Blue Bloods s09e19 Episode Script

Common Enemies

1 (siren whoops) Jamie! Downstairs! (tires screech) Go, go, go! Come on, move it! (crowd clamoring) Police! Break it up, break it up! Stop! Guys, stop! Police! That's enough! Break it up! That's enough! Break it up! Stay here! - Get-- Stay back! Hey! - It's over! It's over.
- What happened to him? - Hey.
Hey, everybody get back.
Hey! What happened to him?! Fight broke out.
Turned around, called 911, and when I looked back, the guy was laying on the ground.
Call a bus! Put a rush on it! All right.
I need a bus.
We're at 47th and 8th Street.
- We got a guy down, bleeding out.
- Brianna, let's go.
Every-- hey! Hey, sir! You can't leave right now! Get back! You, too! Stay back! Break that up! Nobody gets out of here without getting I.
'd first! Put your hands on the bar! (alarm blaring) (line ringing) OPERATOR: Police, fire or medical, what's your emergency? (glass shatters) There's someone breaking into my house.
Okay, ma'am.
What's your address? 12 Bayview Avenue, Malba.
Get up.
(engines revving over TV) - Now.
Let's go, now.
- What's the matter, Mom? Get up.
You know what you have to do.
Here's the phone.
- But - Go.
Go! Now! Go! Quiet, unless I say anything.
Janko, hop on the bus with the victim.
Keep me updated from the hospital.
Sure thing, boss.
Officer, have they been Mirandized? Yes, they were, Sarge.
I want him, him, him, him and her all going to the precinct.
I want them all transported separately, all right? Davis, take her.
BRIANNA: Wait, wait, wait.
I don't understand.
We didn't do anything.
- You're coming with me.
- No! - We didn't do anything! Ow! - Hey! Hey! Let's go! All right, she said she didn't do anything! JAMIE: Hey.
You get your hands off her.
Taking a ride.
Come on.
Can you tell me how this fight got started? I got a lawyer who makes more in a day than you do in a year, so I don't have to tell you anything.
Tell the judge, then.
You saw what happened to the last guy that got into it with me.
I stabbed him.
He deserved it.
(phone ringing) Reagan.
It's Isabel Delgado.
(alarm blaring) I think someone is here to kill me.
Okay, where are you? At my house! Did you call 911? I already did.
They said they were on their way, but First, calm down, all right? Oh, my God! (gasps) (thumping) Where are the boys? - Oh, God! - Hello? (screams) No! No! Isabel! No! No! No! No! No! Damn it.
(choking) (screaming) (man grunts, screaming stops) - Where is she? - The living room.
What about the boys? Where are they? What boys? The two sons.
Where are they? I don't know.
We did a search.
We didn't find anybody.
(sirens wailing outside) (sighs) (sighs) This is not good.
I'm gonna look around.
Get CSU and the ME's office over here.
  Boys? Boys? (quiet sobbing) Boys? (quiet sobbing) Hey.
It's okay.
I'm the police.
Your mom wanted me to find you and get you out of there, okay? Why don't you do me a favor.
It's okay.
Promise you, it's safe.
Come on.
You, too.
Come on.
- Mom? Mom? - Okay.
We're gonna go-- We'll go talk about that right now.
BAEZ: Hey, hey, hey! Don't move! Get your hands up! I'm unarmed, okay?! BOYS: Dad! DANNY: Wait.
Hold on.
All right, come here.
Come here.
I'm here now.
Come here.
I'm here.
Daddy's here now, okay? Daddy's here.
All right.
You okay? Where's Mom? Where's my wife? BAEZ: Boys, why don't you come with me for a minute so your dad can talk to Detective Reagan.
- You guys got to go.
- No.
No, I don't want to go.
Go with the nice lady.
All right? - No.
- You got to go.
All right? Go.
Can't go inside.
Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Let him go.
Let him go.
Isabel! No.
(crying softly) No, no.
(sobbing) (sobbing): I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Blue Bloods 9x19 Common Enemies   GORMLEY: Tomorrow morning, we're rolling out the Crime Stopper trucks in Midtown.
