Blue Lights (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Full Moon Fever

There's an extra 5% in that batch.
So we're good for last time, yeah?
There's something else
I want to chat to you about.
The Ginleys are a major
European crime syndicate.
This could be our way into that.
I don't know what's going on here,
but I want you to know
that if you ever feel threatened
or in danger, you call us.
Sorry. Need to look in your bag.
All right. Away you go.
Your friend from work's been here
for hours.
I told her you were out,
but she insisted on waiting.
Police Ombudsman's Office.
Good evening.
This is Sergeant Helen McNally of
Blackthorn Station, A District.
Yes, Sergeant. How can I help you?
We We've had
an Article 2 incident.
Article 2? Has someone
lost their life?
As a result of police action?
Sergeant McNally, are you there?
Yes, I'm here.
As a result of police action?
Sergeant, please take note of this
for your records.
The time is 2244 hours.
An investigator will attend
your location as soon as possible.
Do not leave the station.
This is for your information
and compliance.
Confirm that you understand.
Yes. Yes, I understand.
Sergeant McNally?
I'm Geraldine Gilroy from the
Office of the Police Ombudsman.
Thanks so much for
staying behind for me.
Hopefully, this won't take long.
Um, can I ask
..why you wanted the whole section
to be interviewed?
This incident only involved
two of my officers,
and my team needs to get home.
Oh, I know. Absolutely. Half past
seven on a Saturday morning's
a bit of a nightmare, isn't it?
I want to be out of here in time
to take my boys to their
football practice.
May I?
Do you have kids?
Maybe we should get started.
I need to record this.
You understand?
It was a busy shift, I understand.
It was full moon fever.
I'm sorry, full moon what?
Full moon fever.
What are you talking about, Gerry?
Every time there's a full moon,
call volumes to
the emergency services -
that's us, ambulance,
even the hose draggers -
all go up by about
Gerry, stop the car. What?
Stop the car!
What's the ma?
Run! Run!
What the fuck?!
You! Stop!
Bravo Lima 76.
In pursuit of
a young male on
Oh, no, no
No, no, no!
This is a shitshow already.
Tell me about it. They're coming
in thick and fast.
I've got call signs stuck
all over the bloody place.
76 is in foot pursuit
in the city centre.
They're what?
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Easy.
Get off me! Hands.
Argh! What is it? What'd you see?
Drugs. He was buying drugs.
He was what?
Look, he'll still have it on him.
Stay there.
All right, fuck away off.
What the hell are you doing?
He was buying drugs!
It's a ten-spot of weed, son.
You think we're going to waste
an overnight cell on that?
Triage, son. Triage!
Just like in the hospitals, yeah?
So it was busier than usual
last night?
It was, er
..challenging, yeah.
Overwhelmingly so?
Like I say, it was challenging.
Have you, in the last 20 minutes,
consumed any alcohol,
used any mouth spray, used any
medication, eaten anything,
inhaled anything, taken anything?
No. Blow.
How did Angela Mackle
get your address?
Well, when I gave her the lift.
There was post in the car.
She must have seen the address.
Well, that's not good.
What are you going to do?
Well, I told her to leave
and she left.
But what's she going to do
with the information?
I mean, who's she going to tell?
Oh, God. I've got to take
this up the line, haven't I?
You know, you're
a good-looking girl.
Yeah, I know.
I know.
I know I have a problem.
Yeah, well, you do now.
Keep an eye on him.
When are you going to let me go?
That's it, Sandra, we're ready.
Where's my phone? Good for you.
Delighted to hear it.
As you can see, we're all just
waiting around for you to fill out
the charge sheet.
Well, we have to get back out there.
Stevie, wait your turn.
Well, how long's that going to take?
How drunk is he?
Extremely. He blew 88.
Well, the way things are going here,
he's going to be sober by the time
we can charge him. This is
so unfair!
I haven't even done anything!
So, all of your call signs
were fully committed
by, what? By about 9:30?
Yeah, it was a blocked drain.
A blocked drain.
And what do you mean by that?
That's what we call it
when the system stops moving.
Everyone gets stuck where they are.
