Blue Murder (2003) s01e02 Episode Script

Cry Me a River, Part 2

1 Murder, Matthew Tulley.
Deputy Head.
Stabbed to death on his allotment two days ago.
Got three suspects.
One, Dean Hendrix, local lad, fingerprint found at the scene.
Paula, look, umI've had to go away for a bit.
I'm in Oldham now Previous form.
Mr Williams almost killed him.
Yo, Dean.
Hendrix is missing.
We need to find him now.
I'm not going down again, Douggie, no way.
Suspect two, nearest and dearest, wife Lesley Tulley.
In town, shopping, but gaps in the paper trail.
Checking CCTV.
Denies the presence of washing in a machine that morning.
Devastated by his death.
No motive, though.
Number three, Ferdie Gibson.
Hiya, Ferdinandy.
It's Ferdie.
Ex-pupil of Tulley's.
Clearest motive he'd assaulted him before.
According to Headmaster Bernard Deaking, Gibson drove Tulley to the brink.
Seen Gibson? You still carry a knife? It's illegal, innit? You used one on Mr Tulley.
Never charged.
Denied everything.
Attending an ID parade today.
Flakey alibi.
It was in her back garden.
What was she burning? Holiday videos, if you believe that.
She must think we're stupid.
Get samples.
Tell the lab to fast-track them.
Mrs Tulley might just have burnt her bridges.
Look, about last night You're following up on the knife.
That's good.
BossI think we might have something here.
Here she is arriving.
Spot the difference.
Her ticket says 9:22.
Well done, Shap.
Please, if you know anything at all, anything that might help the police catch whoever did this to Matthew, please call them now.
Any news about the murder weapon? A knife matching the one used on Matthew Tulley has been recovered.
Forensic tests will determine whether it is the weapon.
Why didn't you tell us about the knife? You knew when we got here.
Matthew was her life and you treat her like she had something to do with it.
She's never had it easy! You're not getting anywhere, are you? That's why you're messing us about.
Lesley Lesley, what was the bonfire for? Cow! We'd been so happy.
I never thought about it.
I'm sorry.
If Matthew's killer was known to him, we'd hope to find information among his personal effects.
Please, leave everything else in the house as it is.
Douggie's had a spot of trouble, like, so I said I'd stay with him.
What sort of trouble? You don't want to know.
The police want to talk to you.
I want to see you, Dean.
I can come there.
Erm Look, I'll meet you in Oldham.
The coach station, at four.
You should have cleared it with me first.
You know forensics cost a fortune.
I think it's crucial, sir.
Janine, we're trying to record the news.
Your dad can't get the video working.
It doesn't matter, Mum.
But you're on the telly! Mum, really Press "Record.
" Have you got the tape in? I'll ring you later.
The bonfire.
I think that's how she got rid of the washing that was there on Saturday.
You're squandering resources on three separate tracks.
Narrow it down.
Anonymous call from a woman claims Matthew Tulley was a right bastard and that his wife should be glad he's dead.
Crank? We're checking it.
Mm? Matthew Tulley's parents.
Mm-hm? Just got back from a weekend in Paris, seen the news, want to know why we didn't try and contact them.
What with, a ouija board? We were told they were dead.
I said you'd ring them back.
Yeah, I want to see them, as well.
Where are they? ErLymm.
I'm taking an early lunch.
Parental stuff.
Michael's school.
Then we'll visit Ferdie Gibson's friend Colin.
We'll see what Mr and Mrs Lazarus have to say after that.
We're very worried about Michael's attitude.
His performance is disappointing, and now these allegations of bullying have been made.
Well, no wonder his work's going downhill.
You have an anti-bullying policy, don't you? Mrs Lewis, Michael isn't being bullied.
Walk! He's doing the bullying.
Michael? Well, there are four of them, harassing two students in their year, sending text messages.
There may be some thefts too.
Mobile phones.
Where's Michael? He should know what he's being accused of.
Michael isn't in school.
It appears he left after registration.
Pete, is Michael with you? No.
Why? He's bunked off school.
I've just been in.
He's got in with the wrong crowd.
Pete, they've been nicking mobile phones, bullying other kids.
So he got a taste of his own medicine Saturday? Janine? I don't think he gave us the full story.
Police came round last night.
Their version was that Michael was the villain.
Why didn't you tell me? Christ, Janine! It was late.
I thought they'd cocked it up and Michael was drunk.
What? He's 15! How old were you first time you got drunk? I was never a thief.
Look, I expect he's with his mates.
If you hear from him, just What? Just don't go mad at him.
Any word on Dean Hendrix? No sign.
It's you that's in trouble, isn't it? Not Douggie.
Paula! Tell me what's going on.
Look, I can't.
Forget it, then.
Paula, please.
If you don't talk to the police, they'll come after you, Dean.
You know something, don't you? That murder.
I've done nothing wrong, Paula.
You've got to believe me.
Why should I? And they won't, will they? You see? If I do You're lying to me.
I'm not going to sit around waiting for you to straighten out.
How long do you think you can hide for? We're in business.
Ferdie's turned up.
Mr Vincent? Yeah.
You've been asked to pick out the person you saw running from the allotments on Gorton Avenue on Saturday morning, 22nd February.
Take your time.
