Blue Lock (2022) s01e10 Episode Script

Just the Way It Is

Huh? What is this?
Wow! We caught up!
Let's keep up this intensity!
What the hell is going on?
They're against Team V,
the strongest team.
And they only have ten players
This can't be happening.
Don't tell me they're
seriously going to win this?
Episode 10
Just the Way It Is
What the hell are you guys doing?!
Put some effort in, idiots!
Aren't you ashamed that you're
getting outplayed by ten men?!
Shut up, scumbag.
I'm not one of those "half-in" guys
who lets his dreams go unfulfilled.
Even if I'm on my own, no matter
the methods I need to rely on,
I'll keep playing soccer
so I can be the victor.
I won't let them make this
a comeback win. I can't lose here.
I'm not their toy.
I'm not someone who is satisfied
with stuff being handed to me.
Until I can prove that I can
get what I want on my own
I can't afford to lose!
Are you that terrified of losing?
You sheltered preppy shit!
You don't know loss?
I'll give you a taste of
your very first defeat!
This bastard again!
Because of him, my passing options to
Nagi have become extremely limited.
Breaking through down the
opposite wing won't be easy.
I want to shake this stalker, but
Their Number 11's occupying the space,
waiting to pick up the loose ball.
If I force it, they'll steal the ball.
I can't let them make this
a comeback win. But how do I
This field is completely owned by Team Z.
Am I
Are Nagi and I losing?
Give it to me.
What just happened?
He took the initiative
for the first time ever?
Reo. I'm gonna give it a try.
What's going on?!
Dribbling's one of his weapons?
A lob?
It was a distraction
so he could nutmeg me?
Imamura, you're up!
Okay, I'm on it!
A pass out to the wing?!
Damn it! He got a head start!
All right! Let's go!
His move has changed the rhythm of Team V?
Zantetsu. Hit a sick pass into the area.
This is the first time you've
ever asked me to pass to you.
Nagi, you
Why am I trying so hard?
Is it because Reo made that face?
Stop him!
Because he thinks
he'll lose for the first time?
Oh no you don't!
He turned?!
A shot? No, wait, a pass? He's going direct!
Maybe those guys I thought
were lame actually looked cool?
Jump for it!
Block the shot!
But now that I have it,
the rest is inevitable.
This curiosity of mine can't be stopped.
No way!
The angle's too tight for a shot!
With soccer
I want to challenge myself!
We weren't the only ones who awakened
in this extreme situation.
This monster did, too!
Nagi! You
Hey, Reo
Soccer's pretty fun.
My life has been a total bore.
That is, until I discovered this form of ego
called "curiosity" just now.
How many more goals do we want?
We can win this!
This is how it should be.
Now I can survive.
This is terrible! We were
almost on for a comeback win!
I didn't know he could
be a playmaker, too.
That goal was huge.
At a time like this
No, it's because we're in this situation
that we awakened something.
We stirred the potential that was
slumbering in the genius, Nagi Seishiro.
We weren't the only ones
awakening in this extreme situation!
Damn it! We only have 15 minutes left!
What's the plan? How do we stop him?
Kunigami, can you drop back
from the front line and help defend?
Yeah. If we concede again, we're done.
Maybe we should go defensive
and rely on counters—
Are you idiots?!
Attack, you scumbags!
Attack, attack, attack, attack!
This donkey and I will
figure out the midfield.
So attack!
What good will defending do
at this point, huh?!
If we don't mount a comeback and win
in the next 15 minutes, we're done!
Our attacking moves have been working!
We scored three goals against them
'cause I've been in defense, which I hate!
I'll kill you if you waste my efforts!
Keep attacking until you're dead!
Go all-out, morons!
You're strikers, aren't you?!
Time Left in the Match:
One more goal, Nagi.
One more goal, and we can win this.
One more goal?
That's all?
He's right.
Attacking is our only option.
I will score!
But for me to reach the goal,
something's still missing.
Right now, the guy who smells most
like they will score is, without doubt
Now that he's moving freely and on his
own initiative, how do we stop him?
Bachira? Are you looking
for someone to pass to?
I see.
We've been tearing around a player short.
