Blue Bloods s09e15 Episode Script


1 Come on, Sid, let me buy you one.
Told you, I'm being good tonight.
I'll take a rain check, huh? See you mañana.
All right.
Sid Vicious.
What're you doing out here? I heard they serve liquor.
Join me for one.
Nah, I'm heading home.
What, are you kidding me? It's 8:30.
You're not that old.
Boss is in early tomorrow, so if I'm on time, I'm late, if you know what I mean.
Sid, it's important.
Why am I getting the feeling that me running into you ain't just coincidence? One drink.
Trust me, it'll be worth your time.
(knocking on door) Sorry, boss, but it's not something I should be talking about on the phone.
And couldn't wait till morning.
You be the judge.
I think that comes after you tell me what.
We got a problem.
I gathered that.
With Inspector Clifford.
I'm listening.
A buddy of mine just whispered in my ear just now.
My guy swears he's got this right.
Right about what, Sid? Clifford robbed a liquor store.
Tell your "guy" he's a month early for April Fool's.
Nope, this ain't a joke.
Well, what are you telling me? Inspector Clifford robbed a store? Yes, boss, but the robbery happened when he was 15.
(sighs) Ah, that was my foot.
Oh, well, you got a big foot.
No, this is a small space.
I think we might have a live one.
Just take a little nibble, so we can go home already.
- Come here! Don't move! - Don't move! Don't even think about it.
Stay where you are.
Come here.
- What's your name? - Angela Do you have some I.
, Angela? You want to tell me why you're taking a free ride? You got plenty of money in here.
I didn't I just-- Nobody was around.
Oh, so if no one's around, it's okay to break the law? You do that at clothing stores, too? Yeah, that's a fancy jacket.
Did you pay for this? Of course.
Look, no-- - I don't do this.
I just - What's that? That's, um - That's weed, Angela.
- I can explain.
- No.
Two strikes, you're out.
- What? Give me your bag.
Turn around.
Oh, my God, am I Getting arrested? Yes, Angela, that's what cuffs mean.
No, you don't understand, my father, he will kill me.
And to think, all that for three bucks, huh.
No, wait! Seriously.
What if I tell you something? Something what? Something big.
Hey, Sean.
No, no, I'm, like, five minutes away, had to get gas, yeah.
Yeah No, I'll be right there.
Tell you what, just finish your homework, okay? I'm on my way.
Hey, man, thank God you're here.
There's a guy in there, he just tried to rob me.
All right, calm down.
No, no, no, no, no.
He robbed me, man! I'm new here.
It's my first week.
I said stay where you are! It's my first week.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Back up! Keep your hands where I can see them.
He came at me with this.
I Put it down right now! - I didn't know what to do.
- Drop it.
Drop it right now! (horn honking) (shouts) (gunshots) Blue Bloods 9x15 Blues Yeah, I'm sure.
I don't want to go to the hospital.
(indistinct radio chatter) - Hey.
- Hey.
How's the store owner? He's banged up pretty bad, but he's not likely because of you.
How about you, how you holding up? It's not my first shooting, you know.
The kid was young, that's all.
What does it matter? He tried to stab me, I shot him, that's that.
Hey, nobody's saying it's not a clean shooting.
The investigator already said it looks justified.
Okay, well, then what are we talking about? Nothing.
Just get some sleep, all right? I will.
(phone ringing) Hey.
DANNY: You mind telling me why your car is in front of my place? You okay, Danny? Oh, I'm fine.
Thank you for asking.
What are you doing here? - Anthony told me what happened.
- Anthony? - You can tell Anthony I'm a big boy.
- Well, I thought I'd hang out here with Sean until you, you know, settled everything.
Well, Sean's a big boy, too.
He's 16.
Yeah, and he's not 18.
Almost forgot.
So you really okay? And that's exactly why I'm here.
But it's not like I'm messed up or anything.
I'm okay, just Look, it's not my first rodeo.
I know.
- So what? - So I don't think it's crazy to consider the possibility that maybe this time is a little different than the others.
