Blue Bloods s06e10 Episode Script

Flags of Our Fathers

Thank you.
You've got the police chief of Rome and his people at 3:30.
Make sure the espresso machine is up and running.
Pretty much.
Let's have it.
Believe me, you don't want it.
A group called “Battle for Peace” is applying for a permit to demonstrate at Veterans Memorial Plaza.
Battle for Peace is an oxymoron.
Emphasis on “moron.
” That goes to Community Affairs.
It did.
From the lieutenant to the captain, to the C.
, to the chief, to you.
Demonstrations are being held every day in this city.
Now can I please have my coffee and read my paper? Not demonstrations that involve burning an American flag.
All right.
They're led by a kid named David Gore-- young but smart, media-savvy.
You want me to contact legal? Maybe there's a way out of this.
Supreme Court says flag-burning is protected speech.
Having said that, I want a sit-down with this media-savvy whiz kid.
You sure that's a good idea? No, but set it up.
So, thank you for letting us come talk to you guys today.
And remember, if you need help, that's what we're here for.
Now, Officers Reagan and Janko have agreed to answer some questions? Yeah.
Do you ever worry about getting hurt? That's a risk that you take when you become a police officer.
But we try to be careful.
We're trained to handle all types of situations, and you rely on your partner to watch your back.
Officer Janko? Aren't you kind of hot to be a cop? Tommy, that's inappropriate.
That's the reason that I ride with Officer Reagan.
It kind of balances things out a little bit.
You said it's the NYPD's job to help people? That's right.
Well, a cop killed my father.
He didn't do anything wrong, but they shot him anyway.
Cops are murderers.
Got it.
We're on our way.
Port Authority cop just detained our guy.
Told you he'd try to skip town.
Must be your lucky day.
Detective Reagan? Yeah? Anthony Abetemarco.
I'm an investigator for the D.
's office.
Whatever it is will have to wait.
Yeah, you worked the Marcus Donovan homicide with Detective Darryl Reid? Yeah, about a hundred years ago.
Why? What's this all about? There's evidence of serious procedural irregularities by the NYPD.
Detective Reid's already jammed up.
Now we want to talk to you.
Right this way.
You know you're under no obligation to speak to me, Detective.
Well, I got nothing to hide.
What was your relationship with Detective Reid? Well, we weren't dating, if that's what you mean.
You think this is a joke? Yeah, I do think it's a joke.
In fact, I think it's a bunch of crap.
All right? I worked with the guy for eight months seven years ago.
He was a good cop.
Yeah, well, we have reason to believe he planted blood evidence on the clothing of Marcus Donovan, which led to his conviction.
What led to his conviction was the fact that he killed an elderly couple after they cashed their Social Security check.
There were no witnesses.
The gun was never recovered.
There's no witnesses because everybody's scared to death of Marcus Donovan 'cause he's a maniac.
The fact remains that Donovan was convicted because the victims' blood was found on his shirt, and Reid put it there.
The question is, did you know about it? You're joking, right? If you were part of this in any way, Detective, now's the time to come clean.
I mean, come on, I ask that question of perps every single day myself, all right? We got a time-sensitive matter related to an ongoing investigation.
What do you know? Got to go.
I got more questions, Detective.
Have fun with that.
What is he talking about in there? Nothing.
Bunch of hot air.
You think they're trying to get you to hang Reid out to dry? Reid is a good cop, okay? He would never have to plant evidence to make a case, especially against a rat like Marcus Donovan.
Sounds like they got him pretty good.
Come on.
He's a decorated detective.
Marcus Donovan's got a rap sheet a mile long.
Who would you believe? And why'd you pull me out of there? What's so pressing? Close the door.
What are you doing here? Violating about a dozen rules of protocol, but we got to talk.
Does this have anything to do with, uh, your crony over here asking me questions about a case from seven years ago? Yeah, and you didn't hear it from me, but don't say another word without an attorney present.
Why the hell do I need a lawyer? We've been investigating Darryl Reid for two months.
We have him dead to rights on perjury and tampering with physical evidence.
I don't believe it.
Yeah, well, you better.
His career is in serious jeopardy, and he's probably going to jail.
And anyone complicit in those crimes is going down, too.
I'm really sorry about Lily's outburst.
That's okay.
