Blue Bloods s07e21 Episode Script

Foreign Interference

1 What are you doing in a parish church? You ever spend time in one of your precinct houses? Sure.
Have I answered your question? In your way.
This an exercise in humility or just for show? What good's humility if you don't make a show of it? I mean, how's anyone gonna notice? You're really on your game today.
KEARNS: I forget where things stand with us at the, uh, favor bank.
Oh, give me a break.
You got the best institutional memory in this city.
The name John Macklin mean anything to you? Not offhand.
He was an altar boy in my first parish.
And then, worked at the 5-7 in the Bronx.
And I have been summoned here to talk about him because? He's got stage 4 cancer of the trachea in the esophagus.
The doctors told him he's only got less than a month.
He'll leave behind a wife and four boys.
I'll make time to go see him.
The family feels that he got the disease working on the pile after 9/11.
What's the doctor say? (scoffs) You know how they are.
Claim's gotten caught up in red tape.
And you think the police commissioner can untangle it and get this classified as a line of duty death.
I hope so.
You do know I get a lot of requests like this.
But not from me.
Point taken.
I'm just asking you to give it a look, see what can be done to help.
Uh, Macklin.
Got it.
I'd be in your debt.
We'd be even because you would say I've been gifted with the opportunity to serve my church.
You know me too well.
I don't think we're in any danger of that.
What do you say, Mullhearn? You know, working in the property clerk's office, living the dream.
Yeah, well, I called ahead.
I'm picking up the drug evidence for the Hickman case.
The, uh, Wall Street drug courier thing? Yeah.
Trial starts this afternoon.
So, let's get to it, all right? They said it'd be ready.
All right, all right.
ABETEMARCO: I ain't got all day.
All right.
What the hell? There a problem? Well, there's ants all over this thing.
Who knew that they liked heroin that much? They don't.
They like brown sugar.
Someone's gotten into this.
Hey, Anthony, don't look at me.
We've lost things before, but this is right where it was supposed to be.
Yeah, maybe so, but this evidence has been tampered with.
(siren wailing) Hey! Police! Hey, break it up! Hey! It's over, it's over! Hey, calm down, calm down.
Hey! It's over.
You, what happened here? One minute, I'm behind the counter, I'm filling orders, and the next, these two are going at it like a couple of animals.
All right, what's up, guys? This lunatic pulled a knife on me.
Who you calling a lunatic? You grabbed the knife first! What are you talking about? You grabbed it! All right.
All right, you boys need to calm down or you're both getting locked up, you understand? This man tried to kill me.
I want him charged with murderous assault.
Yeah, you mean felony assault.
However you say it, he's the mad dog.
He needs to be locked away! All right, both of you need to calm down now.
I want him charged! I want him charged, as well! All right, cuff 'em up.
That's it, you're both going to jail.
(handcuffs tighten) DANNY: What the hell, Baez? Go around the block for a hot dog, I come back, it's World War III.
Male, white, with a gun, approximately 50-years-of-age, approached the female victim while she was walking with her son and just started shooting.
And what about these two? BAEZ: Two male victims got shot trying to protect her.
Both of them are likely.
She's not doing so good, either, but the EMTs think she'll probably survive.
DANNY: Is she able to talk to us? Yeah.
Excuse me.
Miss? Detective Reagan, this is Detective Baez.
What can you tell us about the man who shot you? Sergei, he's lost his mind.
So you know him? He got a call.
He wanted me to go with him to Russia and leave my son.
And when I when I say no, he gets his gun and That's your little boy over there? Okay, we're gonna take care of him and you, all right? But first, you got to tell us about this Sergei guy.
All right, do you know where he lives? Do you know where we could find him? He-he could be anywhere.
Please, I must tell you, he was with KGB and-and Special Forces in Chechnya.
We can handle him, all right? Don't worry about us.
No, no, you're not understanding.
They call him Rambo.
He will kill anyone, any time.
If you are lucky, you never find him.
Blue Bloods 7x21 Foreign Interference Three separate reviews of Officer Macklin's claim are the same degree of muddy.
About working the pile? No.
