Blue Lock (2022) s01e12 Episode Script

The Second Selection

What is this place?
Huh? What the heck?
What's about to happen?
Episode 12
The Second Selection
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2nd Selection
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1st Stage
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"Blue Lock Man"?
A hologram?
They want me to score a goal?
It's getting smaller
I see.
This is penalty area
situational training.
You must assess the situation fast,
run into the space that's
getting smaller by the second,
outwit the goalkeeper,
and grab a goal!
Sweet. Right on the money.
It's on the perfect line.
Seriously? He stopped that?!
That wasn't a high school-level save.
Wait, did a hologram just touch the ball?!
To clear the stage: 100 goals
To clear the stage: 100 goals
To clear the stage: 100 goals
Oh, I get it.
To clear the stage: 100 goals
I have to score 100 goals past this Blue
Lock Man in 90 minutes to clear the stage.
To clear the stage: 100 goals
A lone battle that tests my ego
in the penalty area.
I can't score a goal by just taking potshots.
You can't clear this room unless
you have an exceptional weapon.
Bring it on.
There! From the left.
The goal's on the right this time.
I have to assess the space in a flash!
The ball's trajectory
Feel the speed of it
Efficiently glide toward where it'll fall
Then gauge the distance to the goalie,
and hit it first-time!
All right, that works.
But this training is seriously amazing!
It recreates the final
moments in front of goal,
which means I won't clear the stage if
I don't hone my weapon and improve my shots.
This is good. I can do this.
My weapon works!
There are more holograms now?
Makes sense. It's a penalty area simulation,
so there'd obviously be defenders.
Ack! This is hard!
The difficulty level just shot up.
That won't work. I need to be more accurate.
I need to evolve or I won't clear this stage!
This training room lined with high-res panels
that can fire balls from its walls at random
improves upon similar facilities used by
Germany's top clubs to hone explosive power.
It can create situations based on
each player's individual qualities.
Crucially, it has
the Blue Lock Man system,
an AI hologram goalie programmed
using data from world-class goalies.
A microchip sensor in the ball makes physical
interactions with a hologram possible.
This is holographic sports technology.
I'll cut to the chase, Ego-san.
We're out of funds.
Shut up, Anri-chan.
This is exactly what I envisioned.
The way to clear this stage will change
depending on how a player uses their skills.
For those who survived because
others did the scoring for them,
this 90-minute stage will be a challenge.
But for a striker who can turn zero
into one with their own weapon,
this is a place to hone and polish
their skills so they evolve.
Test out how you use your weapon
and feel your progress.
When you leave this room, you will all
be on a whole new level as strikers.
To clear the stage: 100 goals
The three dummies appear at random.
Where the ball comes from, its trajectory,
plus where the goalie is
If I can get all that down
I can grab a goal!
To clear the stage: 100 goals
It looks like those who are improving
are making visible strides forward.
This training is incredible.
You haven't seen anything yet, Anri-chan.
This is just the beginning.
"Level: max"?!
L-Let's take a breath.
I just need to do the same as before.
That's crazy fast! And it's got spin, too!
It's tough to get good contact on it!
So this is what "Level: max" means?
Just like in a real game, high-level balls
come at you, and the dummies move randomly.
This is an artificial recreation of what
happens in the box in top-level matches.
Assessing the situation and responding.
Quality shooting with accuracy.
And the stamina to sustain
all that for 90 minutes.
Mind, technique, physical strength.
You need all of them to pass this stage.
A pretender will find out
just how powerless he is.
Damn it. I can't score at all.
But I can still keep running around,
thanks to the physical conditioning we did.
Now that I'm here,
I think I finally understand.
My goals were made possible
because of Bachira's passes.
Unlike these erratic balls, he fed me with
passes where and how I wanted them.
Kunigami drew the defenders
toward him to become a wall for me.
Chigiri was always waiting for
a pass from me in my field of vision.
Because of those guys,
I was able to score goals.
I wasn't fighting alone.
But that's not good enough.
I want the kind of strength
that allows me to fight alone!
I need to pull together all my skills.
Prioritize what must be done.
Hone everything and focus. Let's do this!
Assess the situation in a flash!
Note where the defenders and goalie are,
then run directly to where I'll shoot from.
Gauge the trajectory and spin of the ball,
then blast it into the top left corner!
No good.