Do you know what happened with her father? All I know is he was shot by a police officer three years ago and Lily's been in a downward spiral ever since.
And she lives with her mom now? Lily's mother has substance abuse issues.
Disappeared a few months after the shooting.
Lily lives with her grandmother now.
She's had her share of heartache.
Before the shooting, Lily was an excellent student.
Now she barely shows up, and when she does, she's combative, disrespectful.
Has anyone tried to help her? A counselor or a shrink? All of the above.
Lily wants no part of it.
Any trouble outside of school? Well, caught smoking pot, drinking.
The grandmother can't control her? She's a nice lady, but she's in over her head with Lily.
Seems like we all are.
Is there anything that we can do to help? Lily's angry at the world.
She doesn't trust anyone.
Unfortunately, that all started with someone wearing a uniform like yours.
There he is.
Pride of the 5-4 squad.
Darryl Reid.
How you doing? Ah.
Depends on who you ask.
You look good, Danny.
Thank you.
How's the family? Eh, okay.
How about you? How's the wife? Actually, we split up last year.
I'm sorry.
Ah, finally came to her senses.
You know how it goes.
I'm starting to figure it out.
Look, I, uh, got a visit from the D.
's office about the Marcus Donovan case.
They got nothing better to do than dig up good collars and rip 'em apart.
They say you planted blood on Donovan.
What'd you say? Said you're the best detective I ever worked with.
You're a stand-up guy, Danny.
I told 'em you're the last guy in the world who'd need to fix a case.
I mean, that's true, isn't it? He slaughtered that couple for 300 bucks.
He got what he had coming.
I agree.
I'm also getting the feeling you're gonna tell me something that I really don't want to hear right now.
The case stalled.
We had nothing solid.
It was going cold.
ADA wasn't gonna charge Donovan.
So you flake the guy? Where the hell did you even get the blood to plant on him? I dropped by the M.
's office where they autopsied the vics.
You stole the blood from the lab? He was gonna walk, Danny.
Now, when the D.
reopened the case, forensics turns up lab chemicals in the blood I put on Donovan's shirt.
Well, it makes sense why they're looking at me now.
I told 'em you had nothing to do with it.
Well, I don't think your word carries a lot of weight with them right now, just saying.
Sounds like you're taking their side.
I'm not taking their side, but you did just tell me that you tampered with evidence in a homicide.
This animal would've taken more lives if we didn't put him in a cage.
You got a problem with that? I got a problem with you not telling me what you did.
I was your partner.
It was my case, too.
I could have helped you.
I was trying to protect you.
Okay? Just in case something like this happened.
Now I got to pay the price.
I'm sorry you got jammed up, Danny, but I could not let that bastard skate, so I did what I had to do.
Excuse me.
I have David Gore for you, Commissioner.
Well, let's have him.
Thanks for coming in.
May I call you David? Of course.
It's good to meet you, Commissioner.
I've reviewed your application to demonstrate.
Is that standard procedure? It is not.
But I have some questions.
Chief among them if we intend to burn the American flag? That would be one of them.
We do.
Well, of course, that is your right.
It is.
But you and I both know that that's gonna make a lot of people very angry.
“Peace demands the most heroic labor and the most difficult sacrifice.
” Thomas Merton.
I'm impressed.
Look, David, you and I don't agree on a whole hell of a lot, but whatever message you're trying to send here-- burning the flag will drown it out.
It is a polarizing act.
But the pro-war forces in this country have vastly superior resources, which forces us to take radical action.
At the Veterans Memorial.
We respect the sacrifice of veterans.
Now, why dishonor them when your argument is with the government? My father was a Marine.
He died in Iraq in 1990.
Then the memorial honors his service.
The only thing his death accomplished was to strengthen the war machine that runs this country.
Sometimes you have to fight for what you believe in.
That's exactly why I'm here.
Here's your permit.
Only a fool seeks peace by inciting violence.
Martin Luther King.
Frank Reagan.
Linda said you were working late.
Well, I do have active cases.
Unless, of course, you're here to, uh, charge me, too.
You've been cleared of any wrongdoing in the Donovan case.
Whoo-hoo! You don't seem very relieved.
Well, I didn't do anything wrong.
And, then, what's gonna happen to Marcus Donovan now? Judge ordered a new trial on the murder charges.