He worked most days for a good three weeks.
Then, what's muddy? He drank like a fish, smoked like a chimney.
Well Well what? As far as I'm concerned, if you worked that pile and got sick, you and your family should be taken care of, end of story.
(scoffs) You're not an insurance claims adjuster.
For which, I thank God every day.
See that arms get twisted.
Yes, sir.
(tosses notepad) There's something else.
We've got a problem off a brawl in a bagel shop.
The Archdiocese of New York got involved.
Catholic Church, fight in a bagel shop? This is a joke, right? I wish.
One of the cross-complainants is from an Iraqi Christian family the Church sponsored to come over here.
The Church bailed him out on orders of the archbishop.
Which is his right, maybe even his duty.
Maybe so.
The other complainant is a Muslim doctor from Sudan.
(sighs) His family's in a refugee camp.
They're both here illegally, both charged with felonies, which puts them on a list.
Hey, not our problem.
Frank, you met with the archbishop.
Not about this.
The spin is that you and the archbishop teamed up to let the Christian go free.
He didn't go free! He made bail.
I don't set bail.
I'm not a judge.
It's not our problem.
The mayor's very proud of our status as a sanctuary city.
He feels this dents that.
Oh, please.
If the mayor wants to post bail for the Muslim detainee, let him have at it.
But I am the police commissioner of New York City, not sanctuary city.
We both knew this issue would land on our desks sooner or later.
It didn't just land.
It was placed, by the mayor.
Get it off.
Off what? Off my desk.
How? I don't care how.
Sure you do.
Start with City Hall, see if they got a sanctuary city rug they can sweep it under.
(in Russian accent): I don't see nothing.
Come on, what do you mean you don't see nothing? I mean, three people shot right out in front of your place, you didn't see any of it? We were very busy with the customers.
A dozen shots rang out.
You didn't hear anything? You didn't see which way the shooter ran, nothing? I had lot of orders.
Bred kakoy to.
Wow, how much Russian do you speak? That's all I know.
What do you know? Intel confirmed this Rambo guy, Sergei Karenin, was here legally on a diplomatic visa.
The part about the KGB and the Special Forces is true, as well.
Where is he now? 6-4 squad went to his apartment.
The place is cleared out.
Car's abandoned, his phone is dead.
How do you say “in the wind” in Russian? Well, somebody's got to be helping him.
I don't know, but, Danny, there's two detectives from Moscow on their way here to help with the investigation.
Wait, what? Since when do we work with the Russians? We don't even have extradition with them.
There's something called a mutual legal assistance treaty.
Oh, my God.
Where we trade help with other cases.
If we're looking for someone over there, and the powers that be say we should be trying to get along.
Okay, but this just happened.
You said those guys are already on their way.
How could that be? Yeah, hinky to me, too.
All I know is that we're supposed to cooperate.
What's the matter? We got to talk now.
Right now? It's important.
I couldn't call ahead.
You've been in court the whole time.
(whispers indistinctly) Ms.
Reagan, are we ready to proceed? Your Honor, may we approach? Yes.
What's going on? We need a break.
We're having trouble putting our hands on an exhibit for the case.
(sighs) Well, this is an epic mess.
After three years, our key evidence is gone? I got our people up there right now asking questions.
Well, is it possible it's just another clerical mistake? No way.
It's the correct weight for the drugs.
Somebody deliberately substituted brown sugar for the heroin so we wouldn't notice the difference until the ants got in.
Anthony, I don't even know how many people put their hands on the evidence before we inherited this case.
Do we even have a paper trail? We're putting together a list now.
It's a lot of people.
Okay, so Hickman was providing drugs to a half dozen Wall Street firms.
Is it possible that someone is paying big money to derail this case? Anything is possible, including a mistrial.
Erin, if this gets out No, I know, we've got to keep this on the DL for now.
But, Anthony, there's another crime here, and someone on our end is involved with it.
You know what this is about, right? A Christian and a Muslim walk into a bagel store? The P.
's hands are tied.
He can't just tell the D.
to release the other guy.
We didn't suggest that.
You suggested our department's turning a blind eye.
