Blue Bloods s08e01 Episode Script

Cutting Losses

1 You have a call with the PBA chief at 1:00, you have a briefing with TARU at 3:00 p.
, and an intelligence meeting directly after.
Bad news.
How do you know? I just know.
An off-duty cop, Officer Kevin Olivet, shot and killed a 32-year-old female at a pharmacy on East 96th Street at approximately 600 hours.
The victim was unarmed-- no knife, no gun-- and the press is swarming.
Why did the officer use deadly force? The victim was shoplifting, and when the officer tried to intervene, it became physical.
So shot in the commission of a crime? Victim have a record? Assault, four counts of robbery dating back to 2013, possession with intent to sell, and aggravated harassment.
Our new mayor isn't going to like this.
GORMLEY: What does a public advocate know about governing? They know how it's gonna play to the eight and a half million of us who aren't cops.
Oh, so we're gonna alienate 35,000 of us who are cops? It was a police action.
And police actions Don't have a political component.
But maybe we can be a little more measured in our response.
We will handle this one exactly the way we always have.
DANNY: Do I need to remind you that your ex-husband is not very reliable? Jack is a lot of things, but he would never stand me up.
And he's not answering my calls, and he always answers.
Look, Erin, I know what you're up to, okay, and no amount of busywork is gonna keep my mind off of Linda.
That's not what I'm doing.
Of course it's what you're doing.
It's what the entire family's doing.
I know you don't like Jack, but What would make you think I don't like jackass? Something isn't right.
- Well, did you call his assistant? - Yeah.
She's not answering, either.
(phone ringing) This his office? Yeah.
(phone ringing) Jack! Oh, my God.
Jack? (panting) Call 911.
(Erin gasps) (panting) Call 911.
(panting) When I rode with Welch, I drove.
That was then, this is now.
He liked that I drove.
And you could always go back to riding with him.
Why? You want to go back to riding with Patimkin? I didn't say that.
Because you missed me.
I didn't say that, either.
Didn't have to.
MALE DISPATCHER: 12-David, welcome back.
We have a 10-54, an OD on West 23rd Street and West Side Highway.
12-David responding.
And it's good to be back, Central.
(siren blaring) Did you call 911? MAN: Yeah, it was me.
I called.
Please, my girlfriend-- she needs help.
All right, let's go.
Step aside.
Excuse me.
Step back.
Coming through.
Right behind you.
Step aside.
Jamie, I got this.
Stay here.
Hey, sweetheart, what's your name? What's your name? Everyone, back up.
Is this her? What's your girlfriend's name? It's Taylor.
Hey, Taylor, can you hear me? Taylor, what'd you take? Hey! JANKO: Come on.
Hey, kill the music! Shut the music off! Shut it off! (music stops) (woman groaning) (overlapping chatter) Eddie, call it in.
Central, 12-David.
Requesting additional units at this location.
(sighs) And put a rush on that bus! Blue Bloods 8x01 Cutting Losses MAN (over P.
): Code red.
Code red.
Code red.
No, no, no, no, I need you to stop, folks.
Can't go any further.
We'll come and get you as soon as we know anything.
You okay? (sniffles) Okay, who? (sniffles) Who would want to kill Jack? Look, it's Jack.
The list of possible suspects is endless.
I mean, he's been a prosecutor and a defense attorney.
He deals with a lot of bad people.
Okay, so where do we start? We don't start anywhere.
Erin, I already told you-- I'm putting in my papers.
No, but-but after you close this.
No, Erin, not after I close this.
The person who closes this is gonna be an unbiased homicide detective who catches the case.
No, Danny.
I'm sorry.
I can't do it.
(indistinct murmuring) Good afternoon.
The NYPD officer involved, Kevin Olivet, has been a member of this department for four years.
I think it is worth noting two points-- that in those four years, he has served with an unblemished record, and until yesterday, without a single incident of discharging his firearm in the line of that service.
That being said, there are protocols in place for investigating every officer-involved shooting.
WOMAN: I would like to say something.
(crowd murmuring) Madam Mayor.
Carlton, what the hell are you doing? Not my idea.
(sighs heavily) Thank you, Commissioner.
As leaders, we have an accountability to the protocols, but we also must be accountable to the laws of common sense.
An unarmed woman was shot to death for allegedly shoplifting.
That calls for a common sense investigation, as well.
And I intend to see that through.
WOMAN: Mayor Dutton, are you suggesting that Officer? Is it true that? (overlapping chatter) Please sit down.
What the hell was that? That was your mayor weighing in Not on police business.
