Blue Bloods s05e04 Episode Script

Excessive Force

I gotta take a leak.
How many times do I have to tell you? Caffeine is a diuretic.
A what? Just switch to decaf.
- What fun would that be? - Ahem.
About as much fun as waiting around on this lowlife.
Where the hell is he? Think I like waiting on a junkie dirtbag any more than you do? You won't have to wait much longer.
Tour's almost over.
He's your CI.
You're gonna buy it, you ever pull a stunt like that again.
Think I like sneaking around like this? I can't be seen talking to you two.
- Well, start talking, then.
- Money first.
What? I think you're high already.
Talk first.
Who's the new fence buying up all the swag in the neighborhood? See, that's big information and you know it.
I want 40 and I want it up front.
You didn't get it.
You didn't get a name, you didn't get anything.
I'm getting it, all right? It's And I got a really good lead.
I just I just need to get my fix first.
No info, no dough.
Hey! Come here.
Come here, come here.
Give me the money.
You ever pull a stunt like that again, you're going in the river, you got it? Get out of here.
Come on.
Go on.
It should be illegal, what you're doing right now.
- What? - Sullying the reputation of this beautiful girl.
She'll get over it.
I'll get over it.
You were lost and gone forever Oh, my darling Charlene Ha, ha.
Check out this Romeo over here.
Why won't you look at me? Charlene, the least you could do is look at me.
Charlene! Charlene! - Whoa, hey.
- Hey.
- Calm down.
Hey! - Oh, nope.
Hands behind your back.
Give me your hands.
Oh, man, you smell.
- What are we doing here? - Eh, getting some coffee.
We're almost end of tour.
Get one back at the squad.
It'll take two minutes, partner.
- You're annoying, you know that? - I've been told.
- Two black.
- No, I don't want one.
Suit yourself.
It's free.
I appreciate that.
Hey! - You okay? - Yeah, yeah, I'm right behind you.
Gun! Hey! Stop! Police! Hey! Stop! Police! Police! Hey! - Move! - Unh.
Five-four, detectives requesting a 10-13, 122 Ditmars.
Hold it! Let me see your hands.
- Wait, wait, don't shoot.
- Shut your mouth.
Back inside the apartment.
Turn around, hands against the wall, or I'll throw you out that window.
Hey! - My leg! - Call an ambulance! That cop, he pushed me out the window! Hey, just calm down.
Look, just stop moving! - He threw him out the window.
- Police brutality! Police brutality! - Calm down.
- Yo! What the hell, lady? Okay, everybody back.
Police brutality! Stay back.
- What's happening? - Stay back! Police brutality! Police brutality! Police brutality! He's lying, sarge.
I didn't do nothing.
Not a thing? So he gave himself a broken leg? - I never put a hand on him.
- All right.
Walk me through it.
I cornered the suspect in the third-floor hallway, held him at gunpoint, ordered him not to move.
- And then what happened? - He ran and jumped.
- He jumped? - He jumped.
He jumped out a third-story window? I'm telling you, he jumped.
He just hurled his body through that window out that a building from almost 30 feet.
That's your story? It's not a story.
It's the truth.
Can you corroborate any of this? He's telling the truth.
So you saw it go down? No.
I arrived after the fact.
Then how do you know what happened? - That's what Danny said happened.
- Right.
Good luck on the grand jury with that one.
Whoa, whoa.
Come on.
What are you talking about, "grand jury," sarge? - He's lying.
- Look around, detective.
You're in the middle of a megillah.
Of all the places and all the time, you gotta pull a stunt like this in Reverend Potter's backyard? - It's okay, son.
God is with you.
- Yes, he is.
I am with you.
We are all with you! Yes! And we are not gonna let the N.
Get away with this.
No, we won't! Once again, the boys in blue have shown us their true colors.
Not content with just being a police officer, today, a member of the New York Police Brutality Department has decided that he was judge, jury and executioner.
- That's right.
- Yeah.
Rather than just arrest this man and give him his day in court, this cop threw him out a window.
Lord have mercy.
Now, wait, wait, wait.
I'm afraid it gets worse.
- What? - There's more.
The cop who did this is not just any cop.
No, sir.