So there's a chance the son of a bitch could stay behind bars? Unfortunately, the case is thin, and in light of Reid's actions, I think a conviction is highly unlikely.
Which means a murderer is free to start killing all over again.
Hey! Hey! Those bastards have no right! Unfortunately, Sid, they do.
And they know how to get their message out.
They're slapping the face of everyone who ever wore the uniform.
They don't see it that way.
Well, what other way is there? If this wasn't gonna make the front page before, it sure will now.
Yeah, well, you play with fire, you get burned.
Let me guess.
You're here to investigate us.
I don't hold a grudge.
Since when? Look, I need to talk to you about Marcus Donovan.
Start talking.
You guys are not seriously thinking about dropping charges against him.
Well, the D.
hasn't signed off on it, but it's headed that way.
Come on, Erin, you can't do that.
Danny He killed those people.
Okay, I believe you, but I still need something to prove it in court.
Reid falsified the evidence because you guys didn't have enough to nail Donovan.
I know that! Okay, so no physical evidence, no witnesses I know! and after seven years, the chance of you building a solid case is slim to none.
I know that, too, okay? But Marcus Donovan doesn't.
It's not gonna work, Danny.
Look, we meet with him, and you tell him you'll reduce his sentence if he pleads guilty.
He'd accept that why? Because if he's found guilty in a new trial, he's gonna end up right back where he started.
Come on, it's worth a shot.
It's a long shot, Danny.
Donovan has a smart enough lawyer to get his conviction overturned.
Reid screwed up.
Okay? I know it.
But I worked this case, too.
If this guy walks now, it's gonna be on me.
There she is.
Hey, look, I know you're just trying to help this girl.
I-I'm just not sure this is the right way to do it.
She has a right to know the truth.
Come on.
Hey, Lily.
Remember us? Yeah.
Screw you.
Hey, watch your mouth, Lily.
Or what? You guys gonna shoot me, too? What do you think happened to your father, Lily? He was walking home from the store one night, when a couple of cops started hassling him.
And when he tried to walk away, they shot him.
Who told you that? My mom-- before she took off-- and my grandmother.
Yeah, well, that's not exactly how it went down.
How would you know? I read the police report.
This may be really hard for you to hear, but your father was caught selling drugs.
That's a lie.
During the arrest, your father pulled a gun out of his pocket, and that's when the officers shot him.
The cops made that stuff up so they wouldn't lose their jobs.
They recovered the drugs and the gun, Lily.
And there were witnesses.
My father was a good guy and you guys killed him.
He probably was a really good guy, but he made some mistakes, and it cost him his life.
We don't want you going down the same road.
Just leave me alone.
Well so much for the truth.
How you feeling, David? Mild concussion, a few stitches-- I'll live.
Could have been a lot worse.
And it didn't have to happen.
I'm glad it did.
Really? A group of peaceful protestors being attacked on live television? That's a good day for us.
You're lucky a lot of your people weren't seriously injured.
No thanks to your officers.
The police assigned to protect us intentionally failed to do so.
I didn't figure you for the kind that plants a bomb and then blames the bomb squad when it goes off.
Your people stood down, Commissioner.
They manned their posts.
I was there.
NYPD was openly hostile to my people, to our cause Two of my men were hospitalized.
I'm sorry they were hurt, but they have an affirmative duty to protect the rights of citizens, whether they agree with them or not.
We did our job.
We're not done.
I rescheduled the demonstration.
We will burn the American flag in the name of peace.
That flag, that you consider a prop and a stunt, has draped the coffins of Americans who died to give you the right to ignore that sacrifice.
You're spitting on their graves.
Her grandmother's been lying to her for three years, which is why Lily's walking around with a giant chip on her shoulder thinking that her father is some innocent victim.
Well, did you ever think that maybe she's trying to protect Lily's memory of her dad? Yeah, but feeding this girl a bunch of lies is ruining her life.
Look, when my dad went to prison, nobody shielded me from anything, and I was forced to see my dad for who he really is-- and that wasn't such a great thing.
Why not? Because every little girl thinks her dad's a hero, and when she finds out that he's not a hero, it changes everything.
Okay, but Lily's been told that her father was a great guy, and she's circling the drain.
