Blue Lock (2022) s01e14 Episode Script

The Geniuses and the Average Joes

Now, who should we pick?
Honestly, my brain hadn't
even caught up at this point.
I think we should pick him.
What a coincidence. I want him, too.
I hadn't realized the meaning
of what we could lose.
Join us
Bachira Meguru.
Let's get moving.
Don't go dozing off, Bob Cut.
Aw, man. I wanted to be
on Isagi's team to the end.
Guess I'll go. That is the rule.
But I'm not going to wait for you, Isagi.
If you want me, come and get me.
From here on, I'll have to chase after
what I've lost to get it back again.
Episode 14
The Geniuses and
the Average Joes
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
2nd Stage
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
2v2 Rivalry Battle
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
The Match-Up Room
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
So this is where you end up
when you lose a three-on-three?
We seem to be the first ones here.
What do you wanna do?
Looks like there's an area where
you can get some rest. Wanna go there?
We don't have time for resting.
If we lose again, we're done.
I'm sure we'll win the next one.
Our last opponents were just too strong.
That's not the point.
I'm not like you.
I couldn't do anything against them.
What are you talking about, Isagi?
You scored a goal against them.
That was the result of our team play.
Well, that's how soccer works, right?
I'm saying that when our team play
breaks down, I have no weapon to fight with!
I can't trigger a chemical
reaction like you and Bachira.
That's all there is to it.
If we lose the next one,
I'm going to lose you, Nagi.
I won't get chosen.
If I were in their place,
I wouldn't take me, either.
Don't give me that crap, Isagi.
What am I supposed to do
when you're like that?
I teamed up with you because I thought
doing so would make me stronger.
So I can't have you acting all negative.
Get a grip, idiot.
So what, you're throwing it back at me?
Do better.
Reo would never whine like that.
What's that supposed to mean?!
Go team up with Reo, then!
Don't compare me to him
and shove your ideals onto me!
Well, what do you expect?
I've never played soccer with anyone else.
So you mean you can't do
anything without Reo, is that it?!
You can't do anything
without Bachira, either.
Shut up.
You're right, and that's why I'm frustrated.
Damn it.
If you want me, come and get me.
I'll follow the monster inside me.
What's wrong with that guy?
I'll prove that I can fight without Bachira.
Oh, maybe that's the
point of this selection.
I don't know a great deal
about soccer yet, but
Up to now, if someone on your
team could turn zero into one,
the rest of the team could use team play
to turn that one into 100, right?
But the second selection takes place
on a smaller field with fewer players.
So each player's individual playstyle
has a bigger influence on the team overall.
We're being tested
on our individual skills.
I see.
So the team play that we tried, something that relies
on someone's passes or plays, won't work.
It might work against
those weaker than us,
but from here on out, individual strength
becomes a minimum requirement.
Whoever you're playing with,
or whoever you're playing against,
you've got to win one-on-one.
That's the key to surviving
the second selection.
Oh, and one more thing, Isagi
How do you get rid of
this feeling of frustration?
Unfortunately, Nagi
That's the only way to ease the burning.
What is this?
If your team sucks,
you get sent to this shithole?
1st Selection
Isn't there anyone strong here?
The key to surviving the second
selection is individual strength.
If I don't get strong enough
to beat this guy, I can't survive here.
Move, donkey. Don't get in my way.
But how do I beat Barou?
I didn't expect to see you here.
Aren't you supposed to be the strongest?
Want to play us?
Right now, you might not be so hard to beat.
Who's going to beat who?
Isagi and I will beat you.
You're an amateur who's only
good at controlling the ball.
Do you want the king
to personally crush you?
You bark a lot for someone who lost, "King."
I'll beat you and make you my servant.
Wait, Nagi. Don't provoke him.
I still don't feel I can beat him
It says right here, "You must wait 24 hours
before choosing your next match-up," you two.
New BL Ranking
Who's that again?
Oh, he's my former teammate.
