Blue Bloods s05e19 Episode Script

Through the Looking Glass

Hey, yo, wait, wait, wait.
Hold on.
Check it out.
Check it out.
You're really gonna do it? No way.
All right, come on, come on, all right? Let's go, let's go, let's go! You got him.
You got him.
Let's go! Let's go! Go, go! Come on! What's the worst part of your job? Worst part of my job is when someone gets away with breaking the law.
- Why? Does it make you feel guilty? - Yes.
Does it make you wish you weren't a lawyer? It makes me want to be a better lawyer.
Now, let's go before we're late.
- Hey.
- Reagan.
I have a surprise for you.
- Robbery or homicide? - It's worse than that.
Ever hear of the N.
's Rescue Ride program? It pairs young criminal offenders with positive role models.
So? I think you're a perfect candidate.
To be the offender or the role model? Charelle Tyler was arrested for drug possession and harassment.
She just turned 16, so technically an adult.
The judge agreed to let her do Rescue Ride instead of jail time.
I think she'd be better off riding with Fernandez.
She She - He's great with kids.
- He loves kids.
She's gonna ride with the both of you.
And you're going to show her that cops are not This is a direct quote.
- "A bunch of lowlife pigs.
" I'm not the right person for this.
Possibly not.
Definitely not.
But you're gonna.
Good luck.
Where are we with the victim? Identified as Benjamin Wilson.
He's been homeless for four years, has a history of mental problems.
Sister in Ozone Park.
We got detectives canvassing.
Nothing substantial to report yet.
- Who called it in? - No one.
Patrolman found the man after the fact.
- What about the crime scene? - A sneaker print near where the victim was torched, so if we get any suspects, we'll look for a match.
Not if.
Baker, I'll be eating in.
- I'll cancel your lunch.
- Thank you.
Anne Farrell on channel two has a mouthful to say about it and you.
Tell me something new.
A homeless man was executed last night in front of 15 stories of apartment buildings that overlook this area of the Brownsville section of Brooklyn.
And not one call was made to 911, because as one neighbor put it Around here, we're more scared of the cops than we are of the criminals.
And that's not right.
And what would you like to say to N.
Commissioner Frank Reagan? Where's the cameras in this neighborhood, huh? Where's the police in this neighborhood when we need them? Twenty bucks says she coaches them.
Her harangues on this department are getting more frequent.
And she's trending on Twitter like all the time.
My wife tracks these things.
I want vertical patrols in all buildings overlooking the park.
Knock on doors, talk to shopkeepers and parents and kids.
I want this case closed.
And I wanna meet with this reporter.
I don't think that's a good idea.
Neither do I.
Set it up.
Sit up straight.
Stop playing with that necklace.
This is Detective Reagan and Detective Baez.
You don't cooperate with them, I'm personally calling the judge and getting you sent to Rikers.
Got it? Got it.
Just so you know, we have no interest in being your babysitters.
Yeah? Just so you know, I got no interest in you.
Or you.
Or what y'all do or why.
I'm here because they're making me.
So don't expect me to pretend I'm interested in your low-paying, civil servant, bullcrap job.
All right? All right.
Nice meeting you too.
You sit tight for a while.
- Heard you were looking for me.
- Yeah.
This morning, as part of a school project, my daughter asked me what the worst part of my job was, and I told her not finding justice for a victim.
You got a pretty good track record on that.
I've got a 20-year-old homicide I want off the books.
- Okay.
- Forty-one-year-old woman, single, living in East New York, found on the corner of Nostrand and Avenue O, stabbed twice with a knife.
- Single mother of a six - Sixteen-year-old son.
Who grew up to become a cop.
Why do you wanna look into my mother's murder? You told me you became a cop to solve your mother's murder.
I also told you I tried and failed.
I took a look at the detective's case file.
Your mother was working at the 24th Street Diner that night? - Yeah.
- Were there any suspects? It looked like a robbery gone bad.
Her jewelry was taken, a ring she wore every day A gold band with angel wings engraved in it that her mother gave to her.
- And there were never any leads? - No leads.
No suspects, no arrests.
No evidence of any value.
- Erin, why are you doing this? - What's that supposed to mean? I mean, don't you think I've tried? I'm not suggesting you can't solve this on your own.
That's exactly what this is suggesting.
I've been over this case a million times.