Not at a department press conference at One Police Plaza.
This is my house.
Get used to sharing.
Get some respect for this institution.
Your definition of police business is both out of date and out of bounds.
City Hall doesn't write that book.
When a woman is executed for shop I'd be careful of my choice of words if I were you.
- Semantics? - She assaulted a police officer.
She has a criminal history.
Her criminal history has nothing to do with this case.
You don't get to decide that, Madam Mayor.
Then let's just see Officer Olivet's disciplinary record.
Release that.
You have to make things equal.
They are not equal, Madam Mayor, because she is a criminal and he isn't.
Are you telling me that you won't do it? That's exactly what I'm telling you.
Then you're fired.
(door opens) (door closes) MAN: You still haven't answered my question.
You had so many, I lost track.
Why do you really want to hang up your shield? Why does everybody care whether I put my papers in or not? Because, for years, being a cop has defined who you are, and you're good at it, and you love it.
I don't love it anymore.
And because you need to retire because it's what you really want, and not as a reaction to what's happened these past few months.
Come on, what difference does it make? It'll make a difference to your family.
I know you blame yourself for the house, but it was just that.
The house.
You guys were the ones that made it a home.
Isn't that what Linda said to you when it burned down? It didn't burn down.
It was torched.
It wasn't your fault.
It was my fault! Don't you get it?! The house was my fault, the fire was my fault, and Linda was my fault! Where you going? We still have a lot to talk about.
You have too many questions.
(elevator bell dings) Hey! Hey, you! Where'd you go? We told you to remain at the scene.
Look, I just got to go check on my girlfriend.
No, no, no.
Come back here.
We need to talk to you.
What'd she take? Look, I don't really know, okay? You don't know what drugs your girlfriend took? I'm not sure.
Six kids OD'd last night.
And right now the parents of those kids are getting visits from police officers, telling them that their kid is dead.
There was a guy walking around with pills, asking if anyone wanted Molly.
Next thing, kids were dropping like flies.
A guy? What did he look like? It was so dark, I Give me a break, you didn't get a name or a description? He uses the nickname "Ice.
" JANKO: Uses? - You know this guy? - No.
All right, let's see some ID.
Look, you're not gonna tell my mom about this, right? Let me see some ID.
His appointment book is full of clients and court dates.
His last appointment was at 5:00.
Hey, I already told you we're not working the case, okay? We're gonna hand it off to Homicide, so just stop.
I know.
Okay, then.
According to this, Jack was meeting a Dr.
Are you Jack Boyle's assistant? Maria Cuesta.
I'm Detective Baez.
Where were you when Jack was attacked? He sent me to court to file a motion.
And who was this Dr.
at 5:00? Dr.
Hold on.
You're talking about the same Dr.
Weber that Jack represented against Erin? Yup.
How'd that meeting go? He came to ask Mr.
Boyle to represent him.
Again? In what case? I don't know.
Because Mr.
Boyle said he would never represent him on any case.
All right.
If we need anything else, we'll let you know.
So where's this homicide detective who caught the case? I guess you're looking at him.
(heart monitor beeping steadily) Really, Jack? Our wedding photo? I need to remind you that Nicky is graduating this year and you need to be there.
And when she gets married, that's your job to walk her down the aisle.
You got that? You've got to pull through, Jack.
You owe that to her.
You hear me? Ms.
Reagan? We got the results back.
Your husband needs surgery.
Ex-h Ex-husband.
Uh, when? Immediately.
He's got internal bleeding, a ruptured spleen.
We're prepping the O.
right now.
We'll need your consent.
W My Uh, I don't understand.
You're the one listed as his next of kin.
We need to do this ASAP or he's not gonna make it.
I'll send in a nurse with the consent forms for you to sign.
I remember the day you got this.
First time I ever met a sitting president.
- Had a lot of people cross this floor.
- Yeah.
Bill Clinton was my personal favorite.
I want you both to know I've secured positions for you within the department.
Sid, you'll be the new C.
of Manhattan North, and, Baker this department can always use a decorated detective.
I'd rather be here.
Me, too.
Well, you'll have to take that up with my successor.
Chapter one, point ten of the city charter: "While so acting temporarily as mayor, "the public advocate shall not exercise "any power of appointment to or removal from office "or any power lawfully delegated by the mayor.
" She can't fire you.
I'm aware of that.
Are you kidding? That's great.
Thing is my new boss wants me gone.
It doesn't matter what she wants.
It's what you want.
You think I should just barricade in here because of some fine print in the city charter? Boss, are you telling us you got no more fight left in you? Oh, that's not gonna work, Sid.