Which is usually, you know
..right in the shit.
Any more details?
That's all we have, 74.
Some kind of bar fight.
Do you like an aul bar fight?
Piss off.
What, you didn't bring anyone else
with you?
Why would I do that, Mo?
Amn't I amongst friends here? No?
All right. Come on inside.
How are you?
OK. Let's move on
to the incident in question.
2 Waterloo Place.
And can you remember when you first
heard of an issue at that address?
It'll be in the call logs.
I'm sure it will be.
But what's your recollection?
We have a call relating to a
disturbance at 2 Waterloo Place.
Any more details?
Neighbour says there's shouting
and roaring.
Yeah, Barney, there's previous at
that address - domestic assault.
No convictions,
but we've been there before.
OK, look, do we have
any crews on security patrol,
any nightlife officers, anyone?
No, nobody.
And nothing from the address itself?
No emergency calls?
No. Negative.
OK. Keep me across it.
Right, well, the fight must be over.
I reckon we just head back, huh?
I've asked him to leave
more than once. He won't.
All right, gorgeous!
Sir, I believe
you've been asked to leave.
I've already told him.
I bought this pint.
I'm going to finish it.
A wee girl from up the road
says he groped her,
and she kicked off
and she ran out.
I didn't grope anybody.
That's him there.
That's him over there, Daddy.
Him? Right, come on.
You're fuckin' dead, ye bastard.
Calm down
Come on!
Get back! Stop!
Back! Get back!
Calm down, both of you!
Fuckin' Get back!
Annie, down here!
Uniform Uniform.
This is Bravo Lima 74.
We really need some help
down here. Over.
- Come on!
- All call signs committed, 74.
We're doing what we can. Over.
You didn't do a fucking thing out
there! You know that?
I us you in this room, didn't I?
I should slap you myself, honestly!
Girls, girls, girls,
settle down.
Shut up!
Open that door!
So, we've been in a business
relationship for, what,
a year and a half now? It's been
good, yeah, from our perspective.
A few hiccups here and there.
You know, we're fucking sorry
about that,
but these things just happen, Mo.
Know what I mean?
Now, in that time
..I have suggested twice,
I believe,
to expand that relationship.
And both times, to my surprise,
you have declined that offer.
Why is that?
My da.
Your da.
Tell me about that.
Well, it's my da's philosophy,
and mine
..that the bigger you get,
the bigger your problems get.
Mo' money, mo' problems, what?
Yeah. But if you keep
the operation small,
you stick to your area, you don't
ruffle any feathers can just keep
going on forever.
He's a smart man, your da.
But, you know, there's
another way of looking at it.
If you're not growing,
you're dying.
OK, that's another
noise complaint
about the domestic disturbance. It
seems to be kicking off over there.
All right. Come on, come on. 78
76. Barney, 76?
What about Tommy and Gerry?
They're on another call, Helen.
72? Grace and Stevie?
Barney, I'm reading 72 here at base.
Processing a drunk driver.
They'll have to stay with him
until he's charged.
Apparently, it's chaos
down there too.
And still nothing
from the address itself?
Nothing yet. Over.
OK, hold off on it.
How do you decide which calls
get answered immediately
and which get dropped?
Not dropped.
We try to get to them all.
There are all sorts of criteria.
Such as?
Are we really going to do this?
Do what?
Are we really going to drag me
over my sergeant's exams
on a Saturday morning,
with my team waiting outside,
wondering when they can go home?
I won't keep you too much longer.
Highest priority
is Article 2: Right to life.
And yet, it might be argued
in court, say,
if it came to it
..that because
of your decision-making,
somebody did, in fact, die.
OK. We've a call from what sounds
like the wife at Waterloo now. And?
She says he attacked her.
It's ongoing.
Is she safe? Can he get to her?
Not clear. There's a lot
of shouting in the background.
OK, keep her on the line
and keep talking to her.
Sandra, I need 72
out of there immediately.
I can let them go, Helen,
but you need to send someone down
to replace them,
because, at the moment,
there's no processing being done.
OK, thank you.
I'll book him in.
