Blue Bloods s05e15 Episode Script

Power Players

Give us the room, guys.
Thank you.
Morning, sir.
Morning, commissioner.
That went well.
- What went well? - The difficult transition from talking about me to talking about me in front of me.
We weren't talking about you.
Frank, do you know Deputy Mayor Herrera? Yeah, we worked together during the U.
General Assembly.
Sylvia is a member of my inner circle for the past 20 years.
There's really no one I trust more.
Until now? Well, she lives with an unpredictable guy named Ray McClain.
She loves him, won't cut him loose.
Couple of years ago, Ray was convicted of felony assault.
- Now he's on parole.
- He screwed up, paid for it.
The mistake was his, not hers.
That's right.
And so far, we've been able to keep it out of the press.
- So far? - Well, last night, one of your officers arrested Ray outside of a bar in Queens.
One of our officers.
That's right.
Some kind of misdemeanor.
Which would violate his parole.
And potentially find its way into the papers.
I don't wanna lose her, Frank.
I can't tinker with a legitimate arrest.
- You know that, right? - Of course I know that.
But I will consider this a personal favor if you would take a look.
At? Well, at the arrest, at the circumstance At the big picture, Frank.
Twelve David, Suspect is a female Hispanic wearing jeans and a blue top.
Hey, what's going on? Civilian Patrolman Andy Fisher, sir.
- How you doing? - Great.
The suspect has been contained.
You pull your car all the way up on the sidewalk like that, Andy? Yes.
Yeah, yeah.
I spotted the suspect fleeing the bodega with a box of lottery tickets, so I I pulled a u-ey, I cut her off and then I kept her at bay with the old persuader, here.
That's great.
But you know Civilian Patrol volunteers aren't supposed to pursue suspects, right? I don't Heh, I guess I kind of got caught up in the moment, so - We'll take it from here.
Come on.
- Okay.
Copy that.
- Yeah.
- 10-4.
- All right, let's go.
- Come on.
- It was great working with you.
- All right.
I'll, uh, catch you around the precinct, okay? - Okay.
- Okay.
Your client is on trial for one count of murder-for-hire in the death of Edward Harper, along with the murders of his twin 9-year-old daughters.
Good luck proving that.
I don't need luck.
I have an eyewitness.
Are you referring to Thomas Conti? Who saw Mr.
Dano execute the victims outside the Casa Vista Grill.
Conti is a lying sack of crap and whoever did this should've popped him too.
If you plead guilty now, we are willing to reduce the charges to three counts of second-degree murder.
That's a very generous offer.
We'll pass.
This is an affidavit from the Essex County Sheriff's Department.
It states that Mr.
Conti was in their custody on the evening in question.
I assume Mr.
Conti cut a deal to testify in exchange for help with his legal difficulties in New Jersey.
You can't trust anyone these days.
You have no case, Ms.
If I were you, I would drop the charges.
What just happened? Conti's car was outside the social club that night.
There was no way to know he wasn't in it when the murders went down.
He saw a chance to make a deal and he took it.
Well, Dano is right about one thing, Conti is a lying sack of crap.
- So now what? - We're mid-trial.
If we don't find another witness fast, that animal is gonna walk.
I know this is a high-profile prosecution, but what happened was unforeseeable and Right.
I will keep you updated.
Acting DA is not happy.
I got that.
Dano is suspected in seven other homicides that we know of.
This office has unsuccessfully prosecuted him twice before.
The DA's not looking to take the third strike.
But with no eyewitness, the case is totally circumstantial.
There is someone who saw Dano murder those people.
Vincent Rella.
The feds snatched him from me to testify in their RICO case.
He was your star witness against Dano.
He's in the Witness Protection Program, Alex.
Rella's gone.
Not if the U.
Attorney makes a phone call.
You want me to yank Rella out of WITSEC to testify against Dano? The feds are never gonna go for that.
You wanna tell your boss you're dropping the charges? Because he'll never go for that.
These civilian patrols and neighborhood watch groups - are more trouble than they're worth.
- I don't know.
We always whine about how the public doesn't appreciate us and here's a group of people who actually wanna help.
Yeah, trouble is they're not trained as police officers and they're a magnet for cop wannabes.
Hey, guys.
