Blue Bloods s06e19 Episode Script

Blast From the Past

1 (elevator bell dings) Excuse me.
What do we got? Hey.
Sean Young? Yeah, the boxer.
He left The Infatuation Lounge in the Meatpacking District with a mystery woman at about 4:00 a.
After the fight? Yep.
Their car got jacked at a stoplight.
Perps took his jewelry, shot him twice.
He was found lying in the street.
What about the woman? Gone.
Thinking maybe Young was set up.
Sounds like a setup to me.
Is he likely? No word yet.
These guys with their after-parties.
Why don't you just go to the hotel and take a nap? He's in stable condition from the stomach wound.
Still have to operate on the leg.
Uh, you can talk to him later.
All right.
Thanks, Doc.
Danny Reagan.
Mosley, Brooklyn Robbery Squad.
This is my partner, Maria Baez.
Yeah, we know each other.
Yes, we do.
Okay, well, thanks for keeping him warm.
We got it from here.
Detective, Sean Young was shot in Brooklyn, which makes it my case.
Yeah, but the M.
fits the pattern of a crew that's struck twice in Manhattan, so it makes it our case.
Same crew? Are you sure about that? DANNY: Three athletes hit the same way in the same month? Yeah, I'd say there's a connection.
They both weren't shot.
That's a fine distinction.
Not to Sean Young, it isn't.
BAEZ: Okay, what do you say we just work this case together until the bosses say otherwise? Sounds good to me.
Sound good to you? (scoffs) (sighs) Whatever.
Thank you.
I always play the same number for Powerball.
What is it? If I told you, it'd jinx it.
Well, have you ever won? No.
Then how could I jinx it? (women clamoring in Spanish) Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey, folks.
Is there a problem here? Hey, what's going on? Someone stole our bags.
Okay, calm down.
Just tell us exactly what happened.
We were checking into the hotel and someone stole them! Okay, did you get a description? Did you see them? No.
We turned our backs for, like, a second and they were gone.
And what about you, Miss? Did you see anything? (sighs) What is it? Your passport was in the bag? Your money? (sighs) The ring.
What ring? For my sister's wedding.
I brought it from Oaxaca for the ceremony.
She trusted me with it! Don't blame yourself.
Okay, what are you guys' names? I'm Rosa Alvarez and this is Maribel Rivas.
JAMIE: Maribel, listen.
A detective will be assigned to your case right away.
We're gonna do everything we can to get your ring back.
You promise? I promise we'll do our best.
All right.
Copy that.
The limo driver who picked up Sean Young? Yeah.
He still hasn't turned up yet, and neither has his car.
Maybe he's in on it.
Well, let's check the license plate readers and E-ZPass, see if anything pops.
All right.
Do you think I'm not gonna ask? What? Come on, Baez.
We get paid to read people for a living.
You and Mosley.
Just give it a rest for once, Danny.
(elevator bell dings) I'm just saying Come on.
I know he's the detective who was married, from your old squad.
The guy who promised to leave his wife for you.
It doesn't matter.
It doesn't? It was a long time ago.
I'm over it.
Is that why you've had so many great relationships since then? Because you're so over it? Just saying, if you want to sit this one out, it's no problem.
I'm not getting thrown off my own case for anyone.
Are you sure? In case you haven't noticed, Danny, I'm a big girl.
Okay, what's next? GORMLEY: And I have the final list of candidates for the promotion ceremony next week.
Are you sitting down, boss? Last time I looked.
We got a situation here.
You gonna tell me? I'm just warning you.
See for yourself.
Thomas Sculley? Up for sergeant.
How'd this happen? Strictly by the book.
He stayed on the job, kept his head down all these years.
With this in mind? All I know is he passed the exam with flying colors.
He could jam up this whole department.
Boss, if I may? We can't just turn our backs on him.
What the hell? We're just getting into it.
I hope that what you're getting into is a way to make this disappear.
Now, for good.
Hold on, Garrett.
Hold on for what, Sid? We just don't throw him under the bus.
He's a cop.
