Blue Bloods s07e09 Episode Script


1 MAN: Okay, ready? Here we go.
One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi, four Mississippi No peeking! five Mississippi, six Mississippi, seven Mississippi, eight Mississippi, nine Mississippi ten Mississippi eleven Mississ (screams) Jack? Jack! Jack, I can't see you.
Where are you? Daddy, over here! What is it? Wh-What happened? You all right? You almost ready? EDDIE: I'm getting dressed.
In that case, you need some help? Ha! Stay right where you are, Mr.
Why does it take women so long to get ready? Do you think this is easy? Who knows how to dress for a midweek Long Island destination wedding? I'm not sure ten stops out on the LIRR count as a destination.
If I'm staying at a hotel it's a destination.
Hey, I mentioned tonight is just the rehearsal dinner right? You can save the big guns for tomorrow's wedding.
I did.
This is just the appetizer.
Uh, what do you think? I think if I was the bride I'm calling in sick, 'cause you're gonna steal the show.
You don't look too shabby yourself, Mr.
Yeah, thanks.
I know I'm just the stand-in; we're going as friends.
As partners.
Yeah, just a couple off-duty cops attending a wedding together.
(laughing): Uh, is that okay? (laughing): Sure.
Let's do this.
Commissioner, Father Phil's here.
Father Phil.
Welcome to the 14th floor of One PP.
Thank you for seeing me, Commissioner.
Oh, come on.
It's still Frank.
Well, it's just that I've never seen you with all the trappings of your office.
Well, we could toss that football around, make this more like usual? Nah, nah, we're good.
- Sit down.
Coffee? - Oh, uh, black, please.
And, uh, thank you for seeing me on such short notice.
How is your fundraising going? You getting new uniforms? And jerseys, yeah.
Thanks to your help.
Well, a few phone calls.
Nothing more.
So You know, I'm usually on the other side of this conversation.
Well, I always wondered what it would be like sitting on your side of the confessional screen.
I'm very often grateful for the screen as much as the penitent is.
But if you were the guy in my seat you'd be telling the guy in your seat to spit it out already.
I'm stalling, I know.
(sets cup on table) There's a 15-year-old-boy in our parish who's gone missing.
How long has he been missing? 48 hours.
Have the parents filed a missing persons report? They have.
I'll talk to the precinct commander.
Well, no.
It's not that.
The-the police, they're doing the best they can with what they have.
What don't they have, that you do? I know where the boy is being held.
Where? I can't say.
Your voice is working just fine, Father.
I was told of his whereabouts during a confession.
I'm bound by the sacramental seal.
(indistinct police radio chatter) Hey, there's a homeless shelter a few blocks from here.
Maybe she's from there? How many homeless people you know got a French manicure? BAEZ: Yeah, this is no bottle blonde.
With fancy jewelry and Park Avenue teeth.
She's not homeless.
She's not a Jane Doe, either.
I recognize her.
- Huh? - This is Lindsey Wentworth.
Somebody I'm supposed to know? Nah.
She's a socialite.
He's right.
She is.
How do you know that? My wife loves Page Six.
Blue Bloods 7x09 Confessions @elderman Um, you were saying that you were meeting another couple Yeah.
We were, uh, supposed to be meeting friends for dinner at Bouchon, and when she didn't show, I started calling her, but it kept going straight to voicemail.
Was it like your wife to go missing for long periods of time? No.
She was always very prompt.
So that's why, when she didn't show, I called the cops.
And that was at 10:00 p.
That's right.
The person I spoke to said that they couldn't take a missing persons report.
They'd keep an eye out for her.
All right.
And you were meeting another couple.
Would it be possible for us to speak to them? Yeah, sure.
(sniffs) It was, uh, Lindsey's sister, Elaine and, uh, her husband John.
(sniffs) - I hate to ask you this right now, I know this is a difficult time for you, but were you and Lindsey having any kind of problems at all? No.
Not at all.
Nothing like that.
Um (sniffs) This is her cell.
You can check the text messages between us, you'll see things were great with us.