- Hey, Andy.
What are you doing here? - Hey, Andy.
Oh, I was just following up on our collar.
Well, she was 15.
First offense.
She was recogged to her parents.
Well, you know, I I envy you guys.
I dreamed of being a cop my whole life.
Oh, what happened? Benign positional vertigo.
Come again? I get dizzy if I move my head too fast.
- I see how that would be a problem.
- Yeah.
Hey, so, um, I've been tracking this local drug dealer on that same block.
Now, he sells right outside an elementary school.
So I thought we could all work together to take him down.
You're not supposed to be chasing bad guys, Andy.
It's dangerous.
Hey, Andy, why don't you give us the information and I promise we'll check it out.
Uh, here is my surveillance log.
The cell number's inside.
Call me, uh, whenever.
Oh, I gotta run.
I'm having my head repositioned this afternoon.
- Good luck with that.
- Thank you.
All right.
- What are you doing? - Look at it.
You're encouraging him.
You guys are joking, right? Marshal Morgan, I'm Erin Reagan.
WITSEC's not a damn ATM.
You can't make deposits and withdrawals whenever you feel like it.
It's just for a few days.
Rella was a witness in a major Mob case.
He shows his face in New York City, he's as good as dead.
We will protect him.
Oh, is that the royal "we"? Because I'm not putting any of my men in harm's way to protect that lowlife skel ever again.
Look, I understand this is an unusual request.
But Victor Dano is Is a really bad guy.
Yeah, I get it.
But you're gonna have to nail him without Vincent Rella.
So much for the cooperation of the federal government.
- They don't give a damn.
- Of course not.
They don't have to face the families of the next victim.
Violating the sanctity of the Witness Protection Program is a big deal.
While we wouldn't be breaking any laws It would definitely piss off the feds.
Question is, how do we find Rella? Did you check out his family? They disowned him years ago.
I reviewed my notes from the Rella deposition.
He mentioned a granddaughter named Melissa.
Apparently, she was the only one who showed up to say goodbye when he entered WITSEC.
You think she's still in contact with him? Bring her in.
- Initial here, please.
- Ah.
Thank you, Baker.
- Where were we? - The mayor.
He just asked me to look into it.
And make it go away? Unsaid.
He did remind me to look at the big picture.
Herrera and Poole are like brother and sister.
He'll fight to keep her.
Well, his sister lives with a criminal, by her own choice.
Not our problem.
If the mayor asks me to review a case, I have an obligation to review it.
I made no promises.
Well, smells bad to me, boss.
Did you take the opportunity to discuss the pension increase? Take the opportunity? You know what I mean.
Yes, I do.
So, no.
All due respect, why not? If I put my own ask out there, it is tantamount to proposing a quid pro quo.
Right, no quid pro quo, can't have that.
"You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.
" But a pension increase scratches the backs of 35,000 N.
Who deserve it.
And this mayor's been dragging his feet on the bump since day one.
This can't be that.
Get me everything on the circumstances of the arrest.
So, Melissa, you're a junior at NYU? You sound surprised.
I didn't mean it like that.
I'm sorry.
It's just not easy being Vincent Rella's granddaughter.
Are you two close? My mom cut Grandpa out of her life years ago.
So did the rest of my family.
Are you still in touch with your grandfather, Melissa? I'm not supposed to talk about that.
We know he's under federal protection.
I don't know where he is.
Okay, but you speak to him sometimes, right? He has a cell phone the marshals don't know about.
We just wanna speak with him, Melissa.
Just to explain the situation.
Whether he testifies or not is totally up to him.
Please don't ask me to do this.
I know we're putting you in a very difficult position.
But the guy that we are after killed two little girls.
We really need your grandfather's help.
Just don't tell him where you got the number.
We won't.
Thank you.
" That's an Iowa area code.
You really think you're gonna convince Rella to testify over the phone? Do you have a better idea? You know what they say, showing up is half the battle.
Caller said there was only one shooter.
Guys, over here.
- Andy, what's going on? - Okay.
You know that drug dealer I told you about? He was arguing and he pulled out his gun, - and he started shooting.
- You chased after him? No, no, he saw my car and he ran into the courtyard.
He's behind this big brick building on the left.
All right, back up.