Exactly my point.
I thought maybe I could bring some fresh eyes to it.
Or maybe it'll just open up old wounds.
So the commissioner has seen my reports? Oh, yeah.
We've seen all your segments over the last few weeks.
Especially the ones related to this department.
Hope I didn't keep you waiting.
Anne Farrell, Commissioner Reagan.
A pleasure, commissioner.
Is it? Why don't we have a seat? Please.
I appreciate you inviting me up.
And I appreciate you showing up.
- Coffee? - I'm good, thanks.
- We have tea.
- No, thank you.
Humble pie? We got plenty of that around here.
Thirty-five thousand cops trying to police around 10 million people, you're guaranteed a fair amount of failures.
- What the commissioner means - The commissioner means we are terminally shorthanded.
It does not mean that we are short on ambition or achievements.
Quite the opposite.
Nobody is saying the N.
Isn't doing a good job in some respects.
Yes, in respect to Park Avenue.
In respect to our Park Slope.
But not in respect to Brownsville.
I didn't say that.
It's between the lines in every line you broadcast.
Are you seriously gonna deny that police relations with the Brownsville community can't use improvement? Of course they can.
But that is not what you reported.
You called the N.
Apathetic and racist.
I didn't use that terminology.
Let's not split hairs.
A man was murdered in open view and no one called 911, and there was not one measure in place to prevent it.
We have more patrol units there and the same amount of surveillance equipment as we do on Sutton Place.
The difference is, the citizens in Brownsville choose to disable that equipment with spray paint and potshots.
And is it replaced? Right away.
- Only to be disabled, again.
- I can show you the logs.
The reason the person who committed this crime has gotten away with it is because the community doesn't trust you and your department.
Well, maybe you could help.
Why don't you take a vertical patrol of this building? Talk to the men and women here the way you do the men and women you interview on the street? Another time, perhaps.
You sure? Garrett could show you around.
I'd be glad to.
My issue is with the leadership.
So you isolate me from the herd, easier to take me down.
That's a hell of a way of putting it.
Well, I'm not the wordsmith.
I'm gonna do you a favor.
I'm gonna make this conversation off the record.
I'll show myself out.
You take a right at the burning cross and a left at the Confederate flag.
Have a good day.
That went well.
You went to P.
98? I grew up right around there.
Have you decided what you wanna do after high school? Well, I was hoping to get pregnant and get on welfare.
If that doesn't work out, I might look into writing.
You keep getting arrested, you'll have all the time you want to do all the writing you want while you're locked up in prison.
- Reagan.
- You know, this will go a lot easier if you stop acting like we're the enemy here.
On our way.
Homicide at 450 East 101.
Get to do something more exciting than listen to you two.
Just sit there and shut your mouth, young lady.
Hey, hold on.
You wait here, okay? Keep an eye on her till we get back.
Door's splintered, it's definitely forced entry.
We got two entrance wounds, close range.
Somebody was looking for something.
I may have an idea of what it was they were looking for.
- A magnet? - Not a magnet, per say, but what you would use this magnet for.
To open a trapdoor.
Hear that? What do you know? Now we know what they were looking for.
Oh, yeah.
What the hell is she doing in here? Hey! Hey! - I told you to watch her.
- She slipped past me.
- Where the hell did she go? - She's right here.
At least now you know why I told you to wait.
It's all right.
My first DOA was a decapitation.
I threw up and contaminated the crime scene.
That's not what this is.
So, what is it? I wasn't feeling well is all.
Really? Okay.
I think it's good you saw that.
Because if you keep it up, you're probably gonna end up like her.
- Know what I think? - What do you think? I think you should stay the hell out of my business.
Witness statement for the Valdez case.
- Thanks.
- Erin, this morning, talking about my mother's murder, it just Opened everything up.
I don't know what I was thinking.
You were thinking with your heart, what you always do.
At your expense.
I have no problem dropping it.
Yeah, you do.
You don't drop anything.
So, what do you wanna know? There was a witness who said the assailant called your mother by name.
Mandy Schilling.
I tracked her down in '95.
She recanted, said she didn't remember.
Was anyone angry with your mother? Was she fighting with anyone at the time? No.
She was always helping people, even though it seemed like we were struggling all the time ourselves.
What about your dad? No, my father left when I was 2.
I barely knew him.