Get back on the ground.
So what's the priority?
The domestic or Annie and Jen?
OK. Thanks.
You know, you're
a very good-looking girl.
74, we have no backup
yet. Stay where you are. Over.
Let's just go.
Let's leave him.
You heard what they said -
he groped a young girl.
He's a creep. We've no backup.
We can't handle this properly.
Let's just get out of here.
Are you out of your fucking mind?
They'll kill him!
Or maybe they'll kill us.
This is all your fault.
Do you usually go around
groping young girls?
Ah, what's the world coming to?
I said
what's the world coming to?
If you can't feel an arse
now and again
Right, OK. I'm arresting you
for sexual assault. What?
You do not have to say anything,
but I must caution you Agh!
..that if you do not mention when
questioned something that you later
rely on in court,
it may harm your defence Ow!
If you do say anything,
it may be given in evidence.
I'm going out to talk to them.
Talk to them?
No-one's coming for us, Jen, right?
No-one is coming.
You know it, I know it.
No matter how much
of a fricking prick he is,
we can't leave him here.
I'm going to talk to them.
No, you can't just
I'm talking to them, Jen, right?!
Just bear with me a second.
I'm coming out. OK?
Just bear with me, right?
We've arrested this man. What for?
Sexual assault. OK? So he's going to
go back to the station with us now
to be officially charged.
Move back, please.
Thank you.
Can you move back, please? OK.
Can you meet us back at the station
to give a statement?
I'll talk to you
as soon I as can, OK?
Let's go.
Come on.
I'm sorry, lads.
I don't know why I did that.
Cos you're brute fucking ugly, love!
Get back!
Get the fuck back! Get back!
Get back! Get back!
Get back! I said, get back!
Get back, all of you!
Get into the car. Move.
Annie, get in the car!
Get into the car.
Get into the car. Move.
Oh-ho, come on!
Annie, get in the car!
Into the car!
Get in!
You busted my nose!
Hi. I'm Constable Ellis
and this is Constable Neil.
Are you Valerie?
Is there anyone else
in the house with you?
He's in the kitchen.
OK. Do you want to show us through?
Not that she's talking to me
She's talking to me, though. Wahey.
Tell you what, why don't we?
Let's go down here.
Why? I thought
Just come on.
How do you even know that we have
what you're looking for?
Down below, in Dublin,
where I'm from, they all still think
yous are IRA men,
and anybody with that background
knows where the guns are buried.
Anto, just listen to me, yeah?
Just fucking listen.
What I'm proposing here just a side deal.
You do this with me
..under the radar
..and you get a big payday.
Big payday.
And your da doesn't need to know.
Your da doesn't need
to fucking know about it.
And after, we just go back
to the way it was,
back to the old arrangement.
And I tell you this, yeah?
My lads down below
would see this
as a gesture of goodwill
or kudos or whatever
you want to call it.
So whenever the time comes
for you to step up, Mo,
whenever that is, I do not know,
they'll be there.
When you say big payday big?
Hey, can I see some ID, please?
Yeah. You.
Uniform Uniform.
PAPA check on a Cal Ellis.
DOB 10/11/05.
OK, Mr Ellis, under Schedule 3
of the Justice and Security Act
of Northern Ireland 2007,
you've been selected
for a stop and search.
I hereby detain you for the purposes
of said search.
Are you joking?
I haven't done anything.
Just empty out your pockets.
But I haven't done anything!
Why him?
Why are you picking on him,
not on me?
Because he's the one that spotted us
and brought you both down here.
No, he's right. This is about
the colour of my skin, isn't it?
Wise up, lad, will ya?
Just turn out your pockets,
or we'll do it for you. Don't do it,
Cal. This is racist bullshit.
Yeah, it definitely is. This is
a racist stop and search.
Hey, don't walk away! Hey,
I'm giving you three seconds,
and then I'll come and
turn them out myself. Three
Look, this is bollocks. You've
got no reason to stop me.
Two Come on, man. Seriously?
One. Are you
Fine, have it your way.
Oh, so you have got
something in there?
I haven't got anything in there.
Well, you must. Get off me!