And you're scheduled for a photo op with the chiefs.
BAKER: Putting the use-of-force report in your bag so you can look at it on the way home.
How about the highlights? Lowest firearms discharges since we started keeping record in 1971.
- Good.
- Which you'll lead with at the presser tomorrow morning.
My detail ready? Okay.
What was that look about? We've learned that there's some division in the 16th between the precinct and some members of the community.
There's a small community group who always shows up to complain about quality-of-life crimes, stuff like that.
Well, this community group has gotten very demanding.
BAKER: One woman in particular has been throwing your name around.
Well Saying she has your ear, and that if the C.
doesn't beef up security in certain buildings, she's gonna give you a call and have him fired.
So take care of it.
Since when have any of you had a problem setting the record straight on my behalf? Since the lady's about to be your sister.
Excuse me? It's Eddie's mother, Lena Janko.
I've never even met her.
Boss, I think you should meet with her.
See what the problem is, do everything you can to fix it, and then make sure she knows it's a onetime deal.
That could be icky.
You heard the term "happy wife, happy life"? That applies to mother-in-laws, too.
Sid's right.
(sighs) Hey.
What's going on? Mm.
I got stuck with homicide call.
You have a Mark Sanzo in custody for attempted murder? No, not attempted.
Just got off the phone with Eddie.
Campbell died on the operating table.
What do you have on Sanzo? - He said he did it.
- Was he Mirandized? - Yes.
- Signed statement? What difference does that make? He already confessed.
Well, I'm just gathering facts, Jamie.
He asked for a lawyer, and so all questions ceased.
And what about the murder weapon? We can't find one yet.
ADA Reagan.
I'm Ashley Dirk, representing Mark Sanzo.
Well, your client will be charged with murder in the second degree for the death of Stephen Campbell.
Based on what? He confessed to a police officer at the scene.
And is that police officer the only witness to the alleged confession? What difference does that make? Guess you're the officer.
Any relation? My brother, Sergeant Reagan.
That's rich.
You calling me a liar? Yes.
I am.
And now I'd like to see my client.
You can see him at his arraignment.
I can handle this, Sergeant Reagan.
Thank you.
Do you have a murder weapon? - Not yet.
- And a jury won't be suspicious of a confession where the only witness is your cop brother and there's no corroborating evidence? I guess we'll find out in court, won't we? I want a blood alcohol test on my client.
I'll arrange it.
And I'll arrange a hearing on the admissibility of the alleged statement.
(sighs) (sighs) Lena, nice to finally meet you.
Now I know where Jamie got his good manners from.
(chuckles) And his good looks.
(gasps) Mwah.
(gasps) This is my first time in a police commissioner's office.
(gasps) It's so nice.
Very masculine.
Given the family history, it's ironic that Edit is marrying into a cop's family, don't you think? Eddie is a terrific cop.
Her name is Edit.
Edit is a terrific cop.
(clears throat) You know, my real name's Francis, but hardly anyone calls me that.
Well, I can understand why my daughter loves your family so much.
- And we love her.
And I love that I'm never gonna have to pay for a parking ticket again.
(chuckles) Well Don't I get one of those "get out of jail free" cards? Well, actually, they're called courtesy cards, as in "please extend all courtesies.
" And avoiding the night in the clink would be a real courtesy, I get it.
I'm not sure you do.
What's the point of a job if you can't take full advantage of it? Well, see, we try very hard not to use the job or the family name to influence outcomes.
But, that being said, if there's anything you need some advice on, I'm your guy.
You mean like how many layers should the wedding cake be or who's on the guest list? Actually, I think that's Jamie and Edit's bailiwick.
I know she's been wanting to introduce you and I, but I've been so busy, what with moving and all.
So, she's gonna be very happy that we finally met.
No, I think it's best if Edit didn't know that I was here.
She would be very disappointed that she wasn't here for it.
I know she's very sensitive about these things, and I wouldn't want to upset her.
It's very nice to meet you, Francis.