Get back to the street.
- Stay back.
- Go.
- I'm gonna go around, look for cover.
- Okay.
No one's been shot! Give it up! You could walk on this.
Drop the gun and get down on the ground! Drop your weapon! Come on, drop your weapon! Hey, Andy, no! Get back! I got shot! - Drop it! Get down on the ground! - Police, don't move! Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Twelve David to Central.
Shots fired at this location.
- Get him over.
- Oh, my God.
Get him up.
Sit tight, Andy, I'm coming.
Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
Central, 12 David.
I need a bus at this location forthwith.
Read, two males shot.
We got one under.
I got one perp and one civilian.
10-4, 12 David.
Jamie? He's dead.
- Am I gonna die? - Calm down.
Hey, how did it go with the Borough Shooting Team? I told them exactly what happened.
The perp aimed his gun at me.
I didn't have a choice.
End of story.
I told them the same thing.
It was a clean shoot, Eddie.
How's Andy? I called the hospital, he's gonna be fine.
I know what you're going through.
I've been there myself.
You never told me you killed anybody.
Guy wanted to commit suicide.
He used me to do it.
Did you have a choice? No.
I still felt bad about it, though, taking somebody's life, whether they're asking for it or not.
Hard to just put that in a box.
Yeah, it's part of the job.
I'm just saying, if you wanna talk about it You know what I really want? I wanna get this dog-and-pony show over with so I can get back on the street.
I had no idea it got so cold in Iowa.
The guy at the gas station looked at us like we were from Mars when I asked for directions.
We don't exactly fit in.
Especially as a couple.
There's our guy.
How's it going, Vincent? Relax.
We're not here to kill you.
You nearly gave me a freaking heart attack.
I'm ADA Erin Reagan.
Do you remember me? Yeah, I remember you.
You're the DA prosecuting Victor Dano.
- What are you doing here? - After we lost you to the feds, we found ourselves another witness.
Thomas Conti.
He's a lying sack of crap.
Yeah, we found that out the hard way.
I don't know how the hell you found me here, but you being here jams me up.
I don't like it.
We need you to testify against Dano, Vincent.
Let me tell you something.
Victor Dano is a merciless, stone-cold killer who would whack his mother for 50 Gs.
He would.
But I ain't out here for my health, you see.
There's a very big price for me back east.
I give you my word, I can get you in and out of the city in 72 hours.
You know something? There is nothing that I want more than a decent plate of pasta.
But I ain't gonna die for it.
Rella, please.
The name is Peters.
Vincent Peters.
I know we're kind of screwed right now, but this loose meat pork sandwich is incredible.
If we don't bring Vincent back with us to New York City, the next sandwich you have is not gonna be made out of pork.
How about getting a judge to sign off on a material witness order? No judge is going to order a witness out of federal protection.
We need to convince Vincent to come back with us voluntarily.
Come on, Erin, Vincent is a career criminal.
The only reason this dude is still alive is he ratted out guys worse than him.
How are you supposed to appeal to a guy like that? By figuring out what they love.
Then we got a serious problem because the only thing Vincent loves is himself.
But he wasn't calling himself every Sunday night, was he? "Ray McClain exited a bar in the 117th precinct.
There was a funeral in progress next door.
McClain was drunk and started shouting obscenities.
He repeatedly ignored Officer Butler's order to quiet down, so the officer placed him under arrest.
" Okay.
It's not like he hurt anyone, right? If you don't count the parents burying their 15-year-old son.
Frank, I'm not standing up for Ray McClain or asking you to.
But Sylvia Herrera is my right hand.
I can't afford to lose her.
" Why? What's the price here? No one said anything about price.
Don't raise the stakes.
You raised the stakes the minute you asked me to look into a simple arrest.
Okay, Frank, time-out.
I don't answer to you.
You answer to me.
- I know that.
- Then show that you know that.
Frank, I can help in moving along the increase in the N.
's pension funding.
That's common knowledge.
That's all you have to say? - No.
- No? You and I know these two issues do not belong side by side.
Frank, I didn't place them side by side.
I changed the subject.
- I misunderstood.
- Yes, you did.
Got it.
An increase that, by all accounts, is long overdue.
We agree on that.
In a tough fiscal year.