Walk up and down a couple of times.
And if you see the person, just tell me their number.
Can you ask them to look about a bit? Will you put your baseball caps on back to front, please? And turn to the left.
And to the right.
And left.
And right.
And face forward.
You see, he was running.
Ferdinand Gibson.
Ferdie's down the station now, Colin, helping us with our enquiries.
Thought you could help, too.
I told the other guy everything.
Tell us again.
Ferdie came round at about one.
We went down to the pub.
One o'clock? Yeah, about then.
You didn't see Ferdie earlier on Saturday? No.
I told you, I was in bed.
Really? See, we know he'd attacked Mr Tulley once already.
Probably talked about having another go.
You've heard him saying he'd get Tulley, haven't you? That's just talk.
Everyone says stuff like that.
But Ferdie follows through, though, doesn't he? We've a witness, got someone like Ferdie near the scene of crime.
We're not talking taking without owner's consent now, Colin.
If Ferdie is charged, and you've withheld information, you could be done for obstruction, or attempting to pervert the course of justice.
Better for you if you're straight with us.
Well? I was here.
I didn't see Ferdie till one, all like I said.
Dead loss, your old codger, Mr Vincent.
Picked Andy from Traffic.
(MOBILE PHONE RINGS) A lot chillier today.
Yeah? OK.
No joy.
When we spoke on the phone, you said you hadn't seen your son recently.
Not for years.
We didn't even know Matthew had got married again.
He's got nephews and nieces he's never even seen.
He just didn't want to know.
Matthew had been married before? Awful business.
They were divorced before they'd even given it a go.
They were far too young.
Still at college.
When was this? 1979.
What was her name? Laura.
Laura Billing.
Do you know where she is now? No.
He told this Lesley we were dead, didn't he? And you've no idea who did it? What does that tell us about Matthew Tulley? That he was a liar.
Why pretend they're dead? And this first wife.
Let's find her, see what she has to say.
Next lot of forensics is in.
Bonfire? Trainer.
Hi-Tec, Walklite, tens.
Get Shap to check out Ferdie Gibson's shoes.
We know how unreliable ID parades are.
Doesn't mean he's off the hook.
Anything from Lesley? Hair and skin traces on his body and clothes.
Gives us nothing.
They shared a bed.
The lab say the killer and the knife would have been awash with blood.
Send Butchers back to Mr Vincent.
Get him to take him through it bit by bit in minute detail.
Oh, God.
An old classmate said Gibson made personal comments about Tulley's wife.
That's when Tulley went ballistic.
Jealous? Could be.
We need to dig around some more.
Did Ferdie Gibson know Lesley Tulley? And I want to press her on this car park business and cutting herself up.
Perhaps everything wasn't quite so rosy.
Oh, God.
Which hospital? I'm on my way.
It's Tom.
He's had an asthma attack at school.
They've had to call an ambulance.
Go for it.
He's all right.
He responded well.
Oh, God It was They want to keep him in overnight.
You thought he was all right for school? Sometimes it's hard to tell.
And the job comes first.
That's not fair.
Really? Michael's going off the rails.
He'll land up in court before long.
Tom's left to fend for himself.
I can't do it all on my own.
I'm having a bloody good try.
You walked out on them.
That has a lot more to do with it.
Oh, yeah.
Back to that.
Can you stay till tea time? Would you rather do overnight? Well, no, I can't OK.
I'll get Sarah to bring Eleanor home, stay at ours.
I'll bring Tom's things.
I love you.
If anything happens anything - ring me.
Ferdie, where are you? You said you'd be here.
Shit! There's someone at the door, Ferdie! It's me, Colin.
What? Open the door! Clown.
They've been here.
They didn't believe me.
Threatened me with being an accessory and that.
You didn't tell them anything, did you? No, honest.
Don't worry, then.
That'll be our man.
All right, mate? All right? All right? Right If you want a sample, help yourself.
Previously unidentified male is Douglas Connor, known to Oldham Constabulary.
Oldham are running drug surveillance.
They've got this lad in their sight.
They'll keep us informed.
Don't look now, but we are not alone.
OK, so Butchers is knocking doors and you're back to Ferdie, yeah? Janine.
Sir? Problems with the family? Skeletons in the closet, sir.
Apparently Tulley was married before and his dead parents are alive and well and living in Lymm.
Your family.
Nothing I can't handle, sir, but thanks for asking.
Jade, hurry up and get down here.
Now, he's not going to eat you.
He just wants to ask us a couple of questions.
Now, you know a man's been hurt, over on the allotments.
Did you see anyone near there on Saturday? She's not allowed down there.
But, you know, you might have seen something from your window.
No, I didn't see owt.
I was watching t'telly.
Hey, what did I do? Frighten the children? Last night, we were getting on fine.
Today I'm pulling a shift with the ice queen.
What? Come on.
Put me straight.
Look, Richard, can we talk about this some other time? I want to talk about it now.
Oh, God, well OK.
You and Wendy.
You made out it was like Pete and me.
She chucked you out, didn't she? After numerous affairs.
What are you getting at? Did she? Numerous.
What does "numerous" mean? Yeah, she chucked me out.
You chucked Pete out.
He had a choice.
Just because you gave him an ultimatum.
That's not the point.