Why? Because he was young? He was out of his mind.
He tried to stab me.
Or maybe because your boys already lost one I can do this, Erin.
- I know.
- Good.
And good night.
(chuckles) You're not going anywhere, are you? Nope.
Didn't think so.
And when Dad calls, you promise to pick up? - He won't.
- Course he's gonna call.
Bet you 20 bucks.
You're on.
GORMLEY: His old man walks out when he's 12.
Mom's working two jobs.
Brother and sister are older, so they're doing their own thing.
So by the time Clifford is 15, he's got a new family.
BAKER: Street gang in the neighborhood.
Yeah, but from what I understand, he wasn't the heavy, stayed mostly on the sidelines.
Well, he must've gotten in the game at some point 'cause Sid's guy Wainwright arrested him.
For robbery in the first degree.
But he was the lookout, you said? Doesn't matter.
Guy with the gun and guy with the whistle take the same charge.
"Acting in concert.
" That thing you all do when you think my mind is on something else, the elephant in the room? I hate that.
Detective Reagan is gonna be just fine.
Of course he is, boss.
Okay, let's say we accept all of this at face value, there's still one thing I don't get.
BAKER: NYPD does a background check on all candidates.
There's no way he gets on the job with a felony collar on his sheet.
Technically, he shouldn't have even been allowed to take the test.
Clifford is his mother's maiden.
Ditched deadbeat dad's name for his mother's when he turned 18.
After he turned his life around? Guy did a complete 180.
After that collar, becomes the golden boy.
Honor roll, volunteer work, starts a neighborhood watch in his building.
That's good.
I can use that with the press if it comes to it.
You want me to get Clifford down here, boss? - No.
- What about Wainwright? Bring you the horse so you can hear it straight from his mouth? No.
What about we stop asking questions and give you some time to think? Yes.
(door opens, closes) Jamie, I got to talk to you.
I told you to 10-2.
Back to the house now.
Hey, got to talk to you.
Sure, come on in, Officer Janko.
- Jamie - Jamie? I mean Sarge.
We collared a turnstile jumper and we flipped her, and she's got information.
That's good and interesting, isn't it? Don't start.
No, weren't you the one that said spending your whole tour twiddling your thumbs inside a broom closet was a waste of your time and the taxpayers' money? Will you let me tell you? As soon as I'm done gloating.
Could you hurry up 'cause this is timely.
It's broken windows, Janko, broken windows.
You were right.
I was wrong.
Now will you let me tell you? I love these stripes.
She's offering up information on where we can pick up a gun.
Gun collar, okay, you got my attention.
Not just any gun, she says it's the one used in the Morales shooting.
- My sister's case? - Exactly.
You got to call her and tell her.
- Oh, you're giving me the collar? - What? No, of course not.
Then I guess you're the one calling my sister.
- Wh-- Jamie - Ah, ah.
Sarge, come Hey.
What, do you need a master's degree to run this thing? Or just press "start".
Smart aleck.
Hey, Janko.
Hey, Detective Ab ABETEMARCO.
Of course.
You looking for Erin's office? - Yes.
- Yeah, it's that way.
Uh, thanks.
Thanks so much.
Yeah, but you're going this way.
- Um, um, I'm sorry, what? - With me.
No, I have an appointment with Erin.
She got called to court, so you got me instead.
Now, let's go.
Go? You ask a lot of questions.
That's gonna be a problem out in the field.
Out in the field? It's fine in here, but out there, I do the talking.
Keep your yap closed and your ears wide open.
You hear? Uh (stammers) I-I think I'm confused.
You got a tip on the gun.
The gun, right? Yeah, the one used in the Morales shooting.
Trial starts in a couple of days, which means we ain't got any time to blow, so let's not blow any.
Look, you riding shotgun with me on this or not? Either crap or get off the pot.
I'll crap.
That came out really wrong.
What do we got? DOA.
These guys say a few hours at least.
Reginald Jassem.
571 Ridgewood Avenue.
Stabbed multiple times.