Mayor Poole, tell me something I don't know.
Frank, I am quite confident there isn't anything that you don't already know.
What part of "no" don't you understand? The N or the O? I am not gonna testify against Victor Dano, okay? And nothing you say is gonna change my mind.
I know.
Melissa? What are you doing dragging my granddaughter into this? I wanted to come, Grandpa.
- You got no right whatsoever.
- Vincent Vincent, hear her out.
Honey, this is my life.
It's not yours.
Before you left, you said you wished you'd been a good man.
Victor Dano killed a lot of people.
If you can keep him from hurting anyone else, isn't that what a good man would do? Please.
We've arranged for you to stay in the federal witness apartment.
You'll be safe there.
Yeah, that's where they stuck me for the RICO trial.
All they got is basic cable.
You testify, then it's back to your satellite dish in Iowa.
You remember the deal, right? Pasta fazool from John & Tony's.
And don't forget the stuffed mushrooms.
- I got it.
- Well, look what the cat dragged in.
Hey, Morgan.
How they hanging? Mr.
Rella is here voluntarily.
No laws have been broken.
What are you doing down here? We've arranged for him to stay in the apartment until he testifies.
We need it for a legit witness in a federal narcotics trial.
I cleared this with the supervising marshal.
Who works for me.
You disrespected federal jurisdiction.
And it'll be a cold day in hell before any of my men protect this joker again.
Oh, I'm hurt.
Not yet.
But you just got here.
Good luck keeping him alive once his Mob pals find out he's home.
Boss told me Shooting Team ruled that your actions were justified.
You've been cleared.
I mean, I knew I didn't do anything wrong.
A lot of cops been jammed up on clean shoots, Eddie.
- Congratulations.
- It's not like I won the World Series.
You might have won something.
Boss is putting you in for a medal.
Seriously? Hey, you protected the lives of your partner and a member of the Civilian Patrol.
No, you know, I killed a guy before he killed me.
I'm not a hero.
I don't want a damn medal.
Let me get this straight.
McClain walks and the members of this department - get a major pension hike? - Sure sounded like that.
Compared to this, the Dutch overpaid for Manhattan.
Our cops risk their lives every day.
I don't think they'd want me trading their arrests for political favors.
If it means they retire with more money in their pockets, I promise you, they'll be fine with it.
We finally get leverage with the mayor and you're not gonna use it? I'd be handing him a silver bullet.
- How? - Well, think about it.
Say there's a next time he asks me to step over the line for him, and there's always a next time - He owns you, from the first time.
- Yeah.
So any favor you do for him he's gonna use against you.
I'm not saying he would, but he could.
And that's an unacceptable risk.
What did you get me into here, huh? Take it easy, Vincent.
We're gonna keep you safe.
Yeah? Forget about the wise guys.
The marshals are gonna take me out.
We're gonna protect you.
Oh, you're gonna protect me.
Who? You and beauty queen over here? No.
I got a better idea.
Take me back to the airport right now.
Forget about the airport.
Traffic's murder this time of night.
You run this by your boss? Yeah, we're good to go.
Vincent Rella, Detectives Reagan and Baez, N.
Your new guardian angels.
Now we're getting somewhere.
We have a safe house for Vincent.
We'll help Alex get him to court, then back to the airport.
We owe you guys.
Don't worry.
We'll be sure to remind you.
Thanks, Jack.
How's your partner holding up? I don't know.
She says she's okay.
- She says, or she is? - That's the question, all right.
Yeah, well, who could just be okay, huh? You take a life.
Well, you have to be okay in the sense that it comes with the territory, but you're right, Linda.
You can't just be okay in the sense that you're immune to the stakes of it.
I'm prosecuting a guy who doesn't think twice about killing.
In fact, I think he enjoys it.
Well, that's why we're out there.
Isn't killing wrong no matter who does it? It's always wrong to the person who gets killed.
Yeah, it's complicated, honey.
It seems pretty simple to me.
And to a lot of people.
And they're lucky for it.
But the cops, we don't really have that luxury.
- Not luxury, but, uh - Choice.
- Choice.
- Yeah, choice.
You choose to go on this job, you may be put in a position one day where you take the life of someone you never met before that moment.
This kid Walter, in my class, said that cops shoot people for no reason.