You like to play the field.
I have done.
It's all right, Richard.
Three kids, one on the way.
I'm flattered I made it to your list in the first place.
List? List? Right.
I'll cross you off my "list", then! Good.
Right! Right! .
What did Matthew tell you about his family? Well, he hadn't any.
His parents died in a car crash when he was at college.
He was an only child.
Why? We've spoken to Matthew's parents.
Have you any idea why he'd tell you they were dead? No.
And they have a daughter, Matthew's sister, married with children.
I don't know what to say.
I Do they know about me? No.
Matthew had been married before.
We've verified the records, Lesley.
He was married in 1979, they separated a year later.
Laura, she was called.
He never told you? Emma said you'd not had an easy time.
What did she mean? Just Sometimes I get depressed.
And yet you claim the marriage was happy? Did either of you have affairs? No! What time did you leave the house on Saturday? About nine o'clock.
You know this.
So you arrived in town at what time? Twenty past.
Where did you get the parking ticket? From the machine in the car park.
Your ticket doesn't correspond to your actual arrival at the car park.
The ticket you gave us was for 9:22.
That's right.
Where did you get it? From the machine.
What did you do with the clothes from the washing machine? We'll find them.
We can recover traceable fibres, even from ashes.
This is Matthew's diary.
Last year.
Turn to March 17th.
See the asterisk there, and the time? Eight o'clock.
Do you know what that means? St Patrick's Day.
Can you remember what your husband did that evening? No.
Probably something with the school or the church.
No, we've checked.
June 7th, an asterisk again.
September 6th, November 29th.
And this year, this coming Friday.
Did your husband have any plans for this Friday? No.
Maybe he didn't want you to know.
We found condoms among your husband's things.
Why would he need condoms? I've no idea.
You can't have children.
Was your husband having an affair? No! You're sure? Yes.
He'd lied about his first wife.
Perhaps about this too.
I wouldn't know, then, would I? Get the tin.
Get the tin.
Get the tin.
Go on.
Go! Go! Hiya, Ferdie.
Thought I'd find you in.
You must be Colin.
DS Shap.
Just a couple of questions.
Harassment, that's what this is.
Next time you'll have to arrest me, and then I want a brief.
Yeah, quite right.
Fair enough.
Now, first off, Ferdie, what size feet have you got? Ten.
Why? Those got a size on 'em? 44.
That a ten in English money, is it? Dunlops.
Got any other trainers? Not made of money, am I? How well do you know Mrs Tulley, Ferdie? Don't know her.
You sure about that? She's a lovely-looking woman.
Out of your league? You got a girlfriend, Ferdie? Is that a no? You'd know her as Lesley if you're on first-name terms.
Don't know her.
Bumped into her at school, maybe? Open day? She ask you for anything, Ferdie? Ask you to do her a favour, money in it? You're off your head, you are.
Are you off yours? Colin! What size feet have you got, Colin? Tricky question.
Phone a friend.
Enjoy the rest of the day, won't you, lads? (SNIFFS) He knows we've got some stuff.
Mucking about.
Why didn't he do us? I don't know, do I? Probably wants a cut, don't he? That's all we need.
Dodgy copper on our backs.
That's good, in a way, innit? If he's winding you up, maybe they've stopped looking at you for the murder.
I thought he was going to charge you when he brought you in here.
You think I did it, don't you? I was with you all morning.
How could I do Tulley? Not till half ten.
Oh, brilliant, great that, Colin.
Tell you what, this is the last time I pull anything with you.
You're shitting yourself half the time and dissing your mates the next.
Just divide the stuff up and then I'm gone for good.
Got it? I'd like you to try and picture him over there by the gate.
Looking about.
Try and keep him in your mind.
What's he look like? Like I said.
And he was out of breath.
Panting a bit, from running.
Was there any sign of blood? Didn't notice any.
Was he carrying anything? Yes.
In his hand.
Something wrapped up, in a bag, like.
Right, Mr Vincent, I want you to look at these photographs and we'll see if he's here, OK? I don't know.
Where's Gary? Gone to get petrol.
Busy week, innit? (BANGING AT DOOR) Police! Open up! Hide it in the tank.
OK, OK! I'm coming! Get your hands off, I'm telling you! There's a blade in there.
Illegal weapon.
Whose is this, then? Get him out! Got no-one to help you! Don't struggle, son.
Gary! Shit! Douggie! All right, son.
Come on.
Out of the car! Get out of the car! Good night.
There's been an incident.
Drugs round-up in Oldham went sour.
Main suspect got run over.
DOA, but they've got Dean Hendrix.
They're transferring him first thing.
There's more, though.
Guess who Dean's mates were selling to? Tulley? Ferdie.
And Ferdie needed dosh to set up in business so him and his mate Colin went and took some.
The off-licence raids.
That's why Colin was sweating.
That's where they were on Saturday.
And then there were two.
OK, we know Dean was at the allotment.
We lifted his fingerprints.
Mr Vincent identified his photo.
He also picked out the wrong face from the line-up.
Done it before, plus he goes AWOL.
All we've got on Lesley is a dodgy parking ticket and some missing washing.
He's no motive.
Nor has she.
All right.
They plan it together.
Dean kills Tulley and Lesley helps cover the traces.
