Blue Lock (2022) s01e24 Episode Script

The Time Has Come

Not bad, guys.
Keep on being decoys for me.
What gives, Rin-chan? Now that Isagi's on
the team, your movement's on a whole other level.
That goal just now
It was inspired by my off-the-ball movement
as I tried to devour the image in Bachira's head.
I made a run that was awkward for
the opposition, and Rin fed off that.
Th-Those three are seriously amazing,
They scored straight away
against the World Five
The chemistry between Isagi and Bachira
drives them forward, and Rin devours it.
Our last match opened up
this avenue of attack to them,
and it even works against
the world's top players.
Wow, that's so cool.
Yeah. What a noble triangle they have formed.
Fabulously glam.
Add me in and we'll make it a square.
Hey, I want in! Let's make it a pentagon!
If you wanna join in, have at it.
Okay, let's see how far we can go.
I told you, we're gonna win.
Sure, that goal worked,
but it wasn't my goal.
Next time, I'll be the one to score!
Bring it, Mister "I'm 17 and
I already play for France"!
He's looking for someone to pass to?
Um, is this okay?
Julian Loki
France International
At this distance,
you've got nothing but weak spots.
He's coming! His first touch
He's super fast!
What's with his explosive acceleration?!
Once in top gear, he doesn't slow at all,
and his strides while dribbling are huge!
Oh no! He eats up so much
ground with each touch!
He's past you before you can even react.
Your route is too obvious.
You've got good foresight.
But I'm fast.
He went up another gear?
So this is the speed of
Loki the Child Prodigy?
This is the World Five!
Come on, Loki. Don't do it all yourself.
Pass it next time, you jerk!
I've had enough, anyway.
Let's finish this up and hit the showers.
Do we even stand a chance?
Like a sprinter.
Unbelievable speed.
Stop whining and just give me the ball.
Are you
that scared of Loki's speed?
You've just got tunnel vision from a lack of experience.
Take it away
All righty.
We'll stop him, Bachira!
The two of us can box him in.
Pablo Cabassos
Argentina International
He pinged a pacy pass
with backspin between us?!
So this is where you were aiming.
I will win this aerial battle.
Dada Silva
Brazil International
You're goin' down!
Aryu doesn't have free rein in the air?
Oh no! Not in front of the goal!
But I can reach it! I'll clear it!
Adam Blake
England International
I've got no interest in male bodies.
Tokimitsu got outmuscled?
It's no good. Speed, anticipation,
kicking, jumping, physical strength
Every single one of our
weapons is being overpowered.
Everything we've been doing in
Blue Lock up to now isn't working!
Here are some players we can
never beat as we are now.
This is how far away
we still are from the very top.
This is the level I'm aiming to reach?
Soccer is amazing.
I want to get to that level.
Not yet.
No, we're not done yet!
I like you.
Leonardo Luna
As expected of Sae's brother.
Spain International
Unlike these other kids,
you really still think you can win this.
I'm gonna discourage
That's no good.
If you open your legs that easily,
people are gonna think you're a loose guy.
Don't be depressed.
This is just an assessment.
There's no way you coulda won!
Time to report to Ego about your skills.
Adiós, you lumps of talent.
Let's meet again on the real field.
Blue Lock
3rd Selection
1st Assignment:
Match Against the World Five
Damn it.
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
Blue Lock
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
Conference Room
You're paying these world-class
players a hundred million each?
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
Plus a goal bonus of one million on top?!
Just how much money are you
wasting on this stupid project?!
Exactly! And what's the
point of it? Explain yourself!
And sit properly!
"Spare the rod and spoil the child."
Our aim is to give these youths
a taste of the real world.
Blue Lock Project
I don't expect a bunch of old geezers
who've learned how to give up
to understand what
it means to dream, so zip it.
What?! How impudent!
All right, all right. That's enough, Ego-kun.
As of right now,
the Blue Lock project is canceled.
Japan Football Union
Special Adviser
B-But that's so sudden! Why?
Complaints from parents.
An unclear picture of the project's aim.
And more importantly, the fact that
it has produced no visible results.
We need to put an end to
this whole foolish thing and—
In that case
I will show you results.
A big match, bossman.
The time has come for
Blue Lock to change Japan.
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
3rd Selection
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
Break Room
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
(for 5 people)
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
We seriously drowned out there.
Yeah. I thought I'd gotten stronger
since coming to Blue Lock,
but I feel like I've been put in my place.
But you know
After playing guys I thought belonged
on the other end of a TV screen,
the whole "best in the world" thing
feels a bit more real to me now.
Yeah, I think I know what you mean.
