Blue Lock (2022) s01e01 Episode Script


If we win this, we go to nationals!
Ichinan High School
National High School
Soccer Championship
Saitama Prefecture Finals
Ichinan vs Matsukaze Kokuou
Saitama Soccer Organization
Saitama High School Athletics Association
Saitama Broadcasting
National High School
Soccer Championship
Saitama Prefecture Finals
Ichinan vs Matsukaze Kokuou
Saitama Soccer Organization
Saitama High School Athletics Association
Saitama Broadcasting
Matsukaze Kokuou
Go, Isagi!
This is our last chance!
We're counting on you!
Nationals Nationals Nationals
I'm over here, loser!
I'm gonna score.
Over here! I'm free!
If I pass, we'll score.
Remember, it's one
for all and all for one!
That's right. Soccer's played
with eleven guys on a team.
All right! Now we're tied—
No way!
Push up!
Matsukaze Kokuou High School
Stop them!
Get through!
Matsukaze Kokuou
Sorry, guys!
If only If only I'd scored
It's not your fault, Tada-chan.
I'm sorry!
You're so awesome!
Kira, people call you the
jewel of Japanese soccer.
You were even called up to
play for Japan's U-18 team.
Could you tell us about that?
Well, right now, I'm focusing on
winning at nationals with this team.
The one thing I can really say is
The only reason I am who I am now
is because of the guys on this team.
Kira-kun, you're amazing!
You guys fought well.
The third-years are retiring.
You should be proud of the days
you spent fighting together as a team.
Someday, you'll look back on this loss
And feel like it wasn't a waste!
As far as I'm concerned, this Ichinan team
is the best damn soccer team in Japan!
We're a team that didn't make it to nationals
'cause we lost in the prefectural qualifier.
And I'm an unknown second-year
forward on that team.
That's the reality.
I'm sorry, Noa-sama.
I doubt I'll be able to become
Europe's Best Player
A direct volley!
What a wonder goal!
a superstar like you.
Wow, Yocchan!
You're unstoppable!
I admired you so much.
Nice shot!
You're way too good to be a middle schooler!
And continued to play soccer. But
Remember, it's one for all and all for one!
Let's go to nationals together!
It looks like my dream will
never be more than a dream.
My idiotic dream of becoming a
star striker for the national team
and winning the World Cup.
If, in that moment, I hadn't passed
but taken the shot instead
Would my fate have been any different?
One for all. All for one.
Soccer is played with eleven guys on a team.
You can't do it alone.
Damn it.
I really wanted to win.
I'm home.
Welcome back. How did the game go?
We lost. I'm hungry.
Too bad. I even made
pork cutlet for good luck.
You're supposed to eat that
the day before the game.
Oh, is that right?
Well, it's good. Eat up.
By the way, a letter arrived for you
from the Japan Football Union.
Isagi Yoichi-sama
You have been selected
to become a certified athlete
A "certified athlete"?
That's a good thing, right?
No idea!
Why me?
Is this the right place?
Oh, hey, you're from Ichinan.
Isagi-kun, right?
You were invited, too? Figures.
Good game the other day.
Do you know who I am?
Uh, Kira-kun
Y-Yes, of course. We only
just lost to you the other day.
I totally remember you.
You've got, like, a broad perspective
on the game. A high soccer IQ.
If we were on the same team,
I'd bet you'd hit some amazing passes to me.
Uh, thank you.
No way. For real?
Kira Ryosuke is complimenting me?
Then, shall we? You know, I have
no idea what we're gonna do here.
Neither do I.
No need to be so polite.
We're the same age.
Nice to meet you, Isagi-kun.
He's so nice.
This seems like the place.
There's a ton of guys here.
I see some guys I recognize.
Sennou's star player, Okawa.
The tallest high school athlete, Ishikari.
Even Nishioka, the
"Messi of Aomori," is here.
Huh? Is everyone here a forward?
Congratulations, diamonds in the rough.
You are the 300 18-and-under
strikers who have been chosen
according to my arbitrary
and biased decision-making.
And I am Ego Jinpachi, the man hired to
make sure Japan wins the World Cup.
Huh? What'd he just say?
Wins the World Cup?
Who is he?
Do you know him?
No, no clue.
Simply put, there's one thing Japanese soccer
needs to become the best in the world:
The birth of a revolutionary striker.