Did your mom have any boyfriends? None that I was aware of.
She never brought men home.
The weapon was recovered.
Didn't yield anything.
I even had it retested.
In '98.
That was before low copy DNA.
I think we should try it again.
Am I missing anything? Not that I can think of.
Are you sure you wanna take this on? You're juggling a lot of cases now.
None more important than this.
We got an ID on the vic.
Amel Wilkinson.
No priors.
Did you run his address through Nitro yet? Yeah, the apartment belongs to Melvin Williams.
He was arrested on drug possession with intent to sell two days ago.
Where is he now, this Melvin Williams? - Awaiting arraignment.
- Great.
Let's bring him in.
Need to see you.
What is it now, boss? - Charelle Tyler.
- Is a pain in my ass.
So you found something in common.
Joke all you want, okay? This whole thing is a waste of time.
She's too young to be hanging around with cops and she's too young to understand.
To understand what it's like to face real consequences of crime? - Mm-hm.
- She has a record and she's only 16.
And I don't understand how riding around with cops and hanging in the squad room is gonna do anything to turn her life around.
It worked for me.
Oh, right.
Because you were one Charelle Tyler yourself, right? My mother died when I was 12.
I started hanging with a bad crowd from school.
I got arrested when a friend of mine stole cigarettes and I was sent through Rescue Ride.
It's what made me want to become a cop.
All right.
Look, I get it, okay? There are some people who need someone to catch them.
There are also some people who need someone to let them fall.
You know her? That's my cousin, Wilkie.
Cousin Wilkie was executed in your apartment.
Is my girl okay? - Who's your girl? - Angel Ramirez.
She was staying there too.
To protect your drugs? What drugs? Come on.
Cousin's dead, for all we know, your girl is dead, we found traps in your apartment.
You're really gonna sit here and play stupid with us? I asked them to watch my place because I thought - it'd get hit once I got arrested.
- By who? - I'm not cooperating.
- Really? Even though your girl may end up just like your cousin? - I talk to you, she's in more trouble.
- What if we protect her? - You protect her? - Yeah.
Who's gonna protect her from you guys, huh? Because that's who's doing this.
What? Cops.
Cops? Does she have a point, Garrett? Send me the link.
Does she have a point? Brooklyn North is the murder capital of New York.
As of May 21st, more people were shot in that community than in all of Manhattan.
Is that a yes? It's a fact.
And that's what reporters rely on.
A wise man once told me that policing is about positively affecting one person at a time for the better.
That wise man was naive back then.
Whenever I doubted my ability to do something, my mother used to tell me that I should take stupid pills.
She told me that anything great she did in life was because she was too stupid to realize it wasn't possible.
I hate this part of the job.
- Dealing with the media? - No, they could fight back.
I hate acts without motive.
Without any logic other than pure evil.
This is about changing a culture that's taken hold, that believes we're the enemy.
How do I do that? - Frank.
- What? Anne Farrell just posted an interview with the killer.
When I ran other known drug addresses in the area, turns out they've been hit with burglaries too.
- So we got a pattern.
- Dealers get arrested, and within 24 hours their stash houses get hit.
So we got perps dressing up like cops? Or dirty cops.
Either way, we better notify Internal Affairs, though I don't have much sympathy for drug dealers getting robbed of their stash and cash.
I've a friend in the Narcotics Division.
I'm gonna go meet him for a quick cup of coffee, see what I can suss out.
You want I should come with? Um, no, I'll be back in a half hour.
You sure this is just a friend? Okay, he's more than a friend.
Oh, my goodness.
Well, have fun with that.
I'll just, uh, look for surveillance videos on the places that got hit.
Don't be assuming it's a cop just because of the description, okay? Why not? Don't cops always make assumptions? Even you.
No, they don't.
And what does that mean, "even me"? You assume I'm tempted to get into selling or doing drugs - just because of where I'm from.
- There's also your arrest record.
I know more about drugs than you ever will, so stop insulting me.
Yeah, okay.
You have a record.
Someone thinks you're at risk, which is why you're here, so would you please stop busting my chops, young lady? Yeah, I got a record for harassment, I got into it with a guy hassling my brother.
And because And I got a arrest for possession because I had a small amount of weed in my pocket.
Oh, right.
You're too young to have weed in your pocket.
But you, without knowing anything about me, you assume I'm gonna end up like that dead girl.