Trying to and failing.
It's not our bailiwick.
Until the P.
's good friend, the archbishop, weighed in.
Reagan doesn't dictate to the archdiocese.
Oh, he has his ear, though.
Well, he certainly didn't in this matter.
What are you looking for here, Garrett? Cooperation, some ratcheting down of the rhetoric.
You guys are a broken record when it comes to trashing One PP lately.
You are barking up the wrong tree on this.
Being a sanctuary city is high on the mayor's list of priorities.
You mean it's high on the list of what the mayor loves to see when he's looking in the mirror.
Look, we didn't open this can of worms, that archbishop did.
What are you saying, I should counsel the P.
to lean on the archbishop? Couldn't have said it better myself.
You know, it's this kind of politicizing that doesn't help anyone.
Maybe just once, you could stand up for something other than saving your own hide.
Are you coming to poker on Sunday? I got a family thing.
I'll be half an hour late.
Intel says these Russian detectives are almost here.
They are.
In fact, their I.
pictures just came through.
You ready? Yeah.
That could be the new Mr.
Maria Baez.
Shut up.
I'm just saying.
Let's take a look at bachelor number two.
December, from the KGB pinup calendar.
(laughs): No.
Putin taught him that smile personally.
(in Russian accent): You Reagan and Baez? (clicks keyboard) You know, they're not supposed to let you up here from the front desk without an escort.
We expedited procedure.
I'm Levin, this is Vronsky.
BAEZ: Good to meet you.
How was your flight? Long, boring.
Ran out of vodka over Atlantic.
Uh thank you.
(tosses file) Now that we got the pleasantries out of the way, how is it that you guys were on your way over here before this Rambo even went crazy and started shooting people? First we eat, then we discuss case.
(chuckles) You want to go somewhere and have dinner? That would be better.
On the flight, they only had peanuts and dry pretzels.
DANNY: Excuse me, there are two people dead and one's in intensive care, so we don't give a damn how hungry you are, we're in a hurry to find this guy.
We will eat, then we will drink, and then, we will find him.
Let's get one thing straight, okay? You're in our country now, which means we're driving this thing and you're just along for the ride.
I don't think so, my friend.
We have crucial information to catch this man.
Great, we'd love for you to share it with us.
You cannot find him without our assistance.
And we are very hungry.
Okay, we'll eat.
Just don't expect us to pick up the tab.
Thanks for coming in on short notice, Mickey.
Sure, buddy.
Just a little confused.
Thought the Hickman trial was starting.
It is, but we ran into a problem.
This is you vouchering for the drug evidence.
Is that correct? MICKEY: Yeah.
I was one of the original investigators.
What's going on? Well, half the drugs are missing now, Mickey.
Somebody pulled a switch.
What, you think it was me, my brother? You just put yourself at the scene.
Oh, so the Puerto Rican dude must have stole the heroin.
Either sold it on the street, maybe did it himself? This is your chance to tell it your way.
Look, lady, you can drug test me right now.
Strap a polygraph on me.
I've got nothing to hide.
You have a better explanation? Look, I know I'm just a street guy, but I followed procedure.
I made the collar, I vouchered the evidence, and when somebody in this office needed it, I picked it up.
But I am not gonna take the fall for one of you guys.
What are you suggesting? I'm not suggesting.
I'm telling.
When I signed the drugs out for a pretrial hearing, they stayed in the property safe here, in this damn office.
So instead of pointing the finger, you best get your own house in order.
(Russian music playing) Eti lyido smeshny.
What'd he say? He's being critical.
Of what? Of your country.
He's saying women are smarter than the men, and stronger, too.
Can't argue with that.
(whispers in Russian) What'd he say now? He want to know if you're sleeping with your partner.
DANNY: That's funny.
Do you sleep with your partner? Hey, we don't do that around here, okay? We're working.
If you say so.
All right, all right, enough already.
Look, this Rambo guy's running around, and you two are sitting here getting drunk.
We're working as well, right now.
BAEZ: How about you tell us what's really going on with this Rambo guy? You obviously had some kind of tip he was gonna pop his cork.