The cop who did this is no other than Commissioner Frank Reagan's own flesh and blood.
That's right, y'all.
His own son.
So now what are we gonna do about that, y'all? We are gonna go down to Commissioner Frank Reagan's doorstep.
We are gonna go down to 1 PP.
- So now, where we going? - 1 PP! - 1 PP! - 1 PP! Say it again.
Can we go home now? I think I'm feeling much better.
That's great.
We have to wait for the doc to clear you.
Well, when will that be? I don't know.
When will that be? Why you looking at me? What do you want me to do? Why don't you go flash those baby blues of yours at Dr.
Lambchop over there? You think? It's worth a shot.
How long do you wanna be here? Dr.
Vaughn, you have an outside call.
Vaughn, you have an outside call.
Excuse me.
I'll get to you when I can, officer.
Doc, we've been waiting here for over two hours.
And I've been here for over 26.
And the day before that, 32.
And the day before that, 28.
See where I'm going with this? My days have more than 24 hours in them.
How is that even possible? I'm sorry, that was weird.
No, I'm sorry.
I was rude.
I shouldn't have spoken to you that way.
- What? - That's the first decent thing another human being has said to me since I've arrived in the city.
Jennifer Bennet, M.
Sorry, I'm still not totally used to saying that yet.
Jamie Reagan.
New Yorkers can seem a little rough at first, but we come around.
What's this? Police courtesy card.
Like a get-out-of-jail free card.
Use it anytime you get pulled over inside the five boroughs.
Thank you.
Rainer, extension Use that if you ever want to get a drink.
Let's see about your guy.
All right.
- Where are we? - 1 PP! - Where are we? - 1 PP! - Let me hear you! - 1 PP! Now, now, wait, wait, wait.
I wanna thank you all for coming.
Because it's only through your support that we shall be heard.
Hallelujah! Now, I wanna introduce you to someone who knows Detective Reagan very well.
- Willie - Hear him out.
Hear him out.
why don't you tell us what happened in your meeting with Detective Reagan earlier this morning? - He hit me.
- Oh! He hit you? Where? Well, first he smacked me in the head and then he kicked me.
Police brutality! And he kicked you, as well? What's wrong with these people? That's right.
In the butt.
So he smacked you in the head and kicked you in the behind.
Surely you must have been doing something illegal.
Something that must have warranted this kind of abuse.
No, sir.
He was mad because he heard there was a new fence in the neighborhood and he wanted his name.
But I didn't know it.
Did you hear that? This man was beaten over the head and stomped on by Detective Reagan because he didn't know who was selling stolen goods - in the neighborhood? - No! - Do y'all know who the new fence is? - No! Because I sure don't.
Let's hope we don't run into Detective Reagan, unless we catch ourselves a beatdown.
- Does this sound right to you? - No! You need to hold a press conference.
- And say what? - Anything.
There's nothing to say.
We don't have all the facts.
Read the five-day forecast, for all I care.
Potter can heat up some hearsay and half-truths and turn them into his Gettysburg Address.
It's what he does.
I can't.
I don't want to, and I won't.
Your willingness to appear on camera would signal support for Danny.
You know someone who thinks I'm not supporting my son? The impression your silence Give me a name and address and I'll send a handwritten note.
- I'm gonna tell you I told you so.
- Told me so, what? Pick a new chief of department.
Oh, please.
A highest-ranking uniform, for exactly situations like this.
Like this? Like when my son is being accused of brutality? Like when you want to put out the word, but you don't wanna put out the final word.
Like when you need to duck and stall with authority and proper protocol.
I am not trying to duck and stall.
Of course you are.
You don't have a choice.
And you fired your right-hand months ago.
I've been asked to send you to the record room soon as you get in.
Internal Affairs? Reagan, if it is IAB, you shut your hole and get a lawyer.
Shut the door.
Take a seat.
- Dad - Sit.
I gotta ask.
On advice of counsel? Don't be a wiseass.
What's the alternative? That my old man thinks I threw some guy out of a third-story window? I never thought that for a second.
Then what did you come to ask? Events leading up.
Events leading up are pursued the suspect into the hallway, and he just got it into his head that he could spread his wings and fly.
You lay hands on him? - Never got close enough.
