Blue Bloods s10e13 Episode Script


1 BIKERS (CHANTING): Free Bobby to ride free! Free Bobby to ride free! Free Bobby to ride free! Free Bobby to ride free! - Who's Bobby? - He's their president.
He's on trial in there for running a meth lab out of his garage.
Bobby's riding five to seven, what Bobby's riding.
- (CHANTING CONTINUES) - Back behind your bikes, guys! free! Free Bobby to ride It's a free country, Porky! - Back behind your bikes now.
- We got a right - to be heard! - Behind your bikes, you do.
Free Bobby to ride free! Free Bobby to ride free! BIKER: Hey! Hey! Hey, what's going on? (GRUNTING) (GASPS LOUDLY) (WHEEZING): I'm an uncle.
I'm an uncle.
Walsh, behind you! (ALL CLAMORING, SHOUTING) WOMAN: Where is Officer Janko?! Excuse me, ma'am, we're a little busy.
- Please take a seat.
- I need to speak to her now.
Ma'am, we're gonna have to ask you to calm down, please.
I'm not going to calm down until you bring me Officer Janko.
She's not here now.
Maybe I can help you with something? Yeah.
You could start by explaining why I got a doctor badgering me and calling my house after my car accident last week.
I'm sorry, what does this have to do with Officer Janko? I was in a single-car crash.
- Uh-huh.
- She's the only person that knows about this accident besides me, and she filed a damn report.
- Did you go to the hospital? - No.
- File a claim? - I didn't even tell my husband, 'cause I knew he'd have a fit.
Look, I'm-I'm sure it's probably a coincidence.
I've read about cops selling accident reports - like this before.
- I think you might be getting ahead of yourself.
Here's the information.
Janko must have tipped off the doctor, who knows who else? All right.
And you were alone in the store when the robbers entered? I'm-I'm always the first one in.
I thought the front door was locked when I opened up the safe and started taking inventory of the jewels, but he entered, pulled the gun, pointed it right at my face.
And did he push you or hit you? No.
He just said "Call the cops and you're dead.
" So I just stood there and watched him empty out the safe.
Well, you did the smart thing.
Can he find me? What do you mean? I-I don't know how this works.
Is a crime report public? My name as a witness? No.
Police report is not made public.
So he can't, right? Full disclosure.
A new fairness law went into effect recently.
It requires us to hand over witnesses' contact information to the defense attorneys.
You mean, like my address? Well, yes, but just to the attorneys.
How is that fairness? I mean, what about the witnesses, the victims? How-How's that fair to us? Katie, Goodman is in Rikers until the trial.
There is nothing to worry about.
Hodge? I was in the building, thought I'd save myself a trip later.
Goodman case files? Yes.
It's been 15 days.
You're now required by law to give over the witnesses' information.
Actually, the law says 15 days from arraignment, so I have two more hours.
So you're one of those.
One of what? I just think it's a sin to waste a colleague's time.
I am happy to save you a trip.
Do me a favor? Treat this like the loaded weapon it is.
Kind of an overstatement.
Well, maybe.
But your client is a repeat violent offender.
So yes, the new law says I have to hand over the contacts.
It does not say you need to download all the names and addresses to him.
I will do whatever I see fit to make sure that my client receives a fair trial.
I am sure you will.
You have a good day.
I will certainly try.
BAKER: And at 10:30 you are meeting with Chief Kimura to review her proposal on new mental health training initiatives.
At 11:00 Push back my 11:00.
I'm gonna need more time with Kimura.
All right.
So 11:30? - Good.
- Great.
So at 11:30 you will meet with Chief Fitzgerald about Could it wait five minutes? We are almost done.
Actually, no, it can't.
A lawsuit's just been filed against the department claiming excessive force was used during an arrest.
So? We get those complaints all the time.
The plaintiff is an NYPD detective who's been deep undercover the last nine months.
Our officer didn't know he was taking down a fellow cop.
DANNY: What do we got? Vic is a white male in his 50s found this morning by a jogger.
Wife, kids and the nanny were asleep up their apartment.
His name is Felix Roth.
- Like the photographer? - Beats me.
His wife's upstairs you can ask her if he takes pictures.