Think you're a big man, do you? Huh?
Aye. Right, that's it. Get off!
You're coming with me.
Get your hands!
I've had enough.
Hit me, did you? You wee prick!
John, John.
We've got it all on camera!
I haven't done anything! You're
under arrest for assaulting
a police officer. Get off! You do
not have to say anything
Thanks, guys.
OK, just put your hand in there.
Just there.
I've got you. Just there.
You've got it.
There you go.
He was in a bad mood today.
He gets like that, you know.
It starts with him being grumpy,
then it gets worse
..and worse.
And then pushing.
And punching. And kicking.
Valerie Valerie, you don't
have to tell me this.
You can tell the detective
at the station. OK?
I did ring. I did.
I know. I know you did.
When I called,
the girl on the phone was
very nice, but nobody came.
No, I know. I know that.
I'm I'm sorry.
He started smacking me around
the side of the head, you know?
It was very sore.
And tonight
I don't know.
After 40 years of it, love,
I couldn't
I just couldn't take any more.
OK. So I got the knife.
And, well, you know what happened.
After all this time
..he's gone. Just gone.
OK. Come on.
Let's get you to the station.
All right?
..we have three emergency calls
from neighbours
and one from the address itself,
which continued
..without any of your officers
turning up for
..27 minutes,
until the call was terminated
by the caller themselves,
who then, it seems,
from preliminary enquiries,
armed herself with a kitchen knife
and killed her husband.
What did you do when you heard
about what had happened?
I think I'd like a Fed rep
at this point.
Well, if you're willing to wait
the inevitable four to six hours
for one to turn up
and have your section wait, too
..yeah, we can do that.
But, Sergeant McNally,
I really only have a few
more basic factual questions,
and then we are done.
Your call.
We can make a day of it, or you can
just tell me what you did
when you heard
about what had happened.
Helen, I'm off rota. Whatever this
is needs to go up the line.
It can't go up the line.
I dropped three potential Article 2
calls around a domestic incident,
and now someone has been killed
at the address.
You what?
We were overwhelmed.
It was a blocked drain.
There were no available call signs.
For fuck's sake, Helen.
What do I do? Can you come in?
You need to phone the
Ombudsman's Office immediately.
There'll be an investigation.
I'll pick it up in the morning.
Anything else?
It's chaos out there. Jen Robinson's
taken a blow to the face.
We might have to take her
off the ground. What?
Is she OK?
Yeah. Yeah, she's fine. She's
It's a punch to the face, but
we need to get her checked out.
I'm coming in.
What? Now?
I'm on my way.
Sorry, love. Work.
Helen, can you come
down here?
What is it?
This guy Annie and Jen arrested.
Oh, fuck's sake!
He wants to make
a formal complaint.
What? Why?
Well, he says that Annie
broke his nose.
Oh, for fuck's sake!
Does she have to keep
the handcuffs on?
Those are the rules.
Mum, where are you?
Cal? Why aren't you calling
from your own phone?
They took my phone.
I've been arrested by the police.
Oh, my God.
Are you decent?
Come in, come in.
My God.
You all right?
I'm fine. I'm fine.
Did you, um
Did you come in because?
Course I did. Soon as I heard.
Am I going to be thrown out?
This is my fault.
Your fault?
You should never have been put
in that situation.
As a probationer, I shouldn't have
had you with someone like Jen.
You're already a better
response cop than she is.
Look, I have a plan, but we're going
to need Jen on board with it.
Christ knows how we're going
to do that.
Where is she?
No, no, you don't understand.
I have to go to him.
I have to go to him now.
Grace, we have a murder suspect
in the back of the car.
We have to bring her in. If we bring
her in now,
we'll be there for bloody hours.
I can't. Not now!
You You bring her in.
So, what, I just leave you
here in your full uniform and,
what, ring a taxi?
Yeah. Yeah, maybe. Yes.
What's he been arrested for?
Resisting arrest and
assaulting a police officer.
Wow. Right, OK.
No, but this isn't him, Stevie.
This is not Cal.
I've got to go to him.
I've got to go to him now.