So don't talk to me about making assumptions about cops.
How about I just don't talk to you at all? - I'm a gangbanger.
- Why kill someone you don't know? To earn my first stripe.
Even when you know that by doing so, you could get life in prison if caught? Gangs own my neighborhood, so either you're gonna be in one, or you become a victim of one.
I have nothing to share with you, commissioner.
How about the name of Benjamin Wilson's killer? Agreement with him was not to release his identity.
You're gonna withhold information on a homicide? Which is my right, as a reporter.
What about your obligation as a citizen? You're talking about my job here.
I'm sworn to protect my source.
- You're glorifying the killer.
- That's not my intent.
What then? To inform people.
And hopefully effect change.
What kind of change are you effecting when you allow a thug to go on TV and justify taking an innocent person's life? Well, maybe if we understand why it happened, we can prevent it from happening again.
We? You walking a beat now? There's more to effecting change than policing, and you know that.
There's no excuse for this.
I don't need an excuse.
I am protected under the First Amendment.
You're talking crap.
And I think you know it.
They wore raid jackets and shields.
But they're bogus? We were able to zero in on the guy with the tattoo on his hand.
- MSK.
- Money Street Kings.
They run the heroin and cocaine supply above 95th street.
- Is there a plan? - Manhattan North Narcotics has a CI that's gonna get word to MSK that there's a large amount of drugs at a location in Washington Heights with very little security guarding it.
ESU will be assisting.
We'll take them down.
Well, keep me up to speed.
Oh, and just so you know, Charelle's last day is Monday.
So we can get back to saving people who actually wanna be saved.
- Hey.
- Didn't this used to be the? - Supply room.
- Wow.
- Living the dream.
- Looks good.
You play? Uh, yeah.
Pickup game here and there after work.
You should invite me sometime.
Don't give me that "you probably play like a girl" look because I play like a girl who grew up with three brothers.
Okay, you're on.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
But I know you're not here to talk about basketball.
ME's office was able to get a DNA profile on the knife used in your mother's murder.
It was remarkably well-preserved, apparently.
The ME ran it through CODIS and it got a hit.
Well, just say it, Erin.
It matched your father, Ennis Walker.
I knew it would.
You did? I didn't close the case because closing it would've finally meant confirming what I suspected.
What I dreaded.
That my father murdered my mother.
Can I have everybody's attention, please? Turn that thing off.
But it's for school.
Then you tell school that I said there will be no cameras, no cell phones, no screens of any kind at this table, in the line of duty, if necessary, excepted.
Sanctuary, Nicky.
But it's for my senior project.
Moving on, please.
I don't see what the big deal is.
The big deal is, this is the time where we talk to each other, live and in person, and it's important.
Trust us, you'll thank us for it one day.
- You always say this.
- It's true.
What's it for, anyway? Well, I was supposed to be making a video diary.
Yeah? What's the assignment? We're supposed to ask people we admire questions about their careers and life choices and then make a video presentation summing up what we find.
Okay, Nicky.
Now that we're off the record, what's the question? If you could go back in time, what advice would you give to your younger self? If anyone asked you to be police commissioner, keep walking.
I'd say, ask yourself what you really wanna be, and even if it seems impossible, work really hard to make it possible.
- Would you still be a nurse? - No.
I'd be a doctor.
I'd still advise me to be a cop.
- And to marry a nurse.
- Aw.
Thank you.
- No, but really.
- Really.
Every cop needs a guardian angel.
That's sweet.
But you still have to go to my sister's birthday dinner.
I would say, work hard.
- You? - Yeah, well, play harder.
Yeah, that sounds more like you.
I don't really have any advice for younger me because I still pretty much am younger me.
Live in the moment more.
Planning is okay, but it's not as important as being present in your life, because we don't have an expiration date.
Don't be so cautious.
You wanna get anywhere, only safe thing to do is take a risk.
I think the most important advice I'd give to my younger self is don't tell your brothers when you have a date.
And don't ask Laurie Curtains to the prom.
Good call.
Beg Rebecca Lawlor not to take that job in Seattle.
I knew you loved her.
I knew it.
Nicky, what would you tell your younger self? Never forget where you come from.
Hear, hear.
Copy that.
Have you gotten anywhere in the Benjamin Wilson case? I have a sneaker print, but no suspect.