You think? We got it from here.
Danny, this guy's been all over the news the past couple of weeks.
- What'd he do? - Well, more like what didn't he do? A ton of his former models came forward claiming sexual assault.
It's up to, like, 20 now, - and counting.
Real nasty stuff, too.
- Really? So 'twas beauty killed the beast.
That's the wife, Allie Roth.
All right, thanks.
Roth? Detective Reagan.
This is my partner, Detective Baez.
Wanted to offer our condolences.
Thank you.
I'm sure this has been a very difficult time for your family already,.
The past few weeks have been hell.
When's the last time you saw your husband? Three days ago.
I asked him to stay at a hotel until everything blew over.
Any idea why he would come back here last night? Not a clue.
I have no idea why he'd be dropping by at that hour.
(FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) Where are Thatcher and Everest? In the playroom.
Detectives, this is our nanny, Melissa.
If you don't mind, I'd like to check on my kids.
Of course.
Uh, I'm Detective Reagan.
This is my partner, Detective Baez.
Would you mind if we ask you a few questions? - Mm-hmm.
- How long have you worked for the Roths? - Um, about a year.
- Is there anything unusual - we should know about them? - There's nothing usual about them.
But Felix was a great father.
He loved his children.
Do you live here? No.
I-I live with my dad in the Bronx.
But I do stay over when I work late and have to be in early.
So you were here last night? - I was.
- Did you see or hear anyone enter or leave the apartment? No.
Uh, Mrs.
Roth went to bed before me, and I didn't hear anything until the doorman came in with the news.
Any chance Mrs.
Roth might have been involved in this? God, no.
Of course not.
I I mean, they had their issues, but she loved him.
She could never.
Did you ever see Mr.
Roth bring another woman back here? No.
He wasn't sneaking around.
But you have heard the accusations? You mean the lies? He wasn't that kind of man.
Okay? He he was a lot of things, but he wasn't the monster they made him out to be.
Hey, Sarge.
Heard you wanted to see me.
Do you remember a woman by the name of Donna Davis? You wrote an accident report for her last week.
Oh, yeah, how could I forget? She was a hot mess.
She ran a car into a stop sign.
Who does that? So you completed that report? Yeah.
I was I was riding with Long, but I completed the report.
You have any idea how that accident report could have ended up in the hands of some ambulance chaser named Dr.
Mehta? - Wait.
What? - Or do you think that Long could have sold it or shared it? (CHUCKLES): Long? No.
No chance he could've let it slip into the wrong hands? No, there's no way.
What is with the third degree? I hate to say it, but your partners since me haven't exactly had the best track record.
First it was Maya, then Troy It's like it's becoming a pattern.
Okay, well, here's a pattern.
Once a report has been processed, every officer in this precinct has access to it.
Okay, we'll have to start by following up with the officer who wrote it.
Wait, you're no longer my sergeant You should have given this - to McNichols to look into.
- If I gave it to McNichols, she would send it right over to IAB, as per protocol.
I'm trying to help you out by getting to the bottom of this.
Well, I don't need your help.
I haven't done anything wrong.
GARRETT: Detective Alex Porter filed the suit, but he won't pop as a cop.
- How come? - He used his undercover name.
- So, one good thing.
- GORMLEY: Two good things.
Porter's been embedded for nine months with the Satan's Bishops motorcycle gang.
They hate cops.
And how is that a good thing? Means he probably started the fight and escalated it Another layer of his cover.
And filing a lawsuit for damages was also part of the play.
Please walk me through the allegations.
Porter was part of a protest outside the courthouse where the club's president is being tried on drugs and weapons charges.
Conner and the cops stepped in Conner's a first-rate cop, boss.
when the gang advanced on the courthouse.
Fights broke out.
Body cams.
Conner was working the detail in uniform, but he's a detective assigned to the 3-6 squad.
So he's not required to wear a body cam.
Cell phone video.
None that have surfaced.
Well, there's one out there.
There always is, so find it.
Because we shouldn't talk to our undercover.
It's not worth the risk.
(SIGHS): Well I'm afraid that's gonna be my decision.
I'm just saying these bikers watch each other like hawks.