She takes the knife and burns the clothing.
I'd like to see her reaction when she finds out he's in custody.
You going to tell her? Yeah, tomorrow.
Oh, God.
I must make tracks.
How's Tom? Yeah, he's ersitting up, chattering.
I'm on the night shift.
If there's anything I can do.
Ferdinand Gibson.
Ferdinand Gibson, I'm arresting you on suspicion of possession of a Class A drug, namely cocaine, with intent to supply, and on suspicion of armed robbery.
(READS HIS RIGHTS) Who grassed me up? Colin (CONTINUES READING RIGHTS) Let me tell my mam.
We only live there.
We'll tell her.
Let me give her her shopping, then.
Get in, Einstein.
TV: Please, if you know anything at all, anything that might help the police catch whoever did this to Matthew Jade! You should have worn your black suit for the telly.
You looked funny.
Your nose looked bigger.
Well, thank you, darling.
Your nose is the only bit of you that never stops growing.
That's something to look forward to.
Oh, aye.
I made this for Tom.
Oh, that's lovely.
He'll like that.
Oh, no, damn! Packed lunch! I can do her packed lunch.
Just calm down.
I hate dumping on you like this.
I'd never have guessed.
I'll pay you back.
You can defrost my freezer.
So, what's the story with lover boy? Oh I don't know.
It's daft, isn't it? It'd would be so nice, a bit of love and affection.
Having a baby on my own and it's the loneliest place to be.
I'm going back to the hospital now.
Michael, I went into school today.
Mr Corkland wanted to see me.
Said there had been problems at school.
And last night, a policeman came here.
He said he wanted to talk to you.
I don't know what's going on but we need to talk about it soon.
Don't push it, Michael.
Or what? You'll lock me up? Evening.
Is Michael in? Yeah.
Through here.
About Saturday the Trafford Centre.
You were involved in an attempt to steal a mobile phone.
Someone tried to rob me.
Don't mess me about.
You're in enough trouble.
How about you tell me what really happened? We were just mucking about.
Just a bit of fun? That's not how the other lad sees it.
Not funny at all.
He hasn't been sleeping very well since then.
Think yourself lucky, Michael.
You're not being charged this time.
Next time, we'll have you lifted.
Do you understand? Yes.
This is an official warning.
You look like a decent enough lad.
Sort yourself out.
I don't want to meet you again.
The other lad? Shaken.
They roughed him up a bit.
A free-for-all.
The security guards got there quickly and this lot bolted.
I'm sorry.
Nah, I reckon he's learned his lesson.
They all need a bit of discipline at his age.
Hairy things beneath the bed.
Hairy Big and Hairy Small.
I'm glad I haveno hair at all.
Hey, how are you doing, soldier? I had chocolate cereal.
Chocolate! What did they say? They'll discharge him.
We're waiting.
How long's that gonna be? I don't know.
And what then? (WHISPERS) Stop it.
What? Using this to pick a fight with me.
You're so bloody selfish.
If you take him home, I'll collect him later.
Sarah can get Eleanor.
Tina thinks we need to sort out fixed arrangements.
Shame the pair of you didn't think more about the kids in the first place.
Christ, Pete! We need some routine.
I don't do regular shifts.
I do overtime at a moment's notice.
And the kids, wellthings happen.
Life's messy.
It won't work if you start being inflexible.
Yeah, it won't work for you.
For them! Mum! Dad! Pow, pow! So Dad's going to take you to his.
I'll see you later.
Mum! Yeah, I love you too.
Me llamo Ian.
Buenos dias.
Que tal? Me llamo Ian.
Lardio, shift it, that's my plaza.
And so we're off to sunny Spain Spanish lessons.
Yeah? And that's going to help you score with the senoritas? You can see the difference already.
The Gibson angle.
No link to Tulley.
Ferdie Gibson and friend were behind the robberies.
They used the cash to buy cocaine from a firm operating out of Oldham.
There is a connection, though.
Dean Hendrix chose the house in Oldham to hole up in.
Two crimes for the price of one? Never have got him without Oldham.
Hard to say, sir.
Sheer fluke.
Can't take any credit.
One of the suspects lost his life.
Car drove over him.
His accomplice.
It's a bloody mess.
Still, that Oldham's problem, innit? As for oursI'd like your written report on my desk by the end of the day ready for O'Hallaran.
He'll be taking over first thing tomorrow.
But, sir Sorry, I've got to go.
Bag his clothes when he gets in.
If the trainers look likely, put them through as a priority.
I won't see him walk for the sake of a few hundred quid.
Any news on Mrs Tulley's bonfire? No, boss.
First wife, boss.
Cited cruelty in the divorce.
Also claimed that he was physically violent.
Mm, was he, now? Nothing on Tulley's e-mail addresses, but something dodgy on a phone number.
This guy, Ronald Prosser.
He don't live there any more but the woman were suspicious.
Turns out he's doing time.
Possession of a Class A drug.
Sentenced May last year.
Connection with Tulley? Get more on that, Shap.
I wouldn't have had Tulley down for drugs.
But that could be his connection with Dean Hendrix.
Will be good to see how Lesley reacts to Dean getting nicked.
Yeah, exactly.
Hendrix was associating with known dealers.