Do you believe that? No.
But that's what he says.
Tell your friend Walter to think before he shoots his mouth off.
- Danny - Trust me, that was the kid-friendly version, Linda.
No cop steps on the street looking to take a life, Sean.
But mistakes do happen.
Yeah, tragically.
As mistakes happen in any endeavor where people are involved.
And unfortunately, the mistakes make the front page.
And the stories that start, "I almost went for my weapon and then I realized"? Not so much.
- And there's a million more of those.
- Yeah.
So you tell your friend Walter before he shoots his mouth off again, check the crime stats.
City's safer than it's ever been.
Knock on wood.
So the boss says I have to go to that damn medal ceremony.
Yeah, well, you getting decorated puts a shine on the whole precinct.
Can't they just send me the stupid thing? It's no biggie.
The whole deal takes about an hour, tops.
Hey, guys.
- Hey.
- Saw your RMP parked out front.
- Hey, Andy, how's the foot? - Oh, thank you.
Uh, well, the doctor says I won't have a limp, so And, heh, it's the craziest thing, you know? I haven't felt dizzy once since I got shot.
Well, maybe you should've taken a bullet a long time ago.
Um, well, I just I just came here to thank you guys.
Uh, especially you, Officer Janko.
I mean, I owe you my life, heh, so Oh, I have something for you.
Oh, what's this? Um, well, I, uh, prepare tax returns on the side and, uh, that entitles you to three years free.
- Whoa.
- Yeah.
Three years, huh? Is that the going rate for killing a guy? Heh.
I don't understand.
- Eddie - Well, I'm just I'm just curious.
If I, uh Well, if I killed two guys, do I get six years? - Oh, um Look, I didn't mean to - You didn't mean to what? Make a dangerous situation even worse? Almost get yourself killed, almost get my partner and I killed because of your ridiculous fantasies about being a cop? - Eddie, that's enough.
- You know what? What we do on that street? That's real.
It's not some video game that you get to play because you hate your pathetic life.
You know what, Andy? You should stick to tax returns before you get somebody else killed.
Come in.
- Sir.
- As you were, Officer Butler.
Close the door.
You're not on the hook for anything.
I'm just looking for some answers here.
Thank you, sir.
I just heard something.
I heard you knocked down the charges against Ray McClain.
Why? Because he made a case.
A case for? The guy's on parole.
The higher charge, the misdemeanor, would've put him in violation.
All he really did was get into it with two individuals in the funeral party.
Disruption of a funeral service, that's a class A misdemeanor.
He didn't really disrupt.
He did have words with two members of the party who made some comments about the cap he was wearing.
It was a Red Sox cap, sir.
You know how that can go.
I just didn't think he should go back to prison for it.
I'm gonna ask you a question and I expect an honest answer.
Did anybody talk to you about this? Anyone from 1 PP? No, sir.
Anyone from the mayor's office? The mayor's office? You're not on the hook here.
I just need the truth.
The truth is, sir, that if the mayor's office had reached out, I would never have reduced those charges.
All due respect, sir, I'm not a fan of the mayor.
- No? - I'm a year away from retirement.
With pension the way it is, I'm looking for security work because my pension, it won't cut it.
And I blame the mayor for that.
How did I do, counselor? Your testimony was a slam dunk.
Dano's lawyer has already called to see if the deal's still on the table - and it's not.
- Beautiful.
You took a real chance to come back here.
Thank you.
If you're ever in Iowa I will bring the pasta.
Put these on.
Let's get you out of here.
This way.
Convoy's waiting for you outside 100 Centre Street.
Take you to the airport.
We got company.
Cover him! You okay? You okay? Stay down, Erin! - Anybody hurt? - We're okay.
But let's get out of here.
- Come on.
- Come on, let's go.
- Everyone okay? - Yeah.
- Reagan.
- Speaking of irritating - Should've known this was your mess.
- Yeah, good to see you too, Morgan.
How the hell you plan to get this man out of here? We're working on it.
Vincent's pals know we're in here.
Gotta move fast.
So, what's the call? We're walking him out the front door, putting him right in a car, straight to the airport.
Ha! That's your plan? - That's the plan.
Come on.
- Nice knowing you, Reagan.