What, you can't take a challenge? And I'm not ten years old and you are not Sister Mary Damien screaming at me from the sidelines.
All right, you're your age now, and you're the PC and they're stringing up a noose for one of your men.
You're just gonna let them? Please.
Shaming me's not gonna work, either.
BAKER: I would like to say something.
As a woman.
That is the biggest load of crap that I have ever heard.
You're just gonna let this broad push you out the door? This broad happens to be mayor of New York City.
So what? That's all you've got-- "I don't think the mayor likes me"?! Who the hell do you think you're talking to here?! I'm sorry to keep you waiting.
Lieutenant Simon Kinnear.
Please, have a seat.
This about the overdoses at the party? Six kids died at that party last night because some punk drug dealer decided to mix a lethal amount of fentanyl in the capsules.
What's that got to do with us? Well, when you responded to the club, you got some information from a kid whose girlfriend went into arrest.
Ryan Young.
We flipped him.
He's willing to make an introduction to the drug dealer who sold the drugs.
Goes by the name of Ice.
That's great.
But he will only work with you.
You interested? To get a drug dealer off the streets? Hell yeah.
Have to make it look a little less suspicious.
You need a girlfriend.
Guess that's where I come in? I've always wanted to be arm candy.
Now, we want you to make a buy.
Young will meet you inside the club and introduce you to Bryce Medero, aka Ice.
What happens if we get into trouble? If things get out of hand, you'll use an agreed-upon safe word to alert us.
How about "get us the hell out of here"? Yeah, would that work? Apparently Weber wanted to retain Jack's services again.
You know what that was about? After I lost the case against Weber, I took a magnifying glass to his life.
Apparently another one of his girlfriends disappeared five years ago.
Body was never found.
So I reopened that case.
And he wanted Jack to represent him, Jack said no.
Which may have set Weber off.
All I know is Jack was anxious to talk about something.
Does Weber have an alibi for the day this girl disappeared? He says he put her on a train to Manhattan, never saw her again.
Oh, my goodness.
Without a body it's hard to convict.
Well, what do you think? Were you able to get a subpoena for his phone records or something? Based on what? Based on the fact that he's already confessed to one murder.
That has no bearing on this case.
Oh, come on.
Mom! Quick! What? What happened? No, Dad's awake.
How you feeling? Like I've gone through a wood chipper.
Well, it proves you got thick skin, Jack.
Mom and Uncle Danny are the ones that found you and got you to the hospital.
Did you get a look at their face, remember their voice, anything? All I remember is someone h-hitting me in the head from behind.
I love you, Dad.
I'm so happy you woke up.
(sighs) Why don't you tell me how you see the problem? You do realize you're taking advice from a murderer, right? Might want to save yourself some money and save yourself, possibly, by getting the hell out of here as quick as you can.
Detective I'm just saying.
Is this absolutely necessary? Well, I didn't want to embarrass you in front of your, uh, patient there.
(door closes) Did you stab Jack Boyle? What did you and Jack fight about? I-I would love to help you but, unfortunately, I think that's covered under attorney-client privilege.
Where were you yesterday at 11:00 a.
? Where were you May 28? What did you just say? Where were you May 28? Danny! Danny.
Walk away! Just walk away! Are you sure you don't want me to unpack that? No, thank you.
Should I put it away, then? It's fine where it is.
May I ask what's in it? The cash, the weapons, the secret tapes.
Abigail I'm tired.
The kind of tired you can't sleep off.
(door opens) GARRETT: Commissioner.
Officer Olivet is here to see you.
You knew about this? Let's have him.
Welcome to the 14th floor.
It looks like it's a slow day in the office.
The gang's all here.
So why don't we move to the couch? Please.
Well, I'd hoped to be coming here for a different reason.
I think I've got some idea what you're going through, and I'm sorry.
I saw the press conference.
Thank you for trying.
This particular commissioner sees that as part of his job.
OLIVET: To alienate the new mayor? To stand up for his officers.
To be the voice of its men and women.
Listen, how you holding up? Considering the papers are saying that I killed a defenseless woman, that I'm a murderer? Well, you'd do well not to pay any attention to the press.
Tell that to my five-year-old.
(exhales) When there's a police shooting, the first 24 hours are always a free-for-all.
But it's the PC's job to be a real champion for the guys in blue.
Without that, there'd be a lot more cops dropping out of the department.
I'm walking the beat with a target on my back.
The truth is gonna come out.
The press can be brutal, for sure, but that's what we're here for.
To make sure you get your say.
