Blue Bloods s06e08 Episode Script

Unsung Heroes

Previously on Blue Bloods It's a killing field.
BAEZ: There was an assault case in Morningside Heights last year.
My skull was fractured in five places.
I'm afraid he's gonna come back! WILDER: Detective Reagan, there's somebody I'd like you to meet.
BAEZ: Thomas Wilder was arrested twice for sexual assault.
Detective 466, requesting a 10-85 forth DANNY: Tell me we got him.
Just for the record, I win.
First up, boss, is Deputy Commissioner Doyle's briefing on public safety at 9:30.
Better make it 10:00, just to be safe.
Just to be safe about public safety.
That's a good one.
No, good is when you laugh.
Mediocre is when you just say it's good.
Moving on.
GARRETT: I just got word that you're speaking to some students at Nicky's school.
Thank you for letting me know.
What's the big deal, Garrett? Nothing if it's John Jay or West Point or even Notre Dame.
But my granddaughter doesn't go to any of those schools.
Most northeastern liberal arts institutions are not known for respect or appreciation for agencies of law enforcement.
Preaching to the choir is for showboats and sissies.
And willingly walking into the lion's cage is for who? Fools and idiots.
I-I didn't mean to imply.
She's my first grandchild.
I want to do it.
But if I may You may not.
OCCB briefing is at 11:00.
(sighs) Better make it 11:30, (laughing): just to be safe.
(Frank continues laughing) Spider-Man is the ultimate superhero.
He's got spidey sense, he can sling web, he can fight crime while he He's immature.
He's flawed, which makes him more accessible.
How accessible can you be when you're wearing a full body suit? He needs to disguise himself.
Superman could kick his ass.
That wouldn't be a fair fight.
Superman's an alien from outer space.
There's another reason to like Spidey-- he's from Queens.
Well, Wonder Woman, she got 'em both beat.
What?! Please.
Lasso of truth.
Invisible jet.
She's a tart.
(gasps) Superman doesn't think so.
They're dating.
No way.
Superman and Wonder Woman are dating right now.
That's what happens when you work side-by-side with a beautiful Amazon.
DISPATCH: All units, be advised.
We have a 10-85 forthwith at 315 Skillman Avenue.
Show 12 David responding.
So what happened to Lois Lane? She doesn't rock red boots.
(siren wailing) (sighs) You didn't sleep much again last night.
Nightmares? You know, talking to Dr.
Bennett's really been helping.
That's good.
See you.
She really wants to meet with you.
Today, if you can.
Maybe on the way to work.
Why does she want to meet with me? She says it's important that we both go.
Look, I understand PTSD as much as anyone, Linda.
It's really about helping you deal.
She says part of helping me is talking to you.
I think it'll help.
Well, then, I'll go.
(sirens wailing) Please, you have to do something! Hey, boss, what do you got? Chasing a perp.
Male, black, mid-20s.
When we got there, he approached a woman by her house, threw her down and entered the premises.
Is anyone else inside? Woman says she had a 12-year-old daughter.
Carter, Janko, take the back.
Reagan, cover the side entrance.
What are you doing, Sarge? I'm going in the front.
Boss boss, you think that's a good idea? We got a barricaded perp, possible hostage situation.
We should wait back, and call ESU.
That woman's daughter is inside the house.
Sarge, all the more reason.
We don't want to put her in any more danger than she's already in.
I just gave you an order! Now get around the side of the house! Police! Police! On three.
One, We'd be putting that girl in more danger.
two, If we go in there Three! (girl screaming) (screaming) What are you doing? Get back! Put the gun down! Get back or I'll shoot! I said put down the gun! MAN: You put the gun down! Put the gun down! Hey, you put it down! All right, stop! Listen to me, stop! Listen to me! We don't want anyone to get hurt.
We know you don't want anyone to get hurt, either, right? Then tell him to put the gun down! I can't do that.
Listen to me.
I promise, if you put the gun down, if you put the gun down, you won't get hurt.
I promise you, you won't get hurt.
Okay? (man grunts, girl screams) Get on the ground! Hands behind your back! (man panting, groaning) (handcuffs clicking) And how did your mother deal with your dad's job? With the danger and the uncertainty? My mother never got shot.
Shouldn't we be talking about Linda here, and not about my childhood? Maybe one informs the other.
I think you're looking for problems where there aren't any.