Where it actually went
Where it actually went
My spatial awareness
and positioning are perfect,
Where Isagi was aiming
Where Isagi was aiming
but my direct shot isn't
going where I envision.
Damn it.
Trying again with the
same mindset is pointless.
What I'm lacking right now is
the technique to make good contact.
Bachira's passes were
very easy to take first-time.
But the balls in this room are erratic
and tough to connect with.
I see. Just blindly blasting it won't help.
I only need to use 80% No, 70% of the
power I've been using to shoot up to now.
In that final moment, I need to direct
all of my attention to the point of impact!
This is it. This is the essence of my goal.
Tricks and formulas exist
to score a simple direct shot!
Spatial awareness
Spatial awareness
Direct shot
Skill to make contact
Oh man. This is so much fun!
I keep discovering sides of me
I didn't know about before!
That boy's improving rapidly.
We humans are creatures that
only see what we want to see.
Becoming aware of your limitations changes
how you see and think about everything.
Right now, he must be
trembling at his own evolution.
2nd Selection\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h1st Stage
I've never thought so deeply
about the shots I take before.
I know I can get even stronger!
Form a team of 3 and proceed
Is this the second stage?
Form a team of 3 and proceed
A team of three?
Form a team of 3 and proceed
Nagi and Reo are here, too.
Oh, right. A team of three means
they must be waiting for Zantetsu.
Oh, hey, Isagi's here.
Reunited again!
Good job. Congrats on clearing the stage.
Oh, I see.
So all we have to do for the
second stage is form a team?
Who do you want to fill the last spot?
Me plus you leaves one spot free.
So he just went ahead and decided
we were on the same team, huh?
Not that I mind.
Who should we pick?
Let's see
The players that come to
mind who I'd want are
Kunigami or Chigiri, I guess.
But since it's a team of three, we can only
pick one. So which would you prefer?
How about teaming up with
the one who gets here first?
Sounds good.
And that will be our new team.
Hey, Isagi Yoichi.
Want to join our team?
Come join our team.
Hey now, Nagi. This is the guy
you wanted to team up with?
In the game against his team,
he was the most impressive.
I want to play soccer with him.
Well, you heard him.
Now what? You accepting the offer?
Of course not.
I'm teaming up with you, Bachira.
I'm sorry, Nagi.
But I can't join you alone.
There you go.
I see. Then
I'll join Isagi's team.
That solves the problem, right?
What are you talking about, Nagi?
You're teaming up with me. That's a must.
What are you thinking? What about me?!
Reo, you taught me soccer.
You and I will become the best in the world.
That is certain.
But we did lose.
We weren't the strongest.
To understand this feeling of frustration I experienced for the first time,
I want to play soccer with him.
I really want to give it my all.
Are you serious?
Do what you want.
What do you think, Isagi?
If I could get Kunigami or
Chigiri, I'd feel reassured.
And I know that's the best way. But
I also want to
Join us, Nagi.
Form a team of 3 and proceed
Isagi Yoichi
Bachira Meguru
Nagi Seishiro
proceed to
the 3rd stage
See you later, Reo.
I'll wait for you on the other side.
Looking forward to it, Nagicchi!
Yeah, likewise.
He looked a little sad.
Are you actually a cold person?
Huh? I guess I'd be lying
if I said I don't miss him.
But I was more excited to join you two.
Shouldn't I be following
that aspect of my ego?
That's the kind of place Blue Lock is.
That's right. Only egoists survive here.
If they're true egoists,
I'll see them again after this stage.
So for now
Nagi, let's work together.
Yes, let's.
With this team, I don't see how we can lose!
Seriously. Are we the strongest or what?
Let's go.
We will win!
Itoshi Rin!
Hello there, diamonds in the rough.
This is the third stage
of the second selection.
Team battles of three-on-three.
We're facing this guy right off the bat?!
Good job on clearing the first stage.
You're the only familiar face I see.
I talked to the others, and it seems
Isagi, Bachira, and Nagi formed a team
Form a team of 3 and proceed
and went on ahead.
For real?
So they left me behind, huh?
That pisses me off.
Yeah. My thoughts exactly.
So, Kunigami, I have a proposal.
Y'know, Chigiri, I reckon I might
be thinking the same thing.
Let's team up.
Let's team up.
The third stage is a situation battle of
three-man teams in a mini-game format.
Blue Lock Man will be
the goalie for both teams,
and the first team to score five goals wins.