- Are you certain? Dust the clown for prints.
You will not find mine.
Witnesses? A kid, he opened his apartment door, but I told him to get back inside.
- He comply? - As far as I know.
My attention was elsewhere, on the suspect, which, I believe, the department manual would advise.
I gotta do this retail.
I gotta look under every rock before the other guy does.
- Potter? - Yeah.
Where the hell does this guy get all this power? Some he grabbed, some he earned.
Some we gave him and his like over the years, on a silver platter.
Danny, think.
Is there anything I need to know? Yeah.
I might have told the guy to "get your hands against the wall, or I'll throw you out the window.
" - Just mouthing off? - Yes.
- Anybody hear you? - He did.
That's probably where he got the idea.
The kid? I don't know.
Or a neighbor, maybe.
But I couldn't know.
Well, we'll soon find out.
Not for a second.
So you gonna call her, Reagan? Who? What, you mean the doc? Yeah, the doc.
- Why you asking me about that? - Why you being weird all of a sudden? We're partners.
We talk about everything.
We don't usually talk about that stuff.
We don't? Is that, like, a new rule? No, it's just that that one time when we, uh Where we what? You know, I just don't want things to get weird.
Then you stop making things weird.
How am I making it weird? Because you're acting like a typical guy.
I mean, look, we spend a lot of time together.
We get along.
One night, we went out, we had a few drinks, and we ended up kissing.
It happens all the time.
- Do I look like I'm carrying a torch? - No.
Well, then get over yourself.
You're the one who started this conversation, not me.
- I thought we were friends.
- We are.
Well, that's what friends do, Reagan.
They share with each other things that are going on in their lives.
All right, fine.
You want me to share? We went out last night.
You and the doc, you already You went out? Yeah, met for a drink.
That's good, you know, good for you, you know.
Expired registration.
You're very quiet today.
Osso buco this good, it'd be a sin to talk through it.
What's on your mind, Frank? Actually I could use a little professional advice.
I will do my best.
I'm in the cage with Reverend Darnell Potter again.
So I heard.
But I would like to handle it better this time.
Unlike the other times.
The Lord loves a trier, right? So they say, Frank.
So they say.
But this time it is different.
He is dragging my son through the mud for his own purposes.
So it's personal.
It sure as hell is.
He is still a man of the cloth, like you.
Albeit a sharkskin-suit kind of cloth, from what I know.
How do I defend against a man without offending his flock? Without insulting their faith? May I quote Scripture? Not unless you want to put me to sleep.
From the Book of John, "Even if a brother has done us wrong, we will not want to injure that brother's credibility within the body.
" What's the body? The community.
And how do you get that done? By delivering your complaint in private.
With the respect of discretion.
Does Scripture give an example? Yes, from the book Part II.
When Michael confronts Fredo about his treachery, he says, "I know it was you, Fredo.
You broke my heart, you broke my heart.
" He delivers his accusation right into Fredo's ear.
It's just between the two of them.
Despite Michael's anger, he hides it from their community so that the community might preserve.
- I'm here.
- Good.
Follow me.
Detective Powell.
This is Detective Reagan.
Tell him.
Tell me what? I don't know if I'm even right.
Like I said, it was just a hunch.
I had Powell recanvass the apartment building.
He spoke to the family that lived off the hall from where our guy went out the window.
What did they say? Well, like I told you, my Spanish ain't much.
For the most part, they just kept saying that they didn't see anything.
So, what are we doing here? Get to the boy.
Little boy? Son of a bitch.
There was a little boy came out in the hallway when I had my gun on Lincoln.
- I told him to go back inside, though.
- I think he might have snuck a peak.
What makes you think that? Well, like I told you, my Spanish ain't much, but kind of heard him tell his parents something like: "The black guy was going crazy and jumped out the window.
" And when Powell asked him to repeat it in English so we could take a statement, the parents said the kid saw nothing, and they slammed the door in his face.
They're illegals.
I think they got spooked.
I get it.
Let's unspook them.
Hey, Eddie.
See tomorrow's roll call? Renzulli's got you riding with McKenna.
- You want me to straighten this out? - No, Jamie.
I did that.
- You did? - Yeah, McKenna was asking around for someone to ride with, and I thought it might be a nice change of pace.