He's a cop that joined three other cops putting 61 rounds into an unarmed Muslim teenager! He was acquitted of any crime! By a jury in Albany! That's where they held the trial, where else is he Stop! Please.
I know you're going to want to do this by the book.
I pray there's some interpretation of that book There's not.
that prevents Thomas Sculley from being raised up in this department.
There isn't.
I already checked.
Then you're gonna let me find a way.
Is that an offer or a threat? Call it what you want.
Frank, please tell me you're looking out ahead of this.
(sighs) I'm trying.
'Cause in this climate-- in any climate in this city-- rewarding this guy with a rise-up in rank is gonna undo years of outreach and tough compromise in one fell swoop.
(sighs) Dammit.
Blue Bloods 6x19 Blast From the Past @elderman DETECTIVE: Please take this card.
My number's there.
Call me if you need anything.
We'll do our best.
Any leads on that robbery? Not yet.
I got six opens on my desk I gotta hit first, including a home invasion.
I know you guys took the complaint.
They friends of yours? No, just following up.
I'll let you know if anything breaks.
Thanks, Detective.
That detective is too busy.
He's not gonna help us.
Investigations take time.
And it's not his only case.
And who cares about a couple of Mexican girls who are gonna be gone in a week anyway? Whoa, whoa, whoa, it's-it's not that.
Oh, really? Then what's it like? Maribel is in a really bad situation.
Just please, please understand.
I haven't even told my family the ring is missing yet.
It'll be very difficult for them.
It's an heirloom; the most valuable thing they own.
It was made by Emmanuel Peralta, a very famous silversmith in Oaxaca.
There were times when we almost sold it, but we passed it down instead.
It's our history, our pride.
My sister's wedding is in four days.
I have to get it back! Just sit tight and we'll look into it.
Okay? Thank you, officer.
I appreciate it.
You got it.
Did you want to pick your jaw up off the ground? Or Shut up, Janko.
I don't blame you.
I mean, she's gorgeous.
What does that matter? Admit it, you want to be her knight in shining armor.
Hey, listen, even if I was interested-- if-- it's against department policy.
Because we go out, something goes wrong, she could sue the whole department.
But she's only in town for a few days and then she goes home.
To another country.
Jamie, you could loosen up.
Go for it.
What are you, my wingman all the sudden? No, I'm just looking out for your best interests.
I don't think it's in my best interest to go hooking up with complainants.
Then why did you promise that you would help her? Because Rosa is right.
Imagine what it feels like to come here from Mexico.
People talking about building a wall to keep you out.
Let's show 'em that this is New York City.
Everybody's welcome.
Light and sweet.
It's not gonna work this way, Jimmy.
What way? It's just good to see you.
Notice anything? You never wore it anyway, so what does it matter? Come on.
Just one drink.
Just just one drink tonight.
Let's talk.
A lot's gone down.
Been there, done that, lost the T-shirt.
One drink.
It's nothing? You don't, you don't feel nothing? Baez, Mosley! Sorry to interrupt.
I think I got something here.
CCTV footage from outside the club.
That's Young.
DANNY: Yeah, exactly.
Who is she? Well, that's the million-dollar question.
Who is she? Well, it's a bad angle.
You can't see her face.
Yeah, but look at her body language.
It's almost as if she knew there was a camera there.
She's sort of hiding herself.
Where are the women who left with the other vics? Right here in the file.
Take a look.
Meanwhile, I'm gonna zoom in on her.
What is this on her ear? The earring up there? What do they call that? It's a cartilage piercing.
Cartilage piercing The woman in the hat has the same one.
Son of a bitch.
She's hiding her face.
Same physical type.
I think they're all the same woman.
The honey trap that lures the mark.
I say if we find her, we find the crew who did this.
Still think it's unconnected? It's good.
It's good work.
Do you mind? We got work to do.
What? Champ.
Detective Reagan.
This is Detective Mosley.
How you holding up, champ? I might've been better off going another 12 rounds instead.
Yeah, you got that right.
I don't got much.
Well, just be straight with us.
We'll be the judge of what you got.