(phone rings) (phone beeps) Your marriage is as much a casualty of Linda being shot as Linda is.
You just making this stuff up as you go? (phone buzzing) (phone beeps, clatters onto table) You sound like you're in denial about how much the aftermath of Linda being shot is affecting your marriage.
I'm not in denial.
I just don't think the way to fix things is to ask me questions about my parents and my childhood.
I mean, you're supposed to figure out a way to help Linda get over it.
So should you.
(phone ringing) (picks up phone) I am.
That's why I'm here.
Just don't want to talk about me.
I have to go.
We're not done.
I'm done.
(sirens wailing in distance) This is my church, Baez.
I know.
He dumped a body in my church? Danny It's Danielle Levine.
Her mother reported her missing yesterday when she didn't come home from work.
Same M.
Posed body, head wound, strangulation.
He's sending a message.
We don't know that for sure.
Yeah, we do.
(sighs) He's back.
Mommy! (sobbing) Oh, God, honey.
I got him.
Hey, we got a bus coming.
You all right, Jame? You could've got us killed in there.
What the hell is wrong with you? Hey, don't walk away from me.
Hey, who do you think you're talking to? You go barging in there.
You could've gotten us or that little girl killed.
For what? That is my call! Jamie! To barge in there with no backup? To shoot the guy when I was making headway?! None of us got hurt.
You didn't follow protocol! Listen, I don't care what your last name is, but you need to back off now! Back off! Jamie, Jamie! You can't do this here.
What?! You cannot do this here.
Yeah, take a walk, pal.
Just calm down.
Just calm down.
Jamie, just walk away.
Don't do this here.
It's not worth it.
(low, indistinct conversations) What does that even mean? We're gonna shut him down.
Why? WOMAN: Who are you to ask why? A student here, one who would like to know what he has to say.
I'll tell you what he has to say-- lies.
He just vacations and rationales for a racist, fascist occupying force.
So you're not gonna let him speak? We're gonna speak for the voiceless.
The victims of his martial law and his racial profiling.
You speak for victims of racial profiling? Get profiled a lot, do you? Hey, little sister, look around you.
This city is ground zero for uncontrolled policing.
Come on.
That's right.
Lead, follow, or get out of the way.
I know.
I agree.
There's nothing more important than our marriage.
Okay, but then why did you rush out of there today? It won't happen again, okay, Linda? LINDA: I'm not mad.
I just I just really want you to talk to her.
I know.
I love you.
I love you, too.
I'll see you later.
I'll call you on my way home.
Everything okay? Nothing is.
Got the autopsy results? M.
confirmed it's Danielle Levine.
(sighs) Cause of death, blunt force trauma to the head, which opened an old wound.
The M.
also said she was manually strangled.
There are scratches here.
says they're from Danielle's own nails as she tried to pry his hands from around her neck.
Any evidence, DNA? Skin samples from under her nails matched Thomas Wilder.
(sighs) It's no coincidence the one girl we talk to ends up dead.
How would he know we talked to her? DANNY: 'Cause he's not like the other perps we deal with.
He's always one step ahead of us.
BAEZ: At least we know who he is.
And what he is.
(door opens) Sir, I have an unexpected visitor for you.
Then schedule it at another time.
No can do, sir.
I need to talk to you.
Well, at least sit down.
Forgot what it was like coming up to Fort Knox, getting up here to see you.
Well, if you promise to come by more often, I'll give you the E-Z Pass.
Okay, what's up? I don't think you should come up to school.
Because? It's practically a trap.
I'll bring backup.
Please, I'm not joking.
I know you're not, but I have to.
Why? When my granddaughter has to come here and warn me off of speaking at such a fine college because a few students don't like the NYPD, that's a sad day, and sad days need jokes.
Would you listen to me?! Always.
You don't understand.
Some of my classmates think the NYPD is racist.
How many of these classmates? Enough of them, certainly the ones that'll likely show up.
But it's not the truth.
Well, I know that and you know that, but the atmosphere there, it Is intolerant.
Some of the groups are incredibly tolerant and inclusive of a a whole wide range of things.
But it's like an approved list, and if you're not on it, then you got to watch out.
Must be tough on you.
Actually, I can see it for what it is.
I mean I kind of grew up around it.
How's that? Grandpa, I've been at Reagan dinner tables since I was in a high chair.
I mean, the Reagans have a pretty strong set of doctrines themselves.
Are you saying we're intolerant? Not at all, but highly opinionated.