To know that you've got someone at the top watching your back.
I'm resigning.
Don't pull your pin.
Clear your name.
And, please, there's nothing that you're gonna say that's going to change my mind.
THERAPIST: Your partner had to physically come between you and Dr.
Yeah, well, that's because the guy is a cold-blooded killer who's walking around free.
But that's not what set you off.
(sighs) What set you off was when he mentioned May 28.
- Hey.
- The day that No, I can't do this, okay? You can't do what? You can't talk about it? I just said I can't! Can't what?! (sighs) I can't do this without my wife.
Okay? I think you can.
I know what it's like to lose the love of your life.
I lost mine ten years ago.
Well, what does that mean? That you're supposed to shed some light on it for me? Teach me how to cope? Unfortunately, I I don't have a a magic formula.
I still miss her.
But I'm able to live my life.
And that's what everyone wants for you.
Linda's death wasn't your fault.
I know.
So whose fault was it? No one's.
Really? 'Cause, see, if I hadn't been working late and she hadn't changed her shift because of me, because of my job Just as she had done a dozen times before that.
She was doing her job.
She died doing what she loved.
What you would have done.
I should've stopped her.
No, Danny, she Danny, she died in a helicopter crash airlifting her patient.
I should've been home more, Doc.
You know? I wasn't.
You've been coming here for months, and you have never uttered the words that she's gone, that she's dead, she's never coming back.
It's not healthy, Danny, and you know it.
What about Sean and Jack? Hmm? You want them to live in anger and denial because because you can't get over it? I just don't know how.
Very small steps.
And if I can't? If you can't, you lean on your family.
Linda's the one I always lean on.
(sighs) (dance music playing) (indistinct chatter) Hey, Jamie.
Remember Eddie? Hey.
This is Bryce.
This is Jamie.
He's a friend of mine.
He's cool.
I've never seen you here.
I've never seen you either.
He just wants to score some Molly.
He looks like a cop.
That's funny.
I was thinking you look like a criminal.
Give him a toss.
What? You have a problem with that? I think we should take our business someplace else.
I think you're a little jumpy.
And I think you've seen Scarface one too many times.
MAN: They're clean.
Lucky you.
Hey, I thought you said your guy was cool.
Chill out.
How much you looking to score? Enough for a little party for two.
MAN: Oh, my God.
Eddie? Oh, man.
Long time.
I-I-I'm busy right now.
God, I haven't seen you since college.
You look great.
Hey, who is this guy? (chuckles) Listen, I'd-I'd love to catch up.
Maybe we can go and have a drink together.
Why don't you take a hike.
Yeah, this is really not a good time.
Never is a good time.
All right? Doing business here or what? Yeah.
Four will cost you $200.
Oh, we will.
OFFICER: All right, police.
Nobody move! OFFICER 2: Hands where we can see 'em! (sighs) Autopsy showed cocaine and amphetamines in the victim.
That's good news for Olivet's defense.
Unfortunately, it came after the media had beaten him up pretty good.
He resigned.
Oh, you didn't tell me he resigned.
Collateral damage.
Things'll get better.
I'm on my third mayor, Pop.
I think I'm used up.
I don't think we need two of us sitting here worrying about Danny.
Is he back yet? Came in the front door and went straight upstairs.
No dinner, no chitchat, no nothing.
He should be down here with his boys.
Of all my kids, I think he's the most like me.
When we lost Mary, you checked out completely.
I was stuck in quicksand.
I remember.
You know what got me out? Work? Purpose? (sighs) My kids became my purpose.
What are you doing? I got Judge Barton to sign a subpoena for Weber's phone and computer.
Based on what? Well, based on the fact that Weber's a person of interest in his ex-girlfriend's disappearance.
This was signed at 2:00 a.
Judge Barton, you know, he likes to play bridge until all hours of the night.
Oh, and he also does have a taste for good Scotch.
How much did that set you back? You don't want to know.
So, what have you got? Well, seems Weber didn't have his cell phone turned on the morning Jack was stabbed, so I couldn't track him that way.
But he does have a ZipPoint.
A ZipPoint? Yeah, it's to help you find your car if it was stolen or if you can't remember where you parked.
Kind of like a mini GPS.
The ZipPoint puts his vehicle at the scene.
It's still not enough to arrest.
No, it's not enough to arrest, but it is enough to get a warrant for Weber's house.
Which is exactly what we're gonna do.
BAEZ: Upstairs, downstairs, nothing.
We're just not looking in the right places.
Or he didn't leave any evidence.
Let's keep looking.