We heard from some witnesses that there was a beef at the club between you and some guys.
Do you think they might have been involved in the shooting? Nah, no.
That was nothing.
I mean, when you're a fighter, dudes are always stepping to you, trying to prove they tough.
Any other beefs? Uh, gang affiliations? I'm from Atlanta.
I don't know a soul here.
I never been in a gang.
It was that girl.
That girl-- she set me up.
Had to have been.
Is this her? Yeah.
Yeah, that's the one I got in the car with, yeah.
Did you get her name? Nah, man, I was just calling her boo.
“Boo”? Yeah, boo.
I didn't exactly ask for I.
, you know what I'm saying? Uh-huh.
How about the driver? You think the driver could have been involved? Uh, to be honest, I didn't even notice him.
He was just kind of supplied, you know? Why'd you stop? One SUV boxed us in from the front, another from the back.
There was just, like, six dudes, I think.
You get a look at 'em? Nah, they were dressed in all black and had masks over their faces and then went right for my ice, too.
About 200K worth.
My watch another hundred.
Hear anything? Accents? Call each other nicknames? Nah, they were quick and quiet.
But the guy that shot me was huge.
Yeah, that's what I noticed.
I was just staring at the gun.
Why do you think he shot you? You resist? No, no, I-I gave it right up.
But he shot me anyway.
His eyes were totally blank.
Thought I was dead.
What's wrong with these people? We ask ourselves those questions every day.
BAEZ: Hey, guys? Excuse us.
A Vigilant camera got a hit on the missing limo's plates.
Where? It was headed to a parking garage in Bed-Stuy.
Somebody called in about the garage, said it'd been locked all day, no one could get to their cars.
Anyone been in touch with the owner? He's gonna meet us there.
Let's go.
(door opens) BAKER: Commissioner.
Union President Grant and Officer Sculley are here.
Thank you, Baker.
FRANK: Morning, Randy.
Thanks for coming, Officer Sculley.
Soon-to-be Sergeant Sculley.
Easy, there, Randy.
That's what we're here to discuss.
Not sure what there is to discuss.
Well, let me try and enlighten you.
And forgive me, Officer Sculley, but I'm going to be blunt.
Of course.
The other three officers in the Mohammed Sadiq shooting resigned after the trial.
They knew there was no coming back, and if I had been commissioner back then, I would have made sure you followed suit.
But you weren't commissioner, and Officer Sculley was acquitted in a criminal trial and cleared of any departmental charges by then-Police Commissioner Connors.
He was then free to resume his career FRANK: Which he has done, and I haven't interfered with it.
But a promotion would pour salt in a lot of old wounds.
GRANT: So what do you want him to do? Renounce it? I didn't say that.
Commissioner, if-if I may.
Look, I know people thought I was crazy to stay on the job.
But I actually did it for Mohammed Sadiq.
I wanted to do the job right to honor his memory with my service.
Well that's admirable.
But an awful lot of people that It's just gonna go right over their heads.
Including you.
I'm on your side.
You're judging me by this one mistake.
Yes, a mistake he made when he was 24 years old.
Some mistakes time erases, some it does not.
I've been trying to atone for the last 14 years.
And effort does not guarantee outcome.
You don't get to decide what the penance is and when it's done.
Would you like to take a poll of minority communities about your promotion? What, are you managing by hypothetical polls now? I've got an ear to the ground, Randy.
That's part of my job.
All due respect, Commissioner, but this is a non-conversation.
Thomas Sculley earned this promotion, and unless you want to change every departmental guideline, there are no grounds for you to block it.
I didn't say anything about blocking it.
The man's a hero, in my book.
A hero? He helped turn an unarmed young man into Swiss cheese, finagled to keep his job at full pay, and now wants a promotion.
What part of that says hero? Commissioner, look, I'm not saying that I'm a hero.
But I can hold my head up high in this city.
Perseverance, Frank.
Under conditions caused by his own mistakes? That's called life, Randy.
(sighs) We're done here.
With what result? With the result that I'm asking you to leave now.
(door opens, closes) (sighs) This never happens, Detectives.