Nobody's talking.
To us, anyway.
Just to Anne Farrell.
I spoke to the DA this morning.
He wants to subpoena her, force her to give up the name of the killer.
She'll just cite the First Amendment.
I may have found a way around that.
I can't have any part in it.
Why, because of the publicity? Because she is seen, correctly, I think, as having an agenda where I'm concerned.
It might look like a personal vendetta.
It's also not ethical.
Another thing I'd say to my younger self: Keep personal feelings out of work.
I reopened a case for a colleague thinking it might help, and instead it's just caused a lot of hurt.
I'm sure your intentions were good.
Yes, but we know what's that's used to pave.
Motion to quash subpoena in the matter of Anne Farrell v.
New York County DA's Office.
Your Honor, this subpoena is a waste of the court's time.
Miss Farrell is a professional newscaster.
She is protected under First Amendment, which states explicitly I'm well aware of the First Amendment, counselor.
Let's hear from the People.
Your Honor, Miss Farrell interviewed an admitted killer - In her capacity as a reporter.
- If I may finish, Your Honor? During that interview, the man in question states that he killed Mr.
Wilson as part of a gang initiation and suggests that initiation is ongoing.
The First Amendment should not offer protection when future crimes are at stake.
Miss Farrell is not an agent of the law.
She cannot be mandated to comply just because the DA's office and the N.
Have not done their due diligence in apprehending the suspect in question.
- If I may, Your Honor, the killer says - Objection.
The alleged, but admitted killer says that this is part of the initiation, to murder a homeless person.
Answer to the question, "Will there be more killings?" He says, "Hell, yeah, everyone wants in.
" He's stating an opinion, not a fact.
I agree with the People on this.
Miss Farrell will comply with the subpoena.
Miss Farrell is asserting her protection under the First Amendment of the Constitution and will not comply.
Is this your final decision, Miss Farrell? Yes, it is, Your Honor.
Then you will be held in contempt of court for not complying with a judicial order.
You will be remanded without bail until such time as you comply.
We've got a van and three unmarked cars located here, here and here.
Do we know how many perps and what car they'll be driving? According to the CI, we're looking at six perps driving a black Charger and possibly a van.
They'll be entering through the side door here on Haven Avenue.
And over here, we have an undercover homeless man.
You got snipers? Two snipers on the adjoining rooftops.
What's our time frame? Nineteen hundred hours tonight.
Excuse me.
- Keep in mind - This is a private meeting.
For low-paid civil servants.
Let's not forget this is a residential area Surprised you agreed to see me.
I'm surprised you had the nerve to ask.
I'm not the reason you're in here.
Why did you come? To look you in the eye and say that to you face-to-face, in person.
And to ask you to reconsider.
Throw her in prison, see if it softens her up? Somehow, I don't think you're in any danger of it softening you up.
What, then? I'm not the enemy.
Well, let's agree to disagree.
Well, can we at least agree on one thing? Mr.
Wilson's murderer belongs in here, not you.
Plenty of blame to go around, some of it's on me, some of it's on you, some of it's on every person who saw what happened and did not call 911 or zipped their lips when the cops came around asking for help.
It's not my job to catch Benjamin Wilson's killer for you.
I don't think you'd feel that way if it was your brother.
Or father.
My job demands that I remain objective, commissioner.
What I'm trying to do here is not at all complicated.
He lit a man on fire, and I'm trying to arrest him for it.
Absent that, I wanna hear a damn good reason why he should not be arrested.
And you don't have one.
So who's this Narcotics guy you're dating? I'm not saying.
Is he on the operation tonight? Maybe, maybe not.
Why won't you tell me? Because you get all judgmental and stuff.
I'm not judgmental, I'm your partner.
I'm a little protective, but I tell you the truth.
- Little judgmental.
- Mm.
Here they are.
They just pulled up.
Two vehicles.
Black Charger, can't make out the plate.
Black van, New York plate Sam-Robert-Queen 5635.
Looks like we got six of them.
Son of a bitch, is that Charelle? The hell is she doing here? We gotta get her out before they come out.
It's too late, Danny, they're already coming out.
All units be advised, we got a friendly on set.
- Female, black, pink vest.
- Copy that.
They're coming out.
Let's take them.
Damn it! Team, out.