I think she's better off knowing the truth.
Gomez? I'm sorry to bother you, but I need your help.
What's going on? Lily Coleman's grandmother called yesterday.
Lily never came home.
She's missing.
Will your lawyer be joining us, Mr.
Donovan? I don't need my damn lawyer.
I just need y'all to let me up out of here.
Well, the judge has ruled that you'll remain in custody pending the result of the new trial.
You got nothing shows I killed those people.
You never did.
You remember me? You're one of the lying pigs who set me up.
I'm just the pig that's gonna make sure you stay locked up.
Say what you came to say.
I'm authorized to offer you a deal, Mr.
You're currently serving If you agree to plead guilty to two counts of manslaughter, we can recommend a reduction of sentence to 14 years, to include time served.
Now, why in the hell would I do that when I'm about to walk out of here? 'Cause you're not gonna walk out of here.
And if you pass up on the deal and go back to trial, I'm gonna personally rebuild the case against you.
And you will die in this rat hole, you understand? Do I look like a damn moron to you? Well, actually, you do.
If you had a case, you'd take me to trial, instead of begging me to take some half-assed deal.
Now who's the moron? Well, that would still be you.
Let's go.
He may be psychotic, but he happens to be right-- we have nothing.
Come on, there's got to be something you can do.
I have an obligation to advise the D.
that we have insufficient evidence to proceed with a new trial.
I am sorry, Danny.
Push people too far, they push back.
That was one hell of a scene there at Veterans Plaza.
Why would anyone want to burn the American flag? They do it all the time in the Middle East.
It's one thing when it happens overseas, boys, but when an American lights a match in our own backyard Amen to that.
Maybe a lot of people disagree with our foreign policy.
Or maybe they're just a bunch of ungrateful knuckleheads who have no respect.
They're entitled to their point of view, Danny.
That's all I'm saying.
The fact remains burning the flag is protected under the First Amendment.
- No one disputes that.
- I do.
I fought under that flag.
Just like Dad, just like Grandpa.
As far as I'm concerned, you want to burn it, you don't love this country, get the hell out.
It's not that simple, Danny.
Oh, now we got to hear from the golden boy who never even wore a uniform? I wear one now, and no one respects what the flag stands for more than I do.
You know what, then I'll tell you what.
Hop on an airplane, go to some godforsaken hellhole, and watch all your buddies get blown away, then talk to us - about what the flag stands for.
- Hey.
Let's keep it civilized, okay? Look, everyone at this table respects your service, but when you defend the flag, you defend all the rights it stands for.
Especially the rights of the people you disagree with.
But just because you have the right to do something doesn't mean it's the right thing to do.
Especially when you're dishonoring the people who died for your freedom.
No one said it's right.
Well, you start limiting freedoms so no one's offended, and soon we won't have any.
Burning the flag is shameful, but it's legal.
What do you do when it's both, Grandpa? Your job.
All right, guys.
Time to go.
Come on.
Actually, meet me in the car, okay? All right.
Anything new on the Donovan case? I presented the facts to the D.
And? He told me to drop the charges.
Come on.
You can't do that.
Danny, even if we go to trial, we have no case.
I'll make a case.
Just give me a little time.
Donovan spent seven years in jail because a cop broke the law.
He spent seven years in jail because he murdered Joe and Janet Campanella.
Married 47 years.
Four children.
Seven grandchildren.
You don't play fair.
Just 48 hours.
Can you give me 48 hours, please? I will get you the proof you need, and if I don't, you drop the charges against Donovan, okay? She could be anywhere.
Hopefully she stuck around her neighborhood.
Has Lily ever run away before? Grandmother said this is the first time.
Guess that's on me.
Right there.
Hey, what are you doing out here? I'm fine, okay? Let us take you home.
This is where I want to be.
Look, I'm sorry that I said that stuff about your father, Lily.
I-I had no right.
If I knew that It's not like I haven't heard bad stuff about him before.
I guess it was just easier not to believe it.
What he did, that's not on you-- that's on him.
He could be really sweet, you know? He'd cook me breakfast.
Then we'd watch TV.
The Three Stooges.
We'd laugh until our stomachs hurt.
It's good you have those memories.
I haven't been happy like that since he died.
Mostly, just tired.
Tired of being mad all the time.