What? It's just one ride.
Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? Right.
What's wrong? Nothing.
Come on, something's on your mind.
Over a year together, and I can count on one hand the number of times we haven't rolled out as partners.
What are you saying? I'm saying it's some coincidence.
I'm saying maybe you're upset I went out with Jenn? Uh, well, for your information, McKenna's running a decoy unit tomorrow, and he needs a female to pose as a hooker.
That's why I agreed to ride with him.
- Janko, I didn't know.
- Yeah, I know you didn't know, but I appreciate the conclusion you jumped to.
Garrett, I need you to reach out to Potter.
Why aren't you in the CompStat meeting? Because I'm here.
I need you to reach out to Potter.
And I will, but I need you in that meeting.
- So you say - It's Trumbull's turn in the chief of department chair.
He's the last best candidate, and you need to make a decision.
And I need you to reach out to Potter.
Came up through the ranks.
Decorated twice.
Three different master's from John Jay, including business management.
And fielding offers from the P.
In Boston, Chicago and Miami.
- I'm taking you down there myself.
- That's not necessary.
Frank, I can be a lot of things to you, chief cook to bottle washer, and it's my honor and pleasure to serve as best I can, but I cannot be chief of department.
And you need one.
Sergeant Gormley.
From the look of these numbers, you are leading one of the top detective squads in the city.
I got good cops.
Your squad has cleared more homicides than any other.
You don't deserve any credit? Only for staying out of their way.
Perhaps you should get in their way a little more often.
- Chief? - One of your detectives stands accused of throwing a man out of a third-story window.
And the main reason that charge is being so thoroughly investigated is because Detective Reagan has a reputation for being aggressive.
A reputation which he has earned while under your supervision.
- Carry on.
Uh, the surge in push-in robberies in your precinct is at a historic year-to-year high.
What is your squad doing to nail this spike back down? Can you speak to that, sergeant? What were you speaking to when I walked in? Sir? I walked in, a page got turned.
Sergeant? All due respect, sir, the chief's at the wheel.
All due respect, sergeant, I asked you the question.
Detective Reagan's situation.
And my part in its, um, origins.
That sound right? I was asking the sergeant, sir, if his management style might've given the men and women under his command reason to suppose that showing results outweighed proper procedure in obtaining those results.
Men and women or one man? I was using Detective Reagan as an example, sir.
- Sergeant? - I forgot the question, sir.
- Do you need me to repeat it for you? - No.
I don't know.
- However you put it, I don't know.
- Sergeant Gormley? Look, when I came on this job, it was just that.
A job.
A steady paycheck with decent benefits for a working-class guy to support his family on.
Now you got guys with master's degrees in Tactical Police Strategies, PhDs in Restorative Justice in Urban Policing.
Your point? I liked this department the way it used to be.
When a Danny Reagan would get a tip of the cap instead of a rip every time he did what had to be done.
And there's no CompStat hot seat hot enough to make me feel otherwise.
Come on, police! Open up! - What do you think? - They're probably just scared.
You're not in any trouble.
We just wanna talk.
- Do you know when they'll be back? - They moved.
Whoa, what? When? When? In the middle of the night.
They move and they say they never coming back.
Reverend Potter, sir.
Thanks for meeting me in private.
Thanks for the invitation.
Private is the two of us only.
Well, he's here.
He was just leaving.
I've about exhausted the pleasantries, you? We agree on something.
Can we agree on another? We don't like each other.
But we can respect one another's positions and respective institutions.
I don't feel your respect.
I asked you to speak in private.
- I didn't vilify you in public.
- You don't need the public square.
You command the forces of might, right and white.
Give me a break, Rev.
There's no cameras or microphones in here.
Why don't you sit down? I'd like to offer you a gift.
Generous, but, uh, as commissioner, I'm afraid I can't accept.
How about as a father? Tread carefully there.
An elegant solution to an ugly dilemma.
Detective Reagan retires from the N.
, and we drop the whole thing.
No grand jury.
No charges.
You can't promise no charges.
You don't have the power.
They're not yours to bring.
No grand jury.
You can't promise that, either.
That's up to the district attorney.
You and I both know that if I call off the pressure What exactly have you got? Ernesto Rodriquez.