Maybe a deal gone bad? Yeah.
I'll be at Ashgrove if anyone wants me.
Come on in.
Would you like some tea? No milk, I'm afraid.
Emma's gone shopping.
No, I'm fine, you go ahead.
There's been a new development.
I wanted you to know.
We've arrested someone.
Who? Dean Hendrix.
Do you know him? No.
No, I don't.
He's local.
Maybe you know him by sight.
Matthew never mentioned a Dean to you? What about a Ronald Prosser? No.
I'll be interviewing Dean Hendrix later this morning.
Is there anything you want to tell me, Lesley? What do you mean? I think you know.
Do you enjoy this? Does this make you feel clever? Insulting me? Trying to dirty my name? Janine? Richard.
Dean Hendrix.
We've made a mistake.
We know he was there.
But he can't use the knife.
He's left-handed, Janine.
It can't possibly be him.
Ferdie is out of the picture.
Dean can't have done it.
Which leaves us with one suspect.
Janine? What's wrong? Where are you? You're at Tulley's.
Can you talk? No.
Janine, get out of there now.
Janine? Janine? Bad news? You had problems, you and Matthew? We were very happy.
You had depression.
And you cut yourself, don't you? I've seen the scars.
You're not happy.
Was Matthew? We were fine.
Perhaps Matthew started looking for something outside the marriage.
You never had children? I can't.
I already told you.
I had a hysterectomy.
Maybe a cause of strain between you? Matthew may have wanted children.
He loved me.
It didn't matter.
But it was all lies, wasn't it? He lied to you about his parents.
They didn't even know you existed.
He lied that you were the first.
He was already married to Laura.
He fooled you, didn't he? He kept it all from you.
It was a sham, your marriage - a pack of lies! No! I'll be on my way.
Bernard Deaking.
I've just come to offer my condolences.
She's still very shaken up.
I'm fine! Alive and kicking.
Ooh! I'm being kicked! Are you? Can I? Yeah.
Can I? Where is it? Oh, yeah.
(LAUGHS) Get back to work.
So, anything from the lab? No trace of fibres in the ashes, just residue from the videotapes.
I'm applying for a warrant.
Search? And arrest.
The Lemon's given me till the end of today.
I hope Dean Hendrix gives us something.
Room One.
And the trainer's a match.
Plus, they've recovered a knife.
Do you want a coffee? Yeah.
Right, so what have we got? We know Dean didn't use the weapon.
He's left-handed.
But he was at the allotment.
Egging her on? Restraining Matthew for her? Maybe it all went pear-shaped.
He couldn't do it in the commotion so Lesley stepped in.
He could have got rid of the knife.
And the one he had with him? Maybe they both had a knife? Yeah Lesley got to strike first.
We know Dean likes to be tooled up.
Probably feels naked without one.
Boss, the guy you wanted the background on, Ronald Prosser.
They were also looking at him for distributing obscene material.
Charges were dropped.
He were released last week.
Drugs and porn? Can you see a link to Mr Tulley with either of those? You can't tell by looking, though, can you? Get us that coffee and a fudge And a fudge brownie.
Can you tell us where you were on Saturday morning, Dean? Oldham.
At my mate Douggie's.
Yeah, I was sorry to hear about the accident.
You were good friends? When were you at Matthew Tulley's allotment? Never.
Don't lie to me.
We have forensic evidence that puts you at the scene of a nasty murder.
You should consider your replies very carefully.
What evidence? Evidence, Dean, only you could have left.
Do you know what also interests me? Matthew Tulley had had his belly slit open from top to bottom.
You'd know all about that, wouldn't you? What that looks like.
What it feels like to carve someone up.
I didn't do it.
You were there.
Friday, not Saturday.
What for? Just to give Mr Tulley something.
Go on.
A tape, that's all.
So you knew Mr Tulley? Only because of the videos.
I'd collect them from him and then bring back a master copy.
He wanted his dirty stuff editing.
Look at the tape, you'll see.
So it was Friday.
When I got to the allotment, he wasn't there.
He'd be teaching, wouldn't he, Friday? Night.
Friday night.
About seven.
No, you were at the allotments on Saturday.
All the evidence puts you there.
Witness testimony.
And you ran away.
Why the hell should we believe a word you say? You helped Lesley Tulley, didn't you, Dean? Why was that? What was in it for you? What happened, Dean? Saturday morning, you weren't in Oldham.
That video we found in his stuff.
It's filmed at Tulley's place.
Hendrix says he ran errands for Tulley, getting tapes edited.
Claims that's why he was there.
The search and arrest warrants have been granted.
Maybe Lesley stumbled on Matthew's home-made porn collection.
Went for him in a fit of jealousy.
Could explain the contact with Prosser.
Right, I think I'll leave this to you lot.
Easy on the popcorn.
(SCREAMING) Matthew! Stop it! Please! Stop it! Stop it, Matthew! That's Lesley Tulley.
Stop it! No more! Stop it, Matthew! Stop it, please! Sweet Jesus! This is sick.
Is that Tulley? Stop it, Matthew! The one with the knife? That will explain the scars.
She never cut herself.
No, Tulley's the cameraman.
He's filming it.
The bonfire.
This is what she Matthew! Shap, pause it! The hand.