Their main business is running illegal firearms up here from down south.
- I know that.
- There's no loyalty to a cause, a movement, a religion.
Just a bunch of mercenaries and pirates.
Nobody trusts anybody despite all the blood oaths and sacred bonds.
I know that, too.
I saw this documentary.
Let me talk to Conner.
So he can tell you how innocent he is and you can tell me? I'm afraid that's only half the story.
Boss, I know Conner.
He's a good cop.
Let me get a read.
That's my job.
No, that's procedure.
The job is to get a read, and if it's squirrelly, report that fact back to me.
Copy that, boss.
Well, it's about time.
I was with Chatwal.
Why's it always got to be you that stands up to the D.
? I don't know.
I guess all of my colleagues care about the future of their jobs.
And what was your angle? (GROANS) That you can't have huge policy changes without being prepared on the retail level.
I mean, it's our fault we're not ready, and the cracks are starting to show.
And when you say our fault, you mean his fault? Implied.
But he's not willing to do anything that might indicate that the new laws are anything but perfect.
So we all got to suffer because of this guy's ego? - Yes, and his reelection chances, - (PHONE BEEPS) - of course.
- Damn it.
What? Katie Gray's on her way to St.
Benjamin in an ambulance.
Let's go.
And when I reached down for my keys I felt someone behind me.
He shoved me up against the door.
Hit me in my face.
And he threw me on the ground.
We're gonna find whoever did this.
Not with my help.
You told me not to worry.
Now look at me.
I understand why you feel that way.
But this robbery doesn't necessarily connect to Goodman.
Okay, you got proof? No.
Then please, just leave.
Let's just give her some time to calm down.
She's right not to trust me.
Yeah, but you're not the one that hurt her.
Are you the assigned A.
? Uh, no, she's a witness in another case.
Did you bring her in? I was the first on the scene.
And it matches a string of robberies in her neighborhood and And then beaten up? No, just the purses with the others.
So it's not really a match.
Well, not exactly, no.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
This was a loud and clear warning not to testify.
Yeah, but Marcus Goodman is still at Rikers.
So, he outsourced it.
Look, we owe it to the rest of the witnesses on that list to keep them safe.
I agree.
DANNY: Did you know that Roth's wife Allie was a model, too? Yeah, it says here she was one of his first muses.
Yeah, well, it says in this interview that they had sex the day they met.
During a photo shoot.
Right on the studio floor.
Soho in the '80s.
Times were different.
Thanks, Debbie Harry.
The point I'm trying to make is, that's the same exact move that all these young women are accusing him of now.
The move he made on his wife back in the day.
So? So, if he liked them young back when he met his wife, maybe he still likes them young.
And she got sick of being traded in for newer models, and finally snapped.
I've heard of weaker motives.
Think she's done grieving? Let's go find out.
ALLIE: I was new to the city, I was broke, and he made me an overnight success.
He gave me my life.
Yeah, how did it feel to watch him continue to do that to younger girls year after year? I didn't watch.
We didn't talk about it.
But, yeah, I knew.
That's why I wanted out.
And that's why you murdered your husband? (SHORT LAUGH) Seriously? Dead serious.
God, no.
No, that's that's why I brought the models he abused to the reporter who broke the story.
What are you talking about? I'd never see our kids again if I filed for divorce.
What makes you say that? Felix is famous and powerful and highly functional.
And I'm washed up and under treatment for depression.
So he would've gotten custody, no doubt about it.
Even my lawyer said so.
Okay, so let me get this straight.
You're telling us that you purposely orchestrated your husband's downfall? It's easy math, Detectives.
No more Felix, no more Felix-signed prints.
Yes, I killed his reputation.
But I did not kill my husband.
She's holding out on something.
Well, according to the nanny, she was in the apartment the entire time.
Okay, well, where's the nanny today? Could be her day off? Well it's not our day off.
I say we lean in on the nanny.
Find out what she really thinks of her dear family and beloved boss.
(INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS) That's what they got you doing, Sid Retail interviews on civilian complaints? Just when they pop.
How'd this pop? How about I ask the questions? Shoot.
Chain of events.
These Satan's Bishops guys were advancing on the courthouse.