Okay, but isn't college supposed to be a place where divergent opinions can clash without fear of reprisal, with impunity? Maybe it's supposed to be, but Look, I'm used to "not fair.
" It's a big part of this job.
Please, would you just trust me on this? I'm telling you, it's-it's gonna make you look bad.
I'm used to that, too.
Even with all the high-tech plate readers and cameras, it's hard to believe we haven't gotten a hit on him.
Hello? You know, maybe maybe we got to work on a smaller scale.
Known associates, family members.
No, this guy's a loner, except for one person: his mother.
Yeah, we tried that already.
She was in rehab.
She was doing a 30-day stint, which ended about five days ago.
Why don't we take a ride? Yeah, what makes you think she'll talk to us? My winning personality.
Come on, it's worth a shot.
I knocked this time.
You're supposed to knock first.
Oh, that's right.
Mmm, not even a smile, huh? You still angry? He could have got us killed, rushing in there like that.
Yeah, and it's over now, and none of us got hurt.
This time.
And that's just pure luck, not strategy.
And you told him off about it too.
Now let's move on, Norma Rae.
What's that supposed to mean? It means sometimes people think things, and there are times when you should keep those things to yourself.
Not when lives are at stake.
He outranks you.
And? Well, maybe that doesn't matter to you, but that matters to me.
I didn't bring you into this, Eddie.
We are partners, Jamie, so anything that you do also affects me.
So now you're saying you think I make you look bad.
You don't like the way I do things, ride with someone else, Eddie.
Ride with someone who keeps their mouth shut.
(knocking on door) BAEZ: NYPD detectives, we're looking for Shelly Wilder.
WOMAN: What do you want? NYPD.
Hoping to ask you a few questions about your son.
We're not looking for any trouble.
I don't like trouble.
We don't like trouble either.
You know why we're looking for your son, ma'am? Cops say he killed some girls.
Five girls.
That we know of.
Why don't I help you with that? Okay.
Yeah, he, uh hit them with a hammer, strangled them and desecrated their bodies.
That boy was always messing with dead things.
How's that? He used to capture little animals, and he'd chop off their heads, or, you know, stab 'em to death.
and then he'd put 'em outside the house on sticks, sort of like lawn ornaments.
And that, uh, never raised any red flags with you, huh? WILDER: Not my fault what happened to that boy.
If I tried to protect him from his daddy, I'd get beat up real bad, so I gave up trying to help him.
You know, it's not too late for you to help him still.
If you just told us where he is, we could get him all the help he needs.
He called me.
He did? He told me he was on the front page of the paper.
He was real proud of that.
I bet he was.
When did he call you? Three weeks ago.
On your cell phone? Yeah, he said he had to disappear for a while.
Can I take that? (scoffs) That's a little forward of me.
Let me let me Can I borrow your phone? I won't go through anything personal, I just, uh bring it back in a couple hours, and maybe I'll come back with one more of these.
In that case Just you make sure you get Thomas some help.
'Cause he really likes to kill things.
I know you know what you're getting into.
When I was a kid, there was a genuine respect for cops.
That's you.
And where and how you grew up.
Oh, you didn't respect cops when you were growing up? Sure, I did in theory.
But in practice, I never interacted with them.
Couple of speeding tickets, that's it.
Like the vast majority of the people in this country.
Well, at least you appreciated that they were there if you needed them.
Yes, but that's not my point.
The point is because most people have no firsthand knowledge, no "Morning, Officer Krupke," in their daily life Exactly, so the bad stories tend to take a stronger hold, because people don't have good experiences to compare 'em to.
And I bet 90-odd percent of Nicky's classmates have had no significant interaction with police officers.
They're about to meet one.
If a conservative is really just a liberal who's been mugged, you could engineer a crime spree instead.
Garrett, I'm going.
You could go, hear them out, take their criticism, try to tell them your side, but you'd be defending something that in your heart you believe doesn't need defending, but praise instead.
I have no idea what you just said.
You're reaching.
Garrett, I'm worried that Nicky coming here wasn't about concern for me, but embarrassment at what I might say.
No, I don't buy that for a second.
Last time I talked to her class, she was in the fourth grade.
She sat in the front row.
She was beaming.
Felt great.
Maybe just savor that.
We got anything from TARU yet? They're working on it.
They've been working on it all night.
Well, calling them about it every five minutes is doing as much good as plying Mrs.