Becoming the world's best striker
isn't such a fantasy anymore.
Yeah! It's far off, for sure,
but it's definitely within sight.
This feeling must have been
the point of playing that game.
He was different.
He was the only one who thought
we could actually beat the World Five.
I was totally overwhelmed.
Midway through, I felt I was just
testing myself against better players.
I was happy just taking
on these players I adored,
and accepted that this was
the best I could do at this point.
So it's remarkable how
frustrated you got with it all, Rin.
I still look up to those on the world stage.
But to you, they are your equals,
and you must defeat them.
A guy like you has what it takes
to become the best in the world.
Rin, I will watch you
from my front-row seat,
and surpass you to
become the best in the world!
Super important!
2nd Assignment
Language Study
Start with English
Wed Wed Weh
It's "Wednesday," idiot.
And the only one you got right was Sunday.
How did you get into high school?
Excuse me, Rin-kun.
Is it true that when you introduce yourself,
you can say "I'm" instead of "My name is"?
Hey, Rin.
So you have to lightly bite
your tongue and "Tess"!
Is that how you pronounce "th"?
m 0 0 l 100 0 100 100 0 100
Isagi Yoichi chose to work
on his listening skills first
C'mon, tell us, Rin-kun.
You're the only one who can help.
Tess. Tuss. Toos.
Am I doing it right?
I'm not your damn tutor.
I can
I can't take it anymore!
How long do we have to keep this up?!
Ah, stop!
We need to do this to
play on the world stage!
I'm sorry that you're so surly.
Give your arms a shavey shavey.
Ow. I bit my tongue.
They're at it again
The second selection has just concluded,
Super important!
3rd Selection
2nd Assignment
Language Study
Start with English
and the remaining players
advance to the third selection.
It's over?
We're finally onto the next one.
Good. I was getting tired of studying.
Please put on your kit and bib,
and make your way to the
central joint room immediately.
It's time. The next stage is starting.
A total of 35 players from seven teams
have made it into the third selection,
and you will enter in
the order you passed.
Seven teams, huh?
Quite a lot dropped out, then.
There were 300 of us at the start,
meaning 265 failed to get through.
I wonder if those guys made it, too.
Are you missing Team Z or something?
I just wonder how much stronger they are now.
Like, how much they've evolved, you know?
And it's not just them. I'm sure there'll
be more guys who are really good.
Could the first team to pass
the selection please enter?
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
3rd Selection
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
Joint Room
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
I'm getting a little nervous.
Who do you think the other players will be?
Well, whoever they are,
they obviously won't be weak.
That's true. Only those who have battled
their way through will have made it here.
Could the second team to pass please enter?
How you got here doesn't matter.
But if you're not here, you don't have
the right to become the best in the world.
No matter the outcome, I will accept it.
Because this is Blue Lock.
New BL Ranking
We're here, donkey.
New BL Ranking
New BL Ranking
It's been a million years.
New BL Ranking
New BL Ranking
What's up?
Oh, Zantetsu's here, too.
I knew he would be.
You guys
I'm the fourth one.
He's the fifth one.
Hi there!
Isagi, why do you look so relieved?
Did you think we might not have made it?
Oh, no, not at all
You bastard.
You looking down on us?
Talk about bigheaded.
We really are just the
supporting cast to you, huh?
That's not true!
It's just, well
I'm happy.
I'm glad I got to see you all again.
Why wouldn't you see us again?
I can't just quit soccer after losing to you.
Like I said, I'm gonna kill you.
I haven't beaten the Top Three, either.
Well, anyway, let's just
call this reunion fate.
Yeah. Let's play again.
These guys really are the best!
Could the next team please enter?
Oh? I don't know these guys.
Well, it's not like we're the
only ones fighting hard in here.
Nice to meet ya!
New BL Ranking
New BL Ranking
New BL Ranking
Nice to meet you, too.
New BL Ranking
New BL Ranking
Hmph. Who needs greetings, you schmoes?
Could the fourth team to pass please enter?
New BL Ranking
New BL Ranking
New BL Ranking
New BL Ranking
New BL Ranking
Yikes! They look strong.
Seven teams passed the second selection,
so there's three teams left.
Could the fifth team to pass please enter?
New BL Ranking
New BL Ranking
New BL Ranking
New BL Ranking
I knew you'd make it. I look
forward to playing you on this stage.
I already told you that I would
be the one to crush you.
Wait, aren't they missing a player?
Nishioka Hajime from
the fifth team to pass
was injured in their World Five game
and is currently recuperating.
Nishioka \h\h\hHajime
"Aomori's Messi" Nishioka?
Sounds like everyone here
took on the World Five.