We were under orders to keep them at the curb.
We ordered them back, they kept going.
- Who laid hands first? - The biker.
- And you did what? - Pushed him away.
He kept coming, so I took him down.
- Choke hold? - No.
- Choke hold light? - I got a grip.
For, like, five seconds.
He was pretty greasy You've seen these guys.
Hard to get a handle on them.
- Uh-huh.
- It's all about money.
The way the city pays out, it's like cops are ATMs.
Burns my ass, too.
So you know what I'm saying.
Loud and clear.
- But here's the thing.
- Hmm? Is there any chance you might've been a little too aggressive? I know I acted fairly.
And besides, you've seen these guys, these bikers They're dirt bags.
Can't affect how you treat them.
I know that.
It was all clean.
- Mm-hmm.
- By the book.
And every other guy on the scene will attest to that.
They got my back.
Uh-huh, they got your back.
Or they're hiding the truth.
You have any more questions, I'll see you with a union rep present.
All right, fair enough.
What the hell happened to you, Sid? You used to be one of us.
Hey, Long.
What's up, Sarge? Ask you something? Have you ever been to a Dr.
Mehta? Yeah.
You looking for a new doc? Just curious.
Well, he's a great guy.
Been helping cops and their families for years.
Doesn't matter if the stuff is covered.
He's never turned away a boy in blue.
Ah, so, you recommend him? You bet your ass I would.
Plus, he's been struggling lately.
All these fancy new urgent cares popping up all over the city it's tough for an old school GP like him to keep afloat.
That why you've been feeding him accident reports? Excuse me? It's been going on, and you just laid out a perfect reason why a good guy might do something like that.
Hey, boss just move along? Is that a threat? There's nothing to see here, I promise.
ABETEMARCO: You know, there's still no proof that Katie's assault was tied to Marcus.
This isn't on you.
I know, just find Ms.
Stewart, offer her protection.
Just play it safe until we know more.
You're not gonna be able to protect every witness like this.
Why? There's only five of them.
Yeah, I mean, as this problem grows.
Asking cops to watch out for witnesses and victims of every case that this office is prosecuting is completely unrealistic.
Chatwal is not gonna ask for special help from One PP.
You know 'cause you asked? Yeah, and he tore me up.
I can see why she likes staying over at the Roths.
Yeah, me, too.
Melissa, it's Detective Reagan and Baez.
Open up.
Melissa isn't home.
You're her father? Hector Rodriguez.
Do you mind if we come in just for a minute, ask you a few questions? Yes, please.
Thank you.
- DANNY: Thanks.
- (DOOR CLOSES) That's a beautiful statue.
Reminds me of my mother's.
That was passed down to me from my mother.
Oh, yeah? Where you from? - Monte Cristi.
- Dominican Republic? Melissa was born here, though.
- I have the papers.
- That's okay.
We're not worried about her immigration status.
We're more interested in her former boss.
Felix Roth? I never approved of her work for that man.
- Why not? - The money she earned was coming directly from sales of his sinful photos.
I told her she wasn't allowed to go back and must quit.
Well, she didn't quit, did she? No.
She disobeyed me, went back to work, and now she's mixed up in this murder investigation.
- Right.
- Have you noticed anything off about her recently? She acting any differently? I barely recognize her anymore.
Do you know where she is? We had a fight.
She took off.
What did you two fight about? She told me she was pregnant.
Does she have a boyfriend? What's it matter? She said she wanted to get rid of it.
My grandchild.
Do you know where she went after you two had a fight? I've been calling her but she won't answer.
Melissa was calling and texting a number registered to Felix Roth Studios all hours.
Felix had a second number? Yep.
- His business.
- Mm-hmm.
So maybe Melissa was more than just his nanny.
Explains why she defended him.
Also explains something else.
What? She's pregnant.
What if Felix is the father? Explains why Mrs.
Roth would have been angry enough to kill him.
Now we just have to explain why Mrs.
Roth sent Melissa a $10,000 Venmo payment.
Uh, maybe a very generous Christmas bonus? At the end of January? Well, what do you think it is, hush money? There's only way to find out.
Forget Conner's a cop.
Think of him as a perp.
You still buying the whole hog? Yes.