Wilder with alcohol.
It worked, didn't it? She gave up the phone, she gave up that he called.
Danny, she was drunk.
Who cares? A defense attorney, when you're on the stand testifying about how you got Wilder's information.
She's not even gonna remember.
We got something.
What? The number Wilder called from was a burner cell.
Was it deactivated? According to TARU, it's still on.
Did they trace it? It's pinging off a tower at West 147th Street.
Let's go.
Hey, Officer Reagan.
Why don't you have a seat there? How you doing? Wondering why I'm here.
You don't know why? This have something to do with the commissioner? Nope, not at all.
I called you in.
This is about the incident yesterday.
That's right.
You know you're entitled to a PBA rep.
I don't need a rep.
Suit yourself.
I want to know about the altercation between you and Sergeant Mulvey.
I already spoke to him.
Really? Mm-hmm.
He had a mouthful to say about you.
One-- you pushed him.
Two-- you disregarded his orders.
We arrived on the scene.
An armed perp was inside, along with a 12-year-old girl.
I wanted to request ESU and HNT, contain the perp inside until they arrived.
There was no reason to go in there, guns blazing.
But he's the sergeant.
It was a textbook case for hostage negotiation.
But you disobeyed orders.
I asked him not to go in.
He decided to go in anyway, and so I went with him.
And you pushed him.
It might've gotten physical-- "Might've gotten physical"? That was after the whole thing was over.
You would've done something differently? As a uniform, I would've done exactly what you did.
But if I was Mulvey, I would've given you a rip for insubordination.
You work here? I'm the super.
We're looking for Thomas Wilder.
Never heard of him.
You sure? We got no one by that name.
He would've moved in a couple months ago.
Maybe he's visiting someone, subletting? I told you I never heard of the guy.
Do you recognize this man? Oh, yeah! That's Danny Reagan.
Danny Reagan? Yeah, real nice guy.
Perfect tenant.
He pays in cash.
And he's real quiet.
Where can we find this Danny Reagan? I think I saw him go in about an hour ago.
Okay, what floor? We need a key.
Yeah, but I-I just can't-- Give me the key! Take the back.
Be careful.
(wings fluttering) It's all clear.
Stand down.
Copy that, partner.
(phone ringing) Yeah? WILDER: Hello again, Detective.
Did you really think I'd be stupid enough to stay in that apartment long enough for you to find me? No (panting) but I thought you'd be man enough to come see me face-to-face again.
Attempts to make me feel emasculated won't work, though I applaud the effort.
Heard you spoke with my mom.
I did.
She said you're demented.
Well, she should know.
You do realize I'm gonna find you, right? Too bad you didn't find me in time to stop poor Danielle Levine from meeting her end.
She put up a good fight.
Unlike you when you didn't put up a good fight against your old man beating on you, huh? Stop! Shut up! I figure that's why you like getting off on beating up on poor defenseless women, huh? You've got a pretty wife.
What did you say? She left this morning at 8:05.
And your two boys, they left at 8:00.
I will kill you, you hear me? I said I will kill you! You have a good day, Detective.
Hey! (hangs up, dial tone drones) DANNY: Just gonna have them sit on the house until I get this guy.
I'll have another car around the block, okay? Just as a precaution, nothing to worry about.
The thing about being married to you for 17 years is I know when you're lying.
I'm not lying, I'm just being cautious.
Well, that 17 years as a cop's wife also tells me that there's no way that you would have two radio cars escort for the boys, unless we were in some real danger.
You know me, I don't like to take chances.
Not with you guys.
No, just with yourself.
There's nothing to worry about.
Oh, nothing to worry about? Now that I know that you're trying to arrest a guy who's already killed a half a dozen women? A guy who's so brazen, he-he calls you at work to taunt you? Come on, it's not like he's a mastermind or something.
He's just a perp.
He sounds like a mastermind to me.
Well, I'm gonna get him.
At what cost, Danny? The thing about this, there were no fatalities, no serious injuries.
No, sir.
But that's despite your actions, not because of them.
Sir? Normally, you have a scene like this, with an armed perp barricaded in a house with a hostage, it's a textbook case to call ESU and HNT and just sit tight until they get there.
I thought trying to rescue the girl was the most important thing.
But something's been bugging me about that because you actually put her in more danger barging in there like that.
Take a seat.
This is ridiculous.
Believe me, there's times to break rules, but I don't think this was one of them.