I'll be performing an experiment here to turn
one of you 300 into the world's best striker.
And that's what this facility is for.
"Blue Lock."
Starting today, you will live here together
and undergo the special
top training I've devised.
You won't be allowed to go home,
and you'll say goodbye to whatever soccer
life you've been living up to now.
But I promise you this:
If you manage to survive and
beat out the 299 other guys here
to become the last man standing,
you will be the world's greatest striker.
That is all. Nice to meet you.
What's he talking about?
Um, excuse me.
I can't agree to the
conditions you just laid out.
Each of us has a team
that's important to us.
Some of us have nationals coming up.
I can't abandon my team to participate
in some nonsensical program.
Yeah. I've got nationals, too.
Why would we suddenly
start living together?
Who even are you?
We demand to speak to
someone who isn't crazy.
I see. You're all seriously ill, then.
Lock off.
Anyone who wants to leave can go.
Is becoming the number one high school
team in this backwards country
more important to you than
becoming the world's best striker? Hm?
Just thinking that the future of Japan
is in your hands makes me lose hope.
Huh? What?
Listen up.
The power of Japanese soccer
organizations is first-rate.
You could call it the result
of Japanese thoughtfulness.
But in all other respects,
it is undeniably second-rate.
Let me ask you this: What is soccer?
Is it about eleven guys working together?
Valuing your ties to others?
Playing for your teammates?
This is why this country's
soccer has remained weak.
I'll tell you the answer.
Soccer is about scoring more
goals than your opponent.
Whoever scores the most
goals is the greatest.
If you just want to play friendly games
with your buddies, then lock off.
What's with this guy? He's crazy.
That's a terrible thing to say.
Take it back.
There are many athletes on the
Japanese team who I respect.
We grew up watching them
fight together as an eleven.
They are my superstars.
You're wrong.
What? The Japanese team?
But they've never won
the World Cup, have they?
I'm talking about becoming
the best in the world.
"Instead of assisting
my teammates to win 1-0,"
"it feels better to pull off
a hat trick and lose 3-4."
These are the words of the world's
greatest striker, Noel Noa,
who beat Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo
to win the Ballon d'Or.
Eric Cantona said, "I don't care about
my team. I just want to stand out."
Pelé said, "The world's best forward,
midfielder, defender, and goalkeeper."
"Whichever you ask about,
the answer is still me."
Well? Awful, right?
But they're all top, top players!
And they're all extraordinary egoists!
That's what Japanese soccer lacks.
You can't become the world's best striker
unless you're the world's biggest egoist.
The things this man is saying
I want to create that kind of person here.
are probably wrong.
Someone who will stand on 299 corpses.
A solitary hero.
I can't do it. After all,
I haven't achieved anything.
Just imagine it.
You're in the World Cup final.
Eighty thousand people in the stands.
You're standing on the field.
The score is 0-0.
It's the second half of extra time.
It's the last play. With a pass from your
teammate, you're through the defense.
It's you against the goalkeeper.
Six meters to your right is your teammate.
If you pass, you're
guaranteed to score a goal.
In a moment when the entire nation's hopes
and the championship are riding on you,
only an insane egoist can take
that shot without hesitation.
Pass through these doors.
Abandon all common sense.
On the field, you're the star.
Nobody ever taught me any of this.
Nothing should bring you more
joy than your own goals.
Live only for that moment.
Isn't that what it means to be a striker?
I am a striker!
I'll play your dumb game, shithead!
Me, too!
Shall we begin?
Nowhere in the world is the soccer
more intense than it is at Blue Lock.
I'm 299Z, so I guess I'm in Room Z.
Oh, here it is.
I'm so glad I'm sharing a room
with someone I know.
I'm relieved, too.
Oh, my bad.
Threw my clothes too hard.
It's totally fine. Here.
Watch where you're walking.
Hey, Zico. Pass.
Pass the ball, Zico.
What the heck's he dreaming about?
Are you the Kira Ryosuke?
Wow, it's really you.
Uh, thanks.
Nice to meet you.
My name's Igarashi Gurimu.
Oh, nice to meet you.
My family runs a temple, but I really don't
want to take over the family business.
So when I heard all that earlier,
I couldn't stop shaking.
I felt like this is my chance
to change my life.
Have you finished changing,
diamonds in the rough?
Hello, there.