She didn't have her phone with her? Oh, she did that sometimes.
You know, if she was, uh, exercising or-or just going for a walk.
She called it cutting the cord.
Uh, well, thank you for this, and, um, we'll be in touch as soon as we hear anything.
Again, sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
What was with that look you gave me? This.
What? Something in the texts? I remembered at the crime scene, when they were bagging the evidence, Lindsey had a cell phone in her pocket.
She's got two phones? Yeah, but her husband only knows about this one.
So you think she was having an affair.
If anyone knows about that, it's her sister.
There's very little in here about results from canvassing the neighborhood.
They're a little hamstrung there, boss.
Hamstrung how? Well, there's no clear "last-seen.
" And all the day-of contacts the kid had were completely ordinary.
Well, the kid's gone missing, which is extraordinary.
Well, there's no evidence of an abduction, no ransom demands or even contact.
It's only been 48 hours.
Which is well past the usual time frame for the reach-out for a kidnapping.
I mean, he could have just taken a hike, or, God forbid, committed suicide somewhere out of sight.
Nothing in his profile suggests Well, nothing suggests anything, that's my point.
Where do we even start? I got to ask Ask.
- I'm not seeing what it is about this case puts it on top of the pile of the PC's desk.
A friend asked me to look into it.
A relative of the kid? No.
Is there something this friend said that might help us out here? Don't you think I'd share it if there was? I'm sorry, boss.
I'm just-- I'm a little confused.
Me, too.
Could you be a little less enigmatic? My friend is bound by a kind of oath in regards to sharing what he knows about the situation.
Like a mob thing? No.
Not a mob thing.
But just as strict and severe in terms of the consequences of telling what he knows.
I don't get it.
If he can't tell us anything, why did he come see you? He wants to help but he just doesn't know how.
Is that the bride-to-be? RICKY: The future Mrs.
She looks beautiful, man.
As does your date.
Oh, we're just partners.
Oh, I'm sorry.
No, it's-it's fine.
Happens all the time.
I, for one, am thrilled to hear this news.
What's that? She's single.
Great to meet you Derek.
(clears throat) Eddie.
- Mmm.
Love it.
Something so hot when a girl has a boy's name.
RICKY: Everyone, Derek is my partner, and, as you can see, he's painfully shy.
(laughing) This is Jamie.
We used to work together in the city.
You guys are NYPD.
That's right.
Hey, how many NYPD cops does it take to change a light bulb? Thanks, but I'll pass.
What? It's just a joke.
Fine, I'll bite, how many? Six.
One to do it, five to smash the old bulb.
(laughter) Seriously? You think that's funny? Did you come up with that all by yourself, Derek? Uh, no.
I read it online.
He's just kidding, guys.
Must be nice to have that kind of time on your hands.
Guess that's what happens when all you have to do all day is write a couple speeding tickets.
You think we don't do real police work out here? Nah, we carry Glocks in our holsters, not radar guns, but You think that's funny? I think it's funnier than your lame joke.
RICKY: Okay, that's enough.
Everybody settle down and have a drink.
This is a party.
Let's party.
Forget about him, let's go dance.
I'm a terrible dancer.
You don't have to be good, you just have to be fun.
I'm gonna have another drink instead.
Lindsey's husband said he met you for dinner, but that Lindsey didn't show up.
That's right.
Can I ask you how Stuart seemed that night? He was concerned.
It wasn't like her to just not show up.
He called her a bunch of times.
We all did.
And after about, uh, half an hour? He insisted on calling the police.
What was your impression of their marriage, if you don't mind me asking? Great.
Very happy.
Stuart was crazy about Lindsey.
They had a-a very good marriage, better than most.
Isn't that right? No question.
That's good.
Then why do you think it is that she had a second cell phone? Didn't know that she did.
Yeah, her husband didn't know that either.
I didn't know either.
Really? Well, that's interesting, because I checked her cell phone records, and both cells had calls from you.
Sweetie, can you give me a minute? Yeah.
You want to tell me what's going on? Lindsey had a secret.