Carl Scott's worked for me for five years.
He's like clockwork.
Hold on.
Is that the office? Yeah.
I'm gonna look for the limo.
All right.
This locked? No.
Son of a bitch.
That's him.
That's Carl.
All right.
Oh, my God.
All right, you-- step outside, okay? Step outside.
Hey, come here.
We got a crime scene here, okay? Lock it down.
Don't let him go anywhere.
JIMMY: Over here! What do you got? Got blood on the steering wheel.
Definitely a print.
Oh, boy.
Son of a bitch.
You find something? Yeah, the driver.
So much for witnesses.
That was my final answer.
Please don't bring it up again.
Please don't shut me down on this.
My opinion is valid and valuable.
I didn't say it wasn't.
In effect, you did.
Look, Pop, I agree.
I inherited the Sculley problem from Commissioner Connors.
Don't use the honorarium to me.
He goes by Crooked Connors, as far as I'm concerned.
Okay, but Connors served his Crooked Conners.
He served his time in prison, he's disappeared from the scene and any conversation for about the past decade.
So it's a card you can play.
If I did it would read like exactly what it is-- I'm passing the buck.
But it's his buck.
If I bought a house and the water heater exploded years later, should I blame the previous owner? Come on, Francis.
This isn't the water heater.
This is a corpse buried in the cellar.
Well, I'm not dragging Conners into this.
As much as I'd like to.
Now you're just being pigheaded.
And now you're sounding like Garrett.
Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
What's that mean? It means that you use Garrett as a reverse barometer, and sometimes you should just take his advice.
It's a police matter.
It is my job.
It's also a political stick of dynamite.
There is nothing in the Patrol Guide about how to handle this.
(sighs) I like to think I stand for cops.
I give one cop up in sacrifice, I've given up all of them.
(bell dings) Jimmy's got a contact in Latents.
They're rushing those prints for him.
He's gonna meet us here.
When'd he call it in? It wasn't a call.
He told me last night.
You were with him last night? We had dinner.
You got a problem with that? No.
How was it? Just burgers.
I wasn't talking about the food.
Yeah, I know you weren't.
So So, how much you want to know? How much do you want to tell me? I think I might've been in love with him.
I think that's something that you don't think, that's something you usually know.
Not if the guy's married.
How's that? It's like a particular kind of bulletproof vest you wear, if the guy's married.
So certain things can't get in.
Like? Some ideas of romantic love.
What a real relationship in broad daylight would be like.
(sighs) What's in that for you? (sighs) Lots.
The sex.
The thrill of living in the secret little world together.
And now? And now he's divorced, and I'm single, and we have maybe this one chance to see if it works out in the world.
So, how was dinner? It was really good.
And we're not talking about the food.
And you don't think you need to wear the vest? No.
Well, not for nothing, but if it was me, and I got an arrow through my heart, I would definitely wear the vest.
Yeah, I know, but you can't.
Why not? Well, otherwise you're never gonna let him in and find out what's what.
I guess.
Speak of the devil.
Hey partners.
Hey Jimmy.
We got a match on the print from the limo.
Meet John Bell, chronic felon.
Armed robbery, home invasion.
Him and his crew have been at this for a while.
Robbing the rich and famous-- that's the new twist.
Six-three, 290.
Fits the description Young gave.
That's our shooter.
We have a last known? Over the bridge.
Backup's gonna meet us there.
Does everyone have their vests? Always.
What are we waiting for? (indistinct conversation) What's the matter? Hey, Dom.
Where'd your friend go? Went to take a leak.
Is there a law against that? No, there's no law against that.
There is a law against snatching some bags outside of the Wessex Hotel.
Snatching some what? What are you guys talking about? Look, I'm getting sick of this.
You know, a kid robs a candy bar from a bodega, and you guys bracing me? I mean, I feel like I'm the only white guy in this city that's getting profiled! We can talk about it here, or we can bring you in.
DOM: Come on, you both know that I didn't do no snatch-and-run at some hotel.
That's ridiculous.
Inside one of the bags was a ring.
