Blue Lock (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

To Be Reborn

The uneasy premonition I felt was coming
from the beating heart of Team Y.
That's you, Niko!
You have the same eyes as me.
But you can't beat me.
I'm the one controlling this game.
Just you wait, you bastard with bangs.
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
15 mins in
15 mins in
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
2nd half
2nd half
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
Let's go all-out attack!
Team Z
BL Ranking
Naruhaya's weapon is getting in behind.
Oh, no, you don't!
I'm sorry, Naruhaya!
Yes! Nice!
Press them!
Get the ball back!
Give it back!
All yours, Niko!
I'll snuff out every single
pass that comes your way!
You're a pesky one, aren't you?
We'll force our way through.
Let's go again!
Hey, Isagi! It's time to use your weapon!
Stay put! We'll carry on
using Naruhaya's formation!
Huh? Are you sure?
Instead of going up top
and upsetting our balance,
if I stop him here, it gives us
a better chance of scoring.
You all heard Ego's speech about
"taking up your weapon," too, right?
What about it?
It got me thinking
"What is my weapon?"
Gagamaru, it's all yours!
Everyone here at Blue Lock
has incredible talent.
There's no way I can outperform
Ohkawa-kun when it comes to shooting.
But I can't afford to lose.
I can't run fast, and I don't
have a muscular physique.
So my weapons to survive this place are:
my eyes that can accurately
read the situation on the field,
and my brain that excels
at coordinating people.
You may manage to stop me,
but you can't stop my ideas.
What does that mean?
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
35 mins in
35 mins in
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
2nd half
2nd half
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
All right! My weapon's
my never-say-die attitude!
Team Z
BL Ranking
Don't let him get the ball!
Pass it around!
All they're doing is playing keep-ball!
Are they settling for a draw?
I'm stopping Ohkawa from linking up
with Niko for a counterattack.
It's not that they won't attack
They have no one who can start one!
Then, all we have to do
is attack! Let's move up!
If we score, we win!
Let's take them down!
There's no time left! Get the ball!
One minute left. It's almost time.
For our last resort.
It's a revenge tactic we only use when
we're tied and completely hemmed in.
Corner him!
Block their passing lanes!
The go sign
is Ohkawa-kun picking up
the ball in his own half.
And unlike the previous 89 minutes,
it won't be Ohkawa-kun going on a solo run.
In the last minute
the whole of Team Y joins the attack.
We call it the "One-Time Kill Counter."
Crap. They tricked us.
We committed too many to the attack.
Our defense is exposed.
If they score now
we lose!
Are you serious?!
Stop him!
Get back! Get back!
This is bad! Someone stop him!
Last defender, it's up to you!
One on one.
If I don't save this, my
No, all of our soccer careers end here.
I'm going to save it, no matter what!
It's over
We're screwed.
It's here, isn't it, Niko?
This is the place that
smells most like a goal.
You and I are alike.
We have the same eyes,
and we think the same.
So rather than taking the shot yourself,
you passed it to Ohkawa so he could finish us off.
I win, Niko.
You chose to pass at the very
last moment, which means
You're unfit to be a striker!
Shit! They're countering!
Get back! Steal the ball!
I chose to pass rather than taking the
shot myself, then we lost, and I cried.
I don't need that version of myself anymore.
I want to win!
Now is the time to be reborn!
Nice, Isagi!
Foul him if you have to! Just stop him!
Damn it!
It's up to you!
Duly noted.
Stop him!
Come on!
I'll leave the rest to you.
That's so low. But
I'll take it!
Ah! He missed it?!
I was aiming beyond him
at Number 11.
How is he there?
Score it, you egoist
Isagi Yoichi!
I'm a striker.
Time's up. Team Z wins Blue Lock
Building 5's fourth match, 2-1.
Hell yeah, Isagi!
All right!
Nice one!
Nice! Nice, Isagi!
You're amazing, man! What a finish!
How far did you run?!
Huh? What?
Where's he going?
Damn it!
I crushed the dreams
of these eleven people.
My goal did this.
So this is what it means to win.
What is this feeling?
It feels so good!
Episode 5
To Be Reborn
Let us toast Team Z's victory
in our second game. Cheers!
Okay, dig in, everyone.
I missed you, meat! So good!
This is the heavenly taste of victory!
Mmm, delish, delish!
Hey! This meat is the bonus
for the goals Isagi and I scored.
I know we're sharing it,
but leave some for me!
Hey! That's mine! Spit it out!
Okay, everyone, we're going
to do this potluck style.
We'll get to taste each other's
dishes, so no fighting.
Oh, wow!
Are you a lunch lady?
Hey, I see gyoza.
Pacific saury!
Natto's not bad every once in a while.