(hollow knocking) Trap door? Are you kidding me? (grunts) (creaking) (grunts) Okay.
Let's take a look.
What do you think this is? (knocks) I think maybe he forgot to take out the trash.
(coughing) Hello.
Afternoon, Commissioner.
The mayor said you can go right in.
Commissioner Reagan, thank you for coming.
"Frank" will do fine.
Close the door, have a seat.
I read the autopsy report.
She was clearly under the influence.
To put it mildly.
Well, how would you put it? Officer Olivet was trying to reason with someone who had snorted enough jet fuel to win the ninth race at Belmont.
I'm not going to pressure the DA's office to pursue any criminal charges against Officer Olivet.
There's something you should know about police officers.
Oh, I think I know Hold on.
They know what people are capable of in ways that most, thankfully, do not.
They have seen firsthand the cigarette burns on an infant's back or the black eyes and the sideways jaw on an 80-year-old rape victim.
And they assume the worst.
And they take that on so that good people can go about their lives and think generously about their fellow man.
They provide that luxury.
You say that as if it's a fact.
It is to me.
And a hard-earned one.
And whoever is in my office, he or she, if they're any good, is gonna feel the same way.
My job is to advocate for the people.
And if that calls for an investigation into your department or any of your officers, it's not personal.
It's going to happen.
Because of your rush to judgment, this city has lost a good police officer as surely and as finally as if he were killed in the line of duty.
I didn't ask you here to argue the-the finer points of the shooting.
I called you in here to apologize.
As it turns out, I can't fire you.
Really? I didn't know that.
I guess I could just resign.
Your polling numbers are higher than any mayor's in memory.
Oh, don't pay any attention to those.
(chuckling): Why do you say that? They don't poll the folks who we put behind bars.
But I'm kind of like one of those last century buildings you fought to save when you were on the landmark commission.
How's that? Oh, people walk by me every day and I look like an anachronism against all the glass and steel, but tear me down all of a sudden, I'm beloved.
That's it? We're done? I am.
Do you want to stay on the job? Only if I'm wanted.
Madam Mayor.
Good day.
(sighs) You found our body.
Crime scene has it.
You'll be able to put him away.
Thank you.
How is Jack? He's gonna make it.
Somehow I feel guilty about that.
You were right.
I asked you to work this case so you were too busy to even think about Linda.
Wasn't too hard to figure that one out.
Trouble is, all I do is think about Linda, anyway.
Maybe you should think about what Linda would say if you told her you were gonna quit.
I know what she'd say.
She'd be ecstatic.
(laughing): No, she wouldn't.
You would have driven her insane at home.
What are you gonna do? You suck at fishing, you hate golf.
What you're good at is the job.
The job doesn't need me anymore.
Well, maybe you need the job.
Will you just think about it? Yeah.
And if you ever need a shoulder to cry on Call Jamie? Exactly.
Come on, Danny.
Just take a minute, man.
You said you were gonna drop me off.
It's one little stop.
Yeah, well, I don't feel like socializing.
Come on.
It's Pop's friend, Mrs.
Ginty, all right? She hasn't seen us since we were kids.
I promised.
Then we'll send her a picture.
Get out of the car now.
(grunts) ALL: Surprise! Hey.
What's going on? Wait till you see the game room.
The what? It's not a game room, it's a man cave.
What is this? This is your new home.
JACK: Only a five-minute walk from school.
We rented it for you.
ERIN: With an option to buy if you decide you like living here.
SEAN: There's even a real backyard.
HENRY: Come on, let's eat.
I'm starving.
We'll give you the full tour after.
Everything you need's right here.
(Erin clears throat) (Danny clears throat) Why are y'all looking at me? (sighs) I don't know what to say.
(sighs) I did read an obit a while back.
When you reach a certain age, you do that sort of thing.
And someone said, "We are all just passing time.
And occupy our chair very briefly.
" The time we had with Linda was a gift.
And we are all the better that she occupied her chair so well.
HENRY: Some say we have more than our share of loss.
But I see God's light in this family every day.
And though I may not understand it, I trust in His plan for us all.
When Mary died When I lost my wife I was a mess.
And it was my kids Joe, Erin, Jamie, and Danny, who even though they had lost their mom always made sure, each in their own way, to be there for me.
I'm not sure what a shrink would say about that.
But it was appreciated.
(sighs) Boys, I'd like you to say grace.
Actually, um, I'd like to say it.
(Danny clears throat) Bless us, oh, Lord.
These Thy gifts, which we are about to receive from Thy bounty, through Christ our Lord.
ALL: Amen.