We've got our motive.
Look at that guy's hand.
I'm sure It's Deaking.
The headmaster? Yeah, I've just left him at Lesley's house! Lesley! Lesley! (SCREAMING) DEAKING: Come on, Lesley! Where is it? Upstairs.
Tell me! Richard, down here! Where is it? Lesley! For Christ's sakes, tell me where the bloody tape is! I am arresting you for attempted murder.
You do not have to say anything .
you later rely on in court.
Anything you do say You're making a mistake.
She was in town.
She wouldn't hurt Matthew! They're being processed now.
We're taking Deaking first.
The search of the house is under way.
Let them both stew for a bit.
We'll have another crack at Dean.
I want him to think he is still centre stage for this.
Maybe he'll admit they were colluding if he thinks we'll go easier on him.
Interview resumed, 11am.
Lesley Tulley tell us about her.
I don't know her.
Oh, come on, Dean.
Straight up, I don't.
I'd never seen her before the videos.
You live just round the corner.
It's quite handy for popping round when Mr Tulley's at school.
No, I never.
Mr Hendrix answered your question.
He does not know Lesley Tulley.
Even though he has a porn tape of her? Let me tell you how I see it, Dean.
You can put me right.
Mrs Tulley's a very attractive woman.
Perhaps she was lonely.
I only go with my girlfriend.
What's your work? Freelance.
Freelance what? Odd jobs.
Backstage at the Lowry now and then, G-Mex, a bit of driving.
Pay well? No, not really.
Hm! Quite tempting if someone offered you a sizeable amount of money for your services.
Don't know what you mean.
Mr Tulley was attacked with a knife and bled to death on Saturday.
A witness saw you running from the scene.
Forensic evidence proves you were there.
A knife was in your possession.
You can see how someone might think you were helping her.
Perhaps getting rewarded for your pains.
Maybe you'd seen all the videos.
Strong stuff.
Can be addictive, can't it? That's enough! It wasn't me.
I didn't kill him.
But you've done it before.
Mr Williams.
A bit of a fight.
Out comes a knife.
It wasn't the same.
Virtually identical.
It wasn't the same.
What, you get a taste for it? Gives you a buzz? No, last time Last time what? Last time He struggled more? No, he raped me! Poor bastard.
He never spoke about it.
Never used it in his defence.
He was ashamed.
He probably blamed himself.
Something he said, something he did.
I reckon he'll give us the real story when he's calmed down.
Deaking should be ready now.
Shall we? My client would like to make a statement.
He admits to taking part in the sex sessions with Mrs Tulley which were filmed by her husband.
But he strenuously denies the charge of attempted murder.
He was simply trying to find out if Mrs Tulley knew where the tape was.
By choking the life out of her? Always so normal, aren't they? The Deakings of this world.
All that respectability and a shed full of porn.
He goes to buy a tape from one of his regular suppliers and who's on it? Lesley.
His deputy's wife.
He doesn't do anything, not yet.
He waits till Tulley's in trouble.
Tulley keeps his job after the assault on Ferdie Gibson cos Deaking backs him to the hilt in return for A piece of the action.
Was he really trying to kill her? He'd lost it.
He was scared she'd talk, give us the tapes.
She wouldn't see him.
Wouldn't take his calls.
When Lesley said she couldn't find the videos, he didn't believe her.
Whatever he gets, he'll never pick up a piece of chalk again.
Add that to the Dangerous Substances Register.
Right, let's do it.
Lesley, when we spoke earlier, I asked you about this man.
I'm showing you a photo of Ronald Prosser.
You denied knowing him.
I don't know him.
He's just out of prison for drug offences but there were lesser charges for pornography.
That's how Matthew knew him, isn't it? I've no idea.
And Mr Deaking, we know all about that now.
We've got this.
I'm showing Lesley Tulley video cassette Item 439.
We've watched the film.
It's just a film.
It's hard to watch.
We know what Matthew made you do.
What Deaking did.
It changes everything.
You can tell us, Lesley.
I haven't got anything to say.
What about Dean Hendrix? How well do you know him? I don't.
Only that you said that you'd arrested him.
Yeah, he's been very helpful.
He gave us the tape.
Did you need a friend to share your troubles? A lover? No, I don't know who he is.
The knife we recovered, the murder weapon, turned up in town Saturday morning.
I'll tell you what I think.
You followed Matthew to the allotments.
You had the knife.
You hurt him.
You went home.
Blood on your hands, on your clothes.
Stop it.
I loved Matthew.
You cleaned yourself up, put the clothes in the machine.
We've got people searching your house.
You took the knife, you went into town, took someone else's parking ticket.
I can't explain the ticket.
Maybe the clock on the machine We have CCTV footage.
How did you get to the Triangle? Through Millennium Gardens.
Did you put anything in a bin? A sandwich wrapper.
I didn't kill Matthew.
Why are you doing this to me? Maybe you had a friend to help you.
Did you take Dean along to confront Matthew? Was he there in case you couldn't go through with it? This is completely crazy.
I don't know Dean.
Maybe he'd watched the videos.
Seen some of the terrible things you had to suffer.
How long had it been going on, Lesley? Months? Years? Did Matthew make you watch the films with him? I didn't do anything.
I didn't do it.
I didn't Please.