Here's my pickled radish!
No, thanks.
But how did you know to get
yourself into that position?
Oh, that's a point. Did you know
the ball would end up there?
I give.
I give.
Oh, no, it's not like I actually knew
I just wanted to take a shot and took
a chance that it might fall around there.
But I saw you, Isagi. Good job!
Thanks for the pass, Bachira.
Here's your reward! Say "ah"!
Um, I can feed myself.
Don't be shy. Take it. Pass!
Anyhow, it seems Isagi's weapon
is being able to "smell" a goal.
And thanks to Isagi's goal, we won.
That's a fact.
Hmph. I refuse to acknowledge that.
Well, whatever the case, we won.
We'll survive this, Team Z!
More food!
I've got plenty more room.
Let me get some, too.
No more pickled radish
Jeez, he's the worst!
I'm too psyched to go to sleep!
It really was me who won that game
for us, wasn't it? With my goal.
It was me who crushed them.
It felt so good.
I can't put it into words. It was
like nothing I've ever experienced.
Wait, does that make me a jerk?
That's not good.
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
Building 5, Team Z
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
Monitoring Room
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
What are you doing here?
Oh, I couldn't sleep, so I came
to watch the game footage.
I couldn't sleep, either.
So I was watching your goal.
It's no wonder you can't
fall asleep after that goal.
As a striker, it must have
been a glorious moment.
Yeah, it was like
It was a goal I would've never
scored if I hadn't come to Blue Lock.
I'll always remember this goal.
But I couldn't do it again,
even if someone told me to.
I just ran without really thinking.
I believe you have very
keen spatial awareness.
Hm? What's that?
Most players judge a situation based on
what they see in their direct field of vision.
And that field of vision gets smaller
when running at top speed or dribbling.
But on occasion,
you play like you can see the whole field
and everything that's happening on it.
Kind of like you're a god
looking down from above.
That skill helped you
"smell" a goal and avert a crisis,
and made an impossible goal a reality.
Spatial awareness.
That's my weapon?
You're only doing it intuitively right now,
so if you can learn to do it intentionally,
your eyes and brain will be
a weapon like no other.
That's what I was thinking
watching the video.
Oh, I get it now. Thanks, Chigiri.
You just gave me a great pointer.
You're always frowning,
but you're actually a nice guy.
It's nothing.
I'm only telling you so the team wins.
By the way, what's your weapon?
You didn't tell us the other day.
Like I said, I don't want to say.
Huh? Why not? Tell me.
I'll help you out if I can.
I want to know more about you.
Just drop it. We don't need to talk about me.
Yes, we do. It's important.
A right ACL tear.
That's the injury I picked up a year ago.
The doc said if I injure the same spot again,
my playing days will be in jeopardy.
I used to have it, Isagi.
I used to have an amazing weapon like you,
plus nights where I couldn't sleep
because I was so pumped from scoring,
and a dream of becoming
the world's greatest striker.
But even though my leg's healed,
I'm scared I'll get injured again.
I'm scared of losing my dream, and the
soccer that's given me so much pleasure.
I came to Blue Lock to find a
reason to give up on my dream.
Isagi, I might be able to give up
on it after seeing your goal.
Stop lying, Chigiri.
Don't blame it on me.
I know you don't really want to give up.
I'm the same.
I'm scared that all of this
might end, so I fight.
If you're not prepared to give up everything,
you'll never fulfill your dream!
You know nothing about me.
A progress report on this project
to the JFU is almost due.
So how are we doing
Japan Football Union
New Member of the
Hold on a moment, Anri-chan.
Blue Lock Project Representative
I am about to experience bliss.
Blue Lock Project Representative
Blue Lock Project Representative
Blue Lock Project Representative
Again, Ego-san? Don't you eat anything else?
It's overcompensation.
My dietary regimen when I used
to play meant I couldn't eat it,
so now that I can,
I only eat this stuff.
At least clean up a little and
do some laundry. Seriously
I refuse to do anything
that can be done by others.
And my contract says I don't have to do
anything unrelated to soccer, right?
Well, anyway, is Blue Lock's
first selection process going well?
Yup, it's going real well.
Just you watch. It's time to add some spice.
Okay, Isagi, you missed, so you're done.
You suck.
Ha, that goal really was a fluke.
Come on, let's continue with our practice.
Aw, damn.
All right! To me!
Move up faster!
Everyone else really is better than me.
Their stamina's off the chart, too.
I now know that my weapon is "smelling" a goal.
My spatial awareness, in other words.
But I'm not exactly sure how to use it.
You know nothing about me.
I pissed Chigiri off by saying
something unnecessary.
I drag everyone down in practice.
Something needs to change.