The other team are buoyed by that last goal,
and Bachira's running on empty.
What do we do?
What can I do?
What can I do to win?
Outrun 'em down the flank, Chigirin.
Yeah, leave it to me.
Bring it, redhead.
I'll stop you this time.
Redeeming my goner.
You mean "redeeming your
honor," Stupid Specs!
He beats me for acceleration.
But my top speed is faster than his!
I'll outrun him any time, every time!
Good fighting spirit, stupid Zantetsu.
Seriously? He anticipated that?
I'll be taking this now, miss.
Not this time, Mr. Genius.
If you wanted it, you should've been here!
I can't read his moves, but I can
read the field of play with these eyes.
To outrun Zantetsu,
Chigiri likely had to kick it long.
But until he catches up to his own pass,
the space it's rolling into is a weak spot.
If I run directly into that space,
this weak spot on the field disappears.
I won't let your feet stop, so keep on running!
Attaboy, Isagi. I'll give you
a pat on the head later.
Damn, he's so fast!
Stop him in the penalty area!
We have enough guys back!
You sure about that?
Your defense is full of holes.
The goal is gaping!
Aw, man!
It hit the post?!
It's not over yet.
Their defense bunched up on
the left side to deal with Chigiri,
but on the opposite wing is the feral boy
who'll take a shot from anywhere
Damn. You bastard.
We still can't get a goal?!
No, that area there is
It's his territory!
I'll crush you all.
Attacking in waves!
Attacking in waves!
Just like I envisioned it!
All right!
Wow, is this really happening?
It went just how I envisioned.
But how exactly did it come about?
The moment Bachira passed to Chigiri,
a simulation popped into my head,
and the space I ran into
was the weak spot in it.
I knew if I could occupy that space, we could
keep the ball and unleash a wave of attacks.
That was my inspiration.
Due to my weapon of spatial awareness,
I was able to run a simulation
based on all of our weapons, the game
situation, and the events on the field.
I see. So that's how I use it.
With these eyes and my brain,
I can foresee the future of this field!
I will use this power to score my goal!
Great! We now have 11 players!
Kitsunezaka High School's
soccer team starts here!
Let's aim to be national champs!
Hey, Kuon, you're aiming way too high.
If we're gonna do it, let's aim to go pro
and play for the national team!
Move up!
Nice pass, Kuon!
It all started because
I just wanted to play soccer.
Right? It's impossible.
He says it every time.
Hey, you're late! Get here
on time for morning practice!
Sorry, my bad.
What was that?! Watch your positioning!
We won't make it to Nationals like this!
Good effort, guys.
Man, I'm beat!
I'm hungry.
Aren't you frustrated?!
We're going to Nationals, right?
Don't you want to win with this team?!
Oh boy, he was serious about that.
So ambitious.
What's wrong with you guys?
You all agreed that we'd go to Nationals
and play for the national team
We were just playing along.
You're the only one who
seriously thought we could make it.
I mean, a weak school like us going to
Nationals? You watch too much anime.
We made it to the regional quarter-finals.
Isn't that enough?
Let's go do karaoke!
Sounds good.
Kuon, you're overbearing.
Playing soccer with you isn't fun.
Hurry up.
I don't need all this extra stuff.
My bad, let's go.
In the end, I was the only one
playing soccer seriously.
I don't care.
I don't need friends anymore.
At least someone acknowledges my efforts.
That's the place I should be.
Even if I have to go it alone!
Despite only being a team of ten,
Team Z has maximized their weapons
and taken control of midfield.
Team V's attacks, on the other hand,
are unpredictable, due to
Nagi Seishiro's awakening.
Both teams have a chance of winning.
The next goal will decide the match.
If it ends in a draw,
Team Z will finish third
and flunk the first selection.
In which case, the team's top scorer
advances to the second selection.
I've scored three goals so far. But
With that goal just now,
Kunigami's also scored three.
And our fair play points are both zero, too.
So the highest-ranked player on the
Blue Lock ranking chart will advance.
Which means I go through!
So things need to stay as they are.
If I don't do anything, I can survive.
Stay just the way it is.