The whole hog? I don't think what happened rises to the level of a complaint and a payout.
Payout? - Yeah.
- Policy on settling complaints is not in your purview.
Clear? - Yes.
- Nor is being the rank and file's favorite uncle.
Well, those days are gone.
Give me a break.
You bucking to be back in a precinct? - No.
- Then cut it out.
My account of the conversation would be that Detective Conner used appropriate force.
Okay? He framed his recounting in a way that might help keep his balls out of the wringer, which is insurance any smart cop would take out.
Come in.
I just got word that two more citizens arrested at that protest filed similar complaints.
GORMLEY: "Citizens"? You know what those guys call themselves? Satan's Bishops! Don't give me "citizens.
" Porter's a cop! I would remind you that the first complaint came from one of our own.
Yes, sir.
Anything I can do? Yeah.
Can you do the impossible? I can have this ready for you in five minutes.
- Hey.
- Yeah.
Uh, I'm glad I caught you.
Did you talk to Long? Yeah.
He said there's nothing to see.
Jamie, I really think that you should just drop this whole thing.
Which is a lot different than saying I know nothing about this.
I got to take this to IAB.
No, you don't.
Yeah, of course I do.
Jamie, this is a lot bigger than you think.
What does what does that mean? Multiple cops, multiple precincts.
All feeding this guy reports? That's what I'm hearing.
- Then I got to do something.
- No.
You got to get to the bottom of it.
That's what you got to do.
These guys are passing out people's private information.
They are breaking the law.
Do you ever consider how this affects me? What are you talking about? All these guys, they think that I'm a rat, and I'm coming in and running and I'm tattling to the boss.
That is not what I meant to happen.
Then handle it.
There's dinner in the fridge.
You cooked? It tastes a lot like the taco truck from up the street.
You ever feel like you woke up in an alternate universe? Like a, um, like an Opposite Day? No, more like an Opposite World.
Where it's like what? DANNY: Where it's like the one person in this murder case who liked the victim, who actually stood up for the victim is suddenly nowhere to be found.
But all the likely suspects are everywhere to be found? Exactly.
The betrayed wife, the young women he's accused of assaulting throughout the years, they're all ready, willing and able to cooperate 24/7.
I got one of my cops accusing another of my cops of excessive force.
I guess that's an Opposite World.
JANKO: The cop got a beef with the cop they're accusing? Well it's, uh, complicated.
Well, who do you believe? (CHUCKLES) Okay.
I mean, here's the thing.
In my usual world, I could just lean in on the officer's account.
I know their training.
I know the oath that they take.
Hell, I recited it to most of them.
But in this case, they're both my officers.
I guess that's Opposite World.
There you go.
I think you might be onto something here.
If you agree with me, - then I know it must be Opposite World.
- No.
(ALL CHUCKLE) I'm trying to wrap my head around why I'm now required by law to hand over the witnesses' names, addresses, everything to the attorney for the defendant.
JAMIE: As in the attorney - can share it with the defendant? - It's like, just, "Here it is.
Here's everyone "that is going to testify against you and how to get ahold of 'em.
" It's like I woke up in Telling you, it's a real thing.
Now you guys got me thinking like this.
- How's that? - I got these cops that I think are sidelining as shills for a doc-in-a-box in our precinct, and I haven't sent it up to IAB yet.
You didn't hear that.
Hey, hear what? (CHUCKLES) Because something tells me that maybe things aren't what they seem.
In Opposite World.
- Opposite World.
- That's right.
Opposite World.
- Telling you.
- (CHUCKLES) - Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
I'm not gonna do this again.
Do what? I know that look.
(SIGHS) Yes, I need your help.
(SIGHS) And there it is.
Call Baker and make an appointment.
I'd like to keep this off the books.
And I would rather keep a separation of church and state between you and me.
Our witnesses and victims are at risk with this new disclosure law.
(SIGHS) Laws I had no hand in writing.
You didn't write 'em, any of 'em, but you do uphold them.
(SIGHS) Why are you carrying Chatwal's water again? Look, he is not going to ask for extra protection because he thinks it will reflect poorly on the criminal justice reform that he championed.
And he'd be right.