(busy chatter, phones ringing) So, Luis Delgado just walked right up to you after being on the lam for six months? Who the hell are you? Agent John Wise, DEA.
Oh, you two know each other? He was my brother's handler when he was a CI.
Delgado is my damn case.
No, Delgado's our collar.
But his charges are federal.
Well, you can get to those after we're done with him.
You're the ones that lost him in the first place.
We all want to get Sangriento, right? Delgado can help us do that.
I'm willing to work with you on this.
I'm not.
He may be able to help us get a bigger fish.
Really? Like how big? Jose Rojas big.
Does this mean you're gonna be making more deals with Delgado? Let us see what he's willing to give up first.
How about just tell us why Delgado's wife was targeted first.
Probably the same reason they targeted yours.
Why don't we go ask him.
Ooh, Detective Reagan.
I'll catch up.
They said it would be okay if I came up to say hello.
Anything else I can help you with? Actually, I'm the one helping.
Uh, the department asked me to work with the Cold Case Squad on a child murdered back in 1996.
I didn't know you did that kind of thing.
I took a detour because I wanted to see how things were going with you.
They're going good.
In fact, I'm working a case right now.
I really need to get back to it.
Your wife's murder case.
Occupational hazard.
It's all good.
Okay, but, uh, you need to be careful.
I'm always careful.
Extra careful.
The people that you are going after-- they're incredibly dangerous.
(sighs) Occupational hazard, right?   He'll only talk to you.
She spoke to you on the phone.
What did she say? She was scared.
She knew it was coming, I'm sure.
She's married to you.
Collateral damage.
Just like your wife.
Wasn't your wife also killed because of what you do for a living? I'm not trying to rile you.
We have something in common.
We both want Jose Rojas.
He's responsible for the murder of my wife.
And of yours.
Keep talking.
They call him "the clam" because he never talks.
No one who works for him talks either.
What are you trying to say? I'm saying I'm willing to be the first.
Or you hope I'm willing to make a deal.
I just want to bring him down.
But I'll only work with you.
Why? Because we're not so different.
(sighs) Maybe you can track down the security video, and we'll just have to go through the - Mark Sanzo was released? - Confession was thrown out.
What are you talking about? Uh, blood alcohol was, uh, .
He was legally drunk.
Judge decided there was no way that Sanzo could have knowingly waived his Miranda rights.
He was able to follow directions.
He wasn't slurring his words, Erin.
Even if the confession wasn't thrown out, his lawyer would've eviscerated us on the stand.
There was no murder weapon, no security video and no eyewitness.
And no corroborating evidence.
Except that he bragged that he did it.
Why'd you even allow the blood alcohol? Why would I object to it? Because you know where she's going with that.
Jamie, the job of a prosecutor is to find the truth.
And the truth is that Sanzo killed Stephen Campbell.
Why are you taking this so personally? The guy told me to my face-- to my face, Erin-- that he killed Stephen Campbell.
Now you're gonna stand here and tell me that doesn't matter? That we're just supposed to let this guy walk? - That's how it works, Jamie.
- That's it? That's all you got for me, "That's how it works"? Well, if we can't put a guy away who admits that he killed someone, then it doesn't work at all! Why am I taking this so personally? The better question is why you're not.
Hey, it's me, Luis.
I need to meet.
I have some information about a DEA takedown.
No, no, not-not over the phone.
(speaks Spanish) I want to do it in person.
Yeah, okay, at the club.
I'll be there.
(speaks Spanish) (phone beeps) Can you get a location? Yeah.
According to this, the middle of the East River.
BAEZ: We're really gonna take a chance on this guy? He's gonna take off again like he did last time.
- Yes, we are.
WISE: He'll be wired.
We'll be sitting on the place.
No, I can't be wired.
That's the first thing he'll look for.
That's why we're gonna modify your phone.
It'll act as the wire.
When things start to go south, we'll have an agreed upon word that you can just - Ponche.
" That's your safe word? - What's it mean? - It's a drink.
"It's a drink.
" You expect me to believe that? Listen to me.