And the winning team
will get to steal a player from the
losing team to create a four-man team.
1 player
Steal a player?
Oh, it sounds like that game.
You know the one. It's called, uh
Red Rover.
Yeah, that's it.
As you progress through the stage,
you acquire more players.
If you're able to make a team of five
and get to the fifth stage,
that team passes the second selection.
2nd Selection
And what happens to the losing team?
They go back down with
their remaining members.
If you lose the game of two-on-two,
and you don't get picked by the
winning team, you're disqualified.
That's the full picture of the second selection
where you steal your rivals: the Rivalry Battle.
You're free to choose which team you battle.
Both teams must agree to play a match.
So more teams of three
will be showing up here?
I guess so.
In that case, these guys don't
have to be our opponents.
If we can steal a player when we win,
then shouldn't we choose which team
to play based on who we want?
Who you battle will be
the key to clearing this stage.
To serve as an index for you, I will now
announce new Blue Lock rankings.
Naturally, there are
no fake rankings this time.
New BL Ranking
New BL Ranking
This is the order in which
you passed the first stage.
New BL Ranking
You stand here because you're all players
who can turn zero into one on the field.
Hurl your "one" at another's, mix them together,
and enhance each other to survive.
Only strikers who dominate the
chemical reaction between ego and ego
will get a ticket to the next stage.
Use any means necessary to win.
From here on, it's a battle
of stealing friends or rivals.
That's a pretty nasty rule.
In short, we advance by winning
and forming a team of five?
But anyway, it looks like we can take
our time picking our opponent.
What do you want to do, Isagi?
Should we wait for someone new or
Oh man, oh man!
New BL Ranking
I don't want to do this.
If we lose
no one will pick me.
And if I lose again after that?
Then I'll be all alone!
No, no, no! I don't want this!
Huh? His confidence
seems to be rock bottom.
If we play, it's gotta be against
fourth, fifth, and sixth.
New BL Ranking
That's the glam thing to do.
Beating those bumpkins over there
won't make me look beautiful.
Shut up. I don't care who we play.
New BL Ranking
I'll just win and move on.
You two are here to make up the numbers.
I admit your whole look is glam,
but who do you think you are,
disregarding me like that?
H-Hey now. Please don't fight.
What's up with these guys?
Aren't they a team?
I think he means "glamorous."
Don't get me wrong.
We're only a team because
we passed that last stage quickly.
You're nothing but stepping stones to me.
You and this Blue Lock.
I can join the U-20s national
team if I win this thing.
I'm only here to exploit that system.
Everything I do is for the purpose of
getting onto the national team
and surpassing my big brother.
Crushing Itoshi Sae is
everything to me in soccer.
I knew it. This guy is
He's the little brother of that
genius midfielder, Itoshi Sae.
Man, how egoistic is this guy?
There are only weirdos in that team.
Hmph. Even your upbringing is glam.
You're worthy of being my teammate.
Teaming up with a star like him?
I know I'll only drag him down.
Bachira. Nagi. I'm sorry.
I know this is risky, but
So you don't care who you play?
My ego is telling me:
Play us.
I wanna fight him!
That's the spirit!
That was my plan.
Are you talking to me?
More importantly
Sure. I don't care who I play.
I want this guy!
Blue Lock, Additional Time.
Additional Time!
Additional Time!
Additional Time!
Additional Time!
Additional Time!
Additional Time!
m 0 0 l 100 0 100 100 0 100
Blue Lock
m 0 0 l 100 0 100 100 0 100
Blue Lock
m 0 0 l 100 0 100 100 0 100
Blue Lock
m 0 0 l 100 0 100 100 0 100
Blue Lock
m 0 0 l 100 0 100 100 0 100
Blue Lock
Additional Time!
m 0 0 l 100 0 100 100 0 100
Blue Lock
Additional Time!
Goodbye, bro.
His Bro Speaks!
His Bro Speaks!
This is as far as I go.
When you become the
best striker in the world,
Wanima Keisuke
Wanima Keisuke
I'll become a TV personality
as your impersonator.
My stage name will be "Keisuke Davidson."
Wanima Junichi
Wanima Junichi
See ya, bro!
Make sure you survive!
Leave it to me, Keisuke.
I will crush those who have separated us!
That's what I'm saying.
Wait, he just
He can speak normally?
What a weirdo!
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