LEVIN: Okay, lady.
(vodka pours) Politsiya politsiy.
“Police is police.
” We had information he was upset.
About what? He call Moscow and tell 'em that he was displeased.
Yeah, we know about that already.
Got called back for an assignment, but he didn't want to go without his girl.
We have information, too, okay? But we're trying to string the pieces together here, fill in the blanks.
Excuse me, pretty lady.
(sniffs) Where's he going? LEVIN: He's going to bathroom, even though I tell him to keep it.
All right, look, there's a killer running around, and you guys aren't telling us anything.
Maybe because we need to trust you first.
Down the hatch.
(gunshots) (screaming) Everybody down! Stay down! Police! Watch it! LEVIN: Vronsky! Hands up.
Hands up! Turn around.
On byl zdes'.
Reagan, Baez! He was here.
Rambo was here? Yeah.
And he got away again? You see anyone? Huh? Where'd he go? (speaks Russian) Where'd he go? He say he don't know, but he knows.
(handcuffs rattle) I didn't start this, Frank.
One of them started it.
The Muslim, according to the Christian.
Well, you brought it into our world when you bailed the guy out.
First things first.
This is the first thing.
Not from where I sit.
Have you looked into the matter of Officer Macklin? It's John Macklin now.
He left the department eight months ago.
Once a Catholic, once a cop, same thing.
It's complicated.
I'm looking into it.
Well, look faster, please.
The poor man is barely hanging on.
I would like to help, if I'm able.
You're able.
Just as you are able to ask your Christian to withdraw his complaint.
Ah huh.
That would be wrong.
No, it would be pragmatic, and it would go a long way to putting out a fire that you poured gas on.
What if Mr.
Asad won't withdraw his complaint? Oh, I think he'll consider it.
You think? You mean you know.
I'm confident if Mr.
Khoury will, he will.
I can't.
Why not? He looks at it as standing up for all his people.
It was a fight over cutting in line in a bagel shop, Kevin.
It would be the wrong way out, Frank.
It would be an abuse of my influence.
I'd be using the power of the faith to You had a hand in starting this, you have a responsibility to finish it.
I have a lot of responsibilities.
High on that list is defending the flock.
(knock on door) Your Eminence.
Yes, we're late.
I'll tell you what.
You get Officer Macklin's health claim put through, and also see that he gets promoted to Detective First Grade so his family can receive the pay and benefits that go along with it, then we can revisit this conversation.
You're doubling down.
I'm defending the flock.
May God bless you and keep you safe.
Thank you, Your Eminence.
(sighs) ERIN: Thanks for coming in, Gary.
Oh, I'm happy for the excuse to stop by and see old friends.
So, what's up? Just following up on an issue from a case I inherited when you left the office.
Tommy Hickman? Right.
Of course.
I thought that trial was just beginning.
It is, but we've hit a roadblock.
Evidence had been tampered with.
Are you kidding? Someone substituted sugar for the drugs that we wanted to present at the trial.
You think Hickman got to someone in the property clerk's office? We're talking to everyone that would have handled that evidence.
GARY: Of course, I'll get you a list of every investigator I worked with.
Well, we've spoken to all of them.
Hey, Anthony, what's going on? (door closes) Gary, uh, we've been hearing some stories about why you really left the office.
You know why I left the office, Erin.
We talked about it.
It was a tough time in my marriage.
And there are other rumors about why your marriage was in trouble.
Rumors are just rumors.
Gary, we have to ask you, did you have a substance abuse problem? (scoffs) I don't see why I have to answer that, I-I don't work here anymore.
Oh, come on, Gary.
You wouldn't take that from a skel.
Why should we take it from you? I'm not some skel, Anthony.
I was a prosecutor at this office for ten years.
And, if I had a problem, it's over.
I'm remarried, we just had a baby.
ABETEMARCO: Gary, you know how this looks? Those drugs were kept in a safe in your personal office, while you were preparing for hearing.
Don't go there, you guys.
Tell me, did you steal them for your own use? Oh, my God, how can you even ask me that? We have to, we started trial.
Do you know what's the first thing I teach my students? Never ask a question if you can't handle the answer.