Defensive wounds.
Crime of passion? Well, if anyone happens upon a knife, let me know.
Didn't think so.
Any signs of forced entry? (sighs) BAEZ: He's young.
Start a canvass? You can.
I gotta notify next of kin.
Why don't you let me do that? Why? I think you know why.
I'm fine.
(clears throat) Mrs.
Williams, my name is I know exactly who you are.
You can go, just as quickly as you came.
I just came to say that I Say what, that you're sorry? Look, I will give you one guess where you can stick your apologies.
Now, get the hell out of here.
- Mrs.
- What? Nothing.
I shouldn't have come.
You're damn right about that.
What did you think was gonna happen? You think you can put two bullets in my baby one day, and then come here looking for what, absolution on the next? You're right.
You ought to be ashamed of yourself for what you did, and what you're doing.
(salsa music playing) (lively chatter) (laughter) CLIFFORD: Commissioner Reagan.
Inspector Clifford.
Got a minute? What'd I just see? It's a celebration, sir.
An officer in your house? No, one of the kids from the neighborhood.
Hector Ruiz.
Just got a full scholarship to Amherst College.
And he kind of grew up in this house.
A repeat offender.
I like to think that we had a hand in setting him on the right path.
Do we run a rec center or a police precinct? No.
But we do believe in celebrating what deserves celebrating on our streets.
Hope police work doesn't get in the way.
I know how this looks, sir, and I get it.
And I would have rescheduled if I'd known you were coming.
No, I like surprise visits for exactly this reason.
Let's me see the real deal, not the whitewash.
Commissioner, I know that everything I got going here runs afoul of just about every rule in the book.
And then some.
But this is a good thing, and I stand by it.
So do I.
We cops use a lot of lingo, like how we call our precincts houses.
"Precinct" conjures a fortress designed to keep people out.
Houses bring people in.
Bring enough people in, it becomes a home.
These are my people, and I try to look after them.
(clears throat) Yes? Are you Mrs.
Jassem? Yes.
Can I help you? It might be better if we talked inside.
(sighs) You may want to take a seat.
Are you Reginald's mother? Oh, my God.
What's happened? (sobbing) No.
No (muttering) No, no, no! My baby.
(sobbing loudly) You're a liar! - No, I'm not.
- Yeah? Well, I went to the apartment where you said the gun was stashed, and guess what.
The gun wasn't stashed.
Detective, I think that So, either you're a liar or I'm a liar.
Are you calling me a liar, Angela? - No, no, not at all.
- That's good.
Because I don't like to be called a liar.
I get very upset when people use words like that to describe me.
I understand you're not a liar.
I would never say that.
- No, but you're a liar.
- No.
The gun isn't there, Angela.
So whatever deal you had is null and void and kaput.
Capisce?! Which means it's time to call your old man.
- No! - Yeah.
- Let's call daddy! - No.
No, no! I'm gonna call him.
Angela could alwa Okay.
But you can't tell anyone where you heard this.
Do you promise? My hand to God.
I'm serious.
Angela, didn't I just give you my word? We're not going back to you calling me a liar, are we? No, no.
I think my cousin took it.
There you go.
Good girl.
Now, what's your cousin's name? - Hey.
- Hey.
- How'd it go? - How did what go? The victim's mother.
Be a nice change of pace if they let cops notify lottery winners they won millions, instead of being the Bad News Bear every time the door opens.
- So, nothing? - Not nothing.
She said something about the kid's girlfriend.
They had an intense relationship.
Okay, well, that's consistent with our crime of passion theory.
- How intense? - Don't know.
You know, the mom was kind of a mess.
She didn't make a lot of sense, and what sense she did make was hard to make sense of.
I can understand the feeling.
Anything else? Uh, the mom said she read text messages from the girlfriend to her son.
The girlfriend was rough on him.
"Get a job, get a life.
" Stuff like that.
Okay, that's something.
Let's dig into his phone.
What was the girlfriend's name? Uh, Rose Rachel.
Something with an "R.