Yeah, k-kind of gathered that much.
You have to swear you won't tell anything to Stuart.
This would kill him, not to mention her children.
She was having an affair? - No.
She was a hooker.
What? Well, a high-priced call girl, anyway.
(bell tolling, birds calling) Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.
It has been three months since my last confession.
These are my sins.
I have sinned in thought and in deed.
I have to ask a man something I have no right to ask of him.
- Frank And if he refuses, I cannot accept it.
Is what you want of value for him or just for you? It is of value to both of us.
But most importantly to a 15-year-old boy and his family.
I am asking a man, a good man, to break his oath to save a boy's life.
I am not a man.
I'm a priest.
You are both.
Father, wait.
(sighs) You're right.
You have no right to ask that of me.
I know.
And yet I'm asking.
If I do what you're suggesting, that is a violation of my holy oath.
Father, it's just you and me standing here.
Wrong, Frank.
There's a third.
He is always standing with us.
Yes, our most merciful God Whose seal of the confessional is a duty I'm charged with protecting.
And that boy I am charged with protecting.
Then find him.
That's the duty you're charged with.
Then help me.
I just did.
DANNY: According to her sister, she was on a girls' trip a couple years ago to Vegas.
She got drunk and ended up cheating on her husband.
That's an affair, not prostitution.
But it's Vegas, you know? She got all dolled up.
She looks like a million bucks.
The guy assumed she was a pro, so he slides her a few hundreds when they're done.
What? I would've smacked him in his face.
That's exactly what she did.
But later on, on the plane, she starts replaying the whole evening in her head and getting turned on by it.
And next thing you know, she takes a solo trip to the Mile High Club.
Shut up.
Right from her sister's mouth.
Apparently Lindsey discovered some kinky side that she never knew she had.
So, what, she comes home and she starts hooking? No, not right away.
But eventually she finds herself getting in touch with a high-end agency.
One thing leads to another.
I swear, no matter how many years I spend in this city, it's always got another crazy surprise up its sleeve.
Eight million stories (horns honking) DANNY: $5,000 a night? WOMAN: An hour, dear.
Margaret Middleton girls are one of a kind, each one uniquely qualified to provide our clients with a memorable experience.
Well, my wife is uniquely qualified to provide me with a memorable experience, and it doesn't cost me five grand.
Our clients are high-end executives, very discerning.
They come to us because only we can provide them with both discretion and access to the most beautiful and refined women in the world.
How much discretion? - I don't follow.
- Well, a john is a john.
Whether he's in a pin-striped suit or a sweat suit, he's still just a john.
Are any of your high-end johns into smacking girls around? Our girls come first.
Any client deemed undesirable for any reason has their membership revoked.
Were any of Lindsey's johns deemed undesirable and had their memberships revoked? Like I said, discretion is paramount at Margaret Middleton.
I'm not at liberty to divulge names of clients or former clients.
- Well, which is more paramount to you, keeping your discretion or keeping your business? His name is Gordon Rykert.
What can you tell me about Mr.
Gordon Rykert? He grew infatuated with Lindsey-- or Kate, as she's known here.
Offered $100,000 for exclusivity.
She wasn't interested.
Bet he didn't like that.
We had an unpleasant exchange of e-mails over the matter.
In the end, it was a mutual decision to part company.
He make threats? Like I said, it was an unpleasant conversation.
May I ask what this is about? We're just curious.
You're just curious where I was at 8:00 on Monday.
Just curious.
Well, I was probably at the gym.
Probably? I go there most nights after work.
This was just two nights ago.
Were you at the gym two nights ago? (chuckles) I'm sorry, but, uh, I'm just not comfortable answering these questions without knowing the nature of your inquiry.
Okay, well, here's the nature of our inquiry, Mr.
Did you know this girl? No, I don't think so.
You probably know her as Kate.
She looks vaguely familiar but not really ringing a bell.
Well, how 'bout I ring your bell for you? These are e-mails you sent to her via her escort service.
"Trust me, you blanking blank, "you and that little blank will live to regret this decision.
Mark my blanking words.