Yeah, you also taught me, if you have an inconvenient fact, you need to get in front of it.
So you need to come clean, Gary, right now.
No, you don't.
I'm warning you.
Not just as a former colleague, but as a friend, if you start spreading dirt, it won't just get on me.
What are you talking about? I successfully prosecuted 30 or 40 drug cases while at this office.
If you smear me, all those criminals could go free.
Is it worth it to you, just to go after that piddly little courier? Come on, Gary, that's no kind of choice.
Let's end this conversation right now or I promise you, we'll all rue the day.
(door opens) VRONSKY: Nyet.
Mne Ne nuzhny narkotiki.
LEVIN: Well, madam, he say he don't need any of your pain drugs.
It's American weakness.
Let's talk outside.
Give us a second.
Why the hell didn't you tell us you had a tip Rambo would be in the restaurant? Classified information.
Classified my ass, we could've had the place surrounded.
Rambo wouldn't have got away again, and the witnesses would be talking to us.
We cannot share our sources with Americans.
Do you tell us everything that you know? If one more person gets killed because you're not telling us what you know, we're gonna have a serious problem.
And I don't mean a Russian-America problem, I mean a me and you personal problem! Okay, Reagan, relax.
Sergei, Rambo, he went to Chechnya.
And he was involved in, uh, what we call, “acts of extreme subjugation” with terrorists and their families.
He come back not the same.
Meaning he snapped.
When Moscow called him back, he said he changed sides.
“Changed sides”? Meaning he became a terrorist? And now he's running around my city, and you don't think that's something that you should share with me? In all probability, he's just looking for a means to escape to another country.
In all probability, he could planning his next attack right now.
That is true, he's terrorist.
We're gonna start working together before we end up facing a wholesale slaughter, you got it? Maybe, but it is still essential to control the flow of information.
No “maybe”" My city, my country, my way.
We work together.
(speaks Russian) It's okay.
So, this is the safe where the drugs were being held before the hearing? Yeah, only a handful of people had the combination, and Gary was one of them.
And nobody in the office knew what he was up to? No, he was being smart about it, like addicts can be.
He knew the drugs had already been subjected to a lab analysis, so he substituted sugar every time he used so the weight and color looked the same.
And because he thought we'd never get to trial, he'd never get found out.
He says he's clean.
I think I believe him.
Well, good for him.
Meanwhile, he's left us with a big fat problem with the Hickman case.
Have we tried to do a quick and dirty plea deal? It'd be sticky.
Sticky's what we do here.
Hickman's lawyer already senses we have a major problem.
The only deal he's gonna consider is no jail time for his client.
Erin, I don't like cutting Hickman that big of a break either, but we need to handle this as quickly and as quietly as possible.
I know, but it's too late.
The case is too high profile, and even if we make a deal, there's no guarantee that Hickman's gonna keep his mouth shut.
If it comes out that Gary tampered with evidence, every case he was involved in will be reopened.
Gary's going to prison.
And he's a friend, and a mentor to both of us.
I I have to say, Monica, I don't I know.
There are no good options.
(in Russian accent): I'm sorry, I still don't understand.
My English is not so good.
Funny, considering you went to high school in Coney Island.
Why don't you cut the crap, all right? We know you helped Rambo get away from the crime scene.
So lose the accent and tell us where the hell he is.
(tapping on glass) (without accent): If you know about his nickname, why do you think I'd help you get him? (sighs) What? I have idea.
I'm thinking I should speak to him alone.
Do you have room with a window, no bars? So you can hang him out the window by his ankles, is that what you're talking about? There would be more honesty in conversation.
No, we don't do things like that around here.
My clearance rate is almost 100%.
What is yours? Look, we make cases the right way so they stand up, you understand? Okay.
How do you say, um it is your funeral.
(sighs) Thought we were gonna work together here.
American, you thought it would happen right away? (sighs) Okay.
Where were we? Will you please tell the detective what you just told me? Tell me what? Promise you won't say I talked.
To who? Right? Fine.
Rambo said he just needed to go some place where he could chill and clear his system without being tracked.