Have you ever heard of an Emmanuel Peralta? Yeah, Mexican silver, turn of the century.
If you stole something like that, where would you fence it? Hey, that was Donnie Price, known felon, okay? Consorting with him is enough to get you violating parole.
Look, there's one person that knows something about that, but if I tell you, then I could get jammed up.
How are they gonna know it was you? Look, help us out, we'll leave you alone.
We'll even owe you a favor.
It's balls.
It's garbage.
You guys are bunch of liars We can lie about it all the way to central booking.
I guess I don't have a choice, do I? (tires squealing) What's going on? We're here for John Bell.
Could you get him? Why? What'd he do? Could you just get him, please? Mommy, are we in trouble? Hush.
Everything's fine.
He's not here.
Hasn't been here for six months.
Haven't even spoken to him.
I don't know why he used this address.
You mind if we check? Go ahead.
I got nothing to hide.
Do you have any idea where he might be? Last I heard, he was bouncing at a club in the city-- The Infatuation Lounge.
He met some skank there.
That's who he left me for.
Do you know her name? She works there, too? No idea.
Just smelled her on him.
John did those robberies, didn't he? From the papers? What makes you say that? He used to rob drug dealers back in the day.
Used a front girl then, too.
Girl would lure the dude somewhere, John and his boys would be waiting.
Gun to the head, torture 'em, whatever it took to get to their stash and cash.
Were you ever that girl, Denise? No.
Never had the stomach for it.
All clear.
BAEZ: John calls or comes back, you let us know.
He won't.
SEAN: Did anybody in our family come through Ellis Island? Sean's doing an immigration project for school.
I can speak for myself, Mom.
Hey, she knows that.
LINDA: I'm sorry, Sean.
Go ahead.
I have to fill out this questionnaire full of Questions? Yeah.
I had to do something like that.
I should see if I could still find it, save you the trouble.
Mom, I'm kidding.
FRANK: Well, since you did do one, Nicky, at least tell Sean how we got over here.
Well, if I remember right, I think we kind of snuck in.
(laughs) No, we did not sneak in.
Your great-great grandfather, my dad, tried to get through Ellis Island twice, but they sent him back to Ireland twice because of an eye condition called trachoma.
He finally slipped in through the Port of New York.
Slipped in, snuck in, what's the diff? FRANK: The diff is, he came here legally.
He just wanted to avoid Ellis Island because by then, they had an eye out for him.
No pun intended.
DANNY: Yeah, he must have really wanted to come to America.
Well, like millions of others, he'd heard that the streets were paved with gold.
But he found out that they weren't paved at all, and he was expected to pave 'em.
Still happens, too.
Just not to the Irish.
Are there any traditions that we still do today? Well, as a matter of fact We still like our drink.
Hear! Hear! (laughter) It's for school.
HENRY: As a matter of fact, we're practicing a tradition right now-- having Sunday dinners together.
My father used to say that he needed to look into the eyes of all those he loved at least once a week so that he could cut off any real trouble at the pass.
And what do you see when you look around the table at this bunch? Trouble.
Nothing but trouble.
(laughter) JACK: What did you mean when you said it still happens, just not to the Irish? Just the promise of New York, of America, of streets paved with gold or whatever.
It's not as simple as jumping off the boat into open arms.
NICKY: Well, what about what it says on the Statue of Liberty? FRANK: Well, that's the promise, but each tribe has had to earn their place here.
And historically, they make it tough for the tribes that come after, just to keep it fair.
How is that fair? Well, fair to themselves, which, in the end, is how most people define fair.
(buzzer sounds on TV) MAN (on TV): That's the end of the first.
Rangers trail three, one.
Well That was ugly.
Maybe we should order some coffee down to their locker room.
(chuckles) My two cents, Tom Sculley? I warn you, I got a bankroll from all the two cents on that one.
I'll bet you do.
Did you know that he came and talked to the recruits when I was in the Academy? No, I did not.
It was a seminar on the Mohammed Sadiq shooting.
A lesson in what not to do, I hope.
Yeah, that's exactly what it was.