" Okay.
I knew her.
So what? - So she's dead.
A decision I'm sure she regrets.
Mark my blanking words.
Okay, I'm gonna stop you right there.
I had nothing-- I repeat, nothing-- to do with her death.
Where were you Monday night at 8:00, Mr.
Rykert? I'm not saying anything.
I need to speak with my attorney.
(sighs) Maybe this'll help.
I don't need help.
Yes, you do.
You did a shameful thing.
No, I did not.
Yes, you did.
And you know it.
And no amount of Doris Kearns Goodwin on how our great leaders made the sausages is gonna distract you.
Will you leave me alone so I can at least try? No.
What the hell else am I supposed to do, Pop? Put yourself in Father Phil's shoes.
I am.
And I still come out in favor of state over church, a kid's welfare over some ancient edict.
And he's earned his right to protect the seal.
How? You confess your sins, you say your three Hail Marys, you drop some change in the poor box on the way out.
As I was taught to do.
But the priest, he's left with your sins.
He absorbs your sins.
He prays for you.
As he took a vow to do.
And he has nothing but smiles and good cheer for the cheating husband and his innocent family when he sees them at church after mass on Sunday.
This costs a priest.
Times all the sinners, times all the years.
(sighs) He is on the job, in his own way.
I ever tell you Father Phil took the NYPD exam before he went in the seminary? Well, doesn't surprise me, if truth be told.
(sighs) I don't know what the shrinks would call it.
You're drawn to a life of sacrifice.
If you ever find out, I don't want to know.
You know you got a good thing Keep it going, make your heart sing We got a good thing, yeah Oh, ooh I just got some money And now I'm feeling right I'm like a rocket Hey, man.
- Hey.
Why aren't you out there with her? Medical condition.
Doc says I got two left feet.
You sure you two are just partners? Pretty sure.
And for what it's worth, me and Jen used to be "just friends.
" Things are looking sunny And I'm in paradise And it's where I want to stay with you When I see your pretty face, you make my heart go boom 'Cause everybody here They got their eyes on you JAMIE: Oh, here we go.
Looks like your boy just got lost.
Hey, take it easy.
Remember, she's just your partner.
So I'm just looking out for her.
He's just dancing.
I got this, all right? I'm cool.
Make your heart sing Well, you know you got a good thing Keep it going - Is there a problem here? - Yeah, we just got a call.
There's a cat up in a tree.
They need you guys urgently.
I let the last one slide, man.
Not this one.
What are you gonna do, write me a parking ticket? I got this.
I can talk to this guy, all right? (groaning) Hey, hey, hey, hey (loud, overlapping chatter) Make your heart sing Girl, you know you got to (woman screaming, loud chatter) (groaning) Make your heart sing (groaning) Oh, baby Baby (groaning) Yeah, baby.
Okay, Counselor, you said you want to talk.
Well, start talking.
Want to be very clear here at the outset that my client had absolutely nothing to do with the death of Lindsey Wentworth, who he knew to be "Kate.
" Okay.
But? Ah, it's a delicate matter, Detective.
Actually, it's a cold-blooded murder, and your client is suspect numero uno.
I have information that will fully exonerate Mr.
That's great.
Can't wait to hear it.
First, I need assurances from you that you'll agree to our terms.
Think maybe you better take another look at your hand.
'Cause you're not holding any cards here.
Detective, please, all we're asking for is a little discretion, some courtesy.
Discretion, huh? You do realize that with these e-mails, there's already enough to call a grand jury.
Now, that may not be enough to ensure an indictment, but it is enough to ensure a perp walk right past the cameras for your client.
- Is that discreet enough for you? - Detectives, Mr.
Rykert is a happily-married man of over 15 years.
So happy he spent over 50 grand on hookers? - Whew.
- I'm sure his wife would love to learn about that.
That's exactly the kind of situation I'm trying to avoid.
Seems like you're trying to avoid a lot more than that.
Now I know you lawyers get paid by the hour, which is great, 'cause you can pad your bills all you want, but we don't.