Am I being disciplined here? You know what, to tell you the truth, I'm wondering why you didn't serve Officer Reagan with a charge for insubordination.
I don't understand.
He disobeyed a direct order.
I would've raked him over the coals.
But you didn't even issue a command discipline-- why not? He's the commissioner's son.
Ah, I don't believe that's the reason.
Why's that? Last month, you subdued an EDP with a knife.
Eight months ago, you jumped onto the subway tracks after an intoxicated rider fell onto the tracks.
Six months ago, you were the first on the scene of an armed robbery that wasn't even within the confines of your precinct.
I saved lives.
At the risk of other people's lives, including your own! Five times in 12 months! I'll tell you, it reads like a death wish.
I'm not gonna sit here and apologize for being a proactive cop! If I didn't know better, I'd say it looks like you're trying to get yourself killed.
I got a newspaper photo of you from six months ago.
Looks like you lost 40 pounds.
With all due respect, sir, I have a spotless record.
Cut the BS.
This isn't about your record.
All right? Now what's going on? You taking drugs? I can have you tested.
Uh I, uh I have pancreatic cancer.
I got six months to live.
And you got ten years on the job, which means if you die, your family has no health benefits.
If I get killed in the line of duty, they'll be better taken care of.
They'll they'll get a lump sum.
And you'll die a hero.
It's a win-win.
You know, I feel for you.
But you know I can't let you put lives at risk.
Sir no, you can't do this to me.
No, no, no, no, I got to take you off the street.
No, look, I-I wasn't trying to put anyone in danger.
Okay? Look look at me.
I I'm doing this for my family, okay? Yeah.
I know.
(siren whoops, car horn beeps) Okay, when? Yeah? All right, got it.
Thank you.
Hey, I got something.
Wilder used my name to rent an apartment, right? Yeah.
So I figured maybe that scumbag used my name for something else.
So I ran Daniel Reagan through every major credit card company.
I got a hit.
Where? Manhattan Boat Rentals.
This maniac used my name to rent a boat.
Do we know where it's docked? West Side Marina.
Let's go.
You ready? Pretty much.
Teddy won't be there to help you.
How do you know? The more I think about it, the more I think it is an epically bad idea.
I'm not arguing.
Then why are you going? Because I said I would.
You can do better than that.
I don't have to do better than that.
Garrett, I know what I'm getting into.
This isn't my first rodeo.
But someone has to tell our side.
I have to try.
Let somebody else do it.
You're the PC.
Something came up.
It's not hard to find a bulletproof excuse.
To what end? Nicky.
Nicky asked you to cancel.
Uh, begged, you said.
I know.
Just between us? Sure.
She pretty much grew up without her father present, and I've been the closest thing to it in her life.
I won't have the opportunity, many more times, to show by example instead of by anecdote.
So I'm taking it.
Shall we? I guess we shall.
Thank you.
I think that's it, with the blue and white flag.
Come on.
It looks like there's someone on board.
Call it in.
to Central requesting a 10-85 at the West Side Marina.
Also have Harbor Patrol and ESU respond to this location.
(boat engine starts) Come on.
I'm not waiting.
We know what he's capable of.
We have to wait for backup.
You're my backup.
It's still tethered to the dock.
(classical music playing) (police boat engine rumbling) Hey.
You got anything? It's gonna take a couple of weeks.
You're kidding me.
What do you want me to tell you? BAEZ: It looked like there was someone on board.
There are human remains evident.
Whether they belong to Thomas Wilder, I don't know.
You can do better than that for us.
I wish I could.
Look, just take an educated guess.
Reagan, all I have are bone fragments.
I don't even know if they're male or female.
(sighs) Believe me, I know how important it is for you to get this guy.
I just can't help you right now.
All right.
(knocking) I don't know why you even knock.
Because you asked me to.
You know, it's the whole give and take thing in a partnership.
As long as you don't disagree with your partner.
I get the reason that you mouthed off.
I should know.
I do it all the time, just not to superior officers.
Same call tomorrow, I'd do the exact same thing.
I understand that.
And part of me is even a little jealous that you don't think twice about challenging everyone, including someone that can give you a rip.
I hate to tell you this, but you're no shrinking violet.
(scoffs) You know, I fight the urge to say what I'm really thinking to bosses.
That's good; you'll never be suspended.
You want to know what's really bugging me? It's not that you got into a fight with the boss.