Come on.
They've been looked after.
Don't worry about that.
It's hard to say, but
..we could maybe do
500 rounds with each one.
Now, these have to be
clean pieces, Anto.
Can't have any history
attached to these things.
I told you before,
they're unused.
And in return, Jesus
Yous are driving
a hard bargain here, lads.
Yous are driving a hard aul bargain.
100 grand.
Untraceable. Obviously.
As I saynot a bad payday.
I was just, er, checking
on Constable Robinson there.
She's She's taken
quite a blow to the face.
I'd recommend keeping her in station
the rest of the shift.
Of course.
Can I have a word in your office?
What can I do for you?
How long has it been going on -
with Jen Robinson?
What are you on about?
Oh, don't bullshit me. I know.
What were you thinking?
I mean, when?
No. Do you know what?
I don't even want to know.
We love each other.
Oh, for fuck's sake.
I'm going to tell Abigail. It's
It's time she knew.
No, you are not going
to tell Abigail.
Not in a million fucking years!
Right. I'm going to tell you
what's going on here,
and you're going to listen to me,
because it's the truth. OK?
That girl out there
is two things.
And together, those two things
in this particular job
are very, very dangerous.
First, she is selfish.
She doesn't care about the team. She
doesn't care about doing a good job.
Most of all,
she doesn't care about you.
She only cares about herself.
That's it.
And second, she is scared.
She's fucking petrified, Jonty.
She's not meant to be a cop.
You know that. I know that.
She doesn't have what it takes.
She's here because it's what her
mother does.
And she made a huge fucking mistake
following in her footsteps.
And deep down, she knows it,
but she can't admit it to anyone,
not even to herself.
Then you come along.
Middle-aged, losing your hair,
still thinking you're the man,
wanting to believe you've still
got it. And bingo
..some of her immediate problems
are solved because she knows
if she can get you on the hook,
you'll protect her.
You'll let her have file days
whenever she wants.
You'll stand her down from patrol
any time she asks.
You'll make her life as easy
as it can possibly be.
And you did.
Jesus. Why didn't I see it?
Howcould I have missed it?
She's using you, Jonty,
and it's pathetic.
What if her mother finds out?
You wouldn't?
No, I wouldn't. But what if she
tells her? And what if she decides
not to make it look like
two consenting adults?
What if she tries to make it look
like a senior officer
taking advantage of a vulnerable
young female
just two years in the job?
What then?
That's the power she has over you
now. Can you not see that?
How did you not see that from
the beginning, you fucking idiot?
You total, complete, absolute idiot!
End it any way you can. Blame me.
Cos if you don't,
I'll make a complaint.
And from now on, she takes
all of her orders only from me.
Uniform Uniform. Bravo Lima 76.
Just arrived at this noise
complaint. Over.
Go ahead, 76. Over.
Barney, it looks like
the racket's coming from a TV.
I'm seeing someone on the sofa.
If this is what I think it is
..we might have
that wee lunch break after all.
Check upstairs, will you?
What are we going to do?
That's right, what are we going
to do?
Just a minute, boys.
We've got to have a showdown.
This place isn't fit
for a decent man to live in!
We were living in
a peaceful community.
But that's all changed.
Something has got to be
Sorry, love.
That's all very well for you to say.
How can you fight something you
can't see?
You're right about that. We can't
It's all fine upstairs.
..go on living in fear and terror.
There, now.
Yeah. Barney?
Sudden death, all right.
Going to need a sergeant down here
to declare there's no suspicious
circumstances. Over.
You'll be waiting, Gerry.
Sarge is run off her feet. Over.
What's my motto?
S-Sharp eyes save lives.
No, the other one.
Take a beat.
The other one.
If you catch a break, take it?
Exactly, lad.
Also, I just have a few timeline
queries about the shift.
Timeline queries?
Yeah, there's a few things
that don't seem to add up.
Gerry, I'm not going
to make it over there.
It's chaos here.
Uh-huh. All right.
But I need you back
on the ground ASAP.
Well, that's a tricky one.
Yeah. It is.
Uh, OK. Say no more.
Thank you.