So if you got an alibi for us, why don't you tell us what the hell it is, okay? He was having dinner with his wife at the time of the murder.
Oh, and you want us to take your word for it so we don't have to speak to the missus For fear she will learn the nature of our inquiry.
It would be greatly appreciated.
It would also be greatly unprofessional, so, no.
- And a lot less fun.
- Yeah.
Detectives If your client didn't want his wife to know he was a creep, then he shouldn't have been such a creep.
Can't really argue with that.
And Danny's oldest is starting to look at colleges.
Is Fordham on that list? I hope so.
Notre Dame? I have some pull there, too.
Well, I appreciate that.
Which brings us to the matter at hand.
Which is? We have a situation.
We? I have a situation, and it's time sensitive.
Well, I'm all ears.
(clears throat) You have, uh, surveillance cameras at St.
Mary's in the Bronx.
I'm not sure, but I'll inquire.
It's a statement, not a question.
Well, then I'll take your word for it.
Uh, what's going on? I need copies of the tapes.
You're not seriously asking that of me, are you? I am.
It's a statement, not a question.
And the answer is, respectfully, no.
I'm afraid I'll have to insist.
Insist? - Yes.
Police business.
What kind of business? A credible threat.
Against who? I'm not at liberty to say.
You're not at liberty to say? If this were a mosque or a temple, would you be questioning my intent? But it's not.
It's a Roman Catholic church.
It's not the Vatican, not its own city-state.
Just a parish church that might be a place of interest in a credible threat.
You say "credible threat" like it's a magical phrase that opens all doors.
I can get a subpoena.
Oh, now, come on, Frank.
For security tapes, surveillance footage of the comings and goings at an archdiocese church.
What's everyone's next question? Who's the priest? Who's the victim? The times we live in.
Just between us.
I wouldn't have it any other way.
My detectives will be there in ten minutes.
You might want to call over.
(door closes) Think you might have enjoyed that a little bit too much.
Did you see that creep groveling for forgiveness from his wife? What's not to enjoy about that? Look, I enjoyed it, too, but his alibi checked out, and now we don't have any suspects left.
Well, let's go back to the area and see if there were any surveillance cameras.
Maybe we missed something.
We've been there three times.
We didn't miss anything, trust me.
Where's Big Brother when you need him? Well, I'm starting to think only God knows how Lindsey died.
Maybe we should talk to him.
What is it? There may actually be an eye in the sky.
An eye in the sky? I got a buddy who works with the feds.
Apparently, there's some Department of Agriculture classified satellite up there in the sky that takes pictures of the soil in the city to check on erosion and stuff.
Soil erosion? I think you've gone a little bit off track, partner.
What does it matter why there's a camera up in the sky taking pictures round the clock, as long as there is a camera up in the sky taking pictures around the clock? So you're thinking they got Lindsey's murder on film? It's worth taking a shot to find out.
(door opens) How'd you sleep? Like a baby.
A baby with a black eye in a county lock-up.
How long you been out here? About five minutes.
Thanks for having my back last night.
Yeah, thanks for starting it.
I didn't start it.
You kind of did.
More than kind of.
He started it with the NYPD cracks.
So now you got thin skin about the police department? It was insulting.
I've been on the street with you when people have said way worse to you about your own father, and you just laugh it off.
What are you saying, Eddie? Just spit it out.
You got pissed 'cause that guy had his eye on me.
Oh, this is about you? No.
This is about you sending signals about us, but never copping to it.
No pun intended.
What signals? That guy got in my grill, plain and simple.
It's smart not to want what you can't have, but first, you have to admit that you don't want it, just so everybody's clear.
I'm confused.
Aren't we all? (whistles) Oh, great.
- You got it.
So sit in the second to the last booth in the back and await instructions.
We're heading back.
Why do I feel like I'm in a James Bond movie? Guy says he's with the feds, which means he can't have whatever he's giving us traced back to him.
So now what? We just sit here? Yeah, we sit and await instructions, like it says.
(phone ringing) Is that him? I don't know the number.
Maybe it's Jason Bourne.