If this is another one of your setups, I swear If he says it's a drink, it's a drink.
(handcuffs clicking) It's time to go.
(Erin sighs) - Okay, who's saying grace? - Jamie.
Uh, not feeling so grateful today, Pop.
You've got every reason in the world to be grateful.
Except for having to tell a young woman that her fiancé was murdered in a bar fight and the guy who confessed to it is still walking around.
You really gonna do this right now? - Yeah.
DANNY: Oh, wait.
It's because of her that your perp got bail? He didn't get bail; the charges were dismissed.
ERIN: And we can bring charges again once we have some actual evidence to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt.
- You mean, more than a confession? DANNY: Since when does a confession matter to her? - Come on, Danny.
- Well, Dad, I'm just saying that, you know, how many times have I had to argue with her about the legal technicalities of a case that allowed one of my perps to walk, and Harvard over here has taken her side about the law every single time.
I understand the law, but ADAs have at their discretion to take a cop at their word.
DANNY: Mm-hmm.
This isn't about taking your word.
It's about facts.
HENRY: The dinner table is meant to be a demilitarized zone.
Really? I mean, it never feels like that.
What? You think they argue too much? No, I just mean that you guys are not shy about disagreeing, at all.
Well, you assume your family's gonna have your back.
And you're right to assume that.
Maybe, but sometimes your family can work against you.
- Oh, really? - I didn't mean you.
I was talking about me.
NICKY: Your family doesn't like you? They love me, but it's complicated.
I get that.
Family can be embarrassing.
Excuse me? Like when your dad gets into it with a guy and that guy turns out to be your crush's father.
NICKY: Or your mom shows up to your apartment unannounced.
DANNY: Or you get arrested for truancy and your dad tells the cops to keep you in a holding cell.
Hey, you never did it again, did you? JAMIE: Or you got to go back to your precinct, tell everyone that your sister threw out your confession.
The judge threw it out; I didn't.
I can't believe I have to explain this to my brother who has a law degree.
- Please.
- Please, please.
Can we argue or disagree or whatever it is you're gonna call it after we say grace? Yeah, I'm starving.
Bless us, oh, Lord, ALL: and these Thy gifts which we are about to receive from Thy bounty through Christ, our Lord.
(Frank clears throat) (sighs) So you've been working here a couple of years now? Yeah, about that.
Have you ever gotten any complaints from, uh, tenants? Only complaints I hear are from one tenant.
- Lena Janko? - Could there be more than one? Pain in the ass, huh? Some of the other tenants found out she was married to that shyster, and they weren't happy about it.
- How's that? - Somebody spray-painted her door.
Wrote the word "bitch" on it.
Do you know who did that? You guys must have cameras.
I'm Anna Goodman.
I'm on the board.
Is there something I can do to help? Uh, they were asking about Lena Janko.
What'd she do now? What do you mean? She's done something wrong? Maybe you should start with how she used her maiden name to get board approval.
And then she moves in and we find out she's basically Ruth Madoff.
We're not here to investigate Mrs.
The only thing I know is that my husband and I lost a quarter of a million dollars because of her financial fraud.
Wasn't it her husband who was indicted? As far as I'm concerned, that bitch should be in a cell right next to him.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
Looks like we might not even need to see the security footage.
Hey, Sarge, you got a minute? Kind of busy, Anthony.
You know, you were way out of line with Erin.
You're out of line right now.
Yeah, you think she wants to have a murderer out there walking free any more than you do?! Hey, Anthony, do me a favor.
Don't come in my precinct and try to school me about my sister.
Yeah, well, then get your head out of your ass! I got work to do.
I'm gonna need copies of your memo book pages.
Front and back.
And can you make sure these these are the names of all the people that were in the bar that night? Looks like everybody that was there when we arrived.
Anybody in particular stand out? Anybody we should be concentrating on? Brianna Cabello.
She's not a finance wiz, more of a hanger-on.
She say anything? No.
Just, uh, a gut instinct.
You should understand that, since yours is big enough.
(laughs) Ah, the Boy Scout's got some spunk after all.