" Did you write it down? Yeah, I'm pretty sure I wrote it down, Detective.
Let me see.
- Rebecca.
- Close enough.
You really knocked yourself out taking these notes.
Luckily, we're not treating you for carpal tunnel.
It's like I said, the mother was a mess.
Okay? Thanks.
You weren't surprised, me showing up? No.
I totally bought the "I was just happened to be in the neighborhood on my way to Costco" routine.
"With a bottle of whiskey in my hand.
" There's no one else in this room but you and me, Danny.
Two BSers full of BS.
Look, I-I'm not an idiot, Gramps.
And I'm not being a jerk.
I'm not.
Look, enough people line up telling you that you're upset, you have to consider that.
You're no idiot, that's for sure.
And for my money, you're not even upside down, just maybe a little sideways.
If that's what you see You know what else I see? Uh, my dining room table? Your empty house.
It's not empty.
Sean's upstairs doing his homework.
Not what I mean, and you know it.
And it's not just the house that's empty.
Hasn't even been two years yet, Gramps.
Linda was the one who got you through those others.
She also could've gotten you through this one.
Yeah, but it wasn't in the cards.
So draw a new one.
(chuckles) You want me to start shacking up? (laughs) That's your solution? I'm just thinking about your future.
You know, not for nothing, Gramps, but, uh, Grandma's been gone, what, a hundred years? I never saw you take up with another woman.
Hell, I never saw you even go on a date with another woman.
I live alone with my son.
Have for the last 15 years.
Well, Dad, too.
I don't see him threatening Casanova's legend since Mom passed away.
He lives alone with his father.
For the last 15 years.
What's the matter, you don't like pizza? No, no, I-I do.
It's just Too many toppings? It is a lot of toppings.
It's all the toppings, except pineapple.
Oh, I love pineapple.
If you put pineapple on pizza, you're dead to me.
(laughs) I'm not kidding.
Come on.
Put some meat on them bones.
Thanks, it's just, um Okay, I-I'm just unclear on-on how you do things.
"Do things"? For instance, what if it turns out that Angela wasn't lying to us yesterday? (laughs) What? What's so funny? Everything you just said.
Okay, well, what would you have done if she wasn't? I don't know, Janko, probably turned into a big giant pumpkin.
You are 100%, totally, beyond a shadow of a doubt sure that she was lying? Yeah.
Even though you never even talked to her? Yep.
You didn't even know her name till I told you.
You didn't even know what she told me until we were on the way over to talk to her.
That's right.
With all of that, you knew? You absolutely knew that she was lying? Yep.
How? Because they always lie.
Uhp, you snooze, you lose, my friend.
I'm sorry.
Me and my grandfather tied one on last night, I must've You didn't miss much.
You don't like the girlfriend for this? Well, I love her for it, but I hate that she was at work at the time of the murder and has the time card to prove it.
Well, that's great.
Don't get too comfortable.
Why, where are we going? Square one.
Back to the victim's mother, talk to the family.
You mean, back to the victim's mother to get what I missed the first time I spoke to her.
- I didn't say that.
- No.
But those mocha brown Latina peepers of yours did.
Hazel, not mocha.
Let's go.
Detective Reagan? Why don't you take care of this; meet me over there when you can? Yeah.
(clears throat) Have a seat.
Look, I don't got a lot to say, all right? Look, I don't know if you got kids, or I do.
Then you know.
Then you know what you did was wrong.
- I - I don't want to hear it.
You took my son's life.
There is no way that that is right.
- I know how you feel, and I know why - You don't.
Did anyone ever shoot your kid dead? Rip his soul out from inside him? No.
I will never forgive you.
But I'm, I will give you this, and you better believe it's a gift.
When you came to my door, I could see that-that you've been carrying the weight of t-this.
I could see that you know that everything I'm saying here is the bottom line truth.
I could see it in your eyes, sure as I'm seeing it right now.
That meant something to me.
The tiniest little something, but something.
So For what that's worth, and it ain't much there you go.