What does he mean clear his system? He's really not a guy you want to ask a lot of questions.
Clear his system? Clear his system, you hear? Hey! Hey, you see where the dumb looking Russian guy went? (scoffs) BAEZ: How did you know he was headed back to the same restaurant? I didn't.
It's a GPS I put on his car before.
Like the other Reagan said, trust, but verify.
(sighs) What do you think he's doing here? Don't know.
He must think we miss him.
Let's find out.
(speaking Russian) Huh? (speaks Russian) Please.
Your presence is unhelpful and unnecessary.
(chuckles) Duly noted.
Where's Rambo? I'm trying to find out, but now you're getting in the way.
Oh, we're getting in the way? How about we lock you two up for obstructing, huh? We'll put you in a nice small room with bars on the windows.
Okay, okay, we'll do it together.
Police is police.
Right? Wrong.
Pokazhi mne.
What, he's in the freezer? (speaking Russian) What'd she say? It's passageway.
She wants you to go first.
(sighs) Step aside.
(clears throat) 5-4, detectives requesting a 10-85 forthwith at where the hell are we anyway? Behind the restaurant, lady.
(men laughing) Russian bathhouse adjacent to our previous location.
Why would Rambo come here? LEVIN: Clear his system, steal clothes, I.
, get a massage.
Hey, kid, hey.
You seen him? (Levin yells in Russian) LEVIN: For sure, he is here.
Reagan, once he knows he's in a corner, he gonna be much more dangerous.
BAEZ: Should wait for emergency service.
We don't have time.
Oh, son of a bitch.
We got two in here.
10-13, two dead at the scene.
An active shooter in the building.
Where'd he go? (yells in Russian) What'd she say, Levin? Levin! Where the hell did he go? (gunshots) (women screaming) (gunshots) Move, get out of the way! Police! (screaming continues) Police, move! MAN: Back there.
Back there.
Get out of the way.
Move, move! (women screaming) Move it! Which way, which way?! MAN: There, there! (steam hissing) (whispers): Turn it off.
(steam hisses) DANNY: Hey.
Are you okay? Yeah, I'm hit.
He's in here.
Sergei Karenin! Police! (coughs) Sergei? Reagan, what are you waiting for? Shut up! Don't be a girl! Shut up! BAEZ: Reagan? I got him.
KGB, my ass.
Everything you wanted.
That hardly ever happens.
Including his promotion to detective with all its benefits.
What about the benefits from the World Trade Center's Health Program or the Victim's Comp Fund? I don't control those.
But your word has weight.
You know, he had some good years on the job, and some less good ones.
What's that a code for? Smoked and drank for decades before he got sick.
But he also worked on the pile before he got sick.
It would be pushing it to attribute his illness strictly to working on the pile.
So you're denying him? No, I am pushing it through.
But I thought you should know it's a favor.
Well, then, thank you, Frank.
Or it will be when I sign them.
Which, I take it, you have not yet done.
You know, I thought we should go out together and visit Macklin and his family, make a private little ceremony of it.
Oh, that's a nice idea.
Right after you pick up that phone and call your legal eagle, Mr.
Sloane, and tell him to post bail for the other guy.
I'm the archbishop of New York, Frank, I'm not a bail bondsman.
You put your thumb on the scale, now it's time to take it off.
You forcing my hand? I've been ducking calls from Immigration and Customs and the State Department.
I don't like ducking calls, makes me feel all sweaty.
You'd really withhold benefits from this officer's family? Hey, it was a coin toss whether he qualifies, so, I flipped the coin till it came up heads.
Like I said, as a favor to you.
But your part is private, quiet.
What you're offering in return would be public and controversial.
You chose the playing field, not me.
Uh I don't like this, Frank.
More to the point, I don't like you in this.
Me, either.
I'm just gonna have to live with that.
Not much choice.
I don't have all day, Your Eminence.
Do we have a deal? (line beeps) Uh, can you find me Mr.
Sloane, please? (clears throat) ERIN: Were you aware that quantities of heroin were removed and replaced with sugar? Well, I became aware when you brought it to my attention, recently.