Tired of missing him.
There's people who can help you, Lily, if you let them.
Can they bring my dad back? No.
I wish they could.
Come on.
Shot for my pal.
I'm okay.
Looks like the D.
's not gonna get Marcus Donovan a new trial.
I got two days to come up with anything I can that'll keep that mutt behind bars.
I really need your help.
You're on your own.
Nobody knows this case as good as you.
Truth is I really don't care if Donovan walks or not.
You're still a cop.
Actually, I'm not.
They took my gun and my shield this morning.
I'm sorry.
And I'm facing felony time.
Donovan gets to walk out of the jail the same time I walk in? You could still do some good right now.
Do some good? I spent my entire career doing good.
I put my ass on the line every day.
And what do I get for it? A “screw you” from the department and a jail cell.
You still got a choice to make right now.
And now Donovan and every other scumbag murderer in this city-- it's no longer my problem.
I'm done.
The new Battle for Peace rally is scheduled for tomorrow at 2:00.
Some people never learn.
I want our manpower doubled.
And after what happened last time, the media is gonna be all over this.
David Gore is on TV claiming the NYPD didn't protect his people.
Any truth to that? Spoke to the Borough Inspections Unit.
They got no evidence of our guys sitting on their hands, though I sure as hell wouldn't blame 'em.
What about IAB? I didn't see any reason to drag 'em into it.
If there are officers who stood down, I want them disciplined.
And we sure as hell don't want 'em out there tomorrow.
Make the notification to IAB.
Yes, sir.
I want the counterprotesters contained.
Put some undercovers in their ranks.
And you run the operation.
I'll take a pass on that, if it's okay.
Boss, I lost a grandfather, two uncles and more friends than I can count serving that flag.
I still carry shrapnel in my hip.
These people deserve what they get, if you ask me.
I didn't ask.
It's not a request.
I just can't stand by and watch 'em torch the flag.
It's an order.
Maybe we should take it down a notch, guys.
Really appreciate you coming in here, Mr.
I just don't know how I can help you.
I think you can help me.
Why don't you take a seat.
Now, you were working security at the pharmacy across the street from where the Campanellas were shot and killed seven years ago.
Is that right? Yeah.
But like I told the detective back then, I didn't see those people get shot.
I-I read your statement.
See, here's the thing, Mr.
Tavares, is that the guy who killed those people, who we put away for the rest of his life, he's gonna be set free if we can't find someone who can I.
him as the shooter.
So that's where you come in.
I'm sorry to hear that.
But I didn't see anything.
Well, it's funny, 'cause I spoke to all the other employees who were working that night, and they said you were outside, in front of the pharmacy, at the time of the shooting.
So I think you did see something.
Hmm? Marcus Donovan he's crazy.
Him and his friends terrorized that neighborhood for years.
And they hurt a lot of people.
That's why no one testified against him back then.
And that's why no one's gonna testify against him now.
You're telling me that you saw that animal shoot those people in cold blood and you don't have the stones to come forward, even after all these years, and do the right thing? I'm saying, unless I'm under arrest, I'm going home.
Come on, help me out.
I'm on the clock here, all right? Just run the physical evidence again.
I'm looking for fingerprints, DNA, anything.
Oh, you're too busy? Is that right? Okay, I'll tell you what.
When this murdering prick gets out of the joint looking for a new victim, I'll be sure he gets your address.
You been here all night? A lot of good it's done.
This is Reid's mess, Danny.
It's not yours.
You can tell that to his next victim's family.
Detective Reegan? It's Reagan.
And what do you want, Mr.
Tavares? I-I've been thinking, about the night that couple got killed.
Oh, I've been thinking about it, too.
Believe me.
I'll testify.
What did you say? I'll testify.
What made you change your mind? It's like you said, I Sometimes you just got to stand up and do the right thing.
Well, you're doing the right thing.
Would you take his statement, please? Get it to me in an envelope right away.
Is everything okay? That's what I'm gonna find out.
My partner will take your statement, okay? Follow her.
Sorry I'm late.
Meeting with my lawyer.
You remember Reuben Tavares? Hum a few bars.
He worked security across the street from where the murders took place.
Yeah, so? I re-interviewed him last night.
Stuck to the same old story.
Says he didn't see anything the night of the murders.