So can I have your update? There have been a lot of developments.
Which I expect to hear from you, not from rumours flying around the office.
Gossip about serial killers.
Drugs connections.
The Tulley woman hiring an assassin.
And you nearly had her corpse on your hands.
And you're digging up the garden at the house.
I'm confident that will turn up the missing clothes.
We've now got her involved in production of pornographic material.
I'm not talking blue movies, sir.
The woman is being tortured while her husband films it.
Deaking was an active player.
He tried to silence Mrs Tulley.
What about the serial offender, Dean Hendrix? I'm on my way back now.
He's opening up.
If he was in on it, he will own up.
If you don't find these missing clothes, what have you got? The attempt to create an alibi.
Circumstantial, Janine.
CPS won't wear it.
Then I'll get them to talk, secure a confession.
Communication skills, sir.
I've done the course.
You prearranged to meet Matthew Tulley at his allotment.
Did you usually meet there? Yes.
Never his house? No.
You'd take the tapes and return an edited version? Yep.
You were there Saturday morning, bringing him a completed tape.
Have you ever met Lesley Tulley? No.
Did you conspire to kill Matthew Tulley? No! You don't have to be the one holding the knife to be charged.
Murder, Dean.
It doesn't get any heavier, and you are up to your neck in it.
I've got you at the scene.
You've got previous form for an almost identical attack.
You've got a porno film with a dead man's wife in it.
You do a runner.
Why shouldn't I charge you with murder? Because he was already dead when I got there.
What time was this? Half ten, near enough.
How did you know he was dead? There was blood on the ground.
He wasn't moving.
I tried to turn him over and I saw You know.
Where did you find him, exactly? He was lying on his front by the shed.
Sort of half in, half out.
Why didn't you call us, Dean? I freaked out.
It was like before! The same People would fit me up for it.
I've already got previous for GBH on Williams.
You all thought it was me! Your heading for the hills didn't exactly help.
Did you see anything else at the scene? No.
A knife? No.
Anyone in the vicinity? Think carefully! And you washed your hands at the tap.
No clothes yet.
But they found a hiding place in the dining room.
We've not got enough to hold her.
Send her home? One more shot? Solicitor's asked for a break.
It's your son, boss.
Tom? Michael.
He's outside.
I'm locked out.
I forgot my keys.
Shouldn't you be in school? Review day? Oh, God! Michael, timing! Come on! Eh, Chen's going to win the bet.
So, you reckon the boss is going to nail our Mrs Tulley, do you? I dunno.
20/1 by teatime.
Better her than O'Hallaran.
At least she's straight with us.
I suppose so.
She's having a fair crack at it, in't she? Not bad.
For a bird.
Speaking of which You want to have a look at these.
Look at the castanets on that senorita.
You could show her your power tool.
I suppose I could.
Tell Inspector Mayne I'll be quarter of an hour, no more.
How was your review? Mr Corkland said your work's suffering.
You're a bright boy.
You've worked hard.
Now this.
These so-called mates, where have they sprung from? We have a laugh, that's all.
What? Stealing? Pushing people about? Sending nasty text messages? As a family, we What family? You want me to be just like you, don't you? Do you know what my nickname is? The Bill.
They all think I'm a grass because of you.
I'm proud of what I do, Michael.
I'm not going to apologise for it.
You ram it down my throat all the time.
So uncool.
Oh, grow up! It pays the bills.
Puts food on the table.
Takeaways! Whatever.
People kill, I catch them.
I don't care how deeply uncool it might be.
It's a bloody important job.
It's all you care about.
Now, that's not true.
I care about you.
I want you to be safe.
I want you to be happy.
You're not a bully.
I know you're not.
Michael I can't be What made you do it? It was meant to be a joke.
The messages.
Seeing how people would react.
I didn't think they'd It just went a bit too far.
And the thefts? Sort of a dare.
Look, these lads.
Do you like them, really? Do you think they'll be good friends? They're not doing you any favours, are they? What will they be doing in five, ten years' time? Picture yourself there.
It's been a rotten year, I know that.
With your dad and everything.
We both love you, nothing's going to change that.
We're seeing Mr Corkland on Friday.
Think about what you're going to say.
I want you to write a letter.
What? It's not me you're saying sorry to.
Write a letter to that lad on Saturday, say you're sorry.
Turning things round, Michael.
It starts here.
Putting things right.
Now you can start your confession.
I promised my mam I wouldn't play down the back.
And I went one day.
Only for a bit, though.
Why does your mum not want you playing down there? It's not safe.
It's very important to keep those rules.
The ones that keep us safe.
Are you sorry for what you did? Yes, Father.
You won't do it again, will you? No, Father.
Now, is there anything else? I told a lie to the policeman.
I said I didn't see anyone, and I did.
See anybody? On the allotments on Saturday.
You know.
Do you mean where they found Mr Tulley? Yes, Father.
You did see someone? Yes, running away.
Why didn't you tell anyone what you'd seen? I was scared.
I see.
I thinkit would be good if you told the police what you saw.
Don't you? It could be very important.
I'll have a word with your mum to make sure you don't get in any trouble.
How does that sound? All right.
Search completed.
They took the place apart.
Nothing, boss.
Let her go.
It was the lady on telly.