Did you take some of the drugs and replace it with sugar? On the advice of counsel, I'm going to invoke my Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.
Isn't it true that during this time, you were addicted to painkillers because of a back injury? On the advice of counsel ERIN: Did you transition from using painkillers to using heroin? Again, on the advice of counsel Counsel, approach.
Reagan, we can spare everyone a lot of agony here by granting this witness immunity to get his full testimony in this hearing.
In what world is that fair to my client? A prosecutor who is stealing drugs gets immunity while the regular citizen gets prison.
Reagan? No immunity.
I'd like to continue.
Then have at it.
Falk, you were an officer of the court who swore to uphold the law, didn't you? I did.
Did you betray that oath? On the advice of counsel, I invoke my Did you betray your friends? No! - Your colleagues? - No! Did you betray that oath you took? That wasn't my intention.
But that's what happened, isn't it? (sighs) JUDGE: Mr.
Falk? Do you wish to invoke your Fifth Amendment again? (voice breaking): No, Your Honor.
I'm prepared to answer Ms.
Reagan's question.
Did you betray your duty to uphold the law? (cries): Yes.
And for that I am profoundly sorry.
More than you or anyone else can possibly know.
And finally, Mr.
Falk, did you ever tamper with evidence in order to convict someone that was innocent? No, Ms.
I never planted evidence.
Every case I brought was legitimate, including the one against Mr.
If if I have to go to prison like the people I've prosecuted so be it.
At least my conscious is clear now.
DANNY: You know, the doctors wanted both of you guys to stay here for continued observation.
VRONSKY: This is not necessary.
LEVIN: Moscow doctors, best in the world.
If you'd both been a little more upfront, neither of you would be going home with gunshot wounds.
Oh, please.
These are marks of honor.
Souvenirs from New York.
Oh, and to think, we were gonna stop and get you NYPD coffee mugs.
(laughs) I've already took one from your desk.
Ha! Just kidding.
(Levin groans) If you ever come to Moscow, please let me know.
I will love to take you to Bolshoi.
So, what is this? Potatoes Au gratin.
Or French for “cheesy deliciousness.
” (all chuckle) And that's French for “straight to your butt”" (chuckles) Exactly.
Made with Dubliner Irish cheddar, with an eye to the old sod.
It's the 101st anniversary of the Rising.
The what? The Easter Rising? Mm.
They don't teach that in school anymore, Jack.
DANNY: They don't even give out books in school anymore.
(all laugh) It was the Irish, our ancestors, fighting for their independence in 1916.
And some of the family who didn't make it over here got caught up in that.
We had family who fought over there? Mm-hmm.
As soldiers? They weren't exactly soldiers.
They were fighting to get their country back from the British, and they called themselves “rebels.
” And you know what the British called those rebels? Micks? Excuse me? (Jamie laughs) Terrorists.
Seriously? ERIN: Mm-hmm.
Bet you didn't think that term existed 100 years ago.
Actually, I didn't think it did.
So why were they called terrorists? Because, by definition, they were.
Well, why not call them “guerillas”? Isn't it the same thing? JAMIE: Well, guerilla's actually Spanish for “little war.
” Their tactics are alike, but the big difference is that a terrorist will target civilians for political ends.
So, we are descended from terrorists.
Whoa Come on, that's a very college way of putting it.
FRANK: Not terrorists the way they use the term now.
I know.
DANNY: Right.
We have relatives who were freedom fighters, okay? Let's just leave it at that.
Here, here.
And one other thing: hardly anybody who's here is really from here.
I guess you could say we're all foreigners.
Yeah, and usually they're fleeing some kind of grief in their own country.
Some things never change.
JAMIE: We're not perfect, but no one's come up with a version 2.
0 that's better, so So who gets to say that they're really, truly from here? Munsees, Algonquins, Iroquois, and a whole bunch of other tribes whose names I've forgotten, they can.
Everyone else is an immigrant.
Here's to all us great unwashed.
Here, here.
DANNY: Drink to that.
ERIN: Bottoms up.
Here, here.
FRANK: Here, here.
(Henry chuckles)