Little boy across the hall who saw the whole thing.
He's ready to say he saw your son push Jessy Lincoln out the window.
Your words in his mouth.
His words, commissioner.
His eyewitness account.
If this boy witnessed a crime, he should be interviewed by my detectives, the district attorney's office and Child Services.
So you can deliver him and his family to Immigration and put him on the first boat back to Mexico? Look, I will personally guarantee his family immunity from deportation.
And we can make the announcement together.
The only interview Ernesto will be giving is to the media.
Unless Unless my son resigns from the N.
That's what's on the table.
Why are you doing this? What do you hope to gain from this charade? The trust of the people.
And their faith that the N.
Can and will be held accountable.
You're good at what you do.
It's a pity that what you do is so damn corrupt.
That's not a word I'd be tossing around, Mr.
You let me know.
But you didn't do it.
No, I didn't do it.
So why don't you just say that? Because it's not that simple, kiddo.
But Potter knows you didn't do it.
That doesn't matter to him.
This is ridiculous.
Until you're the one in the spotlight.
Then it becomes a nightmare.
Ever happen to you? The Knapp Commission.
Every cop with a stripe on his sleeve was guilty until he was proved innocent.
That's overstating it, Pop.
You weren't there, Francis.
That's how we felt.
I still don't get why, though.
What did Uncle Danny ever do to Potter? Because he carries my last name and Pop's.
Two PCs.
Okay, now you're overstating it.
It was a specific incident two blocks from his church.
Yes and yes.
But he is one in a long line that thinks of the police as an occupying force and fancies himself as leader of the resistance.
So when opportunity knocks, as it did here, Potter heads for the door.
- It is just so wrong.
- Look, it is what it is.
What, so you're not gonna fight it? When you interviewed Ernesto, the family had moved, right? - Right.
- Why? They were illegal.
I'm sure they were afraid we were gonna come back and get them.
But where did they move? We couldn't know.
No one helped them pack? Lent them a car? Got a forwarding address? No one that we could get out of them.
Well, somebody did.
Somebody sponsored that relocation.
Had to have.
Don't you think? Excuse me.
You're gonna need a subpoena.
Uh What just happened? Sorry about the short notice, Greg.
Oh, we're the original 24-hour store.
Well, I took your advice about Reverend Potter.
But you didn't come here with the good news.
If there was ever any respect there, it's gone.
He insisted I give up my son to his agenda.
Or else.
I see.
I can't protect against him without exposing him.
Can't or won't, Frank? Both, I guess.
And you want what from me? My blessing to take him out? How much mercy am I required to show? Well, there isn't any metric that I know of.
You show as much mercy as you can.
It's as simple and as complicated as that.
A left.
Another left.
He's circling the block.
Dry cleaning.
He's definitely going to see Ernesto's family.
Either that or he's got another girlfriend that he's taking extra precautions about.
Looks like he's pulling over.
These are some swanky digs.
You think those presents are for his girlfriend? Not a chance in hell.
Looks like Ernesto's family is moving on up.
The manager should be down in just a second.
Oh, there he is, detective.
You the one in charge of new leases? Yes, but I'm afraid we have nothing left available.
- It's not for us.
- A new family moved in here just yesterday.
We'd like to take a look at their lease.
I'm sorry.
That's not something I'm allowed to share with you.
Sure you are.
Morning, Reverend.
You promised Detective Reagan.
Where is he? I don't know.
I don't keep very close tabs on my children.
He's not coming.
I came in his stead.
My whole life, I've dealt with cops who tell you one thing and do another.
And while I'm disappointed that you are no different, I'm not surprised.
That's why I always carry my own insurance.
You told the press we were meeting here.
In case you pulled a stunt like this.
That was stupid.
Reverend, we are walking out of here together.
Just you and I.
The only choice you have is do we walk with you in handcuffs? Whatever you think you got on me, I can assure you, you don't have it.
Well I got your signature on a check and a lease that both trace back to your shelter corporation.
So I signed a lease for an underprivileged family.
There's no crime in that.
Unless there were strings attached, like giving the Rodriguez family money in exchange for Ernesto's false testimony.
The DA calls that bribing a witness.
That is a class D felony.
