Yeah, and how many jurors do you think are gonna sympathize with a guy who shot a priest? Look, he told me to kill the priest, but I couldn't do it.
That's why I just shot him in the leg.
Flores, just stop right now.
You're incriminating yourself.
She is not the one looking at 25 years to life, Mr.
Flores? Okay, Mr.
Flores? Just shut up! Hey.
Who was it that wanted you to kill him? It was the same guy that hired me to kill Reade.
His business partner, Tony Baez.
You mean Adrian Baez? When he first came to this country he wrote, "To N.
" on all his luggage, so he became Tony.
I mean, to his close friends.
Everybody else was just too scared to joke with him.
Okay, so, why did he want Reade dead? Okay, look, detectives, my client is handing you Mr.
Baez on a silver platter.
You need to give him something in return.
We don't need to do a damn thing except listen to what he has to say.
Keep talking.
Okay, don't keep talking.
Reade Reade was killed because he found out Baez was running guns through the dealership.
He said he'd go to the cops if he didn't stop.
Hold on.
Baez was running guns? Where? Virginia and Pennsylvania.
In the cars? They're all trapped out.
When's the next shipment of guns? Uh-uh.
You do the right thing here, I promise I'll put in a good word with the D.
There's a shipment coming in tomorrow.
That was nice work you did the other day, Jamie, arresting the guy who robbed Grandpa.
It was something, all right.
Congratulations, Uncle Jamie.
Thanks, bud.
Did he have a gun? Yeah, he had a gun.
And I've got the bruises to prove it.
Well, I saw the surveillance video, Gramps.
You got in a pretty good right hook yourself.
Is he going to do a lot of time? Well, he's got a long record.
I'm guessing five to 15.
You made sure I get to testify? You are going to be my star witness.
And I don't have to worry about you backing down or getting intimidated.
No, but you might have to worry about Gramps intimidating the perp.
Ooh, I wish I could have got a clean shot at him.
I think somebody already did.
I'll clear.
Hey, cowboy.
gave me three days.
I'll gladly take that for doing what I did.
I would have given you a week.
What were you thinking? I was thinking I'd get the guy who went after my grandfather.
That's what I was thinking.
But you're a New York City cop.
You don't get to go medieval on anybody.
I don't see you getting on Danny's case when he bends the rules.
How would you know? I admit that I should have radioed in, but if I hadn't gone after that guy, he would have gotten away.
Would he now? I saw an opportunity, and I took it.
Now I'm being punished for getting justice.
You weren't looking for justice.
You were looking for vengeance.
I think you know the difference.
We got an eyeball on the car lot.
Let us know ASAP when you got a visual.
We're at the ready.
Copy that.
Okay, we got a visual on the car transporter.
- We're on the move.
- We're moving in.
You ready? Yup.
Okay, well, this has got to go to Connecticut.
How we gonna do that? Oh, where's our backup? We got to get another truck.
Come on, we got to move now.
Right away.
They're going for the door.
Come on.
- Police! - Police! Get your hands up! Get your hands where we can see 'em.
- Don't move! Nice and slow.
Get your hands up.
Baez is on the move.
I got to go after him.
I'll cover you.
All right.
Guys, we're gonna cover him.
He's going in.
Got it.
Go! This one illegal? Absolutely.
It's one of Fidel's favorites.
Isn't it a conflict of interest for you to represent a kid who was arrested on a tip that you supplied? He's a family friend.
Oh, yeah? Whose family? Come on, Frank.
He didn't know anything about the hit.
He's 19, he's never been arrested.
He got swept up.
I hope you're not looking for a favor, Angelo.
Just a little mercy.
He grew up without a father.
He deserves a break, you know, a second chance.
That's why I recommended the Shock program.
Boot camp for first offenders, high success rate.
He'll do a year, minimum.
A year? Any wiggle room there? Hard to learn from your mistakes without consequences.
All right.
Well let's eat.
They got some nice stone crab sent up from Miami.
I asked her to save us some.
Sounds good to me.
Thing about stone crabs? You got to take them one claw at a time so the crab can keep moving around doing his crab business while it grows back.
Kind of like your law practice.
That's not nice, Frankie.
That's very good.
You're a funny guy.
"Revenge is an act of passion.
Vengeance of justice.
" Samuel Johnson.
Said it better than me.
There's another saying.
If you're looking for vengeance, you better dig two graves-- one for your enemy, one for yourself.
Still, in the same situation, I think both you guys would've done the exact same thing I did.
No way.
I don't know about Francis.
I would've let the scumbag fall.
Who wants a cannoli? Hey.
Hi there.
Or a little Scotch for those watching their waistlines.
What's going on? Got out of work early.
Linda and the boys went out, so, we figured we'd come over and watch a movie or something.
John Wayne marathon at 9:00.
Or we could watch this great double bill.
Death Wish and Walking Tall.
So, are we drinking to remember, or drinking to forget? Both.
Here you go.
You're getting more and more like your older brother every day, kid.
It's awfully crowded in here for a Monday, don't you think? Well, we can always send 'em packing.
I never like to see a good bottle of Scotch go to waste.
I'll get the glasses.
All right.