But wait, you teamed up with Barou?
Our other player was that Nishioka guy
nicknamed "Aomori's Messi," but
New BL Ranking
When the game started,
Barou just went off and scored four goals.
But the other team scored
five goals first, and we lost.
Barou wasn't chosen 'cause he was too
selfish and would've upset their balance.
So now, it's just the two of us.
We lost because you two were useless.
Stop acting so foolish.
Ah, come on now. Let's calm it down, yeah?
We don't have to rush into
deciding to play these guys.
After all, if we lose
the next game, we're done.
Right, Isagi?
Huh? Um, yeah.
I won't run or hide.
I'll crush you, so come at me
whenever you want,
you cowards.
Bye, Isagi!
Look, Isagi.
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
2nd Stage
It's almost like a jail.
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
Break Room
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
(for 2 people)
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
Well, it is called Blue Lock, after all.
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
There's a cafeteria and a bath,
so it's like a downgraded version
of the facilities we had before.
The biggest difference is
you can take on Blue Lock Man
in the training room.
Hey, Isagi.
Why didn't you say we'd play Barou?
If we want another teammate,
we should pick him.
That's true, but at our current level
Then, what do we lack right now?
What became apparent
in our game with Rin's team
is that our weapons only work
when we receive passes.
Ah, I see.
Mine is controlling the ball,
and yours is your direct shot.
So if we don't have someone
who understands our weapons
and is really good at passing
like Bachira or Reo, we can't shine.
So how do we use our weapons
without those passes?
If they dribble at us or come at us with
quickness, long limbs, or crazy physiques
One-on-one, we have no hope of winning.
That's what we're lacking.
How do we win a one-on-one
without those passes?
That's extra hard.
Sorry, I think I've reached my limit.
Let's think on it some more tomorrow.
Sure, okay.
He sleeps like a mummy.
How can I win? What individual
strengths do you need in a one-on-one?
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
2nd Stage
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
Looks like more people
who lost came down here.
Forget that, Isagi.
This is a nightmare. This cafeteria
only has natto and pickled radishes.
You clown. I'm used to this menu.
So what's the plan, Isagi?
Which team do you wanna take on?
Well, if we pick a weaker team,
I'm sure we can win, but
Adding a weak player to our team
won't help us with the next stage,
and we'd probably just end up back here.
And you'd likely be the one
they take, so I'd be without you.
It'd be better to play against stronger
guys so we can take a good player,
but that increases the risk of losing,
so we gotta be careful who we choose.
I guess everyone else is being
cautious too and thinking the same thing.
This is the Rivalry Battle.
Simply winning won't do.
I have to think about who to
team up with so I can move forward.
My direct shot weapon is improving.
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
But in an actual game,
I couldn't do anything.
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
Blue Lock Man System
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
Training Room
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
Others can create opportunities
by dominating one-on-one situations.
These are the monsters I need
to surpass to move forward.
The skill to create opportunities by
dominating one-on-one situations
Maybe I need to experience it
again to find a clue.
Ah, there you are.
Working hard, Isagi?
Have you decided on your next opponent?
No, not yet.
Figured. Tough, ain't it?
If we lose the next one, that's it.
No wonder we're all chicken.
Yeah. Plus, you don't want someone
weak as a teammate going forward.
Exactly. So I've thought about it a lot and
You and I have got to take risks.
Hm? What do you mean?
Well, you and me aren't the type of
players who'll get picked if we lose.
We're in the same boat, aren't we?
Of course we're gonna freak out.
I've got Barou as a teammate,
and you've got Nagi, y'know?
There's no way we're getting
chosen in that situation.
Well, I might not, but you
There's no need to sugarcoat it.
After all, the guy I want
is Nagi.
Not you, Isagi.
You know that, right?
You have to team up with someone
truly strong or you won't get any further.
I mean, if you're serious about
becoming the best striker in the world,
you can't play it safe here.
If you do, you're done.
So let's crush each other, Isagi.