He took us step by step through every tactical decision they made that day.
What did he say about it? Said it was a perfect storm.
Not that long after 9/11.
A tip that an Arab was stockpiling weapons.
A cop had been shot in their precinct in the housing projects three days before, so they were already jacked up and paranoid.
Did he say anything about the shooting itself? Said it was the blink of an eye.
Apartment was dark.
Someone moved too fast.
They just opened fire.
Kid was just reaching for his wallet.
Did he mention that he shot first? Yeah, he did.
And the other cops had a sympathetic response.
But he owned up to everything, Dad.
I mean, no excuses.
I thought it was pretty brave.
So he's some kind of hero.
But there's more than one definition of a good cop.
Well For what it's worth, his story, the way he shared it-- we learned more from him than any other instructor or boss who was talking at us.
Anyhow, my two cents.
(sighs) I'll set him up, you knock him down? Nicholas Walker? I'm Officer Reagan.
This is Officer Janko.
JAMIE: We were hoping you could help us out with something.
Of course.
If you had an Emmanuel Peralta ring, inlaid with diamonds and jade, turn of the century, where would you price it? A Peralta? Well, I wouldn't sell it here.
I'd take it to auction.
With competitive bidders, something like that could go as high as $80,000.
Really? Conservatively.
How much did you pay the guys who fenced it? I don't deal in stolen goods.
No, not in this store, you don't.
Those deals happen in your studio, where your real business is done.
Who told you that? JAMIE: Tell us what we want to know, or detectives will be back with a warrant to check the provenance of every item in the entire building.
I don't know who you think I am.
We know who you are and what you are.
Want to call our bluff? You have no probable cause for a warrant.
Well, our offer expires in five, four, three, two Okay.
Okay, they were here.
They brought the Peralta, but I swear I didn't know it was stolen.
I don't admit a thing.
Who was it? (sighs) Come this way.
For my own protection, I record every transaction.
So this was Thursday last.
That's them.
(sighs) I met the manager at The Infatuation Lounge.
John Bell did not work there long.
Bad temper, scary guy.
What about our mystery girl? Anything on her? They did not recognize her as an employee or a patron of the club.
Is that John Bell's file? Yeah, we're looking into his employment history, criminal record, anything that can give us a clue as to his whereabouts.
DANNY: Son of a bitch was locked up nine times, and that's only in Brooklyn.
How the hell is he even on the streets? Anyone ever post his bail? Let's see.
Yes, an Audra Kinney.
In fact, she posted it she posted it in his last two arrests.
Audra Kinney? Audra.
Adam, union, David, Ralph, Adam.
Punch it in.
(typing) Here we go.
Criminal mischief, grand larceny, possession of stolen property.
She's a real peach.
Got an arrest photo? (beep) That looks like her.
Could definitely be her.
What about the cartilage piercing? She got one? BAEZ: Well, she's not wearing it in the photo, but she definitely has a piercing.
That's our girl.
That's not enough to go on.
That's all we got.
It'll have to do.
Last known address is in Fort Greene.
You think John Bell and his crew will be there? We're gonna sit on her house until we find out.
Let's go.
(gun clicks) Did she talk to you about us? Not much.
Enough to keep a hairy eyeball on me? I like to think of it as me having her back.
Well, you got her back on the job.
Well, sometimes it spills over into real life, too.
She thinks really, really highly of you.
You should know that.
And I think really, really highly of her.
You should know that, too.
I do.
Only not enough to always show it, right? In the past.
Where it belongs.
What happens in the future Between you and her.
Clean slate.
Hey, Audra Kinney's walking back to her apartment now.
It's time to roll.
Just so you know: I do got her back.
(guns clicking) Police.
Don't scream or try to warn 'em in any way.
You understand me? We know they're inside.
And don't ask who.
Give me the key.
Take her.
Go, go.
(whispering): Go, go, go! On the ground! Police! On the ground right now! Get on the floor! Right now-- face down! Don't move.
(gunshots) (officers shouting) Gun! Look out! (grunts) Jimmy? (groans) Jimmy.