I don't want this to end with me
only scoring one fluky goal.
Hello there, diamonds in the rough.
Yup, sauce and mayo are the perfect combo.
Those noodles look yummy.
So yummy.
So the sixth round just finished.
Here are the results and the table.
Match 6
Match 6
Match 5
Match 5
Goal Difference
Goal Difference
Three teams are tied on one win, one loss?
Team V's got a huge lead.
Which means if we don't win the next
game against Team W, we're in trouble.
And here's some spice.
Your player rankings are being adjusted
based on your achievements and play so far.
As a striker, you must prove
your worth with goals.
Igarashi Gurimu
The more valuable your goals are,
the higher your ranking.
Chigiri Hyoma
Naruhaya Asahi
Iemon Okuhito
Imamura Yudai
Raichi Jingo
Kuon Wataru
Which means the top-ranking
player in Team Z is
Bachira Meguru
Gagamaru Gin
Kunigami Rensuke
It's you
Isagi Yoichi.
Gagamaru Gin
Kunigami Rensuke
Isagi Yoichi
I I'm the top-ranked player on this team?
Damn it.
Finding your weapon is the first
requirement of being a striker.
The next step is to polish
your weapon and improve it.
Make it stand out.
Let's take the world-famous Argentinian
striker, Lionel Messi, as an example.
His weapon is his unique
and graceful speedy dribbling,
and how fast he swings his leg
on his left-footed shot.
In those aspects, he's the most
prominent player on the planet.
This is why he continues to reign as one of the world's best strikers.
Each of you has a different weapon.
So naturally, how you
polish it will also be different.
Just copying Messi won't
make your weapon shine.
So how do you enhance your unique
weapon that turns "zero" into "one"?
Find your one-of-a-kind play
and make it stand out.
Your talent is a fierce gemstone that turns
into worthless complacency if you don't polish it.
Match 7
Time to Kick-off
We have a game in 24 hours.
We should go check out the
video footage of Team W.
Okay, let's call it a day and get ready
for tomorrow. Good work, everyone.
Good work!
Bath time!
Time to eat!
"Make it stand out," huh?
What do I polish, and how?
I mean, my weapon isn't something that's
easy to see like dribbling or shooting.
"Smelling" a goal is just
something that comes to me.
I don't know exactly
when it'll come to me,
but if I'm exhausted when it does,
the chance will go begging.
That's it.
It's my physique I need to polish.
Then I can run for the full 90 minutes,
and do what I need to when the time comes.
I will win. I will stand out.
Hey now. Are you doing secret
running training to get a jump on us?
If Team Z's top-ranked player
is doing it, I gotta follow suit!
Hey, no fair. Count me in, too.
Huh? Haven't you realized yet, Isagi?
Team Z already
revolves around you.
I am not gonna lose to you!
Me neither!
Aw, man. I wanted to take a bath.
We're gonna win tomorrow.
I'm gonna be the best in the world!
I can't let Isagi upstage me!
I wasn't on anyone's radar until recently.
I thought my soccer career
would dissolve with my tears.
But now, everyone's chasing after me!
I'm number one.
I can be reborn here.
Someone ranked lower than you got
ahead of you. Of course you'd be fired up.
The existence of one outstanding player
can create a spiral of rivalry.
That's Blue Lock.
The world's greatest
striker will only appear
where the soccer is most intense.
Blue Lock, Additional Time.
Additional Time!
Additional Time!
Additional Time!
Additional Time!
Additional Time!
Additional Time!
m 0 0 l 100 0 100 100 0 100
Blue Lock
m 0 0 l 100 0 100 100 0 100
Blue Lock
m 0 0 l 100 0 100 100 0 100
Blue Lock
m 0 0 l 100 0 100 100 0 100
Blue Lock
m 0 0 l 100 0 100 100 0 100
Blue Lock
Additional Time!
m 0 0 l 100 0 100 100 0 100
Blue Lock
Additional Time!
Introducing Blue Lock's Supplies!
Introducing Blue Lock's Supplies!
Check this out! And this one! And this!
It's all stuff custom-made for Blue Lock.
Let's put our names on our toothbrushes,
or we won't be able to tell 'em apart.
Iemon Okuhito
Iemon Okuhito
Your handwriting is a mirror
Your handwriting is a mirror
that reflects who you are as a person.
that reflects who you are as a person
m 0 0 l 100 0 100 100 0 100
Iemon Okuhito
It's done.
Look! This is mine.
It's a dolphin.
Raichi Jingo
Raichi Jingo
Mine says "Mine" on it. Use it and I'll kill you.
Gagamaru's handwriting is terrible!
Seriously, is it your first time
writing letters or something?
I'm not all that confident
I can coexist with these guys
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