He's got a point, Danny.
They'll have all the exits covered.
That's exactly what I'm hoping for.
Come on.
Get out of the way.
Come on.
Black sedan about 75 yards back.
Yeah, they're following us.
Nice work, partner.
Well, it's not my first rodeo.
Don't pull a muscle patting yourself on the back, Reagan.
You know, why do you gotta be like that, Morgan? Come on, we're a team now.
Dream on.
I only did this so Rella's brains wouldn't get splattered all over the courthouse steps.
Well, whatever the reason, we owe you one.
Just promise me I'll never have to work with you, your sister, or anybody else named Reagan ever again, and we'll call it square.
- Okay, how about Baez? - Her too.
- So where are we headed? - Westchester Airport.
Give these clowns a nickel tour and collar them when we get there.
Should give McBride plenty of time to get Rella to LaGuardia.
All right.
Wake me when we get there.
I made a deal with the feds so I wouldn't have to wear one of these things again.
You can change back into your own clothes when you get to the airport.
Look at this.
I'm escaping the Mob in a police van.
I tell you, that brother of yours is very clever.
He would have made a good wise guy.
I'll make sure to tell him you said so.
Whoa, look at you.
Where's a camera when we need one? It's a good color on you.
I didn't hear you volunteering to escort him back to Iowa.
I've got closing arguments to make.
What if I get whacked by one of those guys before we hit LaGuardia? Doubtful.
These guys are all marshals and N.
Are riding along in case.
I don't believe it.
I don't know who's scarier, you or the Mob.
Hey, Grandpa.
You have a few minutes before the bus leaves.
I thought you might want to say goodbye.
You know, I would never say this in a courtroom.
You two are okay.
You travel safe, Vincent.
Thank you, Erin.
Hi, dear.
Okay, okay.
All right, all right.
You're my baby.
Okay, okay.
Don't cry, no crying.
Gonna make me cry - in front of these guys now? - No.
- I want to hear you laugh.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Okay, everything's okay.
- Okay.
- Okay, all right, baby.
I love you.
- I love you too.
Okay, sweetheart.
Armed with that information and on further review with his CO, Officer Butler thought that justice was best served by reducing the charge to disorderly conduct.
- With no reservations? - None that he communicated to me.
So you did speak with him, personally.
I did, yes.
And he understood this was purely an N.
Inter-departmental decision? He did, because it was.
Thank you.
Nothing to thank me for, Mr.
I meant thank you for the information, Frank, the good news.
Of course.
You're welcome.
Officer Butler is less than a year out from retirement, by the way.
Is that right? - Long service? - Twenty-two years.
- Long and distinguished.
- Good for him.
Less than a year out.
You know how time can drag where budget matters are concerned.
All of that.
Glenn Butler deserves your thanks.
Frank, all the Glenn Butlers deserve our thanks.
Hey, I've been calling you for hours.
Where have you been all day? Sorry, I just I wasn't feeling well, so I told the boss I needed to go home.
What, you don't give me a heads-up? Yeah.
I'm fine.
Could have fooled me.
I'm not trying to fool you.
I'm not trying to fool anybody.
About anything.
All right.
Make yourself a drink.
I'm good.
I can't cry.
Nobody's asking you to.
Oh, everybody's asking me to.
Let it out.
" So I watched Remember the Titans.
That always makes me cry.
- But not today? - Nope.
I just keep thinking, maybe if I'd done something different, if I had given him a way out, if You know? He drew on you, Eddie.
There was no other way out.
Is this you? If you say one word about my hair, I will shoot you too.
- You know I'll shoot you.
Come on.
- Ha, ha.
This - You look amazing, actually.
- Come on.
That's a great picture.
I look like what I was.
A sheltered, happy kid.
I look at my life now, and I just Look, I don't even know how I got here.
My brother gave me some good advice after my incident.
He said when you're looking at something this big, don't go looking for something bigger.
The hell does that mean? It means don't go drawing any big conclusions about your life right now.
Just get through the day and get through the night.
How long since you slept? Too long.
This is a really bad guy.
So why do I feel so guilty? Because you're a good guy.
It's true.
Do you think that maybe you could stay here tonight? I don't mean like No, I know.
I need you.
I'm not going anywhere.