- We done here? - We're not.
You want to help me lean on her? Maybe we could find another way to get Sanzo.
Hell yeah.
(sighs softly) Twice in one week.
I'm starting to feel special.
So, Lena.
Yes, Francis? There was an assault on a woman in your building.
And that same woman had graffiti spray-painted on her door.
So, what I'm hoping to get from you is why that woman didn't file a police report either time.
Maybe she was hoping it would go away on its own.
Or sometimes victims don't want friends and family to know.
I understand that need for privacy.
I hope you do, too.
I like to think I do.
Lena, you have moved four times in the last five years.
You've been checking up on me.
Well, kind of.
I'm married to a man who's made many people's lives a living hell.
So it follows that a lot of people wouldn't mind seeing me suffer.
So you move instead of fighting back, instead of letting Eddie know what's really going on? Edit.
You wouldn't understand.
Try me.
Edit and I were both blindsided by my husband's crimes.
But the worst part was when the case was made public.
I couldn't protect her.
That hurt me more than anything Armin ever did.
I'm sure, as a parent, you must understand.
I don't want to shame her anymore.
Fighting back isn't shaming anyone.
Well, of course I would expect that from you.
You're a Reagan.
You know it's not easy competing with your family.
Maybe the mistake is thinking you have to.
You need to file a complaint against the person who did this.
If I do that, the entire building will be against me.
You know, it has been my experience that, if you do that, the whole building will gain respect for you.
Well, that's easy to say coming from a police commissioner.
I don't have the entire NYPD behind me.
Yeah, you do.
Brianna Cabello.
Investigator Abetemarco from the district attorney's office.
I think you know this guy.
Nice getup.
You ever hear of performance art? Ever hear of hindering prosecution? I already gave a statement.
That was before Stephen Campbell died.
The charge is now murder.
I don't have anything more to say.
Okay, so can you sign something to that effect? Just a formality, really.
If you put down that you didn't see anything and then sign at the bottom.
- Should we tell her? - No.
- W-Wait, tell me what? - Nothing, just that, well, we watched the video.
Wait, wait, what video? The hidden camera behind the cash register.
The owner uses it to spy on his employees.
If you could just write down that you didn't see anything, then sign it.
Mark would never intentionally kill anyone.
Well, he can explain that it was an accident.
Maybe the D.
would reduce the charges.
Did Mark Sanzo stab Stephen Campbell during that bar fight? - Did he stab him?! - What did he do with the knife?! He gave it to the bartender, Mike, before the cops arrived.
Wait, wait.
There is no video, is there? No.
(exhales) DANNY: Detective Baez and Agent Wise will be watching from the truck.
- I'll be watching from the corner.
- I know the drill.
Then you realize that Rojas may suspect that you're cooperating.
In which case, you're talking to a dead man.
Doesn't really matter.
It'll matter to your boys.
If you gave me a gun, I could shoot Rojas when he came in.
If you suspect that it's a setup, use your safe word, "poncho" Ponche.
Your wife's favorite drink.
She discovered it on our honeymoon.
So I never knew if she liked it for the taste or for the memories.
(radio beeps, crackles) - 21-15, are we a go? - Good to go up here.
(speaking Spanish) Telling me to go screw myself in Spanish? It means "put a good face to the bad times.
" See? Good luck.
Look your brother didn't need any convincing to work with the DEA.
He came to us, asking to work as a CI.
Everybody loves a hero.
(dance music playing loudly, lively chatter)   Sorry to hear about your wife.
Heard it was a break-in.
I think it's someone who knows us.
Yeah? Like who? I'll figure it out one way or the other.
You know me.
(laughs) Yeah.
- About 30 years now, huh? DELGADO: Since back when we were both begging in the streets in Chiapas.
We had each other's backs then.
Now you got my back again, huh? The DEA is planning a raid on your stash house in the Bronx.
How you know that? We've been made.
Just give it another second.
I hear things.
I hear things, too.
Like you cooperating to make a deal.
You think the DEA is gonna offer a deal to someone like me? The wire dropped out.