(door opens, slams) (shuddering exhale) ABETEMARCO: You know, in my line of work, the ones who want a lawyer are usually the ones who did it.
- Lawyer.
- So you did it.
You know, you're only making this harder on yourself.
- Lawyer.
- So if I get you a lawyer, I'm gonna have to collar you.
Is that what you want? Lawyer.
Tell me where the damn gun is.
I texted legal aid, and they're gonna assign you a lawyer.
And I'm sure you know this already, but now that you've requested a lawyer, you no longer have to talk to us.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Tell him that.
All right, uh, just give me the name of your parole officer.
But I didn't do nothing.
That's not true.
You violated your parole.
What violation? I didn't do squat.
Oh, you have a unique parole agreement in that you're permitted to associate with known felons? Known felons? What you going on about, lady cop? Officer.
What I'm going on about is that kid in the red sweatshirt and the LeBrons you were talking to when we rolled up on you just now.
Head Bone? Aka Jamie Flemings, great kid who I had the pleasure of collaring myself last year.
Oh, come on, this ain't right.
Don't worry about it.
Your lawyer's gonna get you out of it.
Those guys are the best.
And I'm sure he only has, like, 500 cases ahead of you right now.
This is wrong! It doesn't have to be this way, Bobby.
I'll tell you where the hammer is.
BAKER: If it was up to me, he stays.
And I say Clifford goes.
Two days ago, you were in here having his back.
That was before Wainwright dropped his ultimatum.
Boss? Hey, I'm listening.
He really said he'd go to the press? Says if we don't give Clifford the axe, he'll go Live at Five with it.
GARRETT: He say why? He says that it's the principle for him.
NYPD does not hire felons.
Especially ones who lie their way in.
Well, he's got a point there.
You think he should go, too? What I think is, his value in the present outweighs the sins in his past.
Boss, Garrett's onto something.
Why don't we just bring Wainwright in here and lean on him? - No.
- Why not? Because he was passed over about a dozen times for promotion before he retired, and one of the guys who leapfrogged over him was Clifford.
And maybe a little because he's white and Clifford's black.
That's unknowable.
All of which makes this a can of worms that won't open.
Well, then, what? I haven't a damn clue.
How'd it go with, you know, that woman? We're all good there.
What about her? She give you anything we could use? No.
Honestly? Not a great vibe.
Can't really put my finger on it.
Fidgety, like she wanted you to get out quick.
- Exactly.
- Yeah.
I clocked her body language.
You could tell all that from out here? I could tell it from out here but I also noticed that the first time I met her, she walked with a limp.
Today, somehow, she doesn't have one.
No, she does not.
(clears throat) I really don't understand why we couldn't do this over the phone.
Thank you for coming in.
Frankly, I find it pretty inconsiderate of you to insist.
Medical records from Eastchester County Hospital.
The night your son was killed, you drove 20 miles out of your way for a wound that required 20 stitches.
Why would someone do that? (inhales shakily) Unless that somebody had something to hide.
Am I under arrest? No.
- Then can I go? - You can.
But before you do, I'd like to let you know that it is no easy thing to take another life.
I know it.
It is something you will never, ever get over.
Whether it's the guilt coursing through your veins like poison or the sleepless nights stacking up on your chest like a pile of bricks.
The nights you do sleep are ruined when you awaken to realize that it wasn't a nightmare.
It was real.
There's nothing you can do to change it.
I didn't What I mean is You don't have to say anything.
You don't.
But I want to promise you that if you do say something you're gonna feel so much better.
(sobbing) You may even sleep like a baby again.
I know you're a good person.
I knew it the moment I met you.
And I know there is nothing (whimpers) nothing on this Earth that would ever make you intentionally hurt your baby boy.
(sobs) Help us help you.
Sit down and talk to us about what happened.
It's okay.
(crying softly) (sobbing) It's gonna be all right.
You don't seem happy.
No, I am.
I am.
Eddie, you got the gun.
Erin's case went from a 60-40 maybe that would stretch out for weeks to a slam dunk plea bargain that took 20 minutes.