This going somewhere, Danny? He just showed up back at the squad an hour ago.
Changing his whole tune.
Talking about how he wants to put his hand on the Bible and swear that he saw Marcus Donovan murder that couple.
Something you said must've gotten to him.
Well, see, I think something somebody else said might have gotten to him.
Either way, you make the case.
Guys like Tavares do not get brave overnight.
Do you believe Tavares saw Donovan kill those people? Absolutely.
Then take a yes, all right? You wanted Donovan, you got him.
Walk away.
Did you threaten Tavares, make him change his story? You came to me the day my career ended.
Asked for my help making this case.
Now you want to point fingers? Tavares wouldn't testify because he was scared stiff of Donovan.
Now he wants to testify.
Why? Because he's scared stiff of somebody else.
Let's just say I gave Tavares a come-to-Jesus.
And I'm not saying I did.
You got no knowledge.
Your hands are clean.
Now, you got Marcus Donovan by the throat, Danny.
All you have to do now is squeeze.
Hi, Lily.
Glad to see you back in school.
My grandmother was having a nervous breakdown, so I came.
But it's only temporary.
Well, what does that mean? It means I'm out of here.
Got some money stashed.
Heading to Florida, maybe California.
You're 13, Lily.
If you take off, that makes you a runaway.
The authorities will track you down, bring you back.
And I'll run away again.
You can't run away from your problems, Lily.
Which is why you really need to talk to someone.
My whole life changed the night my dad died.
Who can I talk to about that? Hi, Lily.
My name's Chris.
Officer Chris Frye.
You-you know who I am? What the hell is this? Take it easy, Lily.
He's got something he wants to say.
I've wanted to reach out to you a thousand times, but I knew that nothing I could say would make a difference.
You're right.
You killed my dad.
You ruined my life.
Hear him out, Lily.
Listen, I know you must hate me.
Even though I did my job, I hated myself for a long time.
So I'm supposed to feel sorry for you? No.
I've done enough of that myself.
Listen, Lily I lost something, too, that night, okay? It's nothing compared to what you lost.
But it was enough to make me not want to live anymore.
Chris got help, Lily.
You can, too.
I work at New Tomorrow Youth Center now.
People deal with problems like this every day.
If you let them, I think they can help you, Lily.
I'm sorry about your dad, Lily.
You're cutting it a little close, Detective.
Tough case.
This is the motion to dismiss the murder charges against Marcus Donovan.
You have any reason why I shouldn't file it? Yeah, 'cause he's a murdering scumbag.
Any reason I can use in court? I keep I keep thinking about Reid planting that blood on Donovan.
He broke the law, Danny.
But I know why he did.
I mean, I've crossed the line plenty of times myself.
It's part of the job, you know? Yeah, but there's a line that you don't cross.
Reid must've thought to himself, “Do I want a clear conscience, or do I want an innocent victim's blood on my hands?” What's going on, Danny? I came up empty.
I'm sorry.
I know this was important to you.
I cannot believe that son of a bitch is gonna be out on the street.
He's gonna screw up again.
He's gonna be right back here.
It's just a matter of time.
Well, I hope no one has to die because of it.
There something you're not telling me? Doesn't matter anymore.
You okay? Sure, I am.
You're a lousy liar.
I could use a drink.
You? Yeah.
Lieutenant Gormley to see you, sir.
Damnedest thing I ever saw.
Really? We had the counterprotesters under control.
Battle for Peaceniks had the place for themselves.
And they walked away.
They never even lit the match.
Sounds like a happy ending.
You know, but I keep asking myself, why would they back down? Well, you'd have to ask them.
You changed the venue.
You went from the Veteran Memorial to the Oakdale National Cemetery.
Well, there were security issues, traffic concerns.
Sometimes you just get lucky.
All due respect, that's a load of crap.
Well, not that I owe you an explanation, Lieutenant, but David Gore's father was KIA in Iraq.
He's buried in Oakdale.
And you knew the kid couldn't burn a flag on his father's grave.
That was my hope.
Guess that's why you're on that side of the desk.
Just wanted you to know-- me fighting the assignment wasn't out of any disrespect for you.
I know that, Sid.
You served proudly.
Your family sacrificed more than their share.
But what we do here is no less sacred.