My fight is for the innocent people at risk, and I need your help.
Erin, I will do everything I can to keep those people safe.
But your office needs to work out flaws in your system.
Your office.
Not mine.
How was the tour? Another day at the office.
Uneventful, huh? - Just the way you like it? - Look, I know you think you got to turn this over.
I get it.
- But just do me one favor, okay? - What's that? Come meet me here at the end of your tour.
You want me to wait to make the notification to IAB? Please, boss.
I'm not a bad guy.
I'm trying to do the right thing here.
Just trust me, okay? One condition.
You lay off Eddie and spread the word.
She had nothing to do with this.
(KNOCK ON DOOR) Someone's at the door.
Seven Pillars of Wisdom author.
Starts with a "T.
" T.
So, how are you doing, Detective? Okay.
Except for this.
Want to sit down? Sure.
Coffee? So, you got a problem with this meeting.
Yes sir.
If you were me, what would you have done? Taken my word I was the victim of excessive force by an NYPD officer.
- A fellow detective.
- Yes, which makes it even worse.
The higher up you rise, the more you should know better.
We do take you at your word.
Then why the off-campus get-together? Part of my job is to protect your cover.
But as you know, we do have to get both sides.
And his side was Let me guess Appropriate action under the circumstances.
- That's about it.
- That being his full weight on his knee in my kidney and then his knee in my crotch, with his mitt on my windpipe and a kick to the head for dessert.
And it is your belief you sustained that in your action with Detective Conner? Yes, sir, that's my belief.
Okay, who put hands on first? I did.
I'm playing a role.
I need to be convincing in that role.
I tried to tell him I was undercover.
I said it right to him.
"I'm an uncle.
" You sure he heard you? PORTER: Honestly, it it might have come out a little messed up, what with the choke hold he had on me.
So no.
But that doesn't clear him.
Why not let someone else file a complaint? Why is it you who goes the extra mile? Come on.
Bunch of outlaw bikers crying "that cop roughed me up"? How seriously do you think that would land? You sent me undercover to root out some bad guys.
You didn't say only these bad guys.
If I see the guns they run up here getting delivered to the Convent of the Sacred Heart, I'm giving up the nuns.
Same as this cop.
That's how I see the job.
Here's some cell phone video that caught my arrest.
You're welcome for me not making it public.
This it? TARU said Melissa's phone pinged in the vicinity of 37 Prince Street about 20 minutes ago.
- It's got to be it.
- Well, it looks like a doctor's office.
- It's a gynecologist.
- That appropriate? - Should we wait outside? - What? Are you serious? We've been looking for her for two days.
For all we know, she's probably come and gone.
We have to go inside.
We'll go inside.
BAEZ: Melissa, we need to talk to you.
This is none of your business.
No, it is our business.
Is Felix the father? Yes.
Then, who found out about it and killed him? I don't know what you're talking about.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Look, we know that Allie wired you money.
You've been on the run for two days.
Allie didn't kill him.
She could never.
She She just told me to lay low until the press dies down.
She gave me a place to stay, paid for this appointment.
Well, your father thinks you're not having this baby.
Yeah, well, I don't know how I'd support it on my own.
Don't you see? Allie was kind enough to make me an appointment here to consider my options.
Kind enough? She's not kind.
She's playing you.
If Felix is the father, she'll have to share half the estate with you.
And she's not gonna do that.
Okay, but Allie didn't kill him.
Then who did kill him? Come on, Melissa.
If you know who killed him, you got to tell us.
I couldn't admit to him that I'd had consensual sex, so I told him Felix raped me, okay? Like they said he did to all the other girls.
When I told him, he said I was tainted.
He was more upset than I had ever seen him, and Okay.
Who is "he"? Who is the "he" that killed Felix? My father.
Looking for Hector Rodriguez.
- Seen him? - I don't know any Hector Rodriguez.
Says he don't know Hector.
Well, that's funny 'cause his daughter said he practically lives here.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
No Hector tonight.
So you do know Hector? Hey! Talking to you.
Yeah, but he's not here.
Okay, play stupid.
Anybody want to point us in the direction of Hector Rodriguez? No? Okay.
Maybe we'll start checking all your papers then, huh? What do you say? Hey.