Two teams left.
Those guys will make it, right?
Could the sixth team to pass please enter?
I said quit pushin'!
I wanna make a cool entrance
with me in the middle.
"No, I'll be the middle!" is what I'm saying.
Stop that, you bastards!
Raichi! Gagamaru!
New BL Ranking
I told you, you dimwits!
What an uncool entrance.
New BL Ranking
New BL Ranking
New BL Ranking
New BL Ranking
They haven't changed one bit.
Oh, hey, what's up? There are lots of guys
here I haven't seen in a while.
Gagamaru, you
"Get off me!" is what I'm saying.
Big Bro Wanima's actually talking
"We get to play again," is what I'm saying.
One team left.
They aren't here yet.
Reo and Kunigami.
No, they'll be here. They have to be!
Guys like them won't let it end here.
And to finish off, could the
seventh team to pass please enter?
New BL Ranking
New BL Ranking
New BL Ranking
New BL Ranking
One guy left.
The last person is
That's all.
New BL Ranking
Where's Kunigami?
That is everyone that has
advanced to the third selection.
Hey, Reo. Why isn't he here? Well?
We lost.
I got chosen.
He wasn't the kind of person who could
become the best striker in the world.
That's all there is to it.
That can't be true.
There's no way Kunigami would
let it end in a place like this!
Well, he did.
And I'm the one who
sent him sliding down to hell.
Though, sure, he had a great physique,
and his honest heart was
pure, fair, and graceful. But
On the field, no one gives a shit
if you're a good guy or not.
Anyone who ain't living for
those explosive flashes is trash.
That innocent and honest
shit stain of a hero
was just a slime who didn't
even help me level up.
Shut your hole. You don't know
a thing about Kunigami—
Like I said, no one gives a shit
about your story!
This guy's really pissing me off.
You said it.
We can take this outside if you like.
If you ask me, you're the slime,
Mr. Salon Tan Antenna Guy.
This tan ain't from the salon. It's all sun, bro.
Okay, settle down, diamonds in the rough.
You have no time to be worrying
about those who didn't make it.
After all, your own soccer
careers might go up in smoke
and be relegated to worthless garbage,
along with Blue Lock itself.
Oh, but before all of that, good work.
That defeat at the hands of the World Five
was an invaluable experience, I'm sure.
I can tell you the purpose
of that match later, but
Well, let's just say a lot has
happened, and plans have changed.
Seems the bigwigs of Japanese soccer
want to shut down Blue Lock and soon.
So I decided to challenge them.
As such, the next selection will
take place three weeks from now,
and the future of Blue Lock is riding on it.
It'll be a special big match between
Japan's Under-20s team and the Blue Lock XI.
And if you win the match,
we get to hijack Japan's U-20s team.
Does that mean we'll be on the U-20s?
Well, after all, this is a ragtag team of high
school players, and everyone's a forward.
They all snickered and
readily agreed to the match.
Their aim is to can the Blue Lock project,
and use the buzz over this showdown
to represent Japan to rake in money.
But if we lose, we'll be a laughingstock,
and our names will go down in Japanese soccer
history as a failed attempt to train up talent.
So how does what you've
heard so far make you feel?
Frustrated at being taken so lightly?
Or burning with fury and
wanting to give them a shock?
And I can say this quite
calmly and pragmatically
Right now, you're good enough
to overthrow Japanese soccer.
That said, they're also
gonna go all-out for the win.
They've added one more
player to their team.
Itoshi Sae is that player.
Now, it's time to put it all on the line.
You 35 have discovered your egos,
mastered weapons and chemical reactions,
and seen the level of the
world's top players firsthand.
Bagging a spot on Japan's
U-20s is no longer a dream.
It's a reality you can reach out and grab.
Let's go, diamonds in the rough.
We here at Blue Lock
will create a new epoch.
Episode 24
The Time Has Come
Over here! I'm free!
"One for all and all for one."
I used to think soccer was a sport
where eleven players fought as one.
But now I know it's not.
In soccer, the one who scores
the most is the greatest.
Soccer exists for strikers.
And as a striker, nothing should bring
you more joy than your own goals.
You should live only for that moment.
I'm not fighting for all of you.
I'm not fighting for someone else's dream.
I am me.
This is my dream. My fight.
I'm glad I got to fight alongside you.
And that's why I'll climb over your corpses.
I was a complete unknown and
a total nobody until recently,
but if we win this, I could
end up on Japan's U-20s team.
With this one game,
I can change my life completely.
All of us are only here to win.
I won't let them put an end to Blue Lock.
I will change the world with my goal.
I'll become the best striker in the world!
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