The guys you're sharing your rooms
with are both your roommates
and rivals who will help you improve.
Your abilities have been
quantified and ranked by me
according to my arbitrary
and biased decision-making.
That's what the numbers
on your uniforms represent.
You can tell at a glance
what your rank out of 300 is.
Wait, 299th? Crap, I'm so low.
Your rank can change based on the
results of your training or matches.
And the top five players will
unconditionally get to play
in the tournament being
held six months from now.
They'll be registered as forwards
for the U-20 World Cup.
The U-20 Japanese team?
Additionally, anyone
who loses at Blue Lock
will never get to play for Japan.
What you need to gain here is ego.
I'll be testing you now to measure that.
So it's time to play tag.
You have 136 seconds.
Whoever's struck by the ball is "it."
Whoever's "it" the moment time
runs out will be locked off.
Huh? What?
Also, no using your hands.
What? This isn't soccer.
I'm "it" first because I'm ranked the lowest?
Fine, let's do this.
No hard feelings.
Hey, wait. You actually
believe what he said?
What if he was for real?
I'm doing this.
If I lose, I'll be a temple monk
for the rest of my life.
Anyone who loses here will
never be able to play for Japan.
Hey, stay away from me!
Sorry, Isagi-kun!
This is ridiculous.
I'm here so I can prove him wrong.
Don't screw with me!
This is definitely wrong.
I won't let him ruin my future.
Damn it. I can't hit anyone.
He's still asleep. Gotcha!
Hey, that's a foul.
If this were a game, that'd be a red card.
Only handballs are against the rules, right?
What's with this guy?
Hey, I'm not a fan of dirty play.
Play fair.
Mr. Strait-Laced, huh?
You left yourself open. Amen.
I'll destroy you.
BL Ranking
Oh, sorry. Wrong person.
If I don't hit someone, my soccer
career will be over in one minute.
I don't want things to end here.
They're so athletic.
I'll have to aim carefully
if I want to hit anyone.
I should go after someone
ranked lower than me.
Can't catch me!
Is my fate really going to
be decided by this game?
Crap, this is really bad.
No. I don't want to lose.
I don't want things to end.
I'll do anything. I just want to win.
I want to keep playing soccer!
I don't want my dream to end!
You little shit! Get off of me!
Here's your chance.
Let go of me!
Get him! Over there!
I said play fair!
Get off me!
Oh, shit. Wait, timeout.
Isagi-kun, hit him!
Before it's too late!
Hey, wait. Stay back. Stay away from me.
I don't want this to end here.
I can win. I can survive.
Please Don't do it.
But this guy's soccer career would end.
No, I have to do it.
That's how things work here.
If there are winners,
there must also be losers.
Making my dream come true
means ending someone else's.
That's not right.
If I don't change,
I'll still be the same person.
I came here to change my life.
I came here to become
the best in the world.
Unless I beat someone stronger
than me, nothing will change!
I like you.
You're right. If you're
gonna beat someone
it should be the strongest one here.
BL Ranking
Someone once said:
"In the world of soccer,"
"you can train first-rate goalkeepers,
defenders, and midfielders,"
"but strikers are different."
"A first-rate striker will find
where the soccer is most intense"
The strongest guy
"and suddenly appear there."
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Blue Lock: Additional Time!
Additional Time!
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Blue Lock
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Blue Lock
Additional Time!
Isagi Yoichi's Dream
Isagi Yoichi's Dream
Your mom and I don't
know much about soccer,
Isagi Issei
Isagi Issei
but it's impressive that you
got chosen by the JFU, Yoichi.
Isagi Iyo
Isagi Iyo
Isn't it just? But then, you've always been
good at soccer, ever since you were little.
Isagi Yoichi
Isagi Yoichi
I guess.
You even asked Santa Claus for
the World Cup trophy for Christmas,
and you've always dreamed of
becoming the world's greatest striker.
You can stop now. It's embarrassing.
You were glued to the TV
whenever a soccer game was on.
And you'd cry your eyes out
if we switched the channel.
I want to check the news.
Yup, that's how it was. When you
stopped crying, you'd fall asleep,
and when you woke up,
you didn't remember a thing.
And you used to forget to do
your homework all the time.
That's why his grades
weren't very good, right?
Yup, you were very lucky
you got picked, Yoichi.
Isn't he just?
Wait, were you dissing me at the end there?
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