That was fast.
He said order lunch.
Are you sure your friend isn't just having some fun pulling your leg? Order lunch.
(sighs) (clears throat) Appears Big Brother was watching.
And look what he saw.
Took a taxi.
We can blow that up, get his medallion number.
- Uh-huh.
Already done.
- Reagan.
Daniel Reagan.
Is aviation in place? Yes, and ESU is on the scene.
As soon as they can secure the rear, they're gonna hit the front.
It's a go as soon as they're in place.
Excuse me, Commissioner.
Father Phillip just showed up.
In my office.
Sit down.
Why are you here? I came to a decision.
I want to - Stop! Please.
I've taken two oaths-- to my faith and to my job.
I had no right to ask you to make a choice I hadn't made myself.
What do you mean? We have a name-- Mitchell Downey.
The boy is there.
But how? He helps those who help themselves.
DANNY: This our guy? BAEZ: Yup.
Medallion number 36Z1.
DANNY: Beautiful.
Pablo Salazar? Uh no.
Uh yeah.
- Who are you? - Police.
We're gonna have a little chat.
I didn't do anything.
I swear.
Come on.
We spoke to your boss.
We know it was you driving that taxi.
That's your cab right there.
You trying to tell us that's not you? Yeah, it's me, but I didn't hurt that girl.
Then what are you doing outside of the cab, standing over her in the park, hmm? I was taking her wallet.
Taking her wallet? Why? You just randomly happened upon this dead woman in the park, and decided you were gonna steal her wallet? I didn't steal it! He told me to go back for it! Who's he? - My passenger.
Who's your passenger?! I don't know his name.
He got in my cab, and he gave me $1,000 to follow that girl.
How long did you follow her for? Not long.
We started when she came out of the hotel.
Then she was crossing through the park on foot, and that's when he told me to stop.
When he told you to stop? Where? Right here? He was very upset.
He got out of my cab screaming and yelling.
Then he hit her.
I didn't know what to do, so I started to call 911.
Oh, that's interesting.
Because we checked the 911 records, and guess what? Nobody called 911 about a woman being assaulted in a park.
Because before I could make the call, he was already back in my cab.
And the woman? She's dead.
Just like that.
It happened so fast.
You still could've called 911.
But you didn't.
Instead you took a wallet out of dead woman's pocket.
Why? (voice breaking): He told me to.
I He said he couldn't go back.
He couldn't look at her.
Okay, let me get this straight.
Some strange person gets in your taxi, tells you to follow a woman, makes you park illegally, gets out, kills her, then sends you to take her wallet from her dead body? And you do it just because he said so?! BAEZ: Did he have a gun to your head or something? PABLO: No.
BAEZ: Then why? $30,000.
That's why.
A drop in the bucket for you.
But life-altering for Pablo.
I don't know who that man is.
I don't know what he's talking about.
I've never seen him before.
DANNY: Yes, you have.
You were the passenger in his taxi.
That is absolutely not true.
I would like to speak with my lawyer right now! Why don't you watch this first? Did you know they equip all taxis with these cameras nowadays? Pretty cool, huh? BAEZ: Amazing.
On your feet.
Come on, get on your feet.
You're under arrest for the murder of your wife.
You can call your lawyer later.
Under false pretenses! Nothing false about 'em.
- The term "credible threat" is a term - There was a very credible threat.
always used in conjunction with terrorism! There was no such threat here! And I'll thank you to let me decide what is a credible threat in my city! You played the Church, Frank.
You played the archbishop.
Oh, you're referring to yourself in the third person now.
You are pissed.
The pastor up there, Father Philip-- you know him.
- Yes.
- He visited you in your office.
- You visited him at St.
- Yes.
During a time when a young parishioner went missing.
And that parishioner has been found.
Yeah, with great help from those tapes, I would imagine.
Which brings me here with this bottle of Scotch and my sincere thanks.
You used those tapes to learn the identity of a penitent! I used those tapes to identify any possible person of interest.
I would have no way of knowing if that person made confession at St.
- No way of knowing.