Um, in terms of your probationer
Leave it with me.
Take this down.
Sergeant McNally attended the scene.
On examination of the premises,
she declared there were no
suspicious circumstances
surrounding the death.
Full stop.
But she didn't, Gerry.
If it's in the notebook, then that's
how it happened. OK?
We'll just wait for the stiff-mobile
to arrive,
then off we go.
So, the call volume traffic
was still incredibly high,
as the call logs attest.
And yet still found the time to attend
the scene of a sudden death at
..2338 and declared
no suspicious circumstances?
I understood you only wanted to talk
about the Waterloo Place incident.
It's all part
of the overall timeline.
Just need to get the full picture.
So, you attended the scene?
As I said.
WithConstable Cliff
and Constable Foster.
Is that right?
That's right.
I just have to double-check
the timings with them
..make sure their notebooks
are in order.
Yup. That's what it says.
And did she stay for long?
Ten minutes. Not long.
Like, er
..half an hour or-or something.
Mum, I don't care what time it is.
I don't give a shit what time it is.
No, you listen to me for once.
You need to get me out of this
section and out of this district,
because I can't fucking
handle it any more.
Do you hear me? I can't
Look, whatever you think you know
Just shut up. This is not about you.
And it's not about him.
This is about Annie Conlon.
Now, listen to me very carefully.
How did the arrestee
sustain his injuries?
He says he was assaulted by
Probationer Constable Conlon.
Was he?
Is this the police station?
It's a police station.
Just not, um
Just not the right police station.
Then what are we doing here?
It's a long story.
Is she all right? Grace, is it?
I don't know.
What's your name?
That's a nice name.
..can I give you some advice?
Don't let what's for you
go by you.
Don't let what's for you
go by you.
This is totally out of character
for him.
I mean, this isn't who Cal is.
He's never been in trouble before.
He punched me in the face.
Look, please
Do you know how many
regulations you're breaking?
Just turning up like this,
talking to me about it?
Your son punched me in the face.
He is going to be charged with it.
Hiya, John.
Stevie. Jesus.
Long time, no see, mate.
It has, mate. It has.
Er How are you keeping?
OK, grand.
Grand, mate.
Good. Listen, mate,
I know this is a wee bit
out of the ordinary, but
..if you haven't pressed send
on that file yet,
I'd really appreciate it
if you let this one slide.
Go on.
Cal? Come on.
You need to go. Look, the neighbours
will see you in uniform.
They'll find out what you do.
I don't care. I want to make sure
you're all right.
Yeah. Yeah, really.
You have no idea about my life.
You have no idea what I go through
day after day after day.
What do you mean?
"Where are you from?"
"No, I mean,
where are you really from?"
"It's so weird that you have
a bit of Belfast accent."
"Can I touch your hair?"
"Can I search your bag?"
"Can I search your fucking pockets?"
Cal Hey, Cal, come on.
Why Why haven't you told me?
Cos you didn't want to hear it, Mum.
You don't want to hear it.
For you, the world is all roses and
rainbows and helping people out
and making a difference.
And you have no idea,
no fucking idea what it's like
to walk in my shoes!
Your world is not my world.
And you will never understand
my world. Never.
Hey, come on. No, Cal, please.
Mum, please, I'm begging you,
just go back to the car. No
Just go back to work. Please. No
Please, just go back to work.
Right? Just go. No.
Bravo Lima 76 from Uniform.
We got a call from the Palace.
Anonymous caller. Said there was
a group of men inside.
Not exactly sure
what the offence is,
but she sounded worried. Over.
When was the call?
A few minutes ago. Over.
We'll look into it.
Stand down, Gerry. Stand down.
Just noticing it's OOB.
It's out of bounds.
Roger that, Uniform. Over.
Didn't he say it was OOB?
Aye, he did.
Dublin plate.
Are we going to stop it?
Whatever they were doing, it's done.
Next time.
Where the hell were you two?
Don't ask.
Detention authorised.
Cell number six, please.
All the best, Valerie.
I hope it all works out
all right for you.
Thanks, Stevie.
You too.
I do not want to know, guys.