Our dreams are at stake.
Don't chicken out.
This is Blue Lock, you know?
This guy
You're on. As a matter of fact,
I wanted to play you guys, too.
Then it's settled.
Isagi Yoichi
Naruhaya Asahi
Nagi Seishiro
Barou Shouei
Come on, Isagi. Attempt number 50.
Too obvious.
Barou's weapon is his
super-accurate mid-range shot
from the left of the goal
with a max range of 27 meters.
Plus his outstanding physique that lets him
steamroll through to get into range.
This is bad, Isagi.
I can't practice that against you.
I don't mind playing those guys,
but do you have a plan?
Honestly, I don't know
until I go up against them.
Yeah, that's fair.
Unlike in a regular match,
the teams are way smaller,
so one-on-one situations become
that much more important.
The only way to figure out how to defeat
Barou is by playing against him.
That's such a gamble.
In order for us to survive,
we need to find an individual strength
good enough to beat Barou
in a one-on-one situation
during the game.
Okay, I'll mark Barou from the start.
Isagi, you take the little one.
So let's crush each other, Isagi.
Our dreams are at stake.
Crushing those guys will help me
to evolve and get to the next stage.
If I lose here, then it means
this was the extent of my worth.
That's enough now, shorty. I'm going to bed.
Don't get in my way in the game tomorrow.
Just go keep yourself busy
somewhere away from me, donkey.
You got it, King.
Damn it.
You can do it, Best
You can do it, Best
You can do it, Best
I don't want it to end yet
Time Until the Match:
2nd Stage, Rivalry Battle: 2 vs 2
Looking forward to it, King.
Did you practice kneeling?
You're dead.
You're the one who'll be my servant.
I'm really going to crush you,
so don't hold back.
No need to tell me that.
He's got mad presence.
Bring it on, King.
Let's go head-to-head.
If I can't beat him, I won't get anywhere.
You call that dribbling?
Your timing and use of space are garbage.
Do you realize who you're up against?
Show some respect.
Seriously? I've gotta stop him.
Naruhaya's making a move, too. What do I do?
No, I have to stay put.
Barou's range is 27 meters.
What? That's 28 No, it's got
to be at least 29 meters, right?
Barou's also evolving in Blue Lock.
Jeez, Isagi. His range is getting bigger.
But I've got to find it
during this game. And I will.
I'll find a way to win
one-on-one situations.
Leaving Barou aside, if I can fend off this guy
one-on-one, we've got a fifty-fifty chance.
Damn, he's tenacious.
Even against Naruhaya,
my dribbling's useless?
Then, should I hit it to exactly
where Nagi will want it?
No, I'm not skilled enough
to pull off a pass like that.
Naruhaya's blocking the passing lanes,
and Barou will intercept
any pass that isn't precise.
Aw, man. What do I do?
Pass it, Isagi. Just do it.
Send the ball
to wherever the space is.
Where the hell are you aiming, donkey?
You won't get past me
with a shitty pass like that.
I know that, King.
But forget about that,
because I've found it.
The way to beat you.
When we go head-to-head and I pause,
I can't avoid Barou's press and charge.
So the trick is to keep him chasing me.
Because this happened before.
I did those things instinctively,
but now, they're starting to make sense.
They become formulas
that are reproducible.
to Predict
to Predict
to Predict
to Predict
to Predict
to Predict
I don't need special passes to me.
I can breathe life into a ball
with my first touch.
See? This is my rhythm.
Try and take it off me, King.
Now I'm the god of this field.
Nagi, just how insanely quickly
are you capable of evolving?
We can beat him, Isagi.
It's your turn now.
Did he master his formula of how
to win a one-on-one in that one play?
I can receive it with my back turned.
I won't lose anymore.
You bastard.
I'll crush you.
Come on, Isagi. Let's both press him.
Huh? But what about
marking Naruhaya?
It'll be fine.
He's the "king." He won't pass
right after we got the upper hand.