- Go, go, go! - Police! - Freeze! - Hands where we can see! - Police, drop it! - Police! Hold it! - Hands up! - Hey! Take the door, I'll cover you.
Police! Put the gun down! You put it down or I'll kill her! - Put it down! - Back off! - Okay, okay.
- Hurry up! - Just calm down.
- Please.
Hurry up.
Now back off.
Charelle? It's okay.
Come here.
You okay? You all right? "And furthermore, regarding freedom of information" - Commissioner.
- Yeah? Just got a break.
An anonymous tip giving us the name of the person that killed Benjamin Wilson.
That's great news.
We got detectives picking him up right now.
I need to talk to Wilson's family, tell them before the story breaks.
Will do.
No idea who called it in? No.
- Good news.
- Congrats.
What the hell were you thinking, huh? I'm writing a story.
I needed to know how it ended.
It could've ended with all of us dead, thanks to you! How did you even know where we were? - The board.
- The what? The board in Carver's office that you used to plan it on.
It had the address on there, all the details.
How could somebody this smart be this stupid at the same time? Maybe it was stupid for you guys to leave it out.
You do realize you just committed a crime? So? - What did you say? - What? Did you say, "So?" - How about I arrest you? - What? - How about that? - Wait! You'll be processed and transported down to Central Booking where you will await arraignment.
- I'm sorry.
- You think you're sorry now? You wait until the next time you screw up.
You're 16 years old, that is an adult in the eyes of the law.
There's not gonna be any more Rescue Rides or hanging out with cops or juvie.
You'll go straight to Rikers! - Why you doing this? - Why am I doing this? Because I can't rescue you.
Neither can she, neither can Lieutenant Carver.
The only person who can rescue you now is yourself.
Think about that while you're in a cell with a bunch of animals, then you decide what the hell you're gonna do with the rest of your life.
Get her out of here.
- I'm surprised you showed up.
- I'm surprised you asked.
You did ask me for a drink, so buy me a drink? - Bartender.
- I'll have what he's having.
Yes, ma'am.
Thanks for getting the charges dropped.
- I did no such thing.
- I'm calling you on that.
Show me your sources.
They're protected, unless you wanna throw me back in jail.
I didn't do that either.
Congratulations on your arrest.
Any idea who made the anonymous call? I would think you know better than to ask this reporter that question.
He gave us a full confession.
Well, they say it's good for the soul.
Well, in that case, I will admit that we have a long way to go in Brownsville and other neighborhoods.
I might not have given the most balanced picture.
"Might not have"? I'm calling dibs on first access to him.
You owe me that.
To paint him as a victim.
A cautionary tale.
You guys and your semantics.
You notice that not even your cop cars are black and white anymore? You think that up on the way over here? - Cheers.
- Cheers.
That's off the record.
Of course.
- Detective? - Yes.
- Charelle is still in holding.
- Yep.
You haven't gotten a 61 or filled out the online booking.
No, and I'm not going to.
Figure a few hours in holding ought to scare some sense into her.
You think this is the right approach with her? Yes.
Did you know when I was 12 years old, I decided to skip school for the first time? Local cop saw me walking around 86th Street, decided to call my old man, figuring he'd come get me.
Only he didn't.
I was taken to the precinct and slapped with a juvenile delinquent card, and guess what? Never skipped school again.
Thought your case was adjourned.
It was.
Why are you still here? I was actually looking for you.
I'm sorry that I reopened your mother's case.
Why? It wasn't exactly the outcome I had expected.
I only saw my father a handful of times growing up.
I reached out to him years ago, before I suspected he was involved.
He wasn't interested.
He died before I could even ask him about it.
Why do you think he did it? My grandmother told me my mom was gonna move us out of the city.
When my father found out, he got upset.
Said he wasn't gonna let her leave New York.
Well, I guess he got what he wanted.
The thing that I keep thinking about is how this is a part of who I am now.
The son of a killer.
That's not who you are.
It's easy for you to say, look at your family.
Any murderers in your bloodline? When I found out your father had an arrest record, I went down to the property clerk's office and asked to see all the property vouchered from his last arrest.
Why? DNA is a perfect match.
I wasn't looking for DNA.
I was looking for this.
He never reclaimed it.
Guess he didn't want any reminders.
You said that your mother was always helping people, even when you were struggling.
That's your legacy, Alex.
Thank you, Erin.