It's that the reason that I don't do things like that isn't because I'm afraid of getting in trouble it's because of my dad.
You know, in the back of my head, I'm always thinking that someone's just gonna say, "What do you know? Your dad's a criminal.
" Well, my dad's the pre-eminent police authority, so back of my head, I'm always afraid they're gonna say "He's the commissioner's son, he thinks he's entitled.
" Well, I don't know anyone that knows you or your dad that thinks that.
It doesn't matter.
Gotta say what I think.
I'd do it again.
Well, fine by me.
But would you please stop accusing me of wanting a new partner just because I give you a little bit of grief? I was just trying to Mouthing off? set it straight.
Besides, you're the one that called me Norma Rae.
In future, if you're gonna compare me to a movie star, I'd rather it not be Sally Field.
I like to think of myself as a little bit more of a Clint Eastwood type of guy.
Okay, Clint.
There's a happy hour at Sullivan's.
Want to buy me a drink? Go ahead, make my day.
Yeah, well, you can go ahead and admit that I turned out to be right.
Oh, you feeling lucky, punk? (laughing): You're such a jerk.
(indistinct chatter) If everyone could settle down, please.
It is my honor to introduce Commissioner Reagan to the podium.
(students booing) And I expect every courtesy to be extended to our speaker.
(students booing) Shut up and let him speak! Who are you? Are you kidding me? Well, then, don't You got some Stop that.
Stop it right now.
Thank you.
Good afternoon.
You know, policing, by its very nature, involves conflict STUDENT: Frank Reagan, you can't hide! We charge you with homicide! (chanting): Frank Reagan, you can't hide! We charge you with homicide! Frank Reagan, you can't hide! We charge you with homicide! Frank Reagan, you can't hide! We charge you with homicide! Frank Reagan, you can't hide! We charge you with homicide! Frank Reagan, you can't hide! We charge you with homicide! Frank Reagan, you can't hide! We charge you with homicide! Frank Reagan, you can't hide! We charge you with homicide! Frank Reagan, you can't hide! We charge you with homicide! You know, I would be happy to listen to you, but it's hard when you're all screaming.
STUDENTS: Frank Reagan, you can't hide! We charge you with homicide! Frank Reagan, you can't hide! We charge you with homicide! Frank Reagan, you can't hide! We charge you with homicide! (chanting and booing continues) (chanting dissolves into cheering) I'm committed to my job the same way I'm committed to my marriage-- 100%.
Which used to be something that my wife really loved about me.
Now it is, apparently, something I have to apologize for.
No one's asking you to apologize.
I work 15 hours a day.
Even more when I'm working a case like the one I presently am.
That's who I am.
It's who I I've always been.
Now it's suddenly a problem.
I want things to be normal between us.
Is this normal? This is 'cause it's not normal to me.
Sitting in this room, spilling my guts to her-- no offense-- who knows nothing about us, nothing about what I do for a living, what you do for a living, our marriage Yet she wants to tell us how to do all of it, suddenly.
I just want things to go back to the way that they were before that day.
I'll do whatever you want.
I'll do whatever it takes to fix this.
I am a guy who is really good at solving problems.
I fix things.
That's-that's my job.
Um I honestly have no idea how to fix this.
(sighs) Horse walks into a bar.
Bartender sees him and says, "Why the long face"? I tried.
You did too, Dad.
I'm really sorry about what happened.
Me, too.
You know, you don't stand up for free speech by shutting someone else down.
I'm with you on that.
You don't get an education, you get indoctrination.
Everybody's entitled to their own opinion, but no one's entitled to their own facts.
Second that.
Can I say something? As long as you're not defending the kids at school.
Free speech, Jack.
Here and everywhere.
Yeah, I know.
Just saying.
I know.
And thank you.
Go ahead, Nicky.
Actually, it's something I want to read.
"It is not the critic who counts; "not the man who points out "how the strong man stumbles, "or where the doer of deeds could have done them better.
"The credit belongs to the man "who is actually in the arena, "who spends himself in a worthy cause; "who at the best knows in the end "the triumph of high achievement, "and who at the worst, if he fails, "at least fails while daring greatly, "so that his place shall never be "with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.
" Teddy Roosevelt.
You quoted that to my fourth grade class, when you came.
ERIN: Really? Mm-hmm.
That's a little above a fourth grade level, don't you think? Didn't turn out that way.
For one of 'em, anyway.