Barou! I'm open!
Shut up, shorty.
Got it!
Nice, Isagi! Pass it!
Oh no you don't!
Nagi's weapon is his ball control.
Nagi controlled the ball
with his back before.
Nagi had his back to goal,
and the standard move for a defender
is to get tight so he can't turn.
Nagi took advantage of that and eluded the
defender with an unpredictable first touch.
That's his new strategy!
But they'll be ready for it now.
So next time, the defender keeps
his distance, just like Naruhaya's doing.
Which means Nagi can
face forward and play freely
without any pressure from the defender.
That means the pass to Nagi can be
a straightforward one, like a shot.
What he'll use here will be nothing like his
earlier control. It'll be a nice, cushioned
"black hole" takedown!
Because Naruhaya hung back, he won't be
where he needs to be to block the shot.
This is Nagi's strength.
A generating takedown
that breathes life into a ball,
and an absorbing takedown
that kills the ball dead.
By fully utilizing these two takedowns,
Nagi Seishiro's formula is complete!
Okay, three more goals.
I want to find a way
to dominate one-on-ones!
Stop yapping, you lowly plebs.
I can beat
both of you by myself!
Crap! Just like Rin did!
So close!
His shooting sense is amazing.
I can't let him shoot again.
This loose ball is mine!
Naruhaya?! He recovered so quickly!
Shorty, pass it to me!
I know, King!
Take that!
This is bad. Barou's ability to score
is more or less the same as Nagi's.
Which means the key to winning this game
is in the hands of Naruhaya and me.
Hey, Isagi.
Do you know why my team
wanted to play you?
What? Isn't it because you want Nagi?
Sure, that's part of it.
But the main reason
was that we thought
we could beat you, Isagi.
Running at
Running at
I know this because
I fought alongside you.
I know what you can and can't do.
Isagi, you're not the type
who's able to fight alone.
This guy
Unlike Chigiri, Kunigami, and Bachira,
you can't score a goal by yourself.
You've only survived this long
because people bigged you up.
You're not a genius like Barou or Nagi.
Me and you
We're both just average Joes.
What are you doing, Isagi?
Pass it!
Isagi, let's stop him!
It's coming.
Here comes Barou's charge!
He passed?!
And back to me, shorty.
No chance.
I wanna catch up with you geniuses.
He got us! Wait, that's right!
Naruhaya's weapon is
Mine is getting in behind.
I can't even beat Naruhaya!
Blue Lock, Additional Time.
Additional Time!
Additional Time!
Additional Time!
Additional Time!
Additional Time!
Additional Time!
m 0 0 l 100 0 100 100 0 100
Blue Lock
m 0 0 l 100 0 100 100 0 100
Blue Lock
m 0 0 l 100 0 100 100 0 100
Blue Lock
m 0 0 l 100 0 100 100 0 100
Blue Lock
m 0 0 l 100 0 100 100 0 100
Blue Lock
Additional Time!
m 0 0 l 100 0 100 100 0 100
Blue Lock
Additional Time!
Welcome back.
The "Top 3" and Bachira
The "Top 3" and Bachira
Tokimitsu Aoishi
Tokimitsu Aoishi
Again, it's nice to meet you, Bachira—
Bachira Meguru
Bachira Meguru
That was a nice bath.
H-Hey! Wh-Why are you
walking around butt naked?!
Hm? As a human being,
I return to the state of my birth.
Is that some kind of wise saying?!
I thought I could make a new friend,
but it turns out he's another weirdo!
Hey, naked guy.
What's up?
I acknowledge your free spirit,
but at least cover up in front.
Aryu Jyubei
Aryu Jyubei
Or I'll punish you for
glam indecent exposure.
Oh, sorry.
But it feels good, y'know?
Wanna give it a try?
I undress!
Itoshi Rin
Itoshi Rin
What the heck are you doing, you two?!
Hmph. Isn't there anyone
normal in this room?
You're one to talk.
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