No heads-up from the pastor? That heads-up would mean breaking the seal of the sacrament, for him and for me.
I am a lifelong Catholic, I would remind you.
And I would remind you that lying is a sin.
Oh, look, I am old school.
I take the wine with my communion host, I miss the Latin Mass, by the way, and I only do my reconciliations kneeling in the confessional.
All right, have it your way, Frank, but let me be clear.
If I find out that Father Phillip violated his oath in any way, he will be stripped of his collar and excommunicated.
That would be the Church's great mistake.
He is a priest you need at a time when they are in short supply.
Not if he turned against his vows.
He kept his oath.
You have my word, Kevin.
Your word? Yeah, it's been pretty good in this town for a long time now.
You could ask around.
(sighs) Good day, Your Eminence.
HENRY: So, how was the food in prison? It wasn't prison, Pop.
It was county lock-up.
So they didn't have food? They had it.
I just didn't eat it.
One night in jail, and you had a hunger strike, huh? (laughter) It wasn't a hunger strike, Danny.
You're the jailhouse-lawyer now, too? (laughter) HENRY: Uh-oh.
- Ha, ha.
I have to say I'm happy and relieved that you spent the night in the clink.
Yeah, well, you're welcome.
Why are you relieved? Well, 'cause I'm no longer the only person at this table to have served time.
One night in holding is not time.
One night is, too, time.
Well, you weren't the only one, anyway.
I did, too.
You did? Yes.
Once upon a time, there was a documentary called Scared Straight.
And not the watered-down TV version you see now.
In the old days, the inmates could actually rough the kids up.
And your grandfather thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread.
I did not.
Yes, you did.
And at the tender age of 12, I skipped school once, and he decided I should get sent upstate with all those crazy inmates and get the crap scared out of me.
Three hours.
That's not spending the night in jail.
LINDA: Really? - Yeah.
So you sent your own kid to jail for skipping school? He was big on tough love.
I was heading off bigger trouble.
And I was all for it.
I'm really missing my own mom and dad right about now.
What about you, Grandpa? You ever been to jail? No, of course not.
What? Shore Patrol is not the police, and the brig is not jail.
And breaking up a bar and brawling with sailors was what? Semper Fi.
What's that? Motto of the Marines and an excuse for him, apparently.
Pops, what about you? - Helped some pals picketing to unionize their shop outside Pittsburgh.
We did a weekend, proudly.
That counts.
So you're the only Reagan who's never spent time behind bars? That's right, and it's gonna stay that way.
(coughing) (continues coughing) What? Food's caught in my throat.
Grandpa, what? Asbury Park.
What? Asbury Park.
You knew about that? Well, your mom and her crew I didn't have a crew.
did just about everything you are not allowed to do on a public beach at night.
Loud music, bonfire, drinking, public urination, skinny-dipping no law left unbroken.
- Aah.
- I had them call Danny.
I didn't say anything to anyone, I swear.
FRANK: Well, he tried to get her off, but he didn't have the pull, but the CO knew me, so he gives me a ring and offers to do me a solid.
And you passed? As history tells us, yes.
Dad, that place was disgusting! I still have nightmares! And look how wonderful you all turned out.
There's no fool like an old fool Baby, this fool's in love with you If you're confused, here's why I'm in love, I can't deny It's your smile, that look, that laugh Those eyes are unsurpassed I want a love that's easy Sorry I'm late.
I'm glad you made it.
But this place? What? Jamie, people are dancing here.
You don't like dancing.
Right place, right time, I do.
Come on.
Can I get a drink first? You already had a couple, trying to decide whether to show up.
And I think to myself Somebody's gonna make detective.
What a wonderful world Hmm.
- Hmm.
I am positive we are the only cops in this joint.
And the only couple with matching black eyes.
Do you ever think about what we might be missing out on? Yup.
You ever think about what we might be giving up? They're really saying Yup.
I love you I hear babies cry I watch them grow Jamie? Yeah? You dance just fine.
And I think to myself What a wonderful world Yes, I think to myself What a wonderful world.