The one on the news that were asking for help.
What were the lady doing? Running away.
What else can you remember about her? Someone had hurt her.
They did.
They battered her.
She was all covered in blood! Like a nosebleed.
You're a diamond.
Kid at No.
7 saw Lesley Tulley running from the scene, dripping blood, Saturday morning.
Why the hell didn't we have this sooner? No-one was in on the first house-to-house.
When Butchers first interviewed the kid, she lied.
She thought telling us would get her into trouble.
(SIGHS) Heaven's sake! Time.
Definitely before 9:25.
She saw the end of erm .
Digit? Diggin' It.
How old? Seven.
She's a witness, though.
I'm getting Lesley back in.
Is it enough? It's all I've got.
I'm not going to let O'Hallaran take the credit.
We've worked bloody hard on this.
And we are nearly there.
Yeah? You're the boss, boss.
Is there anything you wish to say, Lesley? If I could help in any way, don't you think I would? I loved my husband.
Is that why you put up with his perversions? The torture? A witness has come forward.
They can place you at the allotments, shortly after 9am.
What? You were covered in blood and running away.
Later, you get rid of the knife in a litter bin in town.
We found that knife.
So we can place you at the scene and we can link you to the weapon.
We can show that you consistently lied to investigating officers and constructed a false alibi.
And we've motive.
You suffered horrific sexual and physical abuse in your marriage.
I didn't do it.
Trouble, boss.
But it's an eyewitness! An eight-year-old.
She gave us a detailed description.
Time as well.
If I can just work at it.
Janine! You've no clothes, no forensics, no chance.
Release Mrs Tulley.
But, sir, I think if I Release her.
They searched the drains.
There's nothing on the premises.
It doesn't add up.
They were in the washing machine.
The woman's had a police escort.
She's been nowhere.
Why not burn 'em with the tapes? Too obvious? The bonfire was hardly subtle! Unless she'd already got rid of them by Sunday night.
You said yourself she But wait! She did leave the house.
We took her.
Oh, shit! We're going to be too late.
I'm cleaning, love.
Have you done the bins? Eh? What? Keep Hackett off my back! We found them in the mortuary.
I don't know what you mean.
I'm sure we'll get a conviction.
The question is whether the act was premeditated or not.
You claimed you loved him, Lesley.
But his love had become a monstrous thing.
It was destroying you.
It wasn't like that.
Please, Mrs Tulley, I advise you to take counsel.
We had a row.
A terrible row.
He was hitting me and I thought he was going to kill me.
There was a knife on the table in the shed.
It's the knife.
I was so frightened.
I didn't mean to hurt him.
What did you do? I didn't know what to do.
I was scared.
And the parking ticket? Stranger.
I asked him for his ticket.
So this row, what was all that about? (SIGHS) It was about the filming.
I wanted it to stop.
He promised.
He said I wouldn't have to do it again.
What were you doing at the allotments? I went with him to help him out.
No, you're still lying to us.
Matthew was seen arriving alone.
You had no cuts and bruises.
It wasn't self-defence.
You know what he did to me.
It was self-defence.
Do you remember the diary? Little stars Film night.
Friday was the next one.
Prosser was coming back.
He was so I can't have children.
Matthew told the hospital that I'd been depressed.
I tried to abort myself.
It was really plausible.
Do you know what they'd used on me that time? You thought you'd get away with it.
No, I couldn't think.
I'd done a terrible thing and I felt guilty and Matthew You followed him.
You took a knife and you killed him.
There was a cut on his arm where he tried to stop you.
Nine years, Lesley.
Why didn't you leave him? Because I loved him.
Once, one time, I packed.
I couldn't do it.
I was terrified.
That he'd find you? That I would lose him.
Sowhy Saturday? Why not Saturday? He'd lied to me.
He promised I wouldn't have to do it again and he broke his promise.
You could have gone to your sister's.
No, I couldn't.
Why not? Because he'd get someone else if I went! It would be easy enough to find another girl and teach her exactly like he had me! Break her.
So you killed him.
I couldn't let him do that.
(GASPS) I mean Imagine that level of control.
And she goes to identify his body with the freshly-washed clothes in a bag right under our noses.
What must it do to you? Your head, your heart, living like that? I know.
I don't What she's been through Horrific.
But you can't go round killing people.
She was clever.
Clever enough to buy her husband a new shirt an hour after she'd killed him.
Not clever enough to walk away.
That's up to a jury now.
With any luck they'll find mitigating circumstances.
O'Hallaran will kill you.
Not if the Lemon gets there first.
Don't, Richard.
Er, the Lemon wants you, boss.
Sir? "Release Mrs Tulley.
" Is there a part of that sentence you don't understand? We've got the clothes, sir.
And a confession.
It'll fly if CPS like it.
Janine I need all your documents: evaluations, final budget.
DC Chen, congratulations.
All right? Yeah.
Same again? Erm Yeah, go on.
Nice one, boss.
Are you getting 'em in, boss? I might.
Er, yeah.
Can I have a coke, please and I could give you a call.
Maybe we could do something later in the week? I dunno.
Not an outright no, then.
I can wait.
ELEANOR: My dolly's not dead! TOM: I like staying up late! Mum, the washing machine's leaking! Mum!