(groans) He's hit! Jimmy's hit! I need some help! We got an officer down in here! You're gonna be fine.
You're gonna be fine.
Hang on.
He's hit, he's hit, I need some help! Officer down! We need some help! JAMIE: Maribel, Rosa.
I got some bad news.
What is it? Is the ring is gone? No, it's not that.
Rosa Alvarez, you're under arrest for grand larceny and for falsely reporting an incident.
What? Put your hands behind your back.
Rosa, what's going on? No, no, this is a mistake.
You pigs! Hey, we have your accomplice in custody and we have you on tape at the shop selling the ring, so you can drop the act.
Yeah, and don't call us pigs.
Rosa Rosa, why? I needed the money, okay? For what? I didn't want to go home.
I wanted to stay.
Looks like you get your wish.
I don't have family like you.
I don't have anything.
But you were my friend! It's just a stupid ring! Maribel I'm sorry.
Let's go.
It's hardest when it's someone who's close to you.
If it's any comfort, we see it all the time.
It's no comfort at all.
I hope he's all right.
That was a lot of blood.
(sighs) Yeah.
Guess he's feeling better.
You know, just be a pal from the precinct or something.
You still want to go see him? You know, he really does look okay, and we've got a mile of paperwork, so Yeah.
Well, then maybe we should just Yeah.
Come here.
He did just take a bullet for you, you know.
I know.
How's that make you feel? Like we're even.
I could see that.
I'm fine.
You know I can see that, too.
You know, I was never gonna be able to take off the vest anyway, so No? No.
I'm better off this way.
You say so.
I say so.
(sighs) Hey.
The ring was vouchered as evidence, but we'll try to get it returned to you before the ceremony.
I know how important it is.
Thank you, Officer Reagan.
You're welcome, Maribel.
What is your first name? Jamie.
I know that you went out of your way, you and your partner.
I appreciate it.
Do you think maybe you want to return the ring in person? What do you mean? To the wedding.
(chuckles) Are you asking me to be your date? Yes.
Well, it's against department rules.
Your case isn't really closed.
So then what about as my protection? I seem to need some here in New York.
Like moonlighting? What's that? Working security, off-duty.
Call it whatever you want.
That I can do.
(door opens) Officer Sculley.
So, Grant on his way? No.
This meeting is just between you and me.
It is not on anybody's calendar.
Do you want to sit down? An enterprising reporter at the Times got his hands on the promotion list.
I asked him to hold it back, pending us talking.
Why hold it back? (chuckles) Are you really that naive? I don't know what you mean.
Look, officer.
(sighs) Tom.
Either you or Grant or both of you seem to feel that this hero version of you is gonna fly-- it's not.
I think you're a good cop who's paid dearly for a terrible lapse in judgment, but out there? Out there is out there.
I thought blue stood with blue.
But out there is who we serve.
And the moment the Times puts that list up on its Web site, there will be a crowd around your precinct tossing everything they can get their hands on.
Okay, so you're worried about them.
No, I'm not worried about them.
I am worried about the other cops in your precinct.
And all the other precincts.
The fallout on them.
I see.
(sighs) (sighs) Southampton, Garden City out on Long Island.
Albuquerque, Boulder and San Diego.
Are? PDs whose chiefs I have contacted that have a good slot for you.
All of them making, by a year from now, more than you'd be making here in five.
What if I choose to stay? You'll get your promotion.
But you'll be riding a desk out at the Erie Basin auto pound.
That is not fair, and you know it.
You want to know how blue stands with blue? One of us says what's best for the rest of us? I got guys who stand with me.
Including my son Jamie and my right hand Sid.
But I am not going to put the other 35,000 men and women of this department through this wringer for one cop's crusade.
And if you're the cop you say you are if you're the cop I think you are you won't either.
(sighs) Just not fair.
Never said it was.
But it is what's happening here.
(sighs) Times said that they would hold back until 6:00, which means they'll put it up at 6:01.
I sincerely hope you'll get back to me before then.
(paper slides) (sighs) (sighs) Thank you.