Your word against my word.
Actually, I think Ernesto's word is going to carry the day.
You're bluffing.
They asked me to give you back your swag.
And now you're gonna crucify me.
I am going to give you the respect that you wouldn't give my son.
I'm gonna give you one last chance to honor the cloth you wear and the title you put before your name.
Why? Shut up and start walking before I change my mind.
The police officer kept yelling: "Put your hands up, put your hands up!" But the bad guy wouldn't listen.
I think he was on drugs or something.
Then, all of a sudden, he just went crazy and smashed his head through the window.
And then he just jumped.
Guess you heard already.
What are you doing here? Brought you a get-well gift.
You're under arrest.
Just in case, you know, you decide you wanna try and fly again.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say may be used against you in a court of law.
You have the right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford an attorney Me and Baez are gonna call it a day.
I need a beer.
I'm going to Fitzgerald's.
You wanna come with? Another time, Reagan.
- You going somewhere? - Siberia.
You've had enough of your own problems.
I didn't wanna burden you with mine.
What are you talking about, sarge? Kind of blew up in the hot seat at CompStat.
Oh, no.
Oh, yeah.
Put my foot in my mouth bigtime.
Just got a call from the commissioner.
He wants to see me and my box down at 1 PP.
Well, how about I'll talk to him? The hell you will.
But I appreciate the offer.
I don't know what to say, sarge.
I'm not dying, Reagan.
I'm just getting transferred.
It's not the first time I been bounced around in this job.
Yeah, and it probably won't be the last.
You know what, Reagan? You're one of the worst detectives I've ever had.
That means a lot, coming from the worst boss I ever had.
Take it easy, kid.
I'll see you around, sarge.
Bull's-eye! Winner buys the next round.
Oh, gee, okay, okay.
Hey, can I get three more? Thanks.
What are? What are you doing here? Looking for you.
Yeah, well, I'm off duty.
Okay, well, I only need a minute.
I just want to apologize.
- For what? - I misread you.
I thought you were, like, acting jealous or something.
So my bad.
Why would I be jealous? You wouldn't be.
What if I was? I don't know, this thing we have here is kind of undefined.
And we're flying without the instruments.
At least, I am.
Well, you didn't misread me completely.
I asked McKenna if I could ride with him before I knew he needed a female for his decoy unit.
But I'm not calling it jealousy.
Neither am I.
We're good? Hey, we're good.
Um, let's shoot darts.
Drink beers.
Uh, another time.
I'm booked.
Oh, fancy.
Paging Dr.
Lambchop? - Come on, Eddie.
- It's a joke, Jamie.
Remember jokes? It's just dinner.
Well, you don't need my permission.
Okay, I'll see you tomorrow.
See you in the morning.
Okay, I'll see you in the morning.
All right.
Go have fun.
All right.
Sergeant Gormley, sir.
At ease, sergeant.
Put the box down, take a load off.
Sir, I I got a big mouth, commissioner.
You know? I get emotional, and I don't think before I speak.
You retracting what you said? - Which part, sir? - What you said about liking this department better the way it used to be.
No, I stand by that.
Sir? I agree with exactly zero of what you said.
It's cheap and easy to dress up lazy police work as some sort of Runyonesque treasure from a bygone era.
Yes, sir.
But I appreciate you having the balls to say it to my face.
And I want you to come to work for me here.
Now, I know you only hold the rank of sergeant, so civil-service law prevents me from naming you chief of department.
But that is, effectively, what your role will be.
Oh, I Commissioner, I There are a hundred people more qualified for that job.
You're probably right.
Then why me? Sid when they asked me to throw my hat in the ring for this job, I had exactly the same reaction that you're having right now.
I was a cop, not a suit.
I liked the street view, not the one from high up in headquarters.
So I understand.
Well, what changed your mind? A man I trusted and admired gave me a four-word answer to my question then, to your question now: "Why me? How am I in any way qualified?" What he said? "You're a cop's cop.
" Well, nobody calls me that.
Yeah, they do.
And so do I.
And I need a cop's cop up here, and more every day.
I need to stay connected to the rank and file, and I need your help.
So can I count you in? Yes, sir.
So how does special assistant to the commissioner sound to you? Awful.