What happened? WISE: Get him back.
What's a cop doing sitting outside watching the club? What are you talking about? Unmarked car on the corner.
It won't be unmarked for long.
(grunting) (woman screams) Reagan, get down! - Get down! - Shots fired! Get down! (people screaming) Drop it! Drop it! Stay right there.
You wait for backup.
(dance music playing, lively chatter) Police! Get out of the way! Move! - Police! MAN: Whoa! Where'd they go? Get out of here.
Go! Get out!   (grunting) (grunting) Police! Drop it! Shoot through me! Kill me! I don't care! Just kill him! Just kill him! Shut up! (Rojas grunting) Just shoot him! Just shoot through me and kill me! I don't care! Shoot him! Let him go.
(Rojas grunting) - Let him go right now! - You won't shoot me! Let him go, or I swear to God I'll blow your head off.
(Rojas grunting) Right now! (coughing) You're under arrest, you son of a bitch.
Shoot him! Nobody will know! Reagan, he ordered your wife to be killed.
You won't do it.
Do it! BAEZ: Danny? Danny.
You okay? Cuff him.
(handcuffs clicking) Get him out of here.
(grunts)   We got the murder weapon.
It's being tested for DNA, but the latent prints confirm that it's Mark's fingerprints on the knife.
- That's great.
- Now, uh both you guys need to change the playbook.
What's that supposed to mean? Means that you always dig your heels in and insist that you're right and never want to hear the other side.
And, you, I got why this case got under your skin, but you can't come in with guns blazing, no respect for the D.
's office and Erin's position in it.
Neither side listens to the other.
(drawer opens) So you need to talk it out, and you'll realize that both of you were wrong.
Good luck and good night.
And remember to turn off the lights.
Come on.
I'll buy you a real drink.
(sighs) Why'd you warn me? I didn't want Rojas to win.
Why didn't you shoot him? Because Rojas didn't win.
He gave up, and as much as I wanted to shoot that son of a bitch, if I did, it would've been murder, so He murdered my wife.
He murdered yours.
I would've shot him.
That's why I couldn't.
I hope that consoles you when you're watching the trial and all his high-priced lawyers paint him as the victim.
He'll never get out of prison.
(scoffs) You have a lot of faith in the system.
My boys will be men when I get out.
I hope they turn out like you.
Thank you.
But I hope they look like me, 'cause I'm better looking.
(chuckles) (laughs) When I come out, my boys will have nothing in common with me.
Yeah, I could check in on them, every now and again, make sure they're on the straight and narrow, they're safe.
If you want.
I'd be grateful for that.
Hey, Reagan.
I'm sorry about your wife.
I'm sorry about your wife, too.
How's it going? We got our guy.
That's not what I'm talking about.
Look, she and I have been butting heads, too, lately.
It's it's her new job.
It's gonna happen.
We had a drink.
We talked it out.
All good? All good.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Sorry we're a little late.
No, it's my fault, really.
Um, there was an incident in my building.
The president of the board was arrested.
- Everything okay now? - Yes.
I-I think it will be.
Anyway, uh, I would like to introduce you to my mom.
Nice to finally meet you.
All good? All good.
I'd tell you I just happened to be in the neighborhood, but you'd probably know that I was lying, so, uh Um, come in.
Um have a seat.
Can I make you some tea? Uh, no.
You know my gift is not contagious.
I know.
If I was scared of that, I promise you I wouldn't be here.
(chuckles softly) I, uh, arrested the guy who murdered my wife.
Oh, God.
I am I'm so happy to hear that.
He'll be going away for a very long time.
I like to tell people, when they lose someone extremely important to them, that you'll really never get over it.
Gee, thanks.
You don't get over it, but you do get through it.
And the only way to get through it is to stop focusing on what you don't have, and focus on what you do have.
You still wear your wedding ring.
Yeah, it's a symbol of a promise I made.
She knows that you kept that promise when she was alive.
And she told you this? No.
I'm telling you.
You need to let her go.
(drawer opens, closes)   It's okay.