I don't need to do a damn thing.
Go Zantetsu. Counter.
I'm gonna stop you!
Too bad, Little Miss Redhead.
Right now, we have
A long-ball counter?!
a genius who's just awakened!
It's to Nagi!
Get back! Now!
If they score one more goal, we're done!
Nice, Zantetsu. Good eyes.
It's here, right?
The weakest of weak spots
on the field right now.
You won't escape me!
We meet often.
Nice, Isagi. Stop him!
If he shakes you,
he's one-on-one with the goalie!
No. He'll probably beat me to where it drops.
Even if I go to block him off,
he might evade me with his control.
So what I need to do is keep
my distance and circle around,
so my teammates have time
to get back into our half!
I made it!
His first touch is key!
Right foot? Or left?
Bring it.
I'll stop you!
Eh? Huh?
Off his back?
He's so outside the box!
He passed me in an instant.
This is bad.
Real bad!
I'm not one of those "half-in" guys
who lets his dreams go unfulfilled.
It's over. We're gonna lose to
that monster's inspiration!
Even if I'm on my own, no matter
the methods I need to rely on
Stop him!
Stop him!
Everything's getting destroyed
Foul by Team Z.
Denial of an obvious
goal-scoring opportunity.
Red card to Kuon Wataru.
He's off.
Kuon, what are you doing?
Ah, damn.
Now you guys can keep on fighting.
Are you okay, Nagi?!
What did you do, you bastard!
Stop him!
What the heck was that?!
Reo. I'm fine.
Calm down, Reo!
Another yellow card and you're off, too.
You bastards.
What the heck kind of plan is this?
Don't ask me. I'm wondering
the same thing.
Hey, Kuon.
You could've survived if you hadn't
gotten involved. What's the deal?
Oh, I just I did it for myself.
But you've scored three, same as Kunigami.
Wait, so because of that red card,
his fair play score is lower than Kunigami.
So does that mean, if we tie this game,
Kuon-chan's done, just like the rest of us?
Shut up.
I knew that.
I knew, but
Listen up, jerks.
You need to win.
I'm going to be the
best striker in the world.
You shut your mouth, Kuon.
That goes without saying.
We're gonna win this!
I'll become the best in the world.
No, it'll be me!
I won't let it end here!
Nagi, are you hurt?
No, I'm okay.
Three more minutes.
Hey, Reo. How do you want us to defend?
Let's pass it about and run down the clock.
Huh? What are you talking about?
Our only option is to crush them.
A draw against a team like this
is pretty much the same as losing.
One more goal. One more goal.
We can't let it end here, either.
A free kick 20 meters out
and slightly to the goalie's right.
If we concede now with so little time left,
our chance of winning goes up in smoke.
No giving away a foul, you hear?!
Protect the goal with your life!
We all feel the gravity of the situation,
but this was made possible by Kuon.
Our time should be up,
but we have a few seconds left.
We have to make it count!
We have to stop them, no matter what!
If I were Reo, would I pass to Nagi, who does
crazy shit no matter how tight we mark him?
Or would I feint and
hit it to Zantetsu instead?
Which one? Who would I pass to?
No, this is Blue Lock!
He didn't pass?
If he's an egoist,
he'll take on the shot himself!
Get the loose ball!
Nice, Iemon!
Crap! He's fast!
Where the heck did you come from?!
From the wall.
Get the ball!
If I can just get it first—
One more goal.
S-Stop him!
Not done yet!
They held out?
Are you serious? What the heck is going on?
This is Team V, the strongest team.
And those guys are down to ten men.
They might actually do this.
Go, Isagi!
This is our last chance.
"On the field, I am the king, you donkey."
That was terrible!
Are you supposed to be Barou?!
Whoever you try to be, you're always you.
Okay! Isagi's up next in the
"Who Am I?" championship!
"Huh, natto. Must be nice.
All I've been getting is pickled radish."
Correct! Amen! Amen!
All right! I'll do the last one.
Okay. Let's hear it, hero.
Yeah! Wrap it up with a bang!
Uh, who's that?
It's Niko after he lost to us.
What kind of choice is that?
So cute!
I can't even.
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