What the hell are you doing? - Excuse me? - What are you doing right there with the button? Where does the button ring? Basement? Bathroom? What? Okay.
Step back.
You, move.
Come on.
Move! All right.
Get back.
Hector? (ENGINE STARTS) - Hector! Hold it! - Go! Go! Go! (TIRES SQUEALING) Wait! Hold it! Hey! Go! (SIREN WHOOPS) Get your hands where I can see 'em right now! Get 'em up! - All right.
No, no, no, no.
- Hands up! No, no, no, I got nothing.
Driver, get your hands up, too.
Keep 'em where I can see 'em now! Hands up! Out of the car.
Come on.
Hands on the vehicle.
Right there.
I'm ready to atone for my sins.
I made a terrible mistake.
I didn't mean to hurt him, but he called her a whore, and laughing at me.
I'm so sorry.
Roth got what he deserved.
The judge'll decide what you get.
ERIN: This morning, the police arrested a suspect trying to break in to one of the witnesses' homes.
And this concerns me how? The suspect is your client's younger brother Michael.
He was found with Katie Gray's ID and credit cards.
And he's not my client.
- His brother is.
- Wow.
- That's a fact.
- It's also a fact that there's a direct line from that witness list, that you yourself took from this office, to that suspect.
I had no idea.
Wasting people's time is a sin.
I am with you there.
But taking a flawed law and using it for your own personal gain That is a lot worse.
I am just doing what I'm paid for.
Said every coward ever.
Now please leave.
All I did was review the list of witnesses with my client.
- Get out.
- I didn't give Hello.
Now, what she did is not wrong under the law.
All she did was give her client the witness list that we handed over.
So we'll fix it.
So, what are we gonna do? Just give fake names and addresses? (CHUCKLES) Actually, that's not a bad idea.
Just feels like we keep pushing the same mountain all the time.
Well, hey, even if we only get an inch, that's something, right? GORMLEY: We'll conduct a thorough investigation, make sure this isn't a habit he got covered up.
I watched the video.
He didn't just cross a line.
He drove right over it and then backed up again.
BAKER: No one just wakes up one day and decides to act like that.
Conner's our guy, too.
He deserves the benefit of the doubt.
Are you really still defending him? He deserves due process.
GARRETT: No spin is gonna change what we saw.
Come on, guys.
Whose side are you on anyway? Sid.
Boss? Money and manpower on an investigation? Seriously? No? No.
What's he got coming? Um you tell me.
You tell me.
It's not for me to decide.
But I asked you.
Boss? Lieutenant.
Place Detective Conner on modified assignment pending an investigation? Slap on the wrist, given what we know.
Fleet services? That kind of bad apple can do damage we only learn about too late.
Better to be proactive.
Suspension, effective immediately.
Have the department advocate prepare charges and specs.
Pretty harsh.
Sends a message.
And that's your call? Well he left us no choice.
Then get on it.
Right away, boss.
(DOOR OPENS) Thanks for coming.
Jochens, what are you doing here? You remember when I busted my back at the Academy? Of course.
Mehta's the one who got me back on my feet.
All right, but that doesn't And remember when we took that call at the Bedford Houses, back when we were in the 12th? Yeah, you went down pretty good.
- And I thought I wasn't gonna - Dr.
Mehta helped you recover.
- You starting to follow along? - Yeah.
I understand the doc here helped you all out, but what you're doing is wrong.
Says who? All we're doing is recommending a doc we trust to people that we helped out on the streets.
Actually, you're driving business to the doc, using private information that's entrusted to you as NYPD police officers.
May I say something? Shoot.
I could barely cover my rent already.
Then, last month, they upped it on me again.
I was about to close up shop, when these officers got wind and came to my rescue.
LONG: You notice that fancy - new urgent care next door? - I'm sure it doesn't help, but I can't allow this to continue.
We came up with a compromise.
Which is? We help him out the right way By recommending him to friends, family, or whoever we can get to listen.
No more using the reports.
And you expect me to just forget about what went on up to now? No, we we don't expect it.
We we're just asking for it.
You never asked for it.
Copy that, boss.
Okay, nothing to see here.

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