Constable Neil, if this case goes
to trial, your precise movements
on the night in question
with the arrestee
will be under the microscope.
Soif you could please
try to explain to me
why you took a 53-minute detour
to the wrong police station.
I thought they might have
a spare cell. Ours was full.
But you neither called ahead
to check,
nor informed your sergeant
about what you were doing?
..sometimes I can act a little bit
crazy on a full moon, you know?
Constable Ellis, I think we're all
very keen at this point
to get back to our families.
Do you have any children?
Yeah. A boy.
If you can tell me why you didn't
take the arrestee
straight back here,
we can wrap this up.
How old are your kids?
Er, nine and 11.
Also boys.
Is there anything
you wouldn't do for them?
Well, no.
Of course not. Nothing.
Well, unless I'm compelled to stay,
then I'm going to go home
and I'm going to go and see my son.
Well, I would advise you
to answer the question.
I know you would.
Sarge, um, I need
to take some time off.
I'm asking for compassionate leave.
It's my son.
I've got some family problems.
Grace, we're already
so short-handed as it is.
I know. But I'm taking the time off.
And if you have
to discipline me, then be it.
Chief Superintendent Robinson.
What are you doing here?
A quick word.
How has your preliminary
investigation gone?
You have all the assistance
from our people you need?
I have more than enough
to be getting on with.
Look, Geraldine,
it seems that we have run into
a bit of a procedural hiccup.
Yes. You see,
Inspector Johnson here
was supposed to inform
either a Chief Superintendent
or an ACC that
an Ombudsman investigation
was under way
in one of our stations.
That I would describe
as "his bad".
But equally, you were supposed
to make sure
that you had definitive
sign-off at that rank
before you proceeded.
But I
Did you seek or pursue sign-off
at either of those ranks?
Because unless you have a piece
of paper to that effect,
then it seems you've been
illegally recording my officers
and potentially interfering
in the course of their business.
And that I would describe
as "your bad".
Do you want to know
how my investigation is going?
I'll tell you.
I believe that every one of
your officers that I spoke to
this morning,
every single one of them,
from herdown,
lied to me
..which is a criminal offence.
And I can come back here
with whatever piece of paper
you need and do this all again.
Yes, you can. And I can file
a formal complaint against you
for what appears to be
an egregious abuse of process
that materially obstructed
my officers
in the course of their duties.
Your call.
Inspector Johnson,
see to it that her audio files
are deleted
before she leaves the building.
Let's go home, shall we?
It's late.
Or early. Or both.
Can I just ask
..if you were in my position,
what would you have done?
What's so urgent? You know
I hate meeting like this.
Well, there are eyes everywhere.
It's safe here.
Well, what is it you want?
I've enough on my plate without
you breathing down my neck.
I understand that. But I think
you'll find this is important.
It's about Mo.
Mo is doing a side deal
with the Ginley organisation.
A what?
He is overseeing the transfer
of a number of automatic rifles,
along with ammunition,
for a large sum of money
and an extra consignment
of uncut cocaine.
What guns?
The guns that you decided not
to hand over
for decommissioning in '04, James.
There are 67 in the dump.
Now, Mo, along with the help of Anto
and Gordy,
is planning to remove 12 of them,
along with ammunition.
I'm going to fucking kill them!
We need you to let it happen.
We need the deal to go through.
We're going to track those weapons.
They're going to take us
right to the heart
of the Ginley operation
in northern England,
possibly even continental Europe.
There's a bigger prize here.
A prize?
Are you fucking joking me?!
You're talking about
a dozen AK-47s
going back into circulation,
and you're handing them over
to a bunch of psychopaths!
And you don't think
they'll use them?
People are going to fucking die!
That's a risk that we have to take.
No. Fuck off!
Fuck off!
I'm done! You hear me?
I'm done!
James, we are almost
at the end here.
OK? We are almost done.
Yeah Yeah
You people have been
telling me that since '98.
We've been through a lot together.
Too much.
After this deal is done, we're
winding down Operation Farset.
Your life will be your own again.
Let the deal happen.
Then you'll be free.
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