I know.
It's awesome.
You don't sound awesome.
It's it's nothing, really.
It should be nothing, but it's something.
You'll tell me when you're ready.
- Oh.
ABETEMARCO: Hey, uh Pardon the interruption.
I just wanted to give our superstar a little gift.
Pineapple pizza? You had to be there.
Got it.
Well, I got to go get ready for the roll call.
See you, pal.
There you go.
He's right, you know.
Something is bugging you.
Oh, you heard that? And I think I got a pretty good idea what it is.
You love the results, uh, just not too keen on how we got there.
I'm just not so sure that I can do this job if I have to lie every time to get the job done.
So don't.
- But you said - That's me.
I mean, that's my way.
Keep in mind, I've been doing this a long time.
I'm old school.
I-I found a tool that works for me, so I use it.
But it really works.
It sure does, but that doesn't mean it's the only thing that works.
You're young, learn from everyone.
Be a sponge.
I'm no Dick Tracy.
I'm one guy with one tool.
You've got plenty of room for lots of tools on your tool belt.
(sighs) Well, thanks.
Thanks, Anthony.
(exhales) (door opening) He's here.
(sighs) Have a seat.
Not that one.
That one.
You're a smart guy, one of our best and brightest.
Maybe someday you'll end up in that chair.
How's it feel? It's uncomfortable.
Sounds about right.
I got this, uh bear of an issue I'm wrestling with, one I can't find a resolution to.
So, you're the commissioner now.
Tell me what you would do.
Do with what, sir? Well, there's a file in front of you.
The name and the photos have been blacked out to protect this individual but somehow, I think you'll get the gist.
(exhales) What that file doesn't say is this stickup kid goes on to turn his life around and pursue his dream of becoming a decorated NYPD cop.
If I may explain, sir You're the commissioner now, you don't have to explain.
You have to decide what's going to happen to him.
I don't know.
Not an option.
Not from where you sit.
But I don't know, sir.
You can't plead the Fifth, you can't pass the buck, you can't buy a vowel.
Should he stay or should he go? (exhales) He should go.
Why? Because the NYPD doesn't hire felons.
On top of that, he lied to get the job.
And he maintained that lie for 20 years.
What about the fact that for those 20 years, he served as the gold standard for what an NYPD cop should be? Doesn't matter.
He's a felon.
He's got to go.
(exhales) You know I don't think you'd make a good commissioner after all.
But a cop like that I'm keeping him.
(sniffles) (sighs) Commissioner, I don't know how to thank you enough.
Now get out of my chair.
(sighs) (door opens) (door closes) And you owe me 20 bucks.
ERIN: For what? Our bet.
You said he'd call me.
Call you about what? See there? Pay up.
You didn't call him after the shooting at the gas station? - Was I supposed to? - That was my job.
- Mm-hmm.
- How is it your job? - As the patriarch.
But as his father? Someday you'll see.
- See what? - Well, more like see when.
When to back off trying to suss out your kid's problems.
That first time that you go to knock on the closed bedroom door and something tells you "don't.
" Like, let them handle it themselves? Yeah, when it's time.
Well, when did you know with Mom? When she was 18 and threatened me with a restraining order.
(scoffs) I did not.
(laughter) Practically.
Anyway, that was your mom's duty.
What about Jameson? Jameson? Jameson.
(laughter) - He was always cool, he - Hmm.
like he instinctively knew that the more advice you harvest, the better the odds are to make the right move.
Now, I always felt the knock was welcomed.
And last but not least? - Uh, best for last.
- Sure.
Oh, that's easy.
When your dad was eight years old, he got suspended from school for guess what.
ALL: Fighting.
So I go to his room, I sit him down and I ask him what happened.
And he just gives me the bare bones.
So I said directly, "What did that kid say or do to make you throw the first punch?" And your dad says, "Trust me, you don't want to freaking know.
" What eight-year-old says, "Trust me, you don't want to freaking know"? - (laughter) Trust me, you don't want to freaking know.
(all laughing)